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05-11-2007, 12:39
I've downloaded from specialist games the following


WarmasterRules covers the rulebook up to page 63
AdvancedRules coveres the rulebook from 64 to 77

Unfortunately these leaves out the rules for:

Scenery, Table size, deployment area, how long the battle lasts and senarios.
Siege and fortresses
Ships and boats

There is a pdf called 'marchandcountermarch' which provides different terrain rules. Should I use these instead?

05-11-2007, 18:15
Hmmm your right never noticed that but I usually use the rulebook if I have to check something.

Sieges, Battlehonours, Campaigns, Ships and Boats have largely been dropped they have been rewritten by countless people and nothing seems to work right. Siege doesn't even feature in Warmaster ancients yet. None of these sections are necessary to play warmaster. Sige rules by David Simpson (unofficial) best version based on original rules.


Both Campaigns and ships and boats are 1 or 2 pages long. For campaigns your better off using mighty empires. Warmaster ancient armies also has campaign rules. Warmaster Mighty empire campaign rules written by Rick Priestly


The ship rules are only for transporting troops not naval battles as such apparently there maybe a rewrite of manowar or a naval supplement for warmaster ancients. There is a pdf for ship rules written by Matt Keefe about as official as you'll get (without actually being official)


Briefly on the battlefield,

Set Up,

Set up the battlefield terrain as you wish by mutual consent then Dice for Edges
or one person sets terrain up other picks deployment side
or Symmetrical battlefield terrain so no advantage.

Table size and deployment,

6 feet by 4 feet or 8 feet by 4 feet,
Minimum deepth of deployment zone 20cm. Deploy along opposing edges no closer than 80cm between armies.

Deploy armies by:

One unit at a time alternating players starting with army with most units.

or Map - draw a quick map of the you deployment zone with your units deployed on it then set uo from that.

or Behind a Screen

or Dice for it winner sets up first or second their choice whole army deployed in one go.

Lenght of Battle

Roll D6
1-2 6 turns
3-4 7 turns
5-6 8 turns.

Obviously the game ends if one army reaches its breakpoint or the general dies.

Thats all you need to know on Battlefields.

Unfortunately the scenarios are missing but there are some on the warmaster webpage and they aren't necessary anyway.