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30-09-2007, 21:31

Hello, fellow painters, Yes another month has gone by and its that time again. The Tale Of Fantasy Painters monthly update!

Those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in month three.

You should post up to three photographs of your months work and a photo of the army so far. (The last three months work).

You should either post (approx) 200 points of your chosen army OR play a joker as soon as possible.

Remember if you are doing more than one army you should do a separate post for each army as if each army were a different painter

This thread is the thread for posting your work, the thread for comment on the work posted and the thread for WIP for next month.

If you want to show more than 4 photos, then either include links to your photo album, or attachments and/or include a link and invite readers to view your painting log (if you have one) to see more of your work and get more feed back.

With the photographs of you work please include a description of each character/unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades, items and equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit and, if you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your months work.

You can also say anything you like about the highs and lows of your months painting. What you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc.

I have posted my armies using the now familiar format. Please feel free to do the same. (or not!)

I hope you have all had a great months painting.
I can’t wait to enjoy the results.

All the best

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete a 2000 point army in the next twelve months.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with the last day of July 2007.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post saying "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. 200 points for 10 out of the next 12 months.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.

All chat, questions, discussion, WIP, painting advice, encouragement, tutorials, etc, etc, should be on this thread.
(or in individual painters own project logs).

A new thread will be opened on the last day of each month for each painter to post the next 200 point ‘update’ for the army they are painting and a picture of the army to date.
(OR one post for EACH army for those nutters painting more than one army!)

I will just take this opportunity to thank all the painters who have signed up for their interest and enthusiasm and for their ideas that have helped shape this project. I wish you all the best of luck and I hope this project is a big success for everyone involved. I also hope 'the viewers at home' enjoy the results of all the work of the painters involved.


Ad-HoC : Orcs and Goblins : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Agraaee : Beasts of Chaos : 1 Months painting : 1 joker
Aflo : Dark Elves : 2 Months Painting : 1 jokers
Animerik : 1 Months painting : 2 jokers
Arhalien : Woodies : 2 Months painting : No jokers
Armos : Chaos : 2 Months painting : No Jokers
Asmodai_dark86 : Chaos : 1 Months painting : No cash: No jokers
Azyreth : Skaven : 2 Months painting : No jokers
Catferret : Ogres 3 Months painting : No jokers
Charger : changed to Dwarfs : 1 minths painting : 1 Joker
CM Dante : Hordes of Chaos : 1 Months painting : No jokers
Danny 76 : Empire : 1 Months painting : 1 joker
Dave3555 : Dwarves : 2 Months painting : No jokers
Deadorc : Lizardmen : 2 Months painting : No Jokers
Destris : Tomb Kings : 1 Months painting : No jokers (UNAVOIDABLY UNAVAILABLE)
Dino : Empire : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Doi : Dark Elves : 3 Months painting : No jokers
happy doctor : Dwarves : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Harry : High Elves : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Harry : Dark Elves : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Harry : Dwarves : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Harry Daemonic Legion : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Harry Vampire Counts : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Hastings : Empire (Ostland) : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Hastings : Beasts of Chaos : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Hastings : Nurgle Daemonic Legion : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Hastings : Night Goblins : 2 Months painting. 1 joker
Hespithe : Khornate Doombull ogres : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Huw Dawson : Dwarves : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Jedi : Bretonnians : 1 Joker (NO SHOW LAST MONTH)
jme : Dark Elves : 2 Months painting : No jokers
Jonahmaul : Goblins : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Jorme : Ogres : 1 Months painting : 1 joker
Horus0001 : Chaos : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Khrangar : Chaos : 1 Months painting : 1 jokers
Knightsa : Skaven : 3 Months painting : No jokers.
Kraxnar : High Elves : 2 Months painting : 1 jokers
Kyussinchains : Ogres : 1 joker
Marvywill : Orcs and Goblins : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Netguru : Empire : 2 months painting : No jokers
PMTN : Empire : 1 Months painting : 1 jokers
Rich 123 : Night Goblins : 1 Months painting : 1 joker (?)
Saulot : Orcs and Goblins : 3 Months painting : No jokers
Sigur : Dark Elves : 2 months painting : No jokers
sil : High Elves : 1 months painting : 2 joker
Silverstu : Dwarfs : 1 Months painting : 1 jokers
The Super Haggis : Empire (Stirland Vampire Hunters) : 2 jokers
The boyz : Chaos Nurgle : 3 Months painting : No jokers
TheDarkArg : Vampire Counts : 2 Months painting : No jokers
TheDarkArg : Dwarfs : 2 Months painting : No jokers
The eater of Pie : Woodies : 2 months painting : 1 joker
The eater of Pie : Chaos : 2 Months painting : 1 joker
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull : Night Goblins : 3 months painting : No jokers.
Zark the Dammed : Ogres : 3 Months painting : No Jokers.


30-09-2007, 21:32
OK here Goes....


UNIT: Un-named Bat Swarm.

BACKGROUND/THEME: No theme selected. Vanilla Undead (at this point).

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box. Two Bat swarms. The interesting bit is my ‘unit filler’ made from the Heroquest plastic knights tomb.

PAINTING: Nothing clever. Undercoated black, dry brushed with grey and scorched brown. The Unit filler was painted black then dry brushed codex grey and then with increasing amounts of fortress grey and then ‘marbelling' was added with a fortress grwy/skull white mix.

BASING: Gritty sand, bestial brown highlighted with snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes with static grass applied to finish them off.

STILL TO DO: Went to town on the vegitation on the unit fillers last time and used long grass and ivy on the bases. I have not had time to do this to these bases yet.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Loving the unit filler idea again. It makes a straight out of the box unit much more interesting.

POINTS: Bat Swarm. Two bases. (four bases including the unit filler) (240 Points).

TOTAL POINTS : 245 / 195 / 240 = 680





30-09-2007, 21:34

UNIT: Exalted Daemon of Khorne.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Vanilla Deamonic Legion of Khorne.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Minataur body with scyla Collar and head to match last months guy and the wings from the 5th edition Daemon Prince.

PAINTING: I wanted to make him match the rest of the army. He was painted blood red all over then given an ink wash with a mix of red and purple ink.
Claws and fur painted black. Fur drybrushed grey.
Armour was worked up through the meatalics from Tin bitz to Dwarf Bronze.

BASING: Idea adapted from Mouskillers Project log. (Many Thanks) Taken the idea a bit futher and added some bits of cork tile for more depth and then painted these black and drybrushed with greys the rivers of lava were then painted scab red, blood red, orange, and yellow carefully letting some of the previous colours show.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Lows the wings were a paint to pin on where I wanted and took a while and ended up less tidy than I would have liked. He was really quick to paint in the simple style I have adopted. I was really pleased with the base again. He ties in nicely with the other guy. Should have painted his axe green!

STILL TO DO: Nothing this unit is finished.

POINTS: Exalted Daemon : 230 Points. (with no extras).

TOTAL POINTS : 195 / 75 (?) / 230 = 500





30-09-2007, 21:37

UNIT(S): More spearmen

BACKGROUND/THEME: Vanilla High Elves.

BUILD/CONVERSION: These are the original 3rd edition plastic spearmen. The Champion and the front rank spearmen are 5th ed Gary Morley sculpts and the standard and musician are built using the current plastics.
(I was painting up a bunch of these for another project I have on the go.)

PAINTING: I wanted my Elves to be a ‘gleaming white host’ of white and silver. These are undercoated black, dry brushed with chainmail, black inked and drybrushed mithril silver. Then the white has been painted.

BASING: For some reason I imagine that High Elves take beautifully manicured lawns with them whenever they go to war.

STILL TO DO: I still need to do shields and paint the boots, gloves, jewels and a whole bunch of other stuff. The bases are not finished yet either.

HIGHS AND LOWS. High: Fast to paint after the previous spearmen and archers I have done. Low : They don’t go with the other guys at all. Not sure about my next move.

POINTS: 15 High Elf spearmen with hand weapon and spear, light armour and shield. Including: Standard Bearer, Musician and Champion. ( points)

TOTAL POINTS : 222 / 195 / 195 = 612




30-09-2007, 21:39

UNIT: 15 Hammerers

BACKGROUND/THEME: The whole army will be based around a Zhufbar theme. Zhufbar Is home to the Dwarf Engineers guild it is the center for metal work and every kind of industry. I painted a Thane last time. He has to have a unit of Hammerers, right?

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box hammerers.

PAINTING: Undrecoated black, drybrushed chainmail, gold trim, Dwarf flesh faces, snakebite leather gloves.

BASING; Gritty sand, painted bestial brown, highlighted with Snakebite leather and bleached bone mixes with static grass added after.

STILL TO DO: Loads to do. They have only really had the base colours. Not done shields either.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No Highs. Not enough time. Not a very tidy paint job. Not very happy with them.

POINTS: 15 hammerers. Full command with shields (225 points).

TOTAL POINTS: 205 / 140 / 65 / 225 = 635



30-09-2007, 21:40

UNIT(S) : My Army general. High Sorceress riding Manticor.

BACKGROUND/THEME: None. The army will be made entirely from vintage Marauder miniatures.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box vintage Marauder Dark Elf sorceress.
Riding Dieter Helsnicht's Manticore (old undead character).

PAINTING: Not much. :D

BASING: I put them on a rock. Around the edge is the same as the other bases to tie it in with the rest of the army (Gritty sand, scorched brown highlighted with bestial brown and bleached bone mixes. I have left these looking more baron as I imagine the far north of Naggaroth to be).

STILL TO DO: Paint it!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Ran out of time.

POINTS: Sorceress 215 points. Manticor 190 points. (thats 405 points without any items).

TOTAL POINTS: 193 / 220 / 405 The points for this model will be spread over the next two months.



30-09-2007, 22:32
The Middenland and Middenheim 8th(Empire)

Units: Battle wizard and five Outriders

Backround/theme: Middenheim and Middenlanders that are fighting to defend their home lands from orcs, goblins, and other vile things.

Build/Conversions: Nothing really special except that I used a flaggelant head for my battle wizard.

Painting: Nothing really special on the Outriders. The wizard got a little extra detail however. His cloak is sucsesive build ups starting from a 50:50 of chaos black and codex grey and adding more of the grey to each highlight. Some areas of the wizard like the design on his back, the writing and sword designs on the sweater like thing, and the sleves is codex grey washed with black and highlighted with codex grey and a final highlight of fortress grey. The ord on the staff and the spirit in the bottle are my favorite parts. It was basecoated with lich purple with highlights of lich purple with bleached bone until I felt it looked right. Then I put on a coat of gloss varnish to give a nice shine.

Basing: Sand painted with bestial brown and dry brushed with desert yellow then had static grass. I will eventually add size snow.

Still to do:Nothing.

Highs and lows:Highs: Getting them finished,lows: not getting to paint my lore of beasts wizard and not shure what my base colors should be.

Points:5 Outriders with full command pts.129
Battle Wizard pts.65
Points from past months 429
All around total 623
Army shot
Next month I shall paint 10 knights of the White Wolf.

01-10-2007, 06:41
Shizknits Horde (it lives up to it's name this month ;))

UNITS: 2 Units of 30 Slaves, with champions, and a ratling gun

BACKGROUND/THEME: Warstone hunting horde!!

BUILD/CONVERSION: Ratling gun was taken straight from the blister, slaves were made from a variety of models, but the majority came from the new plague monk regement, 'cause they dont wear armour

PAINTING: Undercoat with black, drybrushed with scorched brown, and highlighted with bestiel? brown.
Fur was done with one of the new browns...cant remember what its called.
Skin on the orcs was undercoated in dark angels green, then layered with gobbo green.

BASING: Still sawdust + green food dye, and the sides done with bestial brown also.

HIGHS: ~60 guys and any 3 tails
Lows: Rather rushed, but im happy with the overall effect

STILL TO DO: Nothing this unit is finished.

POINTS: 60 slaves w/champions=132 pts, ratling gun =60 pts

TOTAL POINTS : 245/ 175 / 192 = ~612

Both units of slaves + ratling gun (this month)

Captured orcs

Ratling gun

Group shot (clockwise from top left: Slaves, ratling gun, Clanrats, gutter runners, slaves)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
01-10-2007, 10:59
BUILD/CONVERSION: Wolfriders box with night goblin heads and several sort of weapons and tomb king weapons.

PAINTING: Undrecoated black, drybrushed chainmail, gold trim, Dwarf flesh faces, snakebite leather gloves.

BASING; Sand, painted bestial brown and drybrushed bubonic brown and bleached bone

STILL TO DO: One base from the wolves for some odd reason I forgot it:confused, and I will do the eyes on them but that will be a batch

HIGHS AND LOWS: I really liked converting them and repositioning them, the shields on the other hand where a little annoying.

POINTS: -10 Wolfriders, full command, spears and shield 170pts
-5 Wolfriders, spears musician 71pts

TOTAL POINTS: 195+252+241 =688 ( so 88 over the 600pts)

Pictures from one wolf unit

And the army so far a grand total of 688pts and 49models


01-10-2007, 12:17
High Elves - No luck this month, I managed to get some base colours on a single horse and that was it :(

So a joker for them.

Please remove the Slaanesh from me please Harry, I am not getting time to paint them with all the assembling thats on my plate at the moment.

01-10-2007, 15:32
Well done for getting it done. You have been setting the pace all month and keeping the pressure on. That wizard is your best painting yet I think. Nice one. The army is really starting to come together.
You should invest in some dullcoat spray. It really take the shine off plastics and makes a big difference to how good the minis look.

Love the odd Orc and Empire fellow amongst the slaves. That worked really well. Love the use of chains aswell. Great unit. Well done for getting it done.

@Warlord Ghazak
Love the wolf rider conversions. I have some built just like these but have not painted them yet.
I love the random placing of your wolve on the bases it has made this unit look very chaotic. I wish I had done that with my wolves.

You three all get a cookie for being first to post this month. :D

OK done. Thanks for checking in. Better luck next month. A little and often, thats the key.

(or a mad rush at the end which is what I always end up doing. :D)

the eater of pie
01-10-2007, 15:48
long time no see. finaly found my camera. here are some pics of month 2 stuff. i know i seem 200 points behind but i have finished a few men from each army amounting to 200 points but dont think it's worth posting them yet so this month i will post 400 points (200 already painted) so i will be up to speed. hope all that made scence. on to the pics.

sorry for the horrible pics they are worse than usual and once i get better ones i will post them because these insult the models.



group shot:


painting: i think i have previously said about the nurglings. the bsb was sprayed black and the trim of his armour was painted with chainmail, next the trim was inked with chestnut ink then finely highlighted again with chainmail.

the red was a couple of couts of the foundation paint then a couple of couts of blood red.

the leather was a base cout of bestial brown then snakebite leather and finaly a highlight of snakebit/bleached bone.

convertions:nurgling were straight out of blister the bsb was the undivided one with a banner made of 2 beastmen banners and green stuff.

base: bases were sanded,sprayed (with model), painted bestial brows and drybrushed bleached bone.finaly i flocked them.

points: aspiring champion+ bsb + book of secrets= 145
2 nurgling bases=80
sorceror+ lvl2+ power familiar=170

well thats my HoC feedback welcome.

the eater of pie
01-10-2007, 15:51
now onto woodies. i hate my woodiesfor the simple reason that they are boring to paint.

waywatcher noble:




can't remeber how i painted him, it's about a year old paintjob :p

points: snowman=285
noble+waywatcher+hail of doom arrow+extra hand weapon=144

cheers, the eater of pie

01-10-2007, 17:45
@Harry:Thx, not bad for a guy from Nebraska:D. Youre stuff is really nice as well. I really like youre dwarfs(big dwarf fan). For youre elves you could say that the ones in the armour are vetearn or city watch and the ones not in armour are green recruits. The rest is just plan cool:cool:.Will have to see if they have dullcoat in Omaha but if nothing else I can use mat varnish.

@Knighta: Nice stuff man.

@Eater of pie: Nice stuff you got so far.

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: Thats a lot of work you've and it looks great.

And I have one more thing to say to all. I love it when an army comes together.

01-10-2007, 20:22
No pics yet (still got a little bit to do; Glade Guard bases, 1 horse) but I thought I'd post for a number of reasons.

Firstly to congratulate those who have posted so far:
@Harry; are you in fact Time? It's the only explanation I can come up with for your speed of painting :D

@Dino: Great stuff; like Harry I'm impressed at how quickly you manage to post in this thing ;)

@KnightA: really like the use of Orc slaves in the unit

@The Eater of Pie (was that name just to get in Harry's good books? :p) Very nice looking nurglings. Still not too sure about the snowman though.... ;-)

Anyway, the second reason for me posting.
I've been having a bit of a crisis of confidence here. I'm wondering whether this is the best thing for me to be doing at this time. For one thing, I'm just going to get busier work wise, and I'm, having to rush as it is. Then there's the fact that because I have to rush I'm noit doing these models as well as I could be and I'm getting frustrated by it. Now it would be ok if I had trouble getting stuff painted but I don't, and I'm just ( as I see it in my more negative moments) painting an army not very well just for this project. And maybe I'd be better off saving my time and money for the new High Elf stuff (I'd love to get one of those chariots) and the various Eldar stuff and High Elf repainting I have to do.

However, I'd feel really bad abandoning the project after coming so far.

God I'm a misery-guts ;)

01-10-2007, 21:27
Well, fair bt of good work here this month:
@Harry: Love the use of the unit fillers in your bats and ghouls, bloody clever and (by the looks of things) easy
The bases for your deamons still strike me as fantastic, while the painting makes them look even better
The spearmen are a bit out of wack with the others- might be because they arnt finsished, but you could try mixing models between units?
Even with just their base colors, those dwarfs look great, cant wait to see the finished project
As fot the dark elf: You must paint it!! :)

@Dino: Could we please get a picture of the design on the wizards back? I'm most intrigued...

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: love the use of the maces and clubs with the wold riders, really brings out thier 'scavanger' aspect

@the eater of pie: I like the colors used on your BsB. I'm going to assume that you'll have chaos warriors painted like that also. Those nurglings are so small!
Every time i look at that snowman, i get the giggles. Pure genious. As for your waywatcher, you've done the white very well, considering what a pain it is to paint

Well, thats all from me, thanks all for the comments. This month i'll be taking it easier by painting a BSB, and a Warlock engineer. Only two models...

01-10-2007, 21:38
I'll post a pic up later tonight or tomarrow knighta.

@ Arhalien: Don't give up man. Just plan a head(if you can).

01-10-2007, 23:08
Not looking good for me this month (again :(). I've managed to paint... oh... have a spearelf, so I'm not going to kid myself into thinking I'll pull through in the 'overtime' week.

Soo... I'm going to have to play my second joker and delude myself with the optimism that I'll suck it up and actually managed to paint for the rest of the year. But, my schedule does lighten up next month, so maybe there is hope!

Thus, with no further ado: excellent work those that have posted so far (Harry, you are indeed quite insane!). Enjoy the picture I stole from Wikipedia:



01-10-2007, 23:12
I too will be jokering this month - too much work and too little time. Having said that, painting my first 400 points in a long time for one army has made me smile.

02-10-2007, 07:09
UNIT: Varga Daemonslayer. Tyrant. Veteran of the Storm of Chaos. Survivor of the Chaos Wastes.

BACKGROUND/THEME: This is my army general. He pursued the fleeing Chaos forces north after the Storm of Chaos and ended up in the Chaos Wastes. He wandered around with his army which dwindled with the constant fighting leaving just his bodyguards. He was set upon by a Daemon Prince of Khorne and engaged in a mighty duel. He lost his right arm and an eye to the beast but was victorious and ate it's heart in celebration. He eventually found his way out of the wastes and passed through the lands of the Chaos Dwarves. He traded loot and slaves for them to fashion him a new arm powered by a shard of wyrdstone. A short while later some strange scar tissue spread across his chest from the implant...

BUILD/CONVERSION: Don't start me on that...

PAINTING: See above!

BASING: Bits of slate, sand, GW Scorched Grass and the dead Dark Elf from the Tyrion model.

STILL TO DO: Nothing. He's done. Woo!

HIGHS: Finally completing him

Lows: Failing to make first cut at Golden Demon.

POINTS: 327! (Tyrant with Great Weapon, Brace of Handguns, Luck Gnoblar, Heavy Armour, Beastkiller big name, Greedy Fist, Wyrdstone Necklace and Daemonkiller Scars)

TOTAL POINTS: 735 (have a little bit less to do next month)

Pic time! (It looks better in person, I still suck at photography)


Plan for this month is to take it easy and just get a couple more Bulls done.

Congratulations to all those who have posted their completed units!

02-10-2007, 12:55
As soon as I get pictures, you shall see my quarrelers. That shall probably be thursday evening. Until then:

2) I most likely will be actually painting something this month, rather than reposting something I painted a month ago in a big spurt of activity.

- Huw

Dead orc
02-10-2007, 17:16

UNIT: Second Priest, lvl 2. Some more swarms

BACKGROUND/THEME: Burning horde (not whore as I just typo'd.... thats illegal...) nothing much decided about them yet.

BUILD/CONVERSION: One of the snakes is sculpted by me, very crappily and very quickly.

PAINTING: Swarms used all sorts of colours. Priest was based macharius, inked brown, layered vermin brown, layered blazing orange, higlighted fiery orange, highlighted Golden yellow, final highlight of sunburst yellow. I've forgotten everything else :D

BASING: The usual please.

STILL TO DO: Very little, a few details on the skink.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Rushing to get this finished after being pushed by harry (I'll finish this project; and you'll be to blame)

POINTS : (99/120)/(100/65)/(100/120)= 604





02-10-2007, 20:04
@Dead-Orc, I really like the colours on those Lizzies, and the painting is just excellent :D

Right, painting for this month finished; pics later in the week at some time. And now I have a history essay to finish... so what I'm doing here is anyone's guess ;)

02-10-2007, 23:23
Right currently i'm packing to go away for 4 days for work, so i can't post pics yet (as i haven't taken them yet. But here is the info and i'll add the pics in then. just so you know i'm still in it till i can get pics up


UNITS: 11 Handgunners with marksmen and Hochland, Warrior Priest (with HA, 2nd Warhammer)

BUILD/CONVERSION: none to speak of

PAINTING: i undercoated them black, added the base colours then got a few washes and drybrushes over them, on a tight schedule as it is so that'll do for now.

BASING: sanded them, sprayed them, scorched brown with calthan brown then dheneb on them, and a bit of static grass.

STILL TO DO: finish highlights, go back and do any other bits when i 'complete' the army

HIGHS AND LOWS: Warrior priest was good fun. lows were mainly my current time constraints

POINTS: Army book not with me but about 250-300 it shall be roughly.

TOTAL POINTS : as above but 230 for month 2 + this month. i'll get back to this when i do the pics.

Good work from everyone!!

03-10-2007, 01:07
@Catferret: Like I said before, this is very nice.

@Dead orc: The orange skinks really coming along nicely. Keep it up man.

@Knighta: Added the pic of the wizards back.

Here's what is going to be this months 270pts.
Still got a lot to do but I got all the metal areas finished.

03-10-2007, 01:41
@Dino: Yeah, saw the design on the wizards back... looks excellent :) It's the little things that make a model so much better

@Catferret: OMFG!!!! Wowzers, that looks spectacular. If it looks better outside of the photo like you say it does.... WOW! Just 1 question, how did you paint the skin? It looks really, really good.

@Dead Orc: That skin color on your lizardmen looks awesome. The effort you put into them is well worth the outcome

03-10-2007, 05:43
Just reporting in to say I've finished painting my models for the month, but as I'm working four extra days at work this week I've not had a chance to give them a coat of varnish and take some pics yet (though I do get more money to save up for the upcoming Ork release and all I do is sit there and read books all day, finished Mort today and the bookstore doesn't have Sourcery in stock:mad:)

I should get the models varnished tonight but by the time I've done that and done some of this homework I have to do (which is no small amont, and I'm supposed to be on holidays:cries:) it will be dark so I wont be able to take pictures until I get back from work tomorrow

EDIT: 10 minutes after posting this I got a phone call saying Angus and Robertson just had my order for Sourcery come in, then I checked the mail and my Avatars of War models have finally arrived :D


03-10-2007, 08:10
@Catferret: Just 1 question, how did you paint the skin? It looks really, really good.

Thanks Knighta. Okay, over a black undercoat apply a layer of Scorched Brown. Next 50/50 Scorched Brown/Tanned Flesh leaving the Scorched Brown in only the deepest areas. Next up are a couple of layers of Tanned Flesh to get a solid colour. Then start adding Dwarf Flesh to Tanned Flesh for the highlights until you are using straight Dwarf Flesh. Final highlights are done by adding a little Skull White to Dwarf Flesh.

The rest of my Ogres get a far simplified version of this. But he was the boss so deserved extra attention.

03-10-2007, 09:58
Gonna go through all the pictures & make comments in a bit but just a post to update on my progress as i've been MIA for a week or so. Just putting finishin touches to my spider riders & need to paint my shaman but i'm not in work until this evening so should get that done today. But, i'm moving on Friday so not quite sure where my camera is, i'm going to have a dig around for it today so i can hopefully take some pictures this evenin but if not i might not be able to post my pictures until the weekend, hope this is ok with people?

03-10-2007, 13:45
Hespithe's Khornate Bloodbull Army

Khaarg the Immaculate - General, Doombull
1x 4 Bloodbulls w/ Great Weapons
3x 8 Chaos Hounds (Spiders)

Imagine an Ogre Kingdoms Tribe that has forsworn its fealty and devotion to The Maw in favour of a deity that promises more satisfaction on all levels than The Maw has ever provided. The Tribe has gone over to Khorne, and as is the norm for Chaos in all of its malevolent forms, such malevolent forms appear within the bodies of its worshippers, the Doombull more than most. Such mutation and fanaticism would boost the abilities of the typical Ogre substantially. The army uses the Beastmen rules set.

Khaarg is based off of the Ogre Tyrant metal body, and keeps the weapon options found within that kit. The shield and gut-plate are scavenged from the 40K Chaos Defiler sprues. The flaming mane and hooves (and leg warmers) are greenstuff. It took quite a bit of cutting, griping, and bleeding before I was finally satisfied (convinced it wasn't gonna get any better) with the model.

The Bloodbulls are based from Ogre Kingdoms Bull Ogres with just a few tweaks and an intense Khornate Red paint scheme. I'm hoping that not too many people have trouble recognising these guys as Khornate Minotaur Wannabes, but I expect a little flak none the less.

The Spiders were a trip. I was initially looking for a few BfSP boxed set spiders but was unable to find enough. A friend tipped me off to a local party supply store that had bags of spiders that should be about the right size. Best tip yet.

I'm hoping that all of the models will satisfactorily fit the Chaos Ogre theme. Skin tones will be Khornate Red, and most other colours will be darker to emphasise the flesh tones.

Fairly typical, in order to match the gaming terrain we use most often. Sand, painted in earthy browns, and then flocked is pretty much the norm.

Doombull and Spiders (hounds), and 4 Bloodbulls are done. Next, Exalted Daemon and 20 more Bloodbulls.

The build was a trip, the painting much harder. Applying the paint is not a problem, but I do have trouble deciding upon which colours to use.

Doombull - General, Hellfire 'Mace', Heavy Armour, Shield - 304pts
1x 4 Bloodbulls w/ Great Weapons - 229
3x 8 Spiders - 144pts

Total: 677 pts thus far... Next month will show a less expensive unit in order to get back on the 200/mo track.


03-10-2007, 15:10
OK, my comments.

Harry - say it every month but I really love your undead army & this month is no exception. I don't really like the current range of mini's but your army is looking awesome. Is that filler the sarcophogus (sp?) from Heroquest?

The exhalted deamon looks good too, really like the conversion & the basing really makes the army look good.

The HE looks good so far but maybe some blue on them to tie them in with the rest of the army?

Dwarfs also looking good so far, the army pictured together looks especially impressive.

Shouldn't that DE be a joker as it's not painted?!?! Not that i'm sure that anybody can complain about it considering the amount you're doing.

Dino - commented before but really like your Empire, especially the Wizard.

Knighta - looking good but not sure the Orc's really look captured. I really like the idea but they look more like they're taking the rats for a walk, they might be better out the front of the unit being prodded, kinda like skinks do to salamanders.

Ghazak - cool looking goblins

the eater of pie - really like the chaos stuff but afraid i really don't like that snowman. I've said to you before that you obvisouly have the skill to do a more impressive snow themed tree-man than that & i still think you should do

arhalien - don't give up if you can help it dude, i know that it can be hard sometimes, especially when you got other stuff on but it'll be worth it in the end. Having said that, if the quality of your models is suffering because your rushing then maybe you should consider not carrying on. But...back on the first hand (!) as long as you can get the base colours on you can always go back & make them looks prettier (yes, prettier, they are elves after all!) at a later date.

Catferret - awesome Tyrant, if that didn't even make the first cut of Golden Demon I hate to think what the quality is like.

Dead Orc - more cool looking lizzies

Hesphite - cool looking miniatours, really like the strong red colour scheme though i can see how people would get confused with what they are.

03-10-2007, 17:19
@the eater of pie.
So I guess I am putting you down for two months painting and one joker. Is that right? or are you still planning to post more stuff?

Two great looking Chaos characters there. I would be tempted to extend the bottom of the BSB old axe handle for a longer standard pole.

Very festive wood Elves. I still have no idea what to say about the snowman. :D

Dullcoat is just posh matt varnish. Same thing.

I am not, in fact, 'Time'.

I understand exactly what your saying. I feel the same that some of this stuff is being painted less well than I can becaus eI am painting to a deadline. However. Wirthout the deadline I wouldn't be getting half as much painted as I am so the pros outway the cons.
I am also trying to paint simply, well. So, even if it means I have to come back to it to add more detail later I can work on top of good painting. If that makes sence.

Thanks for the positive comments.
the fillers are simple but effective. There are step by steps for both in my log if your interested.

I am thinking of splitting my Elves and doing two armies side by side. (rather than mixing them up).

I do need to paint the Dark Elves. Struggling to find the inspireation for these and yet at the start they were the project I was most excited about.

The 'overtime week' is fairly flexible. More of a fornight really. :D
An hour a night for a week...job done.
Gooo'on you know you want to.

The second 400 points and an army nearly half complete will make you smile even more I fancy. Stick with us if you can mate.

Your tyrant is magnificent.
You are one of the guys setting the standard.
Thats going to be a great looking army.

03-10-2007, 17:22
@Huw Dawson.
All contributions greatfully received.

@Dead orc
Loving the Orange skinks. the tight theme is really starting to come through as the numbers increase and you can already see how cool this army will look.
Shaman looks great. great blending/layering.

@Danny76, Doi and Jonahmaul
look forward to your pics.

They may be difficult to identify as Minotaur wanabees but they are clearly KHOOOOORNE!!! :D Like them alot.

Thanks for the positive feedback. It is appreciated.
I probably should have jokered the dark elves as I have painted so little. but as she is over 400 points with her manticor I thought I would play the same card as others have and spread the painting over two months. The base is finished. :D Does one colour and based not count as half way to three colours and based?
I will make an extra effort to bring the dark elves up to spedd this month they have not been getting the same attention as the others but I shall try and get stuck into them a bit this month.


Well done to everyone who has got it done this month and those of you who have posted early. I was getting a bit worried when it went so quiet on last months thread. but clearly some of you have been beavering away quietly. I know September is always a hectic month for many of you. expect plenty of flexibility this month. if you can get something based and with some p[aint thrown at it by the middle of the month you can still post it for September and avoid Jokering and leave yourself the back half of the month to get some work done for October. stick with it. Remember the prize. remember why you signed up to this insanity.

All the best

03-10-2007, 19:31
I am not, in fact, 'Time'.

I understand exactly what your saying. I feel the same that some of this stuff is being painted less well than I can becaus eI am painting to a deadline. However. Wirthout the deadline I wouldn't be getting half as much painted as I am so the pros outway the cons.
I am also trying to paint simply, well. So, even if it means I have to come back to it to add more detail later I can work on top of good painting. If that makes sence.

About as much sense as last night's conversation Harry, and that helped lots; now I just need to put that advice into practice ;)

Remember the prize. remember why you signed up to this insanity.

Prize? I'd forgotten about that.... :D

03-10-2007, 20:47
The prize is a completed army. (in 10-12 months)

03-10-2007, 21:22
Right, I managed to finish my Doombull for the BoC Army, but sadly everything else fell by the wayside this month. So I am officially Jokering my Ostland Empire Army, my Night Goblin army and my Nurgle HoC army for this month. I am not able to put up pics of my doombull as I am back offshore and he is at home, but I promise he is done (in fact he was almost done in the last pics I posted of him). Please update my entries appropriately Harry, and hopefully next month I'll get back on track.


UNIT: Army General, a Doombull with the Black Maul (amongst other things).

BACKGROUND/THEME: BoC Army straight from the pages of the army book, nowt special.

BUILD/CONVERSION: One of the old Minotaur lord models, less his central horn. Other horns removed and replaced with GS horns. Weapon removed and replaced with my vision of the black maul (which is now almost black - not like in this pic ;)).

PAINTING: Same techniques as my other BoC Stuff.

BASING: Although not shown on this older photo he has been based in the same style as the rest of the BoC Army.

STILL TO DO: Would like to re-visit the skin and possibly the Black Maul at a later date. New photo's and army so far shot to be taken when I get home.

HIGHS AND LOWS: In my mind this looked like it was going to be great, not so impressed with him now he's done..

POINTS: Cannot remember of the top of my head, but armed with the Black Maul - alot :)


JOKER x 3!!!

03-10-2007, 21:43
I have been sadly remiss in updating so I will play the second (and last) of my jokers this month.

However, work is back underway on the gobbos and I will post next month.

Keep up the good work the rest of you. Collectively we've done a few thousand points now.




04-10-2007, 01:58
Waaagh! Gualbee

7 Night Gobbo Archers
1 Night Gobbo Big Boss
1 Night Gobbo Shaman

Gualbee Paleskin leads the Whitemoon Tribe through the forests of the Old World looking for his escaped pet Squig.

Straight out of the BfSP Box! (One minor addition: an extra splinter of bone for the Shaman's hood).

Used the same technique and scheme from previous months: brown / earthy feel for the rank-and-file models, splash of red and green on my character models.

Again, same as before. Nothing left to do here.

None that I can think of.

Pretty easy month for me. I already anticipated a ton of assignments at work, so I decided now was a good time to do point-heavy Characters. Total model count for this month: 9! Yay!

7 Night Gobbos with Shortbows - 21 Points
1 Night Gobbo Big Boss with Spiteful Shield, and Nibbla's 'Itty Ring - 75 Points
1 Night Gobbo Lvl. 2 Shaman with The Horn of Urgok - 125 Points
Total for Month 3 - 221 Points
Grand Total - 160+245+221 - 626 Points

7 Night Gobbos with Shortbows

Gualbee Paleskin, Night Gobbo Big Boss

Night Gobbo Shaman

Gualbee Paleskin and the Whitemoon Tribe


04-10-2007, 07:55
@harry: im begining to think you have a 3rd world sweatshop at your disposal with the pure volume of work you produe each month, keep it up mate.

@catferet: The ogre is insane, got a peek at it in ELG and it looks even better in real life!

@ Hespithe: was a bit unsure of bright red orges when i saw your doombull but im not convinced an army of these "horny devils" will looks simply amazing on the table.

@salout: love the goblins, particulary jelous about how your static grass actually looks like grass (mines ends up like a weed).

On to My months failed entry.

5 Chaos chosen nights of Slaanesh

Still not got a clue :)

Nothing at the moment, having a think about them though

Using an identical colour scheme to my warriors

Still to do
Everything exept the first coat of pink on the mounts

Highs and lows
Its been all lows this month im affraid. Every moment i got to sit down and paint was interupted by something, add the start of uni to that and you have no time to paint. The unit will stretch across to next month.

Not going to show a pic as it will corrupt the work of this tread so far, just imagine chaos steeds with 1 pink edge each.

04-10-2007, 09:21
@ Harry - as I said before, I'm sure we can forgive you with regards to the manticore only being partly done. I'm just jealous that I couldn't make something be 400 points in my army if i tried (i am NOT painting a 150 strong unit!). Glad to hear that we're having a bit of flexibility this month because i'm working two jobs & trying to look for a real job plus i'm moving house so pretty hectic month for me, plus i have no money for new toys so i'm going for another unit of 30 goblins with 2 fanatics as they're the only models I have!

@ Hastings - cool doombull, sure we can forgive for the lack of 100% finished pictures!

@ Marvywill - shame you have to play another joker but at least its a cool 'themed' joker!

@ Saulot - awesome looking work again, glad to see so many goblin armies in TOFP, we will take over the (warhammer) world!

My stuff is pretty much finished (i haven't actually finished basing my giant from last month so need to do that!) but still no joy on the camera but i'll hopefully find it soon for some pictures.

04-10-2007, 10:09
Damn it! Thought Jonahmaul had added pics. What a disappointment. :mad:

Well, I'm here now. Saulot, those gobbos look great all ranked up like that. Great looking force you're gonna have by the end of this.

Horus, stop whining like a girl and post some pics! :p

04-10-2007, 10:40
lol, sorry catferret, though i do feel slightly flattered that someone is looking forward to my pictures, i'll put more effort into finding my camera :D

just realised that i didn't actually post pictures of my giant when fully completed so will put some of them up though i'm probably going to open a new project log so i'll put them in there rather than hog up room here. the giant is actually looking awesome even if i do say so myself so want to show it off!

04-10-2007, 12:52
Painter name: Arhalien

Army: Wood Elves

Army name: The Twilight Host

Theme: Wood Elves in forest cut off fom Athel Loren, cursed with eternal twilight, spirits stuck in their trees without any power.

Painting: Brown: Scorched brown+black, scorched brown, dark flesh
Grey: Codex grey +black, codex gery+less black, codex grey
Leather/straps: Graveyard earth, black ink wash
Horses: Black, overbrush balck+codex grey, drybrush black and more codex grey, black ink wash

Basing: Sand painted scorched brown, dyrbrushed graveyard earth. Flock painted catachan green
Silver Birch seeds painted catachan green

Highs: Getting this month finished
Lows: Getting irritated that I could do better with my painting and considering stopping this army.

This months painting: 5 Glade Riders, musician=129 4 Glade Guard = 48 = 177
Total painted so far = 599

Next month: Couple of things:
1. Spellsinger and 3 eternal guard; after the lows of this month I want some models I can really take my time on.
2. 2. Change things somewhat; after my seemingly inconclusive chat with Harry Ive realized the problem; I dont get enough time to paint and so Im forced to rush. The reason for this is that I spend far too much time on Warseer and other forums instead of working; Im getting home late as it is and if I were to get my homework finished more efficiently Id have more time to paint. So, hope to see a reduction in the number of negative posts from ne next month

Further pics in my log later today.

Sorry for the telegraphese; Im in a bit of a hurry.

Thanks for looking

04-10-2007, 14:25
Just to let everyone know Im still arond and should be able to post some pics in a few days, just moved house and camera is still in a box somewhere!

04-10-2007, 16:45
Yay! Arhalien made it! Nice work there. They look good considering you're unhappy with them. OK, I'm sure you could improve upon them but you can do that when you have more time. At the moment they are painted so you have bragging rights over all your opponents using unpainted models! :)

04-10-2007, 17:09
Dwarf Lord. Snorri Ironbeard.


The whole army will be based around a dwarven mining clan theme. Clan Ironbeard Is home to a extensive mining community. Deep beneath the hold of clan Ironbeard are the some of the richest metal deposits to be found - iron, copper, tin and other metals. The miners of clan ironbeard are also working to construct a network of tunnels to connect the hold with outlying settlements. This underground network will allow trade to flow between the dwarf settlements unhindered by terrain and bandits.

Entry to the hold is made through a pair of bronze and iron doors over 20 feet high carved into the mountain side. These doors are guarded by a company of
iron breakers and only resident dwarfs may pass through them. Only by personal invitation of the clan lord may an outsider enter the hold.

Nothing special. Straight out of the blister stock lord with greatweapon model.

I wanted my dwarfs to look like dwarfs from a mining clan. So for that reason I intend to keep them in natural looking colours and tones. Lots of leather -
hides the dirt from working in the mines all day! Also for the metal work I wanted to use bronze and iron due to its practicality for the dwarfs to have made

their tools, armour etc out of. Many dwarf army's are painted using golds - but in reality gold is by far too soft a metal to be used for such

Gritty sand. Painted (wetbrushed) with scorched brown. Highlighted with bestial brown, snakebite leather, snakebite and bleached bone mix and final
highlights of bleached bone

Nothing this model is finished.

Fantastic sculpt full of character and a joy to paint. If only all of GW's dwarf models were sculpted with this much character....

I would have liked to spend more time on him but real life got in the way and I had to get him finished for the dealine. I think he came out o.k. though.

Dwarf lord

Great weapon, oathstone, rune of Krag the Grim, Rune of Might,Rune of snorri Speglehelm
Mater rune of Gromril, Rune of resistance.
Points 301 (he's dead 'ard, he is).



Hope you like him


04-10-2007, 17:21
Dave, that Dwarf lord looks incredible. One thing really stands out needing done though. Eyes. The face looks great but he is kinda weird looking without painted eyes. Sorry.

04-10-2007, 17:29
Painter name: Huw Dawson

Army: Dwarves

Army name: The Dwarven Throng of North Hall, Karak Karaz.

Theme: This is the northern most hall directly linked to Karak Karaz. As it is isolated in comparison to this great Dwarven city, it constantly maintains a standing army, under the great longbeard veteran, Lord Durgun.

Painting: Shadow Grey on the uniforms followed by a mix of shadow grey and skull white. The skin is my personal favorite way - Dwarf flesh followed by a watered down combination of chestnut ink and brown ink. The gold is gold and the steel is steel, so no real suprises there. The beards are several different colours.

Basing: GW Green Flock of DEATH.

Highs: Remembering the joys of how easy Shadow Grey goes over black, and the beards, as always. I love painting dwarven beards.
Lows: The banner was a pain until I did it right, and there's that damn mould line on the Unit Champion's pistol arm.

This month’s painting: 16 Dwarven Quarrelers with Full Command and Great Axes - 233pts.

Next month: 15 Dwarven Longbeards (Standard Warrior conversion) with Hand Weapon and Shield. See if you can spot the first one I painted in the army shot!

PICTURES (Not crummy this month!)

- Huw

@ Arhalien: Great Work this month! I especially like the overall feel of the models. Very earthy.
@ Saulot: Who cares if their BfSP! They still look magnificent. Job well done.
@ Hastings: Bad luck, but nice minotaur. Shall we call a treble joker combination a "Hastings" from now on? ^_^
@ Hespithe: That DoomTyrant is one of the best of the journey so far, and I see that your keeping up the high standards. Lovely red!
@ Harry: Great idea about the tomb. I loved your Undead last month, and I LOVE your undead this month! Get to work on the Dwarves though!
@ Dino: That has to be the best idea ever for a wizard... smokey gas of death!
@ Knighta: Great job this month, and it's nice to see someone biting the bullet this month and painting a big unit.
@ Warlord Ghazak: That paint job on everything is too nice for words. Nicest non white gobbos I've seen!
@ Eater of Pie: I love the chaos bsb's simple banner scheme, and I shall ALWAYS love the snowman. Good job this month!
@ Catferret: Wow. Just wow. That should have got first cut at GD. That skin is spot on fleshy, exactly how Ogres SHOULD look! (Other than daemonic ones, anyway)
@ Dead Orc: I love that skin tone, and the undersung hero is that leafy cape. It's such nicely done.
@ Dave: One of these months I am going to have to blow you up. I am NEVER going to paint that well.

AND THATS EVERYONE SO FAR. (Including Dave, who stealth posted me.)

Good luck for next month people!
- Huw

04-10-2007, 17:49
Dave, that Dwarf lord looks incredible. One thing really stands out needing done though. Eyes. The face looks great but he is kinda weird looking without painted eyes. Sorry.

Doh! Forgot the eyes! I will do them ASAP! I always forget to do something! Well spotted.


Dave K

04-10-2007, 22:10
I'm going to have to play a joker for this month. I just didn't have the time to finish anything. Hopefully I'll be able to fix that this month.

05-10-2007, 01:22
After sifting through another 60 odd photos I've found four decent ones (lets hope for some better photos next month shall we)

5 Cold One Knights
5 Executioners including champion (other half of unit in coming months)

Still undecided really

Nothing more than some pinning and gap filling this month

The Cold Ones I painted the same way as my war hydra just with lighter greys
For the armour on the knights and executioners I went for a mix of silver (Boltgun metal then black ink) and a lacquer (how do you spell that?) black (Chaos black, codex grey highlight, 'ard coat)

My usual snow bases done with PVA and bicarb soda

The bases need another coat of varnish as the snow is a bit fragile in some places

Highs: Seeing that the lacquer armour turned out so well (pics dont do it justice)
Lows: Even after excessive use of force the Knights dont quite fit on the Cold Ones properly

5 Cold One Knights - 145
5 Executioners including champion - 67
Total or the month - 212
Total overall - 220 + 225 + 212 = 657pts

On to the pics:

Executioner Front Rank

Cold One Knights:

Total Army so far:

Well for next month I will be painting up my Highborn (the Avatars of War model) as I figured that only doing one model for the month might be wise since my end of year exams start at the beginning of next month and I should probably be revising *sigh*

05-10-2007, 04:29
Great Doombull. Lovely, characterful, old model. Bet he looks great finished.
Sorry circumstances have conspired to against you that you hav ehad to joker the other armies.

Lovely Shaman. How many points is he? :D

Good forward planning and great painting. Already starting to look a nice little army.

I read that as a thrid world SWEETshop first time which made me smile. :D
Sorry you couldn't get them done I look forward to seeing those Chaos Knights. Good luck with them.

Looking forward to seeing that giant finished. I imagine he looks great with those tats. Do feel free tp post pics here aswell. Hog some room. You earned it.

Don't stop this army. All joking aside I think that it is shaping up to be one of the nicest woodelf armies I have seen. The green ones leave me cold but this one is the colours of a real forest (at ground level) and I think it looks great because of it. Also the close up of those archers shows clearly how much your painting has improved. Just think how much better your next army will be if you stick with it and use this army to increase you skills.

Glad you still around. Even happier you have still found time to paint around moving house. Well done you.
Look forward to seeing pics.

Great mini. Beautiful Painted Dwarf.

@Huw Dawson.
Great unit and I can see real improvement in the painting even over just three months. Well done.

Sorry you had a tough month. Good luck next month look forward to seeing your army increase next month.

I can see enough of the laquered armour to see it loooks great. I love the look of this army the simple, dark scheme seems to really suit DE. They look very 'sinister' and the snow bases provide a wonderful contrast and set them off beautifully. Well done.
Seeing your army is really confirming the direction I want to head with my Dark Elves. (Which I have been struggelling to settle on a colour scheme for).

05-10-2007, 14:06
Don't stop this army. All joking aside I think that it is shaping up to be one of the nicest woodelf armies I have seen. The green ones leave me cold but this one is the colours of a real forest (at ground level) and I think it looks great because of it. Also the close up of those archers shows clearly how much your painting has improved. Just think how much better your next army will be if you stick with it and use this army to increase you skills.

Thanks Harry, and everyone else for your encouragement :)

@Dave3555: *drool* easily one of the best dwarf forces I have seen; will we be seeing some blocks of troops soon?

@Hastings: looking very nice; although I think the blood on the maul really lets it down as a model. shame you had to joker everything else :(

@Saulot; very nice looking gobbos; personally I think the BFSP models are actually better than the multipart plastics ;)

the eater of pie
05-10-2007, 14:41
@harry, yeah your right but ill up to speed by the end of this month.

@everyone else, looking good, too bad so many people havn't even showed up.

cheers, the eater of pie (and no this name wasn't to get into harry's good books, i made the acount before i even went on the forums:D)

06-10-2007, 22:17
right i'm back from my trip so hopefully will get my pics up tomorrow =D

07-10-2007, 15:49
@ Arhalien - nice looking woodies, hope that you've decided to stay with us for the duration

@ jme - i know that feeling!

@ dave - outstanding dwarfs yet again but i don't like you (i'm just kidding, i'm just extremely envious of your skill because your mini's look absolutely beautiful)

@ huw - also nice lookg dwarfs

@ doi - nice looking dark elves, the army is coming together very nicely

i haven't got pictures yet though i do know where my camera is now! unfortunately i don't have internet in my new place yet & my mini's are still at my old place but i've got tuesday off so pretty sure that i'll be able to get them all finished & get pictures posted. I know that'll be the 9th & we're suppose to have pictures up within a week but hopefully you'll all be nice & cut me some slack because i'm moving house & it's very stressful :D it is going to make this month's effort of 32 models all the more impressive if i get them done by the end of the month too!

07-10-2007, 20:19
Sorry about leaving it so late!

Units: Da Creepez n' a Troll.

Background/Theme: Da Creepez are an out riding force from the Grey Web tribe of Forest Goblins. The Grey Webs are untrusted even more than normal for Goblins as their relatively new additions to Waaagh Blackfang, and have proven aggravatingly independent of late. As for the Troll hes a member of a three troll unit, unimaginatively named Da Troll'z The Blood Moons Shaman Marzog has proven extremely Adept at controlling the more monstrous inhabitants of the Old World n' this Troll is a prime example, why they've hardly eaten something their not supposed to at all... really. Well not lately.

Build/Conversion: None really. A few Spider Riders from the boxed set have found their way into the Unit for variety's sake.

Painting: Goblin skin as usual. Spiders are Black Undercoat, with a Shadow Gray base coat and a Fortress gray highlight followed by a Black Wash. Troll was originally going to be Red but in the end i went with Orc Shade and Dark Angels green with my usual Green Wash.

Basing: Same as the others. Goblin Green with a Green wash.

Still to do: Varnish, gloss varnish on the Spiders.

Highs/Lows: As always the high is seeing them ready to go, the Low was being so late in finishing. Oh n' losing some riders then finding them after I'd bought more.

Points: 10 Spider riders + Full command + Troll = 200pts.
215 +200 + 200 = 615pts so far.

The Creepez!

Da Troll!


All a Yerz!

Zark the Damned
07-10-2007, 20:36
Hola, Zark here with my latest Ogre pics - haven't had chance to look through the thread yet, will do so and comment later.

My minis for this month is a unit o three Maneaters, 2 with great weapons and 1 with a brace of handguns - they are themed around different fantasy armies, so I have a Dwarf, Orc and Chaos Warrior :) 270 points this month (I will check the prev thread to recap my total)

The Maneaters -

Everything painted for TOFP so far (bit blurry, I couldn't find a suitable brace for the camera for this shot - I need to work on my photography)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
07-10-2007, 20:50
@ Arhalien: nice looking wood elves

@dave: lovely looking dwarf I really like his beard.

@Dawson, nice looking army so far, keep up the nice work.

@dol: nice army, altough I find that the bases could have some more work altough I have zero expioerince with doing snow bases.

@ha-doc: an impressive amount of models you have there.

@ zark: nice looking ogres


07-10-2007, 20:59
Hey, people!
Great work so far, I'm truly impressed!
I plan on coming back later and commenting thoroughly on everyone's work..Now, however, is time for me to enter the "Hall of Shame"... I've painted nothing during this whole month!!Thus, I play my first Joker for the tale, and I promise to try harder next month..

Oh!And my excuse:
"I decided to abandon painting miniature troops and learn how to cure sick people for a change..." (i know, I know, it's outrageous... :D)

07-10-2007, 21:10
@Ghaza: Cheers. Dreading doing characters especially after you've done such a great Job on your Standard.

@Dave: Talking of raising the bar on Characters. Great looking Dwarf.

@Arhalien: Good to see your still in it.Your scheme just works really well.

@Everyone: Lots of good stuff this month.

08-10-2007, 06:20
@Ad hoc
Love Da creepez. Very dark and moody. However seeing thes and the army all together makes me think maybe you shouldn't have gone with bright red on the bows of the archers. maybe black or scorched brown.

Love the Maneaters. Great idea to theme each to a different army and really well done. You should however have shortened the Dwarf ogres legs for added comedy effect. :D

Where did you get the chaos Helmet from?

@Happy docter
Fancy letting something as insignificant as helping sick people get in the way of painting your minis. Shocking. :D

08-10-2007, 08:49
@Jonah; I'm staying, you aren;t getting rid of me that easily ;)

@Warlord Ghazak, Ad-Hoc: Thanks :)

@Zark the Damned; fantastic ogres; I love the use of other kits there :)

08-10-2007, 12:25
Hi there folks Im joining in late...very late (Ive spoke to Harry)

I wanted to join this great idea but at the time the thread was started I was kneedeep in a chaos army and I worked alot simply I didnt have time for it... still the idea was very interesting. Now I started a new army Orcs and gobbos in Lustria so I thought that if I could join this I hope Im going to able to finish this army :)

So I have to use my two jokers to be able to join and show what Ive painted this month.. no problemas.

ORCS & GOBLINS (in lustria)

UNIT:5 black orcs (only half of the unit is done)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Lustria without going over the top with lizardmen bitz all over the place

BUILD/CONVERSION: chainging poses and making them look knee deep in a nasty lustria swamp.. also adding gobbas made from the black orc drums and sheilds.

PAINTING: black undercoat some washes of brown and organe for rust. Then chipping was painted with chainmail -> mithril. Dags and stuff to make em propa. The blades are made very rusty for two reasons 1) Lustria wheater should make things rust faster 2) its great fun to paint..

BASING: sand and some slate with static grass and clump foliage, also some old brush sraws for the long grass. The water is made with several layers of PVA and some gloss varnish

STILL TO DO: Fixing the freehand a bit and detailing a bit

HIGHS AND LOWS: Great fun to paint! These scuptes are very nice with details as well as place for freehand. Im really pleased with the results. The bases gives a nice effect IMO and the conversions are simpel yet effective

UNIT:3 fantatics


BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box..

PAINTING: Nothing speciall I experimented with a foam brush to make the rust on the balls and wheatering on the robes Im pleased with the effect and it was really quick..

BASING: sand, slate and foliage, static grass.

STILL TO DO: maybe add some detail to the robes and adding some plants to the bases

HIGHS AND LOWS: Great fun to make and the rust was lotsa fun to make Im looking forward to make some more of that. The downside is that the plasitc fanatics are badly balanced I had to add weights to the base to stop them from falling over also they lack a bit of character compared to the old mettalic ones.

UNIT: 3 bases of snotlings


BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the blister added some junge swarm stuff for more theme.
And some feathers and a black orc sheild cut down to size. All made to look like small dioramas, first hunting patrol (there is a snake Ill try an pic it out in a better colour maybe...) second, the jungel warriors (voodoo people ^^) , the explorers cutting down trees and exploring the jungel

PAINTING: the small runts where painted rather quick so nothing fancy about them.

BASING: sand, slate and foliage, static grass,a old twig, PVA for water and gloss for the finish

STILL TO DO: some loincloths are not painted yet and I realized that they should have red eyes (will fix it pronto) also adding some plants. Some detail here and there but they will do for gaming now.

HIGHS AND LOWS: It was really fun making the bases to create some diorama but the painting was a bit monotone they are sooo small....


thats almoste 200 points no jokers left and Im of to a good start!

08-10-2007, 14:26
@Animerik; welcome aboard :D
Very nice start you've made there; the blorcs are great :)

08-10-2007, 18:22
Well it's been a while and I must apologise for the late update (:grumble: sister:grumble: :grumble:taking her camera away on holiday with her:grumble: ), but I have more or less managed my 200 points this month (fanfare please)! As mentioned before, I'm no great shakes at photography, so these pics are a little...crappy.


UNIT(S) : 5 Dark elf warriors including musician, 1 Cold One Knight and a Reaper Bolt Thrower

BACKGROUND/THEME: Not a whole lot. Based in the Northern reaches of Naggaroth, fighting Norse tribes.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the box/blister minis.

PAINTING: Sticking with my army's vanilla colour scheme:

Purple: lich purple with increasing amounts of bleached bone fore highlights, heavily watered blue ink wash
Light Blue: Shadow greay with increasing amounts of space wolf grey
Silver: Boltgun metal with a bit of black up to mithril silver
Gold: Brazen brass, heavily watered scorched brown wash, shining gold highlight, shining gold mixed with mithril silver highlight, heavily watered down purple ink wash
Skin: Tanned flesh, dwarf flesh, dwarf flesh with increasing amounts of bleached bone, bleached bone highlight
Laquered Armour: warlock purple with tentacle pink for lining, highlighted with tentacle pink, smothered with gloss varnish
Leather: Graveyard earth base, scorched brown wash, graveyard earth highlight, graveyard earth with increasing amounts of bleached bone for highlights

BASING: Still some snow to add to the bases but other than that it's your standard gravel drybrushed with shadow grey mixed with black with increasing amounts of codex grey - cold and stark; how I imagine the Naggarothian (?) wastes.

STILL TO DO: Still need to do the shields and the snow on thier bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I'm glad I've finally got together a coherant colour scheme, that I finished my painting quota for the month with time to spare and that my metals seem to be coming on. Not really any lows to speak of; a good month of painting all round.

POINTS: Warriors: 45
Reaper Bolt Thrower: 100
Cold One Knight: 29

TOTAL POINTS: Overall: 174 - I'll make up the points next month





Did you get my PM, Harry?

Aflo (Adam)

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
08-10-2007, 18:46
@animarik: lovely models, I just saw them on the warhammer forum:), I find you should also post them on da-warpath( the greenskin forum).

@aflo: Nice looking dark elves, I like the colours you used on them.

I started painting the bases from my unit from 30 night goblins today and those are done and the metal also so tommorow I start on the cloaks, I will also finish the details on the other goblin units I painted earlier.

@harry: if we don't use jokers does that mean we paint up a 2400pts force?


08-10-2007, 18:49
@Aflo; very nice Dark Elves; the purple is very well highlighted and the armour is a great idea well executed :)

08-10-2007, 21:52
@Arhalien: Nice to see that you got youre 200 done for this month. I really like the elven steeds, they seam to blend with the dark colors of youre army well.

@dave3555: That is one sweet looking dwarf lord you got their.

@Huw_Dawson: Nice work on youre dwarfs man.

@Doi: Nice dark elves. I really like the cold one knights(always had a soft spot for them).

@AD-Hoc: Nice to see you got more of youre stuff finished.

@Zark: I really like youre man eaters expecially youre dwarf one.

@Animerik: Welcome aboard. The stuff you got is very sweat. I might have to use some of the things you use for youre bases for my own lizardmen and space marines:D.

@Aflo: Like I said to Doi before I love cold one knights and youres are no exception. Keep it up man.

More work has commenced on my knights and will update them Thursday.

09-10-2007, 05:45
Great start. Look forward to more funand interesting conversions and paintjobs. Love the fanatics balls. (That could have sounded better :D) how did you do that.

Welcome back. :D
Nice painting. Love the metalics.
Have you got a shot of everything you have painted so far?

@Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
Yes, you can paint every month for 2400 points. I was thinking if I ended up with jokers in hand I might paint extra character choices.

I also thought if I ended up with a month spare at the end I might make a display base for them or a terrain piece to go with them.

So no hard and fast rules.

The only thing is if we are to compare armies at the end ... to vote our favorites ... you would have to select 2000 points from the 2400 to make comparison possible.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
09-10-2007, 06:02
Ah no problem then, then I can paint my planned 2000pts army with a few extras:) ( well for the tale that is, currently I'm workig on getting 5000pts goblins painted:d, and then I need to do the remaining stuff from my waaagh, I suspect an army is never done.


09-10-2007, 07:54
Wow thanks for the feedback guys its nice to bea abord :)

Aflo:Man thats some sweet dark elves. Love that purple good work!

Zark the Damned:nice ogres much character

very nice work of everyone so far keep it up guys

09-10-2007, 11:28
An Apology:

Hello all,

you may or may not have notice my absence from this fine idea and community spirit. I would like to telly ou that it is not for my want to take part and more of the time constraints provided to me by the following:

Fiancee - Things aint too great with her at the moment so family comes first i'm afraid.

Fitness - After nearly havinga heart attack of my own at work one day I have been trying to keep myself healthy -er and this has lead to less time for modeling and painting.

These 2 main factors have contributed to me not being here and taking part. I would love to hopefully once things settle down do a blitz painting session and catch up but I an unsure if A: the rules allow it or B: if it will be possible.

Keep up the good work guys.


10-10-2007, 08:16
Hey guys, i've decided that i'm going to have to joker september's effort as my stuff still isn't quite finished & it's the 10th of the month so posting know might be taking the p**s a little (moving house is rubish!)! I've got the spiders almost finished, just need to ink & paint the bases and then paint the shaman but not sure i'll have time to do that in the next few days. Know i planned to play no jokers so I could have 2500 by the end of TOFP but I can always double up on points another month. By jokering last month's when it's almost finished it means i've pretty much completed this month's effort so can use the remaming time to start on next months (which is now going to be the 30 gobbo's with 2 fanatics) so hopefully i'll be right back on track soon (also means i only have to find money for december's effort & then hopefully the next few months will be sorted via christmas presents!!).

10-10-2007, 08:28
@ Ad-Hoc - cool looking spiders & troll

@ Zark - like the Ogre's, really like the idea of them being inspired by other armies. You going to do that with other units as well? Are those bulls going to stick to a unit on their own or be mixed about in other units?

@ Animerik - cool ieda & nice looking miniatures, i really like those bases too.

@ Alfo - very nice looking DE, sure we can forgive you for being a few points under!

@ Kodomas - you don't ned to apologise. There are more important things in the world than minatures, only a few i admit, but family is the most important thing so look after them and yourself & we hope you can contribute again soon.

10-10-2007, 20:57
good job everyone

@ Harry: Lovely work on the undead, using the scenery to bulk out the regiments really adds atmosphere to the models, paint job is superb too.
Nice work on the Daemons, the bases are really effective and that Exhalted Daemon is awesome.
You've produced a lovely unified and clean look to your high elves and the paint job on the dwarfs is superb too, plus I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your dark-elves.
Still staggered by the amount of quality painting you're managing monthly... a real inspiration mate!

@ Dino: loving the wizard matey... it's almost as if the spirit in the bottle is speaking for him... nice and characterful. You're producing a really nice unified looking army there, keep up the good work!

@ Knighta: lovely work on the Skaven... the slaves have a really nice hotch-potch look to them

@ Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull: nice wolfriders... the Tomb King pieces and general colour scheme work really nicely.

@ the eater of pie: Nice standard bearer... dark and moody like a CHaos Champion should be plus the design on the banner is cool. The woodelves are coming along nicely too

@ Catferret: stunning work on the Tyrant (and overall as well).. I saw your WIP pics of this model and was looking forward to seeing the final result.. and it's awesome!

@ Dead Orc: really lovely skinks, the skin tones are positively glowing and give this army a really distinctive look. paintjob is superb too

@ Hespithe: Lovely idea for the Ogres man.. look like an army of devils which is really nice... nice background too

@ 75hastings69: Liking the Doombull a lot.. lovely clean paintjob and the colours are chosen really well.

@ Saulot: Nice gobbos, the Dark/light green contrast isn't something I'd have thought of but works really well, the weathering on the metals is nice too. good job.

@ Arhalien: liking the woodelves a lot, the dark colour scheme make them look dark and moody like good wood elves should, and contrasts beautifully with the pale skin tones... well done!

@ dave3555: Beautiful, Beautiful work as ever matey... the metals are truley gorgeous but it's the ruddy skin tones that really do it for me... any chance of finding out your recipe?

@ Huw_Dawson: nice work on the dwarfs, the choice of colour makes this army very striking and makes for a very unified looking force, the design on the banner is nice too.

@ Doi: lovely lookin Dark Elves.. the purple is gorgeous and really tying the army together well.. contrasting nicely with the blacks and greys.. excellent stuff!

@ Ad-Hoc: Good job so far, the dark skin-tones make the gobbos look nice and mysterious and you're a brave guy going for 200pts of gobbos every month

@ Zark the Damned: Lovely, lovely work on the Maneaters.. I'm particulalry likeing the use of the Banner top as an Ogre helmet... might have to steal that idea!

@ Animerik: Nice looking orcs and nice theme for the army.. I especially like the half-submerged Orc, I like the idea of Black-orcs barely noticing they're up to their waists in swamp. The weathering on the metals is really nice too.

@ Aflo: Beautiful looking Dark Elves there, the black to purple blending is extremely striking and the light blue sets everything off really nicely.. not a colour I'd have thought of so I'm hoping to try it on some Slaanesh models at some point.

Right.. as for the contribution of yours truly, front rank of the Chaos Warriors is done, only 15 more to do :s


and group shot of September's work


keep it up everyone! :)

10-10-2007, 21:17

Given the circumsatnces I can't believe you feel the need to apologise.
You look after yourself and your loved ones.
You welcome to chip in with as much or as little whennever you want.

Joker my ****. If you got painted stuff ... get it posted.
If your late finishing last months this is penalty enough as yopu will have to work like stink to get THIS months done. Don't punish yourself futher with a wasted joker.

Great post. I imagine that took you nearly as long as all the painting. :D
Thanks for all the positive feedback for everyone. I know its appreciated. I know it was by me.

Your stuff looks fantastic as always. Any chance of the 'army so far' photo'?

10-10-2007, 21:20
Just whilst I am posting...

I never posted finished pics of the previous months Spear Elves. (didn't finish them in time).

Here they are done.



10-10-2007, 22:06
Any chance of the 'army so far' photo'?

Ask and ye shall receive :)


10-10-2007, 22:28
Those Warriors look great Armos. The metal on the shields is a great solid colour. Metallic but not shiny. Contrasts well with the deep red cloaks.

My only criticism is the horns seem a little basic. Could do with a little detail on them maybe. Don't take that badly!

11-10-2007, 02:53
@kodamas: No need to opalagize. You have more important things to worry about at the moment.

@armos: Nice to see that youre stuff.

Here's a progress picture of my knights.

11-10-2007, 07:39
Hey guys! Enjoying all the minis posted here so far! Very nice indeed!

@ Kodamas: Do take care of yourself. And know that there are people here (even strangers) who are wishing you and your loved ones all the best.

@ Animerik: Welcome aboard! Brilliant work!

@ Dino: You're making me nervous! My Month 4 contribution still hasn't been primed yet! hahaha :p

Anyway, to those interested, I've posted my potential 2k list here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1993864#post1993864) for C&Cs. Now, I originally planned to just do 1k of Night Gobbos for ToFP and then another 1K of something else (Lizardmen supposedly). Since me and my gaming group is really just starting out. (And quite busy with work).

However, I've grown fond of these little Gobbos that I've been considering going through with a full 2k army. I can still use the 1k army that I am painting towards as of the moment. But I need to decide and finalize on my list soon since I need to buy into it already!

So, can anyone give advise on the list I made? Thanks! :)

11-10-2007, 15:11
My only criticism is the horns seem a little basic. Could do with a little detail on them maybe. Don't take that badly!

"Don't take it badly!!!!!" HOW DARE YOU!!!!! I work and I strive and pour my blood sweat and tears to finish my work and humbly bring it before you insatiable soul-grabbers and this is how you repay me!!!!? I got Buddy's who died face-down in the nud so we all have the freedom to paint models the way WE want!!!! as god intended!!! You know who else doesn't like the way I paint? HITLER!!!! well forget it!!!! Sally!!! Get my Gun!!!! there's a Catferret shaped space on my trophy wall that needs filling!!!! screw you guys, I'm going home!!!!!!


seriously I agree the horns are a little simplistic but that's more to fit them in with the maruders I've painted then anything else, in time I'll probably go back and add some details but for the moment I'm going for as clean and unified as possible. Thanks to everyone for the creds though :)

(EDIT: realised I mispelled 'mud' there but looking at it that way is funnier)

12-10-2007, 10:09
@ armos - lol!! i really like your chaos army, its one of my favourite TOFP armies, really like that empire/chaos hero dude (yes, thats an official title!)

@ harry :cries: please don't shout anymore (cowers) . OK, since your technically the boss here i'll get some photos done this weekend, it really is a pain in the **** having to go back & for between two houses but i'll get some photos hopefully tomorrow & then get them posted sunday.

12-10-2007, 12:01
I'm just bumping in to say what an inspiration it has been thus far to see such awesome talent in action. I don't think I've ever seen such gorgeous Dark Elf models before. The High Elves, Chaos, Ogres, and Dwarfs are right up there, too. In fact, I'm really liking all of the entries made (well, maybe except t.e.o.p's snowman... j/k ;) ).

Oh, and Dino, I really, really like the centre horse in your outriders unit. Very cool.

12-10-2007, 15:52
@ harry :cries: please don't shout anymore (cowers) . OK, since your technically the boss here i'll get some photos done this weekend, it really is a pain in the **** having to go back & for between two houses but i'll get some photos hopefully tomorrow & then get them posted sunday.

LOL had to go an re read my post to see what you were talking about.
It did sound a bit bossy. Sorry.
It was typed in a very warm, soft, fluffy encouraging way. :D
I can see how it didn't come over that way.

What I meant was ... if you need a few more days to get your painted stuff posted you won't get any complaints from anyone here.

12-10-2007, 22:31
Dammit you guys. Now I want to start a Fantasy army. I already have enough with the 40k ToP ;__;.

14-10-2007, 20:56
I have made a start on some stuff for this month.

10 more of these guys for my Daemons.


Some very old Dwarfs.


A black coach for my undead. Well I say a black coach. I read a rumour this week that the black coach could become etherial ... I give you my 'grey coach'. :D


14-10-2007, 21:07
The Black Coach is very cool! It really has a "ghostly" feeling over it.

14-10-2007, 21:37
Thanks Jonahmaul, glad you like it...

and another chaos spawn joins the ranks... personally I'm quite proud of the way the eyes either side of the head look slightly bored



@ Dino: nice work there matey, the champion is particularly nice

@ Harry: man, those really are old dwarfs, this regiment's gonna look mighty impressive ranked up given your standard of painting. The Coach is looking really nice too, did you see the Army showcased in Whitedwarf a few issues back? ... the guy had done something similar with boarded up windows and grasping hands reaching out, really nice.

15-10-2007, 06:13
Great work on the Chaos Spawn there Armos!

15-10-2007, 06:29
Thanks armos. I will try and look up that army in WD. I don't remember it.

Very nice spawn. He does have a great comic look to him. Nice one. What ese you painting this month to go with him?

15-10-2007, 08:13
It's ok Harry, I didn't take it like that, I was just joking! On that note here are my pictures from September (I know October is already half gone & I was suppose to do this yesterday!!). The Shaman didn't get finished because I've been really busy with moving & preparing for a couple of job interviews i've got but i will add it on to this months effort (so i've got 33 models to paint this month!). I'm gonna work super hard to try & get myself back on track in time so that they'll all be done by Novermber 1st. Having said that, here's my submission: -


UNIT: 10 Spider Riders with FC (FC may change after i're played with them a bit)

BACKGROUND/THEME: All NG army led by Skarsnik

BUILD/CONVERSION: Made from BfSP stuff but converted to have NG riding instead of FG, conversion isn't excellent but it's passible & keeps the them that I want.

PAINTING: Spiders were drybrushed scab red, red gore then blood red with brown ink over the top then eyes picked out with iyanden darksun followed by golden yellow. Riders painted as rest of my goblins.

BASING: Sanded then black inked, drybrushed scorched brown followed by graveyard earth, sides painted in bestial brown. Details on the bases like skulls, rocks & webs painted pretty simply then patches of static grass.

STILL TO DO: Umm, them Shaman (sorry!)

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs: managing to keep the theme of the army & I do enjoy painting these fellas. Lows: stressing over finding & then moving into a new house, not having internet at new place so having to come back & for to my mum's to use my pc, stressing over finding a real job.


TOTAL POINTS : 195 (NG & Fanatics), 205 (Giant) and Spider Riders (160) = 560

15-10-2007, 08:16
And here's the pictures of the Giant that I said I'd put up, once again a huge shout out to armos for giving me invaluable advice on how to paint the skin. I've probably still got a bit of work to do on it as i want to put another highlight or two on the skin and need to put some red into the cheeks & purple into the nipples but that's all stuff that can be done in the future (though i do have to do the nails and stitches on his pants). Still waiting for internet to be put into my new house so probably won't be around much but I am going to work super hard on goblins to get them finished for this months deadline.

15-10-2007, 08:19
And a third post to make some comments on other people's stuff (sorry for hogging all the posts!)

@ Harry - cool looking stuff for this months work, really like those old school Dwarfs, and good way of slipping in a VC rumour for us all!! Must say i'm not overly fond of the black coach model but so far you've been changing my mind on undead so lets see if you can do it again!

@ Armos - awesome looking spwan & i think the new spawns really suck so you really have done a good job on making that look so good. Also like the bored look in the spawns eyes, gives it a nice bit of character.

15-10-2007, 08:22
Hi guys, just a quick update- I'm trying to get a unit of longbeards finished cos I'd really rather not play another joker. But if I can't get them done in the next day or so I'll play a joker. Really behind, very very sorry lads- works been pretty knackering recently. Wll try and do better..

15-10-2007, 11:01
@ Harry - Nice bloodletters the red looks great, cant wait to see them finished. The grey coach looks cool, still I always imagined that ethereal stuff is like the dead people in the marshes from lotr.. anyways yours is looking cool ;) ohh ans some nice ol stunties.

@ Armos - Mmm that spawn looks awsome but a bit sleepy :D

@ Jonahmaul - Nice stuff, cool conversion with N.gobbos instead of F.gobbos. The tattoos on the giant are looking good as well.

and some WIP from me: Black Orc Big Boss Battel Standard Bearer (BOBBBSB ??!?!?)



15-10-2007, 11:06
@Harry; really liking the black coach; is that the current model or an old one?
@Armos; fantastic spawn; they eyes are painted really nicely :)
@Jonah; Very nice giant; the skin tone is great and I really like the tatoos :)
@Animerik; now that is what I call Orcy! :D

Anyway, started work on the first eternal guard for this month; I was only going to do 3 and a spellsinger but in a moment of weakness I bought 2 blisters rather than 1. Ah well :)

15-10-2007, 13:29
Sorry for the double post, here;s the first eternal guardsman. No matter what I did with the pics I couldn't get the brown to appear as it does in real life; it's brighter than in the pics.
It was so satisfying being able to spend time on this model,and I doubt I'll batch paint for this army again in the future. Also the fact that these are very nice models (despite the rather poor hands, something that Steve Saleh seems to have a problem with sculpting) and very nice to paint; lots of cloth areas for some blending.
Right, just 5 more to go for this month ;)

edit: the other pics I took were probably better; I'll edit them in in a minute. Edit2: Done

15-10-2007, 20:11
The Black Coach is very cool! It really has a "ghostly" feeling over it.

@ Harry - cool looking stuff for this months work, really like those old school Dwarfs, and good way of slipping in a VC rumour for us all!! Must say i'm not overly fond of the black coach model but so far you've been changing my mind on undead so lets see if you can do it again!
I'll do my best. I have some plans for it.
The VC rumour is not mine. It is one EVC brought back from GT. I read it in the rumour forum and liked the idea.

@ Harry - Nice bloodletters the red looks great, cant wait to see them finished. The grey coach looks cool, still I always imagined that ethereal stuff is like the dead people in the marshes from lotr.. anyways yours is looking cool ;) ohh ans some nice ol stunties.


@Harry; really liking the black coach; is that the current model or an old one?
It is the current, and only, Black coach model. There was no black coach in earlier undead/VC lists.

Great painting. Worth the wait. :D
Love the spider riders and that tatoo is very well done for such a tough undertaking.

Goooo'on my son. You can do it.

Just love the BOBBOBBSBOBBBOSBBOB. Very, Very cool conversion. Just love this a aspect of your work. I just wouldn't know where to start with something like that but seeing you do it makes me want to have a bash. hugely inspirational. great to have you on board.

You painting is getting better and better. I swear I can see improvement month by month.

Well done everybody. Keep it coming. Great motivation for me to go and get more done. Cheers everyone.

15-10-2007, 23:54
Thanks for all the replies about the spawn guys.

@ Jonahmaul: lovely looking giant, been looking forward to seeing what you came up with and you haven't dissappointed. I'll be honest I thought the tattoo you had planned looked a bit daunting but you've pulled it off really well.

@ Animerik: awesome conversion on the Standard bearer, love all the glyphs you've added. looking forward to seeing this guy painted.

@ Arhalien: great looking eternal guardsman, the choice of colour works really well and contrasts with the pale skin nicley. You're armies gonna look great when completed.

@ Harry: what else am I painting this month.....



Meet Horny Gog and the Pretty Boys ;)

slight cheat this month as 3 of these guys were painted months back (though I have touched them up a little and applied some more highlights) but the regiment's done now... fancied doing a month of Big-guys. Well back to the Chaos Warriors I go!

16-10-2007, 05:46
Wonderful 'pretty boys'.
'Tis the little extras like the horns on 'horny' and the tatoos on the face and down the back that really take them to the next level.

Great stuff. Look forward to the army shot this month.

16-10-2007, 06:29
Those are some damn nice ogres Armos!

The boyz
16-10-2007, 10:01
Hi everyone,

Sorry its a bit late but, here is my month three's painting.

These four Plaguebearer's will hopefully make up a unit of fifteen altogether, when they are finished.

I dont really have theme for my army still, so these Plaguebearer chaps, are part of a small Nurgle force thats aimlessley wandering around 'The Old World'.

They where just straight out of the blister, removed a bit of flash here and there and thats about it.

I painted these Plaguebearers the same way I painted my lords horse. I thought it would help tie them in with the rest of the army.

I based them like the rest of my Chaos army, using snow flock and a little bit of static grass.

One of the highs I had painting my Plagubearer's, was using Mechrite red as a base coat on the red areas, that made painting the red areas, so much easier.

I didnt have any low points this month. Trying to take a decent picture was a bit of pain in the ****, but apart from that, I had no low points.

I've still got to paint the rim around the base in scorched brown, I always seem to forget to do that. Other then that these four plaguebearers are finished.

Month three's work comes to a total of 64pts, due to my Chaos lord last month coming in at a whooping 340pts.

Sorry about the photo, appearing a bit dark. It was quite overcast though on that particular day In Cornwall. I will try and post a complete army photo next month too.

@ Everyone else, congratulations on completeing another months work. Some peoples armies are already starting to come together, which is really nice to see. Keep up the good work everyone.


16-10-2007, 11:37
Animerk - that is a cool looking BOBBBSB!! Looking forward to seeing how it comes out

Arhalien - very nicely painted Eternal Guard, I think your WE army is going to look very nice.

Armos - simply beautiful Ogre's but did you have to show them off just after I got pictures of my Giant up!! :P

The Boyz - cool looking deamons.

To everyone who left feedback on my giant - thank you for the positive comments, took quite a lot of effort to paint & i'm very happy with how it came out so nice to hear positive stuff about it. For those who don't know the inspiration for the tattoos came from myself as they're copies of my own tattoos(though i chickened out of doing the chest & shoulder on the red/black one!)

16-10-2007, 12:30
@Harry, Armos, Jonah; thanks :)
@Armos; those bulls are fantastic. I'm amazed by the quality and speed of your painting.

Anyway, finished the first 3 eternal guard, pics are still bad but I can;t seem to solve that.

Spellsinger up next.
Thanks for looking!

16-10-2007, 15:26
Fast reaply only, Heres a update... PIP
nice work people Ill post a longer post later.

The boyz
16-10-2007, 16:05
@ Arhalien. Those Eternal guard look very nice. I like the darker grey tone to them. looking forward to seeing the Spellsinger.

@ Animerik. I love the Black orc standard bearer. The conversion work looks great, nice paint job too.

@Jonahmaul. Thanks for the comment.

16-10-2007, 16:14
Thanks to everyone who left feedback on my d'elves :)

My word! That BOBSBBBOSBOBOOSSBBSOBSOBOBS looks huge! I like him alot.

Fantastic work everyone, keep up the good work.

16-10-2007, 21:39
@ Animerik, now that guy really is "armed to da teef"!!!!! Looks excellent good job!

19-10-2007, 21:48
Back from being away for 3 weeks so i can finally start this months models
Now painting up 10 flagellatns w/Prophet for this month. Only 110 but with my last bits it puts me on 561 points in 3 months. As month 5's will be roughly 250 if not more..

Few questions though for any painters of the empire state troops..
All that jazz they have strapped across their backs, A) what is half of it and B) what colours have you painted the random bits?
I've got a few dagger/knives and scabbards which i've done, but there's so many different bits on there..

19-10-2007, 22:02
Hello all i have good news. My Knights of the White Wolf are finished. I also have given them snow on their bases and have also been giving the rest of my stuff this treatment(thank you Sigur).
The unit shot(and what a beutifull site it is for me at least) three months work is now finished.
Front rank
Back rank

19-10-2007, 22:04
and here are some shots of my free hand on the banner
Now all I have to do is come up with two more designs for the banners top.

19-10-2007, 22:56
Those hammers are mahoosive! :eek: Definitely wouldn't wanna get thumped on the head by one of them!

Nice painting Dino. Great banner.

I have started painting an ogre. I'll do enough by the deadline, honest...

21-10-2007, 21:45
New update, Starting work on Next months entry (the rest of the chaos warriors) as next month is going to be absolutely manic for me so I want to get them done while I have time now... second rank is done though they need some touching up here and there. I'm posting this early so I don't have to go with my plan B which was post a pic of a Possessed I painted years ago and calling it an Exhalted Champion :p


@The boyz: Nice plagubearers, the exposed organs are paticularly nice.

@Arhalien: looking good

@Animerik: Superb Orc... You wouldn't know it was a conversion

@Dino: good work, the Banner is particularly nice

25-10-2007, 12:27
Sorry boys -really late- hope it's still ok. These are a 3 colours and based brigade really, just so i can try and stay in this, will have a gyro done for october. Best viewed with a squint/after several sherries/without glasses..

Oki's Old Boys-
15 Longbeards, great weapons, shields, full command-235 pts[i think]

these are some of the oldtimers of the outpost[hopefully there will be another unit of longbeards at some point]. They take it in turn to "guard" the bar- which isn't as good as it used to be.:D

Just a few miner chops to give a few older models axes rather than swords/maces.

Black base coat- drybrushing and a few washes- quick job to stay in basically.

basing- sand and snow standard stuff really.

Highs- quite happy that they look coherant, getting back painting and getting them done.

lows- having to rush and not doing a good a job as the models deserve- hopefully i'll rectify that later.

Still to do- LOADS- skin colour needs worked up, all the details, handles, horns and touch up the armour.Oh and add shields.. nearly forgot.

Once again sorry for the lateness things are a little tricky at the moment..will have a gyro for this month and a runesmith.. must do an army list that might help..

27-10-2007, 12:50
Right guys, i've been MIA for couple of weeks but internet is now connected in my new house so i'll be back online a bit more regularly (although i'm current using my work internet because my job is so very busy!!).

@ the boyz & dino - nice plaguebearers/ knights of the white wolf. what technique are you using for your snow? i know we've debated this before with microballoons being mooted as the best but i've just started my 40k khorne army with snow patches on the bases & went for the cheaper option of gw snow. it does look rubbish on its own but when mixed with pva & white paint i think it comes out pretty good. dino - bsb also looking cool

@ animerik - the bobbbsb is coming on nicely, looking forward to seeing it finished.

@ armos - simply stunning again, your finished army is going to look so good, i'm very jealous!

@ silverstu - army is looking good so far although i would like to see a close-up picture of the latest unit, they look good so far but its hard to make out any detail.

on my own progress - i'm actually doing very well this month & have caught up quickly. i've got 15 goblins finished (apart from teeth & eyes on 5 of them & basing them all) & should have 20 finished after work this evening/tomorrow morning (including basing them all) which gives me a few days to do the last 7 goblins (have already got 3 painted), 2 fanatics & finish off my shaman which i think should be pretty achievable (i paint goblins pretty fast!). next month i think i'm just going to paint skarsnik as i can't afford much at the moment & if i've only got to paint two models for tofp i can spend some time painting other stuff like my 40k khorne army & some quest stuff i want to get done (assassins creed & mass effect are released in november too, both of which are going to take my money & much of my free time!!).

also, on a side note, the TOFP seems to have lost a lot of its number seeing as how we've only posted 6 pages worth of posts this month & a lot of the people who've signed up for it haven't posted pictures. I hope this won't lead to a decline in enthusiasm from those who are left as i for one am still motivated by it & hope that others are too.

27-10-2007, 16:40
also, on a side note, the TOFP seems to have lost a lot of its number seeing as how we've only posted 6 pages worth of posts this month & a lot of the people who've signed up for it haven't posted pictures. I hope this won't lead to a decline in enthusiasm from those who are left as i for one am still motivated by it & hope that others are too.
It has gone quiet. (but then the whole forum is quiet).
I guess folks are busy back at work and college after the summer.

It was a bit quiet last month as well then a whole bunch of folks we had not heard from for weeks, some who had not even posted on the thread just turned up to post their months painting.
(so I am not going to panic yet).

We were always going to loose a few painters each month.
About 30% of those who signed up have never shown up at all.
Of those that actually started the majority are still in the game.

So no need to loose heart.
This was always more of a personel challenge really.
You against the motivation (or lack of it) to get stuff painted.
Its still working for me.
The deadline keeps me at it.

Speaking of which only 4 days to go.
YIKES!!!! :eek:

27-10-2007, 16:44
Sorry for not posting for a while but I've been away for a week.
I had finished the spellsinger the evening before i went away but it was too late to worry about dealing with pics. I haven;t got any now either because I can;t be bothered to take any atm ;)
What this basically means is that I['m finished for this month and that I'm not considering dropping out at all; in fact I'm really looking forward to painting more eternal guard :)

Best of luck to anyone who still has stuff to do (coughHarry?cough :p)

27-10-2007, 18:57
Speaking of which only 4 days to go.
YIKES!!!! :eek:

Armos enjoys the whistful sigh of a man who has finished not only this month's but also next month's painting and is now off to get drunk ;)

27-10-2007, 18:59
*arhalien decides to repost his previous post after the repost of armos' previous post to which I was referring and thereby removing a double post*:

*arhalien is frustrated by the amount of work which he has to do before he can paint again*
*arhalien then wonders why the hell he's on Warseer instead of working*

27-10-2007, 21:25
Armos enjoys the whistful sigh of a man who has finished not only this month's but also next month's painting and is now off to get drunk ;)

Harry sees your 'whistful sigh' and raises you the smug snigger of a man who if he was only painting one army would have finished the whole army last month and is now off to bed ... because he is drunk. :D

28-10-2007, 00:40
Wait, you finished youre stuff this month?:confused:

Why haven't you posted youre stuff yet?

28-10-2007, 02:47
then a whole bunch of folks we had not heard from for weeks, some who had not even posted on the thread, just turned up to post their months painting.
(so I am not going to panic yet).

I'm guilty with this...

I'll try to update you guys more often with my painting progress. (Although I doubt if I'll post WIPs here since taking pictures and uploading them is a pain...)

For this month, I'm doing: 2 Squig Herders, 8 Spear Gobbos, 11 Bow Gobbos, and 2 fanatics. A lot of minis to do, but I think I can make this month's deadline though...
(*crosses fingers)

Dead orc
28-10-2007, 11:49
I would have posted updates but I left everything until the last minute both this month and last month. 4 Cold one riders to finish in three days.... possible...?

28-10-2007, 11:56
Wait, you finished youre stuff this month?:confused:

Why haven't you posted youre stuff yet?
Yes. Well when I say 'yes' I mean 'not completely'.
Well when I say 'not completely' I mean 'No, not as such'.
When I say 'not as such' I mean NO! :cries:

No i haven't finished my stuff for this month ... not for any of the armies!
However, they are all 80-90% done plus the bases to finish.

I just had a night off and am now trying to focus with a hangover. :wtf:
(might have to Joker something this month).
(I have edited the previous post sorry for the confusion ... shotgun, tiger, I was very, very drunk).

Still three days to go. :D

Have not had time to post more WIP.
I have taken some photos.
I will try to update my plog later tonight.

28-10-2007, 16:39
Yeah, my plan of getting another 5 goblins done & all 20 based went out the window last nite too because of getting drunk instead! still, 15 based & just about to start on another 5, only 10 more to do after that - shouldn't be too hard!!

28-10-2007, 16:58
*arhalien is smug about being probably the world's only teetotal teenager* ;)
*arhalien is still annoyed by his schoolwork though*

28-10-2007, 17:04
Well, so far I've painted half an Ogre Bull Bellower. I only have Tuesday off next week. I can see a joker on the horizon... If I can get that one guy finished I'd only be a few points shy of my total... Unfortunately I've not been in the mood to paint much recently. We shall see.

28-10-2007, 17:11
Best of luck getting it done Catferret :)

28-10-2007, 23:12
Best of luck getting it done Catferret :)

seconded! your Ogres are one of the main reasons I keep checking this thread Catferret... hoping to see more this month :)

Dead orc
29-10-2007, 00:14
Just so you know arhalien: I'm 18 and don't drink or smoke or anything. Just caffeine for me please.

the eater of pie
29-10-2007, 16:18
i've made a start for this months stuff:D

hopefully it will be done by the end of the month.

i really do not like painting wood elves so will probaly drop them, but sometimes post some pics when i've actualy painted something.

just checking in so you know i'm not dead.

the eater of pie

30-10-2007, 16:09
Good luck Harry! I doubt anyone could find fault with a 10% drop in your progress, considering your considerable progress. Good luck to the rest of you guys as well. I don't think I've ever been this motivated to complete an army.

I've completed my allotment for this month, and well into the future (99% done - too much time on my hands), so really don't see any Jokers in my future.

30-10-2007, 18:03
I've completed my allotment for this month, and well into the future (99% done - too much time on my hands), so really don't see any Jokers in my future.

you can start another army then :P

30-10-2007, 18:17
I'm working on Sisters of Battle, now... ;)

30-10-2007, 22:41
I'm sure that's cheating, the challenge is to paint a little each month to then get an army at the END of TOFP!!!! I'm sure we can forgive you though!! I've half finished the last 5 goblins I've got left & they'll be fully finished tomorrow morning meaning i'll actually have all 200 points finished by the end of the month & ready to post by the 1st for the 1st time!

30-10-2007, 22:44
*Arhalien votes we throw Hespithe to McMullet for breaking the rules* :p

*Arhalien wonders why he's talking exclusively in actions in this thread* ;)

30-10-2007, 22:50
Harry thinks it is because Arhalien is a blithering idiot. :D

Well done mate. Now your getting into it. Before you know it you will be a month up on yourself.

@Eater of pie.
Glad you are still with us mate.
Look forward to your stuff.

Remember there is plenty of flexibility on the posting. Don't joker if you can get it done over the next week or so.

Well done mate. Glad you are so motivated by this ... but no gloating.

We don't want to de-motivate others.

30-10-2007, 22:54
*happy_doctor begins to think that Arhalien might be starting a trend here... a really Douglas-Adamesque trend...*
*happy_doctor thinks about painting something up for the ToFP, but is too tired...maybe tomorrow...*

30-10-2007, 23:02
Harry thinks happy doctor better get his thumb out of his .... as tommorow is the last day of the month.
Nothing like leaving it till the last minute.
How you got through doctor training I will never know!
I hope you don't take this same slap dash attitude to your patients. :D

30-10-2007, 23:02
Hahaha, it's not gloating, it's self-commiseration. I have no life! Actually, I had to push the timeframe forward in order to attend a local tourney soon. I've had no weekends free from red paint for the past month or so. I do apologize for breaking the rules, and, like others, I'd start another fantasy army if I had one. I really did not mean to come off as rude.

30-10-2007, 23:09
You really didn't I was only joking.
No rules have been broken.
No one said you couldn't get ahead of yourself just as long as you only posted 200 points each month.

If your stuck for stuff to paint you can come round and paint some of my stuff anytime:D

31-10-2007, 02:20
*Catferret decides to jump on actions bandwagon*

*Catferret is just home from the pub*

*Catferret took a detour to purchase pie on the way home*


I didn't do any painting today... I may do some tomorrow or Thursday. Would anybody be upset if I was 20ish points shy when it comes to posting?

31-10-2007, 08:07
Would anybody be upset if I was 20ish points shy when it comes to posting?

Oh I'd be massively miffed!:p
Some months you'll be over , some under as long as you are posting mate that's main thing!:)

31-10-2007, 08:34
Would anybody be upset if I was 20ish points shy when it comes to posting?

Oh I'd be massively miffed!:p

hahaha :p

Anyway, I'm in quite a bind the past few days. I just got some unfortunate news regarding my family which entails me to travel and be with them. That means I might not be able to sit down and finish this month's entry as expected. I'll try to squeeze in as much painting as I can since I really don't want to lag behind with this project. Wish me luck! Thanks.

31-10-2007, 08:53
Hope things go well with your family Saulot.

31-10-2007, 09:17
Good luck Saulot- don't stress about the painting, family comes first mate -hope it goes/turns out ok.

31-10-2007, 09:21
Don't worry about it Saulot, there are more important things than toy soldiers (only a few mind you!).

It only has to be around 200 points Catferrent so don't worry. Mine's going to be 250 points this month because I didn't do the Shaman last month & that's without him having any magic items so it could potentially be 300 points.

Not sure what i'm going to paint next month now as i've just spent 85 pre-ordering assassins creed & mass effect & got rent & a load of bills coming out in the next couple of weeks which means i'm pretty skint. My hopes are pinned on getting a new job which i'll find out about this week, if i get it its all good, if not then i'll probably have to dig around & see what i can use to make 200 points for next month (already got an idea for a BSB conversion).

01-11-2007, 02:14
Alright, I'm back too and with approx. 500pts almost painted. As announced at the beginning of September, it's a Dark Elves general mounted on a black dragon. I hope Harry still allows me to count that for September and October eventhough I haven't reported in for quite some time.:D

01-11-2007, 07:28
not bothered if folks are a few points shy. As long as folks are still somewhere close. They are still in.

Not bothered if we don't hear from folks much. As long as folks are still painting. They are still in.

Folks should now have between 400 - 800 points painted (depending on whether they have used any jokers).

Thanks for all the chat, motivation and encouragement this month. All the best for the next month. The new thread is now open. I'll see you there. Thread closed.