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19-10-2007, 13:48
Warseer Design a Apocalypse Formation Contest

Hopefully you have al had a chance to at least look over the Apocalypse book and the Datafaxes posted on the GW website.

Think you can do better? Then show us!

Here are the rules.
• Entry must be in the spirit of the Legendary Formations in the Apocalypse rulebook or GW website. Please review these to see what I mean.

• No supeheavy vehicles or singler model entries. We are looking for Fighting Formations.

• Formations should be submitted in this thread only. Please keep all discussion about the contest, formations to a separate thread in the 40K General Discussion Forum.

• Formations must come from a single currently available codex, no combining elements from two or more lists. Imperial Forces may be combined, but it must make sense within the framework of the established 40k background. The rules portion should be presented in a style similar to the grey box at the bottom of the Datafax template (no pictures required, just the rules) format like in the Apocalypse book.

• A two or three paragraph bit of fluff describing how the formation is used, famous engagements of the formation or whatever else fits. Be creative! Additional merit will go to the formations with the best fluff.

• No duplicating the current Formations for other armies. Come up with something original. Use of USR and Strategic Assets is a good idea, but unique abilities are also a go.

• Nothing that violates forum guidelines should be part of the submission; specific point costs, stat lines, read the forum guidelines to see what is acceptable GW IP to duplicate. If you are creating your own unique units to go in the Formation then you may post the stat lines and points cost. Anything posted that violates Warseer forum rules will be removed and disqualified from the contest.

• Entries will be judged based on tactical flexibility/usefulness, how well they reflect the Fluff and originality.

• The top five will be selected by the judging panel, with those then voted upon by the Warseer community in a Forum Poll. The best will be submitted to Jervis Johnson for possible publication on the GW Website or even WD (gasp!).

• All entries must be posted by Nov 15th 2007. Judging will begin the following week with the Poll going live on the 22.

• The following Warseer members will make up the judging panel: IJW, eldaran, Bun Bun, The Dude and myself (Dosadi).

• Judges are not allowed to comment on specific sheets or give out advice to contestants. Please don’t PM us asking us what we are looking for. Judges may not enter the contest themselves as that would a be a conflict of interest.

Remember this is Apocalypse so we are not necessarily looking for game balance. Things like playtesting are not really necessary at this stage we want to see creative and unusual ideas. If something seems too powerful then give it an appropriate points cost, after all this is a game that has a single 2500 point model in it.

So start posting your entries. Let’s see what the Warseer community can come up with!

Please keep this thread for Datafax entries only. All other posts will be deleted.

19-10-2007, 15:48
Well then, here's my official entry:

The Repentant
Cost: 150 + Models
"Faith is stronger through trials. Fury is stronger through redemption."

The Ecclesiarchy is responsible for helping those that have fallen from grace return to the Light of the Emperor's Grace. In battle, they are responsible for unleashing the fury of these into acts of purifying faith.
Rarely seen, this formation is about castigation and redemption. Their continued, somber advance in the face of horrific casualties can cause even the mightiest to blanch.

"Service, not Death, brings the Emperor's embrace."

1+ Priest (One must be marked as the formation Leader)
5+ units from the following:
* Sisters Repentia
* Arco Flagellants
* Penitent Engine Squadron

Special Rules
Strike Force: All units in the formation must be deployed within 12" of the Priest leader, or if the formation is held in Strategic Reserve, then all units must enter the table within 12" of the point the Priest Leader enters.
Fearless: All models with a Leadership characteristic in this formation is considered Fearless.
Advance at All Costs: All units in this formation gain the USR Move Through Cover. But while moving through cover, every models' cover saves are worsened by 1 (4+ cover becomes 5+, etc.).
Eagerness in Service: All units in this formation that make a Fleet of Foot move (or any random movement in the Shooting Phase), roll two dice and choose the higher of the two. Any Arco Flagellant units must activate their drugs as soon as able, and this roll may cause them to take casualties.
The Emperor Protects: An army that contains The Repentant has the following stratagems in addition to its usual allocation: Shield Generator, Null Field Generator. Instead of revealing these stratagems in their normal phase, you may reveal them at the beginnining of your opponent's Shooting Phase. The stratagems are considered to center on the Priest Leader and last until the end of your opponent's turn. One Use Only.

19-10-2007, 16:28
The Black Guardians of Ulthwe.

Under constant threat due to its proximity to the Eye of Terror Ulthwe has relied more heavily upon its Guardians, citizen soliders of the Eldar, than other Craftworlds. The most experienced and able of these militia are formed into bands of 'Black Guardians', warriors who, though not as deadly as Aspect Warriors, are a cut above their regular bretheren.

The Black Guardians saw more than their fare share of combat during Abbaddons 13th Black Crusade. Forming a wall upon which the forces of Chaos shattered time after time the Eldar also had to hold out against the irrational attacks of the Imperial Guard who, being only Human, were unable to recognize an ally when not of their own species.

Black Guardian strike-force.

Cost - 150pts plus models.
Our lives are sacrifice so our species may live on.

2+ Farseers and 5+ Warlocks (may include the Ulthwe Seer Council formation).
2+ units of 20 Eldar Guardians. Each must have a Warlock.
0+ Units of War Walkers.
0+ Units of Guardian Jetbikes.
0+ Units of Vypers.
3 Webway portals.

Special Rules.

Webway Portals. These are items of scenery that must be deployed as the table is being set up. Each should be of no more than 6" diameter. Any unit from the Black Guardian strike-force with a model within 12" of the portal counts has having the psychic power "Fortune" cast on it. Any enemy unit with a model within 6" counts as having the psychic power "Doom" cast on it, when attacked by a member of the strike-force. Webway portals can be destroyed in the same manner as other terrain items. If all the portals are destroyed than all the models in the formation must make an immediate pinning test and any units failing a morale test are removed.

Strikeforce. All units in the formation MUST be held in strategic reserve. All units in the formation will enter from the same Webway Portal, moving as if it had come from a table edge. If all the Webway Portals have been destroyed than the Strike-force comes in from Reserve at the start of turn 4.

Black Guardians. As the formation is made up from the cream of the craftworld all models (except Farseers and Warlocks) get +1WS and +1BS. This costs 20 points per unit and must be bought for all units (except Farseers and Warlock units).

Dying race. The Black Guardians have sworn an oath to protect their Craftworld, with their life in needed, a dire promise made by any member of a dying race. Any unit from the strike-force with a model within 12" of one of the strikeforce's Farseers has the 'Hold at all costs' stratagem. Any units from the strike-force that are falling back will move towards the nearest Webway Portal instead of falling back to the nearest table edge.

19-10-2007, 16:28
Goffik Rokkaz Band – Requires 100+ Models and also costs 300 Pts

Goffik Rokkaz normally join in with large Waaagh!'s and help to boost the moral of the orks while shootin stuff too! They let loose a wave of loud noises to stir the battle-lust of the Orks in the Waaagh! to make them fight harder and stronger. Grotz love the Goffik Rokkaz and cheer at them and follow them around to hear their sweet tunes and fight off any opposition. If the grots get out of control however the Band always has their trusted bodyguards to protect them, not that they needed any help...

Formation Consists of:
• 5 Band Members (Singer, Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums)
• 10 Bodyguards ('Ardboyz with Choppas and Sluggas)
• 20 Grot Moshers (Grots without a slaver)

Band Members:

4 2 3 4 2 2 2 10 6+

Singer: Equipped with a Power mic, power mic is a power weapon; it can be yelled into and counts as a weapon with the following rules:
Rng S AP Type Rules
Template 3 - Assault 1 Causes Pinning

Lead: Equipped with a Shoota-Guitar, the Shoota-Guitar when played shoots random bullets out of it's end. It counts as a weapon with the following rules:
Rng S AP Type
24" 4 4 Assault D6

Bass: Equipped with a Bass-Shoota, the Bass-Shoota is a larger version of the shoota guitar:
Rng S AP Type
36" 5 3 Heavy D6

Keyboard: Equipped with a Mega-Board, the keyboard player plays wild tunes and bashes the keys on his keyboard trying to make loud noises! The keyboard player can play one of the following tunes once per turn:

Gods of Waaagh!: Used at the start of the turn, all friendly models within 24" at the start of the turn automatically Waaagh!

Run to the Trukkz! Run fer your squigs!: Used at the start of the turn, all enemy models within 24" must take a leadership test or fall back.

We will Stomp Ya!: Used at the start of the turn, the Goffik Rokkaz band can fleet for this turn only. Roll one die for the whole unit (band, guards and Moshers)

Drums: Equipped with Bang Drums! The drums are made from tankbusta bombs and when hit make loud bangs! Every attack made in the first round of combat by the drumma count as 'S 6' and ignore armour saves.

Grot Moshers: The grots follow the same stat line as the grots in Codex:Orks. They however have the following rules:

Furious charge
Grot Cover Save Special Rules
Grot Footing Special Rules

19-10-2007, 16:39
XV-22 Field Test

With Commander Shadowsun showing the power of the XV-22 battlesuit over several engagements now, the Tau have moved the new battlesuit into a field testing phase. Commander Shadowsun herself leads these suits into battle.

Cost: 100 points plus the cost of models


1 Commander Shadowsun
2 to 5 XV-22 Battlesuited Crisis Suits (Use modified Commander Shadowsun figures to represent these suits)

The standard XV-22 Battlesuit uses the XV- 8 Crisis Battlesuit statline with the following modifications:

Cost 70 Points base
Gains Invlun Save of 4+
Gains the Stealth special rule
Are Independent Characters if they are not controlling any Drones
Gains the following piece of equipment: "Multi Tracker Advanced Target Lock" (See Commander Shadowsun's entry for the effect)

All other Upgrades, Wargear and weaponry allowed for XV-8 Crisis Suits may be purchased for the XV-22 (and must be modelled appropriately). Non Special-Issue Weapons may be purchased twice paying the "single weapon" value each time, and count as two separate weapons, not a twin-linked one.

All XV-22 Battlesuits start the game within 12" of Commander Shadowsun, or must enter the game on the same turn that Commander Shadowsun enters, entering within 12" of her or the point on the edge of the board she entered from (roll for deviation as normal if Deep Striking, this may make them start outside of the 12" limit).

Any XV-22 Battlesuit that attacks more than one unit in the Shooting phase may choose either of the attacked units to assault in the Assault phase (if legally allowed to Assault that turn).

19-10-2007, 17:16
I'll break one of the rules, as I really want to get these out in the open.

Imperial Guard Specialist platoons.

The Guard is the largest fighting force in the Galaxy, and when it goes to war, thousands upon thousands of men, machines and ships are mobilized. In all but the smallest skirmishes, whole companies of men, supported by platoons of specialists are called upon to smash the Foe. Many commanders spread out their specialist troops through the line, but some gather them together, to use their skills to best effect.

Rough rider platoons.

Rough riders are mounted warriors, used for scouting , and are used to operating behind enemy lines, as they can live off the land, and carry considerable supplies on their horses, xeno mounts, or in some cases bikes, making them far more durable than a Guardsman on foot would be.
The most well known regiment are from the planet Attilla, of whom it is said the smell of their horse is one of their most powerful weapons, but there are numerous other regiments in service with the Guard. A majority use some form of lance weapon to attack the enemy, which may vary from little more than a krak grenade on a pole, to high voltage electrical shock prods, originally used for herding large animals.

Rough rider Platoon. 150pts+ models.
A platoon consists of a mounted command squad, and 2-5 rough rider squads.
The command squad costs 55pts pts, and is a standard command platoon, on horseback. It retains all its usual option, except those for heavy weapons and transports, and may take lances at the same cost as normal RR. Any advisors attached must be mounted at +5pts each.

The Platoon gains the following special rules:

Flank march. The Rough riders have been working their way round behind the lines, and can appear where they will cause most problems for the enemy

Hit and run. If 15 or more mounted models charge a unit when using their lances, they may use the hit and run special rule, as the enemy unit is scattered by the impact of the fast moving warriors. Any enemy hit but not killed outright by the lances has probably been stunned, knocked over or is otherwise unable to prevent the Rough riders from galloping away.

Self sufficient:
These men are expected to be able to look after themselves without resupply for long periods. All mounted models carry a laspistol, close combat weapon, lasgun or special weapon, and may take a lance without loosing any of these weapons. They must be able to fight effectively under a range of conditions, so use holsters on their mounts to store the weapons they are not using. This is another advantage the mounted warrior enjoys over those on foot.

Not stupid! : If the rough riders charge a unit that cannot engage them in close combat, eg a leman russ, Imperial titan, etc, then they do not automatically use their lances, but instead reach for the melta bombs in their saddle bags to dispose of this vulnerable target. Against targets with an armour value that can fight back, eg a dreadnought, they don't have time to do this, so use their lances as normal.

*** NOTE. This over-rules the current (silly) wording in the IG codex, and allows models to take a special weapon and lance This is intentional, as we are no longer in the era of models only being allowed two weapons!

This formation may be rather too cheap at the moment, as the impact of several squads of rough riders, with no real way to counter it is going to be nasty.

19-10-2007, 17:18
Radiant Wings

The Silverblades homeworld is unusual in that even amongst the civilian populace, Jump Packs see common use, by the time a candidate has become a Battle Brother, the operation of Jump Packs are an almost reflexive skill. Thus the chapter often deploys exclusively via Jump Pack.

To improve their odds of overwhelming an enemy-held hardpoint with minimal casualties, a special technique was developed whereby a Thunderhawk Gunship would sweep low over the battle-field without slowing. The Assault Marines therein would then deploy at once, using their Jump Packs to control their descent, while maintaining as much momentum as safely possible. Silverblades using this technique in battle would be led by a Veteran squad, which would inevitably take the point position, striking right into the teeth of the enemy defenses.

The Radiant Wings formation was first employed in combat at the scourging of Hive Halfen on Joranus XI; where traitorous guardsmen and PDF forces devoted to the Blood God Khorne had holed up after slaughtering the entire hive in a bloody weeklong rampage. The area around the hive had been so heavily fortified that slowing to combat speed for a drop was thought to be too dangerous. Drop pods were considered, but dropping directly into the hive presented other enormous dangers, and the minefields and artillery covering the outter areas made that option less-than-appealing. Though untested in actual combat, Captain Tremont of the 4th Company made the decision to attempt a high-speed assault drop, hoping the armor of the Thunderhawks would be enough to pull through if they did not expose themselves for too long.

Six gunships were employed in the Maneuver, each filled with thirty Marines. Sweeping low over the field, under the arc of the anti-aircraft guns, but too fast for conventional heavy weapons to target; the Thunderhawks unleashed their deadly cargo directly above the hive. The Marines impact was tremendous, plastcrete shattered, men were crushed under power armored boots, Chaplain Azuraes, then only just a Battle Brother, managed to destroy no less than four anti-aircraft positions before even striking the ground. The terrified traitors fell back from their outer defenses, only to be hunted ruthlessly through the hive by the Marines.

While Hive Halfen is noted as a disaster for the chapter, as over nintey Marines were killed when the cultists detonated the primary powerplant; the Radiant Wings formation was considered a great success, and has since found its way into several other chapters repertoire of specialist maneuvers.

Cost: 250pts + Cost of Models


1 Thunderhawk Gunship

2+ Assault Marine Squads

0-1 Death Company Squads

1 Veteran Assault Marine from Codex: Blood Angels, OR, 1 Assault Marine Squad with Furious Charge from Codex: Space Marines

No more than 30 Marines total may be a part of this formation. Independent Characters with Jump Packs may join this Formation, they count against the 30 Marine limit.

The formation must start in Strategic Reserve - when it becomes available, the Thunderhawk may at any point afterward chose to deploy its contents. If the Thunderhawk is destroyed before this happens, all units chosen from this formation are destroyed.

The following benefits are gained on the turn the Thunderhawk deploys its contents:

* All units must Deep Strike, with no scatter rolls, within 12" of the Thunderhawk.

* All units in the formation may choose to move as Jetbikes, including making Turbo-Boost moves if they so desire. If they use Turbo Boost, their armor save becomes Invulnerable until the start of the next turn. They may make this move even though they have used Deep Strike.

* All units may assault this turn, despite having used Deep Strike. They may not assault if they Turbo Boost.

* All units gain Furious Charge for this turn only.

* All models take a Str 3, AP - hit from the impact at the end of the turn.

19-10-2007, 19:15
Tyranid Gargaunt - 500pts
These Tyranid flyers have only recently been sighted amongst, or more accurately - above, Tyranid swarms. Xenobiologists have speculated that these bioforms have been evolved to combat the greater number of air-to-surface aircraft used by different races. Comparable to the monstrous Harridans, they are similar in size to Imperial Thunderbolts, but sightings of bioforms as large as Eldar Nightwings have been reported. They appear to have the standard 6 limbs that is charateristic of the Tyranid race, however the secondary set of forelimbs have been atophied to a point where they have become virtually useless, but the main forelimbs have been evolved to become fully-fledged wings, capable of greater flight than the Hive Tyrants. They frequently have ranged bio-weapons mounted on their wings, and are capable of accurate fire even when flying at high speeds, and on rare occasions, they have been observed to be able to spray acid from a dorsal sac. Imperial pilots have come to fear these Gargaunts, and rightly so. They are capable of flying speeds equal, or better than that of a Thunderbolt, and many times more manoueverable, capable of rapid changes of direction even at high speeds without any danger of damaging their fragile wing membranes. Currently, they appear to only have an air-to-air roles, but with the increasing activity of Hive Fleet Leviathan, reports are becoming more and more frequent of air-to-surface bioforms.

Unit: 1-3 Gargaunts
Type: Flyer

4 4 6 6 8 3 4 10 3+

Weapons and Equipment:
- Twin-Linked Long-Barrelled Venom Cannon with AA-Mount (or Tyranid Equivalent)

- May replace Venom Cannons with Twin-Linked Long-Barrelled Barbed Stranglers for +50pts. This variant uses the Apocalypse barrage template, and becomes Heavy(5). Note that this weapons *DOES NOT* have an AA-Mount
- May have Acid Spray for +25pts. This allows the Gargaunt to drop one Hellstorm template per game with a strength of 6 and an AP of 3, and they may re-roll the dice to see how far the template moves, but the second rolls stands, even if it is worse than the first roll. This may also be used on enemy flyers that are within 12" of the Gargaunt(s). To determine the effects, roll a dice. On a 4+ the enemy flyer takes an automatic glancing hit. If a 6 is rolled, it take a penetrating hit. Remember this can only be used once per battle, and cannot be used if an Inferno run has been performed, nor can a Hellstorm run be performed afterwards.

Special Rules
Living Flyer - Because of its unusual nature, Gargaunts work slightly differently to other flyers. They do not have to move 36" each turn, and can chose to remain stationary if they choose. If they choose to remain stationary, they do not require 6s to be hit, instead they are hit as normal, but attackers still add 12" to their range. They cannot be attacked in close combat while they are stationary.
Gargaunts can also elect to make a hit-and-run attack on a unit. Delcare which unit you are going to attack, and move the gargaunts into base-contact with the unit. Resolve the combat as normal, but afterwards, the Gargaunts break off, and are moved 4D6" away from the enemy unit. If the enemy unit wins, they can only consolidate, even if they massacre the Gargaunt(s). If they lose, they must check for fall back immediately. Gargaunts do not require 6s to hit skimmers, instead they hit on a 4+.
This hit-and-run may also be performed on other flyers, but instead the Gargaunts require 4s to hit.
If they attack a single model, they may choose to instead pick up the model and simply drop it. Do not roll for attacks normally, instead roll 1 attack for the model being picked up, using their basic strength. If this attack hits and wounds, then the Gargaunt's attack fails, if not, then the unfortunate victim is lifted high into the air, and suffers a suitably unpleasant death, and suffers a Destroyer hit (no amount of fancy Rosarii or terminator armour is going to save you when you're dropped from 3,000ft up!)

I think that's everything, apologies for the length... And the points value is a rough estimate, so it may be a little cheap...

god octo
19-10-2007, 19:58
Here goes nothing:

Sisters of battle: "War of faith":

Upon the Bombastic condemnation of a planet, the Sisters of battle are the first to the fight, and most eager to cleanse the planet of those who have been deemed unworthy of The Emperor's benevolence. Often accompanying a War of faith is a priestly delegation from the Eccelsiarchy, to ensure that all the Heretics are killed. Bringing relics of great power, they grant their enormous power to the most Veteran member of the Adepta Sororitas. Officially titled the "Canoness Relequim", they are the divine figure head of the crusade, bring righteous and holy destruction to those that oppose the one true Emperor. None can stand in the way of the Sisters of Battle and their Holy zeal, made even more furious by the holy relics gifted to them.

Very few wars of faith are declared, and even fewer contain a holy relic of great antiquity and value. Only the most pious and faithful of leaders may bear one, and even then a delegation from the great Church must keep close eye on them, for few can wield the great power for all times. Those that do gain the privilege to wield that power are often short lived, for those so blessed shine twice as bright. The bearer is a righteous angel of destruction, empowered with inhuman strength, speed and resilience, borne upon them due to their holy fervour.

The last Holy war was in M39, at the Battle of St. Katharine's palace on Thaknor VI. Canoness commander Loretta was granted the privilege of bearing St. Dominica's sword and shield. She lead her army from the front, a mere 500 sisters against a horde of 4500 mutants, unbelievers and chaos marines. She was like the angel of death,granting holy and blessed retribution to all those who opposed her. She was finally claimed by the masses, but not before she was able to drive the Chaos demon, Ub'ulatahr, back into the warp. Her body was consumed in cursed flame, but her sisters fought on. It was a massacre, with all of the mutants being destroyed. Her loss was mourned by her fellwo sister, who knoew that through her efforts, she had been granted an audience with the Emperor of mankind, and she would forever dwell at his side.

Requirements: 1 priestly delegation (5 priests at 25 points each, with up to 50 points of wargear), 1 canoness and 1 designated "Canoness Relequim"
Cost: Cost of Priestly delegation, and the additional cost of the "Canoness Relequim"
Benefit:The "Canoness Relequim" is 195 points total points(including the additional 150), but cannot buy any equipment, but is counted as having a 2+ armour and Invulnerable save, a blessed weapon that adds +3 strength, +1WS and +1 I, a jump pack and the Litanies of Faith. The relic grants all units with the Adepta Sororitas rule within 12in the Counter attack and Fearless USR, in addition to +1 to hit. She also Gains the "Holy rage" special rule. However, no unit may ever use the "Canoness Relequim's" Leadership value for any test, and she cannot join any unit, nor benefit from any stats changes they give, such as the Seraphim' "Angelic Visage" special rule.

Lord Cook
19-10-2007, 20:02
Glorious Charge

While the Imperial Guard is famous for it’s armoured spearheads and mechanized assaults, on occasion the terrain, opponent, or availability of allied armour will render such an assault infeasible. In such situations it falls to the infantry to force a way forward, breaching trench lines or fortified positions with wave upon wave of troops. While guardsmen fix bayonets and charge forwards, officers scream orders and inspire men on, flags wave, litanies of courage blare out over vox speakers, and the roaring threats of commissars loom from behind. Such a charge is a sight to behold, and indeed many in High Command believe the sheer fear inspired by such an assault is enough to break the Emperor’s foes upon sight of His most glorious Imperial Guard.

Cost: 200 points + models

Requirements: 1 Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon consisting of:

1x 5 man Command Section. All options as stated in Codex: IG, with the following exception: The squad now has access to a Platoon Standard Bearer. He is identical to a Company Standard Bearer. He must be taken.
1 Commissar. He is treated as an independent character. All options as stated in Codex: IG.
5x 10 man Infantry squads. All options as stated in Codex: IG, with the following exception: No infantry squad may total more than 85 points. See the “While they’re reloading, Charge!” rule below.

The individual units within the platoon are treated as single models within a squad with respects to unit coherency, with no more than 4” distance between each unit and another. Measure from the nearest model in each unit.

No unit or individual within the platoon may use any form of transport. The platoon may not deep strike.

Special rules:

“Forward to glory!” –
The entire platoon gains the Fleet of Foot special rule, however they always count as moving, even when stationary. This renders heavy weapons useless.

“Rally to me!” –
The standard bearer acts as the focal point of the attack. Any unit within the platoon with a model within 18” of the platoon standard may re-roll failed morale checks. In addition, if the standard bearer dies, place him on his side. Any model within the platoon that moves into btb contact with the fallen standard bearer is removed (as a casualty) and replaced with the standard bearer model, representing them picking up the flag and continuing on. They adopt ALL of his stats and abilities, and lose their own.

“No retreat you dogs!” –
The commissar follows behind the platoon, watching for cowardice. Any unit that makes a fall back move either from, into, or through, a 6” radius of the commissar immediately takes 1 casualty (chosen by the owning player) and rallies on the spot.

“While they’re reloading, Charge!” –
Many Imperial Guard commanders will put the failure of an attack down to the cowardice or lack of commitment of those involved. Clearly, another attempt is needed while the enemy is still recovering from the shock and awe of the previous assault. The entire platoon benefits from the Sustained Assault special rule. This comes into effect as soon as the previous platoon has been reduced to 10 models or less.

Private Carl Brescia was shaken out his daydream by the sharp, crisp sound of the whistle. As he clambered upwards, grazing his hands on the frozen mud and gravel, a huge billow of warm breath erupted as he screamed, incoherently. It seemed appropriate right now. All along the line, his fellow guardsmen apparently had the same idea. The time had finally come for 8th Platoon of the 61st Andoran Fusiliers to make their run. As he staggered forward as fast as he could, Carl looked around for the colour sergeant. Ah, there he was, his flag held high for everyone to see. Sky blue on green, with the white badges of honour clearly visible as they fluttered about. Something about it was oddly comforting.

Hanson was running directly to his right, the vox-pack on his back turned on to high, blaring out the Litany of Faith and Courage. Some frakker, probably Hanson himself, had turned it on to repeat. From behind, Falzo was somehow making himself heard over the racket. The commissar had that uncanny knack of pitching his voice at just the right level such that it carried over the sound of mere mortals. He’d made a point this morning of walking the trench line, showing off the fact that he had three spare clips for his bolt pistol today, and you can bet your rations he wouldn’t be aiming at the Bluies. Carl laughed to himself, shaking with fear. By the sound the platoon was making, clearly the term ‘stealth’ was about as unknown to the Lieutenant as the word ‘cover’. Whatever, that wasn’t important now. Just keep running, keep running, keep running…

The Bluies opened fire. Pulse fire danced among the guardsmen, hurling men off their feet, punching through flak armour, flesh, and bone. Screams ran out. The squad in front disintegrated in a cluster of submunitions. The platoon standard fluttered and fell. Men leapt forwards to pluck it out of the mud, only to become suddenly transfixed in a latticework of blue light. As guardsmen ran for cover, the Lieutenant was screaming for men to continue on, to fight. A high-pitched whine and splutter preceded a ball of plasma blowing him apart. A battlesuit glided to the ground, crushing the Lieutenants smoking boots. There was only one thing for it. Carl leapt to his feet, and clutching his lasrifle to his chest, legged it backwards, towards the trench line. With any luck Falzo had already bought it.
“Stand your ground! You filthy coward!” Each syllable was delivered with breathtaking contempt.
The single shot rang out across the field for a moment, before being swallowed into the cacophony of noise. Falzo turned, and with parade ground precision, continued his march up the field.

19-10-2007, 20:17
Devastator Formation

COST = 75points + models

REQUIREMENTS = 2+ Devastator Squads armed with either las cannons or missile launchers

Devastation = The squads are deployed by the chapter to specifically remove an armored threat. The squads may not fire at any other targets until the armour they have been designated to destroy, is destroyed. When firing at their specific target, all the devastators gain the "Tank Hunters" special ability.

Khaine's Fury
19-10-2007, 20:31

In days long gone, Eldar hosts were equipped with the potent Anaris Unsheathed squadrons in great numbers, but attrition took its toll against the hated legions of the C'tan, and Fire Prisms began to be seen more often in twos or as single supporting craft only. Some Craftworlds however, retain Fire Prisms in sufficient numbers to use the Anaris formation, and should the threat prove potent enough, Anaris once again will be unleashed......

Consisting of 3 Fire Prisms, this formation must contain one command tank, the others must stay within 6" of this tank. The Fire Prisms use existing rules for their type, and all existing upgrades.

Prismatic Maelstrom.

3 or more Fire Prisms merging their main batteries may create, with much care and skill, a raging maelstrom of raw energy which can be directed and focussed in a similar way to that of 2 Prisms.

Range is 60", strength 8, AP 2.twin-linked. This attack uses the 10" plate and does not scatter. Alternatively, a more focussed hit can be delivered, using the 5" blast template, Destroyer.
Please note, 3 fire Prisms are required to pull this off, all must be able to fire in the same turn but only the nominated tank needs line of sight to the target.

Cheers, KF.

19-10-2007, 21:04
Flight Of Sanguinus
Cost: 100 + Models.

When more than one company of Blood Angels unite against a common foe. The librarians form a most mighty and terryfying force which take the fight to the enemy in a more composed and calculating manner than the death company.

2-5 Blood Angel Librarians bikes (for all or none) and wargear as normal.

Special Rules
All successful psychic powers cast effect the whole unit but are not stackable. i.e. one librarian casts "Wings of Sanguinus" whole unit may move as though they have jumpacks.
Unit of 2 or more gains Mephistons power - Transfixing Gaze.
Due to so many psyker tests being made there is a save against perils of the warp of 7+ with plus 1 modifier for each librarian over 1. i.e. a unit of 4 librarians 1 rolls double 6 and is attacked he has a Inv save of 4+.

19-10-2007, 21:34
Stormtrooper Assault Force

The Stormtroopers of the Imperial Guard are the commando's of the Guard. They are trained in close range firefights and storming defenses, breaking apart defenses, taking out enemy armor in close range, destroying rear supply lines and assassinating enemy command personnel. Such missions require greater firepower and skill than is required of most mission the Guard is tasked with and as such Stormtroopers are far better equipped and very well disciplined and extremely coordinated. However such daring raids also have high mortality rates, among some regiments such as those composing the Death Korps of Krieg, Stormtrooper units suffer mortality averages of nearly 80%. As such, they expect to die and hold very little fear of death when assembled for a large important strike, and will carry on with their missions to their dying breath.

Points: 100+ Models

3+ Stormtrooper Squads (each must be a full squad of 10)

3+Transports (Chimera or Valkyerie, if transports are taken, every squad must take one)

Special Rules:
Strike Force:The Stormtrooper Assault Force must be deployed together, and must either come on the board within 24" of each other if in transports, 12" if on foot, or Deepstrike within 12" of each other.

Units in the Stormtrooper Assault Force may not infiltrate, the may only be deployed on foot, in a transport, or Deep Strike.

Units in the Stormtrooper Assault Force may not have any attached advisors or Independent Characters.

Nominate a command unit in the Stormtrooper Assault Force, it may be a transport or a squad. Every unit in the Stormtrooper Assault Force within 24" of the command unit may reroll failed to hit and to wound rolls when shooting. If Stormtroopers in a Stormtrooper Assault Force disembark from a moving transport, they may make a normal move if within 24" of the command unit.

Stormtroopers in the formation gain the "Move Through Cover" and "Stubborn" USR's. Each Stormtrooper squad counts as having the "Hold At All Costs" Strategic Asset.

19-10-2007, 22:01
Battle Formation - Scout Titan Patrol Group
Every Titan Legion has several Warhound class "scout" titans that act as forward patrols, ranging ahead and notifying the legion of any potential threats to their bigger brothers in the bulk of the legion. Normally, Patrol Groups consist of pairs of titans which have worked together since they were first built, meaning the two titans will have forged a bond of mutual loyalty over many centuries and several Princeps. It is this close bond which enables a pair of individual titans to move and act as one, performing at levels that two individual titans randomly thrown together would not be able to.

Formation: Two Warhound Scout Titans from the same Legio.* Points: 200+models.

Patrol Group Special Rules

Forward Scouts: The patrol group is always held in Strategic Reserve. When the formation is deployed, it may come into play from any board edge, just as if the owning player had played the Flank March Stratagem (this only applies to units from the Patrol Group).

Strike Force: When the patrol group comes on from reserve, the titans must come into play within 18" of each other.

Shield Merger: Though frowned upon by the more conservative members of the Adeptus Mechanicus because of the strain it places on the shield generator mechanisms, many titan princeps consider such objections trivial compared to the defensive benefits of synchronising the void shield generators of their titans.
As long as the titans are within 12" of each other, they may combine their shields, gaining the following benefits from ding so: Whenever a weapon is fired at either Titan, measure from the titan furthest from the firing model when determining if the firer is outside the range of the target's void shields.
The Titans may "pool" their structure points when determining how many downed shields are repaired at the end of the turn by rolling one dice for each structure point remaining to the pair, each 5+ repairing a single shield on either titan. However, the strain may cause permanent damage - each one rolled when attempting to restore shields this way disables one shield generator so that it can no longer be restored (you may choose which titan suffers this damage. Disabled shield generators can be repaired using the "Damage Control" special rule, counting as a weapon; this only repairs the generator capacity however, the shield must then be restored normally).

Eyes and Ears of the Legio: As long as at least one titan from the patrol group remains active, the owning player gets a single Precision Strike Strategic Asset which can only be used on a unit within range and LoS of at least one of the titans in the patrol group. However, only friendly Titans from the same Legio* may use the bonus from this asset.

*Titans from the same Legio must be painted in the Legio colours and markings.

19-10-2007, 22:10
Sword Wind of Beil Tan

Points: 150 + Models

1 Court of the Young King
3+ Maximum Sized Aspect Warrior Squads

The formation may only consist of Aspects present in the Court of the Young King, must be of maximum squad size, and must themselves have an Exharch in command. None of the squads may have a transport.

Court of the Young King:
This unit conisists of a single Avatar and 3-9 Exharchs, at the normal cost in the eldar codex. The squad may never benefit from any Infiltrate, Deep Strike, or Jump Infantry abilties. Exharch abilities are conferred to the entire unit, but mutliples of the same ability are not cumulative. The Avatar is assumed to have the Fleet rule as long as one Exharch survives. The entire unit is fearless. While the Avatar lives, the entire unit benefits from a 4+ invulnerable save and the Avatar's immunity to Melta and Template weapons.

Special Rules:
The entire formation must be deployed within 12" of each other and arrives as one from strategic reserves, if held in reserve.
As long as the Avatar Lives, all squads in the formation are fearless.
If the Avatar is in close combat, all squads in the formation benefit from the prefered enemy rule against all enemies.

19-10-2007, 22:17
Phoenix Host of the Eldar

Points: 100 + models

1 Phoenix Host
3+ Aspect Warrior Units of the same aspect

Either all squads are mounted, or none are mounted. No squads in the formation may be joined by characters, other than the Phoenix lord.

Phoenix Host:
This unit consists of one Phoenix lord and 4-9 Exarchs of the same aspect. The Exarchs may not be given any skills, but may take gear upgrades as normal. The squad may be mounted in a Wave serpent, making it the command vehicle of the formation. It is considered a dedicated retinue.

Special Rules:
The entire formation must be deployed within 12" of each other, unless it possesses the Deep Strike or Infiltrate rules.
As long as the Pheonix Lord is alive, the entire formation is fearless and reroll any failed rolls to wound.
As long as the Phoenix Lord is in close combat, the entire formation benefits from the preferred enemy rule against all enemies.

19-10-2007, 22:27
Hunt the Fallen
Points: 200 + Models

At the very darkest hour of the Horus Heresy, one Space Marine Legion battled internally, supposedly to determine which master it would serve: the Emperor or the Warmaster. Brother fought brother on this Legion's homeworld — the battle so fierce that they destroyed the entire planet. Those Space Marines loyal to the Emperor prevailed, though many of the oppositions survivors escaped into the Warp. To this day, the descendants of those loyal Space Marines strive to erase the shame represented by their fallen brothers. That Legion bore a famous name: the Dark Angels.


• 1 Cypher
• 1 – 3 Fallen Squads (represented by Veteran Squads from Codex: Dark Angels)

Special Rules
Cypher, The Fallen Angel
Pts WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Cypher 200 5 5 4 4 3 8 3 10 3+

Unit Type: Infantry

Number/Squad: 1

• Power Armour
• Master-Crafted Bolt Pistol
• Master-Crafted Plasma Pistol
• C’Tan Phase Knife
• Frag Grenades
• Krak Grenades

Special Rules:
• Fearless
• Independent Character
• Command the Fallen
• Gun Fighter
• Divine Protection

C’Tan Phase Knife: A strange and bizarre alien artefact, its enigmatic nature reflects that of Cypher himself. Able to literally phase in and out of existence, armour proves no protection as it re-materialises within its intended victim.

The C'Tan Phase Knife counts as a Power Weapon which also ignores Invulnerable Saves.

Command the Fallen: Although it is far from clear who Cypher is, or at least who he once was, it is notable that he now commands great respect amongst those few remaining wretches known as ‘The Fallen’, who hang upon his every command.

If Cypher is on the table then all other Fallen may use his Leadership Value for Morale, Pinning and Leadership Tests. They may also re-roll any such tests (whether passed or failed) but must accept the second result.

Gun Fighter: A skilled marksmen, far beyond the norm for even a Space Marine hero, Cypher rarely seems to miss a shot. Some say that he has a guiding hand, but that offers no comfort to those the wrong end of his barrels.

Cypher may fire both his pistols in the Shooting Phase, once with each. If he remains stationary he may Rapid Fire with both, giving him a total of four shots.

Divine Protection: Cypher is on a mission that is unclear to all but the guiding force that drives him. Many would like to say that he is driven by the ruinous powers to infiltrate Holy Terra and destroy the Golden Throne, but a silent whisper tells of a secret so dark that it would shake the Imperium of Man to its knees. It says that Cypher is not driven by the forces of Chaos, but by some much higher power. Whatever this power is, it seems he is a man who cannot die.

Cypher has an invulnerable save of 4+ on 2d6 against any attack or other form of damage that would reduce his wounds to 0 (including that which would cause Instant Death). This may even be taken after a failed Armour Save, if one was allowed.

Rain of Confusion:
The presence of the Fallen is unnatural and deeply unsettling, and they even seem to exude confusion and strife. Frequently commanders will find that their battle plans have gone seriously wrong and that orders have been lost or confused, only to realise that it is because the enemy are harbouring members of the Fallen. Sadly, no one is immune to such a palpable atmosphere of discord and those that do take to the field with the Lost Angels find that there men become awkward and difficult to command.

The Hunt the Fallen formation may never be placed in Tactical Reserve and thus must always be placed first during set up.

Before the battle commences, but after both sides have Set-Up, the player controlling the Hunt the Fallen formation may move up to d6 enemy Infantry units 36” to new positions, these must be within the enemy deployment zone and not within 18” of any friendly units.

At the beginning of each of that players turn roll a d6 for each friendly unit within 6” of any Fallen unit. On a roll of a 1, that unit may not do anything that turn, as uncontrollable argument breaks out between it members.

Hunt the Fallen:
The members of the Lost Angels are under sentence of Silent Death, for their part in the Dark Angel’s unpleasant history. Wherever they might be captured, they are to be taken back to the Dark Angel’s Fortress Monastery, The Rock, bound and gagged, tortured in the very lowest of its shadowy dungeons and finally executed for their crimes. Such is the vitriolic hatred for these sinners that they are offered no chance for repentance; their very tongues being cut from their heads to prevent them even attempting to seek atonement for their deeds. The Dark Angels will travel the length of the galaxy to bring a single one to justice, so people know that it is not wise to leave them unmolested and suffer the displeasure of the First Born Legion later.

If a player fighting against a Hunt the Fallen formation manages to destroy them all by the end of the game, they count as having managed to secure an additional Objective. If every single model in the formation is destroyed by members of the Dark Angel’s Chapter (or one of its successors) in a single army, then the player controlling that army counts as having secured 2 additional objectives instead.

Sadly, such is the burning enmity for the Fallen, that they have, at times, been able to provoke the Dark Angels into making critical errors. To represent this before battle commences, but after both sides have Set-Up the player controlling the Hunt the Fallen formation may move one enemy unit of Dark Angels to anywhere that is 18” from one unit of Fallen. This unit may be taken from any on the table or even one from the enemies Tactical Reserves.

19-10-2007, 22:53
Klaws of Khorne
The Klaws of Khorne are highly skill chaos bikers all devoted to Khorne. Their bikes are encrusted with the blood of slain enemies and most bear grisly trophies. In combat a formation of Khorne bikers will be deployed to harass enemy infantry. Often the mere site of these crazed bikers approaching is enough to break the enemies moral.

Cost: 170 pts + models
Formation: 1 biker champion, 5-9 chaos bikers, Icon of Khorne

Special Rules:
Ride by: The Klaws of Khorne are so skilled in Hand to Hand combat and riding that they are able attain high speeds and still attack the enemy, however moving at such speeds means you will only have one chance to hit the enemy. Instead of shooting or assulting, the Klaws may activate their turbo boosters, and move past a unit of enemy infantry attack and move on before the enemy can respond. Each member of the bike squad will get one attack. If any enemies are killed rolled for a pinning test.

Your Death Approaches: Less men are hardly able to bear the site of the band of crazed chaos bikers riding them down. Whenever the Klaws of Khorn rides at a unit of enemy infantry, roll a moral test, if the test the infantry must fall back 12".

19-10-2007, 22:54
Death From Above
for space marines

200 pts + models

1+ Thunderhawk
1+ Terminator squads in drop pods
5+ Tactical squads in drop pods
3+ dreadnoughts in drop pods
1 Command squad (In the Thunderhawk)
10 Terminators (In the Thunderhawk)

Since the Horus Heresy, Space Marine chapters have honed their skills in the use of drop pods, Thunderhawks and daring orbital insertions. Giant spacecraft, both Battlebarges and Strike cruisers, travel to the Imperium's greatest conflicts to carry great warriors to where they are most needed.

In the most dire cases, a Brother-Captain in charge of a company of Marines could be required to save the greater Imperial forces on a planet from being overrun. In such cases, an entire company can launch from a strike cruiser or battlebarge in orbit, using drop pods and Thunderhawk gunships to strike quickly where they are most needed.

After centuries of combat, the space marine commander has learned how to use pinpoint landings and overwhelming firepower to crush any opposition. If the Marine Landing Force is kept in reserve, and withheld until the third turn, the following bonus' apply:

-A spearhead squad of terminators lands first in a drop pod, choose a landing point and carry out deepstrike as normal. This squad now acts as a beacon for the rest of the force as its drop pods enter their final landing patterns.
-Any drop pod entering after the Terminator squad can use their drop pod as a beacon, this allows you to drop within 12" of the drop pod and reroll the scatter OR the deviation dice. In addition to normal drop pod rules, subsequent drop pods cannot scatter off the board, the Marines know where they are needed.
-Any unit attacked by the Landing Force on the turn it lands must test for pinning at -2 leadership -an entire company of marines has just landed beside them and unleashed their fury as one.
-The commander in his Thunderhawk enters with the rest of the force, but is not required to land in their landing zone, him and his terminator retinue would most likely land with the bulk of the Imperial forces, using their gunship and combat experience to help them break through to the drop pods.

In addition, other formations can be used as well with the force if the required models are present.

19-10-2007, 23:11
Imperial Guard Infantry Suppression Mortar Company
Points: 100 + models

Fluff to follow :)

2-6 Heavy Weapons Platoons (Each Platoon must have 3 mortar squads.)

1 Command Squad (The only allowed support squads that can be purchased in this command Squad are mortar squads.)

0-9 Griffons (These are formed into vehicle squadrons of 1-3 and must stay within a 6 inch unit coherency.)

Special Rules:
Mortar Combined Fire: While a single mortar firing is scary enough, entire squads of mortars combining their fire is hell on Terra (Earth) for the common infantry trooper. A Mortar platoon may decide to combine their mortar fire on one unfortunate target. First, pick a model (within the mortar's range) to be the primary target and then roll for scatter as normal. This is the spot where you then place the Apocalytic Barrage Template. Now, for every three mortars in the platoon, you will get a single roll on this template. Each hit is worked out at the mortar's normal strength and AP (str 4 AP6). Example: Platoon A has 9 mortars in it and it decides to combine fire. The player picks the target and rolls for scatter. He places the Apocalyptic Barrage Template and gets to roll 3 times on this template because he has 9 mortars in the platoon.

Griffon Combined Fire: The griffons in an Infantry Suppression Mortar Company are also taught how to work together and combine their fire into a lethal hellstorm of shrapnel. First, pick a model (within the Griffon's range) to be the primary target. Then, roll for scatter as normal. This is the spot where you place the Apocalyptic Blast Template (not the barrage template). If one tank is able to fire, then use the 5 inch markings on the template and work out the casualities as normal (str 6 AP 4). If two tanks are able to fire, then use the 7 inch markings on the template and work out the casualities as normal (str 6 AP 4). If all three tanks in the squad are able to fire, then use the 10 inch markings on the template and work out results as normal (str 6 AP 4).

19-10-2007, 23:39
Tyranid Seeding Swarm.

Cost: 200+Models


Tyranids first true incursion on a planet begins with the Primary Incursion, a deployment from their Hive ships of minor organisms. Gaunt species of large variety are deployed via Mycetic spores, and they begin to engage the front line of defence, making way for larger organisms to deploy in the final 2 waves.


3+ Gaunt Squads
3+ Hormagaunt Squad(s)
0+ Genestealer Squad
1+ Winged Hive Tyrant
1+ Winged Warriors

Special Rules:

Transport restrictions:

Gaunt squads must be 16 per spore. Warriors cannot exceed 5 per spore.

All models in the seeding swarm must be placed within strategic reserve. All deploy via deepstrike, using Drop Pod rules (called Mycetic Spore). The Mycetic spore is considered terrain that blocks LoS after landing. All models will deploy as best as possible within 2" of the Mycetic Spore. They may overlap beyond the 2" if they cannot deploy within 2", but still must stay as close as possible to the spore on landing.

Hive Nodes: Gaunt species dropped at this point are generally outside synaptic control. To combat this issue, the Hive Mind has created Hive Nodes, which are sensitive to the long range communication of the hive. The Hive Node increases the leadership of the unit to 7.

19-10-2007, 23:47
Dimensional Abduction

Cost: 150pts + models

Time and space are the playthings of the immortal Necrons. These ancient beings utilize arcane technologies to confuse, torment and destroy the infantile races they face in battle. One tactic employed in this manner is known to Imperial scholars as a “Dimensional Abduction”.

The Necrons use a mysterious device to transport enemy forces to a location best described as a cavernous, darkened chamber. The victims see only the baleful glow of Necron eyes prior to being assailed on all sides in a torrent of gauss energy. Then, in the midst of the firefight, survivors are abruptly returned to the battlefield.

Though the victims perceive the ordeal as lasting several seconds, outside observers witness the troops flickering out of existence for a mere instant - reappearing screaming, disoriented, and reduced in numbers.


1-2 Squads of Necron Warriors
0-2 Squads of Immortals

Special Rules

Extra-Dimensional Chamber: All units in the formation (referred to hereafter as “Abductors”) must start the game in Strategic Reserve. These units may not enter the game in any manner other than described below.

Abduction: Each turn at the beginning of the Necron shooting phase, the player must select one non-daemonic infantry unit to be targeted for a Dimensional Abduction. Though the unit is hurled across several star systems and forwards or backwards through untold centuries, do not remove them from the table. Some members of the unit may be right back.

Each Abductor squad fires on the abducted unit, using all normal shooting rules. Every unit is considered to be within 12” of their target and have a clear line of sight. Saving throws are taken as normal, there are no cover saves. Remove casualties from the board as normal.

Any remaining models in the abducted unit may then fire back at the Abductor unit of their choosing. All saving throws and We’ll Be Back rolls are taken as normal. Due to the abstract nature of the combat, Template weapons roll a d6 to determine the number of models they hit (the result may not exceed the number of models in the target unit).

If the abducted unit includes a Psyker the order of attacks is reversed, as the precognitive skills of the Psyker guide his squad’s actions. In this case, the abducted unit shoots first, followed by any surviving Abductor forces.

Back to Reality: At the end of the Necron player’s shooting phase, the abducted unit is returned to the battlefield. If the unit suffered any casualties during the abduction, they must take an immediate pinning test.

At the end of the Necron player’s third shooting phase, the Abductors follow their prey onto the battlefield. Place the Abductor units on the table anywhere within 12” of the last abducted unit (or the abducted unit’s vacated position if it was destroyed). Squad coherency must be maintained, and models may not be placed on impassible terrain. Any units unable to be placed on the table due to a lack of space count as destroyed.

Color Text:"When Inquisitor Malik explained that my men and I had traveled through thousands of years when the Necrons took us, I told him that meant we must be due for pension. He smiled, but his hand found the grip of his laspistol. I took that to mean he disagreed."

19-10-2007, 23:50
First Company Strike Force:
300 pts + Models

During normal operations the first company of a Space Marine Chapter will be dispersed among many other companies, fighting in multiple warzones, assisting their battle brothers where they need them most. Howver, on occasion, when a threat is great enough to warrant their deployment, the first company forms up as a dedicated strike force to deal with the emerging threat. This is not without peril, for there are many great last stand in Space Marine history, such as the last stand at the polar fortress during the Battle for Maccragge, in which the entire first company was wiped out dealing a massive blow to the Ultramarines. However the fighting prowess of such a strike force is not to be denied, and is always on the table when the situation is dire indeed.

1 Terminator Space marine captain or Chapter master
0-1 chaplain
1 Terminator Command squad
4+ ten-man veteran squads
4+ Terminator Squads

Special Rules:

Strike Force: All models in the Strike Force must be deployed within 12" of the Captain or Chapter master or if comming on from reserve, they must enter the table within 12" of the point entered by the Captain or Master. If entering via deepstrike or drop pod assault, they must attempt to land within 12" of the Captain or Masters landing point but scatter my take them outside of this range.

For the Chapter!: In addition to his normal strategic assets the player gains the following two assets:
Hold at All Costs
Careful Planning

21-10-2007, 04:23
Nodal Command

points: 300 + models

FLUFFThe nodal command is a vast command and communication network that ensure all necron units under its control do exactly what the command wants them to. With several networks within a larger network provides redundancy ensuring the plans of the command are undertaken.

Only when all the commanders are destroyed can the command be broken but even this is will be challange for the most skilled princeps. It would be wise so send in your most powerfull forces to enuse a victory. (If any more fluff is needed just look to page 163 in the Apocalypse rulebook.)

3-9 Necron lords
4+ twenty-man Warrior squad
1+ ten-man Immoral squad
1+ five-man Destroyer Squadron
1+ Monolith Phalanx

Special rules:
Redundant Communication: When place necron units you may always talk with your team as long as they have at least one necron unit. Also "A word in your ear" special rule will not work on any necron unit.

Front line Formations: All necrons units on the table may not fire on any other necron unit unless that unit is controled by another Nodal Comand.

Priority Command: Any necron unit on the table may use a Portal, the unit does not need to be within 18" of the monolith. Also Necron Warriors in reserve do not have to use a portal at all to enter the game. As the command will find the best way to utilizes the units at hand.

Breakdown of Command: If at any time you have no lords in reserve or on the table the Nodal Command has broken down and you will loss all benifits of this Formation.

Platinum Level: When all nine necron lords are chosen one may be chosen to be the Platinum Comander and he may be chosen to be the marker for Supreme Headqarters asset(yes the marker can move now).

Bonus Assets:
Careful Planning
Supreme Headquarters

21-10-2007, 04:39
Synchronized Chaos Dreadnought formation
(note: since i have the french version of the chaos codex, i ignore the english name of the chaos dreadnoughts' crazyness rule so i named it the "Insane!" rule in the context of this post)

Although the Dreadnoughts used by the traitor legions might look like the ones seen in the Legion Astartes to an outside observer, any commander having faced chaos space marines know they are as different to the loyalists’ ones as an Ork from a Tau. The fact is, while it’s an honor for a regular space marine to continue serving his chapter in a dreadnought, incarceration is a Chaos Dreadnought is a fate worse than death itself for a follower of the ruinous powers. Trapped in those old and decaying metal coffins until their crippled bodies can no longer operate it, the chaos space marine in the dreadnought will often turn mad. When unleashed upon a battlefield, they will simply go on a rampage, attacking everything in front of them with all their considerable might.
This can become a problem to chaos warbands using several dreadnoughts and it is why the synchronized formation has been developed. This rarely seen formation consists of several Chaos Dreadnoughts put under the control of a single sorcerer’s mind. First used by the Thousand Sons on the souls of their brothers sealed inside the dreadnoughts, this practice soon spread, other chapters using drugs on the occupant of the sarcophagus to make him easier to manipulate.
While under the control of the sorcerer’s mind, the dreadnought “pilots” ignore their blinding urge to kill and follow their master’s orders. Given the complex mind and vast grand intelligence of most chaos sorcerer, these formations can be very effective and powerful, acting as an armored spearhead to foot assault. Its weakest link however is the sorcerer himself for if he is killed, the occupants of the dreadnought will regain full consciousness and set on a horrible rampage, furious of having been manipulated.


1 Chaos sorcerer
3-5 Chaos Dreadnoughts

Special Rules
Mind Control – This power counts as a major psychic power and must be chosen by the sorcerer. The power requires no psychic test and has a range of 6”. It is used at the start of the controlling player’s turn, and lasts until its end. While using this power, the only thing the sorcerer can do is move such is the concentration needed. He cannot fire, assault, nor even defend himself if charged. However, if the power is used, all the chaos dreadnoughts within the power’s range will be under the sorcerer’s control. This gives the controlling player the possibility to re-roll the dice for the “Insane!” rule, which is rolled a single time for all the dreadnoughts under the sorcerer’s control.

Master of Puppets – As soon as the sorcerer is killed, all the chaos dreadnoughts that were under his control shut down. They will re-awake at the start of the controlling player’s next turn and act as separate dreadnoughts for the rest of the game. In addition, they will re-roll any result of 2-5 for the “Insane!” rule.

21-10-2007, 04:42
Tyranid Shock Assault Swarm.

In smaller engagements, Tyranid Warriors and Genestealers are valued somewhat more than mere Gaunts and Rippers, and often form key roles in the combat. In far larger, all-out massed assaults, this role changes. Hordes of Warriors and Genestealers will be driven towards the strongest portions of the enemy lines under the uncaring lash of the Hive Mind. Heedless of casualties, they over-run the prey in a tide of lethal short-ranged fire and razor-edged claws, tearing a hole in the enemy battle lines for endless tides of Gaunts and the larger Tyranid Bio-Forms to exploit and overwhelm the enemy.

3+ Genestealer Broods at least 10 models strong.
1+ Warrior Broods.

Points cost: 150 + cost of models.

All models in the Formation recieve the Fleet and Feel no Pain USR's and count as being under the effects of the Tyranid Catalyst Hive Mind power.

They may also use the Strategic Redeployment stratagem once per game.

"See, thing 'bout Warriors, is they ain't as fast as the rest of a 'Nid swarm. Can pick 'em off easy enough. Emperor alone knows what were drivin' those ones though. They hit our lines amidst a flood o' 'Stealers, shrugging off anything we could throw at 'em...was all I could to t' get away in time."
---Private Nathanial Ura, awaiting execution from deserting the feild of battle. Korris 4 Massicre.

21-10-2007, 04:49
Legion of Change

Points: 90+models

The methods and inspirations of Tzeentch's will are odd and fickle. One thing that is known is that His attention seems to be drawn to a so-called "sacred number" of 9. Whether through Tzeentch's intervention, sheer luck, or personal inspiration, battles throughout Ahriman's and other notable lords of Tzeentchs' reigns have been unexplainably more favorable when respect was heeded to this sacred number.

Ahriman or Sorceror of Tzeentch
3-9 Thousand Son units(Sorcerors must be given bolt of change)

The Power of 9: Any unit that's numbers add up to a multiple of 9(not including indendent characters chosen outside of the formation) is blessed by Tzeentch, and adds 6" to all their ranges(2 18" rapid fire shots, or 1 30" shot for example). If there are a multiple of 9 sorcerors, add 6" to the range of their Bolt of Change psychic power.

The Spirits of the Fallen: When a Thousand Son(but not a sorceror) falls in battle, do not remove it. At the beginning of the next turn, if there is a sorceror within 6" of the fallen model, roll a d6. On the roll of a 6, the sorceror has magically revived the fallen warrior and may continue to fight on. This is not available if the model was destroyed by instant death, double toughness, or if the sorceror is in base to base contact with an enemy model.

21-10-2007, 05:15
The Emperor's Lance, Space Marine Bike Formation

During conflict it’s not unknown for the bikes squads of several companies or even different chapters to form a formation often known as The Emperor’s Lance. At least one Space Marine Master will accompany the Lance into battle, directing the roaring bike squadrons across a warzone to hit the enemy’s heart hard and fast.

A notable Emperor’s Lance was formed in M37 against a traitor imperial guard armoured company. The column of heavy tanks were well entrenched against the still loyal guard who lacked the heavy weapons to effectively eliminate the armour vehicles. Unknown to both the traitors and loyal forces to the south of conflict a Emperor’s Lance had formed, consisting of six squads of multi-melta equipped attack bikes from the Admantine chapter and another four squads of ravenwing bikes armed with meltaguns.

The Lance struck the rear of the tank company, too rapidly for the vehicles to respond and reposition themselves against the attack. In a brief few minutes three quarters of the traitor vehicles had been decimated by the Astartes attack.

Cost: 170 + models.

3 to 10 squads of any mixture of the following units:

1. Space Marine Bike Squadron
2. Space Marine Attack Bike Squadron
3. Space Marine Scout Bike Squadron

In addition, one Space Marine Master (or equivalent) mounted on a bike must be a part of the formation.

Special Rules

Command Squad: The space marine master must join a squad of bikes during deployment, the squad joined then automatically becomes the formations command squad and master's retinue. Each model in the command squad has the skilled rider and tank hunter USR. The entire formation gains the careful planning strategic asset.

Storm Lance: Once per game all squads within the formation that are at least partially within 12-inches of any member of the command squad are able to make a turbo boost move and then fire in the following shooting phase! Any squads that chose not to turbo boost when the formation performs the Storm Lance miss out on the chance to perform the special rule for the rest of the game.

21-10-2007, 06:08
The Council Machinus

Points: 175 + Models

In all but the newest of space marine chapters, the Dreadnought is a respected and revered member of the chapter. Able to call upon centuries of experiance in war a venerable dreadnought is not only a powerful war machine, but a warrior without peer. In many Chapters the most capable of Dreadnoughts are brought together for major battles to form a bulwark of destruction, as well as to offer their years of experiance to the commanders of the force. With their aid the space marines can predict where the enemy will strike at them and be prepared to repel their assault or strike back with devestating effect.

2+ Dreadnoughts
1+ techmarine per every 5 Dreadnoughts in the formation.
Note: Dreadnoughts may be of the Standard, Furioso or Mortis Patterns, these ancient warriors have earned the right to be equipped as they most feel comfortable.

Special Rules:
Strike Force: The Dreadnoughts must be deployed within 6" of each other, or enter the table within 6" of each other.

Tactical Prediction: In addition to their normal strategems, the player's army gain the Ambush and Obstacles strategems.

Machine Tenders: As long as a member of the formation is within 6" of a techmarine within the formation, they may ignore all shaken and stunned results.

Ancients: One out of every 5 Dreadnoughts in the formation may be upgraded to an Ancient Dreadnought for +40 points. Whenever an opponent is rolling on the vehicle damage table for an Ancient Dreadnought they must roll twice and select the lower result.

21-10-2007, 06:27
Crater and Capture
Points: 300 + models

Grey Knights are renowned for teleporting assault units in where they are needed most, taking on any odds and triumphing. However the enemies of the Emperor are vast; waves upon waves of heretics and xenos will throw themselves at a gunline, often obstructing the preferred assault zone. Fear is not a factor; the Emperor protects His Knights. Yet not even a Knight can survive teleporting into solid matter. Thus, when times are dire and the enemy forces vast, weapon batteries aboard orbiting vessels perform a precision strike to clear the immediate area of obstructions. The Grey Knights then take advantage of the newly created hole to launch an assault via teleportation.

2+ Grey Knight units
0+ Grey Knight Terminator units
0+ Grey Knight Heros

Tactical Reserves: The formation must begin the game in reserves. When available they must teleport in; however, instead of following the standard rules for deep strike use the method described below.
“Clear the LZ!”: When the formation becomes available deploy it in the following manner. At the beginning of your turn, place and resolve an Orbital Bombardment (now, instead of during the shooting phase). After resolving all damage, and without adjusting the template, roll a d6 for each unit. Each unit must deploy in the indicated circle, and no model may be place in impassible terrain. Any models that cannot fit at least partially under the indicated circle are lost. Models may be placed in base contact with enemy models; if this is done the Grey Knight unit counts as having charged any units it is in contact with (and thus may not fire in the shooting phase).
Teleporting Assault Unit: All Grey Knight units in the formation may charge in the turn they arrive.

Light of the Emperor Points: 200 + models
When in small groups the psionic energy and faith of the Grey Knights manifests itself in an ability known as “The Shrouding.” Their faith in our Emperor is unmatched, and those who would look upon them in contempt are blinded by the purity of these ancient warriors. In the rare occasions when large numbers of Grey Knights must come together, their combined prayers become even more effective. The light of their faith is powerful enough to burn the figure of the Knight into the enemy’s eyes and view screens, causing ammo to be wasted and shots to fly stray.

1+ Grey Knight Hero
4+ of the following units:
Grey Knights, Grey Knight Terminators, Grey Knight Hero, Grey Knight Dreadnought, Grey Knight Land Raider (or variant).

All Grey Knight Heroes in the formation must take a retinue.

Condensed Prayers: Each unit in the formation must remain within 12” of another unit in the formation. If at any time the distance between it and the closest unit to it in the formation is more than 12”, then the unit is considered to have broken formation. Units that break formation loose all benefits until they have returned to 12” or less of any unit in the formation.

Enhanced Shrouding: As long as the formation is composed of 4 or more units, then all infantry in the formation benefit from +2 to their cover save (or when not in cover gain a 5+ cover save) and all penetrating hits on vehicles are reduced to glancing.
If the formation drops to 3 or less units then all infantry in the formation benefit from +1 to their cover save (or when not in cover gain a 6+ cover save) and all vehicles in the formation count as obscured.
Each unit in the formation must remain within 12” of another unit in the formation. If at any time the distance between it and the closest unit to it in the formation is more than 12”, then the unit is considered to have broken formation. Units that break formation loose all benefits until returning back to 12” or less of a unit in the formation.

21-10-2007, 06:52

300+ models

before a tyranid swarm attack's a planet in mass, Genestealer patriarch's lead their strongest of the strong to make last minute assassinations
and to Destroy important installations.

1-5 broodlords (one broodlord must be nominated as the patriarch)
0-4 genestealer broods

Special rules
Patriarch: It is truly rare that the hive fleet gives the instructions to create this psychic monstrosity. One broodlord gains access to one psychic power, chosen from the hive tyrant psychic powers selection in Codex: Tyranids, at cost given.

Praetorians: The Psychic influence of the patriarch increases the growth of his bodyguards to unimaginable distances. The broodlords all create one brood and lose their independant character status, they can not be seperated. The usual genestealer retinue can not be used

Tunnels: Genestealers are the masters of living in the sewers,spending their entire lives in preperation for these assaults. The models in the Surgical Strike gain access to the strategic asset: Tunnels, however units may act normally the turn they arrive (including assault). Also if the unit chooses to force its way out of a tunnel that is blocked (models within 1") they automatically assault the blocking unit, however they are each wounded on a 4+ before any combat is resolved

With Haste: The Will of the hive mind causes the genestealers to go into a reckless frenzy to make sure the Hive Fleet arrives safely. All broodlords gain fleet of foot. All the models in Surgical Strike may re-roll their difficult terrain and fleet of foot rolls the first turn they arrive. If a re-roll of either of these rolls are made all the creatures of that brood take a wound (armor saves may be taken)

21-10-2007, 07:49

There are times when careful planning and surgical strikes are simply not good enough for the Warmaster, where blunt force is the most practical solution to his problems. Deep into the realms of Khar-nath, Khorne the Blood God, lies his most beloved and loyal children. World's dedicated to the Skull Throne where warriors fight for the favor of their God. Here is where the Despoiler finds his blunt instrument.

The World Eaters Legion.

Though they have rarely fought as a full legion in many millenia, roused by rampant fury, they can still be forced to fight as a coherent force by simply letting them in full view of an enemy emplacement, provoking them into a frenzy of bloodlust as they run screaming into the enemy and tearing whatever that would foolishly stand in their way. When they are done, it is merely a matter of pointing them towards the next targe before they start getting too bored and start killing each other instead.

250+ Models

5+ units of World Eaters Berserkers
May be lead by Kharn, the Betrayer.

Special Rules

Face the Enemy: This formation must always be fielded on the battlefield, and may not be placed in reserves (if they were, there would probably be a big mess of dead berserkers by the time they were sent in.) If forced to be placed in reserves, this formation is taken out of the game.

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!: Frothing maniacs, this formation gains USR Fleet of Feet. They are also not hindered by terrain, such is their dedication to please their God with the heads and blood of their enemies, that they move through terrain as though it was not there (Impassable is still impassable. Their heads are strong but not THAT strong) However such dedication comes not without risk. They treat moving through terrain as Dangerous Terrain.

WHERE ARE MY FOES?: If any unit within this formation can charge an enemy unit, it must do so. If they are not within charge range of an enemy unit but IS within charge range of a friendly unit, it must therefore charge them instead. However if there is an enemy that they can see, it is far too interested in dealing death to the believers of the Corpse Emperor to be bothered with butchering their own comrades. They can be saved for later. They do not charge friendly units if there is an enemy model within LOS and 12" away from them.

Easy E
21-10-2007, 12:44
Anit-Aircraft Support Battery

"To dominate the battlefield, one must also dominate the air."- Lex Imperialis.

The Imperial Guard are the vast ground fighting force of the Imperial war machine. After the Age of Aposty, the Guard and Navy were reformed to avoid any one man gaining to much power. As a result, the Navy was assigned all air roles, while the Guard were given jurisdiction on the ground. In practice, this can create difficulties, as the Guard often need air support to suppress enemy airborn activity. To remedy this situation, special formations were created to defend the loyal guardsmen from enmey air activity.

100+ Models

Either 3 Hydras, 3 Manticores, or 3 Basilisks

Special Rules
Air Burst- Manticores and Basilisks will be equipped with Air Burst munitions for points per model. An air burst works exactly like an ordinary Ordinance attack from these vehicles, except they only effect models in the air. This effect supersedes the normal Imperial Armor rules for Ordinacne and Flyers. In addition, there is no penalty for targeting flyers, and it is considered an AA mount.

Radar Network- The three vehicles create a radar network to detect incoming aircraft. As a result, the AA formation can re-roll the armor penetration dice as the radar allows the weapons fire to be much more accurate. In addition, attacks on flyers are considered direct fire for purposes of Ordinance. If one vehilce is destroyed, the network is broken.

Trooper Ferris' arms ached. All night he had been working doggedly handing shell after shell to the firing crew. HIs back burned like fire, and his hands were slick with sweat. The heat from the Earthshakers great barrel bathed them all.

The Vox call came in, "Cease firing."

The entire crew fell to the ground exhausted. Ferris balled up his fatigues shirt and wiped the sweat from his brow. His breathing was labored. If the Orks brought another wave, he was sure he would collapse from exhaustion.

Then, he heard it. Even over the ringing in his ears, the buzz of Ork engines carried through the air. The gun's commander wearily stood up and peered over the glacis with his scope.

"Ferris, get us another 20 rounds. Skins in bound." The commander sighed wearily.

A minute later the Vox called everyone to stations. The gun commander peered intently at the radar screen, his operator making small adjustments. The crew hung motionless in the air, ready to snap into action.

"Fire!" The crew leapt into action as if jolted by electricity. Ferris fell into the routine. Grab, place, slide... Boom! Grab, place, slide...Boom.

The Earthshaker roared to life, it's muzzle spouting a gout of flame. Above the fighta-bombers buzzed along as clouds of smoke began to dot the sky around them. One was engulfed by black smoke, and then plummeted from the sky in flames. The crew let out a ragged cheer, without halting the routine.

21-10-2007, 13:17
I will state here and now this contest is unofficial and is not endorsed by WarSeer, as a result I have edited the thread title to reflect this.

The WarSeer Inquisition

[Glory] Wulf
21-10-2007, 13:40
Holy Choir of the Emperor

Cost: 200+models
"Bring upon the witches the holy music of the Emperor."

When in dire need, the Adepta Sororritas can deploy the legendery formation known as the Holy Choir of the Emperor. Disbelievers repent upon hearing the holy music produced by the multiple Exorcists. Witches burn themselves in an instant upon seeing the flames of the multitude of Immolators.

1+ Immolator or Dominion squad mounted in an Immolator
3+ Exorcists
One Immolator must be designated as the leading vehicle.

Special Rules:
Strikeforce. All units in the formation must be deployed within 12" of the leading Immolator. Or, if the formation is held in Strategic Reserve, all units must enter the table within 12" of the point the leading Immolator enters. All Dominions must start the game (or enter the table) embarked.
Faith in Fire. All Immolators within the formation must be outfitted with twin-linked Heavy Flamers.
Very Laud. The effect of multiple Laud Hailers within the formation are cumulative within 12" of the unit that is being tank-shocked.
Blind Faith. Any Exorcist within the formation and with a line of sight to the leading Immolator, may fire at a unit that is not in sight as long as the leading Immolator has a line of sight to the target.
Exorcise the Unholy. All Exorcists within the formation add 1 when rolling a D6 to see how many missiles are launched.

21-10-2007, 14:01
If you see one of them Spooks, kill 'em, and kill 'em quick. Those things draw in everything, they do. I brought one down myself with my other day with my trusty powerfist. Just because they're not one of those big 'uns like the screamer killers, don't let that fool you; There's a malign intelligence at work here, and we need to take out its eyes and ears. One survived our first fusillade of fire once, and within minutes we were surrounded by floaters, dozens of them. Barely made it out.
~ Junior Officer Adams, 42nd Magrathean Light Infantry, explaining his bionic eye to his troops.

Advanced Pheremone Trail

1-3 Lictors
1+ Units of Biovores
(Or any Tyranid Creature with Spore Mine Launcher Weapon. e.g. Dactylis)
0+ Spore Mine Clusters
(any variant, Including Meiotic Spore Sacs)

Points cost: 60pts + Cost Of Models

Advanced Pheromone Trail:

Any Spore Mines that are fired during the shooting phase (by a model in this formation) or any spore mines (in this formation)arriving via deep strike designating an initial point of landing within line of sight of one of the
lictors (in this formation), then they may re-roll the scatter die.

Any Spore Mines being fired at any target within 24" of any lictor by a model in this formation, count as having line of sight (i.e. rolls 1D6" scatter) and range, even if neither is present.

Lictors in combat may not be used to guide in Spore mines, as they're too busy defending themselves!

Lictors failing Instinctive Behaviour may also not be used to Guide in Spore mines. Their Outbreak of common sense prevents them from risking themselves spreading pheromones.

22-10-2007, 02:56
Ordo Hereticus Strike Force POINTS: 100 + MODELS

In times of great need the Ordo Hereticus can call upon the elite members of the Adepta Sororitas to launch pin point assaults. These strike forces composed entirely of Celestians and Seraphim assault critical strong points using drop pods deployed from inquisition cruisers.

1 Canoness with Celestian Retinue or Inquisitor Lord
2+ Celestian Squads
0+ Seraphim Squads


Orbital Assault: This formations represents a precision strike from an inquisition cruiser. As such, all squads in the formation must purchase a drop pod transport using the following rules and points costs [cut and paste from Codex: Space Marines]. Yes, this means Seraphim in this formation can and must be transported in a Drop Pod. Each Seraphim model uses up the space of two models (i.e. only units of 5 may be selected).

Strike Force: The Ordo Hereticus Strike Force is focused on a single critical battle field mission and thus must be deployed to provide mutual support. The unit is deployed using the usual rules for drop pods and strategic reserves. However, if one member of the unit in the formation is deployed on a given turn, then all units must be deployed. On the turn the Strike Force arrives, first fully deploy the Canoness or Inquisitor Lord unit. All other units in the formation must be placed within 12" of the Canoness or Inquisitor before rolling for scatter.

"We're on a mission from God": The critical nature of the Strike Force's mission emboldens their already devoted spirit. All units in the formation benefit from the Hold at All Costs strategic resource.

22-10-2007, 03:13
Dark Eldar Webway Network

Of all the know groups of the mysterious Eldar race, the one known as Dark Eldars is by far the most vicious and sadistic. Using speed as their weapon more than any other army, these tribal raiders appear out of nowhere as they please on planets to raid a city or two and then fade just as quickly. Real sting in the foot of the Imperium and nightmare to anyone who has already faced the dark kin, these lightning strikes are made possible by the pirates’ advanced knowledge of the warp and its ways. Indeed, their mastery of it is only surpassed, and not by far, by their even more mysterious cousins, the eldar Harlequins.
When raiding a city or defended position, it is usual for the Dark eldars to use portative warp portals to save their fragile troops from enemy fire and allow them to rapidly engage in close combat where their martial skills can overcome most foes. Fortunately, the set up of such portals requires precious time during which the operators are vulnerable and often killed by the surrounding enemy forces. Often, but not always. For certain dark eldar groups have mastered the use of those devices and can activate them in barely any time. Synchronizing their strikes, these dangerous raiders can create a complete webway network all over a battlefield in no time, allowing easy access for their brothers to any part of the field.

150 + models

3+ of the following units (not necessarily all the same type):
Warrior mounted on a Raider
Wytches mounted on a Raider
All Raiders must have the Screaming Jet and Scaling Nets upgrades. All units must include a Sybarite or Succubi carrying a Warp Portal.

Spacial Rules
Formation – All units must begin in strategic reserve and will arrive by Deep Strike on the same turn (roll only one dice). However, they do not have to keep a certain distance between themselves and can freely deploy anywhere on the table (as long as it respects normal rules for terrain and unit proximity).

Portal Specialists – The units of this formation have trained all their lives to the use of Warp portal and have gained an unmatched mastery of it. Units if a Raider can disembark as soon as they arrive on the table. Also, all the sybarites and succubies can immediately activate their Warp Portal instead of firing in the shooting phase.

Webway Network – Connecting with all the already opened portals, and the ones to be opened later, the Warp portals of this formation can create an actually network of webway tunnels all over the table. Any Dark Eldar unit may move in contact with an activated portal during its movement phase, and instantly be moved to any other portal. Once redeployed, they will be able to shoot, counting as if they had moved, and even assault enemy units IF they had a line of sight to it from the warp portal the entered to get there. If they did not, they may not do anything but use their fleet rule.

Rogue 7
22-10-2007, 06:55
Tau Point Defense Formation 50 points+models

Normally, the Tau dislike static defense. They place little value on territory, and instead choose to focus on destroying the enemy, taking the fight to them on the best ground available. However, there are times when an absolutely vital position needs to be protected. In this situation, the Tau present a front of overwhelming firepower, destroying the enemy as they approach with pinpoint weapons fire of awesome power. In particular, the sheer might of the Broadside battlesuit is apparent, especially when modified by Earth Caste technicians to support this pinpoint defense (appropriate, as they are the ones usually being defended!) Specially modified and situational weapons are utilized by the fire caste warriors, giving the Tau the ability to deal with just about any threat.

The most famous usage of this tactic was seen during the defense of Ksi'yen, a minor Earth Caste outpost on Nimbosa. The Earth Caste was employing jamming technology to scramble enemy communications, but recent Space Marine attacks in other areas had left the position exposed. A detachment from the Third Company of the Ultramarines, a mechanized force comprised of several rhinos, razorbacks, predators, and the Land RaiderVenator Rex were fast approaching. Reconnaisance from Pathfinder squads revealed that there was no time left to disassemble the valuable equipment and escape. The Shas'ar'tol decided that the area had to be defended, and the Hunter Cadre Might, under the command of the Shas'el Swiftblade, was given the task.

The Shas'el kept his mobile elements in reserve, positioning his Broadside squads with clear line of sight to the Space Marine approach, with Fire Warriors in position to support them. As the attack force came into view, the Broadsides opened fire. Their first salvo, aided by the markerlights provided by the Earth Caste, ripped apart the Land Raider, incinerating most of the squad within. They continued this devastation, the massive railguns destroying the lightly armored Space Marine tanks. The Fire Warriors kept the Marines pinned down with lethally accurate fire and markerlight support as the Broadsides finished destroying all mobile elements of the force.

Then, the Shas'el unleashed his coup de grace. A simultaneous strike from the Crisis suits, specially equipped in Helios-style for the mission, struck, at the same time that the Broadsides unleashed the devastating submuntion rounds provided by the Earth Caste. Fully half of the remaining Space Marines were felled in only the first volley, and subsequent rounds ensured that not one escaped.

2-5 Fire Warrior Units (must be 12-strong)
1-3 Broadside Battlesuit Formations (must be 3-strong)

Special Equipment-
If their target is illuminated by a markerlight, the Broadsides may opt to use the submunition round normally reserved for the Hammerhead railgun. This shot is made at normal ballistic skill and is not twin-linked. Using this shot costs one markerlight per broadside squad. One Broadside per squad, if designated Team Leader or Shas'vre, gains a free networked markerlight and hardwired multitracker.
Two Fire Warriors per squad may exchange their pulse rifles for markerlights for +10 points each or rail rifles for +10 points each. The squad gains photon grenades for free. The squads must all be deployed with line of sight to the objective in the Tau player's deployment zone. Fire Warrior squads may not take Devilfish transports.

Lord Merlin
22-10-2007, 08:12
The Measure of madness
Some inquisitors have fallen so far that they bring dozens of demonhosts in their final, ill-conceived attempts at escape from the forces of the Emperor.
1 inquisitor chosen from the Daemonhunters codex. The inquisitor must have at least one psychic power.
0-4 units of inquisitorial stormtroopers.
5-20 demonhosts.

Juen stepped forward amidst the carnage of the descending space marines, men she had once been a dear friends to. Her stormtroopers surrounded her and spit rays on coherent death toward the guardsmen who had first made orbit. The hosts emerged from the camp and set about the massive shapes of the thunderhawks. The insane energies of the warp ripped apart the blessed hulls of the combat carriers and into the great men within them. The remaining ships pulled out and back into orbit. The Red Brands had wanted to ensure that their friend had truly turned rogue before enforcing the sanction. The combined fire of four battle barges eighteen strike cruisers, and the fortress monastery completely destroyed the atmosphere of the planet. Juen sat in the rear of a thunderhawk with her dear friend Captain Antiginius, Saviour of Cadia. "A fine move I think captain."

22-10-2007, 13:27
Awsome stuff so far guys!

The judges have some hard work ahead of them.

Keep 'em comming.


22-10-2007, 13:52
Two of mine


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keep 'em coming...

22-10-2007, 15:35
Here’s mine, it’s in a word doc attachment, but because of limited space on the template I’m placing an extra piece of a sidebar fluff here as well.

“The incident which lead to the Order of the Ebon Chalice re-naming their Celestian Strikeforce formations “The Sacrifice of Alicia” occurred on the shrine world of Cheadas III. Cheadas III is a simple shrine world only a couple of light-years from the Space Wolves homeworld of Fenris. It is considered of great importance to the Ecclesiarchy since the Emperor himself set foot upon that world during his search for his various sons. Due to it’s somewhat remote location and deep spiritual importance the world permanently hosted a small contingent of Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Ebon Chalice. In 997.M41 the world came under attack by a large force of Orks under the command of the warlord Gritsnick the Grot Crusha. Numbering 1 Battle Krooza, a dozen Krooza’s, and several dozen lighter craft, the force contained more than 30 warbands and their attendant vehicles, although no vehicle larger than a single stompa was seen in the force. The light orbital defences where easily overwhelmed by the Orks and they made their landing almost unopposed. The local Preceptory of Sisters of Battle immediately sent out a call for help, completely aware that the Ork horde outnumbered them more than 20 to 1 in simple foot troops. Although strong of faith and more than willing to sell their lives dearly in defence of the shrine world, they knew they could do littlie more than delay the inevitable.

Although the Distress call quickly reached their home Order, and said Order dispatched the nearest available force. The first force to hear and respond to the distress call was the Space Wolves. Recognising both the threat to the Cheadas III and to Fenris itself, Logan Grimnar himself took 2 of the Fangs three, then garrisoned Great Companies to counter the attack. They set out for Cheadas III aboard the Space Wolves Flagship, the Retribution class battleship, Pride of Fenris. The Pride of Fenris was accompanied by the much modified Exorcist Class Grand Cruiser, the Winter Wolf, (named for the original flagship of the space wolves). several smaller escorts of various types escorted them.

The Space Wolves arrived a mere 20 hours after the distress call was issued, and 30 hours after the Orks where first sighted. Their attack found the Ork fleet totally unprepared having just finished offloading the majority of the Orkish forces. The surprise attack destroyed more than half the Ork fleet, including the Battle Krozza Morks Cuning Un. Logan Grimnar Chose to remain in orbit. Allowing his Wolfguard to lead the battle since the possibility of more fleet action required that he stay in orbit where he could best serve his troops by protecting them with his superior ability as a fleet commander. This was to prove a very fortunate choice in hindsight.

The initial strike by the 2 great companies of the Space wolves was as devastating as it was sudden, arriving via Drop pods, Thunderhawk’s, and Orbital Landers the massive SW’s force struck the Ork’s like a thunderbolt, with more than half the enemy force destroyed in a matter of hours. It was as the SW’s believed victory was assured that the Orks true plan became apparent. A second wave of Ork ships more than twice the size of the first now struck the Space Wolves fleet as it orbited the planet, attacking from behind the planets single moon they caught the Space Wolves completely by surprise. Thus forcing them to withdraw out system to avoid destruction. Nonetheless, several of the smaller escort ships where lost in the action. More importantly the fleet was forced to retreat without being able to evacuate the ground forces. This left these forces totally cut off and vulnerable. Worse still the new fleet landed even larger numbers of Ork forces, and several objects of unknown nature where seen by the surface forces to smash into the ground around them. These where presumably some kind of Ork lander because the total size of the ork forces exceeded 100 warbands and several dozen Stompa’s and Super-Stompa’s where sighted amongst the horde. The Defenders immediately pulled back to the area around the shrine and set up for a protracted defence. However, surrounded on all sides, and shelled from orbit the best the defenders could hope for it seemed was to delay the inevitable.

Meanwhile Logan Grimnar sent out immediate recall order to the nearest 3 Great Companies and pondered how best to break the enemy fleet so that he could at least reduce the pressure on the defenders. The battle raged for more than a week while Grimnar brooded as to his lack of options. Yet after 10 days help at last arrived. A dozen Imperial Cruisers led by the Avengeance, an Avenger Class Grand cruiser arrived carrying with them the 2 Preceptories that formed the inquisitional garrison of the nearby inquisition fortress world, Thebes VI. Led By Canoness Superior Alicia Valentine herself.

With these additional forces under his command Logan Grimnar lead a series of strikes into the heart of the enemy fleet, decimating it for the loss of only 2 cruisers and a couple of escorts. The majority of the Sisters reinforcements deployed via conventional IG drop-transport and “borrowed” inquisitional Thunderhawks.

A small contingent however, consisting of Alicia Valentine, (named for the Order’s founding saint), and the forces 300 Celestian’s received Logan Grimnar’s permission to transfer to the Pride of Fenris and use it’s Drop Pods to execute a “Spirit of Dominica” attack, and, like the saint herself when faced with Vandire’s Treachery, cut the head from the body by destroying Warlord Gritsnick Grot Crusha and his personal forces.

The strike of the Celestian’s into the heart of the enemy forces was as devastating as it was dangerous. Killing Gritsnick and most of his personal forces outright in one fell swoop. Thus sudden loss of leadership quickly threw the carefully planned attack’s of the Orks into disarray. Many simply charged the Space Wolves lines, whilst many other closed on the Celestian’s in an attempt to claim theirs heads for their trophy racks, since whoever could claim the head of Alicia would undoubtedly become the new warboss. The Celestian’s where soon surrounded by a green tide of Ork’s as they attempted to annihilate the Celestian’s. Outnumbered almost a 100 to 1 and realising their could be no hope of escape, Alicia ordered her forces to activate their targeting beacons, allowing the Pride of Fenris to accurately target the Ork hordes with it’s bombardment cannon without fear of hitting the entrenched defenders. The resultant Orbital Bombardment is estimated to have destroyed almost two-thirds of the rampaging Ork horde.

Several acts followed the successful conclusion of the battles on Cheadas II. Most notable although least effectual was the attempt by several high ranking Inquisitors to persecute the Order of the Ebon Chalice for it’s perceived breaking of the terms of the Convocation of Nephilim. I the end however the Inquisitorial representative of the High Lords of terra made a rare interference in the day to day affairs of his orgonisation and ordered that the Sister of the Order of the Ebon Chalice should not be punished or investigated. His stated reasons being, first, the Order whilst breaking the letter of the Convocation of Nephilim, they had not broken with the spirit of it since 2 further Preceptories had been dispatched to cover their duties, and secondly, because the fall of Cheadas II would have been highly disastrous for the Emporium and resulted in the usage of scarce resources to contain, their act was made with the best interests of the Impirium of Man at heart, unlike many Inquisitors actions, a most scathing rebuke.

The second and third discoveries where made by members of the Order of the Sacred coin of the Orders Famulous. The large Orkish object that impacted the planet where found to be Ork Roks Similar to those used at Armageddon a year later, (although the Discovery on Cheadas II was not made till after the Armageddon Invasion). Two of the Rok’s, both carrying Gargants where found to have malfunctioned on re-entry, destroying much of them and killing most of the Orks inside. This was a most fortunate result since the presence of 2 Gargats would undoubtedly have resulted in the complete destruction of the ground forces before the reinforcements had arrived.

Senior Members f the Order Xeno’s have subsequently concluded that the battle was almost certainly both a test of the Ork Rok’s, and an attempt by Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka to keep both the Space Wolves and the Order of the Ebon Chalice out of the third War for Armageddon.

The final discovery was made just hours after the battles conclusion by the Space Wolves. It was Alicia Valentines unmarked body, still encased in it’s blessed power armour and clutching the Sacred Standard of her Order in her mailed hands. Deeply touched and impressed by her bravery, nobility, and sacrifice, Logan Grimnar himself personally carried her body back to Ophelia VII aboard the Pride of Fenris for burial in Ophelia VIII’s Crypt’s. In honour of her the new Canoness Superior decreed that a new Sacred Standard should be made for the Order, and that Alicia should be allowed to remain in possession of the one she still held. It’s eternal guardian.”

All right, just before I go on a couple of notes:

First, the Alicia Valentine is NOT a resident evil reference, it was pure accident. I didn’t notice it myself till afterwards.

Second, yes I know it bears similarity to Mikec’s on the other page, that’s unintentional, I think we both had the same idea around the same time TBH, I’m still posting it because it’s a littlie different. Also, without meaning to sound childish about this, no it is NOT a copy of his, nor is his a copy of mine, check the creation date and last modified dates of my word doc if you want to confirm it. It's simply taken me a while to put it up.

Third, the template was supplied by someone else, cheers to whoever that was, my template lack's pictures as I do not have any Celestian’s to take a picture of, and taking them from the GW site would break the IP policy. If anyone has any suitable pictures I would be eternally grateful.

Fourth, the inspiration, and canonical fluff source for this formation came from the small paragraph on the Sons of Malice in the Rouge Sons article of UK WD 303.

Lastly, if you see any fluff contradictions in my home brew fluff stuff, please inform me and I'll try to edit it.

Cheers guys and Good Luck to everyone else.

22-10-2007, 15:57
Imperial Guard Long Range Reconaissance Patrol

Points: 100+ models

Formation: 2+ Imperial Guard Hardened Veterans Squads

Special Rules:
-All squads in this formation may make a single Strategic Redeployment move in one of their own movement phases during the game if they started on the table in the deployment phase or they may enter the table as Strategic Reserves by Flank March.
-All squads in the formation benefit from the Camouflage Strategic Asset during their first turn on the game table.
-All squads in the formation must be within 6" of each other when they first deploy. This applies whether or not they are deployed at the start of the game or enter play later as Strategic Reserves. They do not have to stay together after that.

Sometimes Imperial Guard commanders call on their most experienced veteran squads to make long range reconaissance patrols deep into enemy territory either to gain valuable intelligence about enemy forces or to make precision strikes against key targets. With their access to large numbers of special weapons and their heightened ballistic and close combat skills, Hardened Veteran squads can penetrate deep into enemy defences and remove high-value targets quickly and efficiently.

22-10-2007, 23:48
One I thought up on the way home. A throwback to the Epic rules in a way.

Eldar Firetempest Air Defense Squadron 75 points + Models

Due to the extreme agility of eldar flyers and the pretenatural skills of their pilots, it is a rare conflict in which the Eldar do not possess complete air superiority over the field of battle. However, situations may arise which deny an Autarch access to this formidable airpower, usually the availability of webway gates of sufficient size to transport the flyers. To prevent his fragile warriors from falling prey to enemy air attacks, in these instances the Eldar Commander will request deployment of the feared FireTempest Squadrons.

Formed primarily of the rare Firestorm pattern grav tank, these formations create a nearly impenetrable curtain of air cover around eldar Warhosts that make them virtually immune to air attack. Unlike the slow and unwieldy AA vehicles of the lesser races, the Firestorms are more than capable of keeping pace with the rest of the Eldar warhost. Providing additional evidence to the graceful coordination of the Eldar at war, when faced with heavy flyers and suborbital landers which are resistant the lighter firepower of the Firestorms, nearby Fire Prism tanks can slave their sophisticated targeting systems to proximal Firestorms, allowing their powerful laser cannons to engage air targets.

Once enemy flyers have been neutralized, the Firestorms turn their extremely high rate of fire weapons against enemy infantry and light vehicles.

3+ of the following units
1+ Firestorm Grav Tank (one firestorm must be marked as the command vehicle
Fire Prism Grav Tank

Special Rules
Firestorm Grav Tank: The Firestorm grav tank is identical in all respects to a Fire Prism Grav tank, but is BS 3 and replaces the Prism Cannon with a Firestorm Laser Battery with the profile given below. Its base cost is 240 points.

Firestorm Laser Battery Range: 54in Strength: 6 AP: 6 Heavy 7, Twin-linked, AA mount

Curtain of Air Cover: As long as the Command tank is not destroyed or immobilized, once per game the controlling player may make use of a Long Range Ack Ack Strategic Asset during an opponents movement phase.

Slaved Targeting Circuits: In the shooting phase, any Squadron Fire Prism Grav Tank within 6in of a Squadron Firestorm Grav tank may choose to slave its sophisticated targeting array to that of the Firestorm. The Prism Cannon is treated as an AA mount for that shooting phase and counts as twin-linked if it targets a flyer. As this requires careful coordination between the Fire Prism and Firestorm gunners, the Fire Prism may not combine its Prism Cannon with that of other Fire Prisms within LOS during that shooting phase.

Strike Force: All vehicles in the Firetempest formation must deploy within 6in of the command tank. If entering play from reserve they must enter play within 6 in of the command tank.

This formation was a throwback to the Epic rules, where the Fire Prism could be used as a anti-aircraft vehicle. Rather than simply giving the prism cannon the AA mount rule, I chose to use a rule similar to the "banked shots" rule the prism already uses as part of the core Codex:Eldar rules. Thus, the Fire Prisms become anti-aircraft vehicles when they combine their targetting arrays with those of proximal Firestorm tanks.

I originally had the rules only work on Prisms close to the command tank, but that only motivated players to include a single Firestorm tank. Thus, the rules were altered to allow the ability with Fire Prisms proximal to any Firestorm. The formation was costed at only an additional 75 points due to the high points costs of Firestorm tanks, and the fact that the formation is only really beneficial against enemy flyers.


23-10-2007, 00:10
Daemonic Host

Greater Daemons often lead lesser daemons into battle. They have their own armys in the twisted warp. If an real powerful daemon enters battle he brings many of his followers with him.

Greater Daemon
1-6 Units of Lesser daemons
+100 Points

Rules: If the Greater Daemon appear all lesser Daemons within the datasheet appear as if they were just summoned. Notice: Lesser daemons from the datasheet may not appear before the greator daemon appeared.

The Dude
23-10-2007, 07:36
You guys really are making it difficult on us Judges ;)

Just a reminder though, make sure none of the stuff you post contains any GW copyrighted material such as rules and points values from existing units.

I know you guys have got more, don't you?

23-10-2007, 08:10
i have written a couple of formations myself and am eager to post them but i fear that they will get lost in the flood of formations added already. of all the formations that i have read i am really impressed with the "Phoenix Host of the Eldar" posted by phazael. i play eldar and i think i want to use this formation with a small change so that the whiners don"t flip when i present it. the change is as follows instead of 100+ models i will make if 150+models.

dont mean to steal your idea phazael i just don't want the b!!@hes to go nuts on me. i will get to posting my ideas soon (i hope).

The Dude
23-10-2007, 08:22
jackveneno, great to hear this is inspiring you, but don't be affraid of your entry being lost. I know I'm keeping track of everything posted, and the judges are already eagerly discussing what we've seen so far. Put your formations up and see what happens. You've gotta be in it to win it ;).

That said, please can we restrict this thread to the posting of entries only. If you want to discuss the entries in depth, please feel free to open another thread :D

23-10-2007, 09:37
Emperor’s Hound Tank Hunter Squadron


1 scout unit from following
*Sentinel Squadron
*Salamander Scout Vehicle
2-5 tanks from following:
*Leman Russ Vanquisher
*Deatoryer Tank Hunter
*Leman Russ Annihilator

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All tanks in the formation must be deployed within 6" of the each other, or if the formation is held in Strategic Reserve, then all tanks must enter the table within 6" of the each other enters.
“Your armor is weak!”: Add +1to result when roll damage chart.
“Enemy tank in range!”: When enemy vehicles within 24" of scout unit, any tank in squadron shot these vehicles with BS4.

23-10-2007, 09:52
Thudd Gunn Battery
Cost 100 Points+Models
1 IG Command Squad
3-9 Thudd Guns

Battery Fire - if 3 Thudd Guns fire at the same target, they utilise the Ordinance Template, if 6+ fire at the same Target, they use the Apocalyptic Blast ~Template, but must miss the next Firing Phase

23-10-2007, 11:01
Great stuff everyone, keep 'em coming!

Bun Bun
23-10-2007, 12:48
This is awesome stuff I can say that am having a had time judging them. Keep it coming. :D

23-10-2007, 13:33
Imperial Guard "Emperor's Judgement" Tank Squadron & Company

Sometimes, the best solution for the Heretic or the traitor is to cleanse them in burning fire. The guard are well equipped for such duties, being able to deploy the Hellhound fire tank. Grouped into such "Emperor's Judgement" squadrons or companies, the Hellhouds are able to combine their fire and cover huge swaths of the battlefield with burning promethium.

Squadron: 50 + models
Company: 75 + models

Squadron: 3 Hellhounds, one of which much be designated as the command tank
Company: 3 Emperor's Judgement Squadrons and a Company Command Hellhound.

Special Rules:
Squadron Command Tank, Strike Force (See Emperor's Fist Tank Squadron)
Hellfire shot: All tanks in the squadron within 6" of each other may forego shooting in a turn to combine their fire to devestating effect. Place the Hellstorm template so that the portion representing the standard flamer template is entirely within range and line of sight of any one tank in the squadron, and the smaller end of the template is closer to that tank than the large end. This attack then hits every model under the Hellstorm template as a standard Hellhound attack at +2 strength.

Company Command Tank, Strike Force (See Emperor's Fist Tank Company)
Indirect Fire: When placing the Hellhound or Hellfire template for the attacks of any tank in the company, you may increase the range to 36" and place the template eve out of line of sight as long as the template is within line of sight of the company command tank.

23-10-2007, 13:42
Tau Mont'ka hunter Cadre

100pts + models

1-2 commander + bodygaurds

2+ crisis teams

3+fire warrior teams in devilfish

2+ kroot carnivore pack

1+ pirahna squadron

2+ broadside teams

0-3 skyray

2 - 5 hammerheads

Special rules:
mont'ka initiative:
The entire battlegroup may perform an entire turn after deployment, but before the start of the game this is to represent the lightning fast manouvres (?) often performed by a mont'ka oriented force.

In the major battles of tau history, commanders often found themselves outmanouvered by eldar warforces, or winged tyranid swarms. as such, the ethereals orderd large forces be set to one template, that allowed the commanders great flexibility in selecting their forces, and gave the tau a highly manouverable force combined with a massive gun line capable of neutralising even the biggest threats. this is the answer.

Brother Loki
23-10-2007, 13:47
Combat Engineers Platoon
Imperial Guard Formation
Cost: 100 points + troops

The Imperial Guard fights wars on many planets, and in many different ways. Often they will be tasked with attacking a defended position, or be required to capture a vital structure. This is where the combat engineers come in.

Combat Engineers are specially trained and equipped to attack enemy defences and fortifications. They can clear a minefield, breach a barricade or collapse a tunnel. In a defensive role they can construct hasty battlefield defences.

1 Platoon command section (may be joined by advisors as normal)
2-5 Infantry Squads
0-2 Sentinel Power Lifters

Special Rules:
Special Equipment: Because of their specialist battlefield role, combat engineers squads may not include heavy weapon teams, however up to one guardsman in each squad may be equipped with a single demolition charge for 15 points. Any squad (including the command squad) may be equipped with meltabombs for 40 points per squad. Any squad may include a las-cutter (see Imperial Armour 4) instead of a special weapon for 5 points.

Engineers: Combat engineer squads may ignore the effects of moving or assaulting into enemy minefields or obstacles on a 4+ (roll once per squad). In the shooting phase, instead of shooting, a combat engineer squad with one or more models in contact with an enemy minefield, obstacle or tunnel marker, may attempt to destroy a 6" section of it (or the tunnel mouth as appropriate). They succeed on a 4+.

Hasty Defences: If a full strength combat engineer platoon is fielded, the controlling player gets one free Battlefield Asset, in addition to their normal allocation of strategic assets.

PFC Hudson
23-10-2007, 14:29
Commissariat Discipline Platoon
Imperial Guard Formation
cost 100 + Models

The commissariat is called upon to maintain discipline and order within the ranks, at times this may require that entire squads be made an example of to demonstrate to others on the battlefield the fate of those who shirk their duty to the emperor.

Discipline platoons are deployed in the rear of Imperial Guard lines to ensure that other combat units remember their duty to the emperor of man. These platoons frequently are drawn from the training cadre' of the Schola Progenium as a means of introducing future commissars to the rigors of the position


1 Independent Commissar

2+ Storm Trooper Squads of 10 Stormtroopers
Each has an attached Commissar adviser

Special Rules
Strike Force: The Discpline Platoon is a formation and all squads must deploy within 12" of the Independent Commissar.

Future Commissars: All Discipline Platoon units use the Leadership of the attached commissar.

Where do you think you're going: Any IG unit which fails any leadership test (break test or pinning) will be fired upon by the nearest Discipline Platoon squad who is within range of the unit in question. After removing casualties, the survivors will automatically re-group, and become Fearless for the remainder of the game. Additionally, all units within line of sight of the disciplinary action will become Fearless for the remainder of the game.

Brother Loki
23-10-2007, 16:22
I hope this isn't limited to one entry per person - I didn't see any indication that it was. I have several more ideas.

Covert Action Group
Tau Empire Formation
Cost: 100 points + models

Often the Greater Good requires military or espionage operations to be carried out in absolute secrecy. There are many reasons for this: the Tau may be unready to declare formal war; there may be a need to maintain the illusion of peace; or it may simply be the most efficient way to achieve a given objective.

A Covert Action Group makes use of Tau stealth field technology to get close to their objective. Once in position, they can unleash a devastating level of firepower, often including air-strikes, before fading away and leaving no evidence of their presence other than smoking enemy bodies and equipment.

1 Commander (Shas'O or Shas'El)
2-6 Stealth Teams
0-6 Sniper Drone Teams
0-3 Remora Drone Fighters

Special Rules:
Commander: The Commander is equipped with an experimental XV22 battlesuit, instead of a standard crisis suit. They have -1T and -1W compared to the commander entry in Codex: Tau Empire, and the suit is equipped with a stealth field generator. It has 3 hard-points for weapons or systems, and if the same weapon is taken more than once, they are considered 2 separate weapons, rather than twin linked. They may have hard-wired systems as normal.

Strike Force: All infantry and jump infantry units in the formation must be deployed so that they have at least one model within 12” of the commander. If brought on from strategic reserve they must enter within 12” of the point where the commander enters. A CAG containing no sniper teams may deep strike, in which case each unit must be placed within 12” of the commander, before rolling to scatter. Remora Drone Fighters do not need to enter within 12” of the commander, but will always be held in strategic reserve. This is an exception to the normal formation deployment rules.

Infiltrate: All infantry and Jump Infantry in the formation benefit from the infiltrate special rule. If they infiltrate, they also benefit from the Camouflage Strategic Asset, though other units in the army do not.

Surprise!: In their first shooting phase, models in the Covert Action Group which have not moved may re-roll misses.

Now You See Us, Now You Don't: Once per game the Covert Action Group (but not other units in the army) get a free Strategic Redeployment move.

10th Company
Space Marine Formation
Cost: 50 points + models

Before an aspirant is elevated to a full battle brother of the Astartes, he must be tested in combat, while the surgical enhancements which will make him superhuman are given time to take effect. According to the Codex Astartes, the 10th company of a chapter is home to new recruits, or neophytes. Because they lack the black carapace, they are unable to fully integrate with Astartes power armour, and are therefore lightly equipped and deployed in a scouting role.

It is rare for more than one or two squads of scouts to be deployed at once, for they are the future of the chapter, and to lose them to enemy action would be unthinkable. In the direst of circumstances however, such as an alien assault on the chapter's homeworld, it may be necessary to field the 10th company in its entirety, under the command of its captain, the Master of Recruits. The company chaplain will also take to the field, to provide an inspiring example to the young marines.

1 Commander with Command Squad
1 Chaplain
6 Scout Squads
3 Scout Bike Squadrons

Special Rules:
Master of Recruits: The army benefits from the Surgical Raids strategic asset. The commander, chaplain and command squad gain the Infiltrate and Move Through Cover special rules at no extra cost.

Prove Your Worth: So eager are the recruits to prove their worthiness to become full Astartes, that the Chaplain's Litanies of Hate and Honour of the Chapter abilities affect all 10th Company units within 12” of him, not just one he is attached to.

Future of the Chapter: If the 10th company is completely destroyed at the end of the game, the enemy counts as holding one extra objective.

23-10-2007, 16:55
Estimated Points Cost: about 350 + sergeant options


Among the Emperor's greatest fighting force, the Adeptus Astartes, there are those that stand above their battle brothers. The Grey Knights and the Deathwatch are dispatched to defeat the daemon and the alien. Yet there exists another secret formation of the Emperor's most potent warriors.

The Mentor Legion, Chapter 888, is led by Chapter Master Nisk Ran'thawl. The Mentor Legion is dedicated to pursuing and perfecting knowledge in the service of the Emperor. Instead of fighting as a single formation, individual squads of Mentors are sent covertly to warzones all over the Imperium. After a successful reconnaissance, a Mentor Legion unit returns to the chapter's hidden fortress-monastery, reporting all findings and uploading battlefield recordings into vast logic stacks. This top-secret information is utilized by the High Lords of Terra to better understand the most dire threats that face humanity.

The veterans of the Mentor Legion are known as the Elite Cadre. Entrusted with the use of forbidden Dark Age Technology from mankind's distant past, it is their task to field-test this dangerous equipment for evaluation by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Squads drawn from the Elite Cadre are called only in the most dire circumstances, to the deliverence of Inquistors and Imperial Commanders alike.

Using such enigmatic apparatus as the Targeting Web, the Shift Field, and the Time Warper, a single Elite Cadre unit can defeat the most dangerous of foes. Highly advanced custom implants, similar to those procured by the Officio Assassinorum, together with extensive psycho-conditioning, enable the Elite Cadre to use their arcane devices without becoming disoriented.


An Elite Cadre squad is composed of ten Veteran Space Marines. All of them wear Mark 8 'Errant' armour, the most advanced issue of power armour to date. The Targeting Web appears as a 'third eye' lens at the top of each helmets' forehead. The Shift Field and the Time Warper are built into the backpack powerplants of two individual veterans. The unit's combi-bolters are linked to the Targeting Web, incorporating auxiliary grenade launchers. One member of the Elite Cadre carries a missle launcher with the option to fire a single Vortex Missle. The Elite Cadre sergeant has access to the full range of veteran wargear.


10 Veteran Space Marines.

EQUIPMENT: Mentor bolt gun (combi-weapon with grenade launcher), (1) missle launcher, Targeting Web, Shift Field, Time Warper, bolt pistol, frag & krak grenades
SPECIAL RULES: Deep Strike, Infiltrate, Fearless

The Elite Cadre Sergeant may be equipped as per a Veteran Sergeant in Codex: Space Marines.

Targeting Web:
This device enables the unit's boltguns to fire at a single point in space. The combined firepower of specially-designed bolter rounds can pierce even the thick armour of a vehicle.
Instead of firing their boltguns as normal, the Elite Cadre can use the Targeting Web. Add +1S and deduct -1AP for each boltgun in the Web, up to a maximum of 10 and 1, respectively. The attack is resolved as a single shot at BS5, requiring line of sight for each contributing boltgun.

Shift Field:
Using the same technology as the hallowed stasis field, the Shift Field temporarily removes the Elite Cadre from the flow of space and time.
Once per game, instead of shooting, the Elite Cadre may activate the Shift Field. This confers an invulnerable 2+ save for one turn only. The model carrying the Shift Field must not have been removed as a casualty prior to use. The Shift Field may not be used in the same turn as the Time Warper.

Time Warper:
The Time Warper is the result of extensive research from mankind's most technologically advanced age. The blows and shots of the enemy appear to move in slow motion as the Elite Cadre fights at supernatural speed.
Once per game the Elite Cadre may activate the Time Warper, and the effects last for the entire turn. The unit may move 12" and Move Through Cover; in addition, the unit's Attacks and Initiative characteristics are doubled. The model carrying the Time Warper must not have been removed as a casualty prior to use. The Time Warper may not be used in the same turn as the Shift Field.

Vortex Missle:
The dreaded Vortex Grenade is made even more dangerous when incorporated into a missle. Such weapons were used extensively by humanity's ancient forebears.
The Vortex Missle is fired from the Elite Cadre's missle launcher. A special homing device allows the Vortex Missle to be fired at a secondary target, independent of the unit's primary target. Roll to hit as normal. If the result is a miss, the Vortex Missle may not be fired for the rest of the game. If a hit is scored, place the Vortex Grenade template at the nominated target.

23-10-2007, 17:01
Cost= 50 + models.

There are many examples in the Imperium's history where the ordinary citizens have been forced to take up arms to defend their homes and loved ones. These militias normally form around a natural leader who gives them focus and coordination.

1 Imperial Guard Command Squad
2-5 Conscript Platoons - To represent their ramshakle equipment conscripts may swap their lasgun for: a shotgun, a laspistol or a pair of cc weapons. Conscript plattons may contain a mix of these weapons.

All of the conscript squads must deploy within 12" of the command squad, or enter play within 12" of the command squad if the formation is held in reserve.

The conscripts may use the leadership of the formation commander in the same way that a Imperial Guardsman may use the leadership of an officer. The command squad has no influence over normal Guard units and the conscript militia cannot use the leadership of any nearby Guard officers.

The formation has the Hold At All Costs strategum to represent their desperate defence of their homes.

23-10-2007, 17:23

Cost: 100 + Models

1-3 Hive Tyrants with Winged upgrade
3+ Gargoyle Broods (all of at least 16 in size)
0-6 Warrior Broods with Winged upgrade
0+ Ripper Swarms with Winged Upgrade
0-2 Harridans

It is well known amongst the regiments of the Imperial Guard that the Tyranids Hive Fleets are a powerful, numerous, unfeeling and relentless force. That they feel nothing and live only to devour, if that can even be called living.

Amongst the mythical horrors of the space bugs are those that are said to have huge wings, that fill the sky with their shadows, blocking out the sun and leaving only death in their wake. They say that there are worse ways to face these beasts, and that they would much rather face these then the burrowing monstrosities that lurk under the ground.

What they do not realise is how swift and deadly these swarms can be. They come on the winds, stinking of death and rot, rending and slashing all that is in their way. Give the poor souls of the guard a tunnelling monstrosity any day, these are the true horrors of the Hive Mind.

Special Rules
The Shadow in the Sky is held in reserve at the beginning of the game. All models then come on in the second turn using the Deep Strike rules. They can however act normally once they come on bar movement.

All shooting by them in the turn they come on causes pinning and they also gain the Hit and Run rule for combat purposes in that turn as well.

23-10-2007, 17:59
The Rolling Bulk
Squiggoths are the largest of the Squig breeds. Since a long time forgotten, Orks have used these massive creatures as beast of burden and weapons of war. Their hulking quadrupedal forms are more than capable of carrying both troops and fire support to the battlefield. Once confined to usage by their less civilized, by Ork standards anyways, cousins, Squiggoths are being more frequently used by numerous Ork armies for their ability to stay with the Ork in the thick of things. Perhaps its their love of stomping the small squishy things or perhaps its the noxious smell that emits from the foul beasts, but more and more, Ork Warboss's are finding ways to bring Pigdok's and their Squiggoths into their warbands.

75 points + model cost

2+ Squiggoths of any size (use entry in Feral Orks list or new Gargantuan entry)
1+ Pigdok, chosen from Feral Orks list

Ill Tempered: Whilst quite ignorant of the smaller creatures around it, Squiggoth's are very aware of other Squiggoths, and other large things they easily confuse as Squiggoths, near them. Territorial by nature, they will attempt to confront others of their kind if not dissuaded to do otherwise.

At the beginning of each of the controlling player's movement phases, each Squiggoth must pass a Ld test or use its movement to move directly towards the nearest Squiggoth, vehicle of tank size or larger, or titan. If targets are of equal distance, the the controlling player chooses target. There is a cumulative +1 bonus to the Leadership test for each Pigdok still in play. Note that the Squiggoth is unaffected by mob size or any other bonuses.

Uncontrollable Flatulence: In normal situations, Squiggoth's are foul smelling beasts naturally, but when in group environments, they can become quite unbearable. Between their natural order, common flatulence, bad breath, and increased pheromone releases, groups of Squiggoths can be overwhelming to the senses.

At the end of controlling player's Shooting Phase, roll a Artillery Dice. This is the distance that the stench of the beast extends from its hulking form, misfires mean the beast systems are all well and no green cloud emits form the beast this turn. Any non Ork unit, non vehicle unit, or non-Squiggoth must pass a Leadership test or become Pinned as per the main rulebook as they choke and gag on the noxious air surrounding the big squig. Ork have become accustom to the smell after all. Note that only one pinning test is taken reguardless of how many Sqiuggoths are in range.

Shield of Freedom
23-10-2007, 19:14
Imperial Breakthrough Platoon 100pts + cost of units

"Static defenses are monuments to a species folly of command"
-Colonel Talthilion, Emperor's 217th Mechanized Company, Cadia 2nd Mechanized Regiment

Throughout the Imperium's history, and indeed before the Dark Age of Technology, commanders have used mechanized infantry formations to exploit a breakthrough in an enemy's front line. These "holes" are created by the spearheading armored formations of tanks, and are often the only reason an Emporer's Fist Tank company is even used. Once a breakthrough is established by the tanks, Breakthrough platoons then move up and exploit it with infantry carried in Chimeras. This allows the attacker to split the defenders, isolate them in order to destroy them, and to move past the front line in order to cause havoc on rear echelons in the enemy force. This is often seen as a good alternative to grinding down the enemy with waves of infantry should this luxury be available. Imperial Commanders draw these units from mechanized regiments, or if one is unavailable, a Company's command Chimeras may be requisitioned for this action. Often a Hellhound or Demolisher is present to lend some firepower to the breakthrough. These support vehicles, if taken, usually lead the assualt for the more lightly armored Chimeras.

1 Junior Officer Command Squad
3-5 Imperial Guard Infantry Squads
0-1 Imperial Guard Veteran Squads
0-1 Hellhound Tank
0-1 Demolisher Tank

All squads must be mounted in a Chimera Transport
The Junior Officer Command Squad's Chimera must be designated as the command tank.

Special Rules:
Brothers in Arms:Any Chimera in the formation may transport any squad in the formation so long as the transport capacity is not exceeded. This does mean that a Chimera can carry more than one squad if enough casualties are taken. Their brothers in arms will not leave a man behind. This rule only applies to the squads and transports in the Breakthrough Platoon formation.
Strike Force:All vehicles in the formation must be deployed within 18" of the command tank, or if arriving by reserve, all units must enter the table within 18" of the point that the command tank entered. In addition all infantry must be initialy deployed within thier transports.
Exploit the Breach:All of the vehicles in the Breakthrough Platoon get a single free Strategic Redeployment strategic asset.

23-10-2007, 22:17
Angelwing Assault Formation
Points = 100 + models

The Dark Angels are one of the most feared forces in the Imperium, partly for their mysterious and ominous nature, but mostly for the brutal precision with which they search and destroy their targets. Central to these elegantly destructive operations is the teamwork displayed between the Ravenwing and Deathwing companies, both fearsome forces in their own right, but unequalled when combined...

0-1 Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain (must be equipped with a Space Marine bike or with Terminator armour)
1-2 Ravenwing Attack Squadrons
2-4 Deathwing Terminator Squads

Special Rules

Synchronised Strike
All Deathwing units in the formation are held in Deep Strike and teleport into battle simultaneously.

The Dark Angel player may choose any turn to teleport the Deathwing into battle, as long as all Deathwing squads in the formation use the teleport homers on the Ravenwing squads in the formation. This option replaces the usual Deathwing Assault.

Alternatively, the Dark Angels player may roll to see when the Deathwing units arrive using the usual Deep Strike table, except that they may arrive one turn earlier than normal (ie, on a 4+ they arrive on the first turn, on a 3+ the second turn, and on a 2+ for the third turn onward) with no restrictions on where they arrive.

Surgical Precision

The Deathwing squadrons in the formation count as being in range of a Teleport Homer for all purposes, including the Synchronised Strike rule above, as long as either:
- The initial model is placed within 6" of a Ravenwing model bearing a Teleport Homer as normal; or
- The intial model is no further away from two given Ravenwing models in the formation as those models are from each other, and is within 18" of both of those models. For example, if the two models were 14" apart, the Terminator would count as being in Teleport Homer range as long as he was within 14" of both models. If they were 24" apart, he would count as in range if he was within 18" of both.

23-10-2007, 22:18
Cavalcade of Nurgle

Formation Cost: 50pts + Models

The nightmarish Cavalcades of Nurgle are manifestations of the joy with which Grandfather Nurgle generously shares his plagues. Originating amidst pestilent celebrations on Daemon Worlds deep within the Eye of Terror, the Cavalcades appear in mortal realms as absurd and ominous spectacles, bringing with them the promise of untold disease and misery.


1 Master of Ceremonies

1 Squadron of 3-7 Plague Carts

3+ Units of The Afflicted

3+ Units of Plague Bearers (Lesser Daemons)

0-3 Great Unclean Ones (Greater Daemons)

The Master of Ceremonies:

The Cavalcade of Nurgle is lead by an honored Master of Ceremonies. This may be either a Chaos Lord or a Chaos Sorcerer. The Master of Ceremonies must be given the Mark of Nurgle, and must ride a Palanquin of Nurgle. (Note that the figure may be mounted on a Beast of Nurgle or other suitable creature, but “counts as” riding a Palanquin.)

Plague Carts:

Appearing as dilapidated carnival wagons, Plague Carts are drawn by cadaverous horses with distended abdomens and flesh rotting from their bones. A patchwork of colorful, tattered cloth hides the carts’ contents, though occasional laughter, heaving coughing fits, and other bodily noises may be heard emanating from within. While they appear rickety and ready to collapse, Plague Carts are bound by powerful daemonic energies and are extremely resilient to physical attacks.

Squadron Size: 3-7 Cost: 50pts each
Armor 12/12/12
Wheeled Vehicle, Lumbering
Daemonic Possession, Daemonic Icon, Plague Censers

Plague Censers: Rusted iron censers, braziers, or hollowed-out skulls hung from the Carts emit rolling clouds of thick, yellowish smoke. Contact with these sickeningly sweet fumes causes flesh to erupt with boils and pustules, and wounds to split open and fester.

At the end of the opposing players’ movement phase, any unit he or she controls with at least 1 model within 6” of a Plague Cart suffers d6 automatic Strength 3 hits. Normal saving throws are allowed. Note that units are only subjected to this effect once each turn, no matter how many Carts they are in proximity to.

Additionally, Plague Carts always count as though they have used Smoke Grenades, even on the first turn of play.

The Afflicted:

These mortals endlessly follow the Plague Carts of Nurgle as they traverse Daemon Worlds and the lands of men. Their bodies have been preserved and hardened by the Lord of Corruption, but at the cost of their sanity and their souls.

Unit Size: 7-21 Cost: 8pts
WS: 3 BS: 0 S: 3 T: 4 W: 1 I: 3 A: 1(+1) Ld: 10 Sv: -
Equipment: Two Close Combat Weapons
Fearless, Wailing of the Damned

Wailing of the Damned: The Afflicted constantly scream prayers to their patron god, chant, and howl in agony. Some play macabre (and horribly out-of-tune) instruments fashioned from bone and soft tissues. Though daemons rather enjoy this cacophony of sorrow, it can be quite unsettling to the living. Enemy units within 12” of one or more Afflicted units have their Leadership reduced by -1.

Formation Special Rules:

Deployment: All non-summoned members of the Cavalcade of Nurgle must be deployed within 12” of the Master of Ceremonies.

We Shall Endure: The Master of Ceremonies acts as a focus for the unfathomable persistence of Grandfather Nurgle. Any Plague Cart within 12” of the Master of Ceremonies ignores any Immobilized results it suffers.

Everyone Loves a Parade: Drawn from the Warp by the wailing, chanting, and pageantry of the Cavalcade, any Daemons in the Cavalcade of Nurgle Formation may be summoned from Strategic Reserve on the first turn of play. They must be summoned to either the Plague Carts (which count as Daemonic Icons) or a Personal Icon held by the Master of Ceremonies. Otherwise they are summoned normally as per the rules in Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

23-10-2007, 22:24
Epsilon-Sigma-Omega Adeptus Mechanicus Expeditor Cohort

The robed adepts of the Machine God are seen across countless battlefields in support of the Emperors armies. In battle they can be seen ministering to the failing machine spirtis and instilling them with the power of the Machine God.

Formation 50 points plus cost of units

2+ Adeptus Mechanicus Enginseers
each Enginseer will be accompanied by four technical servitors.

2+ Skitarii Bodyguard Squads
Skitarii are Imperial Guard Infantry Sqauds upgraded with the doctrines Carapace Armour, Cyber Enhancement and Sharpshooters.

1 Atlas Recovery Tank

Special Rules

Skitarii Bodyguard
The Skitarii squad's express purpose is to protect the Enginseer at all times. One Skitarii squad must be assigned per Enginseer and must stay within 12" of the Enginseer at all times. If the Enginseer is engaged in hand-to-hand combat the Skitarri must move in to the assault as soon as possible (even if the Enginseer is killed before they get there).

Note: If the Enginseer is mounted in a Chimera then so must the Skitarii Squad and the Chimeras will act as a vehicle squadron whilst transporting.

Spirit of the Machine God
If the Atlas Recovery Tank is still mobile at the end of the game, all remaining tanks that are within 12" of the tank still count as a scoring unit if immobilised.

23-10-2007, 23:55
Armored Fist Company: 100 pts + units

One IG command platoon with Chimera(s) (must be designated as the command tank)
2+ IG platoons mounted in Chimeras


Strikeforce: 24" (See Apocalypse).

Available Strategic Assets:

Flank March
Blind Barrage

After breaking through the enemy line in another engagement area, the Armored Fist Company slams into the enemy flank and rear areas to devastating effect. To make this safer they usually have a small battery to provide a smoke screen to help guard the company.

Imperial Defence Company 50pts + units
1 IG Command Squad
2+ Heavy Weapons Platoons

Strikeforce: 12"
Clear the fire lanes: After deployment, but before the game begins, any terrain pieces within 18" may be demolished or dissolved to turn covering terrain into difficult terrain.

In defending an objective, heavy weapons companies employ demolitions and defoliating agents to clear fire lanes and to make a kill zone more effective.

24-10-2007, 02:45
Chapter Council

Often a chapter master will consult with his trusted advisor's before committing himself to battle. The Librarians will consult the Imperial Tarot, the Chaplin's will lead him and his warriors in prayer, Techmarines will aid him in the preparation of his wargear and in some circumstances the wisdom of the ancient dreadnoughts will be asked for.


chapter master and a command squad and:
3+ of the following units chosen from the same codex
0-1 Librarian (must be a epistolary if available)
0-1 Chaplin (must be a master of sanctity if available)
0-1 Techmarine (must have a servo harness if available)
0-1 Venerable dreadnought
(for the Black Templars or there successors replace the Librarian with the Emperors champion)

For the emperor!
The presence of the chapter council will drive the marines on to greater feats of heroism and courage. The chapter master gains the supreme headquarters strategic asset with the exception that the ability is measured from the chapter master model (this ability only applies to marines from the same chapter).

The Imperial Tarot.
The librarian consults the Imperial Tarot before the battle gaining a measure of understanding of what the future holds. After both sides deployment but before the first turn the squad the librarian joins my be redeployed up to 24" (still remaining in the deployment zone).

Have faith in the Emperor!
The Chaplin leads the marines in prayers before the battle begins. 1 squad (in addition to the squad the Chaplin joins) gains the fearless rule.

Will of the machine god.
The techmarine lends his vast knowledge of technology to aid his battle brothers in the coming conflict. 1 squad gains the Tank hunters USR or gains the Feel no pain USR.

Wisdom of the ancients.
The venerable dreadnought passes on some of his wisdom to a single unit before the battle begins. 1 squad gains the preferred enemy rule.

Spirit of Sigismund.
The Emperors champion leads his squad in a day of fasting and prayer before the battle begins. The squad that is joined by the Emperors champion become fearless and gains the furious charge special rule. They must move towards the nearest visible enemy unit and charge if possible.

NOTE: If there are named characters that have the titles of master of sanctity or chief librarian for the chapter you are using they must be used. for example if i were using ultramarines and decided to use a librarian i would have to use Tigurius.
The units in this formation each act independently and are free to join any unit from the same army with the exception of the chapter master and his command squad.
Also note that this formation can be combined with the masters of the chapter formation in which case you only pay the points for the chapter master and command squad once.

24-10-2007, 05:53
Necron Raider Force

Points 50 + models

Though Necron forces are noted for their lightning raids, Necron Lords sometimes see the need for even greater speed. Consisting of multiple groups of Destroyers, and often led by a Destroyer Lord, these raider forces use their impressive firepower to destroy key targets in a defensive line.

This formation consists of:
0-1 Destroyer Lord
2+ units of Destroyers
1+ unit of Heavy Destroyers

Strike Force: All units must be deployed within 12" of each other.

Available Strategic Assets:
-If deployed normally; Strategic Redeployment
-If held in Strategic Reserve: Flank March

24-10-2007, 06:02
A Practical Alliance
100 points + Models.

In times of great peril, those Eldar on the Path of Damnation often come into contact with the followers of the Laughing God- the Harlequins. Sometimes, through the persuasion of a Harlequin Ring Master, Rangers and Harlequins will set up brief alliances in order to benefit both parties. The Harlequins will protect the rangers as they secure their positions and the Rangers will disrupt enemy movement, allowing the Harlequins to close unharmed on the enemy. This is only accomplished by the gifts bestowed unto the Rangers in the form of psychotropic ammunition. This boon allows the Rangers to spray their targets with a series of mind altering drugs, giving them the final sensation their former comrades had felt. In the case of a Ranger target, it is the feeling of death crawling through their spine as their mind is filled with a greater sense of dying.

In one incident on the Crone Planet of Piraxis IV, a contingent of Pathfinders searching for an ancient Eldar artifact was temporarily surprised when they found a host of Tzeentch worshipping cultists. Knowing that their stealth would be insufficient by itself, The Pathfinders were unable to break through their defenses. As if by a stroke of fate, and glimmering figure appeared suddenly behind Alastariel, the leader of the Pathfinders.

"You seek a sacred site, held once holy by your ancient ancestors. We too are weary of that which sees and strikes that which can't be seen," almost quixotically, the blur of a figure spoke. Alastariel was accustomed to the banter of Harlequins, having met many in the webway during her travels. The two spoke for several hushed moments, and the deal was struck. The Pathfinders would cover the Harlequin Troupe's advance in exchange for a potent new ammunition for their long rifles.

Soon, the cultists were shrieking as they imagined their own death- something their patron God had never prepared them for- and after but a moment after the initial volley, the Harlequins swept forward, tearing through and mutilating the unsuspecting cultists. In repeated sweeps, the Rangers and Harlequins reached the inner chamber of the underground citadel, where a rogue Chaos Marine Sorcerer violated the item of the Rangers desire. A holy glaive and shard of Khaine, the Wailing Doom was rent with chaos runes, tainting the once worshiped artifact. In a final assault, the Ring Master unleashed a glistening volley from his Shrieker cannon before leaping forward, plunging his Harlequin's kiss into the heart of the Sorcerer.

"Do as you must, Alastariel. While we could not return it to its former glory, we may have prevented a much greater calamity." The Ring Master's voice lacked the excited tone it once had, seemingly sad the the show had come to an end. The Harlequins vanished, leaving the pathfinders alone in the tainted citadel. Upon destroying the tainted Wailing Doom, they took stock of their numbers, realizing that not an ounce of Eldar blood had been spilled.


1 Harlequin Ring Master
2+ Ranger Squadrons*
2+ Harlequin Squadrons**

*Ranger squadrons must be upgraded to Pathfinders
** Harlequin squadrons must include a Shadow Seer

Harlequin Ring Master - 90 points
6 6 3 3 3 6 3 10 -

Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Shrieker Cannon, Harlequin's Kiss, Flip Belt, & Holo-suit.
Special Rules: Dance of Death, Fleet of Foot, Independent Character (may not join any other squadron).


Strike force: All units in the Practical Alliance must be deployed within 12" of the Ring Master.

Sudden Advance: Rangers are known to scout ahead of the rest of the army preparing for incoming enemy scouts. Harlequins in the Practical Alliance are known to follow directly behind the Rangers in order to secure their positions. If the Ranger squadrons infiltrate, then the Ring Master and Harlequin squads may also infiltrate as long as all units in the formation begin the game within 12" of the Ringmaster.

Psych-out Ammunition: Harlequins and Rangers have a loose alliance, and in times of dire need, Shadowseers supply their Ranger allies with Special Mind altering ammunition for their long rifles. As long as a Ranger squadron is within 12" of a Harlequin squadron with a Shadowseer, all pinning tests caused by Rangers are taken at -1 leadership per casualty inflicted.

24-10-2007, 11:09
I wanted to create an old school Tzeentch datasheet (see pdf)
At its cheapest it comes in at around 1478.
And that’s at the weakest shroud, the lord of change killing one of his finest warriors when he arrives, with the least keys(easy to snipe off) and with no allied force such as basic CSM or guard to benefit from camouflage (since thousand sons have a better invulnerable anyway).

Just quickly scribbling around I think it would start working properly with 6 sorcerers and 5 rubric squads (2500+ for this sheet) + a load of tanks and basic CSM or guard and hopefully some silver towers to complement it.

(Any points for presentation give them to foehammer because I used his blank template:angel:)
Aside from the competition do feel free folks to PM with feedback, points adjustments general comments and critisisms, as I intend to use it ingame at some stage:D.

EDIT whoops old wording proper version up in a tick.. there we go.phew:o

24-10-2007, 12:51
Imperial guard Anti-aircraft defence company

When the Imperial Guard is faced with an army which prefers to send wave after wave of aircraft in attack, rather than slog it out on the ground, the odd flak tank is often not enough. When there are also too few Lightening or Thunderbolts to form an intercept squadron; an anti-aircraft defence company is used. This consists of a battery of Hydra and manticore backed by a single Lightening.

Formation: 0-4 Hydra 0-2 Manticore 0-1 Lightening

Special Rules: Wall of Flak - To represent the huge amount of fire being thrown up by several Hydra working in unison each Hydra gets +1 shots per turn.
Long Range Ack-Ack Support Asset

"Dragging his eyes from the complex workings of the Heavy Bolter, Max started with a mixture of horror and awe at the fast approaching line of aircraft. Almost 20 Chaos fighters weaved between the 5 bombers, their engines releasing the harsh rumble which was now becoming a roar as they neared. Max's observations were halted by shouts to prepare action to hold off the bombing raid. He leapt into position, aiming the Hydra's guns skywards. His crew in place, tense they waited for the signal to release hell on the heavens and catch the chaos plane unaware. Now distinguishable, there were shifting heathen shapes on the plane's undresides as they reached our lines. The signal was given to hit them as they began the bombing run. Straight paths of tracers were thrown upwards. Shells shreaded fighters wing from wing and left deep scars in the bombers. One bomber, its load hit, twisted away from the formation before exploding in a grand fog of smoke, as evil spirits fled from it they rent the air with shrieks.
A lone surviving bomber limped past the hail of shells, bleeding smoke from every orofice. The scream of the Lightening's twin engines were the last sound the Chaos pilot heard as he was pounced upon."

24-10-2007, 16:57
Armagedeon Commissar Cadre
"Yarrick's Chosen of Hades"

After the destruction of Hades Hive by a Roc dropped by the notorious Warlord Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka's mad scientist Orkimedes, Commissar Yarrick returned from retirement to ounce again do battle with his sworn enemy. Upon returning to what remained of Hades Hive, a handful of survivors followed Yarrick's Command in hopes of seeking out the vengeance they sought for the destruction of their Hive with the Champion that had saved their Hive during Ghazghkull's first invasion. These survivors emulated Yarrick and the discipline of the Commissar. The history of their exploits is well documented through the Armageddon Chronicles of the War. Those who survived the main campaign and pushed back the Ork invasion, swore to follow Yarrick in his quest to rid the galaxy of Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka once and for all. Yarrick formed these survivors into Commissar Cadres to train and provide leadership to the forces he would lead on his campaigns yet to come.

Commissar Yarrick (may be mounted on The Fortress of Arrogance)
2+ Commissar Cadre


All units in the battle formation must be deployed within 12" of Yarrick (or The Fotress of Arrogance if used), or if entering from reserve they must move on to the table within 12" of the point at which Yarrick enters play.

COMMISSAR CADRE:_____________________________POINTS COST: 20 Points Per Model
_________WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Commissar _3_3_3_3_1_3_1_10_ -

Unit Size: 5-10 Commissars

Weapons: Las Pistol, Close Combat Weapon
One Commissar per Cadre may replace their Close Combat Weapon with a Power Weapon or a Power Fist for an additional 20 points


TACTICAL ASSET: HOLD AT ALL COST (as per Apocalypse rules)

PREFERED ENEMY: Any non-vehicle units under the command of the player that chose this formation count as having the Prefered Enemy rule vs. Orks only (as per the 40K Main Rule Book)

FOLLOW ME MEN: Any non-vehicle unit from the Imperial Guard Codex may use one of the Commissar Cadre's Leadership scores in place of the normal Command Influence Rules found in Codex: Imperial Guard. The range of effect of this bonus is 18" instead of the normal range of effect.

24-10-2007, 23:08
This is my only serious attempt to create a formation for Apocalypse. It was inspired by John Carpenter's 'The Fog'. (The original, not the lame remake. Some movies cannot be topped, and John Carpenter is the master of doing it right the first time.)



When the Plague Marines gather in great numbers, the very life-force of the planet begins to slough off into the warp as if recoiling from their foetid touch. It is not just because of the customary cloud of flies and rancid stench of death, rather it is because of the miasma of green mist that swirls around them wherever they go. This mist seems to be alive, stretching out its greasy tendrils in whatever direction the Plague Wind Walkers are bound to travel as if seeking out new victims, heedless of the warning it might be giving to the enemy. Those who have been enveloped by this mist and survived, between boughts of screaming and mindless gibbering have reported the sound of deep, bubbling laughter and a sense of some entity luxuriating in the corruption brought by this gathering of the followers of Nurlge. It is theorized by the Ordo Malleus that the green mist is alive, some sort of diffuse servant of Nurgle that it sends to augment the already horrific aspect of the Plague Marines.

Three of these formations made their way around Hives Nenius, Garratos and Orratos on Wrenthia IX in the thirty-eighth millenium, forming a massive representation of the symbol of Nurgle that was visible from orbit before moving in and reducing these massive cities to crumbling piles of sludge-weeping plascrete.


1 Chaos Lord with the mark of Nurgle. He may wear terminator armour.
1+ Chaos sorcerers with the mark of Nurgle. One of them may wear terminator armour.
1-3 units of Death Walkers. These are Terminators with the mark of nurgle and the Feel No Pain ability. Also, their close combat attacks are poisoned.
2+ units of Plague Marines per unit of Death Walkers.


Horrific gathering: All units and models of the Plague Wind Walkers are deployed normally and may not be held back as reserves. The units and characters must remain within 6" of another member of the formation at all times.
The plague wind: The formation has the strategic assets anti-plant barrage, blind barrage and shield generator. The anti-plant barrage and blind barrage are different in that they affect an area that extends 12" from all models in the formation. Because of this, plant-based terrain is only affected if any model in the formation moves within 12" of it.
Harbingers of doom: The miasma of green mist that surrounds the Plague Wind Walkers stretches out tendrils of itself in the direction that they are going to move, so at the end of their turn the controlling player must declare the direction of their movement. All enemy models that would be within 6" of the end point of their movement must pass a LD test or fall back.

25-10-2007, 03:18
Harlequin Execution Team

Very little is know about the eldar group called Harlequin. Indeed, the exotic dancer of death are a mystery even to their own cousins. They travel from craftworld to the other, or even to the dark city of commoragh, as they please; their arrival always followed by war.
What is know however to the Imperium of man, is that these strange aliens seem to have a particular vandetta against the forces of the ruinous powers. This belief comes from the number of imperial battle records mentioning Harlequins units appearing out of nowhere when facing chaos forces. The eldars would swiftly travel across the entire battlefield in a complicated pattern, executing several chaos champions before disapearing just as mysteriously.
Whatever their reasons, their presence on a battlefield is always a relief for all but the most puritain men of the imperial forces.

75 + models

1 Greater Harlequin
2 Harlequin troupes

Greater Harlequin
Even rarer than harlequin troupes are the greater harlequins. These ancient eldars have lived and fought with the harlequins for centuries. Their complete mastery of the dances of death makes them extremely dangerous opponents in close combat, even to the Archons of the dark kin, and naturally inspiring leaders within the closed society of the harlequins. They can feel the webway all around them in the physical world and have gained with the ages the ability to move through it at will.
Greater Harlequin
WS BS Str Th W I A Ld Svg+ Points
7 5 3 3 3 8 4 10 - 100
Unit type: infantry
Wargear: Power sword, shuriken pistol, flip belt and Domino type holo-suit (4+ inv save).
Special rules: Independent Character, fearless, Dance of death, fleet of foot.

Special rules
Formation – Both troupes must always have at least one model within six inches of the greater harlequin.

Kill team – Before deployment, the opponent of the controlling player must identify all of his IC and vehicles. The controlling player than secretly writes down a list of target for his execution team, with an order of priority. On the battlefield, the harlequins must always move toward their highest priority target on the table and charge it if possible.

Hit and Warp – The Execution team does not move normally. At the start of each of the controlling player’s turn, the Greater Harlequin can redeploy using the deep strike rule. However, this movement can only be used to move within 12 inches (before scatter) of their highest priority target on the table. Once the Greater Harlequin is moved, simply place both troupes within 6 inches of him. The three following conditions must be met for this ability to be used:
1-The Greater harlequin is still alive.
2-No model of the formation is engaged is close combat.
3-All models of the formation are within 6 inches of the Greater Harlequin.

The Great Enemy – This formation may only be used when fighting against a chaos army.

Renaissance Marine
25-10-2007, 19:35
I totally admit I was inspired by some guy on another forum for this idea. I just thought it could use a complete re-vamp.

Be a Hero, or Die Trying… (Precision Drop Pod Assault) (250 pts + models)

Unit: 3 Terminator Assault Squads in deployed in Drop Pods.

Often times in the most dire of circumstances, marines will take huge risks to turn the tide of war. Sometimes those risks are greater than others…

This Force is a precision drop pods assault designed to land hard and fast right in the middle of enemy units. It is a high risk move, but for those who survive, it places them in the center of the battle and ready to strike at the heart of the enemy.

This formation allows a precision drop pod landings that enables the terminator assault marines to assault the enemy unit in the assault phase of the same turn. This also confers Furious Charge ability to the unit for that turn only.

How it works...

A player with this formation can choose to target an enemy (non-vehicle) infantry unit to drop into. Using the center most model as the target, the player declares that there is a precision drop being performed and rolls the scatter dice and 1D6 to determine the actual location of the first drop pod landing.

The opposing player can then choose to get out of the way and move any unit affected so that no model from that unit is closer than 5 inches from the landing spot…


The opposing player can choose to not move and attempt to destroy the drop pod as it lands on top of them. The opposing player will declare that they will hold their ground if they can successfully pass a leadership test.

If the opposing player does pass the leadership test to hold ground, a roll of 5+ will destroy the drop pod and all its passengers. However, the drop pod now become a large hunk of metal meteoroid hurdling towards the enemy unit and now becomes an S 6, AP 4 with a 7”blast. If the enemy unit is not successful in destroying the drop pod, each unit must pass a saving throw. The survivors must then make a minimum move back to a point where they a no closer then 5 inches from the landing point.

The first drop pod successfully lands, the remaining 2 drop pods are land within 6” or the model (but may scatter further) and any enemy units affected my choose to hold ground or clear to area just as described above, but can not be moved within 5 inches of the other drop pods.

If the first drop pod is destroyed, then the second drop pod is to land and scatter 1D6 from the original landing point and the process is repeat unit all three drop pods are landed or destroyed.
All Drop Pods will move/divert the minimum distance needed to avoid terrain or vehicles (1” from any obstacle other than enemy infantry)

Upon a successful landing, the Terminators will disembark no more than 2” from the Drop Pods and may assault that turn using the Furious charge ability for that assault phase only. The terminator will then move and play as normal for the remainder of the game.

Cry of the Wind
25-10-2007, 21:23

Cost: 100pts + Models

There are many famous Imperial Guard Drop Trooper regiments across the galaxy from the Elysian's, the Harakonian's and the warriors of Phantine. Alongside their most common tactic of dropping from high altitude using grav-chutes many of these regiments also have perfected the tactic of Valkyire borne assaults where the troopers ride their Valkryies all the way to the LZ. These assaults are typically led by veteran troopers who have perfected the art of rapid disembarking from their Valkyrie transports, the first man's boots hitting the ground before the aircraft has slowed to a hover. The shock of their arrival combined with the firepower of their Vulture escorts leaves the enemy reeling from the attack and struggling to bring their forces to bear. Just when the enemy think the attackers are cornered the Valkyries swoop back in to relocate the men for an attack from a new direction.

1 Infantry Platoon with Valkyrie Transports
0-1 Veteran Squad with Valkrie Transport
1-3 Vulture Gunships

Special Rules:
Hot LZ: Because of the special training and experience of the veteran Guardsmen who form this unit they are all allowed to disembark from their Valkyries as though they were in Jump Infantry.

The Cavalry have arrived: The formation may arrive one turn one as though using the Careful Planning asset. Note that other units in the army gain no benefit and deploy from reserves as normal. If the Careful Planning asset has been chosen for the entire force that this formation gains no additonal benefit.

26-10-2007, 07:39
Wave of Mutation

Cost: 25 points+ cost of models

Fluff............................................. ......................................

Formation: 2-5 Chaos Possessed Squads

Special Rules:
Mass Mutation: The formation rolls once on the Possessed Table to be applied to all the units. The roll may be modified by +1/-1.

Really just a formation to make Possessed a little more useful...

26-10-2007, 08:33
Here's a couple I jotted down when this topic was first discussed:


Imperial Guard Mechanized Company:
Points: 50pt + Models

6 Armored Fist Platoons, 1 Command Platoon with Chimera, 1 Commissar.
May include one Mechanized Heavy Support Squad.

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All models in the company must be deployed within 24" of the company Command Platoon (or Command Chimera if transported). If coming from reserve, they must enter the table within 24" of the point entered by the company Command Platoon (or Command Chimera if transported).

Outflank: The Imperial Guard Mechanized Company can use its high mobility to encircle the foe. The models in the Imperial Guard Mechanized Company have the Flank March strategic asset.

Mechanized Heavy Support Squad:
Points: Models
2 of the following: Fire Support Squad, Anti-Tank Squad, Morter Support Squad
2 Chimeras
Special Rules:
Attachment: Mechanized Heavy Support Squad follows all the special rules of the company it is attached to.


'Emperor's Inferno' Hellhound Squadron
Cost: 100pts + Models

Formation: 3 Hellhounds

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All units in the Emperor's Inferno Squadron must be deployed within 6" of another, or, if coming from reserve, they must enter the table within 6" of the point entered by another Hellhound in the squadron.

Combined Fire: If three Hellhounds in the formation fire at the same target, resolve the shots as a single Str7 Ap3 using the Hellstorm Template. Use the normal rules for the Inferno Cannon for template placement and models hit. Any infantry unit hit must make an immediate Fall Back move to avoid the fire now burning.


Imperial Flak Battery
Cost: 50pts + Models

Formation: 3 Hydra Flak Tanks

Special Rules:
Strike Force: All units in the Imperial Flak Battery must be deployed within 6" of another, or, if coming from reserve, they must enter the table within 6" of the point entered by another Hydra in the Battery.

Steel Storm: If three Hydra Flak Tanks in the formation fire at the same target and 5 or more 6s are rolled to hit, remove the flyer from play, or for superheavy flyers, resolve a catastrophic hit. No further damage is caused.

26-10-2007, 08:51
Imperial Guard High Command

The Imperial Guard's highest officer's rarely take to the field, being too engrossed in their duties coordinating and planning the actions of millions of men and machines across entire sectors of space, but on occasion these high ranking officers find themselves on the field of battle, whether through their own volition or that of their adversaries. Regardless of the situation, their orders bear the highest authority and command the greatest resources available to the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy. Orbital fire can be ordered at specific locations until nothing remains but radioactive ash, air support commanded to pound targets on the ground and sweep opponents from the skies by their thousands. Hundreds of thousands of troops can be requisitioned and their actions orchestrated with the best efficiency the Imperial Guard can accomplish. These officers have incredible experience with the vast war machine of His Majesties Most Glorious Imperial Guard, and can leverage its power to the fullest, and have the respect and fear of the men they command, for they have fought and bled as they have and emerged triumphant, and should they take to the field, the full and unending might of the Imperial Guard will be unleashed upon the Emperor's foes. Such a foe must be prepared to face battle in the most brutal form imaginable, as the Imperial Guard wages it, in a never ending tide of tanks, blood, bombs, bullets and bayonets, and the unceasing thunder of the guns of the Imperial Guard.

Cost: 700pts +models. If taken, the player that deploys this formation may not take any additional strategic assets, although other players on his side may. Doctrines granted by this formation do not count against the doctrines allowed by the Imperial Guard codex. If any Doctrines are in conflict, those granted by the Imperial Guard High Command will only apply to itself. Doctrines taken for the army as a whole will not apply to the Imperial Guard High Command.

Formation: The Imperial Guard High Command formation is a single squad that must include the following units. In addition to the following units, every Imperial Guard unit in the army (any and all Guard units deployed by one side in the game) counts as having a Vox operator, whether the Imperial Guard High Command has come on the board yet or not.

The Imperial Guard High Command also has the following Imperial Guard doctrines:
Die Hards

The ranking officer of an Imperial Crusade or a sector commander may have many different titles and ranks, but are commonly addressed as "Lord Commander". These are hardened veterans of many campaigns. They have commanded millions of men across hundreds of worlds against many different foes. When it comes to military matters, their thoughts and actions are as precise as any of their counterparts among the great Astartes or capricious Eldar, and their foes have often paid the price for assuming their armies to be led by incompetent PDF commanders

1 Lord Commander
WS5 BS4 S3 T3 W3 I4 A3 Ld10 Sv4+
The Lord Commander is equipped with a Master Crafted bolt pistol and a Master Crafted power sword and Frag Grenades. So skilled is he with his weapons after years of battle that he never needs to roll worse than a 4+ to wound. He is also equipped with a Trademark Item, Refractor Field, Medallion Crimson, Carapace Armor, and a Master Vox. The Lord Commander has the following Imperial Guard Doctrines:
Iron Discipline.

The Lord Commander is an Officer as described in the Imperial Guard codex with the following exceptions: Any Imperial Guard unit within 24" may use his Leadership value for Morale and Pinning tests. He also grants the Imperial Guard army the following Strategic Assets:
Flank March
Careful Planning

If the Lord Commander is killed, then the Imperial Guard High Command must pass a morale test, if it fails , it must make an immediate fall back move and tests to regroup at -2 as the death of the Lord Commander throws them into disarray, if it passes, the unit is enraged at the death of their commander and becomes Fearless.

1 Senior Commissar
WS5 BS4 S3 T3 W3 I4 A2 Ld10 Sv4+
The Senior Commissar is equipped with the following weapons and equipment: Power Weapon, Bolt pistol, Refractor Field, Carapace Armor, Frag Grenades. The Power Weapon may be exchanged for a Power Fist for +15pts.

Among the Commissariat there is no strict heirarchy of command, rather ranking within the Commissariat is determined by seniority and battle honors. A Senior Commissar is one with great battle experience and an iron will.

The Senior Commissar does not follow the same rules as the Commissar as described in the Imperial Guard codex, rather he uses the following rules.
We Will Hold! So great is the personal presence of the Senior Commissar and the fortitude of the Imperial Guard High Command that they gain the "And They Shall Know No Fear" USR. If unable to regroup due to enemy units within 6" or any other reason, they may still regroup. He also grants the Imperial Guard army the following Strategic Assets:
Hold at All Costs

If killed, the Imperial Guard High Command loses the ATSKNF USR, but the Hold at All Costs asset remains.

2 Imperial Navy Attaché
WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 Ld7 Sv4+
The Imperial Navy Attaché is equipped with the following weapons and Equipment: Las Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Frag Grenades, Carapace Armor, Refractor Field.

The Imperial Navy Attaché relays orders from the Lord Commander to any Imperial Navy ships overhead, calling in air support and orbital strikes and coordinating the insertion of Drop Troops.

Imperial Navy Attaché allows Imperial Guard Drop Troops to reroll their deepstrike scatter die and/or scatter distance.

The Imperial Navy Attaché grants the Imperial Guard army the following Strategic Assets:
2x Orbital Bombardment.
2x Long Range Ack-Ack

If both are killed, they army loses these strategic assets entirely, if one is killed, these assets are reduced to 1 each.

1 Imperial Veteran Armour Commander, 1 Imperial Veteran Line Commander
WS4 BS3 S3 T3 W3 I4 A2 Ld8 Sv4+
The Imperial Veteran Armour Commander and Imperial Veteran Line Commander are equipped with the following weapons and Equipment: Las Pistol, Power Weapon, Frag Grenades, Carapace Armor, Refractor Field. These commanders are treated as Officers as per the Imperial Guard codex and have the following Imperial Guard Doctrines:
Iron Discipline.

Imperial Veteran Armour Commander is an experienced tank commander who has overseen entire companies and regiments of armored vehicles in battle. When it comes to Armored combat, this type of officer is unmatched in experience, although they are out of their element when on the field of battle attached to the Lord Commander, they are generally there to advise the Lord Commander and direct the great masses of armored assets under the Lord Commanders command. The Imperial Veteran Line Commander has extensive experience with infantry warfare, from mechanized infantry units, trench warfare, urban and jungle combat, he has seen it all. His role in the Imperial Guard High Command is similar to that of the Imperial Veteran Armour Commander.

These Two officers grant the Imperial Guard army the Recon, Obstacles and Camoflauge Strategic Assets. These remain in play even if these officers are killed. In addition, the Imperial Veteran Armour Commander grants all Imperial Guard tanks the Ace Gunners Armoured Company doctrine. if he is killed however this ability is lost. The Imperial Veteran Line Commander gives all Imperial Guard infantry units that have a Ballistic Skill of 3 the Sharshooters doctrine. If the Imperial Veteran Line Commander officer is killed, this ability is lost.

1 Primaris Psyker
WS4 BS3 S3 T3 W2 I4 A1 Ld10 Sv4+
The Primaris Psyker is equipped with the following weapons and Equipment: Las Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Carapace Armor, Frag Grenades, Refractor Field. He may be given a Force Weapon for +25pts.

Primaris Psykers are trained for battle and disrpuption of enemy psychic assets, and as such are more stable and less prone to becoming a casualty than other psykers. Their primary duty is to provide protection for the High Command from Psychic attacks and neutralize possible Chaotic attacks, however this makes them prime targets for enemy attacks.

The Primaris Psyker need not roll for his powers, he automatically has the Lightning Arc and Machine Curse Psychic powers.

The Primaris Psyker grants the Null Field Generator Strategic Asset, and carries a Vortex Grenade. If the Psyker is killed, the Vortex Grenade is lost. the Null Field Generator must be deployed within 6" of the Imperial Guard High Command.
1 Senior Arch Magos
WS4 BS5 S3 T4 W3 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv3+/5+
The Senior Techmage is equipped with the following weapons and equipment: Powerfist, Twin Linked Plasma Pistol, Meltagun, Powerweapon,Frag Grenades.

The Senior Arch Magos is incredibly experience and talented with all forms of technology and can repair an immobilized vehicle or a destroyed vehicle weapon on a D6 roll of 4+ if in base contact with it. In addition he may repair a single Superheavy vehicle structure point on a D6 roll of 4+, or add +1 to a single superheavy's roll to regenerate Void Shields if in base contact with it.

The Senior Arch Magos grants the following Strategic Assets
Disruptor Beacon

The Disruptor Beacon must be deployed within 6" of the Imperial Guard High Command.

4-12 Lord Commander's Personal Bodyguards.

The Imperial Guard High Command is arguably the most vital part of a campaign, and as such is protected by experienced veteran soldiers who have seen more death on the front line than most regiments ever see in their entire service. They are well equipped with the best weapons and gear from the armories of the Adeptus Mechanicus

Lord Commander's Personal Bodyguard
WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A2 Ld8 Sv4+

11pts each. The Lord Commander's Personal Bodyguards are equipped with a Refractor Field, Krak Grenades, Frag Grenades and Hellguns. In addition their Hellguns are fired as Assault 2 24" instead of Rapid Fire 24". Up to 5 models may be equipped with the following weapons:
Plasma Gun 10pts
Meltagun 10pts
Flamer 5pts
Grenade Launcher 6pts

If the Imperial Guard High Command numbers 12 models or less, it may take a specially upgraded Chimera with side armor 11 and an Autocannon turret with a hull mounted Heavy Bolter, rough terrain modification, smoke launchers, and extra armor for +100pts. Alternativley, a Bunker may be placed in the Guard players deployment zone for +20pts and the Imperial Guard High Command must be deployed to man it.

EDIT: I realize this is a rather large datasheet, It's really intended for a HUGE game, something greater than 10000pts on each side at least, so its got alot of stuff to make it reflect a well equipped and positioned High Command group operating in the field of battle. I also decided to make it harder to kill than normal guard units to reflect the high ranking officers importance and ability to requisition gear and their immense battle experience, so everything has a 4+/5+ save to reflect this.
EDIT AGAIN: changed a couple things after re-reading the Apoc Strategic Assets and changing some things to make use of already existing rules.

27-10-2007, 03:01
Black Templar Errantry crusade

When a black templar crusade is launched, the purpose of it is to purify the stars of the mutant, the heretic and the xenos. Before such a crusade is launched a marshal will petition the High marshal for a right to start the crusade. This is a mere formality, and it is rare for a High marshal to deny the marines a chance for glory in the Emperor's name. When the marshal receives permission he makes it known to the chapter that a crusade will be launched. The warriors for each crusade vary, as it depends upon the numbers of warriors available in the fleet or chapter keeps. This sign-up is entirely optional and when two or more crusades are launched a space marine must decide which one he will join. Often when a minor crusade is called, limited heavy equipment like tactical dreadnought armor will not readily be available, as it will be in service in other crusades. For example during the Treachery of Dalmark there were 14 crusades operating at the same time, for the action deemed most important goes the most valuable equipment. While this often ensures the crusade is successful this also means minor crusades petitioned by marshals and castellans will not often have such equipment should they need it.
Warriors form up in-groups named crusader squads and fight together out of brotherhood and familiarity rather than a restricted organization. A crusade is an exciting time for the neophytes of the chapter, who gain a chance to win glory on the field of battle under the eye of their master. While the warriors only need to prepare themselves for the long warfare that will follow, the marshals must organize supplies, ships and trivial matters that goes unseen by the rest of the battle brothers. On the date of the crusade all the battle-brothers swear an oath to never relent, to never surrender, never forgive and to bring only death to their enemies. The High marshal personally blesses the crusade before they set off. A new crusade is a solemn event and many battle-brothers choose to inscribe the words of their oath to their armor, never relent, never surrender, never forgive.

A crusade may last for as long as it takes to achieve the objective, such as wiping out the enemy or until every last crusader lies dead on the field of battle. As word of the crusade reaches the ears of other battle-brothers there are often individual squads or small bands that flock to the banner of the crusade. The Black Templars have never been known to stop a crusade until the objective has been achieved, as a Black Templar would rather die than break his oath. As a crusade is constant warfare the promotion of neophytes often occur in a crusade, and this leads to multitudes of neophytes in squads, overseen by their master. An Errantry crusade was first named when during a particularly dire time a crusade was called up in defense of an ork invasion to a chapter keep. Many initiates, sword brethren and heavy vehicles like land raider crusaders were busy fighting in many different crusades and in the end a large number of squads of both neophytes and initiates faced off against the orks. There were a large number of neophytes at the time and though they were untested in war and without a master they were allowed to participate. The remaining initiates took up the neophytes as their students and together they took the fight to the orks. Using an unconventional army of large numbers of battle-brothers, the Black Templars overwhelmed the orks and won much glory, they then proceeded to start their own crusade to pursue the fleeing xenos.
After that an Errantry crusade was known as one with a large number of foot troops and little heavy equipment. Errantry crusades are often formed when most of the chapter is at war, (which is most of the time,) and only small garrisons of troops are left at the various chapter keeps and fleets. During such times a marshal often only has the crusader squad garrisons at his disposal and so Errantry crusades are not uncommon affairs.

300 points + models

Formation: 3+ crusade squads, these squads must have at least 4 neophytes, marshal, emperor’s champion, 0-1 HQ choice

Special rules: Never relent, never surrender, never forgive- All models in the Black Templar crusader squads have the special rule: counter-attack

All models in the formation have the –Uphold the honor of the Emperor vow, the accept any challenge vow

Bonds of brotherhood- An Errantry crusade is often comprised of small garrisons of troops drawn form the fleets and chapter keeps, large numbers of neophytes, often those that are still early in their apprenticeships. Such youngsters are zealous in the extreme and fling themselves upon the enemy with untamed ferocity. Spurred on by their casualties the Black Templars will fight twice as hard, righteous anger overcomign their better judgement. - All crusader squads that are normally forced to take a morale check instead automatically make a righteous zeal move towards the closest enemy. All crusader squads that have suffered a casualty gain furious charge. Black Templar Crusader squads may have up to 20 initiates and 20 neophytes in a squad.

Flesh over steel- The Errantry crusade is a chance for the neophytes to earn glory, not to pulverize the enemy with tanks. Added to this are the limited supplies of relics and vehicles that are often in use by major crusades. Of course there are always circumstances where some heavy support will be available

-Heavy support is 0-2, crusader squads with rhinos or razorback transports become fast attack

pilgrimage- Reinforcements for minor crusade are rarely delivered in huge forces. The high marshal will occasionally send supplies, troops and vehicles to the crusade, minor action’s reinforcement is often pilgrimages by individual crusader squads to link up with the crusade

Roll a D6, that is the number of initiates, (page 37 of the Black Templar codex.) that the player receives that he may distribute as he likes to the crusader squads, squads can go over the squad limit when reinforced this way. Roll another D6, this is the number of neophytes (page 37 of the Black Templar codex) that the player receives that he may distribute as he likes to the crusader squads, squads can go over the squad limit when reinforced this way.

27-10-2007, 04:35

When an ork waaagh gathers it is a terrifying sight. The clang of choppas and the primitive roars of the orks can rack the hearts of even the most hardened defender. However when a Gretchin Waaagh appears together most people are suitably unimpressed. However what they lack in fighting abilities they make up wih sheer numbers and stupidity. Urged by their ‘fellows’ to attack the enemy, entire Gretchin squads will waddle forward, screaming their war cries, waving their pointy sticks and advance towards the enemy. It is at this point that they realize that they’re alone and their ‘fellows’ have abandoned them in favor of some cover. For a Gretchin Waaagh the death of most of them is commonplace, either by accident, enemy fire or friendly ‘covering’ fire. Nevertheless armies of Gretchin have been known to overwhelm the enemy, like in the famous attack of armor-gedden where a Gretchin Waaagh formed after their ork fellows had been killed and they set off to avenge their masters. By sheer luck one of the Gretchin actually managed to disable a titan by climbing up its legs and poking the wires with his pointy stick. This particular Gretchin was blown sky-high by the resulting explosion, much to the amazement of both armies. The titan’s leg couldn’t move, but its weapon systems were fine, and it continued to decimate the entire Gretchin force. To this day the tale of ‘Pokkit the Gretchin’ is still told today, although the myth has been exaggerated somewhat to him single-handedly destroying three titans at once.

100 points +models

Formation: 5+ Gretchin squads, ork armies using this formation do not need a warboss or a HQ choice,

Special rules: There’re just Gretchin… - Enemy squads in assault with Gretchin gain the fearless rule, (If enemy squads do want to run away, the Gretchin form a living carpet around them to prevent escape)

Numberless- Gretchin squads gain the without number rule from the Tyranid codex.

Insanely lucky- Fate smiles down upon the Gretchin, maybe its because they are killed by every race in the galaxy or their unwavering loyalty to their ork masters. Whatever it is, some Gretchin seem to be blessed by luck. – In close combat, for each Gretchin squad roll a D6, on a 6, D6 members of the squad rolls 2D6 for armor penetration

Wheeeeee- All Gretchin squads in the formation may buy 1 Gretchin kannon for 10 points, this gun allows Gretchin to fire other Gretchin at the enemy. When the gun is fired in the shooting phase one Gretchin is automatically removed momentarily. The gun may now be fired and is a range 12’’ assault 1 S5 AP6 gun with the gets hot! Special rule. Place the Gretchin that was automatically removed momentarily at the enemy squad that was shot at. The Gretchin takes an automatic S6 hit. If it dies remove it as a casualty. If it survives place it in base contact with the enemy. The Gretchin that was removed moemntarily counts as a squad of one model for the rest of the game.

27-10-2007, 22:09
This is my only attempt to create a datasheet for Apocalypse. It was inspired by John Carpenter's 'The Fog'.

150 points + models

When the Plague Marines gather in great masses, they are surrounded by more than the customary buzzing cloud of flies and stench of death. They are also shrouded in a miasma of green mist that swirls around them in greasy tendrils, acting as if it were alive. It seems to point where the Plague Wind Walkers will be next, as if eager to give their victims the opportunity to bask in the radiant corruption of Nurgle before they are swallowed up and consumed. Those few who have been enveloped by the mist and lived have reported, between long bouts of mindless gibbering a deep, bubbling voice in the far distance and an incessant pressure on their minds, akin to a hound straining at the leash. The Ordo Malleus theorize that the mist is a Daemonic entity, a servant of Nurgle that was sent to all him to see and hear the suffering of the victims of his followers.
The only time that a record of this formation was made was in 339M38 on Renthiam, where three formations of Plague Wind Walkers surrounded Hive Nectis, forming a representation of the mark of Nurgle that could be seen from space before sweeping inward and reducing the hive to a rotting pile of crumbling plascrete and liquified Human remains.


1 Chaos Lord with the mark of Nurgle who also has Feel No Pain and poisoned close combat attacks. He may wear terminator armour.
1+ Chaos Sorcerers with the mark of Nurgle who also have Feel no Pain and poisoned close combat attacks. One of them may wear terminator armour.
Death Walkers: Terminators with the Mark of Nurgle, Feel No Pain and poisoned close combat attacks. Note that all of their abilities are inherent, not granted by an Icon.
2+ units of Plague Marines per unit of Death Walker


Strike force: The Plague Wind Walkers may not be deployed as reserves, and all units must deploy within 18" of their Chaos Lord, and must remain within 6" of another unit in the formation at all times.
The plague wind: The formation has the strategic assets anti-plant barrage, blind barrage and shield generator. The anti-plant barrage and blind barrage extend 12" from the formation and move with them.
Harbingers of doom: Because the green mist precedes them, at the end of their turn the controlling player must mark the end of the next movement of all units in the formation. Enemies of the Plague Wind Walkers must pass a LD test to move closer to these markers in their turn. Fearless models automatically pass this test.

Puffin Magician
28-10-2007, 02:02
Adeptus Astartes Formation
Wings of Angels: 100pts+models

This tactic was first used by the White Scars Chapter during the Ork Waaagh on the agriworld of Nova Kandros IV. Though the Tempests were a recently-devloped technology, VIII Co. Captain Sahib Ilka'an proved their effectiveness when a mob of Gargants advanced unmolested towards the world's capital in 442.M39.

Lacking the superheavy firepower provided by the Titan Legions or Imperial Superheavy Tank formations, the White Scars initially struggled against the crude yet effective Ork armour plating. By slightly modifying Thunderhawk Transporters to ferry the Land Speeder Tempests into battle he used the advanced sensors and targetting equipment found onboard the 'Hawk to identify weaknesses in enemy armour and coordinate this data with the firing systems of the Tempests. By focussing the firepower of several gunships on a single precise point, the armour of heavy battle tanks and even titans proved ineffective against the fusillade.

This technique has since adapted by most other strike Chapters such as the Raven Guard and the Dark Angels' Ravenwing.

1× Thunderhawk Transporter [see Imperial Armour Volume Two for rules]
3× Land Speeder Tempests [see Imperial Armour Volume Two for rules]

*Prerequisite models: Must have 2+ full-strength Land Speeder Squadrons to utilize this Datasheet.
*This Formation cannot be taken by armies using the Honour Your Wargear trait.

Special Rules:
• Airborne Formation: All models arrive via Deep Strike on the same turn, and all Tempests must deploy within 18" of the Thunderhawk Transporter. If deployed in this manner, Tempests ignore all hits on a 4+ for that turn [Vehicle Turboboost!].

• Fire Direction Computer Uplink: If two or more Tempests fire at a target with their Missile Launchers, roll to hit as normal but instead of resolving shots individually, add +1s and -1ap for each additional Tempest shot that hit. If all three Tempests fire at the same target, the shot also counts as Titankiller (d3), or if fired at a non-Superheavy, roll 2d6 on the Damage Charts and apply both results.

Ie: If 2 Tempests fired at a Chaos Land Raider and both hit, their missiles would count as a single s9 ap2 Heavy 1 Twinlinked shot.

• Mothership: During the Movement Phase, the Tempests can elect to withdrawl from battle by being grappled by the Transporter if it is on the table. Remove all Formation models from the table. After two turns they may return to play using the standard Reserves rules and the aforementioned Airborne Formation rule.

†OOC: For those who don't know, here are links to the Thunderhawk Transporter (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/thawktranport.htm) and Land Speeder Tempest (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/acatalog/tempestpaint.jpg).

28-10-2007, 03:41

150 points+ models

Though the vast majority of chaos space marines prefer to fight in loosely organized barbaric raiding bands, when Abaddon gathers forces for a black crusade he expects considerably more discipline. He also expects his own black legion to provide an example of this discipline, and he does not discount the importance of predator battle tanks though they are perhaps smaller than the tanks of the imperial guard. Though this formation was at first the calling card of a major black legion invasion, it has become common with many other traitor marine forces lately. It has also been adopted by the more recently corrupted renegade warbands, who endured such rigid discipline as part of whatever loyal space marine company that they've forsaken.
This sort of formation has been credited with the great tally of imperial guard armour destroyed during the thirteenth black crusade, where the more agile predators showed up the inadequacies of the lumbering armour of the guard.


3+ Chaos space marine predators. One of them must be designated as the command vehicle.


Strike force: The vehicles of a Claw Company must be deployed together and must remain within 18" of the command vehicle at all times.
Constant discipline: If the command tank is destroyed, the rest revert to being ordinary chaos predators.
Precision maneuvers: The crews of these vehicles are so expert at moving and fighting together than the controlling player may combine their movement and shooting into a single exceptional turn sequence, taken between the normal movement and shooting phases of their turn. The tanks may perform part of their movement, shoot then finish their movement. Individual tanks must complete their entire shooting and movement before any other tank may act, and none of them may exceed the limits for movement or shooting given in the WH40K rulebook.
Emergency reverse: If a predator of a Claw Company is shot at by a direct fire ordinance or destroyer weapon, they may attempt an I test to back away before the shot lands square. If the test is passed, the hit is downgraded to a glancing hit for ordinance weapons and normal penetrating hits for destroyer weapons.

28-10-2007, 06:45
Gods' Hammer Assault Formation

Since the days of the Great Crusade space marines have specialized in one thing and one thing alone: planetary assault. To this end it is not uncommon for the marines to join battle directly from orbit, with waves of drop pods crashing into enemy positions and disgorging their deadly cargo directly into the fray, followed moments later by Teleporting Terminators and Assault Marines deployed from the back of low flying Thunderhawk transports. Guided by powerful location beacons on the preceeding Drop Pods.

Anectodal evidence has the ruler of a small human world which had to be forecibly brought into the Emperor's light during the great crusade as the first person to refer to such an assault as "Like the hammer of the gods" when over 7000 of his elite troops were wiped out in less than an hour by such a deployment. The Astartes have refered to such assualt formations as "The Gods' Hammer" ever since, and though the size of one deployed by a Chapter pales in comparison to those deployed by the Astartes Legions of old, they are still a fearsome sight to behold, often placing the entire power of a battle company or more on the planet in less than 15 minutes.

Points: 100 + models

1 Commander with command Squad*
3-7 Tactical Squads in Drop Pods
0-4 Terminator Squads
0-4 Assault Squads
*The commander's squad, inculding other attached characters, must number 10 models or less and be mounted in a Drop Pod. Alternatly, this can be a Terminator command squad and suitably equipped commander who will enter play by Teleportation.

Special Rules:
Assault Force: The formation must start the game in strategic reserve.

Coordinated Drop: When the formation enters play, the Drop Pods always deploy first. The first pod deploys normally, subsequent pods may enter play in one of two ways, they may either deploy normally anywhere on the table, or you may choose a pod already on the table and roll the scatter dice, deploying the next pod 6" from that pod in the direction indicated. If this would cause the pod to land in impassable terrain you may reduce or increase the distance as needed (whichever is less) for the pod to land safely. If a hit is rolled you may place the new drop pod anywhere within 6" of the chosen pod. After all drop pods are deployed any Terminators and Assault Marines may deploy. Assault marines targetting a point within 18" of a drop pod will only scatter 1d6 inches, and any Terminators Deep Striking within 12" of a drop pod will not scatter at all.

Await Reinforcements: Marines deployed as part of a Gods' Hammer are well aware of the fact that they have nowhere to retreat to if the assault fails. As such the marines are prepared to fight to the last man for every inch of ground they've claimed. The player using a Gods' Hammer formation gains the Hold at All Cost strategic asset in addition to any others he may have.

Grand Warlord
29-10-2007, 02:58

The Order of Caliban is a largely fleet-based chapter. After the (latest) Black Crusade it was deemed necesary to develop a armored spearhead that could break through any chaos battleront allowing the marines (and at the time guardsmen units) an entry into the chaos hordes. Research came upon classifed files of the Ironwing. These were adapted and brought up to represent the Mechanized Assault Force currently in use. Final Designs were altered by the chapters Master of Tech-Preists. Highly effective towards the later stages of the Black Crusade.

POINTS: 200+Models.


*1 Mobile Fortress Command Tank:
-} Any Land Raider Variant
(+100 points = BS 5, All tanks within 12 inches ignore Crew Shaken and Stunned Results.)
*3+ Tank Squadrons:
-} 4+ Mixture of Predators and Land Raiders, plus variants.
*0-4 Full Tactical Squads w/ Rhinos.
*0-2 Support Batteries:
-} 2-3 Whirlwinds
*0-2 Siege Squadrons:
-} 2-3 Vindicators


*Blessed of the Machine God:
-} Each vehicle is piloted and crew by Tech-Priests, who monitor their status's throughout the battle. Each Round a repair roll may be attempted, as long as the tank is not destroyed. 5+ is required to make a repair of 1 weapon, or an immobile result.
*Classification (Ironwing):
-} Tank Shocks at -2 to Ld.
*Armour of the Emperor:
-} Each Tank may receive any upgrade for free.
*Careful Planning:
-} As per the rulebook.
*Precision Strike:
-} As per the rulebook.

31-10-2007, 22:08
Armor of the Ancients Points: 20 + models
On occasion there are times when a Space Marine Chapter will bring multiple Dreadnoughts to battle. In some instances the Dreadnoughts will operate as a unit providing each other with mutual defense and creating a powerful base of a fire and crippling assault unit.
Requirements: 1 Venerable Dreadnought and 2+ Dreadnoughts
Benefit: As long as the Dreadnoughts all remain within 3" of each other any shots fired at their rear armor are treated as if it is hitting the side armor. (So the unit of Dreadnoughts becomes AV 12 all around.) The benefit is kept until only 1 of the Dreadnoughts remains.

Picture is available if wanted (pm me or check here (http://warseer.com/forums/1936430-post62.html))

31-10-2007, 23:07
i cant wait to see the finalists - they'll all be great to use!

01-11-2007, 20:58
I know the rules say "1 codex only" but you gotta admit it doesn't get much fluffier than this. :P

Genestealer Cult

The greatest threat posed by the Tyranids are not the hordes of seemingly endless gaunts, nor the Rampaging carnifex, nor even the mighty heirophant Bio-Titans (though they are a very close second). No, the most dangerous part of a Tyranid invasion are the tyranids already on the planet. Genestealer cults will spend centuries infiltrating a planet's population. Insinuating themselves in positions of power with the local defense forces and government, and generally preparing to strike out against the planet's inhabitants to weaken them for the final push of the hive fleet. Only revealing themselves when needed to help crush the defender's spirits and send them into dissarray.

Points: 200 + models

1 Commander*
2+ Infantry Formations*
0-1 Broodlord
0-3 Genestealer Broods

*The commander and infantry squads must be chosen from the same Codex. The commander is any independant character (including special characters) or non-vehicle HQ choice, and the Infantry squads may be any Infantry or Jump Infantry unit which would normally occupy a single slot on the Force Organization Chart.

Special Rules:
Blessings of the Hive Mind: The commander and Infantry squads have full access to any options regularly available to them. In addition they may each choose a single biomorph from the list of those available to Genestealers in Codex Tyranid. If the commander is an independant character he (but not his command squad or retinue) may benefit from a second biomorph chosen from that list.

Inside... The Walls!...: If you are deploying second, the entire formation may infiltrate during your deployment. If you are deploying first and choose to hold the formation in strategic reserves you may, when bringing the formation into play, place units from the formation within a piece of terrain anywhere in your opponent's deployment zone and move from there.

01-11-2007, 21:30
i cant wait to see the finalists - they'll all be great to use!

Can't wait to see the judges try to get through all the entries :p

Admiral Samuel Eden
02-11-2007, 03:18
I decided to do one for most races, heres my 2cents worth:

Space Marine Forward Recon Group 120pts + Models
In the chapters of the adeptus astartes it is common for the commanders to
call upon the 10th company (the scout company) to bring forward a scout group to carry out thorough reconnaissance of enemy equipment and
personnel. These scout groups take form as the Forward Recon Groups or FR groups as they are known. These groups both relay information to the chapter about the enemy and do everything in their abilities to spread confusion and terror in the enemy lines. They accomplish these tasks by using traps and surprise attacks along with calling in orbital strikes on enemy strategic positions.
The Black Dragons chapter famously used these FR groups during their conflict with the Orks on Volgnar III. Before the conflict, scout managed to set mines on the roads around the Ork encampments. When the Orks vehicles began to mobilize they were met by minefield after minefield. So many Ork vehicles were immobilized that the Orks were rendered stationary with no transport for their troops they were sitting ducks and were mowed down without mercy by the entire 9th company of the Black Dragons! The efforts of the FR groups also resulted in a precision bombardment on the Ork Warlords personal quarters. This grievously wounded him and threw the already squabbling Orks into immense brawls over the position of Warlord.
This apocalypse formation consists of, 1 space marine captain (preferably converted to look more like a scout commander) and 2-6 Scout squads. The space marine commander may not use terminator armour or a thunder hammer. He may be given a sniper rifle at the additional cost of 5pts.
Special Rules
Sabotage: After Deployment but before the first turn, D6 unit in the enemy force (decided by the space marine player) suffer 1 hit that wound on a 4+ and has AP4 for every 2 models in the unit rounding up. For example the D6 result is a 3. This means that 3 units in the opposing force are hit. Lets say that the marine player chooses an enemy Ork mob as a target that has 30 boys in it. That Ork unit then suffers 15 AP4 hits that wound on a 4+. If it is a vehicle that is chosen then it is hit automatically and suffers a glancing hit on 4 and a penetrating hit on a 5 or 6. This ability can be used once for every 2 Scout squads that make up the formation, to a maximum of 3.
Incomparable Infiltration: The formation is so adept at infiltration that it can appear from any scenery piece that is further than 12 inches form the enemy. It may also be revealed on any turn but if any enemy enters the terrain the unit is immediately revealed.
The invisible watcher: When in cover, scouts add +1 to their cover save. E.g. A scout squad moves into a forest and would normally be getting a 5+ save. This is increased to 4+.

Imperial Guard Assault Brigade 150pts + Models
It is a fact of war that at some point your going to have to take a defensive position. Whether it’s a hill, a fort or even a city, all war requires sides to drive an enemy from somewhere. Usually the army through open war or bombardments can take these objectives. Usually an army will use special equipment and well timed charges to drive an enemy from their defenses. But what if such ploys fail, what if an enemy is so well dug in that no matter how many salvos are fired and how many men rush for the hill the enemy refuses to yield. Well, at times like these the forces of the Imperial Guard employ the Assault Brigades. These units devote all their training to close and tight combat. Their sole task is to drive enemies from their trenches and bunkers. They are so adept at building assault that they are rightly feared by all but the most psychotic enemies of the Imperium.
Upon the spires of Hive City Cean-tor’ha on the world of Torea Prime these units were deployed to take a city sector from the veterans of the Iron Warriors. Such was the effectiveness of these units that they managed to set the chaos marines running as they were blown from their trenches.
This apocalypse formation consists of 2-4 units of assault troopers (veteran storm troopers).
Assault Troopers
Trooper: 4 4 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+ 14
Sergeant:4 4 3 3 2 3 2 8 4+ +10
Squad: 1 Sergeant and between 4-9 Troopers.
Equipment: The troopers are armed with carapace armour, scatter gun (range 18 inches, strength 3, AP6, type assault 3.) close combat weapon and laspistol, krak grenades and Flash-Bangs. (the flash band is a variation of the Frag grenade but it far more effective. When charging into terrain roll a D6. On a 1 the grenade has the same effects as a frag grenade. On a 2-5 the troopers are able to strike first. On a 6 the enemy cannot make any attacks in that assault phase.) The sergeant has a power weapon.
Options: The squad can exchange their scatter guns for Ramrods. Ramrods have the following stats. Range: 18 inches, Strength: 4, AP3, Assault 1. This costs an additional 2pts per trooper.
The squad can be given assault shields. This makes their armour saves increase by 2 against shooting and increase by 1 in combat. This costs an additional 4pts. Only half the squad needs to be equipped with these shields to confer the bonuses.
Special Rules
Assault Drop: The primary weapon of these squads is speed and proficiently. Their method of deployment is dropping on cords from low flying craft that are comparable to the modern Helicopter. Their deployment is quick and accurate unlike the method of Deep Striking. This method of deployment uses the reserve rules. When you roll successfully for the unit to deploy, choose a scenery piece. The whole squad then drops so that their bases are in contact with the edge of the scenery or so that they land in the scenery proximity. This may not bring the squad into contact with any enemy models. Once dropped, the squad can shoot and move up to 6 inches in the assault phase. This can be used to charge. The squad automatically throws flash-bangs if charging. Once deployed they act normally.
Heavy Barrage: When in a terrain piece the formation can elect to lay down a heavy barrage on any unit in range. This unit suffers no hits but is driven to ground. If the enemy squad moves in its turn, it automatically takes a hit for every model in the unit if the Assault troopers are armed with Ramrods then these hits are taken at the Ramrods stats. Or they are hit 2 times per model in the unit if the Assault troopers are armed with scatterguns. If the enemy does not move then it suffers no hits. The targeted squad also suffers a -1 penalty to their BS if they attempt to shoot.
Rare Formation: These formation are very rare as there are few men skilled enough to act as an Assault Trooper. In the Cadian Regiment there are only 6 of these formations! Due to the rarity of the Assault Brigades only one formation can be taken per army.
*Please note that this formation requires conversion to make. Scatterguns and Ramrods are varied in shape so use your imagination. Also, Assault Shields are very similar to the shields used by swat teams now. These two can vary between Brigades so make them how you think they should be.

Eldar Thunder Strike Formation 100pts + Models
These Rapid Response formations consist of fast moving Eldar skimmer-transports that can deploy troops at great speed. They are used to lay down blanket fire on enemy flanks or vulnerable positions and are a threat to all but the strongest foes of the Eldar. On the ash world of Ultasha, a single formation was able to slay approximately 200 Tyranid gaunts in a single volley just through sheer concentrated firepower. This lightning strike virtually crippled the Hive Minds flank, placing many synapse creatures in the direct path of Eldar heavy weaponry. A common trait of these formations is to retreat before the enemy can react, resulting in a dazed and disoriented foe that is easily dealt with by Eldar aspects.
‘They came from nowhere, pouring form their strange vehicles. Spewing forth such a volume of fire, the likes of which I have not seen in all my years as a commander. Within seconds, two whole platoons were reduced to shredded corpses. Dead on the cold earth. As soon as they had come, they were gone. I simply pray to the Emperor that these formations are rare encounters as such was the devastation caused by these Xenos scum I doubt anything could have stood the storm of blades.’
Colonel Heimreache Adulf-han
This apocalypse formation consists of, 3-9 Eldar Wave Serpents and 3-9 squads of 10 Eldar Dire Avengers. Each Dire Avenger squad has an Exarch armed with 2 shruiken catapults. All squads have the blade-storm ability.
Special Rules
Rapid Deployment: When deploying, these units do so with great speed, moving so fast that it is almost impossible to target. The unit starts in reserve, however when it is brought onto the table, the controlling player selects either his own table edge or either of the side edges and moves the formation on from there. Further more, when moving onto the board the unit moves 24 inches as if it had turbo boosted. On that turn it can only be hit on a 6 and can only be glanced not penetrated.
Storm of Fire: When the squads disembark from their transports, they immediately open fire. Such is the volume of shruiken that anything in its path is struck thousands of times and so ripped to shreds. When declaring a storm of fire, place 2 parallel strips of x (x=whatever long, thin thing you have that measures 18 inches or more.) on either flank of the formation so that it is touching the base of the models furthest apart. The direction of that the blade of fire is done in is optional but it may not hit any allied unit. Any model within the measuring strips of x and within 18 inches form the formation is struck by D3 shruiken shots. If a whole unit is hit then roll 1D3 for the unit and say that the D3 result is the number of shots that hits every model in the unit. Hits are resolved normally.

Tau Aul’rahs’me-kai Defender formation 100pts+Models
The title, Aul’rahs’me-kai translates roughly into imperial gothic as ‘Guard of the Fist.’ These are formations, used by the Tau to protect their gun lines. Using large shields these teams are positioned guard Tau fire support from assault and incoming fire. Though these formations are slow they’re toughness is most impressive. On the desert world of Khar-tul the Tau used a Guard of the Fist formation to stop over one hundred berserkers of Khorne in their tracks. This lead to the Tau gun line holding long enough to allow the Tau to withdraw from the planet and commit Exterminatus as the world was overrun by chaos.
Guard of the Fist
Shas’a: 2 2 3 5 2 1 1 8 2+ 40
Shas’un: 2 2 3 5 3 1 1 9 2+ +10
Squad: consists of 1 Shas’un and between 4-19 Shas’a.
Equipment: The squad is armed with Deflector Shields and XV91 Battle-suit armour. They are also equipped with close combat weapon.
Options: Any number of squad members can be given shield mounted flamers for +5pts per model.
The squad can be bonded for the additional cost of +10pts.
Special Rules: Slow and purposeful.
Shield wall- the squad must deploy in a line at all time. It may not move out of the line. If an enemy wishes to shoot at something behind the line, the enemy must be able to see its target over the shield wall and for each shot that hits roll a D6, if the result is less than a 4 the shot hits the shield wall instead and is resolved against the Guard of the Fist.
Shield Generators: Each member of the unit has a 5+ invulnerable save and the squad leader has a 4+ invulnerable save.
This apocalypse formation consists of between 2 and 6 Guard of the Fist Squads. These squads must stay within 12 inches of each other.
Special Rules
Impregnable Barrier: As the squads must stay in a line, squads may join together to make ranks. When they do this they combine the powers of their shield generators and thus strengthen the protective field of the first rank. For each rank (squad behind another squad) the front unit adds plus 1 to its invulnerable save well as the squad behind suffers -1 to its invulnerable saves.
Give or Take: When in close combat the formation can move either 3 inches backwards or 3 inches forwards each turn. This represents them either giving ground to the enemy or shunting the enemy forward with their shields.
Vulnerable in the rear: If due to casualties a unit stops being a continuous line or if the squad is charged from the rear, the squad loses, 1 LD and suffers -2 to their armour save along with -1 to their invulnerable save.

Chaos Planet-Fall Formation 200 + Models
When the forces of the dark gods make planet fall, they land in force. They strike hard, like a bull planting its horns in the bull fighter’s chest. Such is the ferocity of these chaos formations that even the 4th company of the Nova Marines was swept aside by a single landing. Forced into a flying retreat.
On the world of Arus II three of these formations decimated over 500 Eldar aspect warriors within minutes of their drop. The delicate aliens were torn apart by the fury of Chaos. Wherever these formations land, carnage is imminent.
This apocalypse formation consist of, 1 Chaos Lord, 2 Squads of Chaos Terminators, 4 Squads of Chaos Marines, a Defiler and 2 Chaos Land Raiders.
Special Rules:
Planet Fall: This is dropped from low orbit using Orbital Landers. These orbital Landers have no effect on the battle and do not need to be represented by any models. They land anywhere and are proficient enough not to scatter. The formation starts in reserve and arrives when the controlling player rolls high enough. When this is done the formation is deployed so that no one in it is in base contact with a terrain piece. The squadron must have 1 Terminator squad in each Land Raider and the Chaos Lord must begin in front of the defiler and between the Land Raiders. The chaos marines must deploy ahead of the Land Raiders. Once landed the formation can fire but not charge. It can begin assaulting in its next turn.
Shock and Awe: On the turn that this formation drops all enemy units within 24 inches of the landing area must take a LD test and has his LD value reduced by 1 for that turn. All friendly units within 24 inches add 1 to their LD for that turn.
Clearing Bombardment: When the formation lands an orbital bombardment takes place, on an area of the board selected by the chaos player. This is done before the Formation Lands.

Necron Warrior Formation 50pts + Models
It is not uncommon for these formations to be seen as every army has infantry blocks and formations. The necrons organize they’re warriors into perfectly geometrical formation to boost their abilities and strengthen their weapon power.
This apocalypse formation consists of 10 squads of 10 necron warriors.
Special Rules:
Phase Field: If all squads deploy in a square that is no larger than 20 inches squared the whole formation seem to become stronger for an unknown reason. The whole formation gets a +1 modifier to their ‘we will be back roll.’
Lightning shroud: If the formation is deployed in its square then all warriors gain +1 S to their gauss flayers.
Mass Teleportation: If one squad can use the monolith portal the whole formation can teleport.

Orki Boyz-Flakka Dakka Fomashon 50pts + Models
The Orks enjoy big guns, they may not be very good with them, but to an Ork there’s nothing like blowing they’re enemies to pices with a big, loud and bright gun. That is if they can’t ‘chop em wiv derr choppas!’ The Flakka-Dakka batteries are a threat to anyone foolish enough to present them selves them. Though at long range you’d have to be pretty unlucky to get hit. The Orkies manning these weapons have plenty of enthusiasm but lack much skill.
Flakka-Dakka Battery
Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS Pts
Stats: 14 11 10 2 200
Crew: 10 Ork Boyz
Type: Emplacement (stationary)
Squad: 3-9 Flakka-Dakka Batteries.
Weapon(s): The Flakka-Dakka battery has 2 AA mounted Flakka guns and a single Boom-Dakka cannon.
Range Strength AP Type
Flakka gun: 72 Inches x 1 AA Heavy 1
Strength, The gun always wounds/Penetrates on a 4, The gun doesn’t glance.
Gattlar, When firing, choose a flying target that is in range and roll to hit. If a hit is scored, keep rolling until a 1 is rolled. Each roll of a 2+ means another hit is scored. Each hit is worked out separately.
Range Strength AP Type
Boom-Dakka Cannon: 30-150 inches x 1 Heavy 1 Ord
The Boom-Dakka Cannon uses the 10 inch template and is an Ordnance weapon. Anything under the template is ht by D6 hits. These hits are resolved at a strength of 3D3.
It’s a jamd boss: If a 1 is rolled to hit the cannon is jammed and must wait a turn to repair before it can fire again.
Da Meks Dun it rong agen: If the weapon misses it is assumed it was a dud shell and so does nothing.
This Apocalypse formation consists of 3-9 Squads of Flakka-Dakka Batteries.
Special Rules
Mak sur eir dead: If all Flakka-Dakka batteries fire at one point then all under the template are hit D6 times for every cannon that hit the area.
Im bord o shutin lets chop em: If an enemy is within 24 inches then the boyz must pass an Ld check or charge the at the enemy.
Hey, dat was good, do it agen: If three or more guns hit their target then those three get to fire again as the Ork boyz work twice as hard to watch their enemies get blown to bloody bits.

Thanks a lot, Good fun making these. Doubt any of them are any good. ;)
Most of these require some converting.
The Admiral

02-11-2007, 06:28
EDIT: Almost forgot... Waaaaaaggghhhhhh !!! Post Number 1000 !!!

The Masque of Armageddon

With the release of Apocalypse, I thought it would be a good time to bring elements of Codex: Harlequins (http://us.games-workshop.com/games/40k/eldar/gaming/assets/harlequins.pdf) on to the battlefield - but tuning it a little as per the new Codex: Eldar.

"...where there be Chaos let there be Quins..."

Points: 200 + Models


4+ units taken from the Harlequin entry in Codex: Eldar. Note the characters/upgrades have been separated into individual units.

1 Shadowseer ( counts as an IC )
-- Power Weapon or Harlequin's Kiss at no additional cost

1+ Death Jesters ( 1-3 per unit )
-- Shrieker Cannon
-- May upgrade weapon as per Codex: Harlequins

1+ Harlequin Troupe
-- Must include Troupe Master and 5-9 Harlequins
-- Options available as per Codex: Eldar

0-1 Solitaire ( profile and special rules as per Codex: Harlequins )
-- Shuriken Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Flip Belt
-- Replace Shuriken Pistol with Fusion Pistol +15
-- Replace CCW with Harlequin's Kiss or Power Weapon +10
-- Fleet of Foot, Dance of Death
-- Plasma Grenades and Domino Field ( Holo Suit with 4+ Invulnerable Save )

Special Rules:

Til Death Do Us Part - The Masque of Armageddon has the USR Preferred Enemy ( Chaos Space Marines ). In addition, The Masque can never be fielded on a team that includes any elements of Chaos.

Carnival of the Eclipse - any Masque unit that has at least one model within 12" of the Shadowseer is protected by his Veil of Tears. In addition, these units count as having Hallucinogen Grenades.

Salient Approach - The entire Masque is deployed anywhere on the table after all other units have been deployed ( including Infiltrators and the like ). The Shadowseer plays the role of a Ring Leader - so all other Masque units must begin the battle no further than 18" from him. The only exception is the Solitaire who must be deployed at least 36" away from the Shadowseer.

Hidden Agenda - Aside from the Masque's intent to eliminate the followers of Chaos, their presence on the battlefield serves a more specific purpose.

"...An ancient artifact that can unlock the secrets of the Black Library has been unearthed as a result of numerous wars. But for the time being it rests unnoticed - hidden among the debris and ruins..."

The Masque of Armageddon gains the Tactical Asset: Vital Objetive which should be considered a freebie for gaming purposes. This bonus however does not stack, in the event more than one Masque is used by the same team.

Chaplain Ark
03-11-2007, 04:53
Assault Force Perseus

"Strike at the flanks and rears, strike at their backs! Strike at their hearts! Slaughter the Zenos!" Captain Perseus of the Black Templar

Captain Perseus created this strike force during the second war for Armageddon. judging from the large amount of Orks, Perseus realized that there must have been a war to defeat them other then slaughter, which was not working for the imperials on Armageddon. So Perseus gathered his most trustworthy men and attacked at Ork supply lines and weak points, turning the tide of battle against the Orks. unfortunately, Perseus underestimated his foe and during one of his assaults, he found himself and his strike force surrounded by Nobs and secondary warlords. Though fighting and slaughtering nearly a thousand of the green skins, Perseus fell to the Ork masses.

Perseus' Strike Force
100 pts+ Models
1 Captain with Jump Pack
War gear allowed except Terminator Armor or Artificer Armor
3+ Full Assault Squads
0+ Land Speeder Squadrons

Special Rules
Preferred Enemy-Orks, Tyranids
Fearless (against preferred enemy)

Strategic Redeployment

03-11-2007, 09:12
Fall of heroes

It is a tragic thing when a space marine is brought low, humbled before the might of the enemy. It is even more tragic when luck or matters beyond the marine’s control cause the defeat. In those occasions many of the marines choose to fight a last stand rather than retreat before the enemy. In those times the marines pray for forgiveness from the emperor, arming themselves with the last weapons and ammunitions that are available to them. Confessions are made and bonds of brotherhood are created, and then in the heat of the conflict the space marines try to sell their lives as dearly as possible. Such promise of death brings exceptional heroism to the space marines and acts of valor are commonplace. The sight of the last charge of the warriors is a magnificent sight, gunning down their foes even as they are dragged down, pulling the pin of their grenades as they go down and taking down the enemy with them. It is in these last stands that the chapter immortalizes the space marine’s deeds and their names are remembered with honor and pride.

Points 125 points + models

Formation 1-4 space marine tactical squads, 1+ space marine captain, 1+space marine veterans

All space marines in the formation are fearless

In death we do our duty- every space marine in the formation that is removed as a casualty in close combat deals one strength four hit against the enemy/squad which killed him. Resolve this blow after all combats have finished

Last stand- The number of models must not outnumber the enemy. The combined enemy force must at least outnumber the formation by four to three

The space marines in the formation may buy the furious charge veteran skill for +3 points per model. This must be bought for every member of a squad if this option is taken. Characters may take the furious charge veteran skill for +15 points.

The space marines are deployed in the enemy deployment zone, they must be deployed as one force, not unit by unit. Effectively for deployment purposes the entire formation counts as one large unit. The space marine formation is deployed first before other deployments. Then all other players roll for deployment.

Fated- The space marines seek death as redemption for the taint on their honor, who is to deny them?
Space marines in this formation must re-roll successful armor saves. If there are any surviving marines in the formation at the end of the battle the enemy gains +100 victory points. All marines in the formation gain the counter-attack veteran skill

A time for heroes- all HQ units gain +1WS

03-11-2007, 10:56
Hellhound Purge

In the imperial guard the primary role of the hellhound flame tank is to flush enemy units out of dense terrain, as well as to remove soft terrain features impeading the advance of imperial armies.

Points: 75 plus models

2-4 Hellhound Tanks

special rules

Squadren command tank
As per other tank formations

Strike force
As per other tank formations

Purging flame: Instead of firing normally you may declare that a hellhound formation consisting of at least 2 vehicles is going to combine the fire of their inferno cannons together against a single target. To perform a purging flame attack place the hellstorm template so that the narrow end is within 24" of all vehicles in the formation and the large end is no closer than the narrow end. Any models touched by the template are hit with an inferno cannon shot with a further +1 strength and ap for each hellhound in the formation beyond the first. So for example a sqaudren of 3 tanks performing a purging flame attack would count as having a strength of 8 and an ap of 2.

Any piece of soft terrain such as woods, grass, wooden buildings or anything else that seems likely to catch fire is removed on a 4+ if hit by a purging flame attack. Hard terrain like concrete buildings, fortifications and tank traps are uneffected.

03-11-2007, 14:34
Lords of Battle

During the darkest days of the Eldar they find themselves blessed, or perhaps cursed, by the presense of th greatest warriors of the Eldar Race: the Pheonix Lords. For the greatest of battles several of the ancient lords will come together, though never more than 5, for it is foretold that the 6 lord will not join battle again as a single force until Rhana Dandra, and that it will signal the end of existance itself.

Even when only 3 or 4 appear their presense on the battlefield is a great boon to whatever conflict the Eldar are pursuing, however, the combined force of such ancient warriors drive the Eldar into a mindless bloodrage, devastating all in their path.

SUch is the price of the Host, for while it's presense all but guarantees victory, the cost in the lives and sanity of those Eldar who witness it weaken the eldar people as a whole.

Points: 200 + models

3-5 Pheonix Lords
0-5 Aspect Warrior Squads*
* You may not choose more than one of each aspect, and you may only choose aspects which are disciples of one of your chosen Pheonix Lords

Special Rules:
Bloodrage: Even moreso than the Avatar a grouping of Pheonix Lords can drive the Eldar to an almost insane frenzy. All friendly Eldar units are Fearless, have +1 I and +1 S, and will never require more than a 3+ to hit in close combat.

They Have Forsaken Us!: Seeing a force of such power arrayed against them will often shatter the resolve of any Eldar opposing them. Any enemy Eldar units within 12" of one of the formation's Pheonix Lords are at -1I and -1WS. If they are Aspect Warriors and Disciples of the Pheonix Lord causing this effect, they must immediatly pass a leadership test at -1 or fall back.

03-11-2007, 15:14
Redemptionist Crusade

When a war of faith is declared against a world or subsector by the Ecclesiarchy often times military units will find themselves fighting alongside vast hordes of imperial cultists and other faithful rabble stirred into action by the fiery sermons of a local confessor. While these individuals often constitute little more than disorganised mobs with ramshackle weaponry and dubious tactics their faith in the Emperor and unflinching willingness to die for his cause can make them a surprisingly effective asset for imperial commanders willing to employ them.

Points: 100 plus models

5-50 Redemptionist squads

Special Rules:

For the Emperor!:All redemptionists taken as part of a redemptionist crusade are fearless.

Reckless and disorganised: While one can never question the enthusiasm of a faithful mob to destroy the emperor's enemies; their tendancy to operate outside of, and sometimes in spite of, the chain of command combined with the effect that their presence can have on other Imperial troops, can render their arrival to a battlzone as something of a mixed blessing at best.

An army that includes a redemptionist crusade gets one less strategic asset card than it would normally be allowed in the battle being played.

03-11-2007, 17:48
Mycetic Minefield points: 100 + cost of mines

Everyone at defense station Sigma was on edge, the hive fleet had appeared on the long range sensors twelve hours ago. Frantic calls for assistance went out to the Imperium, all rogue trader ships were pressed into service to carry away refugees and all military assets were put on high alert. Swiftly and with dreadful certainty, all contact was lost with outposts and patrol craft as the hive fleet closed with its prey.

Small meteoric shapes floated across the radar screen as the assault began. The smell of fear and terror spread throughout the command post. Fifteen minutes later several dull thuds were heard through the plasteel, followed by several explosions. Just when everyone thought the explosions wouldn’t end, they did. In the eerie silence that followed, they knew the bugs were coming. It was only a matter of time, especially since they were now surrounded by spore mines….

Special Rules
Preliminary Orbital Bombardment
The tyranid player may assign one to five mines (of the same type) per enemy unit on the table, each mine represents one chance to hit the enemy unit. A mine hits on a 4+. Mines that miss automatically count as destroyed. Mines that hit roll to wound as normal, armor saves are taken as normal. If all the mines are used in this manner, then none are left to form the Mycetic Minefield. Vehicles that suffer a glance/penetrate (use rear armor value) hit are automatically stunned, extra armor works as normal.

Deep Strike
The rest of the spore mines (up to 50) are placed on the table after the POB is resolved in the movement phase, using the deep strike rules for placement with a 3” coherency.

Living Mine Field
At the beginning of each subsequent phase after the first, the tyranid player rolls 1D6/2 and the scatter dice. If the result is a “hit” then the tyranid player may decide whether or not the unit will drift. If he chooses to drift the unit, follow the small arrow direction and distance of the D3 roll. If a scatter is rolled, the tyranid player must drift the unit in the direction indicated along with the distance rolled on the D3.

Designers note; the tyranid player is expected to 'estimate' exactly how many mines they will need before the game.:evilgrin:

Swiftsword Bonaparte
03-11-2007, 19:03
Dark Eldar

Decapitation Strike
Points: 300 + models

As the flames of war engulf a planet, incalculable Dark Eldar piratical raids are waged on enemy strongholds, sowing chaos and disorder into enemy ranks; however, true mayhem commences only after the herald of destruction himself arrives: the Kabal Overlord. Although a Dark Eldar fleet consists of many commanders all vying for power, there always arises a single entity more dominating than the rest.
Throughout the Overlord's innumerable endeavors, he hordes the best spoils for his own private use, making himself all-the-more feared while simultaneously enticing growing legions of deadly devotees and sycophants eagerly seeking their own chance for power.
When at last the Overlord and his guard arrive on the field of battle, they devastate the enemy's chain of command, utterly annihilating any hopes their forces might have had for victory or even survival.

1-3 Archons
~1 Archon must be marked as the Kabal Overlord
1 Drazhar
0-2 Wych Lords

All units must be mounted in Raiders with Screaming Jets and Night Shield, although they may also choose addtional Vehicle Upgrades

Special Rules:
They came from the darkness...: To best catch the enemy command by surprise, the Overlord prefers to strike where and when least expected. For this reason, the formation must begin the game in Reserve, and deepstrike when they become available. They do not need to deploy within a certain distance within eachother (in fact, they'd probably prefer not to deploy side-by-side!).

Weapon Miser: Stockpiling the most mysterious and powerful wargear for himself, the Kabal Overlord has access to several unique weapons. All Archons in the formation may be armed with Shadow Fields, but the Overlord must take one; in addition, his Shadow Field is extra powerful, and is not destroyed after the first failed save or any subsequent ones. He also must take a Trophy Rack, which has a special rule (see below). The Overlord can also use the following:
~Flesh Renderer: (15 Points) Upon contact with the enemy, this vicious weapons does exactly what its name implies, flaying the target's body beyond all recognition. In close combat, this weapon rolls to hit as usual, but wounds on a 2+ and counts as a power weapon. However, this weapon is not designed for handling giant beings, and as such only wounds on a 5+ against monstrous creatures and has no effect against gargantuan creatures and units with an armor value
~Incinerator: (15 points) Reducing the enemy to nothing more than microscopic ashes, this weapon is the bane of many a Space Marine.
Range: 18", S 6, AP 3, Assault 3 Rending
~Hellfire Grenade: (20 points) When clamped onto the hull of a vehicle, this nasty devise releases a blazing inferno of scorching flames that chars the innermost mechanics of the machine. Refer to the normal procedure for using grenades, except that when this Hellfire grenade hits, it automatically inflicts d3 penetrating hits, or d3 glancing hits against super-heavy vehicles or those with the Living Metal special rule.

All is lost!: If the Overlord or his retinue kills an enemy HQ character (do not count any retinue members) in close combat, the head (or heads!) are mounted on the Overlord's trophy rack, sending a shockwave of sheer despair throughout the enemy's lines. Each of the opponent's units must take a pinning test at -1. If the unit is engaged in assault at the time, they still take the test, and if they fail they will only hit on 6s in their next round of combat.

Modified Raider: In the interest of self-preservation, the Kabal Overlord outfits his personal raider with additional armour and shields. His Raider has and all-around armour value of 12, and is armed with a scavenged Eldar Holo Field (see Codex: Eldar for more information on the Holo Field). If he choses to arm his Raider with a Horrorfex, it will instead use the Apocalyptic Blast Marker.

Masters of Piracy: Being veterans of numerous raids, these units have perfected the art of assaulting from vehicles, even when moving at neck-breaking speeds. To respresent this, all units in the formation can disembark from their Raiders and assault as normal on the turn they arrive.

Top-Notch Retinue: Drazhar must be included in the Overlord's retinue. Also, any Incubi in the Overlord's retinue may be upgraded to Incubi Masters. Seeing the chance for prime play-things, Haemonculi may also be included in the retinue of any of the Arcons in the formation.

Sheer Power: To represent strength of the Overlord, he has an improved +1 T and is immune to Instant Death

04-11-2007, 10:52
Makinh every unit in the army take a pinning check is a bit harsh if you ask me, plus i feel that everything they get is worth more than 200 points, but overall it's a lovely unit with some very good background attatched

05-11-2007, 21:53
Honour of the Ancients.

The deployment of a single dreadnoght is a rare occourance for most chapters but on occasion a chapter will deem it neccessary to deploy a large force to a single decisive engagement. This is a double edged sword for the chapter as it provides a stong formation that boasts centuries of experience but also provides a devestating loss to the chapter if casualties are sustained.

Points 200+models.

1 Venerable Dreadnought
4-9 Dreadnoughts

Wisdom of the Ancients.
The dreadnoughts pass their wisdom on to there younger battle brothers and grant the preferred enemy USR to all units from the same chapter that are fielded on the same team.

Loss of a hero.
The loss of a dreadnought is a tragedy for the chapter. Each marine reacts differently, some launch themselves at the enemy to avenge the loss of the fallen hero whilst others withdraw believing the battle lost. All marines that aren't in close combat and that witness the loss of a deadnought (can draw line of sight too) must immediatly take a leadership test. If the unit fails it immediatly falls back. If it passes it recieves the furious charge special rule for the remiander of the game turn.

06-11-2007, 16:53
Bodyguard Detachment

In the cases where a senior officer is on the front lines, a detachment of his personal bodyguard will accompany him and if necessary, lay their lives down for him.

100 pts + Models
1-Senior Officer or Heroic Senior Officer
0-3 Elite Infantry Squads (Stormtroopers or Hardened Veterans)
0-3 Infantry Squads (May only take one squad per Elite Infantry squad taken)

Strike Force: All squads must be deployed within 8" of the Officer's command squad.

Bodyguards: All Squads must maintain unit coherency with the command squad. If this is accomplished, any time the Officer would take a wound, you may sacrifice a squad member to absorb the wound.

Protect the Colonel!: Any time the command squad is engaged in close combat (by charging or being charged), the squads have the Counterassault special rule and may join combat.

07-11-2007, 03:27
Imperial Psyker Coven

Mobilized only during crusades or other extreme circumstances, a properly trained coven is a potent weapon against hostile warpcraft of any sort. A coven is ruthlessly drilled by their masters every day to merge their minds into a coherent whole, and with their faith and purity reinforced constantly. They can bring a terrifying weight of will to bear on any witch, alien or mutant who would dare to use their foul sorceries against the sevants of the Emperor. They are also capable of battling all but the strongest manifested daemons on equal terms.

Cost:model cost plus 150.

Formation: all models in formation must keep unit coherency.

1 Primaris Psyker (sanctioned psyker w/ honorifica imperialis). Must take force weapon. May take 1 Space Marine or Inquisitorial psychic power.

6-12 sanctioned psykers.

1-3 Overseers (count as commissars)

Storm of Contempt: The coven as a whole may elect to forgo shooting and using their individual psychic powers, to instead focus their shared loathing of the enemies of Him on Earth into an attack with the following stats: Range: G24", Strength: 2+ (coven memebers/3), AP: 2, Assault 1/5" blast.

Ward of shared purpose: As long as the primaris and at least 3 other psykers live, the coven counts as having a single shared psychic hood, as per the Space Marine Codex.

Sphere of enforced reality: So long as the Primaris and at least 6 other psykers live, then all demons within 12" lose their invulnerable save.

"Creepy feything bolt-magnets...": Imperial Guard units within 12" of this formation suffer a -1 to leadership, due to the fear and disgust felt almost universally amoung the citizens of the Imperium about open psyker activity.

the overseers will summarily execute lesser psykers, but will still kill the primaris if he suffers from perils of the warp.

07-11-2007, 19:51
Space Marine Force Recon

When the Adeptus Astartes are involved in protracted planetside campaigns, or when they are conducting counter-insurgency or low-intensity combat operations, they must locate the enemy and bring them to battle. Though they are mighty warriors, the Space Marines cannot be everywhere at once, and the local PDF may not be trustworthy enough or capable enough to conduct effective reconnaissance operations. Supporting (or supported, as the case may be) Imperial Guard regiments may likewise be inappropriate for such a task. Under these circumstances, many Chapters will utilize Bikes, Land Speeders, and Scouts to conduct patrols or focused recon. These formations use speed and stealth to hunt down the enemy, strike vulnerable targets of opportunity, or force the enemy into concentrating his forces (thus setting up a full-scale battle). Elements within these formations operate in concert for mutual protection and to ensure victory over isolated pockets of the enemy. Terminators and/or Drop Pod Squads are kept on standby, ready to join the action if the recon formation runs into superior opposition.

In the event of a full scale engagement, recon formations are under standing orders to "march to the sound of the guns" ; their arrival in the flank or rear of an enemy force can be devastating to an already engaged enemy, as the formations strike artillery positions, the rear of tanks, and strategic objectives. Alternatively, they may be employed as the vanguard of an assault, serving to soften up the enemy and guide their Battle Brothers into combat.


Space Marine Force Recon Detatchment - 150 points plus models

The force is made up of:
2-6 Scout Squads (only one of which may be armed with Sniper Rifles);
A mix of 2-6 of the following selections:
Bike Squadron (attached Attack Bikes allowed)
0-1 Attack Bike Squadron
Land Speeder Squadron (1-3 of any Speeder configuration, except Tempest)
Scout Bike Squadron
0-3 Squads in Drop Pods (any legal choice except HQ selections)
0-2 Terminator Squads (Standard or Close Combat)

Special Rules:

Request For Support: Scout Squads, Scout Bike Squadrons and Bike Squadrons count as having teleport homers for the purpose of Deep Striking Terminator Squads of the formation; The Terminators attached to the formation MUST remain in reserve and enter play using the teleport homers.
Likewise, the above squads also carry laser guidance units to direct inbound Drop Pods; Drop Pod Squads must attempt to Deep Strike within 12" of a relevant squad in their formation, and may re-roll the Scatter Die.
Additionally, Drop Pods and/or Terminators may only Deep Strike in support of a squad that has fired at or been fired upon by an enemy unit in the previous turn, but they may come in on the owner's first turn (i.e. the owner goes second, and squads in the formation take fire in the enemy's turn). If all relevant squads are destroyed before they request support, the parts of the formation still in reserve count as destroyed.

Always There When You Need Them: Scout Squads, Scout Bike Squadrons, Bike Squadrons, Attack Bike Squadrons, and Land Speeder Squadrons may be deployed after the owner's time for setup has expired, but in order to do so they must deploy outside of their deployment zone and 18" away from an enemy model. This may be done at any time before the game starts, except during the enemy deployment period. If the owner wishes to deploy them in his deployment zone, he/she must do so in his/her allotted time.
Bikes and Speeders can optionally be deployed on their owner's first turn as per the Flank March Strategic Asset. Scout Bikes make their Scout move regardless of their method of deployment, even if they Flank March.

Scout Squads may never be kept in reserve, and all other units in the formation are not counted when splitting Strategic Reserves for deployment in turn 2 or 3.

Forward Observers: If an enemy unit within line of sight of one of the formation's Scout Squads is targeted by an allied Barrage weapon, the Scatter Die for that Barrage may be re-rolled.

Employing this formation grants the Ambush Strategic Asset.

08-11-2007, 06:03
The Black Plauge

Fluff: When a planet is lucky enough to drive off a plauge marine invasion, it does not realize that is was doomed when the first nurgle worshipper had tred on the soil. Microscopic cells fall from the putrid warriorsand attach themselves to wildlife and fauna and then fester invisibly. Soon, the disease is spread throughout the planet, infecting the population as well. These poor souls slowly turn into mindless zombies, unaware that the change even takes place. When the whole population has "converted" to Nurgle, the Lords of Decay come back and take their slaves to do their bidding, using them for labor or psyhological warfare against human enemies. However, their most useful purpose by far is the ability to infect other humans and turn them into servants of the dark powers.

200 points + models
1 Plauge Lord
3-10 Zombie Hoardes

Plauge Lord: This ruthless individual leads his slaves into battle and laughs mercilessly as their numbers waste away in enemy fire. This is a Chaos Lord with the Mark of Nurgle. He may have any wargear in the Chaos Space Marine Armory for its appropriate cost.

Zombies: units 10-30 models, for 10 points a model
WS:3 BS:0 S:4 T:4 W:1 A:2 I:4 Ld:10 Sv:-
Special Rules:
Gifts of Nurgle: The hordes are "blessed" with Nurgle's traits and are extremely hard to kill. Zombies benifet from the Feel No Pain USR.
Feel Nothing: Zombies cannot feel anything and do not understand the concept of fear. They are fearless and cannot be pinned.
Endless Advance: The Zombies cannot stop marching toward the enemy, even if their leadership is severed. If the Pluge Lord dies, the zombies must march towards the nearest enemy unit within line of sight and assault them when possible. If their is impassable terrain, then go to thenext nearest.
Infection: For every casualty inflicted by the zombies roll a D6. On a 5 or 6 the enemy model is turned into a zombie and falls into the ranks of his attackers. These new models fill in any unit with casualties in the combat and if the unit is full, then the converted zombie creates a new unit.

(I apologise if this has been done already, I looked through each page and I couldnt find anything about zombies, so here you go.)

captain stevo
08-11-2007, 16:07
Orc Fighter Bommer Kamakazi Squadron.

Starting points = 250 + points per model
Models per unit = 1 to 3 , Orc Fighter, Fighter Bommer.

One aircraft must be " Dar Squadran Ledar" which increases his BS by +1
The other aircraft are classed as his wing men and must stay within 12" of " Dar Squadran ledar" . Each turn the lead aircraft can order one aircraft to "Kamakazi" any enemy unit/Vehiclel on the board, this is classed as a strength "D" attack and you add +1 for each bomb still on board the aircraft when working out damage.... you can still take invunrable saves / Adamantium, Gargantuan creatures / Super heavy vehicles take D3 wounds / Structure points.

If any plane is Immobilised it "Kamakazi's" in a random direction using the scatter dice...and hits the nearest vehicle/ or unit...freind or foe.

Kamakazi Template = Apocalypse barrage template , Srength "D" AP 3

"This is for Dar Boss Hummies"
If "Dar Ledar" aircraft is destroyed each wingman must make a leadership test roll and if passed "Kamakazie's" in to the Vehicle or unit that shot "Dar Boss" down. If he fails the test it flys of the board and can come back on as a reserve the next turn..but without the "Kamakazi" rule.

Captain Stevo :)

08-11-2007, 16:33
Please.... im just not inspired enough to manage this on my own... but will someone PLEASE do a Kroot thing for this cos it is missing a kroot force something chronic!!!

IF you need inspiration... http://www.hivefleetmoloch.com/ and look under prey species, kroot renegades!!!


Danny Boy

08-11-2007, 17:14
The Stalker Kindred
With years of deadly practice, the Stalker Kindred has a well earned respect amongst the Shaper Councils of the Kroot. Matching their skills against the stealthiest of foes, members of this kindred have honed their skills in the silent art on infiltration to an art. Through specialized movements and signals, this unique kindred of Kroot show little issue in sneaking behind enemy lines well in advance of the main force. Specialist in their trade, the Stalker kindred form roaming bands for hire to the highest bidder wanting some of the finest ambushers to be found in amy warzone. Though relatively few in number compared to other kindreds, due in part to their training methods, the Stalker Kindred are one of the most sought after of the Kroot Mercs.

25 points + model cost

1 unit of Stalkers Kindred Kroot Warriors (use Kroot Merc entry) (15 max)
the unit is considered to already have the hyperactive nymune organ adaptation.

Ambush Specialist: Able to infiltrate into the area days before a battle. the Stalker Kindred may take of key points of ambush where they are able to strike swiftly and silently. Foregoing the use of the firearms for shooting, the Kindred prefers to hold off and take the fight to their prey in a deadly rush of blades.

If the kindred does not include any hounds, the Kindred may take up position on the board in a deadly hidden ambush. Before the deployment, but after terrain setup, the controlling player nominates a piece of terrain able to conceal and hold the entire unit in secret. The unit is not deployed with the rest of the army and held off of the table. The terrain piece may not be within 6" of any deployment zone. At the beginning of any of the controlling player's turns after turn 1, the Kindred may reveal themselves from their ambush location and be placed on the table. The unit may move and assault as normal on this turn, but may not shoot during the Shooting Phase.

Alternatively, the Kindred may be held in reserve and come into play on the turn they become available from any board edge. If the kindred contains any Kroot Hounds this is the only special deployment that they may use.

Move through Cover: Deadly specialists in the art of ambush and infiltration, the Stalker Kindred's members are able to swiftly and silently move through terrain with great ease as they approach to within feet of the enemy. The Stalker Kindred follows the rules for Move through Cover from the main rulebook.

scientist tz
08-11-2007, 17:19
The Arch Arsonist of Charadon

The long-standing Ork empire of Charadon has been the bane of the Ultima Segmentium for countless centuries. The Arch Arsonist is not a single iconic Ork warlord such as Ghazghkull but whatever warlord happens to be in control. The Warlords come and go but the title and the dread it inspires has endured for generations.

Ork raids from the empire come in many sizes but whatever the size they typically favor weapons that support their agenda of burning every world within their grasp, especially those within the nearby Ultramar system! Thus far only the efforts of the Ultramarines have prevented these green-skinned masters of pyrotechnic warfare from reducing the Ultima Segmentium to ashes!

Codex Orks (current codex but can be adapted easily for the new codex)

200 points + Models

(1) The Warlord of Charadon: Warboss with Shoota/Scorcha Combi Weapon, Mega Armour, Mega Booster, Big Horns, Bosspole (may take bodyguard, not required.)

(2+) Burna Boy Mob w/ Burna Mek

(1+) Dreadnought w/ 2 Skorcha

(1+) Flash gitz Mob w/4 Burnas

(6+) Warbuggies or Wartraks with Skorcha (can be placed in squadrons of up to 3)

(0-1+) Looted Imperial Hellhound

Extra Crispy! The Arsonists forces have achieved a fanatical mastery of fire-based weapons. Models armed with Burnas may use them as a power weapon in close combat even if they used them in the shooting phase. Unfortunately, Boyz without Burnas are often too eager to get in on the burny action. If a model with a burna is removed from play for any reason (torrent of fire, mind war, range/line of sight issues etc,) Orks in the same unit will start fighting over who gets his burny gubbinz! Remove 1 Ork from play in addition to the model that was armed with the Burna. The burna is still removed from play as it is assumed that it was completely destroyed in the ensuing brawl. If, as it often happens, the mob ONLY contains models with burnas, do not remove the extra Ork.

Orky Inferno The Mek boyz have fitted the Arsonists' Skorchas with all manners of experimental squig oil, supercharged pumps (often powered by explosives) and plain ol' red paint. A squadron of 2 Skorcha warbuggies may combine their shooting. Place the narrow end of the hellstorm template d6" from the squadron and place the wide end so that it is farther away than the narrow end. Models under the template are resolved at the skorcha's normal strength and AP. If the squadron has 3 buggies instead of 2 it adds +1 S and +1 AP to the shot.

Going in HOT Ork Mobs within 12" of an Ork heavy support unit armed with a skorcha or Inferno cannon may reroll power of the WAAGGH! tests.

08-11-2007, 23:01
:skull: This is based on the rumored ork codex coming out. When I was told the rules for the wierdboyz it just got me to thinking. I know the rules say current codex, but I love wierdboyz so I decided to submit this anyway. Hope that's okay. :skull:

10-11-2007, 21:42
Alliance of the Gods

In order to gain control of the universe the Gods have allowed small strike forces to work together in one army with an Undivided force to bring order. Each god has given their most elite worshippers a special gift that no other worshippers have. These forces work as one and are controlled by a Lord of each Chaos God

Points: 300+Models

1 Chaos Lord with no Mark (Undivided)
1 Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle
1 Chaos Lord with Mark of Slaanesh
1 Chaos Lord with Mark of Khorne
1 Chaos Lord or Sorceror with Mark of Tzeentch
0+ Each Lord may have a retinue of their favored unit, but must be favored number: Nurgle 6, Slaanesh 5, Khorne 7 and Tzeentch 8. Undivided has 9 Veteran CSM with an Icon of Undivided but they get fearless instead of rerolling for leadership. (Each God has one less because of adding the Lords to the units)

If models with in 18” of their designated Lord gain a bonus.
Mark of Undivided Follower
Mark of Nurgle Infestation
Mark of Slaanesh Allure
Mark of Khorne Rage
Mark of Tzeentch Knowledge

Follower: All the chaos gods have blessed the Undivided followers with a gift. Roll a D6 each turn to determine the result: 1 Gains nothing, 2 Fearless, 3 Nurgle +1 Toughness, 4 Slaanesh +1 Initiative, 5 Khorne +1 Attack, 6 Tzeentch 5+ Invulnerable save. This effect only last one turn.

Infestation: Grandfather Nurgle has overwhelmed him own worshippers with decay and rot causing disease to be unleashed. Enemy models with in 6” of a model with the mark of Nurgle suffers a wound on a D6 roll of a 6 with armour saves allowed as normal.

Allure: The God of Pleasure has given his worshippers shrieking devices that causes sounds to come out of the squads of men rendering the enemy paralyzed. Any enemy unit trying to assault a unit with the mark of Slaanesh must roll as if they were going through difficult terrain.

Rage: The Blood God has given his worshippers a overwhelming need to kill. Models with the Mark of Khorne gain a +D3 attacks when assaulting rather than 1.

Knowledge: The God of Change has given his worshippers the ability to see into the future. Any model with the Mark of Tzeentch can reroll their saves on a single wound per model.

12-11-2007, 08:26
Iron Warriors Assault Force

The Iron Warriors are known among the Legions masters of siege warfare. They are adept at holding positions with minimal numbers of troops against any and all attacks, holding firm by utilizing large numbers of heavy weapons with overlapping fields of fire to cut down any who dare approach their positions. However they are also no less deadly when on the attack, they are adept at finding the most minute crack in any defense and exploiting it with thunderous artillery barrages and and torrents of withering firepower to pry open a gap for assault troops to physically breach the defenses and carry the fight to the enemy

Cost: 200pts + Models.

2+ Chaos Space marine squads (each must be ten strong with an Aspiring Champion)
1 Chaos Lord
2+ Heavy Support choices.
1-2 Terminator Squads.
0-2 Raptor Squads.
0-2 Superheavies

Special Rules:
Target Objective: In addition to your normal Strategic Assets, your army gains the Precision Strike and Vital Objective Strategic Assets. At the beginning of the game, record an objective to reveal later. Once the Iron Warriors Assault Force is deployed, reveal which objective you recorded. This is the objective that the Iron Warriors Assault Force must be deployed near, and is the Vital Objective for your army. The Precision Strike must be used on a unit within 12" of the objective.

Strike Force: The Chaos Space Marine units, Chaos Lord, and any Terminators or Raptors included in the Iron Warriors Assault Force must be held in reserve. They are all deployed by Deep Strike and must Deep Strike within 12" of a target objective, although they may Deep Strike farther away. The Heavy Support and any Superheavy units must be deployed within Line of Sight of the Target Objective and stay within line of sight of the chosen target objective until the rest of the Strike Force arrives on the board, unless they are Obliterators or Havocs, in which case they must Deep Strike with the rest of the Strike Force. Units in the Strike force may move and assault the turn they come on, but may only fire on and assault units within 12" of the target objective. On the turn the rest of the Strike Force arrives, the Heavy Support units and any Superheavy units may only fire and assault units within 12" of the Target Objective. Once a unit in the Strike Force arrives on the board, if it has a Personal Icon or a squad Icon, other units in the Strike Force may use it to deploy without scatter.

The Dude
12-11-2007, 23:20
Only a few more days left to get your entries in people.

There are some crackers here, but that idea you've been toying with could well be the winner.

Lord Cook
13-11-2007, 00:08
When and where do we find out which ones have made the cut?

The Dude
13-11-2007, 00:19
When and where do we find out which ones have made the cut?

We the dark robed brethren of the Judgemental Coven will meet at a time and place of our choosing, there to decide the fates of men.

The short list will be decided by the 22nd and posted as a poll for the whole community to vote on, thus deciding the overall winner.

13-11-2007, 02:38
Bodyguard Detachment

In the cases where a senior officer is on the front lines, a detachment of his personal bodyguard will accompany him and if necessary, lay their lives down for him.

100 pts + Models
1-Senior Officer or Heroic Senior Officer
0-3 Elite Infantry Squads (Stormtroopers or Hardened Veterans)
0-3 Infantry Squads (May only take one squad per Elite Infantry squad taken)

Strike Force: All squads must be deployed within 8" of the Officer's command squad.

Bodyguards: All Squads must maintain unit coherency with the command squad. If this is accomplished, any time the Officer would take a wound, you may sacrifice a squad member to absorb the wound.

Protect the Colonel!: Any time the command squad is engaged in close combat (by charging or being charged), the squads have the Counterassault special rule or may join combat on a charge.

19-11-2007, 14:21
OK guys, that's it!
The judges are now pouring over the datasheets and will come up with the short list very soon.
I want to thank everyone who entered a datasheet and made this a fun thread to watch. It's going to be hard to pick a top 5 that's for sure.
Anyway, the poll should be up by the end of the week and by the end of the moth we will have our winner!

Once again, thanks and good luck!


23-11-2007, 16:00
It's the 23rd and I haven't seen a poll yet. Any update on when you guys will have it ready to go? (or a link if I'm just blind :p)

24-11-2007, 14:01
I liked a lot of these formations people have come up with. I decided to make up a few datasheets for my gaming group's use based on some of them.

First up, the Imperial Psyker Coven (slightly edited for length in order to fit the actual data sheet):

NOTE: Warseer ends up squishing all of the 8.5 x 11 pages, you can see the regular version at my Photobucket Account (http://s242.photobucket.com/albums/ff65/LittleLeadMen/Brunswick%20Book/?action=view&current=ImperialPsykerCoven.jpg)


24-11-2007, 22:51
huzzah! glad you liked my humble effort. *grin*

24-11-2007, 22:57
Your formation was cool; it deserved to be made into a data sheet!

25-11-2007, 04:14
Hey guys, know the contest is over but i'm still going to post this one. Worked on it for a while when the contest was still on but then got too caught up in school and job and all to think about posting it so here goes. And since the contest is over, i won't bother with obvious fluff.

Ordo Xenos Strike force

1 Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Lord (use Ordo Hereticus or Maleus Inquisitor Lord profile)
2-4 Deathwatch tactical space marine units
0-1 Deathwatch Commander
0-1 Deathwatch Elite Choice
0-1 Deathwatch Fast attack choice
0-1 Deathwatch Heavy Support choice
(no vehicle may be super-heavy of flyer)

Special Rules
Xenos hunters – The entire formation must choose one of the following races as their field of specialty: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, Kroot, Vespid, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks. The advantages of the “Know your enemy” rule will only apply to the units of the selected race.

Know your enemy – Depending on the selected enemy race, all Deathwatch units will benefit from some of the special rules listed below. Also, all Deathwatch units have the “preferred enemy” rule against the selected race. Finally, as long as the Inquisitor Lord is alive, the controlling player may use the Viral Bombardment asset.
Eldar: The deathwatch marines specialized against the craftworld eldars are real psychic black holes. Not only are all the marines pariahs, but their armors are covered in ancient glyphs and runes, absorbing psychic energies. Deathwatch units are immune to all psychic powers and have the Culexus assassin’s “Psychic Abomination” rule too.
Dark Eldars: Knowing the dark kin’s way of wars and weapons, the death watch marines have undergone intense psycho and physio therapies to strengthen their body and minds. Deathwatch units are immune to all Masks, the horrorfex and terrorfex. Also, poisonous blades and agonizers must roll to wound normally (i.e. 5+ in most case).
Tau : The young race’s main military advantage lying in their superior technology, Ordo Xenos inquisitors have developed ways to neutralize this advantage. All guns of Deathwatch units using the 3 or 5 inch blast can now also fire haywire charges. Any battlesuit caught in a haywire blast will shut down for an entire turn. A shutdown battlesuit may not do anything at all, not even defend itself if charged. Vehicles suffer the “crew shaken” damage and will crash if having moved more than 6 inches in their last movement phase.
Kroot : The inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos took little time to realize all kroot acted mainly out of instinct and decided to use this fact against them. One non-vehicle Deathwatch unit must be designed bait. As long as the bait unit is alive, all Kroots within 72 inches will always move directly toward it and use the fleet rule in their shooting phase. As soon as they are in range, they must also charge it. If the bait unit is killed by close combat, all Kroot models of the units that were engaged are removed as casualties on a 2+ (roll for each model).
Vespid : Very few specialized techniques have yet been developed against the Vespid race. A relatively common one however, is the use of a device that can provoque vibrations in the air and focus them in a certain dirctions. When aimed at Vespid warriors, the vibrations react violently with their strange weaponry, causing them to explode in the best of cases. Any heavy weapon of Deathwatch units may be freely replaced by the device. It is a pinning heavy weapon, with maximum range of 48 inches, and any Vespid unit hit will not be able to fire its neutron blasters in their next shooting phase. If the device’s roll to hit is a 6, the crystals react so violently they explode. Place a 3inch blast of Str5 Ap3 over every Vespid model of the unit.
Necrons : From the studies of many captured damaged xenos, Ordo Xenos inquisitors and deathwatch marines have gained an impressive understanding of the Necron robotic bodies and know how to best neutralize them. Necrons killed by Deathwatch units will only Be Back on a roll of 6. Also, the Deathwatch units ignore the “linving metal” rule of Necron vehicles.
Tyranids : Without the will of the Hive Mind gluing them together, Tyranid hords would be mush like wild beasts let loose and thus much less dangerous. The Hive Mind’s presence is thus precisely what the Ordo Xenos will try to reduce when fighting these dangerous aliens. To do this, they use a device overriding the Hive Mind’s signal and leaving the minds of all tyranid creatures in range completely blank. One heavy weapon in the entire formation may be freely replaced by the device. Any non-synapse creature within 72inches of it and having a line of sight to the device will act following Instinctive Behavior. All synapse creatures also in sight and range loose the ability to effect lesser creatures around them.
Orks: By nature, orks are untrustworthy beings that keep on backstabbing each other in futile war for power. In combat, the only thing that keeps them from killings themselves is the authority of the bigger specimens, especially the so-called Big Boss. Realizing this fact, Ordo Xenos have developed a very effective strategy consisting of killing or isolating the authority figure before creating chaos within the ork ranks via contradictory order on their communication network. The formation has the “messin’ with them headz” asset.

Messin with them Headz - This asset may be used once per game. It is revealed when used, i.e. at the start of an opponent turn. When used, any Ork unit not within 24 inches and line of sight of an HQ unit must pass a leadership test. If failed, the unit will be controlled by the player using this asset for the entire turn. He can order them anything from shooting fellow orks to running off the table except, of course, suicide.

Viral Bombardment – This asset may be used once per game. It is revealed when used, i.e. at the start of an opponent turn. The controlling player places a 10 inch blast anywhere on the table and it will stay there for the entire opponent’s turn. For each phase (move, shoot, assault) a non-vehicle model of the selected xenos race starts in the blast, it takes a wound on a 2+ roll, only allowing inv saves. Closed vehicle are unaffected and open-top ones takes a glancing hit for each crew member.
The following models are only wounded on 4+: Eldar Avatar, Dark Eldar Talos, Tau Battlesuits, Necron C’Tan and Pariah, Ork Squigoth.
The following models are unaffected: Eldar wraithgard and wraithlord, Dark Eldar warp beasts.
Don’t hesitate into making house rules for other units you think should be less/not affected.

25-11-2007, 06:34
Dazzling March: 180 Points + Models

Some warbands following Slaanesh emit an alluring aura, a dismissing threat or a vibrant flow of colours that envelope the warband dazzling their foes beyond the impending threat the advancers impose. Sacrifices made before their march appease Slaaneshi's great gift of immunity to aggression. Millions have been dazzled by the shows and vibrant emotions that a Gladiator March can bring, ultimately to their deaths. Clouds rain rainbow droplets that gleam with perfume scents and tingling sensations. The sounds of the winds speak to the souls of men and xenos alike, releasing their anguish and sorrow, tempting them to the side of excess.

As with all of Slaaneshi's gifts, giving in excess is also in the prince's desire and often accelerates the emotional bliss and daring prowess of warriors in combat. Challenging them to excel and dance with their enemies of both sides.

HQ: 1 Lucious The Eternal (and/or) 1+ Chaos Lord with the mark of Slaanesh
3+ Squads of Noise Marines

Strike Force:
All units in the formation must deploy within 12" of their Lord(s) and Lucious

Not a threat:
The formation's units starting the enemy turn with at least one model within 12" of their lord or 18" of Lucious being targeted by any enemy units in the shooting phase must first roll 2 dice, and multiply the result by three as the length in inches they can fire, if the number is not enough to reach any of the models then the firing unit must pick a different target. The units benefiting from this rule do not count as targets for target priority tests, and may be ignored. Rhinos do not benefit from this rule.

Its raining emotion:
As long as any lords and/or lucious is alive all units on the table have the hit and run ability that may be used on a successful roll of 4+. (note, only vehicles with a weapon skill benefit from this ability)

-Personal notes on this:
Slaanesh is compedative with Khorne, so he makes his own 'storm' to combat the raining blood. As with slaanesh's effective range being 24" or less, or pay 140 points for 1 str8 blast weapon that has the night fight effect (indirect fire can still hit them) along with a bunch of lords that do not 'lash' things, it makes for an effective force. The bliss from the storm along with the whispers making them do things they normally wouldnt do, the hit and run ability is where everyone can enjoy a flip-flop battle. If a slaanesh army is all about melee and uses this night fighting to get into melee, the opposing army can at least use the hit and run ability to counter-balance that as often leaves them in a tight spot being rapid-fired and counter charged with devistating effect. Allowing Noise Marines guns and assault to good effect opposing the enemy forces short range and melee prowess. Meltaguns would be rare, and as moving and shooting or remaining still and getting pot shots, the force will be balanced considering they are a mostly medium-short ranged style army. A great balance without any real over-powering effects.

The hit and run ability is not an ability for the first one to use it. If one side uses it, both sides can use it and both units move 3D6 in their relative directions.

inquisitor solarris
28-11-2007, 19:20
This is just out of my head- and is "rather expensive"
THE MEMBERS OF THE INNER CIRCLE- when a large group of the fallen is found it is possible for the circle to confront the fallen in the attempt to ensure non of the fallen escape 150PTS+MODELS
Supreme grandmaster
Master of the Deathwing
Master of the Ravenwing
Chief Librarian
3+Company masters
3+Interrigator Chaplains
1 Techmarine (master of the forge so he must be in full servo-haness)
special rules
not independent-the circle will stay together to consult where they are needed so the circle's members are not independent.

power of the inner circle-due to their tactical skills each has the following
Supreme Grandmaster-hold at all costs
Master of the Deathwing-Scheduled Bombardment
Master of the Ravenwing-Surgical Riad
Chief librarian-flank march

Hatred of the Fallen-such is their dispise of the fallen that they'll attack them with great feats the inner circle has furious charge special rules and peferred emeny (chaos)

might need to change some ideas but it was a sudden thought.

Ordo Ouroboros
28-11-2007, 19:38
Traitors Sacrifice

300 points + Models

Kharne the Betrayer or any Lord with Mark of Khorne
six Bikers with mark of Khorne
8 Khorne Beserkers
8 Khorne Beserkers

The traitor's legacy knows very little boundry when it comes to blood sacrifice to the War God of Khorne. By sacrificing his own Khorne Marines, he can bring about great destruction about him. In a whirlwind of the blood and broken bones of his own men he brings about Khornes very own blessing by wiping out all enemies about him. Leaving naught but Kharne standing in a virtual lake of blood and gore. This is a highly risky manuvure and has left many a Chaos Lord dead in it's wake.

Effect: Each unit must be within 6 inches of the Khorne Lord. In order for this to take effect, every unit except the Khorne Lord will be sacrificed. On a succesful role 5 or more, Khorne will be appeased and send down two bombardments on any enemy within 12inches of the Khorne Lord. Scatter dice rules apply. On a role of 4 or less the ritual fails. On a role of 1 the Khorne Lord is also sacrificed and the bombardment strikes directly on the area the Khorne Lord was standing, killing anything around him.

Special rules: So effective is this manuvure that in the next turn, all enemy units within 6 inches of the bombardment not fearless must make a leadership test before moving forward. This rule does not effect retreating units.

Lord Cook
28-11-2007, 23:20
You're all aware the contest has now closed aren't you?

The Dude
28-11-2007, 23:22
Hey guys. It’s great that you’re still fired up about this and are posting ideas. I love to see the creativity flow :D

I will just point out though, that the competition itself has closed, so unfortunately we cant accept these entries for judging. Sorry :(

29-11-2007, 00:15
Great, so judge already, I wanna know what I won. ;)

Ordo Ouroboros
29-11-2007, 02:54
You're all aware the contest has now closed aren't you?

Yeah? So? :p

Still fun

29-11-2007, 02:58
Hey guys. It’s great that you’re still fired up about this and are posting ideas. I love to see the creativity flow :D

I will just point out though, that the competition itself has closed, so unfortunately we cant accept these entries for judging. Sorry :(

when are we gonna get the poll :D?

29-11-2007, 03:52

Cpatain lejune of the pardus 8th armored division sat in wait, his destroyer and the other two in his squadron were drawing a bead on the the ork stompa entering the ruins of the eastern manufactoria district. from under the concealment of the camoflage netting the captain yelled out "NOW!" as one the 3 destroyers fired into the stompa crippling the foul ork machine, within minutes the destroyers had eliminated the threat of the monstrous war engine and were displacing to a new location. over the vox the captain said "a good hunter never fires twice from the same spot"

Points 150 +models

Formation 3 destroyer tank hunters (imperial armor 1 or armored company armylist pdf)
one must be designated as the squad command tank

all tanks must be deployed within 6 inches of the command tank
whilst the command tank is still mobile all tanks in the squad including the command tank itself ignore crew shaken results

Titan killers
as the destoyers lie in wait they over charge their immense laser destroyers
as a result in the first shooting phase the destoyers laser destoyer counts as being a strength D wepon
strike from the shadows
the titan hunter squadron benefits from the comflage strategic asset

FORWARD OBSERVER PLATOON 150 points plus models
"target quadrant 2259 deflection 231 infantry in the open fire for effect!"
moments later the silence and darkness of the early morning was shattered by the thundering of artillery shells and battle cannon rounds rainin down on the traitors position.
"poor bastards" guardsman faulk thought " they didnt even see it coming!"

1 command squad with junior officer
2-4 infantry squads(each squad must have a vox and target designator)
no heavy wepon allowed in squad
1 mortar squad (the squad has spotting rounds and a vox)
1 fire control chimera

target designator: range unlimited ST:0 AP:0 heavy1 special rules
when a hit is rolled with this device the targeting information is sent back to the fire control chimera if the chimera is destroyed then only friendly models within 6" gain the "precision strike" strategic asset and ordinace weapons may reroll scatter
fire control chimera: as long as the chimera is on the table it will transmit information from the forward observer platoon to any friendly model on the table while transmitting the chimera may not move or shoot.
MORTAR SPOTTING ROUNDS are fired as normal but instead of resolving hits for damage any friendly model within 12" of the mortar squad that is equiped with an ordinace weapon may fire as though it scored a hit!

The Dude
29-11-2007, 04:59
when are we gonna get the poll :D?

Dosadai was looking after that. Hopefully he hasn't been taken out by GW G-men for spilling 5th edition beans ;):eek:

I have PMed him, so it should progress soon.

29-11-2007, 07:09
Just a quickie I thought up...

250PTS + Models

The Emperor's Sledgehammer SIEGE Company is the standard (but not universal) organizational doctrine for assault tank companies. These armoured companies are designed for use in closed environments, well-suited for assaulting heavily fortified positions and dense urban areas.


4 Leman Russ Demolishers
3 Hellhounds
3 Thunderer Siege Tanks
3 Armoured Fist Squads


Up to 4 Sentinel Scout Walkers
Up to 2 Hardened Veteran OR Stormtrooper Squads
Up to 2 Mortar Squads (w/ Chimera Transport)
Up to 2 Special Weapon Squads

Special Rules:

Assault Tanks
Being fitted for urban combat, all vehicles may take the Rough terrain modification, Extra armour, and Smoke launchers Vehicle Upgrade options at no additional cost. Sentinel Scout Walkers may also take the Armoured Crew compartment Upgrade at no additional cost.

Urban Warriors
All Infantry Squads may take the Light Infantry ability and Cameoline Cloaks equipment at no additional cost. Hardened Veterans/Stormtroopers must either take a Chimera transport (subject to the Armoured Tanks special rule but otherwise at normal cost) or Infiltrate -- urban areas are simply too dangerous for Drop Pods! Also, Hardened Veteran/Stormtrooper Squads may not take any Heavy Weapons (they are simply too unwieldly in an urban area for their liking), however, as they specialize in urban combat, any Special Weapons may be taken for free. This does not apply to Sergeants.

Siege Breakers
As they specialize in sieges, Special Weapons squads in Siege Companies are often armed with more than one Demolition Charge. As such, each Special Weapon squad may take up to 3 Demolition Charges rather than 1 (note that each Demolition Charge counts as taking up one of the special weapons in the squad, so a squad with three Charges may not have any additional Special Weapons).

Covering Barrage
Before an assault, it is common for artillery far in the rear to pound a fortified area with smoke rounds to shroud the advancing assault forces. Before the start of the first turn, after Infiltrators have been placed and Scout moves made, you may roll a D6 for each of the enemy's units (this barrage is optional and may be forfeited by the owning Player). On a roll of 4+, that enemy unit will be subject to Night Fighting rules for the first turn (regardless of any rules the target unit may have which negates the effects of Night Fighting, such as Searchlights). Likewise, any friendly unit wishing to target that unit will be subject to Night Fighting rules (so after declaring it a target, they must roll to see if the target unit can be seen. If it can not, no shooting takes place and the friendly unit can not fire that turn). While this has the benefit of helping shroud the attacking force, it can also have the drawback of hiding the enemy!

Just thought it'd be cool... lots of templates. ;)

02-12-2007, 04:01
"...All entries must be posted by Nov 15th 2007. Judging will begin the following week with the Poll going live on the 22..."

Hhmmm... so much for the scheduled dates ( its now Dec 1 )

Cry of the Wind
02-12-2007, 06:46
Hhmmm... so much for the scheduled dates ( its now Dec 1 )

Indeed, I'm a little disapointed now myself.

02-12-2007, 09:57
Aww now come on lads, I wouldn't mind if in a month or so they said they'd done the shortlist and they just had to put it online (The "its in the post" excuse for the GW eldar faq:angel:) and then disappeared for another month. The journey of making them and watching this thread were what were important in my eyes not one single one that appealed to more folks than the 100+ others.
KMB (:Dprobably coming across as a suck up)

Cry of the Wind
02-12-2007, 10:01
Don't get me wrong, I love what has been created as a result of the contest. I just want to see the conclusion!

It's no fun to have a contest and then have the enterants sitting there wondering what happened. I'm also too lazy/don't have the time to look through all the others right now and would like to see the short list of the best ones (at least according to the judges) and get my chance to vote on them.

The Dude
02-12-2007, 23:39
Rest assured that the judges have been in collaboration to come up with a short list. It's really not as easy as some may think ;)

Patience. For the Jedi it is time to eat as well, hmm?

Bun Bun
05-12-2007, 21:32
Indeed a consensus will soon be reached. There is a lot of good entries to choose from. ;)

06-12-2007, 00:02
So... the reason for the delay is "We broke the judges"?

Woo! Go us!

31-12-2007, 16:09
And the verdict is??? Curious minds await the final results.

05-01-2008, 17:08
You should run this competition again. maybe even make it a Quarterly event. I wish I'd entered as my idea seems pretty original. I'll save it for later.

05-01-2008, 18:00
i was thinking it would be cool to run it as a regular event but to theme it each time. usually it could be linked to an newly released codex (see if we can rival the ideas GW have come up with for Orks!) but it could be about something else. that kind of frame work would make it more creative and easier to judge. if it was race related it wouldn't necessarily have to include that race (what would a IG Ork hunters formation be like?). and we could add in legendry units as well.

i'd be all up for starting one like that as soon as Codex: Orks comes out, but i'd need a couple of other judges who were dedicated.

05-01-2008, 21:52
Well, before we start a new one, it'd be nice to get some kinda sign on this one. near as I can tell the Judges are treating it like GW treats the Squats. :p

13-01-2008, 14:40
Just wanted to ask if there's been any further movement on this and also post a new idea:

Necron Fleshhunt 150 points plus models.

Formation: 3+ squads of Necron Flayed Ones
1 Flayed Lord

Strike Force: The entire formation must be deployed within 12" of the Flayed Lord or, when coming into play from strategic reserve, deploy the Lord first then all the Flayed One units must initially start within 12" of him, but can scatter beyond.

Flayed Lord stats:
Points:100 WS:4 BS:4 S:5 T:5 W:3 I:6 A:4 Ld:10 Sv:3+
Wargear: Disruption Field; Chronometron.
Options: May take up to 85 points worth of wargear from the Necron Armoury, except the Destroyer Body.
Special Rules: Necron; Independent Character; Infiltrator; Deep Strike; Move through Cover; Terrifying Visage (as Flayed Ones). The Flayed Lord must be represented by a suitably converted Necron Lord model (or by an exact duplicate of the enemy commander if you wish :P)

Formation Special Rules:
Paranoia; Flayed ones have been known to infiltrate the upper echelons of enemy command structures and mimic senior officers well enough to affect orders from above quite visibly to the troops below. As such any Leadership bonus granted by the enemy command structure (Imperial Guard Vox casters, Space Marine rites of Battle etc.) are reduced by 1 (so a Space Marine Commander with Rites of Battle would only give the rest of his army Ld 9 for instance).
Forward Scouts; As the advanced infiltration and scouting arm of the Necron army, Flayed Ones gather much information about the enemy's disposition even as they are sowing terror and discord. As such, the Fleshhunt formation grants the Necron army the following Strategic Assets: Careful Planning, Surgical Raids, Recon.

05-06-2008, 16:48
Did anything actually happen with this contest?

Sorry to bring this back up, if not, i'm seriously considering re-running this, if people are still interested (that's if nothing actually happened), then if i took up the mantle could this be resurrected?

05-06-2008, 17:09
i certaintly never heard of anything. i was thinking about running one every few months (an they would be themed to coincide with 40k releases), but i never got much response from longer term posters (i.e. trust worth judges).

i'd be more than willing to resurrect such a thing and would be happy to help judge, even if it meant i couldn't post.

05-06-2008, 18:18
The judging process got super-heated and extremely political. There were payoffs from lobbyists, backdoor dealings, and even a rumored assassination attempt. We will know more when the Warseer Fact-Finding Committee concludes their investigation.

(srsly, what happened guys?)

05-06-2008, 18:20
so when is the result comeing out?


05-06-2008, 18:39
The poll was meant to go live on the 22nd of november 2007 after a short list was made.. however after the british government released its folder on UFOs (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7398108.stm) to the press and general public, all the judging panel had to morph into new identities.. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The Shortlisters.. da da da da, duh duh da.

05-06-2008, 18:41
(srsly, what happened guys?)

i honestly think you probably had it right. the whole process became so bureaucratic and complex, that it melted into nothing.

hence, i suggest that if we do restart the process that we develope a system for judging that is a lot simpler than before.


are you confusing the A-Team with Captain Scarlet?

05-06-2008, 19:53
id like to see it started again, i have some ideas but id also be willing to judge if i was needed

Col. Tartleton
05-06-2008, 22:31
just gonna toss in my idea since it never really ended...



Unlike Elysia and its Air Cavalry equipped with Valkyries and Vultures, many Imperial Forces use the massive marauder bomber as retrofitted transports for a tightly packed infantry platoon of sixty men.These are used to almost literally bomb the enemy with waves of men armed often with nothing more than a parachute, carbine lasgun, helmet and boot knife. However, Cadia's 87th Shrieking Aquila Upper Atmospheric Drop Division are considered the equals of any Elysian when it comes to raining death upon the emperors enemies and there victories have filled the annals of Imperial History.

100 Points Per Platoon Plus Models

1 Air Assault Command Platoon
2+ Air Assault Platoons
0-1 Kasrkin Ranger Attachment

Strike Force: Each Platoon is placed separately but all the squads in it scatter 3D6 from it's command squad.

Air Assault Command Platoon:5-25 Men
-Captain (Heroic Senior Officer)
-4 Veterans w/shotguns, Master Vox, and Medic
-0-20 Sappers ( Veterans armed with shotguns and 1 demo charge per 4 Sappers.)

Air Assault Platoon:60 Men
-Lieutenant (Junior Officer)
-4 Veterans w/shotguns, Master Vox, and Medic
-5xInfantry Squads (Sergeant and 9 guardsmen w/no heavy weapons allowed)
-Remainder Squad (Veteran Sergeant and 4 guardsmen)

Kasrkin Ranger Attachment:1-61 Men
-Storm Trooper Lieutenant (Commisar)
0-6 Storm Trooper Squads

Death From Above:
All required units in the Formation must deep strike on the Second Turn. All additional Air Assault Platoons (Over the required 2) and Kasrkin Rangers deep strike as normal with rolling for entry. Up to two platoons per turn may enter play this way.

By the time of any assault by the Shrieking Aquilas, Air Superiority has long been established by the Navy. On turn one, for each platoon, place a S5 AP4 Apocalyptic barrage in the same place as designated for the platoon in order to thin out the enemy for the eventual assault.

We're Surrounded, They're Exactly Where We Want Them:
Squads are fearless if outnumbered in CC.

Sir, I believe We're Lost:
Squads that scatter off the board may reenter on foot at the nearest point on the board on a 5+, on Turn 4. All squads that do not pass count as Victory points for the enemy.

05-06-2008, 22:33
Nice dude, thats pretty cool.

06-06-2008, 22:23
here's my idea

Dark Choir of Slannesh 135+models
The most favoured minions of the lord of excess have the power to destroy the will of mortal men with a few words, while they destroy their body with a flickering claw. They can entrance the most stubborn inquisitor or most noble Eldar with ease.
However, when the massed ranks of the Prince of Pleasure attack, dark choirs are formed. Many heralds gather and sing their dreadful harmony, the tunes joined by the Choirmaster; often the Masque herself. To hear the depraved anthems of a Dark Choir is to envite madness, to shoot your life-long comrades and to run into a minefield, all the time listening to the exquisite rapture of the Songs of Slannesh.



3+ heralds of Slannesh*
0-1 Masque
One herald must be designated the Choirmaster, if the Masque is being used then she must be the Choirmaster
*must have the Pavane of Slannesh deamonic gift

Strike force: when the choirmaster becomes available due to the deamonic assault rules, roll for scatter then place the other units in the formation within 12” of the Choirmaster, they do not scatter. Songs of Slannesh: instead of using another shooting power, all the units in the formation may combine their power to sing one of the Songs of Slannesh, these songs only affect non-vechiles and walkers and do not affect Gargantuan creatures and superheavies, if the choirmaster dies this power may not be used.

The song of excess: this works like the Pavane of Slannesh deamonic gift, except the range is increased by 2” per herald and each herald adds one to the movement dice. The masque adds 4” and adds 2 to the movement roll.

The song of betrayal: this power has a range of 12” +1” per herald (+2” for the Masque). Pick 1 unit, they must make a leadership check at -1 leadership per 3 heralds (walkers have leadership 10). If failed the owner of this formation may shoot with the target unit till the end of that shoot phase at any enemy unit.

The song of war: use this power at the beginning of your movement phase. All freindly units within 12” +1” per herald, get a bonus to their movement of an equal number of inches to the number of heralds in the formation.