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09-10-2007, 23:13
I'm thinking of teaching one of my friends how to play and I need some advice on an easy, and balanced list, for him to use. I was going to just proxy in some of my orks (I have more than enough) as SM, but I don't really know whats decent with the smurfs. I'm not using any warmachines or aircraft, just to keep it easy, and I want to do between 500 and 1k points. I don't want either army to have a huge bias specifically against the other, just something to learn with.

10-10-2007, 01:08
LankyOgre, I would use Imperial Guard to teach if you want to do something vs Orks. Honestly to get the basic rules down the training scenarios that are part of the core book are a good starting place and there are cut-out markers for all the basic missions. See Firebase #4, there is article about what all those scenarios are and what you will 'need'. There are more of them coming in future Firebases hopefully.

Now for the local hints (I lived near the Springs for a bit), stop by Gamers' Haven off Academy, just south of Empire Asia. There was (and still probably are) a few Epic Players there, more than willing to help you get someone else into it (talk to Rob, one of the store owners). They may even still care some Epic.

Let me know if you can not get to Gamers' Haven for some reason.

Chaos and Evil
10-10-2007, 10:53
orangesm: Part two is in issue 5. :)