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18-10-2007, 03:03
Quite simply, how do you design an Apoc army? I tried to think about how I would go about it but the task just seems to massive... When you take into account the board size, the heaps upon heaps of different units and new stratgems for each new race and their formations... It's massive. I understand the macro and micro mechanics of a skirmish (1500-1750 point) games but Apoc is something else!

Does anyone have any guidelines/rules/loose ideas to designnig a good/ strong Apoc army?

18-10-2007, 03:05
This is how I'm doing it.

Start with a base 1500 point army.
Add 2 Stompaz and 3 Fighta Bommaz. If I have points left over, maybe I can buy more assests or something...

Lord Merlin
18-10-2007, 03:07
I'd say start with your basic army and then expand with fluffy options from there.

18-10-2007, 03:13
As I understand it, you don't *design* an Apoc army. That misses the point entirely. You just grab every model you have, collect them into units and put them on the table.

18-10-2007, 03:43
Some people have to prioritize and cut out 2/3 to 1/5 to make a 3000 point list.

18-10-2007, 03:45
I would design it purely on the fluff of my army. Traitor guard mixed with a Chaos army backing them up in a tide of unstoppable evilness :D As i have already decided on a theme of my army (loads of flamers and meltas, burn the unbelieving heathens! Chaos are the only true gods!) I simply just build on what I expect my fleet to have.

Now all I need is a brass scorpion ><

18-10-2007, 05:18
you politely ask your prospective opponents how many points they could feild. That gives you your max points target.

approach from 1 of two paths:

1. take a 1500 point army and add stuff that you like (or if you're a power gamer take stuff that will win vs your opponents big stuff)

2. take your big stuff and add enough basics to make it somewhat viable - don't expect to win - just go for the biggest explosions...

Khornies & milk
18-10-2007, 07:34
Just use all the IC's, Squads, and Heavy Support I have, and lay them down on the Battleground. All my Squads have Transports or are capable of DS, so they can/will get into battle quickly, or push forward to grab objectives.
Apart from minis I already have, all I've bought is a Hellhammer. Should be enough.

18-10-2007, 17:28
I agree with grimsnagga, just field every piece you have. If you end up with more or less points than your opponent(s), then that is what the extra strategms are for.

I currently field about 5,300 points of Ultras, and another 2,000+ of Sisters when I get done with them. If you can/want to field more than 7,300+ points of units, we'll just balance it out with more strategms.

18-10-2007, 17:47
I'd just go with what I usualy do when building an army. Choose an HQ choice and give them a command squad. Add troops choices, then HS, fast attack and elites untill you fill the force org chart (this should give you a balanced base). Then after that decide on whether you are going to take anything 'big (the answer should be yes). Add that in then fill in the remaining points with stuff that you think is going to be useful.


de Selby
18-10-2007, 18:13
First find another player or three. Then design a setting, event or scenario in the 40k universe, and work out what forces should be there.

Or just bring everything you have :D

Stella Cadente
18-10-2007, 19:21
you select everything in your chosen codex thats cheesy and overpowered, take nothing but it, make sure the list is powerful enough to ensure your opponent has no fun, and then play

18-10-2007, 20:29
I take every model I have, make units out of it, cram it full of wargear, write it all in a list, and start playing with my 2100 pts of Imperial Guard. Ofcourse, that's without adding the things that I recently purchased, such as Commissar Yarrick, a With Hunter Inquisitor, a second Techpriest Enginseer, my new squad of Ogryns, even more Commissars, the second half of a Steel Legion Veteran Squad, some Sanctioned Psykers, and the yet to be assembled Commissar-commanded Baneblade, which I bought today.

I love Commissars. :)
O I would do a murder/field execution for a Commissar Datasheet.

inquisitor solarris
18-10-2007, 20:34
i'm planning a combo of DA and BTthat way thebt can work my close combat and the darkangels can do their stand (with the help of a warhound titan)

Chaplain Dionitas
18-10-2007, 21:07
Basically it's pretty much been summed up. With My Space wolves I just kept adding to them. 2 squads of grey hunters, 2 squads of Blood Claws, 1 long fang pack ol Logan, 2 land raiders 2 predators, 1 bike pack, 1 land speeder squadron, 1 whirlwind and some rhinos. I'm also working on my 2nd dred (Along with my Deathwing terminators and my DH Rhino).

18-10-2007, 21:09
I empty out my figure case, organise into squads, deploy

Chaplain Dionitas
18-10-2007, 21:19
I could just paint all three of my armies into one scheme and voila! My Apoc army is ready to serve!

18-10-2007, 21:21
First of all I do have a look at my miniature collection. Depending on my moot that's either daunting ("woah, there are so many") or just plain cool ("woah, there are so many").

I then take a look at the Apoc book, especially the section with the datasheets. In my case (Orks, too many of them) that lead me to the point of organising most of my vehicles in a Kult of Speed, the Dreads in an Ork Dread mob, and all the rest is bunched up into units of there own. Add in my two selfmade Fighter Bommas and my WIP Skullhamma, and I am ready to go (so with the time for painting the Skullhamma, that'd be... 2010).

I think in general that's the best strategy. Muster your collection, organize those models into formations that have a data sheet, and use the rest as normal. At the end that is not exactly what I would call "design", but it feels much more according to the spirit of Apoc.

18-10-2007, 21:40
a good idea is to base your army around the data sheets, that way you can take advantage from the special assets and abilitys

floyd pinkerton
18-10-2007, 21:46
You don't design it, you throw all your models on the table:D

18-10-2007, 21:49
Me. I'm going to ask how many points we are aiming for. I can field 5k+ easily...
I have two "Apocalypse worthy" forces - Tau and Imperial Guard.

For both of them - I'm going to start and fill a force org chart within the points alotted. After that - I'll add other units till i get to the points total.

That'll cut back on the urge to just spam my opponent with the heavy stuff; like 12 Broadsides, 6 Hammerheads, 20 Crisis suits and a single squad of scared looking fire warriors hiding in a Devilfish.

srgt. gak
18-10-2007, 22:11
I just throw everything on the table and say there. When my oppenent asks me why there are tyrnids aiding blood ravens and cadians i simply reply, " in a massive offensive a clever hive mind decided to sneak hybrids into a milatary complex where they "converted" the occupants. and then i use my trynids as a meat sheild for my snipers.

18-10-2007, 22:18
Why not check out my project log, 'Preparing for APOCALYPSE'? Updating shortly! :p

I started with my own standard army and am just going to add and add to it until I hit about 20,000 points and the entire Battalion, with its support, is finished.

Then I'll get myself some more mutants, cultists, and pirates. :)

18-10-2007, 22:54
Someone on these boards said something I though was good advice which I will follow. Make a standard 1500 points list, something you would use normally. Next add a few datasheets to it until you get to the desired amount imo 3,500.

19-10-2007, 00:48
Someone on these boards said something I though was good advice which I will follow. Make a standard 1500 points list, something you would use normally. Next add a few datasheets to it until you get to the desired amount imo 3,500.

This is a good piece of advice, in the current White Dwarf they do this with a Space Marine and Eldar army.

Myself, I'm starting with my 2000pt standard Tau army, I then noticed I have enough Hammerheads and Devilfish for the Armoured Interdiction and Rapid Redeployment forces, pay the points for them and add a few more units to bring it to 3000pts.
I then decided to go even bigger so I duplicate the list for 2 Cadres, then include a Contingent commander, Rapid Insertion Force and a few Barracudas.
Unfortunately I now have to buy all that to expand my current army!

EDIT: Oh, and I also plan to have a Tigershark as well!

19-10-2007, 00:51
Quite simply, how do you design an Apoc army? I tried to think about how I would go about it but the task just seems to massive... When you take into account the board size, the heaps upon heaps of different units and new stratgems for each new race and their formations... It's massive. I understand the macro and micro mechanics of a skirmish (1500-1750 point) games but Apoc is something else!

Does anyone have any guidelines/rules/loose ideas to designnig a good/ strong Apoc army?

For my Guard army, I'm just taking my 2000pt force, adding a couple Hellhounds and 3 baneblades for a rounded out 4000pt army.

for my Chaos I'm basically just throwing everything I own into it, which is really comprised of units that made up a 3.5ed Iron Warriors army and 2 different builds with the new codex and ends up at about 4000pts.

You pretty much just throw in what you have and unit that you like and look cool, I havent put any thought into overall effectiveness.

Chaplain Ark
19-10-2007, 02:09
the whole point is there is no point. the last Apoc battle i played we just grabbed every model we could find and placed it on the table.

It was fun.

19-10-2007, 09:18
the whole point is there is no point.

Aw, but then you don't get the fun of constructing a Battalion. :p

19-10-2007, 09:32
It would be a bit cumbersome throwing all the models i have onto the table.

Forces of Disorder:
Chaos : 1000 Points
Tyranids : 3500 points

Tau- 3000 Points
Necrons - 3000

Sisters of Battle - 2500
Space Wolves - 3000
Imperial Fists - 3000
Black Templars - 3500
Blood Angels - 6000
Ultramarines - 2800ish
Crimson Fists : 600ish

Guard : 500 Points

In Marines alone, thats approaching 20,000 points! And too ad-hoc to really use any of the datasheets, as i dont have like 3 vindicators of one chapter to form a linebreaker. Instead im going for like a Sons of Dorn Apocalypse army, with the BT,IF,and CF fighting together to lay the smack down on Cpl.Punishments seventy jillion points of chaos.

19-10-2007, 11:03
Its all about taking what you normally would use, then adding the things you bought when you started because you thought they looked cool and would do well but didnt, topped off by what you need to use to cover yourself from the the superheavys now roaming the battlegrounds (Which it self could be a super heavy of its own). I'm intending on by buying the Monolith box and adding a few more destroyers of both variants and adding 6 wraiths for the necrons who are weighing in at 2500ish atm for me. Daemonhunters I'll probably add in some guard and a land speeder squadron. That or the Daemonhunter and Necron forces will fight together to destroy the hellish warp spawn.

19-10-2007, 11:08
I want a loyalist baneblade now... :( :p

19-10-2007, 12:59
Just a side note (since I haven't read the Apoc rulebook inside and out) can a BT army take the SM stratagem? The stragagem that if you take a company of marines you can get a free orbital bombardment? (or something?)

19-10-2007, 13:20
Fluff.... pure and simple... im starting absolutely 100% from scratch with my apoc army.... expensive yes....

And no i dont think it should be used as a way to shoehorn stupid alliances but gives you a good way to paint something different... i.e. Main force is going to be a SM army with an inquisitor plus retinue as allies...

SM force is pretty codex so no scope for VDRs really... inquisitor however i got pretty much a free regin... Grey Knights, Penal leigon, guard tanks etc.

Im not really planning anything for the games themselves... probably be wanting vortex grenade and the new assassin stragem thingy.

Mudir Nahya
19-10-2007, 13:28
Just take apocalypse as a bit of fun, to be used once in a while. Put in what the hell you like, leave out what you like. At the moment I'm fleshing out my Eldar for Apocalypse, but for possibly the first time I'm ignoring points. Would Dire Avengers be there- yes! Would they have a Wave Serpent- probably! There's the purchase.

If people don't like the way you play apocalypse, they won't play you. But others will!

19-10-2007, 13:32
Pick a bunch of cool units that you like the look of and field them. Simple as that. Their are no FOC in Apoc, the only limiting factor on what you have in your army is the points. and even then you're recommended to keep it too a rough estimate.

19-10-2007, 14:32
As niether I nor my regular opponent plan to buy anything new (We havent for a long time) I think it will be a case of adapting our existing armies instead with formations and just taking everything we have!

For example: I have a ton of aspect warriors, a load of seers and 6-7 tanks (amongst other things) This will equate to a Court of the Young King (Or 2. I do have enough aspects and the prospect of 2 Avatar's is quite tasty), Possibly an aspect warrior wave, a Seer Council and a Cloudstrike squadron backed up by the special characters and a load of harlequins/guardians/wraiths.

Of course, my opponent could do the same with a Maelstorm of Blood, A Tide of Spawn, a daemonic horde and an annihilation force all around a core of tanks.

We wouldnt have anything Super Heavy but the hordes of infantry clashing in the middle of the table would be very cool.

19-10-2007, 15:14
Well I'm starting from the bottom so I've decided to go for a heavily themed force. Mainly walker mechs of various size, backed up by infantry.

19-10-2007, 16:12
I took my various Tau guys and totaled up the points for 'em, and took the datafaxes I'd either have or could have easily-2 Armored Interdiction Cadres, and either 1 or 2 Rapid Insertion Force (giggity!). The second force basically depends on if I can repair my old, really broken, Crisis suits or not.

And then I've decided to go hog wild, for when I want to do 10K or more. New alien auxiliaries, a new superheavy flyer/skimmer, I'll be getting a couple of Barracuda, etc.

19-10-2007, 21:33
How do you design an Apoc army?

grab your models and put em on the table to the desired points you wish to use... if your opponent wants to use 5,000 points and you want to use 3,000 points - thats fine! you just have 8 more strategic assets!

19-10-2007, 22:01
I took my usual 1500 points guard army. Added another Russ to get the squadron, and added a baneblade. That put me at like 2200 or so. Then I just started adding troops and vets till I had the 3500 I needed.