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29-09-2007, 22:15
hi just wonderinbg whats peoples thoughts were on what model/ how to make a model , would be good for a daemon pronce since i dont like the gw ones
also is a nurgle one any good?

29-09-2007, 22:57
you dont like the be'lakor model?

are you blind? ;) (just kidding, but dude, seriously....)

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29-09-2007, 23:01
ohh they still do that lol, i was onl talking about stuff instore but thanks lol ill go see ifi can order it

29-09-2007, 23:02
Be'Lakor is excellent for using as is or converting.

Now, there are some other models out there, but they have issues... BIG issues, so, people convert.

A common source of converted Daemonprinces are the C'Tan from the 40k Necron models, slap some wings on, perhaps do a headswap if you want to, stick to a cool basee, add some greenstuffed stuff to the body to make it fit your god if you see fit. All set.

Otherwise, greenstuffing existing Chaos Lords onto their steeds has been known to work.

Basically, take any model you find bad-assey enough to be your daemonprince, slap either bat or feathered wings on it, add some greenstuff of your liking and you've got your Daemonprince.

As for a nurgle prince being good... what points level is he used at? What army is he used with? And What gifts is he given? There are two tactica's on the Tactics forum, and one on Daemonprinces I think started up a few days ago. Otherwise, just ask what peoples views are on there.

Good luck

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29-09-2007, 23:52
well i was thinking about one that is like kneeling down with one hand on the floor nd head down and with its wings high and open, but cant thing what model to use for its body

30-09-2007, 00:05
That sounds very cool.
C'tan deciever with pegasus wings would fit that description fairly well.
A headswap on him would be very easy, as would giving him whatever sort of weapon you wish in his free hand.

30-09-2007, 00:09
First of all, doesn't sound Nurgle at all.

Secondly, use High Elf archer legs that are kneeling, then use your choice of bare but muscled torso (Flagellant upper torso could work, kinda-skinny enough and yet still muscled).

Instead of normal flat connection between torso and legs, cut it so that when connected, the torso automatically leans forward by a lot or a bit.

Add in greenstuff on the back and on the front where needed.

Find wings that are suitable (Pegasus wings are good if feathered, Fury, Dark Elf Harpies or Chaos Posessed wings if leather) and place on body in your choice of pose

Use head from elven Bolt Thrower crewman, heat quickly over lighter/under lamp to allow for bending of the hair so that it hangs down.

Add Greenstuff hair where needed

Add greenstuff details.

Place on top of cliff-edge on a 40mm base, something could be standing beneath said cliff edge, someone firghtened, or a sacrifice or something, just make it look suitably scenic and dark with your new Daemonprince standing on top.

Voila, undivided or Slaaneshi daemonprince. Khornate COULD work for the pose as well.... but Nurgle just doesn't seem to cut it

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30-09-2007, 00:17
yeah i know nurgle dosnt work, i just cant think of a thing for nurgle so just thought of a cool pose lol ill ordr the parts on tuesday for it any ideas on weapons
also any tips on greenstuff never used it before

30-09-2007, 00:25
Sword should be held in the hand on the ground, simpler for modelling-perspective. I would take the sword from the Chaos Warrior Command sprue if I were you, or from the Chaos Marauder command sprue, the Warrior one looks less daemon-esque bot does come with a glove if it is the dark kind of gothic-goth-emo-animé look you're looking for.

I can't recommend the bits to be great, but it's the first thing that came to my head, you'd get robed legs, a bare or ripped-open-and-ruined-tunic-covered torso, a head with long hair. As for arms, I'm not at all sure on what to use, perhaps a daemonette arm could work or it might be too skinny.

For Nurgle, a giant larvae ala that maggot-thing a company had a while ago (can't remember what though), or perhaps the Nurgle Lords upper body fixed to his steed with either Be'Lakor's wings or the Carrion wings, a harbringer of plague with a rather proper look for a Nurgle Daemon if you ask me, kinda centaur-esque but tons sicker

30-09-2007, 00:31
For a smaller model, the wings off of Morathi's dark pegsus are really cool too.

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30-09-2007, 00:33
i like the idea with the glove lol, i like the flagent body with just a jacket without arms