View Full Version : pit fighter trident ???

The Black Lotus
17-10-2007, 17:42
Im playing with the pit fighters and i came across the trident when i made it ...

Cost: 15gc
Availability: rare 7 (pit fighters only)
Rrange: 8"
Strength: as user
Special rules: strike first, parry ...

Looks to me like it is a spear that have parry and a 8" range ...
That got to be wrong ???

I guess its a miss print from GW ... But not sure ... It just sounds i bit imba to me :S

17-10-2007, 19:58
It's just a misprint, like we ruled. :)

Besides, 15gc for a spear that also parries (which would cost 10 (spear)+10(sword)=20gc AND require two hands outisde the Bit... I mean Pit Fighters warband).

Inquisitor Konig
14-11-2007, 02:58
Range 8" doesnt mean you can chuck it if you want?