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02-11-2007, 02:31
Iīm about to kick my own butt and force myself to get some project work done. Itīs a rather big one. I have a CSM army, which I try to paint to a pretty decent standard, and I started a SM force new. The aim is to build the armies to be playable but aswell to be part of a display in which the two forces clash. A lot of converting and painting has to be done, and this log keeps track of the progress.

In the beginning was the dread :D

His base shows the structure of a planetary surface as seen in the movie pitchblack (quite). Most bases of both forces will be that way.

Second is a squad of the marines. All converted to the treat that serves sure grip. Theyīll all get swords.

Last but not least is a character. Have not decided his role yet.

Sorry for the scrollbar of doom. Must learn how to post properly.
Someone tell me how to integrate the pics into the post itself.

So much for now, tell me what you think, updates acoming soon;)

02-11-2007, 02:34
link here

Looking great. Really cant wait to see more!

02-11-2007, 02:41
Thanx raven. Tried that , but it didnīt show in the preview. is that normal?
More tomorrow, maīamīs calling (4am in europe;) )

03-11-2007, 00:27
Trying to post a pic without attaching it.

03-11-2007, 01:06
Great, it works.
So hereīs some more

A sideview of my Chaos dread.
Itīs actually a pretty massive conversion. The work does not show in the obvious, though. The toes have been seperated and then bent to add a dynamic feel. I also tried to fill the gap that opens between his plasmacannon and the body with technical looking stuff, tubes and wires and so on. The dynamics on a whole came out quite well I think. Represents his khornish dedication. Since Iīll stick to the 3.5 dex this also still makes sense.
A friend of bleeding eye, the dread.
The saw is the law, is what I say. I have some twenty old termies of which by now seven or eight are converted to fit the khornate theme. A lot of sawing, as said
The opposition, gnar, gnar
these guys are a lot of work actually. For the next posts I will show some w.i.p. pics so that you see how much detail is in them. Part of it is achieved by painting, much aswell by adding trimmings and ornaments of all kinds.
Another view of the five I have so far.

Maybe a short note on army composition.
The SM:
Name : Emperors shield
They have traits. The one that gives them sure grip and counterstrike, and the one that allows six dreads. Donīt know that in English, but the interested will know

Commander with command squad

Librarian in termie armour with squad

Termie squad

Techmarine in full armour with servants

venerable dread with twinlinked autocannon and plasmascythe (dreadCCW and plasmagun) using vehicle design rules (EXPENSIVE, dammit)


six marines with serge, bolters and swords, different assault weapons
Razorbacks for each squad


nothing planned so far, but jetbikes are tempting. This would very expensive and/or time-consuming. If I did it, I would go for four jetbikes per squad, as, as you might have noticed, the crucial numbers in this army are four and six.


One: Gatling long barreled Heavy Flamer, yeah. Could aswell use inferno cannon, dunno yet. Plus heavy CCW counting as two of them.

Two: Both arms with CCW and built-in twinlinked heavy bolters

Three: Lasercannon-tower, har har. Two twinlinked lascannons plus twinlinked plasmaguns coaxial

Makes four dreads total.

Techmarine for technical maintainance

Up next is the librarian. No conversion work here, as the mini really rocks imho.
Also the first razorback comes. But I need plasticard first.

On the chaos side a lot has allready been done, Iīll post more as soon as I have pics. The army is called The Bleeding legion, Legio Cruda. It is khornate, but has sorcerors aswell. IMHO th ebloodgod does not at all care how decent bloodshed is achieved. A good psy-attack can make some heads burst in a bloodfountain, which he should admire.

Lemme know what you think.
Cheers, Bart

03-11-2007, 02:17
Wow! I love the Good marines, that colour scheme is amazing, it looks alot like the one I use when I play DOW actually. I really like it, especially the shading on the white, gives it alot definition, but it's clearly white, real nice stuff!

I really like the colour for the bolters, it's a real nice non-metallic gold, any chance getting a recipe? I really have trouble with not metallic metal colours.

06-11-2007, 23:47
Update time

Here it comes, the workspace-pic. A must, I reckon in other logs.


Talking about messy stuff, do you like plaguemarines?
These are by far the most beautiful available.

06-11-2007, 23:59
The above seen plaguers are in different stages of w.i.p., of course. Talking w.i.p., I have some more Iīm working on right now. First off, a Tzeentch Lord, a conversion that turned out better than hoped. I especially like the wing-extensions on the back that cover the cuts. Will look even better painted.

Next is a posessed marine. He will be mounted on a flying base. Thus the pose, somehow ascending.

And of course, the empire is not idle. My librarian, not at all converted, since the mini is so cool. Very much to do still, but as overtspy reckoned a colourscheme worth the effort. It works out to be white in the end, but is based on four steps of grey. No priming, by the way.

More soon.

P.s.: @ Overtspy: I will make pics of w.i.p. on the gold stuff and explain how itīs done. For now, I actually use metallic colours for the effect, but I apply them with nmm technique.

Cheers, Bart

07-11-2007, 00:30
Five Terminators. As mentioned before I like the old ones, and have put a serious amount of work in them.

Pics are big, gonna fix that in the future.

First is the first mini I used green stuff on. You would have guessed that anyway, probably.

Now some sawing. Repositioned a lot on the next guys. Those big pics make one thing clear: I have still some work to be done on these!




Group shot after revisiting them.... goddammit

07-11-2007, 00:36
I allways found the old tanks to be best fitting the chaotic fluff.
Thatīs why I use them, and also to make a difference between csm and my sm. Represents the age of the old legions quite well, too.



And the first of a couple of rhinos.. Also still w.i.p.


The fun on these is to paint the freehand patterns.
A Landraider is still in the pipe. It will pop up when the banners are done. Watch out for this piece. You will like it

07-11-2007, 00:43
Last post for tonight. Some bikers very much w.i.p.. But worth to show anyway.
Seems like I have to rework my colourscheme. Since they are called the Bleeding legion, I wanted a dark colour, rusted and old, wih blood pouring from the gaps. Silly enough, I piicked the lightest highlight to be red. That, obviously kills theeffect of the blood. I will therefore change the pallette to completely brown tones, so that the red comes out better, and contrasts on the armour.
Letīs see wether that works out better...




Hope you like that crap:D

Cheers, Bart

07-11-2007, 08:20
I love the White mariens here
and that khornate predator is truly beutiful. I love the freehand on it

07-11-2007, 09:04
You sir are a god amongst men! Those white marines are awesome! Not saying your chaos is bad (as they feckin rule also) but I think you should pour all your effort into making them a massive army. Btw that dread is so Old-skool it makes my eyes bleed with nostalgia :D good work man, I shall be keeping an eyeball or two on this!

07-11-2007, 10:16
I love the Emperor's Shields. And does anyone else think that "sure grip" is a much better description of the rule than "true grit"? "True grit" never made any sense at all. From now on, I'm calling it "Sure Grip". Join me, brethren!!


07-11-2007, 11:38
Those are some beautiful models. Great work on both sets.

Now we demand painting tutorials! :D

"True grit" never made any sense at all.

It's an homage to the John Wayne movie "True Grit," in which Wayne's character, Rooster Cogburn, fires a lever action rifle one-handed and then flips the rifle around while holding the lever to re-cock it.

Heru Talon
07-11-2007, 14:46
The opposition, gnar, gnar
these guys are a lot of work actually. For the next posts I will show some w.i.p. pics so that you see how much detail is in them. Part of it is achieved by painting, much aswell by adding trimmings and ornaments of all kinds.
Another view of the five I have so far.

I demand a tutorial on how you made those Falcon'esk helmets! :p

07-11-2007, 15:01
this sir, is beauty.

not only the white marines (which are excellent, i must add) but also the chaotic ones.

the conversions are quite awesome, but effective, (i especially like the marine holding the sword on his back) but also impressive is the paintjob and freehand you've done on them.

and, as some friend of us might say...

07-11-2007, 16:22
OMG those marines are amazing! Superlative work, Sir! And that acrobatic dreadnought is impressive too

Some closer pic wouldn't hurt, BTW :D... I'm referring in particular on the loyalist sarge, I'd like to take a closer look at him.

I'm waiting eagerly for your next updates,


08-11-2007, 00:13
Well then, Toschenko, thy will shall be done.
These will be the last supersize pics Iīll post, promise;)

Serge, closest up possible with the technical support I have atm.




08-11-2007, 00:18
Goddammit, these pics show some major flaws on my minis:mad:

However, canīt resist to post them anyway.

In order:

Brother Veron


Brother Gaster


Brother Heggist


Cheers, tutorials and stuff under construction.

Iīm preparing painting tuts and one for sculpting those helmets...

08-11-2007, 00:38
Wow, those Imperial scum look awesome! They almost have a kind of Grey Knight/Custodes antiquity to them that's just rad.

08-11-2007, 00:45
Everything looks wonderful and I especially like the added detail of all the marines. I was curious if you forgot to paint the fleur-de-lys on the arm of the sergeant or if you meant to remove it and forgot or what?


08-11-2007, 01:41
Wow they are really nice! What did you do to reposition the arm(as in where did you make the cuts etc) so it hold the bolter and the combat knife on the second marine?

08-11-2007, 04:35
I have to say, the iconography is simply stunning, and coupled with the fact they are white and gold jus makes them scream class. Your whites are very smooth.

08-11-2007, 20:50
ok, the helmet brother gaster wears, how did you do this? you started with a corvus helmet or with a conventional one? Because my CSM army is GK-themed (yes, is a GK army which has turned to chaos) and helmets like those could be useful to my grand plans... :P

08-11-2007, 21:33
Warflag, It seems like you have too much time on your hands! :p

Seriously speaking though, the details are awesome and I'm in love with their bolters... wow, what else I can say. The only thing that puts me off, and this is really IMHO, are the bases: such a beatiful paintjob deserves an equally beautiful base: they are too plain, maybe adding some darker colour or some detail (high grass, some rocks) would fix it. I'm not saying that these marines aren't stunning, just that they can be almost perfect (absolute perfection being divine :p) with a little more effort put in them. I'm saying this because it's the same with my vostroyans, they seem ok as long as you don't look at the bases... by now you have to possibly change only a few bases (should you decide this way), I'll have to change at least 15... and drybrushing them again could get messy :mad:

BTW, these are, as ever, my €0.02.


09-11-2007, 02:01
Good night, Toschenko,

too much time, :D
thatīs a good one. Iīm heading right into my exams. The mind needs exhaust. Thatīs what Iīm doinī. The minis give me a break from real life.
Right now Iīm listening to Type O Negative and preparing the lib for the next pic.


The gold and some armour done, and the blue parts.

I`ll make a tutorial, promise.;)

09-11-2007, 02:16
Ok. Flags do play a role in my armies. So just for the interested folks: Here goes tha flags...


Cheers (goddammit), Bart

09-11-2007, 02:35
Just a word regarding Toschenkoīs critics. Thatīs a serious demand, the bases have to have a touch-up. The problem is, to have a deserty base thatīs representing the atmosphereīs that what it needs. Iīm working on that.;)

09-11-2007, 10:05
Personally I think the bases are fine. I think they portray a landscape and are interesting enough, but do not detract fro the minis themselves. If I paint a crap mini I make the base better and vice versa :D

Love those flags by the way, amazing stuff.

01-02-2008, 16:13
The flag is back!

No threadromancy. I am back on my project. Had my exams, and that was hard work. No way to do anything on my collections for about two months. But now it is time to pick up the tools again and get some work done. I am planning on a busy weekend, so keep your eyes open for a first glimpse on my Landraider, progress on the librarian and a group-shot of what chaos I can gather so far.
Also I will be buying a handful of marines and a dread for the "shields". As soon as these arrive I will start a tutorial as promised before christmas.

Later tonight, Bart

02-02-2008, 12:22
Here is the landraider, as promised.
Flag-rack is not complete yet, and painting will be a pain in the ****, but I think itīs worth the effort.




What do you think?

02-02-2008, 13:22
Very, very, very, very nice. I normally don't dig marines, but.. Subscribed!

02-02-2008, 14:06
some groupshots

Nicely shows how far we get with that camera.


Abaddon and the boys


Oblit, the only one I have. Expensive beyond reason imo


I planned the army with the old codex. Actually wanted all high ranks be equipped with chaos hounds. Will still do that.


Anything you want to see in detail, tell me.

Cheers, Bart

02-02-2008, 15:36
Those Space Marines are amongst the finest I've ever seen. They are very evocative of the 40K feel, a lot more than the stock ones are.

08-02-2008, 01:09
Still waiting for new convertible marines to arrive.
In the meantime some more chaos. I do not only have marines, but also some renegates. They seem to be really popular these days. Since latd are gone Iīll play them as ig.
I do not have the money to buy a complete ig army and convert it. So I bought warzone minis. Very fine models. A bit of work and there we go.


And the first ocifer, err...sorry


some of the csm vets I am building
still a lot of work to do....


I changed the chaos marines colour from redish to a brown tone so that I can work out the bleeding theme better. I.E: ditches and scratches with blood pouring from them on a brown armour. Iīll post some next weekend.


Inquisitor Konig
08-02-2008, 07:48
tripple the greatness! cannot decide which models I like best... better wait for more awesome stuff to be painted!

21-03-2008, 01:33
Hello again.
Iīm back on this log with an update announced ages ago. After all I got the minis, I need to proceed with this project.

First I reworked the scheme on my CSM. It now is brownish, with heavy weathering and blood pouring randomly from gaps or holes. Rust will be applied with a technique I developedfor my traitors and some other stuff that distracted me lately.

the pics show what I mean



And here my purchases for the SM so many of you seemed to like.
Itīs enough stuff to complete the troops choices I planned to build.


And this dude here will hopefully turn into a piece of Imperial greatness.
The concept is ready. Question is where to get a second stormcannon. Might be building it. Plan is a synced one. CC weapon will be halberd style. Youīll see...


Next update soon. Will show how I made the falcon helmets too. If anybody is still interested. Let me know.

Oh, and I will redo some of the gold on the marines. You might like it.

Later, Bart

21-03-2008, 02:35
Can't really see the new pics clearly,
The IG warzone minies are very nice.
And the flag is stunning.

09-04-2008, 17:12
Excellent work here. I especially like the loyalist marines; would love to see how you made them!

10-04-2008, 01:56
Thanx people.
I must admit, I was astounded, that someone replied to this, since it was buried on page ten or eleven :p

Yeah well, Fleafa...

Pretty much everybody comments on the loyalists in this log. And again my update is more dedicated to the traitors:(
But rest assured, I still work on the Emperors Shield marines, of which I show a little proof tonight.

First, I have found plasticard!
Some experiments on one of the planned tanks. They will have as much bling as the marines themselves. That promises to be a crapload of work. But a damn nice material to work with.


Next a humilated Dread.
This piece will take a while to build. The cannon will be twinlinked, so thereīs still some cuts to make. Iīll give the machine a new pose, much bling and nice weaponry.


The last post showed the marines I bought. With these I make a tut on how to make the helmets and stuff.

Next, I reworked my chaos scheme again. Iīm really torn with that.
Some pics, so you know what I mean, when you remember the scheme from post #39.

10-04-2008, 01:59
Here they are...




And a shiney effect. Do you think it works?


Well, maybe someone has some arguments to help me out with that. I tend to the red scheme atm.

Loyalists this week! Promise!


17-04-2008, 00:15
Good evening.

There semms to be not much love for my chaos stuff... maybe because itīs oldschool models?

However, todayīs for those who like the loyalist stuff.
After a good while painting my cryx stuff to a new level, Iīm back on some converting again.
As you have seen on the pre post, I had cut up my dread. Then I saw what SYNAPSE did to his dread. That gave me the right kick to pick up the real work again.
Mine is not true scale, so it wonīt be that big...



The second leg is also prepared by now, but I have no pic yet. It is still the construction works, the greening comes after that.

Next comes the first marine from the second squad. This squad will be fast advancing in their poses. The first squad will get one additional marine. This first squad had the "holding position" poses, as seen in the early posts.
I guess, the third squad will be a "fighting" squad. The fourth I did not decide yet.

The dude: Arm missing will be sword arm.



17-04-2008, 00:19
Next comes the second one. Here also no greening done yet. I really like how the pose turned out.




Helmets and other "bling" will be done soon. Then I will post a tut on how I make them. Itīs damn simple, but looks cool.

The helmet that gives me headaches, is the one the dread shall have.

I have a drawing about it, maybe I can post this aswell.

So much for now,

17-04-2008, 00:48
Ha, just in time I could make a pic of the drawing before the cameras battery died.

The plan for the dread so far, excluding his ccweapon, Not too happy with that. Must rework concept.


And a closeup on the head. A bit greyknightish. The tricky part is the the icon on his forehead. It is a variation of the chapters symbol, a shield with wings.


What does the crowd say?


Heru Talon
17-04-2008, 01:34
That Dread is going to look cool.

17-04-2008, 01:50
The 1st pic on post #44 makes the Dread look like a pope dread because it resembled the pope hat. The concept art looks ace.

Keep it up.


17-04-2008, 23:11
Back again. Thanx for the nice feedback.
Yes, I also think itīs going to look cool.

The popedread is now looking even pope-ier, err...

A small update to proof that Iīm sticking to the sketch. The helmet is an old design I made for my chapter. As with all things I make i could not destroy it. I guess I have to get some other termie heads to make the new design which will definitely be the one Iīll use for the dreads and the termies. Also the icon-plate is a little too big still. Or maybe I have to sink the head deeper into the chest.

However, pics:



BTW, this is all only pinned loosely, no bluetags, other than head.
That thing stands on its own.
Seriously, if I try to find a cool standing pose, I try to balance it without glueing. That makes the pose somehow more natural. Dunno why, really, but it works.

Tell me what you think!


17-04-2008, 23:37
I gotta say man, Love your work. Everything is looking really good. My only non super happy comment is that your Dred (SM) takes some really strong Menoth Feel to it. Not that , that is bad, just thought I would point that out. I like the way the pic you drew out lines your plan. A suggestion on my part if you dont mind (I cant draw) is maybe make the lance/spear head more like a Boar spear..a big cross peice just before the blade part. That or More like a Halberd, with a ornate Power Axe blade. Against, just humble thoughts. I still got Dark elves to work on, so my getting into 40K again will be a while off.

18-04-2008, 14:21
That dread is looking really cool. Keep up the good work!

18-04-2008, 15:24
that dread is looking awesome

18-04-2008, 17:02
Thanx for your kind words, folks :)

@ Uriain: I didnīt see that menoth connection until you mentioned it. And it is really not too far fetched, remembering myself telling my wife, this thing will be looking like ********* church of war :D
I thought about a helberd aswell. The hog-pick isnīt a bad idea aswell. I should make a sketch to see how that could work.
Atm I work on the beast. The head gives me seizures, and cuts...


18-04-2008, 22:42
Started some greening today. Damn, I didnīt work with that stuff for a while now, and completely forgot how evil this crap is. However, I guess my plan is taking shape. A little filing, a little cutting, and the flaws in my sculpting will disappear.
Have I mentioned that sculpting feather at that scale does not belong to my favourite exercises? That will cost me squad of termies I fear... Or they get no helmets at all!
Quite happy with the shield on his chest though. Iīm still torn wether I sculpt a full eagle on top of the plasticard, or if I just make a body and feet in a simplified manner. Leaving it like this might look incomplete with the sculpted shield under it.


Remembers filling in pics







19-04-2008, 10:58
Great job so far dude. I think you should do some sculpting on the eagle to make it a bit more 3D. Have you tried Brown Stuff instead of Green? It's much easier to sculpt sharp edges with.

Captain Jerican
19-04-2008, 12:55
It's good to see someone putting in lots of effort to make their army unique

19-04-2008, 13:31
that dreadnought is looking very promising indeed. and i love the concept sketch for it - very good!

and its nie to see some metal chaos termies nowadays and they look great too.

19-04-2008, 14:31
wow, those Marines seem to have a pearly sheen to them, looking forward to seeing more. the chaos look cool as well

20-04-2008, 07:02
Can't believe how few comments this log gets considering the quality of the work. Can't wait to see more dread shots - excellent stuff so far, concept sketch looks great. Perhaps the head will benefit from an incision straight down the centre of the maw, like on a lot of chaos sorcerors helms? It looks a bit like a sheep or rams head at the moment with the big forehead.

20-04-2008, 12:54
Hallo folks, thank you for your great support!

@ Arsenal: I guess the until now rather low participation comes due to the rather unclear thread title. No hint on what armies are worked on... my bad.

@ synapse: Juhu, someone likes my chaos termies. Nice to have you here. Iīm a big fan of your work. Iīm sad to hear youīll be selling your termies. Might steal the helberd idea, as I still donīt know what weapons to use for my termies to keep things coherrent.

@ fleafa: Will do that. Right now itīs too flat. I saw your from portsmouth? That was the first GW I ever stepped into. It changed my life considerably, as far as spending money for useless stuff is concerned;)
Youīll be seeing two of the chaos termies I bought there back in 1992. In my orc log you can see twelve orcs I picked up there too... goddammit Iīm old.
Oh, and thanks for the brown stuff tip. Is it a milliput product?

@ Arsenal again: was it this you were thinking about?


Thoughtabout that too. Might try it.

Thanx to all the others for looking in. Iīll try to keep me busy.

Next post, start of helmet tutorial.


20-04-2008, 14:19
Yeah, helmets!

You use the standard helmet for this conversion, no corvus!
Most of them have little tubes on the cheaks. Cut these off first. Keep them for detail work on bald heads, or whatever.
Then take a little ball of greenstuff, the size of a healthy bugger. Give your marine a clown-nose. Use your fingers and squeeze that nose. take a wet sculpting tool and smooth out the snout to the sides. You will see that you have a double chin under the nose. Ignore it and let the crap dry. it should look like in the pic below


Once dried, make a straight cut under the chin, so that you get one level with the underside of the helmet. Make a second cut from a bit higher up diagonal to the first cut . It should now look like a triangular opening in the front of the helmet.



Next will be the cheak-guards.
I will from now use plasticard for this.
Originally I usedgreenstuff for that too, and sculpted it directly on the helmet, which took ages made me yell an interesting collection of unsuitable expressions:D


20-04-2008, 20:53
Then take a little ball of greenstuff, the size of a healthy bugger.

best measurement guide. ever! lol

great stuff.

im really looking forward to seeing the dread finished!

22-04-2008, 09:17
(quote:synapse: best measurement guide. ever! lol)
And so true! Something every nerd knows :p

Canīt really help it folks, Iīm always drawn back to the chaos.
This time an issue regarding both armies. Bases.

We had this topic back in the old year, as someone said the bases of the basic minis are a bit bland.
Well, that was actually not the purpose.
The basic idea for my bases is this:



Which is giving me a bit of a hard time on inch bases.
I did the rocks, and at least I tried the spikes, on the termie bases. I am still thinking, wether I give it a try and make spikes from putty. Maybe Iīm just too damn lazy. :D

22-04-2008, 09:24
Which brings us to chaos.
Instead of writing my essay on English divorce law in the 19th century, as I should have, I did this fellow.

He has a very classic feel. I love that. Almost looks sneaky with that possessed head. The two axe posecame to my mind when I checked my eighties orcs catalogue, where I searched for a mini I bought and did not find.
Some classic champs have that pose. Just great.


Still have to fill the gap between right hand and elbow. I might add some chains to his trophy rack.



The sawing was a challenge, but I had to do it, as the old termies are so much superior to the plastic ones. A fact, that diappointed me a lot, as had I waited long for them.

Back to the Popedread.


30-04-2008, 12:17
Todays update brings some randomness.

I am collecting space marines for some time, and when I started my first army I wanted a different colour-scheme than all the others. There was exactly one colour left, that had not been depicted in any publication I had stuck my nose into: ORANGE!

Orange... I liked the idea, and I tried it out, made some fluff for it, well, and now there is so much of that army already painted, that I will definately not repaint them. Thatīs actually why I started the "Shields". I wanted to convert and try some techniques and stuff, but the orange dudes wouldnīt do for that.

Here we go, the commander of the force which kills the enemy by bringing eye-cancer.


If there is interest, Iīm willing to post more.

Right now the chaos termies and the SM dread are in the works. The dread is getting his cannon done. An evil piece of work...

Updates soon.


The Inquisitor
30-04-2008, 15:01
Todays update brings some randomness.

Here we go, the commander of the force which kills the enemy by bringing eye-cancer.

hahahahaha..... nice painting and great comment.

Perhaps this is the strategy with so many a SM chapter; shock and awe replaced by dazzle and retinal burn?

30-04-2008, 16:50
I love the converted Chaos Terminator. He loks so classic. And, for some reason, his head reminds me of Sam & Max.

Count Sinister
30-04-2008, 19:32
Brilliant work, all of it. Those conversions - particularly the ones on the loyalist marines - are incredible. Absolutely incredible.
Let's see more of the orange guys. It's a pretty dull overcast day here, and could use a bit of brightening up!

30-04-2008, 21:33
Nice Terminator Captain there! Love the bright orange armour there!

01-05-2008, 00:59
Well, Inquisitor, subtle are the ways of the emperor. Be it, he blinds our enemies with unnecesserily bright power-armour.

Folks, youīve asked for it, so you deserve no better.

For the orange...

Dread one of two. Classic metal piece. W.I.P, but quite far.



Shows different shoulder pads depending on status. Rank and file trooper done, base needs a little touch up...


This guy has his very own opinion about GW constantly changing the rules. He wants his traits kept agoing.


Concept for this army originally was a fast forward company with dreadnaught backup.
Plan was to have lots of landspeeders (have five by now) jumpers, and bikes, rhino-rushing standards and dreads and termie commando. No heavy tanks. Probably crapped in 5th ed.

01-05-2008, 01:06



The chapter symbol is that cryptic sign on the front. They are called "Infernal 6ers". Do not ask, I donīt know how this happened. Itīs like the colour choice. I liked it and kept it. They are a sixth company, the rest of some lost chapter. they slowly rebuild their chapter with the new name, sworn never to hide and to hunt the destroyers of the chapter, and burn them in a fireball, like their brothers suffered their end.
So much for the 6ers.

01-05-2008, 01:18
Last for tonight, proof I work on the protagonists of this log.

First, evil bunny champion. "sam and max", would never have thought of that, but now that you mention it...


Arms follow soon, then some basing on the rest of the bunch. Youīll be seeing ten CSM termies in two squads of five.

Next, the hated assault cannon. The rack is built, but the barrels give me a hard time. I donīt dare to fully sculpt it, and I have not yet found anything with the correct diameter. However, the twinlinked thing will get a casing and will be attached to the shoulder. Just look at the drawing I made.



Thatīs it for now.
You may now take off your sunglasses again, no more orange dudes tonight.

And remember, in the grim darkness of the 41st millenium camouflage is considered overated.


03-05-2008, 12:54
That khorne flag is uneal!

11-05-2008, 00:44
Good evening folks.
Update time.
First, thanx Take 19! Expect more cool flags when the tanks are done.

I worked on both fronts, imperium and chaos. And some randomness will join in aswell...

Iīm close to completing the termie squads 1 and 2 for the CSM. Evil bunny champ needs some detail stuff done aswell as the base.


In the second row of this pic we find the other champ. His base is the prototype for the new bases. I use cork now, which provides sharper edges, and add some sand. Still there will be no vegetation!


The other squad, evil bunny and Abbadon be the characters here. As you notice, I like the reaper cannon. This one has been converted. Actually all but one of these termies have been converted. Except Abbadon, because I diddnīt dare back then when I painted him. Maybe someday...


So much from chaos.

Next we have some work on the popedread.
The eagle badge got some detail work, filled some gaps, bling etc..


next post

11-05-2008, 00:51
Two more pics of the dread.
Oh, I painted the head, I just had to...


I like the way the gold turned out. Quite satisfied with the head in total. Now that I have seen it painted, I decided definately to keep this design for the upcoming termies aswell.


Worked on the cannon aswell.
It really bugged me, I almost bought a second one in the US, but then I thought, I should give it a try, and so far Iīm happy. The green role will be the barrels in the front. Soon to be finished.



next post...

11-05-2008, 01:18
Got some vossies from a friend. And his Catachans. So I decided to change three fo his five sentinels into Vostroya pattern sentinels.

Hereīs my first result.




This will save us some money, doing it from scratch, instead of buying steel legion roofs.

And my take on catachan camo on another sentinel.
I guess I will add som dark brown lines or flashes or somting like it to break up the green, to make it more realistic.


Yeah, well...
So much for tonight,
enjoy the pics, or find them butt ugly, or whatever.

C&C more than welcome, let me know what you like or dislike, how I can improve, you know what I mean. I very much enjoy the feedback, since I kind of live on an island regarding the hobby.

Cheers, Bart

11-05-2008, 10:25
Smallish update. Got up and finished the barrels. The middle section looks odd, but will be covered under armour anyway. Hope to finish the whole piece with shoulder this weekend. Letīs see what happens...



Alas, the sun is shining, must leave the cave now :p


11-05-2008, 22:49
Yeah, pretty damn busy days.
Back with the dread.
I painted the hull grey today. I did this for two reasons. First this coat shows the flaws much better than the colour chaos it had before. Second, it helps me decide what I might want to add, and if I have to add something.

The coolest effect though is, that it looks so damn good. Iīm sorry, but this project is very satisfying. I learn a lot! I never used plasticard before the dread build, and I never really sculpted anything apart from the trimmings on the regular marines, and a scroll on a shin guard.
And now this. Who dares wins, I guess.

However, the grey brings the church feel well out, and I needed to check..

Now you! I need your comments, recommondations, ideas, you got it. Have I forgotten anything?


Ok, now I want to share a bit of fluff, for those interested.

Brother Sistinas, once High King of Garetha and Chapter Master of the Emperorīs Shield Chapter

This dreadnaught, as all of them, is a king in his own right. He was the second chapter master. Embedded in his holy war-tomb he fights the chaos for six thousend years now, and he is still not tired. Though a man-machine like all dreadnaughts, he is in one way different. He does not support his brothers in need, but leeds them to battle. He did not speak or communicate in any way for centuries, but the chaplains of the chapter know to read his actions.
In a way he seems to feel the presence of the foul traitors. Never has he failed to find those who turned his homeworld into a barren wasteland, that allows no life. And never will he allow to flee the battlefield. He does not allow to take prisoners. His seed is destruction, and the harvest is revenge for his kinfolk.
He is accompanied by three fellow dreadnaughts, battlebrothers of old, in fact the oldest members of the chapter, the last who remeber the day when the exterminatus took two billion souls of Garetha, in the blink of an eye. From a world, rich and prosper, and true to the emperor like not many are.
His task is not fulfilled yet, as the ones who brought mischief to his world are still out there, carrying a hidious secret, seeking to destroy mankind at any cost. He will unveil this secret and wipe out the traitors to release the souls of Garetha before he allows himself to rest.

Thanks for reading it, more to come.


12-05-2008, 00:33
Hello again.
I am willing to interpret the lack of comments and further participation as a general consensus of the community on my undisputed genius :D

The assault cannon is almost complete. Nevertheless I fear that this armywill not be ready before rending and traits are nerfed or completely declared excommunicate.

See how it evolves...

The muzzle on the left missing, but otherwise complete.


Now with casing



next post more

12-05-2008, 00:49
Anda now, preassembled...


and with primed supercannon


Here you can see that I closed the gap between the arc behind the head and the hull


Thatīs about it for today. Tommorow is a holiday in Germany, letīs see what I can do. Maybe the other arm. Or the legs.


12-05-2008, 01:09
Absolutely fantastic work, well done. Can't wait to see the paint progress.

12-05-2008, 07:11
Looking great, good work!

12-05-2008, 19:56
That double assault cannon is wicked cool. Love the marines witht eh white armor as well. Consider me subscribed.

12-05-2008, 22:29
That is the Scariest Menoth Warjack ever :D haha jk.. That looks really awesome man. I cant wait to see it finished

12-05-2008, 22:45
Hello folks!
And a warm welcome to you, Mr. Chair! Thank you for the reply, I do like this beast of a cannon aswell. I will probably never experience the screams of "cheese" though, since itīs rending ability will be gone by the time I will lead it to battle.
Also thanx to Fleafa, Uriain and Arsenal. I was about to ask why the level of participation is still so low. This thread has some 5000 views, which tells me, that there indeed is interest. But people seem to be shy... :(
However, Arsenal, is the helmet now as you thought it to be?

Today a grave incident occurred. Brother Sistinasī left foot was missing. The techadepts being worthless again I had to search it myself. A very strange thing this was, as I keep all the parts of the dread in a small bowl. I finally found it in the middle of the other brothers. Whatever strange worshipping ritual it was they celebrated, I hope it helps my efforts. Cool thing was, I found some old berserker mini I had almost completely forgotten.

I will now prepare the pics for your revision.


12-05-2008, 23:24
Wow, these armies are absolutely breathtaking; That Dreadnought has a very Privateer Press Warjack feel to it while still maintaining a healthy dose of GW Gothicry, and I absolutely love it. Your colourscheme is amazing beyond words. I cannot wait to see this finished display...

13-05-2008, 00:03

Thanks Weaver. I hear that PP thing often. I guess itīs the helmet. The gothic feel was more my intent, but as long as gets recognized itīs fine with me.

The page has seen five posts without pics. That is over now!
The dude I found is a character I built for my chaos army. His name is "Krataz the Insane". A fellow slasher of kharn, he came with a demonic sword providing 10 attacks, 12 " basic movement and a bloodthirst unheard of. I played him once, and I may add that he did not kill a single model, but he was such a firemagnet, that I could move most of my army without considerable casualties. Psychology is all that counts in the game...


Next, my efforts of today. I sculpted the chapter badge on the shinguard.


Most of the day went into the left arm! Missing parts: the thumb, knuckle guards, an eagle on the empty back of the hand and of course: The weapon.



This is not the one ring, but the ONE ring, btw...

13-05-2008, 00:13
Anda now: The final positioning of the legs,


Brother Sistinas as he will stand on his base,


and amongst his brethren.


Two of them are for the new squad I will work on this week.
Another chaos model lurks in this pic. A cookie for the one who finds it first!

C&C as always appreciated.

Oh, a word on the display. This actually will take a while. It will be HUGE, as it will include about five thousand points of SM and CSM, plus renegades and Garethian Guard. It will feature the destroyed chapel of Gareth, the founder of the colony, of which you have seen just an excerpt on the first page. In the middle of it, in front of the altar the characers of the army will clash. The chapel stands on a hill, the signs of corruption being displayed all around it.

Wish me luck, I expect the results of my exams this week, so next update might take some days.

Cheers, Bart

Heru Talon
13-05-2008, 00:18
Another chaos model lurks in this pic. A cookie for the one who finds it first!
It's the corpse on the Commander's base.

13-05-2008, 00:20
Cookie stamped and sealed for delivery :D

Heru Talon
13-05-2008, 01:42
Cookie stamped and sealed for delivery :D

But I don't like green cookies! :cries:

13-05-2008, 02:38
Do you paint prime most of your stuff? If so is it a special paint or do you just use the normal ones?

13-05-2008, 04:03
I second that - how have you done that grey primer, because it looks amazing.

Dread is looking absolutely brilliant btw

13-05-2008, 05:14
tha dread is looking mightily impressive, though you seem to have made the body bigger than the legs, which makes it look even stumpier than noral!

though i really cant wait to see it painted, especially if it will be to the standard of the normal marines!

13-05-2008, 09:08
Hey ho, thatīs some responses this time!

Maybe Iīm just posting too often and too many WIP pics?

@ Heru Talon: Sorry about the cookie. Eaten the real one myself. The greedy fat blob in me wanted it. May I offer a substitute?

Mr. Chair & Arsenal: The grey priming is for the Shield Marines only. Itīs their basic colour. Thereīs two reasons why it looks good. 1st, you have seen this piece in its catastrophic condition, built and then primed. To see it in a smooth colour the first time strengthens the impression. 2nd, I prime with a couple of thin layers. That makes it very smooth. Itīs just Codex Grey!

Synapse, rest assured that I will give my very best paintjob for this. I spent twenty + hours building it up till now. You wouldnīt think Iīd spoil that with an average paintjob, would you ;)

13-05-2008, 09:12
very nice twin assault cannon. now just get him painted!

Inquisitor Konig
13-05-2008, 21:06
wow I love that dred. especially the Fist. you did a wonderful job.

15-05-2008, 00:49
Hey all!

Was a bad boy today. I bought stuff, though I had sworn to the grave not to buy any new stuff from GW, but only used from ebay.
I swear, I will never swear again!

Got these dudes. A good amount of work to do, but reasonable. Will get mors bling, chainswords substituted with regular swords, heads done according to chapter design, axe will be removed and by special sword replaced bla bla, you get the idea. Corvus head might be a prob, as well as the sergeants helmet on his waist. You saw that the first serge I did has his own helmet design. Thatīs going to be interesting...


Then I worked on the CCW. Not at all happy with that. Might go for a helberd style weapon. The plasma part is ok, I think. Any suggestions?



And I started to paint Brother Sistinas gold parts. Couldnīt resist. It is now easier to destinguish the bling parts from the rest, and to get a better idea of the all-over design. Lots of gold freehands will complete the look in the end. This will be applied after the white is done.


15-05-2008, 00:55
Oh, and I got this wonderful piece. Hope you like it.
It is a quick and easy conversion. A Berzerker cut up and refitted as a rider. Weapon comes from a termie, that will now get an axe. I donīt think, that the chain he holds will make it for the final version. Will probably also add a chains-tabbard front and back, as it looks a little bare right now, and I donīt want a saddle.


This thing is a beast! Itīs heavy and a nice sculpt. Looking forward to painting it.



15-05-2008, 06:47
great stuff warflag, I realy like what yor are doing in this thread!
your dread is awsome, and everything else looks realy promesing!


15-05-2008, 12:42
is that a new or old juggernaut?

15-05-2008, 13:28
Looks like a new one to me...

16-05-2008, 00:05
Hey all!

Brambleton, itīs the new one. A real good sculpt!

However, just finished the plasmascythe-arm, how I call it. Changed the design completely. I know, one should never praise oneself, but itīs the coolest thing I ever built! The cool thing is, the thumb is moveable, so you can take the weapon of, or exchange it.
Pics in about an hour, when I primed it.


16-05-2008, 07:29
cant wait to see the plasma thingy. if its the new one then its a pity that im not going to collect daemons, although it would probably be worth it just for that

16-05-2008, 09:22
Hey folks,
sorry for not posting yesterday. Passed out on the couch.

The Juggernaught is really worth it.
A side view, perhaps?


and now the fist, open and closed, and with the weapon.




When you look along the thing from its bottom, you see a perfect five pointed star.

Yeah, well, hope you like it.

Now onto the legs. Found a solution for the right shin-guard.


Solun Decius
16-05-2008, 09:54
The lord on the Juggernaut...
Man that is some chaos coolness!

I went for wings on my lord but after looking at the new Bloodcrusher model I really just want to make a new one. And now you've done that, and it's awesome!

17-05-2008, 23:21
Back from heavy partying. We had another bachelors party yesterday, and football seasons final today. Our local club had the best result since 1971! yay
Made a few shots of the dread. The final is close, only small details on the building side, as there are: a few hydraulics, purity seals and a bit of cutting and filing on the muzzle of the left cheese cannon. The rest is painting it!

`ere we go





I might lead your attention to the hydraulics on his lower legs. Some fine drilling here.

Iīm thinking, wether I make the vets I bought to be the command group of my commander. The axe dude could be the standard bearer for example. What would you say? Good idea, or rather keep them as vets, and get a seperate command group?


18-05-2008, 01:41
Looking awesome. Maybe the hydraulics could be wrapped in a length of plastic tube around half their length, to create pistons?


18-05-2008, 02:01
Fleafa: Do you mean those missing from hips to thighs, or all of them including lower legs? I ask, because the latter are glued already. Would have to do that with GS :cries: I have no plastic tubing at all. The weapon was built from a Q-Tip :p Where do you people get plastic tubes and rods? I only could get plasticard...
However, a considerable idea. Must sleep over that.

Nah, crap it, Iīll do it, completely. Thanx for pointing this out, Fleafa.

What about the vets? any suggestions?

Cheers, Bart

18-05-2008, 03:59
That Dread is unbelievably awesome. its a very original idea, can't wait to see more!

Captain Jerican
18-05-2008, 09:32
um... wow

18-05-2008, 12:01
That dread is a fersome beast, looking very very good. His scythe thingy, sorry don't know what you would call this weapon, look really cool and I may have to borrow the idea for my dread when I get it.

19-05-2008, 13:06
lol, I meant all of them, sorry! I get plastic tubing from a local model shop. Alternatively, you could use electric cable sheathing. I use mains cable for alot of modelling, normally stripping the sheath off. Can work leaving some on, only stripping half of it.


19-05-2008, 13:51
that dread is really looking great! though will you be filling in the spaces in the hips? i hope so!


19-05-2008, 14:42
Will the dread be in the same colours as the Space Marines or will it remain a bit darker like that?

By the way...for some reason I keep pondering how cool a Synapse sized marine from your chapter would be...but then even more shiny and ornate! :eek:

19-05-2008, 14:46
Wow! Looking good!

19-05-2008, 15:25
Something about the CC weapon doesn't fit, I agree. It looks so small in his hand I feel like it actually takes away from the strength of the model. Have you thought about doing the traditional, back blade coming out of the back of the for-arm, sort of look?

19-05-2008, 15:50
Crapīs sake. A lot of replies here!

In order.
Fleafa: Did that, pic later. Forgot that I did not post one:wtf:

Synapse: Of course, mate. How could I leave it that way? Will probably do this tonight.

Malika: Same colours, already at it. My recipe works well on a bigger machine aswell. Something that bugged me a long time, since I will have to use it on the tanks too.

X-esiv-4c,Acerbus, Captain Jerican: Thanx a lot!

Penguin: Feel free! If you need a rundown on parts, ask!

Mr. Chair: I can only hope you ment the first version, which was not good at all. Tried the hog.pick thing, but it did not work. If you mean the new one, well, he can drop it any time, as the thumb is freely movable ;) What about an axe, or a spiked club? Just had an idea, youīll like it.

Yeah, cool so many take part in this journey. A month of work (I have a real life aswell), but the result justifies it. I learned a lot with this project, so the other three will come forth faster, I hope.

While back at painting, I started on the juggerlord. Also the regular marines and the designated retinue need work. Have made a concept for the Razorback. Much to do, but the more the enemies, the bigger the honour!


19-05-2008, 19:44
Okay, how on earth did you manage that thumb mechanism!? It's sweet! Does it grip tight or is it sort of a loose, floppy deal?

I have to say that the new version of the combat weapon is perfect. I wouldn't change it at all; it's sized perfectly, and very well designed to boot. I cannot wait to see this whole model finished.

19-05-2008, 20:40
Weaver: The fist has a main body and a ring where the fingers are attached to.
Cut off the finger you wnat to replace. Cut a gap where the finger has been. Then drill a hole as seen in the sketch into the other side across the gap. That needs some aiming ;). Shove a piece of string into the hole.
Then make a new finger from plasticard. Then design is up to you, but I recommend plasticard for its softness. The string piece will remain movable. Glue the finger with superglue to the string. It will melt to an extend and make a good bond that can withstand braking when the finger is moved. Thatīs it.


The fastness of the finger is depending on the strength of the string. I used a 1mm drill and an A- or E- string. You have to test that. if you keep the string short enough, you can close the hole on the outside of the ring with GS.

Hope that helped.


19-05-2008, 22:38
That dreadnaught is everything a ven dread should be. Consider me subscribed.

20-05-2008, 00:52
Update time.

ZAChos: cool sig-link :p

Got into Apocalypse lately. I have recruited a warmachine:

Sausage-Finder-Scout-Titan. Rules will feature in Imperial armour 17 "Attack of the ridiculously large Chaos-Mammals", four rending claws, and odour of the fishy stench type (Big blast template)


This beast drives me mad! She hairs everywhere, and I assume on purpose, especially on my still paint-wet minis. But sheīs old and so probably not too tasty, which is sometimes the only reason why still alive.
In the end maybe better than a Great Dane drooling on my minis...

Back OT

20-05-2008, 01:02
For you guys, I did as you requested.

The pistons. Had to light the pic up extremely, cause all is basecoated black already.


And a front view, for the gaps on the hips, Synapse.


Even did rivets. Definately a task for the mentally disordered. I thought about orks, but scratchbuilding for the greenskins requires a lot of rivets. A LOT. Might rethink this...

The painting progresses.
Freehands and purity seals will be done last. Hope you like the white. What do you think about my new gold? Might even it out with some inks, but all in all quite happy.


For size and colour comparison.



Who of you dudes will be at a GD this summer? I need the limited SM mini with hammer, as seen in the rumours section. I want to make a standard bearer from it. PM me, if you are willing to help me out, as I donīt want to pay ridiculous E-Bay prices.

Any comments welcome, as always.


20-05-2008, 02:00
That thing is AWESOME man! What a brilliant-looking dreadnought! The whole space marine army you have going there just looks glorious. So much in fact that they look like Grey Knights, so kudos to you man.
...man, so glorious

20-05-2008, 05:13
that must be one of the coolest dreadnoughts I ever seen!
keep it up!

20-05-2008, 08:30
The pistons make it from great to excellent! Hehe, love the paint job, too.
You might find this website useful: http://www.barrule.com/Workshop/scratch%20builders%20paradise/terrain%20materials%20and%20supplies%20for%20warga mes,%20scratch%20building%20and%20dioramas.html
I get alot of plasticard, tubing, rivets etc. from here.

20-05-2008, 11:35
Absolutely awesome. Nothing to add

20-05-2008, 16:39
wow that gold is looking amazing! the white isnt half shabby either!

23-05-2008, 00:44
Back again!
I had to build something, so I grabbed my razorback and started making my ideas real. Turns out to be quite the thing I want it to be.
Iīm stiil very much in the card-phase of things. All exhausts will get the caging. The dragons heads I use as ornates in front of little shields that guard the light and the antenna.
But the best part is that thing on top of it. I hope you can imagine what this will end up as :D
Very raw still, but it will be cool! That whole tank is pretty time consuming, I gues it will take a week until we see it finished.


I still work on the dread of course. Painting progresses. I decided to post no more WIP pics of it, as this pushes me to paint faster.

Also made a sketch for the next dread.


His sarcophagus holds the remains of Grand Chaplain Astor, equipped with two dreadnaught fists, which each hold one heavy bolter. You will like his pose, which will be different from the one depicted.

Let me know what you think.


23-05-2008, 01:34
Allright then, youīve guessed it, of course.

The gunner.



And C&C, please,

23-05-2008, 01:40
that razorback is looking good man.

23-05-2008, 10:03
looking forward to that marneus calgar dread ;)

23-05-2008, 12:31
Thanx Raven 1 and Synapse!

Honestly, when thinking about customizing your dread, what would be the first thought? Of course the Calgar weaponry! It is just made for a giant man-machine - big fists with built-in guns :D If I were out for a duell, that would be my choice.

I build my gunner right now, as weekend has already started for me. Almost chopped my thumb off, sealed the wound with superglue, and on it goes :p

Awesome, for those interested, Snakenet-Metal-Radio! Check it out!


23-05-2008, 22:52
Well, before you see more dreadnaught pics, you have to endure some more documentation of the progress of the razorback.

Built the seat and Computer parts. most of the interior of the turret is done.
The mechanism that will be holding the lasers still gives me headaches, but I think Iīm getting somewhere.

A question, no two: 1st, do you think the turret is too bulky, specially the front? 2nd, what about the GD thing, anybody able to help me out?





The gunners right hand holds a lever, of which the function is not yet quite clear to me :D

Will paint the gunners chest different than the rest, due to mech plate.
Red or black/white, what do you say?

Thanx and cheers,

24-05-2008, 06:58
I'm liking it. It's just about the right bulk. Black and red, as a nice contrast.

As for Games Day, I'll probably be going, but want that mini myself. Any idea if you're allowed to buy more than one?

24-05-2008, 08:45
Aaargh, dumbbutt me, havenīt thought of that!
Dunno, actually, as have never been to GD, maybe they allow to buy two, but surely not a whole bunch. Put them up on ebay they could do themselves :p
A pity that is, maybe someone can tell us whatīs the deal. And of course, thank you very much for considering it alone! After all I`m a complete stranger :evilgrin:
Iīll try to sort that out.

as for the razor, thx for the encouragement, I honestly thought about shoving the blade over it. I gues the ornaments will fix the problem.


26-05-2008, 17:39
back with a little update.
I worked on some infantry, as I want to build an army after all :p

The second squad is growing, two more dudes to go, but so far Iīm happy enough with their poses. They shall be the fast advancing ones.
Hope you like īem.



Serge is done as well, as you see. I will add a special weapon, probably exchangeable.
This, the special weapon guy, will then be the last marine for the first squad.
The vets will form a command squad, I have decided. Therefore I must pick up some stuff from bitzandkitz, i.e. apothecary arm, banner etc. plusswords for the whole army. Maybe I get the basic parts for my second dread there.

Some fun shots in 2nd post...

26-05-2008, 17:42
Two pics of the Shields I have so far...



and the very first good vs. evil shot in this thread. Letīs hope there will be a lot more, with a lot more finished minis on a nice display ;)



26-05-2008, 17:55
great work, the models looks awesome!

26-05-2008, 19:02
I love the last pic it really shows off you painting skills. Just wondering if we could get a tutorial on how to do your white?

27-05-2008, 01:11
Another small update.
The four newbies from the second squad almost done building. Some minor corrections neccessary. Purity seals after painting, as usual. Primed to find errors. So far OK.



Vets heads made, last head makes problems, as it is a corvus head. Leave it that way, or convert? Opinions?
However fifth guy has no helmet, will get ES helmet attached to belt on backside.


So far, so good.


27-05-2008, 03:08
those marines look really good. I really like them. The originallity is inspiring.

27-05-2008, 16:14
these marines look great.
i love the helmets, i think its one of the most important things for a marine
as for the corvus helmet veteran, just chop his head of, and place a plastic one on him


28-05-2008, 00:02
Thanx Develain and Raven 1 !
Being an Inspiration is one of the greatest compliments one can get. I really appreciate that!

I had to learn a few things today. I never knew that Col. Steiner had been a character from a movie. Pretty good one too.
But the best thing is, that we now officially have a product called grot buster in Germany! Itīs a kitchen cleaner. It busts grots, or is it gretchin?
Made me laugh. Shortly.

I made a few new shots of the newbies. The tacticals are now completed and all gaps filled. I made shots that show the dynamic poses better. They are the running squad after all!



The one with bolter on strap I like most.

Champ and pal



Drawing sword is a cool one too, and the serge is as bulky as his pal from the other squad. He has the same shortened helmet, as has the vet serge from the command squad. Talking command squad...

28-05-2008, 00:16
Primed and started on basic colours. Left to right: Apothecary, arm still to buy, Vet. Serge, Standard Bearer, standard still to build. If that one turns out half as good as I plan, itīs going to rock.


And company champ and special weapon. Chose plasma pistol for lack of other special weapon. might exchange that. Also might add bling to shoulder pads of champ.


Big pic of apothecary. Here, Develain, we see that your advice had been heard but not followed. When I read your lines I had already created this special apo helmet. Hope you like it.


And a shot of the librarian. The gold on this one has been highlighted with a mix of gold and white. I think the gold of the dread owns the future though. What do you think?


Penguin: A short list of the colours: codex grey, fortress grey, space wolves grey, skull white. All layered carefully with heavily thinned down colours, and light source always kept in mind. I think thatīs the reason for the pearly shine someone mentioned earlier. Codex is warm, whereas spacewolves very cold. Layered you get the pearly effect, and a very plastic white. Funny thing is that I only used space wolves grey due to laziness in the first place. I didnīt want to mix and needed a tone between fortress and skull white. It was the only I had.

Leave word, C&C wanted!


28-05-2008, 15:05
Love it love it. A lot.

I want a new marine army.

28-05-2008, 17:58
loving the gradient/highlights on the librarian. very well done. same with the gold

Colonel Haizelhoff
30-05-2008, 08:42
Great marines. The painting is great, I also like the old chaos predator in the very beginning.

30-05-2008, 10:00
Thanks, all three of you.
Synapse, this is so far the best white I was able to do, though I think the dread may turn out even smoother, as I use more water now. I also liked the gold, but I felt like shading it off with chestnut ink, which has a touch of a red shade. That makes a nice contrast to the cold white and blue. I am now at a point, where I feel like I have to redo all gold parts of the first marines.

The next five (finished another one) are also in the paint station as well as the comand vets.

Colonel, so youīve looked through the thread ;) Itīs a 56k killer, but who still has 56k then these days. Hope the wip pics didnīt bother too much. Take it as tutorials, which have been demanded specially for the helmets.

The whole wip thing is interesting in some way, but also eating bandwidth, which is why will only make new wip shots when I return to the razorback, or start the Maccrage pattern dread ( thanks synapse for that one).

We are looking forward to the completion of the Librarian, and a new painting challenge has been taken: OSL.
Pics tonight

Cheers and regards,

31-05-2008, 01:42
Righto, we all love painted stuff, donīt we!
Librarian done, might add some more freehands, base will be done in production line process when more stuff gets based.

The commander is for comparison, and a closeup, whereas I must say that some highlighting got lost in the photo.

Pics, Sirs.





So far, so time consuming.

Must paint faster.


31-05-2008, 08:26
The Librarian is top notch. The white is really smooth and I love the glow from the lights around his face.

Your free hand work is excellent. If you can I would add to the Librarian, as next to the commander, he looks a bit plain.

I have to mention the special helmet for the apothecary. Its a little difficult to see but I think it looks cool.

You have definitely changed my mind about bling on space marines. Done well like you have it can look really good.

31-05-2008, 13:32
i like what you did with the corvus head, its even better than i had suggested, what exactly did you use to make the apothecary head? because i love it
keep up the good work man!


Solun Decius
01-06-2008, 12:22
The librarian is awesome. Great highlighting on the white armor.
Wait, what's a bit plain? Looks quite ornate to me.

02-06-2008, 21:50
I'm normally sick to death of people doing source lighting, but I have to say you've hit the nail on the head with your librarian. Congrats for not taking it too over the top. It looks nearly real in my eyes. Lovely work as always!

02-06-2008, 23:01
Hi Ho,
yeah, Mr. Chair, thank you! That is the whole deal with OSL, giving it a realistic look, ainīt it? I also despise the overdone source lighting that is so popular these days. Quite as well as overdoing highlights, when pretty much every colour ends up in clear white. Looks bleached imo.

As for the bling: I have in deed added some ornamnts, and will even more. It is right, that the commander has more. So far I have added the shields badge on the right kneepad, and I have done something I swore for the life of me I would never do. I did some nice golden ornamental pattern on the inside, the red side of the tabard; in nmm :eek:
And what can I say? It worked. I would usually use metallic colours, but doing these fine lines with the most horribly pigmented colours available, was such a painstaking prospect, I thought: Give the crap a try, overpaint it if it sucks. I will do more bling on armour edges as on the chiefs leg armour.
Btw, has anybody noticed the cussion pattern on the inside of the chiefs cape? That allone cost me 2.5 hours of my life. The reason I chose a different freehand for the lib. :p

I might take another pic tonight, but right now I must work on Louisiana familiy law again.


03-06-2008, 03:39
I must say, that is some sexy white you have on your models. Might I ask how long it takes you to blend such highlights and lowlights?

03-06-2008, 22:16
Ahaa! There seems to be someone who knows the right questions! You might have already guessed it, and itīs even worse. It takes ages. :cries: It is such a time consumig process that I sometimes just canīt get myself to pick up the brush.
Itīs worth the effort, but as you see this log in existance for about 9 months now, and compare that to what I have ready yet, I tell you this project will keep me busy for quite some time.
For measurement: The cheese-cannon arm of the dread took about a complete Cary Grant movie, which was apox 2 hrs. Without freehands and primed allready, which was another twenty minutes. A complete Marine with all freehands would take about six or seven hours, depending on breaks. The deal is, you cannot rush it as it has to be exact.

Yeah, well.
Might do something tonight, prob a pic of the revised Lib.


10-06-2008, 10:09
firts nice treath makes me wanne start SM again got like 20.000 point dark angeles damn thats to much.

abaut GAMES DAY you can by as manny ase you want and if i ame going i wil pic 1 up foor you.

10-06-2008, 15:14
Thank you! It would be nice, if you picked up one for me!

BTW, great game yesterday :) Oranje killed catenaccio :p


12-06-2008, 21:38
That's a long time for a white coat on a space marine but the results are obviously worthwhile. I find myself in the same boat often times. For the projects I want to see completed I usually have to settle for a simpler paint scheme because otherwise, like you, I'll look at my brushes and go "Do I have seven hours to spend right now?".

13-06-2008, 01:10
Small update.
I know, I said no more wip pics of the dread, but progress is slow, and I felt like sharing.


And some freehand stuff on the lib update.


Better now?

Depressing day all in all today.
Our national team sucked major in todays game, but at least Austria made a point.
Got my exams results. Not great, now orals must save the day :rolleyes:

Therefore updates will be postponed the next two weeks (probably).


13-06-2008, 02:48
Das ist fantastisch! Sie anmalen sehr gut!

Ahem, I'm sorry, my german isn't great. I spent about a month in Austria learning german and my vocabulary is still pitiful. Anyway, I love this log; the painting really is great and that dreadnought rocks. Keep it up!

13-06-2008, 11:59
the armour on the librarian and the dread arm is looking spectacular! really great work on those two!

13-06-2008, 14:08
Jens Lehmann is to old for your national team, they should get rid of him. but Germany will go through to the next round, no doubt.

but back on topic. i love that dread. great freehand on the arm.
you should defenitly make a tutorial once about your white armour, because it looks great!
keep up the good work!


13-06-2008, 19:42
Jens Lehmann is to old for your national team, they should get rid of him. but Germany will go through to the next round, no doubt.


And guess what! Second goalie is our hometown goalie! Always best man in our team. Though I must say Lehmann was surely not the only weak player last game.
About a tutorial. I always want to make one. I surely will. Promise!

@ Cdaws08: Only one mistake ;) pretty good for a month of practise. In cases of verbs with prefixes, the prefix and the basic verb ( an + malen) are seperated and the prefix is put to the end of the sentence if the infinitive form is not used. It would be: Sie malen gut an.
A grammatical rule that most none-native speakers do not learn easily. Lesson over, class dismissed :D

Thanx for all your kind words folks, they really keep my motivation high.

Cheers, Bart

14-06-2008, 23:02
Just have to say, those space marines are AMAZING! I love the colors, and the helmets, and everything! They look like they belong at the Emperors side in that diorama in the older SM codex with the Emperor and Horus.

15-06-2008, 23:48
Dear log,
since I crapped my "no more wip pics"-policy, I thought you moght want to see where all this leads to. The left arm of the dread is mostly done.
The new gold scheme works terrifyingly well. The fine lines are tins bits and gold only, but it looks good.



The hull will take some more time, which I am short on these days. Patience, in ten days I will have a lot more time for this project.


16-06-2008, 02:04
wow. just... wow.

love the gold, do you describe your technique in a previus page? (i admit I skiped reading a bit in my thirst for seeing more of your stuff)

the freehanded eagle and scripting is ace. top marks from me!

16-06-2008, 03:40
Dude... you are like, das mann (or was it der mann? I got crap marks in German 101 lol).


18-06-2008, 18:52
I really like the freehand stuff. I can't believe I said he looked plain!

The dread arm is excellent. The gold edging, the freehand work, the colours and the shield are great and they just fit together so nicely.

Top work!

18-06-2008, 19:02
Wow, that's what I call some serious detailing!

The gold lines and freehand works really wonders, now I soo want to see the rest :D!

Great work :chrome:


Count Sinister
18-06-2008, 23:27
Wow, beatiful work on the dread arms, Warflag. Your space marines (the loyalist ones) and now the Dreadnought are some of the nicest space marine minis I've ever seen. And you say the gold detail is 'just' tin bitz and shining gold? Wow, again. How do you get it to have that beautiful lustre?

Solun Decius
19-06-2008, 00:24
Duuuude! Do you think you'll ever get to the rest of the model?
Seriously though, you've gone the distance on that one.

19-06-2008, 07:51
Excellent work as usual, dude.
Update on the GW mini: looks like you can't get extras because the tickets now come with them and there won't be an excess. I'll definitely keep an eye out though, non-marine players may be looking to shift theirs.

19-06-2008, 09:02
Hey folks,
felt the urge to answer some.
First off, thanx for all your replies and patience with this. I do actually have not much time these days as my oral exams are due next wednesday. This is the most important day in the last eight years, considering my future. On top of that Iīm writing essays on law history, and Iīm working as a cook.


Fleafa, thanks for your efforts, hope we can make a deal!

Solun, the dread is closer to completion than you think ;)

Count, we have a slight misunderstanding here. The nice shine is a result of more than gold and tins bitz. I meant the fine lines, the deco stuff. The shiny parts go like this: Tins bitz, gold layered in nmm technique. Then chestnut ink to even this out, and on top mitril highlights.

Toschenko, itīs been a while since youīve posted here. Considering my progress you have not missed much :D

MF3000, thanx and: Der Mann ( er = he, sie = she, das = it == the :p )

Cheers yīall
much updating ahead, be patient


19-06-2008, 10:11
wow, really love your marines and your attention to detail. I even had to flick back a few pages to check if that dread was a forgeworld one! But yeah, some really nice touches (helmets for example).

Count Sinister
19-06-2008, 15:57
Aha! Thank you, warflag (and yes, my misunderstanding). So, it's a mixture of metallics and NMM? Nice...
Good luck in the exams, by the way!

20-06-2008, 18:07
Deutschland, Deutschlaaaand oleee, oleeeee



Hiredsword, that is a very nice compliment, thank you!

Count, yes this is the technique. The point is to layer the metallics. That way you get a much denser pigmentation, which reflects the light close to real metal surfaces. Additionally the use of an ink gives you another reflecting layer, which is, I think, due to the bonding agent in the ink :eyebrows:
Other than that it is the same way you would paint nmm, except using tins bitz and gold and mixes instead of yellows and browns. Blacklining helps aswell.

On a different note, I was very displeased to see that FW puts out a chappie dread only weeks after I made my plans for mine. I felt like very unoriginal, though I wasnīt. Than I saw the model...:D Donīt get me wrong, it is quite cool, BUT MINE IS GONNA BE COOLER; GODAMMIT!

And Iīm a happy git since I read the rumours stating that retinues for SM stay in the new dex. Sad for my CSM, but thereīs worse things I guess.

Expect a pic or two tonight, Iīll need your opinion, as I printed two backdrops for taking pics, and want to know what you think.

Wish us luck that croatia wins tonight, me wants a rematch!


20-06-2008, 19:29
Just read this thread. Warflag your conversions and paint are amazing.
When your painting white are you wet blending or layering?

21-06-2008, 00:44
Well, then against the turks...
Is anybody here into football anyway? Mind you, the type of football that is actually played with feet :D

Right then, pics as threatened

I reduced the size of single marine pics as promised. More userfriendly.
This guy is the first of the second squad I did the white on.
Info for DesertLion, this oneīs half layered half blended. Usually I only layer.




I used one of the new backdrops for the pic.

Next post...

21-06-2008, 00:50
And now the other backdrop. Which one do you prefer. I ask because I want to post on coolmini, so say what you think.


And for those who canīt wait...




Plasmathingy started. Still a lot of work to do.

It is now very obvious what this will lead to. Would you say this piece could make a cut at GD. And if not, what would I have to do better?

Leave a shout,

21-06-2008, 04:42
I'm guessing people, when they see your army on the other side of the table, they go into a process of spontaneous combustion.

Dude. Seriously. I will leave a shout. Hear me shout out right now. In pain, because you are making these models too damn good looking.

Would it be a GD? Hmmm no. And that's my brutal, Simon Cowell honesty.

The 'feathers' of the two-headed eagle on the dread's left hand is not straight enough. It still doesn't look like you gave that 150% effort for it - and clearly you have the skills to do it! So I suggest on fine tuning that up to like, to perfection, to a state that it looks like it's been printed digitally from a magical computer.

The base seriously needs some colour, it's too bland, and it's boring. It's just a slate of concrete with a boulder.

The blue tapestry on his groin area isn't so hot either. It could be the photo (which seems out of focus and resized for some reason - the pixels are not very clear! WHAT DID YOU DO!!!). But if you work on that, with extra super highlight, it would be osome.

Okay, brutality must come to an end. I think I would work on the little details now, to make sure that the whole piece is FLAWLESS for the GD. That's the only way to win. The model is basically 'superbabalicious'. But it needs to be perfect for GD, and that's what counts IMO. Think like a cheesy/beardy player; except for painting. Go hard bro, I'm sure you can get it.


21-06-2008, 09:11
I guess that the body is still WIP in some parts... the blue doesn't seem highlighted at all, as well as the gold and brown. When finished this piece could undoubtedly make a cut at the GD, I've seen worse pieces take silver or bronze daemons. MF3000 has a point, though: from what I've seen at past GDs, having a clean and super-neat paintjob is the most important thing, even over perfectly executed freehands... amongst prize winners there are marine vehicles with no fancy stuff at all, just with perfect and smooth flat areas and precise highlighting.
What you should work on, as always IMHO, is on the freehands, that need to be less rounded (especially the small shield on the left arm): they seem too "hand painted", and the line that divides the upper and lower half is broken (you can see it well in the fourth pic of your last post, it seems to be bent).

So, if you're asking if this dread could be GD worth... well, undoubtedly yes. Just make sure to post WIPs so we can follow your progress and whine at you when you make some little mistake :p

For the backdrop, I prefer the first one. The second one seems too yellowish, it seems to alter the colours.

And, yes, I'm into football... I just hope we will meet at the final :D (fingers crossed)


Solun Decius
21-06-2008, 10:12
Well, then against the turks...
Is anybody here into football anyway? Mind you, the type of football that is actually played with feet :D

Oh, yes. And I wasted 2 hours of my life yesterday watching the most horrible drawn out game ever played! I hope you strangle the Turks (although I actually would've liked to see the Portuguese play the finals, sorry :rolleyes: but with defence like theirs who can expect not to lose)

On to your minis. I'm happy to see the Dread ready there. It's exquisite. The Librarian brilliant as well. I think I'd have to put my vote on the background with the earthy brownish tone at the bottom, mostly because I like the bright blue at the top much better than the top color on the other background. Hope that helps some!

Count Sinister
21-06-2008, 15:09
Wow, Warflag! That dread is looking amazing! I'm also delighted to see some more marines on the horizon (and the pics of the one that you posted up are very, very nice). Thanks also for the outline of the NMM metals technique. I think I'm going to give it a go. As for the Golden Demon question, from what little I know of it, I think some of the other posters are right when they say precision and neatness are the key. Which means, in turn, with some touching up, retuning and reworking, I think a model like this would definitely be in with a shout - but it does need a base that makes it jump out from others too, and maybe even that gives you a chance to show off more of your painting skills (which, frankly, are brilliant!)

21-06-2008, 16:27
Hey there,
I guess I stirred up something here :)
I thought, it was obvious, that the dread is not finished yet, as Toschenko pointed out. And I thank you all for your advice. As I said before this process is taking a long time, and sometimes I become lazy, and then flaws creep in..
I found more then just the shield which I will correct tonight. Next German GD is Luly 27th, so donīt think that I will be there this year.
I have often read that it is a painting contest, so I guess I should know what it takes.
It was more or less a crank, so thought Iīd ask the public.

As for the base, I have made new plans for the bases, an idea which makes it easier for the small bases aswell. We will then in fact see vegetation, but dead :evilgrin: Burned grass will be included, and the pointed stones will be replaced by horns sticking through the ground, making the earth bleed :skull:
he bigger bases bedecked with the odd victim and oppositional bodyparts.

Thanks for your participation!

p.s.: Toschenko, I hope we will get our revenge, gnar har.
Solun, the street where I live it would be a bad idea to postulate the strangulation of turks. Some would call it target-rich environment, I say I am heavily outnumbered. Yesternight was horrible...


21-06-2008, 23:34
Beautiful, cna't wait to see the 100% finished result.

22-06-2008, 09:39
Fantastic work! Keep on with your great army

30-06-2008, 00:52
Olč, the spanish won, and deserved it!

My exams are passed! I am a lawyer now. :D

Just a little update. Worked on the juggernaught. The other pic is kind of a fun-shot. I hope the red I managed to work out here is to your taste. At least I like it. The colour contrast in the 2nd pic should now show why this log is called "good vs. evil".



Expect more regular updates from now on.
The dread will def be finished this week.
The other one will then soon get started, aswell as the next chaos dread. It will be a heavy conversion, for which the concept is ready, and I look very much forward to.

Van San, your thousand sons are damn cool. Great army!
(Eure Jungs haben großartig gespielt! Vielleicht mal `n kleinen Obstler zum zielen, aber sonst klasse ;) )


30-06-2008, 04:28
great news with the exams!

and the jugger is looking very good. i like the shading on the red

Kasrkin 666
30-06-2008, 04:57
Yay! You can defend me in court! Woo! I hope...:p

Really, congratz on that! Don't spend ALL the money you make on minis:p


01-07-2008, 15:46
The red is nice and very warm. Will there be a rider, or is the juggernaut on his own?

01-07-2008, 15:49
Jugger looks cool, feel sorry for that marine

11-07-2008, 01:15
Dear log,
I have been idle and I feel not the slighest shame :D
But now I have returned to this project.
I started to base and rebase the chaos dudes. The new base design looks better, but is still lacking somehow. I also prepared the base for the marines commander.
The new rust recipe for the caotists works well and fast which is very satisfying. Because somehow I came to feel that the way Iīm painting these minis would take forever if I did not speed up some way.
Which leads us to the red on the jugger. Itīs also a new recipe, using scorched brown and blood red and lots of water. the edges are then painted blazing orange. Fines!
My chaos dread decided to go the way of the lemming and jumped off my table. After gluing him up again I decided to do some repainting.

What else?
Oh, the juggers got a rider. See post 105. He will get a new head, berzerker style. His club fell off and my super glue sucks at being glue at all...

I hope to find some motivation to finish some marines. It sucks but they honestly take so damn long.

Sorry that I did not update as regularly as I promised, but I also picked up the guitar again, and a friend of mine and me are doing recordings. Good material as I think.

Some piccies on the weekend.

11-07-2008, 08:46

When i saw you had done an update is was filled with warm goodness inside... but then... NO PICTURES :-(

Cant wait to see some more... im loving this work so far.


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Hadriel Caine
11-07-2008, 12:09
Absolutely love the intricacy of your banners, this style is wonderfully transferred to the minis as well! Great work... looking forwards to seeing more!

Old school chaos was so cool... sigh!


15-07-2008, 16:33
Pictures damn you! :)

17-07-2008, 00:25
Hey folks

First of all: Thanks for keeping looking in!

Caine: You can keep it as oldschool as you want! Thatīs what I do (somehow)
Hopefully Iīll get some more banners done soon. Have you seen my banner rak for the landraider? Now that is going to be cool!

Gonzo: Iīm sorry dude, this time itīs for real...
Which leads us to the impatient Mr. Chair... Here we go.

Finished the Chief. His base was still missing as we all know. I really hope you like it, as I think that this is the standard I will keep for now. I guess I wanted too much, which is why I dumped the spikes idea.
Originally I wanted horns and spikes come through the ground, but that wonīt happen for now. Just couldnīt take the time to make them from putty.

the dude:




I know there is something missing on his tabbards. Itīs an eagle badge that fell off. How ever that happened...

17-07-2008, 00:35
Next two shots of my beloved CSM Termies. The champ is absolutely finished. No more work on this one. The other guy needs his base finished. A matter of about fifteen minutes.
I may lead your attention to the rust effect and some details like cables and stuff. These sport the new basing standard aswell.



And for those interested in wip stuff, two marines with the first lighting stage done. This is the codex grey coat highlighted with thinned down fortress grey. I some parts I used a bit of mixing. I try not to mix, as it takes ages to wet-blend acurately. This stage took about 40 mins for these two. The reason why we donīt see this log as fast-paced as others.


When the white is done after two more coats of space wolves grey and white, there awaits the evil gold stage and the silver for the bolters. Not to mention the ornamental stage. YEAH, what the hell did I get myself into with this.

However, thanx for your support, specially gonzo and chair, you made me pick up the brush again.


Count Sinister
17-07-2008, 00:40
Wow! Nice marine. The gold detailing is fantastic, and the freehand on the robes is excellent! Fine painting.

17-07-2008, 01:52
wow, your stuff is fantastic man. keep it up.
i wish i could paint my chaos as well as yours.

17-07-2008, 08:05
Yay.... updates...

You do realise that this good vs. evil thread is some modellers replacement for narcotics!

THe commander is suitably pimped and looks fabulous, and im liking the Chaos terminators (though not to sure on the terminators sword... only my opinion)

Seeing the WIP marines is an eye opener.. everything you do in every stage is so crisp...



My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

17-07-2008, 11:55
WIP Update

Gonzo: wow, settle down beavis! Have you seen daxīs and GeOrc`s logs? These are truly awesome. Wouldnīt say I reach the quality of those guys. But thanks nevertheless! Great you enjoy this stuff. Love your Orks, btw!

So now for a wip pic I just took. It shows all four stages of painting my whites. Left to right: Codex, fortress, space wolves greys, and skull white.
Unfortunately the fifth member of this fast advancing squad still needs his greens done. Dunno when I will do this.

I guess this pic might help those who want to try my white recipe. If you do paint something with this recipe, let me know, and feel free to post a pic in this log.



18-07-2008, 08:26
Dude I love your painting!

How thin is each layer, because I look at that space wolves grey stage, and i see no blue hue there, so unless there is bad lightning I would have to say it would be almost fully water.

please tell me so i know how to get better.


21-07-2008, 16:18
Everything looks awesome. The Khorne berzerker on your commander's base really pops out. The gold on him is fantastic and I like that you spent time making the bottoms of his feet up to par (I noticed them immediately and was impressed). The freehand on the cloak is also incredible. Keep up the good work! I'm glad my griping can inspire you to new levels hehehe :)

Heru Talon
14-08-2008, 05:06
Get away from your Cryx, and back to your Marines damn you!

14-08-2008, 10:01
But fear not, Iīm still working on them. Actually finished the fifth guy from the second squad while I greenstuffed the fat blob from my cryxers.

I wanted to post anyway: Are those new Vanguard veterans the *****, or what? These are made for my army exclusively! They have swords! And cool poses.
However, update follows soon. Painting progress, as modelling is not on schedule these days.

Thanx for reminding me, Talon ;)


21-08-2008, 00:45
Allright folks, the beast is slain!

One down, three to go...






21-08-2008, 00:55

For those "Menoth-Jack"-sayers..


Also working on the second squad again. I have improved the freehand quality. Therefore I will probably revisit my first squad.



And for those wondering what the apothecariesī helmet is all about.


Hope you like what you see!
However, still some flaws on the dread to fix, but the all-in-all impression is ok so far.
The second squad and the vets are on schedule now.
Next comes the "Calgar-Dread". Parts will be purchased shortly. Also I plan to pick up a box of termies. Iīm as curious as you what they will look like when I convert them to "mark-warflag".

And I did something very stupid. I signed up for TO40kP. Orks! 1500 ps!
Iīll let you know when something happens on that site.

Tell me what you think about the dread. Did I forget something? What has to be improved?

Thanks everybody

EDIT: Someone asked how thin the layers are. They are very thin! Very watery. This slows the painting progress down some degrees. Nevertheless the spacewolves grey has a bluish touch. The trick is to cover the whole area with white in varios thin layers, up to pure white on extreme highlights. END EDIT

21-08-2008, 01:21
your dread is awsome, and I'm sure that the other three will be just as awsome, or even awsomer. I wish I could paint half as well as you.

21-08-2008, 03:13
I love it, I'm a fan, I'm amazed and dumbfounded. All the models are high standard and beautiful, but the filigree and fine details are fantastic. If you've told us already, forgive me, but you're not actually using a paintbrush for that are you? It's gotta be a superfine-point pen. Right? Or laser beams? Admit it, you have a laser etcher that writes golden scrollwork.

Lucky duck.

21-08-2008, 07:40

The dread is pure awesomeness! Loving the conversion, painting, detailing... all of it! Can't get enough of watching it! Another :eek:

Your freehand is indeed really good, but I'm sure you're already aware of that ;). The transition of white you manage to achieve on those marines are almost perfect, smooth and subtle: painting like that can be a time-consuming process, but in the end you'll have one of the most beautiful armies that will ever be on a mini battlefield. I'm in awe.

Keep up with the GOOD work


21-08-2008, 08:39
Hi Bart, how are you doing?

Well the dread is very high class indeed. Ive sung its praises before, but just to reiterate the point, the work you have done on it, is such high class, i'm not sure i can really do justice in words to your craftmanship and painting skill...

all ill say is WOW (not world of warcraft)

Your explanation of the thin white painting is appreciated. Having done a chapter of white marines, i know exactly how hard it is to get white, and to be frank, mine are nowehre near as crisp and pristine as yours.

Re the free hand.... there is no doubt you are getting more skilled, but wouldnt you like to original squad for comparison purposes?

Trust you are well


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

Solun Decius
21-08-2008, 09:09
The dreadnought certainly doesn't disappoint.
I think all other relevant sentiments have been aired already ... exceptional modelling and painting!

However (why in the world would I "however" a brilliant model like that?) I don't get the color and gradients on the force weapon blade ... like you may have not thought them all the way through. Compared to the rest of the model it isn't "striking", you know?

Having said that, remember that it's still the best dreadnought ever!

21-08-2008, 14:25
*bows down deep*

Thank you all a damn lot, folks. I cannot say how much I appreciate your positive feedback.

One by one:

Terminatorbob: I hope the other three turn out just as well. Damn, if youīve read the thread, you know about my plans. Next up is a chaplain dread, imho a better take on that theme than the FW one. :angel: No, honestly, itīs going to rock! The ironclad entry thatis rumoured will certainly help my purposes.

Ferro: Iīll take a pic of the brush I use. Almost destroyed by now, but it still serves. A pen canīt do that, I think...

Toschenko: The white gets better each try. Actually the medics helmet is the latest, and the best if you ask me. I am improving my speed as well.

Gonzo: Howīs it hangin`? I thought I had driven you off with my beavis comment. Thankfully I didnīt. It was meant to be funny. Have you had a look at the mentioned threads of the top notch artists?
About the older squad: Did you mean I should post a comparison shot? Ok, Iīll do so.

Solun Decius: Yeah, you got me. I totally forgot about some highlighting on the force weapon. Thanks for pointing that out.
The base also needs some more work. Somehow I canīt seem to to do good bases.

Thanks again, everybody. All progress will be documented.

Later, cheers

21-08-2008, 15:09
Hi Bart

Let me assure you it takes alot to offend me. They breed us with thick skins and skulls here in the UK. Thats probably why im doing orks.

Re the comparison shots...

Yes some comparisons would be nice, but what i actually mean is, i like to keep the first squad just how it is. Never touch it up, never update it.

By keeping it as you did it, without any changes, or upgrades, it remind you how much you have progressed and how much better your painting has got.


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

21-08-2008, 15:20
Good to know;)

Now I understand. Interesting point. Maybe I really should keep them unchanged for now and a while. I need all the time I have anyway for the next minis.
Watching progress is real fun, youīre right about that. If you compare the crippled DA Dread it was in the beginning to the proud "Sistinas" it is now...

Iīll take some comparison pics tonight.


21-08-2008, 15:23
That dread is truely amazing...

Great work : )

22-08-2008, 00:08
Right, some more pics. Die 56k, die!

The magic tools
Tank or imp, all are treated by these...


A comparison shot, as requested. The old gold is very red. Itīs not as deep as the new gold aswell. Also, old ornaments I did in bronze, now I use tins bits. And I highlight the detailing with shining gold aswell.


Yeah, and now...
We all knew this would happen some day. Itīs the next step. Weathering!
I originally did not want to do it on my marines, as I felt bad about ruining the nice white. But somehow I felt like going all the way with these.
Itīs only the legs by now, the rest will follow. Also I think Iīll add dust and dirt where appropriate.



What do you say? Any ideas to improve? Has anybody experience he or she wants to share?


22-08-2008, 01:08
Har Har, die 56k :evilgrin:

Step two: Dust and dirt, metallics show through the scratches. Improved dents and scratches on gold rims.



C&C still requested.

Now off to bed, warflag!


22-08-2008, 06:39
While I'm generally a fan of weathering, I feel that it may not suit the crisp and "pure" look of your marines. Furthermore, you risk to cover all the work you made with the blending of white, since the eye will be caught by the dents and scratches instead of the smooth transitions :p... so I don't know. The weathering effect you achieved looks great, but not on those minis.
This is IMHO, of course.

If you want to have some reference for weathered marines, coolminiornot is a good place to visit (and my log too, I'm adding weathering to my imperial fists :D)


22-08-2008, 13:58
Good point, Toschenko. That is what I thought aswell. But then, if you take a closer look at the mentioned coolmini pieces you will see that the transitions at least do not get lost. The pristine look does, though.
Donīt know wether it makes sense when the mini is finished.
Iīve seen your IF marine. Well done, the weathering looks cool and suitable.

After all they will become part of a battle-scene diorama one day. Therefore the damage makes them more realistic.

Any other or same oppinions?


Solun Decius
22-08-2008, 17:05
I really like the weathering, especially after you added the dirt too.
I think it's appropriate to have it only on the legs, that way you still have your pristine white on more or less the whole model, but also with added realism.

Tosehnko's weathering (since you brought it up) is very beutifully done too, but I find the even distribution draws a little bit away from the realism. Makes it look a bit self-inflicted, like a pattern.

22-08-2008, 21:10
Your loyalists look sweet.. as do the renegades. I really like the gold freehand it looks superb. Overall? Very nice.

23-08-2008, 08:59
Very awesome! You sir, have proven marines can actually look good.

23-08-2008, 17:11
Ive just read through all 12 pages of this log.

Wow. Just wow.

Then to your q about weathering. A good soldier will keep his armor clean and whole IMO. But while fighting and marching you cant keep it completely clean. So Im with Solum. Some dirt+weathering on legs might be the way to go.

23-08-2008, 22:26
Thanks folks. I appreciate the input.
Toschenkoīs thoughts where what prevented me from doing it in the first place. On the other hand I thought in the direction of Solun and Xedric and decided to give it a try. I think the result justifies the experiment.
What makes this new twist a bit complicated are the more sophisticated models, as there are the characters, and specially the dread.
The real problem is not the danger to cover up the nice white, but the fine ornaments. The might be overlooked, when there is too much battledamage. On the other hand I can not paint the ood scratch here and there. It must be credible.
A balance thing. As is the level of ornaments. As is the level of painting in general, considering this will be a playable army in the end.

Regarding the last point there is good news. Iīll quit my kitchen job in a few weeks. I work there at nights to support my studies. As these are finished and a new job starts next month, I will have a lot more time at nights to get stuff done. A considerable speed-up will be the result I hope.
Next up will be my tanks, which will get some really fine freehand stuff. Not the easy stuff weīve seen at the beginning of this thread. Some damn top level crap.

Thanks to YOUR input and participation I was able to drive this project into a direction that allowed me to improve a lot. I paint minis for fifteen years now, but the last year I came forward thrice as much as in the decade before that. The first squad was the ignition for something I always wanted to do. I am the type of guy the needs the occasional kick up his butt.
This great community did that on this log, and I want to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU ALL for doing so. I got nobody nearby who could help with this. My only buddy who is into these games would brake both his arms if he tried to paint a mini nicely. And coolmini sucked at being helpful, too. Itīs become a commercial platform lately, and those who donīt advertise there, bash senselessly whatever they see.

So thank you folks, longtimers and occasionals. These two armies will be great, and you will have taken an important part!

Oh, and I am not drunk :p I just thought it was about time to say something personal.

Up the Irons

23-08-2008, 22:56
That dread is really looking great! I also love colors you've chosen to paint your chapter. Simple yet very effective.


24-08-2008, 08:36
Next up will be my tanks, which will get some really fine freehand stuff. Not the easy stuff weīve seen at the beginning of this thread. Some damn top level crap.

We'll be eagerly waiting, then :D

Thanks to YOUR input and participation

We should thank you for YOUR inputs and tips, and for sharing all those beautiful works you've done. I agree with you on coolminiornot, I registered but never put something up since I felt the same... too much advertising, too much people bashing good works (and too often said bashing comes from people who never hold a brush in hand, that's the worst part)

Oh, and I am not drunk :p

Better for you to point out that :p


Solun Decius
24-08-2008, 15:22
Good to hear your positive experience on the forums. Don't forget there's a bunch of us getting inspiration from you too!
So, thanks for your hard work and for sharing it!

24-08-2008, 16:30
i love these space marines, they just look fantastic, would look great on the table i bet, they are very unique and the helmets just make the models soooo good

loving the white though, makes me feel a bit jealous haha

24-08-2008, 17:27
Don't forget there's a bunch of us getting inspiration from you too!

Amen to that! :D

24-08-2008, 23:05
Thatīs the way it works! Pushing each other to new horizons.

Btw, changed my avatar, since I reached the Librarian status the last week or so. Couldnīt do that for the chaplain status, since I donīt have one ready to show. But I bought Tigurius. He will be converted to fit my army. Smurf characters are perfect for this, as their logo only needs to be filled in with a little GS, and ready is the shield.
After some clean-up action some weeks ago I will dig out my csm again for some fun piccies. The fifth guy from the second squad will show up, as well as some basic troops from my csm I havenīt shown before. A much lower paint level there, but youīll see.

Give me an hour..


25-08-2008, 00:56
Used this hour (or two) to make a backdrop thatīs big enough. Reminded me that I hate painting skies of all kinds...

However, chaos stuff.

A simple squad


with some real classics in it


Five guys compensating for something...


And five guys that need to be revisited urgently. URGENTLY!



25-08-2008, 01:03

And the funpic


The fifth marine of squad 2 is in the middle. And the only five berzerkers I have painted up to TT-standard. They have black helmets, not red. I thought Iīd do something different. Think it looks good. I used a pretty easy trick to make them look interesting. Simply painted chestnut ink over the black. Makes them look shiny and polished.
I started grey-priming the backpacks tonight. Couldnīt do anything else as a Tony Jaa movie was on tonight. I love facepunching movies :D

Hope you like it!

More Shields over the next week. And some revisting of my csm. I need to paint something else than white ;)


KlutzyKultist of Kaoz
25-08-2008, 06:46
Ok, now I want to share a bit of fluff, for those interested.

Brother Sistinas, once High King of Garetha and Chapter Master of the Emperorīs Shield Chapter

This dreadnaught, as all of them, is a king in his own right. He was the second chapter master. Embedded in his holy war-tomb he fights the chaos for six thousend years now, and he is still not tired. Though a man-machine like all dreadnaughts, he is in one way different. He does not support his brothers in need, but leeds them to battle. He did not speak or communicate in any way for centuries, but the chaplains of the chapter know to read his actions.
In a way he seems to feel the presence of the foul traitors. Never has he failed to find those who turned his homeworld into a barren wasteland, that allows no life. And never will he allow to flee the battlefield. He does not allow to take prisoners. His seed is destruction, and the harvest is revenge for his kinfolk.
He is accompanied by three fellow dreadnaughts, battlebrothers of old, in fact the oldest members of the chapter, the last who remeber the day when the exterminatus took two billion souls of Garetha, in the blink of an eye. From a world, rich and prosper, and true to the emperor like not many are.
His task is not fulfilled yet, as the ones who brought mischief to his world are still out there, carrying a hidious secret, seeking to destroy mankind at any cost. He will unveil this secret and wipe out the traitors to release the souls of Garetha before he allows himself to rest.

this is the best fluff i have read in a lifetime (16 years) of reading.this is all fantastic. i just sat and read this log for like 4 hours. it is amazing keep it up.

Solun Decius
25-08-2008, 08:45
Oooooh! That background really does the trick, especially in the last group photo.

25-08-2008, 17:03
I just gotta say man. Your marines (both sides) are great stuff. Excellent painting and converting.

Now while I bug you about the Menoth Warjack thing, putting that Cryx Deathjack (I believe it was) was a nice touch, because not only did it show your Dread against a similar sized model. But shows how an enemy "Walker" style unit will compare to it from a stance and aggressiveness point of view.

You make it hard not to pick up a big of marines and start converting lol. Though if I started an army after every project log I saw that was good, I would have roughly a hundred armies lol.

Keep up the excellent work, I eagerly look forward to every update for both of these excellent armies

28-08-2008, 15:23
Love your work as always. That weathering is looking really nice.

29-08-2008, 01:30
Thanks everyone!

Klutzy: Nice to hear someone liked it. You are actually the first to mention it. I got more of that, and now that I know ther is interest I will post that too. Itīs a whole story of how the chapter came to be, and how garetha was destroyed.

Uriain: I know your pain :p I want them all, everytime I see a good army..

Nice the new background found friends.

A wip piccie. The fifth man.

From here itīs spacewolves grey for the whole squad. The damn fortress grey took me longer than freeing all the bits from an ork boys box from the sprues.


More to come this WE.


KlutzyKultist of Kaoz
29-08-2008, 04:58
Im looking forward to more background stuff cause seriously, that dreadnaught stuff was freaking awesome.

Looking forward to it.

08-09-2008, 21:00
Hi all!

It is now the time to introduce to you: The most honorable Chaplain Astor, Keeper of the Gates Keys, Defender of Greta Epsilon, formerly Garetha V.

This is the shell as it was before the enclosure of the crushed body of Astor.
( God, it so small...)


His story will be told another day, but let me say, itīs closely entagled to the fate of Garetha. Astor was actually the first of the Great Four to be embedded in the holy Wartomb.

And look, now the real fun starts! Termies after all. I have to say, my greys are in a horrible condition and I could not get new colours today, so weīll most probably see some modelling the next days.


The head might be a problem. Itīs fix with the chest. Not exactly best conditions for converting. But Iīll do my best to present some power in motion!

Right, back to work.


09-09-2008, 01:52
Cardinal & Cathedral, now in the one neat hurty package.

My hat is off to you sir.

Your dreadnought is indeed venerable :c)

19-09-2008, 15:32
Iīm thinking of giving my chappie dread one of these:


Str 10 AP 1, ignores demonic ward saves, picturesque lightshow included.

Might give it a try...


19-09-2008, 18:34
Holy hand grenade= Vortex grenade ! :D

Brilliant army and awsome log keep up the good work!

maggot out.

21-09-2008, 18:14
Love your stuff. That dreadnought looks like a force to be reckoned with. Can't wait to see what you put together next!

26-09-2008, 23:36
Mr. Chair & Maggot, Thanks guys!

Update time.
As Promised, my first Termie. Still wip, but well on the way. The AoBR stuff is good, but I must say this will be the only mini without repositioned legs. He looks like heīs got his diapers well filled.

A pic for comparison aswell. These guys are from the second squad. I think about making the squads full size, btw. What would you say?



This is for Solun, somehow... And everyone else aswell, of course!
Here is aswell a lot to do left. Remade the chain he holds. Added the chain tabbard. Painting loose chains is a job for people who killed mom an dad, as we say.
You see the freehand? Like it? Subtle, I tried. Hope it works. I like his club, too. I wanted it to look like glowing from the core.
The head stays black. Like all my `zerkers.



Next in line: More berzerkers, Kharn and Krataz ( the guy with horned skull and sword, if you remember) more termies, and the chappie dread. Speaking of him, Klutzy, I will post some fluf for him when I bring first pics. Itīs a story taking place closely before the fall of Garetha.

Btw, I cleaned up my room today. Had my traitor guard in hands again. Very tempting...


Kasrkin 666
27-09-2008, 00:07
:eek:mfg thats amazing!


Solun Decius
27-09-2008, 01:57
This is for Solun, somehow...
Haha, thanks!
The Jugger is NICE! When it comes to painting you've got me beat many times over. The freehand Mark of Khorne is insane. Very subtle in color but so detailed in the whole 3D effect and ... uhm ... stuff.
Really good stuff!
And I have no words for your white marine armor ... ---

KlutzyKultist of Kaoz
27-09-2008, 05:38
Soooooooooooooo nice i want units just like them.

27-09-2008, 05:58
lovely helmet on the terminator i can imagine it was a job to cut round those vents!