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19-10-2007, 12:37
Greetings all.

I have recently started playing E:A and I'm really not getting part of the multiple combats rule. All it tells you with regards to resolving multiple combats (that I can find) is "A 2D6 roll is used to resolve a multiple combat".

Now, normally, one resolves a combat by rolling 2D6, picking the highest, adding some modifiers, then comparing the result to what your opponent got by the same means. Pretty straightforward.

How does a multiple combat differ from this? The rules, as written, seem to tell me that I should resolve the combat by rolling simply 2D6. This seems a rather incomplete way to resolve a combat.

It could also mean that it's resolved as normal, only you roll 2D6. Thing is, you normally roll 2D6. Conclusion: The combat is resolved as normal. But then, that wouldn't make sense, why would there be a special rule saying, "This particular type of combat is resolved in the same way as other combats!"?

Final solution: Unlike a normal combat (roll 2D6 and pick the highest), in a multiple combat you roll 2D6 and add them together, then carry on as normal. If this is the case, who rolls 2D6 and adds? The side with multiple formations, or both sides?

I graciously await your elucidation and thank you in advance for the enlightenment it may bring.

Chaos and Evil
19-10-2007, 13:40
You're talking about a combat that runs for several rounds?

Then yes, you resolve each round of combat as normal (Roll 2D6, pick the highest, add your combat resolution score, and compare against your opponent's score... if it's a draw, fight another round of combat until one player wins. Once one player's formation wins, the opponent's formation becomes broken and must fall back).

19-10-2007, 14:17
No, sorry, I meant combats that involve more than one formation per side - for example:

1.12.4: "A 2D6 roll is used to resolve a combined assault."
1.12.10: "Once casualties have been worked out, a 2D6 roll is used to resolve the assault."
2.1.2: "A 2D6 roll is used to resolve a combined assault."

How is the "2D6" roll here different to a normal "2D6 (and pick the highest)" roll for a 1 vs 1 assault, if at all?

Lord Inquisitor
19-10-2007, 14:33
In this case the 2D6 roll does indeed mean "2D6 and pick the highest" in all cases. Something that came up relatively recently with regard to the Commander rule specifically. You can find the most up-to-date "Master FAQ" stickied here (http://forum.specialist-games.com/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=7405).

Q: The Commander rules state "A 2D6 roll is used to resolve a combined assault." Does this mean that a combined assault rolls 2D6 and adds the results together for the assault or does it follow the normal procedure of rolling 2D6 and taking the highest?
A: Any form of combined assault (due to a Commander, combined assaults with War Machines, formations declared Intermingled or formations drawn into combat due to countercharges) rolls 2D6 and takes the highest as normal.

Chaos and Evil
19-10-2007, 15:24
As Lord I says, all combats, no matter what ammount or type of formations are resolved with a 2D6 roll (plus combat resolution) to see who won, and by what ammount they won by.

19-10-2007, 15:50
Thank you for your help gentlemen! I had downloaded the FAQ from the website but I didn't realise there was another FAQ on the SG forum.

19-10-2007, 16:28
The 2d6 is rolled in the same way.

The difference is the modifiers; for instance you are more likely to get the "outnumbering" bonus if you have several formations directly involved in the combat, and you'll inflict more casualties.

I think it is written that way in the multiple combats because it is trying to make it clear that nothing special applies - you don't roll 2d6 per formation or anything like that.