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13-04-2005, 18:58
It. Wow. Just. My god man.

As some of you may recall I was going to see Slipknot, Shadows Fall, and Lamb of God. Well, I did last night. And it was excellent.

Shadows Fall had such energy, it was crazy. Lamb of God had some extremely cool tunes. But Slipknot.....thats where it really shined. Sure, they were the headlining band, but as soem of you pointed out they give a BAD ASS SHOW! Pitting was seriously intense. We had a circle pit with at least 500 people going on in it, and about 7-10,000 people all told at the show. Or at least thats my estimate. The arena could hold 17,000 people, and it seemed at least half full. Could have 'only' been 5,000 people, but who knows. It was banging.

The pits got scary intense dudes! I got knocked over in one part, and was lifted up onto my feet by my nut sack. They still throb :( Covered in bruises all over, knees are pretty shot, had a bit lip and bloody nose to boot.

We crowd surfed this one guy to the pit and chucked him in too :cool: That was pretty funny.

All in all, I'm not upset I went. It was seriously amazing hearing several thousand people singing Wait and Bleed. And there was one part of the show......Spit it Out :eek: JUMP! JUMP FOR YOUR LIFE!

I'm blitzed, but I need to work and then go to my evening classes, so I'll cut it short for now. Later!

My whole body has bruising like this all over. I keep finding new bruises.

13-04-2005, 19:03
I told you it would be badass.

5upr3m3 h4xx0rz
13-04-2005, 19:55
Ooooh damn....lifted by your nutsack!?!!?

New Cult King
13-04-2005, 21:48

I'm glad we warned you about that Jump the ******* Up bit! :p

Glad to hear you had such a great time, Nid.

How was the Wall of Death?

Ass Goblin
13-04-2005, 21:49
That's gotta hurt. I guy once told me he came home from a Slayer concert and has a broken rib and a fractured collar bone the pit was that intense.

14-04-2005, 00:02
Lamb of God didn't do Wall of Death :(

For Jump the ******* up, I managed to uppercut the two guys next to me while they simultaneously gut punched me from both sides. Fun. :)

Wolflord Bloodangel
14-04-2005, 01:28
I got to see Slippers at the biggest festival in town, Im not sure of total numbers... but Im gonna stab at around 30,000... However not all were there for Slipknot, there was a huge mix of bands. Still, we probably had 5-10,000 in the moshpit... The crowd surges were so intense, and there was a constant stream of battered bodies being pulled out the front, covered in blood.... awesome gig, Slipknot have a great singalong vibe, and they kept making sure the crowd was safe.

14-04-2005, 04:32
Ok, I keep finding new bruises. Latest casualty are my ribs, I suspected they were bruised but just got my shirt off finally for a mirror inspection, sure enough I've got bruised ribs.

So that brings the (major) bruise total up to: both arms, both legs, ass, stomach, chest, and ribs. Wewt!

14-04-2005, 04:38
Was this at the Shark Tank? Or some other arena?

14-04-2005, 04:54
Yeah, HP Pavillion. It was like half full inside, plus the floor.