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27-10-2007, 14:09
Hey all. I have finally gotten off of my strangely disproportioned ass and decided to do something about all my crap lying around… There’s a lot of stuff to get on with, most of which is very random and unnecessary… quite a bit will end up on eBay as well… So here is where I shall log my efforts to get everything done… To begin, here is the list (plus pics) of everything I know of so far… Though this does not include my actual armies that I still play with, those are in my main log… Anyway, lets begin…

Archaon - He’s actually finished, but I thought Id give him some attention online…

Lizardmen - These will be going on eBay… the Slann needs a new flying stick, the cold one riders and champions need to be fixed and then it all needs to be painted… the Saurus Hero on Cold One is still in his blister for the time being…

These guys shouldn’t take me too long, just Hawk Turquoise dry brushed Ice Blue, then scales are Enchanted Blue with Blue ink wash… all that left after that is the details…
Saurus Hero on Cold One
Saurus Hero on Foot
Skink Priest
20 Saurus with Hand Weapons + Command
60 Saurus with Spears + 2 Command
5 Cold One Riders

LotR - These are pretty much finished as is, its mostly just the Heroes and Siege Troops that need finishing, then they’re going on eBay as well… the Haradrim Raider is still in his blister…
5 Uruk-Hai Captains; including Lurtz
5 Uruk-Hai with pikes
7 Uruk-Hai with Swords and Shields
8 Uruk-Hai with Swords
2 Uruk-Hai Berserkers
1 Warg Rider
1 Haradrim Raider

Sauron - Close up of Sauron, I’ve only finished the armour so far, using the Masterclass on GW’s website… I may not sell him actually, he is very cool looking…
I fixed his arm since the photo was taken…

27-10-2007, 14:09
40K guys - These aren’t going on eBay, just some random models to go in my cabinet (whenever I get one)… the Inquisitor was fun to make, just a quick conversion from a plastic Termie… the other two are just straight from the Blister models… Autarch was from a failed attempt at an Eldar army, only other thing I bought for it was a Jetbike... The Iron Priest was a prize from back during the 30, I also have some Wulfen around somewhere, will probably eBay them…
Space Wolf Iron Priest
The Iron Priest and Autarch used to be an item, but now the pointy-ear is in love with the =I= and shuns the Iron Priest… that’s why he’s smacking him with his chainsword…

Fantasy guys - Necromancer was from my first ever Fantasy Army, I would’ve put him on eBay with the rest of them, but they are such a disgrace that there is no hope of saving them. This will be his third paint job as well… The Chaos Dwarf is converted from the BfSP Slayer model…
Chaos Dwarf Slayer

Blisters - And finally, some blisters off cool stuff to go in my non-existant cabinet when they are done… the Orks are very nostalgic and take me back to my first ever army almost 7 years ago… the Techpriest is just a really cool model…
Techpriest Enginseer
Killa Kan
Mad Dok Grotsnik

That is all for now… know idea how often Ill be updating…

27-10-2007, 16:51
Update! (already?)

Put together the Saurus on Cold One... Have to say though, not the most impressive sculpt... better then I could do though, so meh...
"Grr! I have lightning on my head!"

And Sauron with Arm back in place...

The spike on the back of his crown went missing, so I had to make a new one out of one of the millions of daggers you get with almost every sprue in every box...

27-10-2007, 17:11
Looks good so far. Archaon's amazing. I wish I had him on foot, but he'd probably just end up as a conversion for a Nurgle lord like the mounted one did.

Sauron looks completely 'armless in some of those photos ... how does he manage to kill anything?

27-10-2007, 18:55
Yeah, why not? Anyways, done some work on Sauron... Didnt take too long to do the cloak, though I could've tried a bit harder...


27-10-2007, 19:01
I like the cloak. :) Very shabby and sauron-y.

Looks really good.


28-10-2007, 15:01
saurons armor is looking good

28-10-2007, 19:57
Cheers guys

Some more work on Sauron (not much at all)

Skink Priest… so far anyways, still a few details to go…

And Kroq-Gar… needs work as well (but everything does, so meh)…

Went on a rummage and found this lot!

More stuff for the LotR pile

28-10-2007, 19:58

28-10-2007, 19:59
‘n’ the grots too!

Don’t forget Gandalf!

And the angry Dragon Man who is all dead like…

And another Inquisitor! With chaos legs?

29-10-2007, 21:52
No pics now cos Im tired, but I bought a box of 10 Flagellents... half of a bit was missing, so a got another 10 for free! Then bought some Empire wizzers too... Just more fuel for the fire really...

02-11-2007, 13:39
Sauron is finished! :D


Ring could've been a tad better though :p

02-11-2007, 15:31
T’uther update :p I have finished the first of the lizzie’s
And have a nice new can o’ spray ta begin the rest, though superglue is all gone, so Kroq-Gar, Cold One Riders and Slann will have to wait for a while…

And for some reason I felt compelled to visit the Vampire Counts rumours thread (why am I so stupid?)… Needless to say, what little remains of my original Vampire Counts Army will be used to test out my new paint scheme… and how did this scheme come about? Well, I used the old classic “Dip your hand in a box of paints and see what you pull out” routine…

As of this my Vampire Counts will be;

Clothes - Scorched Brown > Bestial Brown
Clothes/Armour - Warlock Purple > Tentacle Pink
Clothes/Armour - Midnight Blue > Enchanted Blue > Space Wolves Grey
Bone - Kommando Khaki > Flesh Wash > Kommado Khaki > Skull White

I still haven’t decided what to do for the skin or how I will be painting the metal, but here is the sacrifice to find out (one of them anyways)…

04-11-2007, 19:59
Here we are then... my last update before I bugger off on holiday... rubbish cameras being all dodgy so I only managed to get two pics of any noticable quality... So without further a dodo, here is the VC so far...


05-11-2007, 17:03
Some very impressive models there -- I really like those old ork models. :)

Sauron is good, though I agree, perhaps a deeper black wash around the ring could have helped?

Nice stuff,
MM :)

PS> Is that seven posts in a row now? :p

08-11-2007, 21:56
Right! Im back! Got a hat! Will post in next update!

Those damn Ork models! I have no idea what to do with them... suggestions?

hmm... perhaps I will make darker round the ring (If he still on the table)...

Meh... if it is 7 in a row I know who to blame :mad:

08-11-2007, 22:13
the vampire count looks like its painted well so far, the colors are pretty extreme. im intrigued.

09-11-2007, 07:01
Sauron<3 .

09-11-2007, 09:16
the vampire count looks like its painted well so far, the colors are pretty extreme. im intrigued.

Sorry bout the slight bluriness on that puc btw... he's not as good as he looks, blur tends to blend the layers together...

I'm still not sure if I like the scheme or not... We dont have any tentacle pink at the moment, so I cant highlight the purple (pink) yet...

09-11-2007, 18:06
Very nice models, but when do we get an update?

Ideas for the orks? Simple. Either dead bodies, or scratch-build an ork STOMPA -- go on, I dare yer! :D Seriously, what do you mean by ideas?

Looks good.

MM :)

09-11-2007, 21:11
When do you get updates? Why right now of course! Haha! Found some tentacle pink…
Still need to highlight the horse… then do the browns… then work on skin, hair and metal…

Gah! Stompa! I have to make Stompa now! I do in fact have something coming up that may be able to use a Stompa… hurray!

And my new hat! HAHA!!!
((Is pulling strange face here))

10-11-2007, 08:00
I like the poster behind the hat ... :)

The hat could be good, apart from the fact that you're wearing it ... :p (Joking)

The vampire's looking good -- I take it you'll make the spot colour very dark as a contrast? (Is he a slaaneshi devotee?)

So, where's this stompa? :D

Looks good,
MM :)

PS: Where did you get the poster from?

10-11-2007, 09:11
Yeah... I do like that poster... oi! leave the me alone!

Nah :p No slaanesh here, just a very camp vampire... Im still trying to work out some kind of fluff for my bloodline... Im thinking pre-tech cyber-punk. thoughts?

And to tell the truth I have no idea what colours to do the rest of it... dark is preferable as a contrast like you said, but I just cant imagine a vampire being not-pale... grr... so difficult...

Stompa will arrive at some point during the new Orks... (you'll see)...

Poster came from some shop... either Virgin or HMV... though we have a local shop that sells em as well...

10-11-2007, 09:32
STOMPA! Awesome!

Background? I don't know ... perhaps he's not really pink, just engulfed in pink sorcerous energies?

Perhaps give him a very watered-down ink wash to make him seem less bright, and then very grey skin?

10-11-2007, 11:42
lol... pink sorcerousness :D

I dunno... I like the brightness... but Grey skin sounds good... Of course now Im thinking either Bizarro from Superman or a Drow flesh tone... grrrm... oh, but then it would have white hair... maybe he'll dye it some kinda cool colour...

ANyway, Ive highlighted the Blue on the horse (pics soonish) and was going to spray the Lizzie's when I noticed my spray has gone walkabouts... I dont know why, but I am incredibly pissed off about this :mad::mad:

10-11-2007, 11:49
Blue horse!? :eek:

if you like the brightness, then keep him as he is -- just never let a fluff nazi see him ...

It all looks good, and I await pictures of the lizzies eagerly. (If only to shriek in horror :p )

Out of interest, do you use GW spray, as some of it appears a bit shiny?

MM :)

10-11-2007, 11:56
pre-tech cyberpunk? try steampunk....

the awesomeness of this log makes me ashamed that i have not updated mine in yonks :cries:

10-11-2007, 12:35
Blue horse!?

if you like the brightness, then keep him as he is -- just never let a fluff nazi see him ...

It all looks good, and I await pictures of the lizzies eagerly. (If only to shriek in horror)

Out of interest, do you use GW spray, as some of it appears a bit shiny?


Blue horse armour... lol... horse will either be all ethereal looking... or black... And I will most definately avoid the fluff nazis, not that I know what they look like...

Well say no more, for here are pics of lizzies for I did find my spray!

And got slightly over-zealous with it... my bad...

Shiny? Where? Yes, I do use GW spray...

PS, too many smilies! had to be removed! lol XD

pre-tech cyberpunk? try steampunk....

the awesomeness of this log makes me ashamed that i have not updated mine in yonks :cries:

No, no... not steampunk... erm... well... gah! Its hard to say... I want my own thing... so ner... lol

Bah... tis not awesome, just very random... cheers XD

Oh yeah... more work on the VC

10-11-2007, 12:43
That's an awesome blue horse. (Actually, look at the photos. Some of it is blue!) Anyway, that barding's really good, and, considering it's pink, 'tis really good! :)

How many lizzies have you got, BTW?

MM :)

10-11-2007, 12:45
In total there are 80 Sarus Warriors (so 5 boxes worth)... though not all of em are in that pic...

shh... leave the blue horse alone, he had an accidemt :p Still need to highlight the pink on the actual horse though, cheers :D

*Runs off to play Halo 3 sumore*

10-11-2007, 12:49
I'm confused ... pink horses as well? :confuesd:

80 saurus ... any small skink guys, or that it?

Keep up the good work! :)


10-11-2007, 18:45
80 Saurus on foot
5 Saurus on Cold Ones
1 Saurus Character on foot
1 Saurus Character on Cold One
1 Slann Mage Priest
1 Kroq-Gar on Carnosaur
1 Skink Priest

so yeah, 1 skink... used to have some Kroxes, but sold em to a mate for twenty...


10-11-2007, 18:49
What amazingly detailed painting there! What a marvellous army [for you]! (joking -- about '[for you]', that is!)

If I were you (just my advice -- probably not a good idea to follow it. :D ) I'd get rid of the skink, and make the slann 2nd generation. Still, looks a nice army, and the speed of that drybrushing was phenonemenemenemenal. (Yes, I wasn't concentrating on my typing :p )

Good stuff, painter of 'camp vampires' on florescent blue horses ...

MM :)

10-11-2007, 19:02
Well its all going on eBay so I couldnt care less whats in it... so meh... its Chaos and Orcs all the way for me... though painting all these Lizzies at once does take me back to when I tried to paint all 70 of my Night Goblins at once... still havent finished them you know...

Wait... the horse is florescent now? dammit!!

But no, the drybrushing was only fast cos its a one-stage (I am very lazy)... just Ice Blue straight over Hawk... simple...

10-11-2007, 19:07
On ebay? 'Tis a pity, but I must agree that Chaos, Orcs and Empire are the best races. And, next year, VC.

I painted 98 goblins once ... just in units, not all at once ...

Yes, the horse is flourescent. It is undead (but the vampire was clearly going for style not shabbiness ... style in his opinion ... black is good, not pink ...). ;)

One stage drybrushing is fine -- after all, that's what I use with most of my drybrushing, though I use inks more nowadays.

Some really nice stuff there -- can't wait to see it finished. :)


11-11-2007, 19:02
Likin' the lizzies so far :D
Although .. Saurus=personal vendetta for me O.o

11-11-2007, 20:13
Lol, whys that?

Sprayed some more Lizzie’s… only a couple left now…

And yes… it is a curse

OMFG!!!! This book has blood on it! That is 100% nose bleed blood! It came in the ******* box! GAH!!!

The Grand Apostle of the Judgement
Part of the game I’m working on… he has a really cool quote, but its long and I forgot to write it down… He’ll be painted up all fiery and magmary…

11-11-2007, 20:14
I also went a bit mad… am I not INSANE!?!?!?!?!

11-11-2007, 20:23
'cause them damn lizards are too damn killy fer my orcs! :D

11-11-2007, 20:46
Loving the Centaur guy, nice, simple and effective conversion.

12-11-2007, 16:01
Love that centaur! A perfect amalgamation (awesome word, that) of beast and elf! :)

The other mage also looks very ... sort of ... magic-wielding guy-like ... ethereal ... mystical! Yep, he's mystycial!

Nice elves tgheer -- starteing a HE army?

MM :)

12-11-2007, 16:58
Cheers guys... no im not starting HE... I just liked the models, so wanted to make a use for them... Not that the centaur has a use, I just wanted to see if I could do it :p

Starting the Stompa tonight

12-11-2007, 17:24
STOMPA! :evilgrin:

Tell me ... how big is it going to be?

Sounds awesome in the extreme ... :)


(About the centaur: Good idea ... just don't paint it blue. :D )

12-11-2007, 17:46
it wont be blue... yet... :p

Anyway, the Stompa will be a bit shorter then your average Warhound... so not too small... Im just trying to think of some disposable household items that'd make good supe-rokkits... any ideas?

12-11-2007, 17:52
Hmm ... what are you making it from?

As for 'soup-rokkits' (it said supe-rokkits, so I presumed that was what you meant by the sound ... :p ), anything cylindrical, then add accessories around it -- as 'tis orky, anything from balsa wood to old speakers would do! Still, if I were you, I'd start building the rest of it first ... now ... :)

MM :)

12-11-2007, 17:55
making it from sprue and weetabix... like a true ork ;)

SUPA!!! SUPA!!! not soup :p

12-11-2007, 17:57
Weetabix ... :confused: Well, it sounds good ... now GET BUILDING!

Tell me ... how many sprues do you have?

12-11-2007, 21:38
More then enough :D I've made the basic horizontal structures for the base and midpoint... Ill post some pics tommorrow... or now?

As in Weetabix box...

12-11-2007, 21:45
Weetabix box....

*is intrigued*

Show is more of this wonderful stuff....

13-11-2007, 08:01
Very well, Crube, here ya go...

I want one!!!! It’s so cool!

Started working on my Rock Man again, ta da!

The Mid-point structure of the Stompa

And the Base structure of the Stompa

13-11-2007, 08:01
Now a couple of pics with a model for size reference :D

13-11-2007, 15:53
You have na avatar! :eek: And a very nice stout rock man.

I think I see how the stompa will go ... and it looks ... err ... good!

Very nice gubbinz.
MM :)

13-11-2007, 16:15
lol, I do not have an avatar... hence the 'I want one!' thing... but I do want one :D

Woulda done more work on the Stompa, but the painting table has invariably been taken...

Edit: Cant find my baneblade box... was gonna use it as Stompa Gubbinz...

13-11-2007, 16:26
then whose painting table is the avatar on? :confused:

17-11-2007, 17:52
step-dads... I just rent a room there :p
__ __ __ __ __

I am fully aware I have not updated at all any time recently, but there's a simple answer to that... the computer died, but its fine now, all better and what not... Im not at home at the moment so cant actually update... but I will say that the Stompa has come a long way since those last pics, though it is technically still just a pile of sprue...

I will also be getting some Assault Marines and a blister of Daemonttes next week (assuming my money comes in)... the Assaulties will have a two-fold use... one is to make my contribution to the Warseer Chapter (he has a Plasma Pistol), the other is to make the rest into an Assault Command Squad for my Jump-opack chappie (though this will be done in my other log where it belongs)...

The Daemonettes are really just gonna be a bit of experimenting... Iwanna make one of em into a red-head... basically just trying out different things to see how they look for no good reason :D...

18-11-2007, 10:00
Hmm ... nearly the same here, but no daemonettes ... ;)

The STOMPA sounds awesome. Now you have no excuse for pics, I await them with eagerness ... :evilgrin:

MM :)

18-11-2007, 15:55
Finally! An update! Gah!!

Stompa’s structure is finished… I can now begin adding the ‘skin’ to it…

And a side shot to show more of its shape… the bit sticking out at the front, half way up will house the Deth Cannon on its right side and have a platform on the left for the Boyz to stand on for no apparent reason…

And finally a scale shot with the Baneblade Tank Commander… isn’t he tiny? :D

18-11-2007, 17:06
that's a big stompa. it's looking awesome, I can't wait to see it 'skinned'. :) :p

BTW, it appears you now have a new avatar! :eek:

MM :)

18-11-2007, 17:44
yep, time to start cutting up the cereal box... well, after I've done a bit of prep for the weapons that is... need to root around for 8 shootas to make the two big shootas and one twin-linked big shoota :D

Yes, new avatar... Im obsessed with FMA at the moment :D

Back to the Stompa... for the Supa Skorcha (or whatever it is) should I use two heavy flamers stuck together? Or just one? These are Terminator Heavy Flamers btw, one loyal and one chaos...

18-11-2007, 19:02
Full metal alchemist?
Or w00t? O.o
And stompa=Big

18-11-2007, 19:46
As many flamers as possible! Stompas are customized ... who says they have to be realistic, game-wise?

19-11-2007, 16:19
Full metal alchemist?
Or w00t? O.o
And stompa=Big

You like too?

Tis not as big as it looks...

As many flamers as possible! Stompas are customized ... who says they have to be realistic, game-wise?

Yeah, gave it both Heavies in the end... *begins uploading pics even though he should be doing homework*

Edit: Update time!!

Its all Stompa baby! (why did I just say that?)

Supa Skorcha thing and twin-linked big shoota in place…

The other two Big Shootas, ready for attachment (kinda)

DETH KANNON!!! And co-axial Super-Gatler

19-11-2007, 16:30
One of the Big Shootas in place

The Deth Kannon drying itself into place

Same as last, but different angle

19-11-2007, 18:28
Looks strange, but good. :)

19-11-2007, 21:04
What about it looks strange? Bear in mind it isn't finished yet...

20-11-2007, 16:55
lol, okay then... thought there was some kind of problem for a minute there... I've begun adding the armour plating now... shouldn't be too long before its ready fer some paint

20-11-2007, 16:55
OMFG!!!! This book has blood on it! That is 100% nose bleed blood! It came in the ******* box! GAH!!!

Proof, if it was ever needed, that GW headquarters is populated by NERDS!!!

The Grand Apostle of the Judgement
Part of the game I’m working on… he has a really cool quote, but its long and I forgot to write it down… He’ll be painted up all fiery and magmary…

Now THAT is a *******' cool model. Niiiiiiiice.

20-11-2007, 16:58
Proof, if it was ever needed, that GW headquarters is populated by NERDS!!!

You wouldn't believe the time I had trying to get that scabby sucker off the sprue without touching it! Gah!!

21-11-2007, 20:45
Well, i say homework... more like coursework :eek: sucks so bad...

Stompa’s got some meat on his bones…
Just need to cover the entire thing in these, then get some rivets and stick em on…

Oh, and then comes the head and ‘arms’ (ie, Supa Rokkits)… which will be detachable to show if it gets destroyed… I can also then make a second head/arm section later to make it into a Big Mek Stompa if I can be bothered…

22-11-2007, 14:44
More meat!!

22-11-2007, 16:20
Certainly beginning to take shape.

What more is there to say?

MM :)

22-11-2007, 21:12
More to say? I could say this whole thing is all your fault! With your crazy ideas for using those Orks that aren't actually being used by this at all!!

I could also say, any ideas for the head? Cos Im stumped on what it should look like... I know how to make it, just dont know what to do with it...

23-11-2007, 17:25
Big, with a gun in the mouth like a cigar? :)

'tis looking good -- even if you never finish or use it, it'll be an awesome model. At no extra price! :D

MM :)

23-11-2007, 17:51
Actually... there's a slight price...
£6 of Barbed Wire to be exact… thought it might look nice

Lotsa more work on the Stompa!!

23-11-2007, 17:51
Thought I’d include a shot from below… not too sure why…

And the reason for potentially slow progress over the next few days :p

23-11-2007, 19:39
Square, and lots of layers of overlapping cardboard and rivits. And a sorta laser eye ...

MM :)

23-11-2007, 19:48
yeah, thats pretty much the standard Stompa head :D though Im wondering if I might be able to pilfer a BB Searchlight from somewhere as one of the eyes...

24-11-2007, 09:15
Ask on the AB. Someone must have no use for one, for a little cash ... :)

24-11-2007, 09:47

Gave the platform place a door… how else would they get there?

Nearly finished the Armour on the front, just a couple more pieces…

Started work on the back last night… Got the ventilation done… “Keeps da hot stuff hot, an da cold stuff cold,”

24-11-2007, 10:38
looking really good. Can't wait to see this finished ...

24-11-2007, 11:20
You know, this may actually be the first scratch-build I finish... All it needs now is a name! (and some more card and paint)

24-11-2007, 12:16
Err ... Big Jim? Fugglub da Big Basha? I recommend something short and tribal (like fulglub), with a title like 'da big shoota'. :)


24-11-2007, 13:40
hmm... "Gutsmek da uber dakka" I dunno... maybe... needs more work... Also, should I give it a choppy chainsawwy arm like the GW one or just a bunch of rokkits?

24-11-2007, 17:37
Both! Lots of guns and swords! A konverted arm with chainsawwy rokkits! (Yes, this is serious mods, not spam.)

24-11-2007, 20:52
Chainsawy rokkits? hmm.. I may have to try that... damn you!!

Anyway, more updating... finished the back

And I put the wall behind the Kannon...
Its come further since these pics were taken... but im too lazy to go all the way downstairs and get it right now...

25-11-2007, 10:31
Hurray, some more work on the Stompa...

almost finished the plating on the front... just a tiny bit in the top left to go...

The armour around the Kannon is also finished now, meaning the entire platform is complete (except the roof)...

And finally, started armouring up the side, ta da...

25-11-2007, 18:44
Anyone else heard about this damn Xmas redux? Sounds like it'll be putting me a bit out of pocket... so no new models for a while. ok? But on the brighter side it means there'll be lots more updates during said redux, mostly of stuff done during that time, not actually WIPs though... I also need to get my massive Daemon done for the 29th December... (have I posted pics of him yet?) well here ya go anyways...


25-11-2007, 19:02
That stompa should be awesome when it's finished dude! can't wait.

25-11-2007, 19:39
Wow! That's one awesome constipated daemopn, it's expression really captures the idea!

Joking ... joking ... he's looking good, can't wait for progress ...

Yes, progress Merceus, PROGRESS! Though it may be alien, how long since you posted that in the ToPS? yes?

27-11-2007, 16:26
Gah! I am still here! Painting table got all cleared away like so i couldn't do very much yesterday, but I did shove together a Supa Rokkit from my Bits Box (I already have a couple of pens for the other two)...


Also did some more sculpting on the Daemon, though I am too lazy to get a photo this second, will do so momentarily...

27-11-2007, 16:30
I feel there is little more to say than "Supa!", and "Hack at the aquila" ...

MM :)

27-11-2007, 16:38
Nah, im gonna leave it on, my army is made of very lazy orks... (though apparently not too lazy to make an overly-sized stompa)... plus i hate hacking at metal stuff, tis not fun in any way...

More Daemon!!

And some money-wasting... so I wont be getting that Ork Spearhead it looks like (I spent a lot more on food as well... these werent worth a tenner, lol)

27-11-2007, 16:42
Daemon looks nice, but it could to with some stomach muscles ...

MM :)

(the badges are good, though I am led to imagine you as a half-sheep, half-cake who loves emos ... wait a moment ...)

27-11-2007, 16:44
I'll be adding some proper detail with GS once I've Miliputted all of it, speaking of which im out of MP, crud... So yeah, stomach muscles will be coming... im thinking either four or eight-pack, suggestions? belly button or no (im thinking no)?

27-11-2007, 16:47
NO belly button, at least a ten pack -- he's a daemon, who says reaalism is important!?

30-11-2007, 13:03
lol, I guess... well here's some more work on him :)
(note the continual lack of arms and head)

30-11-2007, 16:12
Looking better, though his chest is a little large compared to his stomach ... lol ...

30-11-2007, 16:16
Don't worry, its not been bulked out yet... and I thought it wasn't meant to be realistic anyway?

30-11-2007, 17:14
hi merceus 'Suit man' here lol!
nice to have found your thread, will be keeping an eye on it.
mmm stompa....... looks like i'm going to have to acellerate (i'e start) my titan project.... the imperium needs to keep its 'tactical' advantage.
you still got all those lizardmen? my bro would be interested in purchasing some when you've finished.
see you next thursday.

30-11-2007, 17:42
...merceus... You do realise that the "Green wun" has stopped working? I can't get through the link...

01-12-2007, 08:26
Yes, but realism that way makes me wonder whether you are intending to turn him to Slaanesh sometime ... lol, joking ...

I think it's good, but will be better when you shape the muscles. :)

And yes, Da Big Green Wun is not working, or are any links on the end of quotes, but I suppose you'll have to ask the mods.

MM :)

01-12-2007, 08:32
hi merceus 'Suit man' here lol!
nice to have found your thread, will be keeping an eye on it.
mmm stompa....... looks like i'm going to have to acellerate (i'e start) my titan project.... the imperium needs to keep its 'tactical' advantage.
you still got all those lizardmen? my bro would be interested in purchasing some when you've finished.
see you next thursday.

As a matter of fact I do still have them... haven't worked on them in a while though... I officially have no paints at this point in time and need to get like, all of them :P

...merceus... You do realise that the "Green wun" has stopped working? I can't get through the link...

Yeah, that's never worked... stupid link...

Yes, but realism that way makes me wonder whether you are intending to turn him to Slaanesh sometime ... lol, joking ...

I think it's good, but will be better when you shape the muscles. :)

And yes, Da Big Green Wun is not working, or are any links on the end of quotes, but I suppose you'll have to ask the mods.

MM :)

Don't worry MM, he'll get bulked up soon enough... but I still have no idea what to do for the head...

01-12-2007, 10:37
Lots of spawn bits greenstuffed togethre? Or is that too tzeentchian?

MM :)

(BTW, 7 lines per sig, so I would advise getting rid of da big green wun ... )

01-12-2007, 11:23
I'm gonna keep brainstorming, but that is a good back up plan... If anyone saw Abadon from Torchwood, then that is what I'm trying to avoid... yet at the same time create it as well... It's far too generic, but has that feel I'm after with this guy...

07-12-2007, 15:17
One Week Later

ok, looks like we're in need of some updates, eh? I'll try, but I can't promise anything special XD

Test schemes for my new Marine Army which I should be starting along side my Ork Projekt (in association with Trilby)... for the full story on these guys see my thread (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116034) in MP&T General Discussion (feel free to vote)...

Next up is the Khornate Ogre from back in Nemesis Crown who is now inspiring me to make a Khorne themed OK army to go alongside my Khorne Mortals army for Fantasy...

And my Carnifex... I know he used to be in my other log, but i figure it'll be easier to just bring all that amotional baggage over here, keeps or more neat and tidied away...

Plus a unit of Stealers (well two halfs of some units)... I can't believe I've almost finished my Tyranid army!!

07-12-2007, 16:02
I love the orange on that 'fex ...

Awesome stuff.

MM :)

07-12-2007, 19:29
Its not orange! lol XD its meant to be brown... :(

Check out the latest addition to my Chaos army, GW got them in fresh today! They're awesome!
not to mention most shops will only be getting 1 of each, lucky we got 3 of the chaos ones, this was the last :D

This is also the reason I dont have that Gorger I wanted...

08-12-2007, 07:38
Lol ... I meant the orange 'danger' stripes on his carapace ...

I love that mug ... though I still prefer the GD one ... lol ...

08-12-2007, 10:40
yeah, the stripes on his carapace... were meant to be brown when i first started the army... and i still see it as brown, everyone else sees it as orange...

08-12-2007, 15:00
Orange looks better anyway ...

:D :angel: ;)


08-12-2007, 15:38
Nevertheless, apart from the base, he and his cronies are finished... will update soon... once this cough has stopped bugging me...

08-12-2007, 17:32
I think Ill call it a Tigerfex

08-12-2007, 17:47
Perhaps try highlighting the brown a tad more, but otherwise it's awesome ... :)



08-12-2007, 18:40
no its fine... same quality level as all my other nids... id rather not have to redo the entire army...

08-12-2007, 19:06
Lol ... I see .... it's good whatever, anyway. The pics seem to not do it justice. (?)

14-12-2007, 14:59
Hurray! Im back! Finished the Fex as well ;)

And made more of a start on the Stealers...

14-12-2007, 16:37
i love the little nids under the big nid

14-12-2007, 16:47
I love that 'fex, even if you do use blue (I tend to be economic with my colours ... IMO, anything brighter than red gore is garish ... :eek: And, like John Blanche, I never, NEVER use blue) ...

yeah, I love the highlighting on it.

Generally, some awesome models. :)

14-12-2007, 16:59
that tigerfex looks like the cerebillith from D&D

14-12-2007, 17:55
lol, cheers guys :D

Cerebillith? Don't think I know that one... and blue can be economic! Just make it with red cabbage :p

14-12-2007, 21:16
its in the psionics handbook


i handed out WAY too much magic treasure in my last dungeon-

o wand of melf's acid arrow
o staff of light, faerie fire and burning hands
o potion of firebreathing
o periapt of health

i'm gonna send in a magic item eating gray ooze to sort it all out

15-12-2007, 01:07
Nice looking nids, the brown non-carapace thingies like arms and so could use a bit of a touch up, to make it look less "base coated" compared to the striped back which pops out of the screen and bites ones nose.

Also, that mug gotta be the BEST Demon Prince, Dread, Spawn proxy -ever- xD