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15-10-2007, 16:15

At last, the time has come for the first log of Slobomeister! About the title: actually there will be no shotguns, except for one or two. But shotguns just are so bloody action, we just had to include one in the title. Yes, you read correctly, WE. This log and account is "owned" by two people. Possible very unsmooth, but we are like day and night (not the gay way). Slobo 47 and Slobo 117. Yes, very geeky names, but...

Anyway Slobo 47 will make some IG and 117 some CSM. And maybe a co-op super inquisition returnee in the far and strange future. And no smileys allowed in this thread please.;)

Some pics at last.
Some Slobo 117 CSM possest vip, Slobo 47s vip IG Leman Russ, Sentinel and veterans. And a cool mini that looks like Revolver Ocelot plus the working area.

Painted pics up soon. Feel free to comment.

16-10-2007, 17:28
So some updates. Painted ones.
This is only some test models, the tratior and the possesed is Slobo 117s and
the others 47s. Comments, thoughts and so on is welcomed.

16-10-2007, 19:48
I love the colors on the Possesed.

Keep it up.

16-10-2007, 19:51
Thanks, Marstfu. Probably more pics of them tomorrow.

17-10-2007, 13:51
Hi again !
I (117) was thinking that I shoud tell you a little more aboute my CSM project.
My legion is called the "Oblivion Hands". I'm not sure witch god they are serving yet so ideas and thoughts are very welcome. When I was first struck by the thought of an CSM army I wanted to have alot of possesed and spawns so I got the idea of giving them the same fate as the Souldrinkers. By that I mean that something happend to the and they all got mutated and turned in to spawns or got mutated ( Ideas of background story is also very welcome).

The next thing I'm gonna buy is the new cool CSM Terminator Lord.
After that I was planning on some regular marines.
The posessed is a gamingstandard model and my lords and heroes will be nicer painted.

As I said before ANY ideas and thoughts aboute ANYTHING is very welcome.