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The Wet Ferret
19-10-2007, 19:12
Hi all. I'm new to this site so i hoped i placed this in the correct place. Sorry if not. Mod's Please move if it isn't.
I'm getting back into the gaming part of the hobby and i am looking for people to play in western Connecticut around the Waterbury/Bristol area. I have a place to do battle after 6ish in the p.m.

19-10-2007, 22:46
I live in Hamden, Connecticut, I could use a new opponent! I have a few friends that play also.

I'm in the Southern area, but wouldn't mind driving once in a while for a game.

I play Chaos, friends play Ogres, Vampire Counts, and Orcs and Goblins

The Wet Ferret
23-10-2007, 14:02
Sorry it took so long to get back to this thread. My computer is down and i'm using a friends.
I play dwarfs. If you are into setting something up please send me a PM.

Cloud Fang
16-02-2008, 22:39
hey... how old are you guys? Im from CT and would probably like to play some new opponents. email me: YellowSnail@comcast.net

18-02-2008, 23:31
I used to play 40k, and I've just come back to that and I have a strong interest in playing WHFB (have the main rules and a couple of army books, just trying to decide which one I want to play first)

I'm in my mid-20s and live near Stamford. Send me a PM on the boards here, as I'd love to find some folks to play against.

For the record, I'd be interested in almost any games, including the specialist games if we could get a decent group going.

After 7 PM EST during the week, or anytime on the weekends works for me.