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Dark Seraphs
23-10-2007, 02:45
Well I'm starting a campaign and I thought I'd do small reports every now and then when we play our little missions :).

The Idea is to have every mission a stand alone mission that link all together in a very big plot. If things go well in the first mission and the guys like it I'll continue to do battle reports. The real reason why I'll have standalone missions is because not everyone will be able to make it every day we play it (one is married).

Well the real idea is to have every player make one character that they will play through the campaign, The guys will be working as a team under Inquisitor Tiberius from Ordo Hereticus.
As Most of us know, Inquisitors have alot of work, going from planet to planet to cleance every heretic from every planet and he cant be at all places at the same time so he uses his hencemen to do some of his work for him while he is away.

The restriction that I'll have are the following:
NO Space Marines.
No aliens.
No Chaos characters.
No Inquisitors.
Will have to have a reason to work for the inquisition.

the reason why I want them to not play Inquisitors is that I want it to be more in the feeling of Necromunda then the standard inquisitor. (you dont often see a inquisitor getting himself a woman for the night after a long day of killing heretics, well maybe you would, but its a very diffrent element I'm aiming for, inquisitors have alot of rights that hencemen can only dream of getting.)

The first mission is kind of a mission for the players to get in touch of their character. The name of the first mission is "Bar fights".

Once I get things sorted out and everybody have finished making their characters I'll post them with the first battle reports along with a backround story about the campaign, right now I'm sorting things out and making things ready for the first mission.

What do you think of my Idea;)?
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

PS: the name of the Campaign is thats what we do. :P did a typo

Dark Seraphs
06-11-2007, 10:50
Alright, yesterday we did the first mission. Because so many wanted be part of the inquisitor Campaign I desited to split the team into two teams.
Thus I had to change the missions; I for sure will have the other mission I posted before but not at this moment.

Team 1. Ordo Hereticus
Squad members:
Mercenary, Joined when his Planet was clenched of heretics by Inquisitor Frans Kopinski, a young inquisitor after he hired the Merc to help him with the Investigation.

Iron Head Malone a Imperial Guard Veteran:
Got the name Iron head Malone after being shot in the head by a ork gun, yet kept fighting like there was no tomorrow. After the battle he was brought to the doctor and given a crude bionic eye and a steel plate head.

Isiah Edwards a Imperial guardsman:
A Big game hunter who was drafted into the imperial guards after proven to be a formittibablle sniper, pinning down 3 squads of Traitor guardsmen for three days by his expert marksmanship he was soon transferred to the Ordo Hereticus under Inquisitor Frans Kopinski.

Sock Branson a Enforcer:
the Silent guy in the group, his back story he keeps to himself, only Inquisitor Frans Kopinski knows about his story. But others can see that his life has been hard for him, for what reason? only the holy Emperor may know.

Twiggy the smuggler:
Just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Newest guy in the group. Not trained in any way, yet is able to handle himself. The Inquisition saw him fit after stealing a cargo of weapons from Heretics just before Inquisitor Frans Kopinski and gang came rushing in killing every heretic except Twiggy.

(one couldn't make it so he didn't have the chance to tell me his back story).

The story takes place on the Planet Markus III.

Strange things have been happening on Planet Markus III.
More then normal amount of executions for heresy have happened in the past 10 months.
The only thing that the Interrogators have crushed out of the heretics is “They have awoken.”
Resent Earthquakes have not helped the Imperial guards to keep order.

What Team Ordo Hereticus knows is this:
Thus the Planet Governor has asked for the aid of Ordo Hereticus.
Inquisitor Frans Kopinski is sent to the planet along with his loyal troops from far and wide to investigate this matter.

Inquisitor Frans Kopinski, now a Experienced Witch Hunter, it takes him only 2 weeks to figure out what really is going on.

turning to his Loyal Troops and telling them to head North to a small Deserted town there, where he believed the So called Cult leader is keeping himself.
He himself will not join them, for he will be commanding a Squad of Bombers that will bombard that town as soon as the gang clears out the AA gun (2 twin linked Longbarreled Autocannons)

their missions is the following:
1. get their hands on the so called “cult leader”,
2. Destroy the AA Gun, so the Bombers may arrive

3. Try to figure out what the Sleepers are. (those that just woke)

Alright they were given one Melta bomb to take out the AA gun and given a unarmed transport.

The heretics are mostly former Imperial guardsmen, some are Citizens. The team starts by using stealth to get closer to the AA gun. The AA gun was pretty close so if they did it all right, it should be no problem getting there.
Unfortunately, The Enforcer and The Veteran Imperial guardsman started to move straight to the gun, without using much stealth. It didn’t take long for the AA gun to spot them.
With his Lightning reflexes the imperial guardsman jumps into cover, the Enforcer on the other hand stands there alone out in the open and he gets to feel the first volley of the 2 twin linked longbarreled autocannons. With much luck he only gets hit once in the leg and it only does 18 in damage (Very bad dice roll).
While the rest is hiding or getting into better position, Twiggy manages to disguise himself as a cultist and manages to get past everybody, slowly working his way to the AA gun.. When he gets to the gun he starts ordering heretics around, telling them to load the cannon because he is taking over.
Twiggy starts turning the AA gun around and aims for the heretics. He fires at the heretics and causes much panic, heretics are running left and right trying to hide from the gun and before the crew members figure out what is going on Twiggy gives every one of them 1 shot in the head.
The Enforcer, with a badly wounded leg moves with the melta bomb to the AA gun and sets the timer for 30 sec (giving himself 3 turns to set the bomb and run away.
Before he can get to the gun he is shot once in the leg by a heretic that manages to shake the fear of himself. (20 sec). The Enforcer is just one inch away from the gun, his leg is bleeding badly and he can only crawl, Twiggy stops using the gun and helps the Enforcer to the gun and the Enforcer sets the bomb on the AA gun (10 sec). They have never used a timer bomb like this before so they don’t know the blast radius, with 10 sec left and 4 heretic’s fireing at them, Twiggy puts the enforcer on his back and he starts running to the Bunker. He barely makes it (he has 5 actions and he needed 5 actions to make it there). With that the gun blows up and does a 8 inch blast radius.

While everybody are focusing on the AA gun, the lone imperial guardsman Iron head, is heading to the cult leader and has little resistance (2 guys try to engage him). 3 turns later, after the AA gun blows up he gets into the house. Where the Cult leader stands, next to him is a man with a shaved head and holds a staff, in front of them are 3 trained imperial guardsmen (now heretics) with fixed Bayonets.
Without giving the Cult leader any chance to speak Iron head rushes at the next guardsman, after being stabbed few times by Bayonets the guy with the shaved head lifts his finger and from his hand comes a ball of fire, hitting iron head straight at the face and knocking him out (giving him a automatic system shock).
With that the Cult leader orders the guardsmen to take the Veteran away, (making their dramatic escape before this site of the town is bombarded by Marauder bombers.

Team ones next mission is to rescue the Veteran.

This is a crude drawing at what the battlefield looked like.

Team 2 is Ordo Xenos, and this wetnesday they are going to do their first mission.

06-11-2007, 12:25
Sounds like it was a great game! I love the tension involved in Twiggy helping the Enforcer to set the bomb and then picking him up to leg it for cover. That is exactly what Inquisitor is all about. Sounds like our young smuggler has the makings of an honest-to-Emperor hero about him! Perhaps he should get the Heroic ability in future games as a reward?

Sounds like the player using Iron Head needs a lesson in appropriate tactics.


Dark Seraphs
06-11-2007, 14:05
That might acually be a good idea, It might also push people into doing heroic deeds like he did.

07-11-2007, 10:47
Perhaps the Enforcer should have to sit out the next scenario, too. After all, 18 damage to one leg, plus a wound to the other is not to sniffed at. This guy will be needing a replacement leg, I'd say: whether bionic or vat-grown is up to you.


Dark Seraphs
13-11-2007, 13:02
Team 2: Ordo Xenos.

Deathcult Assassin Widow: the training to become a assassin can be hard and painful, but for some loved. Widow on the otherhand seeks only to pleasure his own needs. Killing is not enough for him, he feels like he must have more then the pleasure of killing, when he kills his prey he often enjoyes eating part of their flesh, not only for his pleasure but to bring fear among the others that will be next.

Assassin: keeping something to himself and Inquisitor Klaus Hansen, he really is a mutant. He is able to regenerate faster then normal humans and he can prey on the blood of the weak. This makes him a perfect assassin.

Acolyte: The oldest member in the gang. Klaus Hansen took him under his wing and is now his mentor. The Acolyte is able to move things with his mind. His main role is to detect enemies with his mind and telepathically link with everyone.

Adeptus Mecanicus: on Mars he was given some of the best bionic limps a man can dream. Shortly after he left Mars he got hit by a explotion, some of the shrapnel hit his heart. The Imperium had to replace his heart quickly before it was too late and they could only replace it with a crude bionic heart.

Rogue Trader: Was taken into the gang after helping the Inquisitor with getting his hands on a gang of Eldars.

Mission 1: A Rude Awakening

While Ordo Hereticus is focusing on heretics, Ordo Xenos took more interest in what caused those earthquakes. They sent inquisitor Klaus Hanssen along with his men to investigate these earthquakes. Using in tells that Ordo Hereticus have gathered. You have actually discovered something far more then just Heretics. The so called sleepers are actually ancient race that the imperium knows very little about. The sleepers are often terms for Children of C’tan or Necrons.

There is no time to waste! The earthquakes is just phase one of their awakening, the Problem is….where are they?

After a week of investigation and following members of Ordo Hereticus it has led you to a small abandoned town, where you believe a rogue psycher is believed to be hiding. This man says he can feel the presence of the Sleepers. If that is true, he might be at great importance in finding out where the Necrons are sleeping.
Ordo Hereticus must not know of your Presence here in the town so your inquisitor won’t be joining you on this mission.

You will be dropping from the sky abit outside the town

Sadly The Deathcult assassin couldn’t make it so they only had one assassin, he had some problems hat home.

Alright, they started off by dropping from a shuttle on the outskirts of the town. It was dark so I didn’t give them the location of all the enemies. They really didn’t discuss any plan on getting the rogue Psycker so they started running left and right. This meant that they got detected the first turn and the game went from stealth over the street shoot out.

The only one that got past detection was the Assassin. While the gang was shooting Cultists left and right, the Assassin went and tried to intercept the tank with the Rogue Psycker. That went pretty well until he found out that the tank was guarded by 3 cultists, that didn’t stop him though. Instead of doing stealth kills he charged the next guy and started to stab him to death with 2 swords. With a whole turn of fighting a man he managed to hit him in the head and knock him out fro 3 turns. As soon as he had finished that guy out another guard found him and charged, with that the tank had already left the assassin.

While the assassin wasted turn after turn fighting that one cultist the acolyte desited that this was going to hell, ran out of the house that he was shooting from, ran past 12 cultists and before the cultists could react he jumped and got a hold on the tank.

With that the driver drove as fast as he could, trying to shake the Acolyte off the tank. He drove in the direction where the Rogue Trader stood and right before the tank drove over him he got a hold on the tank as well (he fist had to past I test, then a strength test with -20% and he passed easy.). with that they both climbed up to the hatch, but just before they could open the hatch the tank commander came out of the hatch holding a stubber in one hand and aimed at the Acolyte and shot him 2 times in the face (did very little damage but stunned him for 1 turn and got him in heavy in head).
The Acolyte was falling backward off the tank, but just before he fell the Rogue Trader stepped on the Acolytes cloak and with a combined action pulled out of his own cloak one laspistol and one stubber and shot the commander enough times to kill him.

With that they jumped into the Tank and the Rogue Psycker panicked (failed his nerve test by getting a 100) and dropped down on his knees and begged for mercy. The Acolyte tied the Rogue Psycker down while the rogue Trader went and took the tank.

With that they picked up the rest of the gang and left before more men could arrive.

Another crude drawing of the battlefield.

Tomorrow Team 1 is going to try to rescue the Veteran
In "in the Belly of the beast!"

13-11-2007, 14:32

I find the idea of a Death Cult assassin "having problems at home" inadvertently hilarious. He's a death cult assassin! How much worse can it get?? :D

Your players really do seem to have a problem with doing things stealthily, don't they? But the exchange at the tank sounds like it was cool as hell. Surviving being shot in the face is a war-story that the Acolyte won't forget in a hurry - and nor will the Rogue Trader let him soon forget having his neck saved in such dramatic fashion!


Dark Seraphs
13-11-2007, 14:55
Yeah they had abit of a communication breakdown, they didn't really talk about any plan, so those that were based around shooting things did ofcorse what they do best.

Also what gave them hell was that every heretic was passing all the System shock tests.

Hopefully I wont forget bringing my camera, so I will be able to take a picture of the models in Team 1, also then I will be able to give better pictures of the battlefield.

Dark Seraphs
22-11-2007, 14:19
I didn't want the Enforcer to sit this one out though I gave him the option. He wanted to play so I made him keep his wounds.

Team 1, mission 2. In the belly of the beast!

After the bombing run, a shuttle lands infront of the heroes tank, out steps your Inquisitor and next to him a well dressed man. After the inquisitor asks for the cult leader and you sitting down with him and Explaining the whole mission for him he leans back and takes a deep breath and speaks:

"It is crusual that we get our hands on that leader, I wouldn't be a good inquisitor if I hadn't placed a traser on all of you so I Want you all to follow the Veterans becon, if I am right the Cult leader is there with him, about to interrigate him. This might be your last chance to get the cult leader. This will be hard but you all are ready to lay down your lives for the Immortal Emperor. Now go, follow that becon and may the Emperor's holy light shine on you, This man here" he nods to the well dressed man "is going to acompany you on your mission".

With that he stands up and goes back into the shuttle.

After 20 min of drive you get to a man made tunnel that leads underground, here you must leave your tank behind and head on on foot.

Your mission is:
1. Get your hands on the cult leader.
2. Save the Veteran.

They started outside the complex and had to work their way through the dark (inside tunnels) and to the complex, and because they forgot to ask for flashlights I desited that moving anything faster then walk would be a risky action.

They saw few guys carrying flaslights, the enemies moved in a random derection with their flashlights always pointing forward, they had the dark on their site so they had to use stealth to eather get past the enemy or kill them.

Twiggy wanted to stealth up to a guy and cut him down, just as he is 2" from the guy he is about to kill, the guy turns around and points the flashlight right in Twiggies face.

With that the heretic points his gun at twiggy and fires away, in panic he misses all of his shots, but Twiggy did not expect that the guy would turn around and panics (failing his nerve test) and ducking for cover.

Twiggy manages to shoot the heretic in the chest and knocking him down, Twiggy disited to charge the heretic (forgetting that its a risky action to charge aswell), he trips ontop of the heretic and there starts a fight over who is going to shoot first, before the heretic manages to shoot twiggy grabs the heretics lasgun and they start to fight over the lasgun for 3 rounds (30 sec game time), while this dramatic fight is taking its place the rest of the team is taking out the rest of the heretics with ease.

with abit of a fight there, Twiggy finally manages to take out a knife and stab the heretic in the groin and killing him.

They come to the doors of the complex and open it...Twiggy entering first in and seeing that the hasard light is on (yellow lights) and blood everywhere.
They enter there slowly, with few turns of silance they think that it is all clear and keep moving, while they are running around they find the weapon storage room, with haste Twiggy and the Enforcer (still wounded from the last game) grab the most powerful weapons they find there...Bolters.

Just as those two pick up the bolters everybody hear screams coming from all around them.
in Panic everybody try to rush into the weapon storage room and grab what they can but they were too slow as soon as they start running to the room they see something jump into the room. Next thing they hear are screams of their companions (Twiggy and the Enforcer), Gunshots fired.

What Twiggy and the Enforcer see is that a Genstealer jumps into the room and charges the Enforcer (it was all Randomised), in one round the Enforcer is bleeding to death (again), holding his chest and adomen, screaming for help.
Twiggy screams aswell and fires as many shots as he can, in round 2 Twiggy manages to fire one shot to the Genstealers head and knocking him down for 2 rounds, That doesn't stop Twiggy from firing, he keeps firing until he has used all of his bolter ammo.

Being 7 wounds from getting system shock, The Enforcer slowly manages to stand up.
As soon as the Enforcer stands up (starts to laugh) another thing jumps into the room.
(I randomised if another genstealer would jump at Twiggy and the Enforcer or the rest of the gang). Another Genstealer jumps into the room, jumping straight for the Enforcer (randomised again), and misses all 4 attacks (I got 100 two times and 98 2 times), Twiggy and The Enforcer scream again, Twiggy out of ammo, The Enforcer uses all of his ammo aswell to kill the Genstealer.

While Twiggy and The Enforcer are fighting genstealers the rest of the team move to the next room which is a storage room, filled with all sort of things.
Behind one of the craders the Cult leader hides (in fear). In panic the Cult leader rushes out of his hiding place and runs at them with a autopistol and a chainsword.
Without thinking the gang members start fireing at him with what they got, shooting him down in 2 turns. One of them passes their Nerve test to think straight and figure out they just shot the cult leader to almost nothing. (Heavy on 3 location, and Acude on the rest). Bleeding in three places the gang rushes to him trying to keep him stable and manage to do that (the cult leader has one wound left til death).

In panic of seeing some slimes and mist coming the next room Twiggy throws 3 frag grenades into that room, blowing everything apart (even 4 Prisoners there), but it can be justified (it their eyes this all looked like a genstealer cult).

While all this is happening Iron head (the Veteran) wakes up in a laboratory, He sees that the laboratory is deserted. He rushes out of the room and finds his gear being kept in a compartment outside the laboratory and rushes to safety and waiting for the rest of the gang to come to the car.

To fill you all in, the cult was experementing on Genstealers and what their DNA effected other life.

The two Genstealers escapted and started killing everyone, the Cult leader manages to hide behind craders.

They finished their mission barely and were suprised to see that Iron head was waiting for them by the car.
(they are now paranoid about Iron head and are keeping their eyes open for any strange activity Iron head might have)

sorry but I forgot my Camera :(
crude drawing of the battlefield

I aint going to forget my camera next time, because I'm putting it in the bag now

Next mission is team 2 mission 2 in "On the road again"

Cry of the Wind
23-11-2007, 00:20
All and all this a great read for me and is giving me some inspiration to get working on my own campaign (seems that I've also got a few more players interested for after christmas..though I couldn't convince them to go 54mm....yet...).

Keep the reports coming and try to get some real pictures of in progress games if you can!

Dark Seraphs
23-11-2007, 17:00
I use the Warhammer 40k scale.

We are all Experianced warhammer player and we have millions of bits that we can use.

Also it would be hard for me to make around 20 Zombie Imperial guardsmen (and not cost effective) if I take it up to Inquisitor scale. Because I have around 2000pts of Zombie Imperial guards

Cry of the Wind
23-11-2007, 17:10
Also it would be hard for me to make around 20 Zombie Imperial guardsmen (and not cost effective) if I take it up to Inquisitor scale. Because I have around 2000pts of Zombie Imperial guards

I won't disagree with that. I've read a lot of interesting points out there regarding the different scales and have to say Inq28 is much easier to do more interesting things with (like having zombie swarms) but when you see that 54mm on the table it just looks too good to stay away from. That's why I'm building my war band in 54mm and 28mm scale.

Dark Seraphs
15-12-2007, 03:56
team 2 mission 2 Unexpected visit

After getting your hands on the Psycher it is time to get him to the extraction point, where he will be taken away and brought to the Inquisition for questioning.

Now that you have had your hands on a unarmed tank it shouldn't take long to get there.

Luckely, Another member of Ordo Xenos got to you just before you left to the extraction point.

Your mission:
1. Keep the Psycher safe at all time!

2. Get the Psycher to the Extraction point.

Alright, we had a new character. A character I really liked. (I know I said no chaos characters, but the backround story was too good, I think you all get what I mean right?)
The player had been talking to me about a guy being a Chaos Psycker (follower of Tzeenze) that had been trying to build up his own cult. Before he could start he met the guys in Ordo Xenos and they got him to join the ordo Xenos.
It was abit of a setback for the cultist, he had to sit back and wait for the right time to rise.

I loved the idea, a chaos cultist hiding and trying to act all loyal to the Emperor.
Because of a Great backstory and he asked me to make the character for him I made him be a really powerful psycker (WP 96 and 4 powers) I gave him one power for free for great RP and backstory (it was very long, like a page long). Ordo Xenos didn't know he was a Cultist.

Before the game started I warned him about using too many powers and that alike, the Psycker was armed with a pump action shotgun and a combat knife.

Sadly, after a very long backstory, he must have been the shortest lived character I have seen in inquisitor....(two rounds)

Anyway, on with the report,

The Ordo Xenos retreated in their now stolen tank, to hide their aperance they desited to dress the rogue trader as the heretic tank commander.
But what they didn't know was that this was all a trap, the heretics knew they were coming.

as soon as the rogue trader jumps out of the hatch as a tank commander, he gets hit in the chest by a sniper fire, with lightning reflexes the rogue trader shakes off the pain and grabs his laspistol and fires as many shots as he can on the sniper (he got a 4% on spotting him), hitting the sniper 4 times in the face and killing him instantly.

In panic though the Driver hits the gas and goes in full power (giving himself -40% on spotting test) making the landmines plased before them be at -60% to spot), driving at full speed at the landmines he blows up every bit of the lower part of the tank, the rogue trader flies off the tank and barely survives as he lands on his back.
The rest of the team are shaken for 2 turns (exept the Chaos cultist), he steps out of the back entrence of the tank, holding his bleeding arm, just as he looks outsite the tank he spots a guy running to the tank with a flamer.
Without thinking he rushes to the flamer heretic and yells to the others "FLAMER!", he takes up his shotgun and fires, unlucky for him...he misses, in the same turn the flamer fires at the cultist and grills him (but wait, this aint over, he is alive still barely).

The flamer looks at the burning knocked out cultist and ignores him, as he runs to the tank. The Death cult assassin shoots the fuel on the flamer with his autopistol and blows the tank, killing the heretic (I placed a large blastmarker on the flamer guy and everyone under the template counted as being hit by a flamer....unlucky for the cultist (my soon to be dead favorit character), is 1" away from the flamer and the little hope I had for the cultist survival faded away as he was burned to ashes.

now came the 4 hour (Real life) gunfight, where the Ordo Xenos team was dragging everyone into the nearest sewer system, everybody knocked out or bleeding badly, the rest of the gang barely made it with the Rogue Psycker they were going to get to the extraction point.

The hero of this battle must have been the Death cult assassin that killed over 20 heretics and saved everyone (exept my favorit character :( ) he caused panic and mayhem while the rest of the gang dragged themself to the sewers. It really didn't matter if the assassin was shot in the chest or leg, he just went into a more frezny and killed more and more people. In the end all the heretics stopped fireing at the gang and started focusing their firepower on the assassin that was in a total frenzy, (thanks to his Vampireism),

Well I went to my grandfathers 80th birthday and took my camera with me and forgot to put it back into my inquisitor bag so I forgot my camera (again).

I wont be able to give any reports until next month.

Though Next mission will be Ordo Hereticus.

the next mission will be abit harder for me to perform, because I dont own any Imperial flyers, but I'm sure I will figure something out.

18-01-2008, 18:39
what do u use for heretic models?

Dark Seraphs
18-01-2008, 19:23
I own around 2000pts of Zombie/heretic Imperial guard Army, I just use them. I dont use 54mm in this Campaign, would be too much of a work for me to make around 20 54mm Zombies :p and cost me alot of money (something that I dont have).

18-01-2008, 21:08
so do you use 40k scale miniatures for the other characters?

Dark Seraphs
20-01-2008, 14:26
yes, because its so hard to get your hands on a inquisitor scale miniture.

Dark Seraphs
21-01-2008, 14:10
Team 1 mission 3

Bar Brawl!

Having returned from that horrid place with your half dying captive in the backseat of your car you contact the cruiser.

The cruiser sends a shuttle to pick you up, but it will take some time for the shuttle to arrive so you all take a seat at a bar while you wait for the shuttle to arrive.

Drinking few mugs of ale and chat about what you all will do with the money, you notice something strange...everybody in the bar are armed with all kinds of weapons.
Looking around the bar you see posters, speaking of the Imperium has failed and other such words against the Imperium, you are even sure that some speak against the God Emperor. Knowing well enough that you all cant take them all by your self you start moving outside. But before you can get outside you hear a voice on a speaker.
"This is Captain Colanius of the 105th Regiment, you are all under arrest for treason, step out and you all will be executed in a orderly fashion."

With that you see all the members in the bar jumping up and grabbing their weapons, one moving up to the window and screams.
"We will throw ourself to your mercy when hell freezes!"

Knowing that your captive is dressed like a military officer, might think you all are with the rebels.
The good news is, the shuttle is soon entering orbit, the bad news is, you got abit of Imperial Guards men in your way that think you are rebels.

your mission is:
1. Keep the Captive alive by all means.

2. Get to the shuttle.

Alright, It started out that the Merc wanted to see how tense the Imperial Guardsmen were by throwing a waitress out on the street, so he grabs her and throws her out on the street.
The Imperial Guardsmen are pretty tense and shoot her down (yet another Civilian kill for the group, so far they have killed 4 Civilians, 2 of them females, 1 male and 1 child).

with that all the Rebels rush out and attack the Captain, with luck they all rush out some get shot on the way and 4 fire at the Captain, all hit the Captain in the head, and so ends the story for the Captain, the captain died pretty fast.
But there were Junior Officers around so they could still order Guardsmen around.

With that the rest of the team starts shooting the Guardsmen, killing two.
The Rogue Trader (the new guy in the team) believes that this is the time to split and run to the shuttle bay. He grabs his autogun and uses the butt to break a window and fails miserably, a bullet in the gun blows up and for now, the autogun is ruined and needs repairs.

While the Rogue Trader is having this problem, the Sniper is having a problem of his own; he runs after the merc outside and hides behind a ruined old house. Little did he know that there was a missile launcher aiming at him from the other side of the wall. The missile launcher fires at the wall and buries the Sniper under rubbles, the sniper screams out for help, screaming things like:

Twiggy the Rogue, still inside the bar, grabs vodka bottles and other strong alcohol and starts making Molotov Cocktails. After making 2 (and saving the best in his backpack, after all the rebels wont be using it) he runs out and the first thing he spots is, he is way behind everyone and there is a 5 man squad coming up behind him, without thinking he throws the bottle at the squad and hits them straight in the face, lighting them all on fire and killing them.

Soon the team figures out that all the rebels are dead and the guardsmen are getting closer to them, after abit of chaos within their group the Sniper who barely dragged himself out of the rubbles grabs his sniper and aims at the rocket inside the barrel of the rocket launcher (giving him a huge minus of -50% + range), The God Emperor must have been within because he hits so well that he blows up the rocket inside the barrel (he got a 01 to hit, and does max damage) and with that causes chaos, and enough confusion for the rest of the team to get the hell out of there.

While the rest of the team are trying to get up with the Merc (who is WAY past them), the Merc says he aint getting enough action and grabs his autogun and turns around and starts firing at a 10 man squad that is on their way to the Sniper and pulls the trigger and just keeps firing, Empties a clip puts in another one, empties that clip and puts in another clip and empties that aswell, killing a squad of 10 guardsmen and a the Junior officer aswell.

Not a Moment sooner does the shuttle land so the team runs into the shuttle and the fly back into the cruiser.

Their Reward was money and being able to buy rare Items, We might see abit of changes in weaponry after this ;), but only if they have the money.

I inducted the necromunda credit list into this campaign, so they will be using money to buy weapons and ammo.

Twiggy was the first one to buy new Items, he bought himself a Revolver with 6 Man-stopper rounds (3d6+2 in damage revolver!).

basically to make this abit harder for the characters, you buy the gun without ammo, you can by normal ammo and then you buy a full clip (For common weapons), if you want a special ammo like the man-stopper rounds, then you buy only one bullet, every manstopper round costs around 5 credit and the revolver around 15 credit, it costed him around 45 credits just this gun, (he had around 100 credit).

If you buy a bolter, because the bolter is such a rare Item, you have to buy every bullet, not just the clip. so basically ammo for common weapons is cheap, ammo for anything bigger then common weapons, then it starts to get expensive (just to kinda force them to hold on to the common weapons)

Teams 2 next mission is "what lives beneath"

Dark Seraphs
24-01-2008, 03:24
mission 3 team 2

"what lives beneath"

After retreating from the heretic army you slowly get to your feet and keep going, keeping the Rogue Psyker close.

After abit of a walk you find yourself in what looks like a ruined city, a city that fell a very long time ago and the new city was built over it. With limited light its very hard to see anything. After walking for what must have been an hour you come to what looks to be the City Plaza. Just as you are in the middle of the plaza you hear strange things coming from around you. And you all are sure its just few meters away, drawing up your pistol and other weapons, knowing well enough you must find a way out here.

Time is short and whatever is here, its getting closer and from the sound of things its not Human.

your mission:

Well Very few came this night, and I was pretty unhappy as I was hoping more would come, there were only 3 characters. The Assassin, Rogue Traider and the Imperial guardsman (basically the guy that the Evil Psyker in the group made, after his evil Psyker died.)
Even though so few could make it it was pretty fun for us all and VERY Dramatic, people screaming crying and begging for others to save them as they had their first encounted with the Sleepers!

It was a total Darkness where they were so I made it that they had -20% on all their actions and they could only see 6" (so the combat got pretty close)
They keep moving, keeping the Psyker close. The had been moving for 2 rounds when they start hearing sounds of what sounded like metallic scraping agaist the dirt. I didn't place any models unless they were within 6" of atleast one model, if they were not, I removed them from the table, adding more to their senses.

First thing they do is to grab their weapons and be ready, as soon as they get ready they see alot of small green light getting ever so closer, The Imperial Guardsman grabs his shotgun and looks at the other guys saying in a very cool fasion.
"I like to keep these for close encounters"

After abit of waiting, they see alot of small metallic flies of somesort, flying to them, Green Electric fields all around the flies. the first thing that the characters do is to shoot and shoot and shoot. (I let them keep shooting, waisting their shots on these swarms).

When they had been shooting for about 4 rounds they see two green lights side by side getting closer, very slowly getting closer to them. They kept shooting for one turn on the swarms. Then the two green lights are almost next to them and thats when the players screamed in terror, as out of the darkness steps out a being, a Necron.

The Assassin screams and tries to hide, but only finds that every cover he hides behind he gets desintigraded by the Necron Guss flayer. So in the end the Assassin charges the Necron head on with his two swords and starts slashing (8 slashing later) the Necron is unharmed. the rest of the team are having problem of their own as the Swarm of metallic flies (Scarabs) are basically swarming over them.

The Necron strikes back, again and again and again until he figures that the Assassin is too hard to hit in single combat, so he straps the gun behind himself and tries to grab the Assassins head, the Assassin sees this as an Opertunity and with great acrobatic jump, jumps over the Necron and somehow manages to grab the gun from the Necrons back, but he wasn't fast enough, but at the very same moment the necron turns around and gets a hold of the Assassins head and starts to Crush his head (mighty 160 in Str ). The Assassin Screams for help, begging anyone to save him as he can feel his head being crushed by the Necron.

The Rogue Trader answers his call, running as fast as he can and jumps on the Necrons back, trying to pull the necrons arms off the Assassins head. The Necron drops one hand around the Assassins face and grabs the Rogue Trader that hangs on his back, throws him down on the floor, with that the Assassin breaks free from the Necrons choak hold (gets a 01% on the dice) holding the Necron Guss Flayer in both hands and aims saying.
"Taste your own crap, Metallic scum!"
with Great unluck the Assassin fires and (gets a 100 on to hit roll) hits the Rogue Trader right in the chest and forces the Rogue Trader to fail a system Shock Test, The Assassin keep firing and firing and reduses the Necrons armor alot, getting the Armor (10 on all location to drop down to 0 on all location, exept arms and groin), Because it was a Alien weaponry that he doesn't know how to work, then I said that the Flayer was a risky action.
The Assassin in the end gets a risky action action and the gun shuts down. with that The Necron steps on the Rogue Trader that is knocked out and breaks few more bones in the Traders body.
After a Very long one and one fighting with the assassin holding his swords and the Necron trying to punsh and grab the Assassin, the assassin soon gets 4 hits in one turn on the Necrons head and kills the Necron, with the Necrons death, the Scarabs and the Necron faces out, but the Assassin held the Guss Flayer, that somehow shut down and nobody knows how to turn it back on.

While the grand battle with the Necron vs. Assassin and Rogue Trader, the Imperial Guardsmen ignores the whole Problem and while running hipshoots all the scarabs while he drags the Rogue Psyker out of this place. After apit of running they come to stairs that lead out of the undercity. Putting the Psyker on his shoulders (the Psyker was tied down, legs and arms, along with the Psykic nullifyer field around the Psyker just to make sure he couldn't do anything). climbing to safety. 10 rounds later the fight with the Necron is over and the rest drag themself free.

In the end I was pretty happy with this day. The guys had loads of fun and for a split moment there, when the Necron held both the Assassins head and the Rogue Traders neck, I really thought there for a moment that the party might acually die.

After this mission the team got themself out of the city were a Transport was waiting for them to get them to the Imperial Luna class Cruiser, that acually was confiscated and taken by the Ordo Xenos as a Stealth ship when hiding from Other Orders.
After this mission I gave them 75 credits to use on to buy Rare Items.

05-02-2008, 00:46
Really felt bad about missing out on that one, but was packing and had an early flight to England the day after. Sounds like you guys had a blast.

05-02-2008, 09:19
Great report! Sounds like a fantastic game.


Dark Seraphs
25-04-2008, 21:03
Sorry, I haven"t been very active...I know, I"m lazy :) anyhow. here we go.

Mission 4 team 1

In space oneone can hear you scream

After interrogeting the heretic the inquisitor steps out of the chamber, men dragging the heretic out of the chamber from behind him.
"burn that heretic." he says to the stormtroopers
"I have the information we need, you all must travel down to the Planet and get a Rogue Psyker, the Psyker must be executed before the seed can be spred to more weak souls."
Just as he had finished his sentence the alarm starts. The inquisitor along with you all rush to the bridge to see what is going on, it is the place where the heretic was ment to be burned.
a yell is heard from the vox "its horroble, it killed the whole squad! help me! Hel!......" the vox transmission ends there.

the inquisitor orders you all to go down there and investigate what happened down there.

your mission:
1: find out what happened down there.

alright, basically The team is still in the Inquisitor cruiser, which is a Lunar class cruiser, as many may know the Imperial cruisers are HUGE! people can get lost there and there are even sections that are never used.

The stence down there is horroble, a strange Death aura fills the air. The team moves slowly but surely through a long tunnel, after about a round of walking a straight tunnel the tunnel splits up in 3 ways, and they split up, Twiggy the smuggler goes right, the Merc goes left along with Iron head the Veteran and the sniper and the noble goes straight forward.

(What I did with the Zombies is that after every bite I forced the players to take a toughness test, if they pass they manage to resist it...if they fail...in the next mission, they may become Zombies themself)
He walks a bit further alone, the lighthing is poor there and he has no flashlight, he comes up to a door and he opens it. Inside there is what looks like a Dining hall, there on the table he finds the body of the sergeant stormtrooper on one of the tables, still holding the radio,
Twiggy slowly goes closer, looking at the dead body for a moment, as he leans over it the body opens its eyes and lets out a wailing scream as he grabs Twiggy and tries to bite him.
Twiggy screams wildly! grabbing his gun and starts jabbing the knife in the dead mans face, trying to keep the man down (I am so evil, Zombies wearing Stormtrooper armour!) with little effort.
The Zombie rises and keeps trying to eat Twiggy not going well on his end aswell, for Twiggy is a exeprt with a blade (Blademaster skill) and Manages to keep the Zombie at bay.

The sniper and noble:
they keep walking forward, ending with them coming to where the bloodshed must have started, they can see 4 dead stormtroopers, they walk closer grabbing their guns. As soon as they come close to the first two dead troopers, the Zombies quickly raise their knives to the air and strike at the sniper and noble, ending with hitting them both in the groin and stunning the noble for 1 round and the sniper for 3 rounds.
They Both Scream and start to beg to the God Emperor as the Zombies crawl ontop of both stunned men and start eating them.
The noble Fails his toughness test in the first bite so he is infected. while...distubingly the other zombie, that is eating the sniper...happens...to be eating the snipers groin...and wont stop (he bit him 3 times, and all of those times times he bit him in the groin).

Merc and Veteran:
walk pretty calm and cool down their part, nothing seems to be happening, they come to a door and open it, there they are in a storage room, filled with food, they keep walking until they hear screams coming from the other side of the room beond a door that is infront of them.
They rush to see what is happening, only to watch the sniper and the noble being eaten alive by Dead Stormtroopers.
without thinking twise the Merc aims the autogun on both of the Zombies and autofires 30 shots at them both and manages to not hit the noble and the sniper, only hitting both of the Zombies and killing the zombie over the noble.
They slowly fight the Zombies off and the sniper barely manages to get out alive without losing his special friend.

Just in that Twiggy Manages to kill the Sergeant and rushes back to tell them what he found, only to find the rest of the team killing the last zombie over the Sniper.

They all sit down to catch their breath, and the team reloading, just as soon as they do that, the Incinerator door bursts open and out of the room comes what I described for the team "a Monster, its belly is distended and swollen, splitten in two, and reveals the bloated and cankerous organs within, its limbs are strong and muscular filled with unholy strength, from his chest you can see a face of what looked like a human once, but is now a monster, the face wails in a unholy agony and the ribs close to protect the head."
The Team needs to stay alive for 2 rounds before a squad of 5 stormtroopers (two armed with a Plasma gun) enter the room and 2 turns after that The Inquisitor enters the battlefield himself.
in one turn the Veteran is knocked down as the monster beats the poor Veteran to almost death(yeah the team needs to take the thoughness test from being hit by that spawn, and the Veteran just failed his save), the rest of the team rushes back to hide, the Monster rushes after them, only to meet a squad of stormtroopers firing at the monster.
The Monster takes the hellgun shots without even getting a wound, and takes minor wounds from the Plasmagun shots.
When everything seems to be lost the Elevator opens and out comes the Inquisitor in full battle armour (Terminator armour), holding a thunderhammer in one hand and a stormbolter in the other.
He looks to the team and nods to them
"you have done well now in the name of the Emperor Charge!"
there the snipers says "But...but...I'm the sniper! I shoot from afair!" (queted from a very old Inquisitor Comic book)
and the Merc finishes the Sentence by saying "less talking more screaming!" and rushes the Monster head on along with the Inquisitor
the Merc was actually the only one to charge the monster along with the Inquisitor and takes out his shortsword, and jabs the sword in the monsters chest (actually stunning the monster for 3 rounds by doing so, the monsters head was on the chest location)
Giving the Inquisitor enough time to Crush the Monsters Groin with his Thunderhammer.

The Inquisitor looks to the men and nods to them "remember my henchmen, in life we within the Inquisition are never rewarded, but in death the God Emperors grants us seats on his table, thus we will keep working and earn our place next to the God Emperor"

with that the Merc pulls his shortsword out of the monsters face and turns around

the team leave the room, leaving the stormtroopers to clean up the mess.

After this mission the team was getting pissed at the inquisitor and were starting to actually plot how they could kill him and be rid of that inquisitor, the problem was they didn"t know how they would get out of there so they desited to wait and see what happens. *rebell scums" :)

Anyhow how do you like the battle reports and the missions so far?

26-04-2008, 09:11
So no one got turned into a zombie? How disappointing!

I thought the last-minute appearance of the Inquisitor was a little deus ex machina. It would have been better - IMHO - to provide some key to defeating the monster in the scenario rules or terrain: refer to the "Death of an Angel" campaign booklet for an idea of what I mean.

But otherwise it was entertaining to see the players blanch at the idea of charging the Big Bad, even with a tooled-up INQ alongside them. Nice to see players genuinely scared.


Dark Seraphs
26-04-2008, 19:06
actually, two players did turn into Zombies...it just doesn"t happen until in the next battle. :)

26-04-2008, 20:19
Huzzah! Zombies FTW!


27-04-2008, 11:22
Is it just me or are there a lot of "low blows" in your games? :p

Also, the infected members of the team - are they doomed or is there some way they can cure their condition?

Dark Seraphs
27-04-2008, 19:12
There are ways to cure them, its a infection from the Warp, Nurgle's gift.

One: Tell the Inquisitor about it, he will look at the matter and take these indivituals into huge amount of Exorsism, after the Exorsism, they will get to take another toughness test, and if they pass they will be rid of the infection if failed, they will have to go for another hour of exorsism. For Every hour of Exorsism the person will lose permanetly d10 in Willpower, if the Willpower goes to 0 the infected person dies.

Two: if quick enough, they can remove the infected area...the Noble's infected area is the groin and the Veterans infected area is the shoulder.

Three: come up with a cool way to be rid of it. :)

I always give the people a chance to resist the Zombie infection.

27-04-2008, 19:47
Hahahaha - I can see you having some trouble convincing the noble to let you amputate a part of his groin...

I haven't posted before but I have been following your reports with interest. Imaginative and on occasion quite funny. Great campaign, Dark Seraphs.

Dark Seraphs
27-04-2008, 19:57
haha, yeah he was quick to say no to the part two, they both actually said no to both of those options...
"Hell no I aint going to tell the Inquisitor I'm feeling sick!"
"Forget it! I aint losing my special Area!"
"Cybernetics are Expensive!"

they both said something like that...so we will just have to wait and see what happens.