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11-10-2007, 13:16
Ok, my gaminggroup is going to start Bloodbowl, in fact, we're going to start a league, so, I figured I'd join in, converting the models, and there are a few things I'm interested in knowing as well as a few suggestions for teams of which I'd like your opinnion.

First of all, are humans fun to play? If not, which team is the one considered THE completely whacked out steampunk gizmomaniacs?

And now for the ideas, since I cannot decide on a team, I went more for conversion possabillities for regular Humans since they have the most models, and here are the ideas I have:

The first being The Feathers of our Fathers, renown throughout the entire world of Bloodbowl for their love of feathered hats, using the Empire general for the team captain and then using the Empire Millitia box set for converting into the rest of the team, padding up knees, spiking up gloves etc. using greenstuff. Would this look so silly it would be good? (Think I can pull a few more tricks out of my sleeve with this team and whacked out ideas) and does anyone have any general idea of what form of composition I should make for this army?

The second idea I have is to use the Praetorian models and replace the weapons with various forms of pipes (at least for the Praetorian captain, waving his hand forward, replace sword with pipe), tea-attires (teapot, teacups, fold-able table, bowl of sugar etc.) and have the team slogan being "Go get them lads". The name of the team would probably be "Lords and Lads"

So, peoples views on the fun in playing humans as well as views on my ideas for a possible human theme would be greatly appreciated

17-11-2007, 07:08
Well thats some pretty wacky ideas for a team to start with!

Humans are a very cool team, Ive only played them once but they were dammed difficult to beat. I got thumped by the blitzers and given the run-around from the runners and throwers.

Their stats arent that fantastic but so many of their skills give re-rolls, theyre very reliable.

I dunno if humans are fun to play from the point of view of gimmicks, but they can move quickly, pass well and tackle reasonably, which to me sounds like a fun game.
The most 'wacked-out' team in BB is the goblin team, they get the most weird player types- Ball and chain fanatics, Bomb throwers, Pogo jumpers and I think they can have 2 Trolls as well.

As for your human theme, it sounds fun! May I suggest ladies in big dresses and parasols for cheerleaders- might have to look around for useful models, but they would be a laugh, sitting around having tea in the middle of a gory BB match!

Good luck!

18-11-2007, 18:35
Humans are the ultimate "Jack of all trades, master of none" in Blood Bowl. Against Bashy teams you can normally out maneouvre them. Against the agile teams you can normally out-bash them.

As for being "THE completely whacked out steampunk gizmomaniacs", when I work out what that is, I'll let you know.

18-11-2007, 19:37
"THE completely whacked out steampunk gizmomaniacs".

Probably Goblins, with all their secret weapons.