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03-10-2007, 09:44
As some of you know i'm working on my own Campaign World for the necromunda rules and i wanted peoples opinion on the background to the gang and also on their rules.

thanks in advance.

The Vindicators (or "Vindi" for short)
- During the Tyranid invasion colonel Vincent Blockhorst was charged with holding a mountain pass from Tyranic attacks he and his men did so for 3 months without reinforcements.
Things were looking grim for Vincent and his men, supplies were running low and although they had held the mountain pass it had cost them dearly thousands of fine men under his command had died to the beasts and although they had been able to identify all the synapse creatures of the swarm attacking the mountain pass they had been unable to destroy them.
Days past by and requests for reinforcements were turned down time and again because the pass not of "significant enough tactical importance" this infuriated colonel Vincent but he would not let the farmlands beyond the mountain pass be overrun by the Tyranids and held his position.
Two weeks went by and when the last remnants of Vincent's Regiment no more than a few hundred men were preparing themselves for the Tyranids last assault a breath of relief went through the assembled guardsmen, 3 thunderhawk gunships landed, marines had come to help defend the pass.
The commander of the marine force informed colonel Vincent of his battle plan and set to work.
As the Tyranid swarm made their final push into the mountain pass the marines targeted the synapse creatures and killed them with precise weapon volleys and the tyranid swarm started to falter at the end of the day the mountain pass was littered with Tyranid bodies, then when the battle seemed to be over the marine commander declared colonel Vincent and his regiment to be contaminated by the foul xenos and the marines opened fire on the assembled guardsmen.
Colonel Vincent sounded the retreat and the guardsmen scattered before the marines into the relative safety of the mountains, but the marines didn't give up so easily they hunted the fleeing guardsmen for several weeks all the while the feelings of betrayel grew within vincent and his men.
After several narrow escapes the marines give up the chase on Vincent and his men and not long there after they came upon an ancient fortress and started to use it as their new headquarters.
Now the remnants of Vincent's regiment are recruiting additional forces to overthrow the obviously puppet govenor and once again establish true imperial rule on cruxis prime. -

Sergeant (1)
weapons : HtH, pistols, basic, leader only, grenades+ammo
Skills : Stealth, Shooting, Agility, Combat, Techno & Muscle
Specialist (0-3)
weapons : HtH, pistols, basic, special, grenades+ammo
Skills : Stealth, Shooting, Techno & Muscle
Grunt (2+)
weapons : HtH, pistols, basic, grenades+ammo
Skills : Stealth, Shooting & Agility
weapons : HtH, pistols, grenades+ammo
Skills : Stealth & Agility

Income : d6 creds per sympathiser
upkeep : 2 creds per gang member

Gang Makeup : 1 leader, minimum of 2 Grunts, no more than 3 specialists, sympathisers can not make up more than two thirds(2/3) of the gang.
(so for every "guardsman" you can have up to 2 sympathisers.)

point cost are still under development so to speak so all ideas are welcome.

(skill choices represent the fact that they have had to adopt guerilla tactics since they are still a minority and can't rely on brute force.)

anyway let me know what you guys think of it so far.
what do you like, what don't you like, where should i improve something & where should i tone things down.

also as for a weapon list should i include some rare equipment? (ie. power weapons etc.)
seeing as how they were military men you'd think they would have access to them, right?