View Full Version : blood bowl teams?

23-10-2007, 21:42
which blood bowl team would you choose i was considering norse or vampires or chaos dwarfs but if any one has any other suggestions or do you think one of these three teams are any good?

24-10-2007, 11:03
I do think that Chaos Dwarfs or Norse are the easiest to play. Vampires can be cool but their special rules are not something for a rookie and they are pretty hard to play with, I would assume.

29-10-2007, 10:11
i would surjest norse as they are the easiest to play with

29-10-2007, 18:35
Norse are a good team bu sure struggle to compete at higher team ratings.

I'd go for Chaos Dwarfs myself. I used to run a very successful Chaos Dwarf team over on Fumbbl. I think it went a good 14 games before suffering the first defeat. (Which ultimately detroyed the team , get the ref dirty player madness...).

I've had a few good Norse teams. The trouble i've found though is with such weak armour you're only ever one bad game away from retirement.

Out of the three Chaos Dwarf imo.


30-10-2007, 16:24
Hard to tell from your initial post, but if you're a relative newbie to Blood Bowl, don't touch the Vampire team with a 10-foot barge pool. The team is deliberately designed to be a hard one to coach (tier 2 in the unoficial 3 tier rankings), and for much of the time is only a small step up from the stunty teams. They're alos a team unlikely to do well in a long-term league.

Of course, if you're an experienced coach looking for a challenge, then Vamps can be fun.

30-10-2007, 17:06
thanks for that and i am a newbie i think ill go for chaos dwarfs

01-11-2007, 20:54
where do you buy a team or would you have to convert them

01-11-2007, 22:38
You can still get the teams from Mail Order (at least afaik), or there's eBay, plenty of independent dealers, and most teams can be easily converted from WFB/40K stuff, especially plastics.
Chaos Dwarfs are a little trickier for conversion purposes, seeing as CD are almost a dead race under the current WFB, but the official BB figs are still out there.

10-11-2007, 20:28
Chaos Dwarf teams can be very fun to play and very competitive; I ran a CD team for a season in our league a few years agoand enjoyed it immensely.

I also have a Norse team I run periodically. They always do great at the beginning of the season, but lag when everyone else's team rating starts going up and people catch up with skilled players. Lack of speed really hurts the Norse, although the LRB5 has tried to address this.

the anti santa
13-11-2007, 13:13
I'm amazed noone has suggested Orcs yet.

They are probably the easiest team to use having lots of positionals, high armour and a reasonable ball handling ability with a thrower and some AG3. On top of that you can have a nice Regen Troll to soak up damage and throw goblins to score in 1 turn.

They come with the boxed set so are easy to get hold of and you can always but a xome plastic orc or Ork boys from fantasy/40K to convert into most of the players.

Humans are also a good choice, whilst not the easiest team to use they can do everything quite well so you will learn more about the game using them than any other race and will improve faster as a player. They also come with the box and plastic cadian guardsmen convert quite well into a team.