View Full Version : Custom pitches for WoBBL

Deng Ham
11-10-2007, 22:08

Me and Ben where talking about making som custom pitches for the Warseer leagues. And this is what I came up with


I'm not too convinced about it. As it idealy shoud be turned 90* but still have the text the "right" way.

I'll just throw the ball out here. And see what all you pixel pushing pinguins can do with it.

11-10-2007, 22:57
I have thought about getting a Kustom field for my own use. Not sure about the Warseer motif. Maybe we should design our own.

Deng Ham
12-10-2007, 14:57
I think the Warseer motif is a cool one. But I can't raly see how it shoud be placed on the pitch. Two of them back to back. On the center line is another option.

Another thing that's "wrong"with the Warseer is that it's based on a black backgound. Maybe it shoud be inverted..

14-10-2007, 09:04
Since Benn will read this post as it mentions the WoBbL try this for the Hail to the Cheat team


This looks terrible pasted in a black background. It does work better on field, anyway Benn try it then you can enter the next WSFA tournament which will have an OPEN format.