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30-10-2007, 05:30
Hey everyone. Ive been skulking around these forums for quite some time now and have just ended an extended hiatus from the realm of painting mini's. Thus with alot of inspiration from seeing awesome painting from guy's like Dominus Ex Machina and spikeyjames, I've decided to start my own log and get painting again.
So without furthur ado here are a few examples of my work. The first few are a Witch Hunters army I started about a year and a half ago.

*Sorry about all the links, but apparently my photos are too large for the site too handle, anyone have any tips on getting them to fit?*

Basic Sista's

Peninent Engine

Saint Celestine

I have a few more things for the Witch Hunters, but until I figure out more on how to use this camera (without losing half the highlights) I wont post whole squads.

Now onto my first painted models in about a year, the awesomely-cheesy-HE-of-always-striking-firstness.

First Painted He- Lord




First Archer

So guys, please let me know what you think and hopefully this thread will drive me to get a full army done for once!!!



30-10-2007, 07:26
I like the limited palette thing you have going on. Very distinctive.
I like the highlighting on the fabrics ... especially good on the High Elf lord.

Yup. Some serious rockin awsomeness going on here. :D

As for the pics. Now you have them in photobucket click on edit above the photo then select message board. Then with two windows open, use the bottom link (starts IMG then a number) and simply drag it and drop it into you post and ... as if by magic, your photos will appear in your posts.

02-11-2007, 03:23
Thanks for the kind words Harry, and thanks for the Photobucket help. I will put the advice to use right away. Hmm still no replies other then Harry then eh? Ill just keep posting pics and hopefully i will catch someones attention.

Here's a WIP mage. I plan on highlighting the gold once more with pure Mithril Silver but Im not happy with his face, so anyone have any suggestions?


Tell me what you think, I need motivation!!



02-11-2007, 10:43
go a shade higher on the highlight of the face. only on the extreme edges though.


04-11-2007, 19:35
Quick update,


the red and purple parts are going to get another highlight, but Im stuck as far as the orb, the flames on the base and the staff handle are concerned. Im thinking blue blended up too white but Im not sure. Any advice would be appreciated.



10-12-2007, 17:24
well as you mention in the Pm, more contrast is good...but the biggest issue would be the actual colours, they conflict

the red is too strong(its a very deep saturated red) for the soft purple and turqoise(saturated pastel tones basicly), so it absorbs a lot of depth from the other colours, and makes the face less noticeable

saturated colours are intense, so if you have a bunch of bright colours its hard to create a focus unless very well organised...desaturated colours are less intense which means you can use brighter colours without them distracting from a focus...theres varying levels and kinds of desaturation..pastels are desaturated(with greys basicly) so they are dull and boring...you can get richer desaturation from mixing compliments...or darker/brighter from using black or white

the biggest thing i can say is to work on blending, using washes and glazes to blend, thin transparent layers of paint built up on each will gradually blend

after that is colour, using straight colour is a pain, i dont remember if i showed you, but heres an example of using more colour to create a different effect:


10-12-2007, 22:58
wow, those are really nice, i especially like the sisters, the colour scheme fits well with them.

11-12-2007, 04:33
@ 3vilX: Thanks bud :)

@ Starks: The red was an experiment on how to spruce up the character models that I dont plan on using again......
I also did do a decent amount of blending and layering (even glazing) on these guys, its pretty hard to get to a solid turquoise over black without that kinda stuff. But Im the first one to admit their is alot of room for improvement still. Im interested in the last technique with the pic you sent, is that in your fantasy thread????

Now as for an actual update, their isnt much. Real life stuff like school, the gym, work and drinking have interfered with my painting activities but following my last exam this thursday, the painting will begin.

That being said here are some more of my half-assed attempts at photography.

Finished Mage:

6 Fully Painted archers !?!?! Yeah, Im a painting machine.

Tried a closer shot here for a little detail, but at this rate Im going to spend my holiday figuring out photography and not painting.

Either way thats all for now folks, keep watching this space for more, including a tester using some suggestions Elf-painting-god GeOrc gave to me.



11-12-2007, 12:16
Its looking good. I agree about the red, but I still think the model looks great. Keep it up they will be on the table in no time.

11-12-2007, 14:46
ummm hes in the fantasy section thread ya

my newest piece which lacks good photos, is a better example, i use all sorts of colour everywhere

the basic idea is, blue is darkest and deepest colour, hence great for shading, also because its cold, and shadows receive no light, its also good

red, being a bright warm colour is great for warming your colours up and gviing tone(like on the rat) can also be used to shade some colours

yellow is excellent for brightening and warming up highlights or the area around them because well sunlight is well yellowy(and so is a lot fo lighting)

orange, purple, green can all do wonderful htings as well, depending on the proportions of colour you can have colder or warmer versions of each colour...and changing the mixes changes the effects, these can all be used for toning, and purple/green can be used to shade


11-12-2007, 15:44
Going strong, going really strong! Keep it up! Once you have some stuff finished it will look awesome!!