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29-09-2007, 16:22
Christer wrote this on fumbbl.com:

Chainsaw exploits.
Posted by: Christer on Friday, September 28, 2007 - 09:44
JavaBBowl 8.9 has a bug where chainsaw players are able to take further actions after trying to start the chainsaw. This is considered a bug by the staff, and people abusing this will be considered exploiting it.

If you have players with a chainsaw, make SURE that you do not move the player after trying to start the chainsaw. As of now, any team caught exploiting this bug will be retired.

Those of you who play against someone who exploits this bug, please contact the admins as soon as possible.

Notice the part about retirement... So everyone keep frosty out there :skull:

29-09-2007, 17:46
This has been a known bug for a long time, not sure why it has only just come to the fore, however I am sure I have tried this and it has not worked for me. I suspect it might be something to do with java versions.

29-09-2007, 20:38
I did not notice it. I did not realize that in league (L) division the big guys should never have had access to general skills, you can blame me for pointing this out as it was me who alerted Christer to this. :wtf:
Well the Mecca dont have big guys :evilgrin:

01-10-2007, 21:29
it happened to me once - against phrollikk at the time I didnt know and moved :(

i know better know!