View Full Version : Any Epic Players in Noerthern Ireland

04-10-2007, 23:21
Hi Guys

Im looking to get back into Epic (anything but 3rd edition), anyone on here live in Northern Ireland?. Im from Bangor, but could travel if needed.

hope theres a group out there!

06-10-2007, 13:34
I'd also be interested in getting involved in Epic if there was a group in NI.

08-10-2007, 18:13
Nice one JB85

Im up for starting a group if your interested (may have upto 3 other players).

Just hit GW mail order with my CC, never realised that they had actually released most of 4 armies, and enough of the chaos mini's to make an army (with the help of E-bay)

Let me know if you are interested jb!


P.s sorry for my spelling in first post (was damned tired when i wrote it)

17-10-2007, 15:00
Hi guys,

If any of you have been into GW Belfast last year we played a few games until all SG got banned.

I have finally settled down in Bangor and the local gaming club there is really relaxed and will allow you to play Epic there.

They meet every fortnight and the next meet is 27/10/07. I will be bringing down 2 armies and scenery if anyone wants to come by and give it a go.

PM me if you need directions.


03-11-2007, 03:39
just wondering who you all are. I'm from bangor like simuk, but

03-11-2007, 03:41
(sorry miss click) as I was saying.

but I am living in Dundee at the minute.

there is a club on a sat in the good templer hall that you could play at as well. talk to Gareth in Replay on high street about it.

05-11-2007, 11:48
I know the club run by Replay has a young gamer group where as the one behind the cinema is tailored for veterans but does not discriminate against them.

Simuk and I live a stone throw from each other and had 2 games to get into the swing of things at the last club and are planning a 3k game next weekend.


PS: Hey i'm a chaplain now!

05-11-2007, 13:32
If you talk to chris dodds, mike brough or dave robinson they know how to play

a few of the other good players have left for uni or turn up infrequently.

but its good for a change