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10-11-2007, 20:34
Hey everyone,

It has taken me a while, but I finally managed to take some pictures of my Imperial Guard army, which I like to call the Vindar 136th.

These pictures also show some new scenery built by some of our clubmembers to go with our slowly but ever expanding City of Death scenery.

I wont write a comment for every picture, since I am lazy.... I will now Orbitally Bombard you all with a bucketload of pictures.... They are not all of perfect quality, and I am way too lazy to do some photoshopping, but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless.

I intend to update this topic every once in a while. I have several armies I am working on. My Imperial Guard army is my first and favourite army, but I am working on a couple of Death Guard things that involve a lot of greenstuffing, which I found out I am not half bad at, and I am also planning to add some Imperial Fists Space Marines to go with my Imperial Guards. Perhaps I will even get around to painting those Eldar I have lying around....

But enough about all that, on to the pictures!





Now, this log will eventually encompass more than just my Vindar army, but I am into them right now, so there. You will also find scenery, Death Guard, Necromunda, mayhaps some Epic in the future, and undoubtedly some Fantasy stuff as well, if I feel like it again sometime.

10-11-2007, 20:37
And another batch.

Quick sidenote. I decided to give each squad its own letter and number. This to make it easier for me to build up my army. For example, my first troop choice would have a command squad designated A-0, with 10 man squads designated A-1, A-2 and so on. My second troop choice would be B-0, B-1, B-2 and so on and so on.

Some more pictures!





10-11-2007, 20:40
You might find it strange I chose a red brown desert camo for a city fight army, but I have my reasons.

At first I had the base all painted up dark brown, but my miniatures kind of became blurry because of that. (Does that make sense?)

Since we are also building dark brown desert style gameboards, I figured they are the desert recon army that had to pull back into the city to defend it from whatever attacked them from the desert. The grey bases make my miniatures stand out a bit more! We're making sure the City of Death pieces can connect nicely with the desert board.





10-11-2007, 20:43
None of these 4 tanks are completely finished, but I have difficulties finishing things... It is a miracle in itself that I managed to pull of painting 75 Shock Troops.... It took me long enough too, but once I had the ball rolling, it went along quite nicely...

Now all I have left to finish besides these 4 tanks are another tank (with 2 more to be bought soon enough), 5 Sentinels (all equipped with close tops), my HQ squad, several Commissart, hopefully a Baneblade soon (Who knows what my b-day will bring me), a Kasrkin squad and 6 Heavy Weapons...





10-11-2007, 20:46
The Cities of Death modular pieces are a club effort. I built most of them as of right now, but I am glad it finally got other people motivated as well...

I tend to build things that are pretty simple, whilst another friend of mine likes to throw in tons of detail. (The one with the Ork Bike and the sandbag bunker are his)....

One of our younger members went on a painting spree and helped paint up some of the store-pieces. He finished his third piece today, the other two are in these pictures. He did the red Manufactorum and the small green building with the sandbags on it. The rest are mine, I think.





10-11-2007, 20:48
And the last two pictures for now...

Hopefully I can show you some pictures of my Death Guard Landraider soon, and who knows, I might even paint up Captain Lysander, whom I will use as a generic Lord for my Imperial Fists detachment, that I really would like to paint up...

I am also working on a really cool looking Orlock Necromunda gang, which I put on really nice textured bases by Micro Art. They look pretty cool, though the colour scheme is pretty simple... Oh well...



Hope you enjoy my pictures. Please leave comments. Criticism is always welcome!!

Jon Young
10-11-2007, 20:58
Terrain made of awesome! I am Jungle-camoed with envy :p (picked that smiley because it was green, sorry, not to stick my tongue out...)

Your force looks excellent (especially since I feel your pain on bulk shock-troop painting) but especially since you seem to be really good with a camera! The shots as a whole are really pro standard. Congrats!

How is that red built up, by the way?

10-11-2007, 21:16
Hey there Jon.

I am not that great with a camera haha. It was just luck and a little bit of post Photoshopping that did the trick. It didn't hurt that I was able to use a pretty expensive professional camera either...

The paint scheme is actually quite easy.

For the Shock Troops armor:
Black Undercoat
Scab Red Basecoat
Edges highlighted with Blood Red
Blood Red painted over with dilluted Scab Red (for Blending)

Shock Troops clothing:
Black Undercoat
Scorched Brown drybrushed highlight
Nothing more.... Though I might add a real quick Bestial Brown highlight... For now though I am content.

Tin Bitz
Highlighted with the first gold I can get my hands on

The tanks I gave a Scab Red and Scorched Brown basecoat with highlights drybrushed on with Blood Red and Bestial Brown. The grey dust was a quick hit of Codex and Fortress Grey both drybrushed on.

Thanks for your comment! Appreciated!

Jan Polder
10-11-2007, 21:48
Sweet, so Dan, what are you planning on using as a list? Or are you just painting as you go?



P.S. 2 more weeks and then (hopefully) holiday for 6 weeks and then i'll come and haunt you guys again.

Jon Young
10-11-2007, 22:30
Hey there Jon.

I am not that great with a camera haha. It was just luck and a little bit of post Photoshopping that did the trick. It didn't hurt that I was able to use a pretty expensive professional camera either...

Heheh... an expensive camera does make a difference :) It's really good to see well painted models combined with proper scenery though. Brings out the best of both. I'm only just getting started on terrain myself (since I found a good modelling supply shop) but I'll be scanning your pics again later for ideas.

Thanks for the painting guide, I'm thinking that's about the red shade I'll be after for my Orks :cool:

11-11-2007, 17:12
Hey there Max, funny running into you here! ;)

I paint as I go... It is going to be an Apocalypse army anyways... So theme over winning potential...

@Jon: Yeah, the reason I hardly ever play any games is because I hate to play on an empty board, and I don't like having to fight grey hordes either... At least the scenery is starting to get better and we are starting to get a pretty big board as well! And lo and behold, my army is actually starting to get finished... Time to buy more models huh?

12-11-2007, 14:10
Hey there everyone,

Having done a lot of work on my Imperial Guard, I wanted to do something different for a little hobbying variety. I wanted to get some greenstuffing experience, so I began working for a bit on my Death Guard Land Raider.

Here's something I stuffed on the side of my Raider. Enjoy, and as always, criticism more than welcome!!


12-11-2007, 15:02
I feel pretty fast today!

I stuffed some more to give the impression the heads are popping out of the side of the tank, kind of like what's on the Forgeworld Death Guard Dreadnought.


I think it needs a little bit more work, but I am pretty happy with how it's shaping up!


12-11-2007, 15:40
May I ask how you painted the rust effect onto the chimera's dozer blades?
Your army looks really good!

12-11-2007, 16:53
Hey man, thanks for the kind words.
The rust isn't extremely hard to do. I started off with drybrushing Tin Bitz over the metal, after which I stippled (a technique where you take a big flat brush, dry it (like drybrushing) and basically push it onto the surface) it with red, yellow and orange colors until I was satisfied, making sure I left Tin Bitz showing around the edges.

Mr Zephy
12-11-2007, 16:56

How can I, since you have no friends? :confused:


No, all looks really great, you have an entire box of zombies? I'd like to see if an arm reaching out somewhere would be good.

12-11-2007, 17:35
Anything disgusting enough really.... I drilled a hole in it just now... Mayhaps an arm reaching out, but I was thinking more octopuslike tentacles and mouth for this bit! :D

I will show more pictures as things get done.... Maybe in an hour or so. Cheers for the kind wordsQ

12-11-2007, 18:33
MAN I am on a roll!! Things are going well!!




The Laughing God
12-11-2007, 19:40
The landraider is coming along nice.

I really like your guard army too. The dusty effect on the tanks looks awesome.

12-11-2007, 20:36
Maaaahaaaan.... I went toooo fast today....


How do you guys like this? I am not toooo sure about it, but I guess it's alright... But what do you guys think?

Mr Zephy
12-11-2007, 20:47
Hmm. There it looks a little tacked on, to be honest. Is it possible to trim the sides, and sculpt it to seem as if it is all oosing out of that vent?

12-11-2007, 20:54
Hello mate. Fancy seeing you here.
You have a log. :D

With some very nice painting.
However, favorite for me is the wonderful terrain/boards.
Realy well done. Well made, well painted, Very atmospheric. Very nice indeed.

I also love these green stuff experiments. The one with the faces is particularly succesful

I don't bother with the 40K side of things much (but I saw your name and couldn't resist having a look).
Now I have found you I will check in agian to see how these greenstuffing turns out painted.

Carry on.

Jon Young
12-11-2007, 22:54
I'm liking the greenstuff with faces more than the Nurgle emblem at the moment, but I'm guessing that a layer or two of paint on the latter will blend the edges into the model a lot more and then it should look truly disgusting :D

Did you use wet effect on the pustules, there?

13-11-2007, 20:33
With some very nice painting.
However, favorite for me is the wonderful terrain/boards.
Realy well done. Well made, well painted, Very atmospheric. Very nice indeed.

@Harry: Ahhh, it is an honor that you decided to check out my little project log. Thanks for the kind words!!
We are very proud of our scenery! I can't take all credit, as some pieces (unfortunatly the better looking ones) have been built by someone else...

I'm liking the greenstuff with faces more than the Nurgle emblem at the moment, but I'm guessing that a layer or two of paint on the latter will blend the edges into the model a lot more and then it should look truly disgusting :D

Did you use wet effect on the pustules, there?

@Jon: Actually, that's just PVA glue drying up in a sticky looking fashion! :D
I also like the faces better...
And about those Nurgly faces Harry and Jon... Expect more! I am thinking of going totally over the top with them! :D I want an Ogre face too!

Hmm. There it looks a little tacked on, to be honest. Is it possible to trim the sides, and sculpt it to seem as if it is all oosing out of that vent?

@Zephy: I agree with you. I wasn't totally happy with the Nurgle emblem either... This was actually my third try. It looks better in real life though, the picture is zoomed in quite a bit!

Anyways, I had a busy day today, so I didn't do anything... But that's okay! Expect some more pictures soon!

14-11-2007, 17:21
Though this thread started out as a brave attempt to show my Imperial Guard stuff, Greenstuffing has captivated me so much! Once you get started it's SO much fun! And since I chose to go for Nurgle, ANYTHING I do looks good! There's no skill here.... Just me, some greenstuff, some bits and a screwdriver.... As my sculpting tool! :D Just pressing it into the greenstuff makes it look Nurgly! AWESOOOOME!

I promised more Zombie faces (though I think I lost most of my Zombiebits, and I still want to keep enough for a couple of Mordheim zombies)....

Didn't keep me from building this:


Cheers! Daemonengine a go go... It's far from finished though!

Jon Young
14-11-2007, 17:22
Actually, that's just PVA glue drying up in a sticky looking fashion! :D
I also like the faces better...
And about those Nurgly faces Harry and Jon... Expect more! I am thinking of going totally over the top with them! :D I want an Ogre face too!

PVA, hmmm? That's a good tip! Might work well for oil spills etc (as I have no Nurgle troops and won't be modelling ooziness that way...)

The great thing about those faces is that you can use any spare arms you've got lying around too :) Vehicles that scream AND claw at you. Chaos-tastic.

(Edit) well that was a shock. Typed this, then when I posted it - Zombies faces coming at me! Eek!

16-11-2007, 20:48
Hey everyone,

Let's get Nurglesiastic!!!

Mayhaps I should've opened a separate log for this project, as I seem to be making a lot of progress and none on my Imperial Guard... Oh well, I don't care!

I love my little Warhammer Club!! Gets me so motivated!!


I tried to turn my Lascannons into something disgusting... They're not done yet. I'm not sure how I want to finish them yet.


And here is my Daemonic Engine!!! WHOOOHAAAA!!! I threw some of those weird pebbles on the other side too, but that's still drying and not that interesting!

Interesting fact : My girlfriend saw this bit and actually felt sick in the stomach, tht's how disgusting this looks!! Job'z a good 'un!! A jorb well done!!

Let me know what you guys think.

Mr Zephy
16-11-2007, 21:53
That's really freaking great! I like the way the oose now ooses out of the vents.

16-11-2007, 22:54
Very nice.

I really like your guard. It is really refreshing to see a good looking urban force that isn't grey and black... I love the red and really look forward to that Baneblade :P

As for the landraider... Wow.

20-11-2007, 20:45
Alright guys!

I have here with me a Warhammer Fantasy Giant head, and I want to stick it onto my Land Raider....

Help me out, where should I STICK IT! ;)

I was thinking on one of the hatches on the side of the Raider... On the other hand I could well stick it on the front of the bugger.... I myself think the side would be best, but I am open to suggestions!

Any other suggestions? I was going to throw away some money on a Spawn box to throw on this things, but they were sold out, and in the meantime I got back my sanity so now I am not so sure... What to do?

20-11-2007, 21:02
I reckon if you stick the giant head on the top one of the front hatches that would make it almost the centre piece of the model and would look great!

Great work so far! Keep it up!:D

23-11-2007, 22:28
Well, you got what you asked for Roadrippers.... ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?!?

The head definitly did look cooler on the front hatch...

Here's a little work in progress.

It's far from finished, it needs a lot more Nurgly Nastiness, so worry not. He is definitly going to stick his tongue out!! That's for sure!!

24-11-2007, 01:50
looking awsome on the land raider!

25-11-2007, 12:12
Gday matey. Your nurgle stuff is looking good so far. I like the look of the nurgle icon myself. Do you have any pictures of the giant's face from the front? And what are those little orange balls? They make it look like you've already painted the sculpted parts.

I reckon you should do one thing though. When it comes time to paint them - the daemonic engine - you should totally paint that top left orange ball as an eye staring off into the distance.

You're doing a great job. Everything looks festy as.

28-11-2007, 09:35
Hey there aenimosity!!

Those little orange balls are small pebbles that have been formed this way due to nature! I think they are found in flowing streams, that steadily turn pieces of rock into these loverly small pebbles. I got them from a mate, I think they are used for fishtanks so you can probably buy them at pet stores...

Anyways, slight update. I already put this picture up in the Imperial Guard Treadhead Thread, but people there are too busy gawking at all the awesomely converted tanks they don't really notice me... Can't blame them though, awesome tanks in there!!

So I will ask it here, in my own little corner of the Warseer galaxy.

I am in the process of building up a Chimera chassis to be converted into a Griffon. Now I am running into a problem/dilemma.
On the one hand I think it would be cool to build it up pretty much similar to the original Griffon, but on the other hand a close-topped version would not only look cool and be kind of original, it would probably make my life a lot easier, since I dont have to scratchbuild that whole contraption the mortar is resting on.

This here is a quick close-topped mock-up for my upcoming Griffon tank...

What do you guys think? Go for the original look? Or b original and go for the close-topped version? Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

28-11-2007, 11:43
Took me a while to find out what the hell a griffon actually looked like. :D There is this from CMON:


And on another site there was this picture of a basilisk without the shield:


I reckon go open-topped if you feel up to making something similar to that cog-like arrangement the basilisk has. If you're really lazy and well off for cash, hang onto the chimera and buy a basilisk. Just chop the barrel and you're done.

Do the conversion though. ;)

28-11-2007, 16:00
Forgeworld sells Griffon models that basically look like the original plastic Griffons from GW. They may have variant Griffons you could use for inspiration as well.


28-11-2007, 16:50
Hey there aenimosity, thanks for the inspirational links! I really liked the CMON Griffon by Scibor.... And it so happens I actually have a spare Leman Russ cannonbarrel flying around.... All I need to do is catch it! :D

Seriously though, thanks! It helped me out a lot! I was going to chop up that Leman Russ anyhoo! (Cheap buy from a clubmember, but the model was all glued wrong and kind of sucked.... At least the FW Vanquisher cannon still looked good! :D)

And thanks Cryomax, I'll take a look into the FW site, I didn't know they had a Griffon kit there!

Well, expect some pictures soon enough I guess!!

07-12-2007, 23:04
I really don't know why I didn't just call this my "general" blog, because these next pictures are again totally unrelated to my Imperial Guard. Oh well... Here goes!

Our club wishes to start a Necromunda campaign, but you need a lot of scenery for that, so tonight I have been building some... Here a small sneak peek as my webcam really doesn't like to take good pictures from afar...





11-12-2007, 23:19
Hmmm. I think I've seen these somewhere else before. :) To be honest it looks a little weird to me. If those scenery pieces are supposed to be stone then you've got it nailed, but it looks to me like they are supposed to be metal because of the rust on them.

It's the grey that throws them off in my opinion. I could be steering you in the wrong direction completely, but how do you think they'd look if they were completely orange from rust? With extra rust marks around the gas cylinders.

I live on a farm, and there's a bunch of rusty equipment around the place. When it is completely covered in rust it looks sortof lumpy and flakey, so I think it would look good on your pieces. They are made out of packing cardboard yeah?

Anyway, it's good to see you really getting into this stuff mate (or at least posting what you've been working on). You're quite a good modeller and I'm looking forward to the next installment. How's the griffon going?

12-12-2007, 08:33
Hey there aenimosity.

The building itself is supposed to be stone, with metal "equipment" built in and on it... It's basically a generic building that I just started and finished during our friday night club, so it was something of a rushjob, just to get something on the table. The rust on the grey area is basically the machinery leaking, the liquid mingling with the rust, and then spilling out over the stonework. I plan to add some greenish mould as well. So yes, it's supposed to be stonework. I know that metal equipment built into a stone building (especially with this shape) is a little bit strange, but hey, it's "fantasy", and I reaaaaally just wanted to get something finished for a change.

If you still feel I did something wrong, perhaps you could elaborate by showing me some pictures of your rusty farm equipment... I am no expert on rust, so the things I do are really just things I think look good and things I think (but not know) are at least somewhat realistic. But please, if you think you can help me paint this piece of scenery any way better than I did, it would please me if you could help me out!

12-12-2007, 12:00
Woops I thought it was 2 pieces of scenery. I'm a bit of a dill :o You've done a great job of reproducing a stone look. The shape of the piece just makes me think of a generator (expecially the second pic) which is why I suggested rusting the whole thing up.

As far as your rust technique goes, it's fantastic. You've got that leaky equipment look down pat. Rust on a solid piece of steel is a bit different though. I can take some pictures tomorrow when I have daylight, but for now here is a picture I found on google:


Now that I think about it, this would probably be a bit of a pain to paint.

12-12-2007, 13:04
Nahh, that's not too difficult to paint. I got a little technique called stipling pretty much down. Actually, this pic is a real help! This would be perfect to do on those big containers on one of my buildings (and on the new, WIP piece), just so it will be a little more realistic!!!

That one building does look like a generator, but it hasn't got the right texture to be metal. The thing is clearly built in one piece, and it would require a lot of modelling over it to make it look like a generator. Maybe something for the future.

While looking at it I realise the thing needs some of that blue/greenish stuff you sometimes see on metal... Though I am going to need Kina's help on that one! :D

Thanks for the link! If you have the time tomorrow I would greatly appreciate some pictures, as I can always use some inspirational pictures to make my pieces look better!

14-12-2007, 06:09
Hey dude. I took a few pictures but I didn't want to junk up your log with them. They are in my photobucket account:


Hope that's a help to you.

14-12-2007, 07:18
They are very helpful! Thanks a lot! Once I have a bit of time I will see if I can convert some of these rust types into a painted piece of scenery! :D For now though, it's going to be some more road sections for our City, as we need to have a finished piece of gaming board done, preferably by the end of tomorrow. (We have a small tourney next Friday)

02-01-2008, 16:05
I really like your death guard style Daniel. Those bubbles (eggs?) are awesome.

02-01-2008, 16:06
nice work, lovin the nurgle effects, the giant is paticularly cool,


28-01-2008, 16:37
I haven't been doing an awful lot in the past weeks. I've actually been doing schoolwork instead.... I know!!! Who'da thought?

Today I finally put together the last bitz to finish up assembling another 3 close-topped Sentinels. I now have 7 close-topped Sentinels in total, and have ordered the necessary bitz for another 2.

Once I have bought those last 2 Sentinels, I will have a kill team of 3 Lascannon toting Sentinels, 2 with Multi-Laser, 2 with Autocannon and 2 Close Combat Equipped Sentinels...

Well, ain't that sweet?

I also have way too many Commissars... I'm afraid half of the casualties will be by the Commissars when I fight my next battles hahaha!!

Anyways, if I ever get to painting everything, I will have quite the army!! Seeing as I also have bitz and Forgeworld stuff for a Vanquisher and Exterminator, and a Baneblade still needing to be fully assembled.... Man... Pretty awesome, I should start painting!! WHOOT!!

Hopefully pictures soon! But don't count on it! Hehehh...

28-01-2008, 21:50
Hey! Good stuff! I was going to do the same color scheme for my Witch Hunting-Inducted IG myself with the red and black but ended up doing gray and black ala WW2 Germany.

I really enjoy your project log. You and I are at about the same level painting / modeling skill-wise so your log is really inspirational for me.

Do your homework :] then keep painting!


29-01-2008, 07:50
Wow, thanks! It's always nice to be an inspiration to others!

I will continue working on my Imperial Guard army, I am totally in love with it. I might however decide at some point to go to other colors, so I have two Vindar divisions.

School has kept me way busy though.... I am happy for it actually, the last 3 years were way too easy and unsatisfying.

So tell me, MacDeath, why don't you have a little project log going on so we can see what YOU are working on? :D

30-01-2008, 03:57
Aww. I thought you'd updated. Well done with the study though. I'm almost finished my own brand of schooling... In fact right after this post I'll be getting into it again. :rolleyes:

Are you going to plog your eldar when you have time? I'd be interested to see how they look.

09-02-2008, 18:43
After a month of doing nothing I finally got back into painting a bit... Were having a painting competition at our local store and I am trying to get something finished, though I am not sure if I will be able to finish it in time...

Its not sci-fi, but whatever... No point in starting up another log just for this...

It's the limited edition Max Schreiber model, painted to be just a regular druid, for D&D or something...

And I love my fiancee to death, and not just because I finally got her painting! :D

My girl is talented, is she not?

No updates on Vindar 136th or Death Guard, I couldn't be bothered to do much... Maybe next week!


Palatine Katinka
13-02-2008, 13:06
Nice work. The glimpses of Death guard vehicle conversions look like they'll be awesome when finished. It's good to see someone putting squad markings on Imperial Guard, I've seen to many anonimous squads at my local shop.

08-05-2008, 08:34
Well, it's been several months, so it's ABOUT TIME I updated my Imperial Guard army a bit!

I have FINALLY finished building my Baneblade, it's been half finished since the beginning of this year. But it's a standard Baneblade and noone wants to see an unpainted Baneblade.

However, I also almost finished a Griffon conversion I am very proud of... It needs some final detailing and a bit of greenstuffing to fill out the gaps, but here is a small picture of my Griffon! :D


I'm quite proud of it, I don't usually get this creative with conversions...

08-05-2008, 13:26
Man, you have GOT to get yourself a better camera ;)

Looks cool mate. Is there gonna be a guy on the side with his hand on that little wheel? From what I can see (and keep in mind that I'm clueless when it comes to IG stuff) it looks like that wheel would be what changes the elevation of the barrel. What bitz did you use to do this?

I was wondering if the turret could be elevated any more? The pictures of griffons that I've seen have their barrels at about 45 degrees. I was also curious what the pointy things on the back are.

Good to see an update by the way. I'm looking forward to more good work.

08-05-2008, 15:20
yes your fiancee is indeed talented! Is that her first model? Even if it isnt, its still awesome quality for a beginner.

Really like your griffon conversion. Makes me want to kitbash one from a basilisk.

09-05-2008, 07:31
Hey guys, thanks for the replies!!

@Aenimosity: Yeah, it's my webcam... I'm just lazy! I'm gonna glue the barrel on. There's no working mechanism and it makes for safer transport. It's only my first ever serious conversion (not counting greenstuff stuff). The wheel comes from the Biotoxin Plant set from Platformer.

@Swagger: It is her first model yes! She has got the knack of it, she just doesn't enjoy it as much as I do. Oh well. ^_^

Anyways! Funny thing is. I posted this pic in the Imperial Guard Tread Head Thread as well. After I did I started looking for pictures on the kind of ammo a Griffon uses, and stumbled across a picture of a Medusa tank, which my tank looked a lot like!

I was about to edit my post to ask what people thought, and someone had already replied saying it could also be a Medusa.

So check it out.


My tank

And now check this out!

By the stars it looks similar!!

So instead my tank has become a Medusa! All I want to do now is add some armour plating using plasticard, but I haven't bought that yet, so I will do that tonight!

Anyways! I will keep everyone posted on my progress! I am really enjoying this little sideproject... I'm afraid it won't be my last project!! I am in love with the Hydra tank and want to convert one if time and cash permits!

04-06-2008, 14:33
Heya guys! An update!!!!

I finally got around starting work on my Death Guard Land Raider. Now that it has some paint on it, I kinda wished I had put a little more gross stuff on it, as I kinda enjoyed doing that and it looks pretty nice too...

Anyhoo, enough rambling, on with the pictures!!





04-06-2008, 14:33



Palatine Katinka
04-06-2008, 22:47
That is truly awesome. I think you've got just the right amount of gribblyness without going over the top.

10-06-2008, 13:08
What do you do when you are having a really bad, sucky, supercrappy day?

Right!! You take pictures of your beloved Nurgle tank!!

My Land Raider likes to keep an eye on things...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! Exactly how I feel right now! Like ramming my head straight through a door hatch and scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!

Hey baby, how you doin'? - said the bottom left head on the engine.

10-06-2008, 13:10

Though it's not very clear, I have given the tank an extra couple of highlights, where I mixed in Camo Green with the Catachan Green and Rotting Flesh mix. I also ended with a bit of pure Rotting Flesh.

Well, that's what I have been up to last weekend...

I am now going to continue feeling like a worthless sack of cowdung! Cheers!!

10-06-2008, 13:10
dude that is so disgusting....:D

i love it

10-06-2008, 13:14
Your land raider body work is incredible! Really like that model.

10-06-2008, 13:23
Thanks everyone!!

I feel like such an ass though... Just when I thought I was feeling like crap... I hear a good friend of mine has lost his young brother... That leaves my situation to be soooo insignificant!

And here I was just feeling a bit bummed out by not being able to go to my next schoolyear... Goodness....

We should all be thankful of the things we get, and not let small inconveniences that get in the way be such big problems....

Well, my prayers go out to him tonight!

10-06-2008, 14:32

This looks so cool. I really dig the eye in the first picture.

I know how you feel about things that aren't the big picture ruining your day. We've got a puppy that chewed on all 5 of the dark reapers I was working on. I felt so pissed off after all the effort that had gone into them already - and they weren't even close to being finished.

It took me about 4 hours before I could properly put it in perspective... they're just toys after all :rolleyes: Not being able to get schooled is a lot bigger than that.

As for your mate, well I can't imagine what things would be like if one of my brothers had died. I hope he's okay.

Good to see this thing progressing mate. I'll pull my finger out tomorrow and post a picture of what I've been doing lately.

06-08-2008, 22:07
Well, it's about time I updated this.

I actually did some more work on the Land Raider. Boy was it a tough and scary decision!

I had wanted to do rust since the moment I started work on this tank, but it was a scary prospect.

At first I stole some ideas from a friend's tank who painted small patches of rust on it. I made mine slightly bigger since the tank was bigger, and it looked awful. Then I went all out and this is part of the result. I'm too lazy to take pictures of the other side but I liked this part best.

It's still work in progress as the edges need highlighting and shading, but you get the basic gist.


Now that wasn't all I've been doing.

Someone at our club brought along his Warhammer Quest boxes and I was HOOKED! I knew the basic idea of the game, and I played Heroquest a couple of times ages ago, but I never would have thought this game would drag me in so much!

I played a Dwarf Warrior, and we decided to keep our characters after this introgame. I didn't really like the model from the Quest set, and it was poorly painted (not by him by the way), and I always wanted to paint a Dwarf anyhow, so I went and bought myself the coolest model I could find.

Here is a small preview of my work in progress on the Dwarf Warrior:


I also bought a set of Plague Monks, to be turned into Skaven Warriors (so with shield and sword). I just like the models so much better!! I even did some cool little conversions, but I can't show them yet. Unpainted models can't be photographed well with my crummy webcam.

We're also planning on creating 3D floor tiles for Warhammer Quest, but that is something for the (near) future! For now I will be content finishing this up.

My fiancee also bought me Dark Elf Cold One Knights! Those models are SO awesome!!! I don't own Dark Elves nor am I planning on using them for anything, but the models are just too sweet, and so is my fiancee!!


07-08-2008, 05:11
That rust looks great as usual. All the details on that thing are awesome, but I'd love to get a look at the tank as a whole. How far along would you say you are now?

Your dwarf looks like he could use a serious bath. :D

Are you going to chuck those floor tiles for WH quest into a log at all? This thread has some pretty cool stuff if you need inspiration at all:


07-08-2008, 06:07
Well I said I would come back and check out the painting of that greenstufing ...
... and I have to say I am mighty impressed.

Rust and gribly bits look wonderful.

This is going to be a very special model when it is all finished.

Look forward to seeing your 3D tiles and the COK
You will have to get this log moved to the general Logs. (It's where the cool kids hang out anyway. :D)

08-08-2008, 21:29
Thanks guys!!

@aenimosity: I am going to continue a bit of work on the tank tomorrow. It's even going to get a cool looking base, Golden Demon style! I might turn it in for a competition here.

About the Warhammer Quest tiles by Cyrus, I actually know the guy. Not in person, but I know him through another (Dutch) forum. Online, the Dutch Warhammer scene is pretty tightly knit.

@Harry: Thanks for the kind words. As you know your work is incredibly inspiring to me, so it humbles me that you are so enthusiastic about my tank.

To both, the 3D tiles are still a ways off. I have to finish up some other stuff, and my fellow Quester Bas is starting work on them first. I will use his calculations as a base for tiles themed around the Tomb of Terror supplement, but I will wait for him to finish some stuff up while I paint up some encounters.

I will probably take your advice and send this log over to the general section, but not now, as it is late and this is my last reply.

Thanks everyone for taking an interest. It is extremely motivating!!

Edit: Well, I have sent this log to the General section, where it belongs. It really started out as a 40K log, especially for my Imperial Guard (which I still love), but right now I am doing so many other fun things that aren't science fiction, that it belongs to the General section. I don't like creating too many project logs, so this is fine.

09-08-2008, 20:50
As I am reading my first post in this log, I can tell you that while the Vindar Imperial Guard and the Death Guard thing actually happened, the Imperial Fists idea has been canned. I haven't gotten around to doing anything with my Eldar and probably won't ever, but I did start some new exciting projects along the way.

That is the reason why this log is now in the General section. I still like the title as the Vindar 136th IS predominant....

As you can see I have fallen in love with Warhammer Quest and I will post my progress on that stuff here.

Also, I have some older stuff that I never posted here that I will post here now for you to enjoy. Feel free to post any criticism on it. It's older work though, so who knows if I will do anything with your criticism haha!!





09-08-2008, 20:54
And on to some more stuff!!

Here is the lovely Skaven Plaguelord model.


I enjoyed painting this and the High Elf Hero so much, I wonder why I didn't just stick to the "paint whatever you like" credo, instead of holding on tightly to the "army" I am "playing".

Seeing as I never really PLAY Warhammer all that much, it's kind of silly that I wanted to do armies so badly... Although I have to admit that having an entire army looks SWEET!!

Anyhoo... Speaking of armies, here is my really old, and really ugly Nurgle Chaos army, complemented with some nice scenery to make it look like they are actually quite nice!

I do have to admit that I am rather proud of the small conversions. Not a single regiment has the same banner OR musician, and there's one rather nice Champion conversion in there... Oh well, enough with the chatter, on with the pictures!!




09-08-2008, 20:59
Oh dear, I really shouldn't be too proud of that now should I?

Seeing as I am rather good at doing rust effects, mayhaps I should submit these warriors to a nice rusting up of the armour huh?

These daemons are UGLY! But I don't care...


This model is even older.... He is probably the oldest fully painted model I still have... I liked the model so much I ordered another one to convert into a REALLY cool Mordheim Possessed Brethren. I will see if I have a picture of that guy bouncing around the net.

09-08-2008, 21:03
Sending this log to the General section was a smart idea!!

Here are some pictures of my Wood Elf army... I REALLY should get back to work on them sometime... I waited for ages for them to rerelease the Wood Elves, and now I have only a fraction of what I have lying around finished...

Oh and I HATE how I based these models, so that is going to be radically changed wheneve I feel like doing so.

Anyhoo, on to the models. You already saw the Treesinger model a couple of posts back, so here is the Lord.



Next up are two pictures of the Treekin unit I painted. Notice I based one of them using a Micro Art Studios base. Their bases are truly wonderful and add a lot of character to your armies. You ought to see what I did for my Necromunda gang (GOHHH I am SUCH a nerd... I don't even PLAY Necromunda)

Anyhoo, Treekin I promised...



09-08-2008, 21:05


Redwood Dryads



Ghostwood Dryads

I took the inspiration (and the names) from the online article on the Games Workshop website. I didn't like assembling the models but painting them up was quite a lot of fun, so I am happy I went with these colours.

09-08-2008, 21:08
Alright, one more Ghostwood Dryad.



The master at work! I AM SUCH A NERD! I usually don't look that... Unintelligent... I actually usually look like my avatar.

Yes, that is a Nintendo t-shirt... And yes I have worse...

10-08-2008, 05:03
Arrrggh. There I was happily scrolling down looking at the nice pictures then ... :D

Well apart from the last picture that all looks great.
The Favorites for me are the treekin and the Skaven and I can tell you why....

The treekin I just love the naturalistic colours, that grey that real bark goes and the subtle changes in colour across the mini to the green wood at the end sof the branches. Also the attention to detail on the bases really sets these apart. I also like the way the colours match so closely ...the models seem to be growing out of the forest floor.

Skaven dude is again very naturalistic ... well ar natural as you can get for a giant walking rat swinging a flail but.... I mean is its believable , not cartoon. the skin tone ...he looks ill, the muted colours the, the grubbyness, the rust on the flail. If a giant rat existed this is what it would look like.

These sort of paint jobs "suspends the disbelief". You have painted these as if they were real and in doing so you have made them 'real'.

Now you have inspired me to sometimes try and make my stuff less cartoony and more like these.

10-08-2008, 09:30
Thank you! I never really thought about it that way. I do tend to choose very earthly, darker colours for my models. I guess that's what makes them look more realistic.

The Skaven Plaguelord is one of my alltime favourite models. I don't play Skaven but I painted this (I guess a year and a half ago) just for fun, and it turns out that approach really works for me. I did the same with a Dwarf model just yesterday. I am still waiting for the pictures of that model. I can tell you it looks quite like the Skaven in terms of the way I painted it. It took me quite a while to get the colours right on the Skaven, especially on his tummy, but it paid off. I also like the hair, it goes from dark to almost white at the tip... I kind of like that! :D

It doesn't always work out swell though. Choosing earthly tones can sometimes make a complete mess of my model. Looking at it from afar it just looks like a smudge of colour tones, without being an actual model. I sometimes wish I could be braver and choose colours that are slightly more bold. I guess it works well for the Treekin though, they are kind of amorphic anyhow.

I will however take that Plaguelord off of its base. The base is absolutely horrible, and boring too!

I ought to take some pictures of my Mordheim Possessed Warband. The Beastmen in that band have the same kind of paintjob as the Skaven, and it has some truly nasty looking other minis in it too! I will keep you guys posted on those!

11-08-2008, 10:57
It really is quite amazing how well my crummy old webcam takes pictures, if the lighting is alright. As it so happens it's daylight and my webcam is close to the window, so I made some fun pics of my now finished Dwarf warrior Sabeth Balorkin, for use with Warhammer Quest!!

Something fishy going on down here!!

Shiny Bracelet!

How I long to return to the mountains. *Sigh*

Still something fishy going on.

11-08-2008, 12:47
That dwarf looks like he's been questing for months. He's a greasy looking little bugger. :D And the way you've painted his eyes makes him looks like he's at a bar and someone's just spilt his drink...

Well you've shown us a few different things you've painted over the years. Now how about a look at your eldar? You've got to have painted at least one model.

I definitely don't think you're as bad a painter as you say you are. Quite the contrary in fact.

11-08-2008, 14:02
Teehee, yeah he looks like something is bothering him, no?

I seriously haven't painted a single Eldar thing, bar a VERY ugly flything (Ugh, can't ever remember their names), which I chose as my test model (dumb me). Trust me, it looks like an F-Zero thing, way too colorful!

12-08-2008, 18:03
Man, I am seriously starting to doubt my sanity...

I was happily working at my Warhammer Quest models, when suddenly Ezekiel Celes warped my mind to dust off my extremely old Chaos Chariot, spraypaint it black, place an old school Plaguebearer on it, slightly converted, so that I can participate in the Chariot Races we are going to hold in several weeks at our local club.

This is what I have painted up so far today...

Why am I not working on my Warhammer Quest miniatures? Don't ask me, I'm just a raving lunatic!

I can't stop raving, I can't stop raving! WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM WHOOM!

18-08-2008, 17:25
So, in the past months I hadn't bought a lot of stuff, because I wanted to finish my running projects...

Now it seems that approach doesn't really work in motivating me, so in the past few weeks I started buying stuff again and man am I happy!

So you already saw my Dwarf character for Warhammer Quest, and I probably mentioned a box of Skaven as well (also for WHQ), and uhh... My fiancee bought me a Dark Elf Cold One Knights set.... And I couldn't resist buying Harry the Hammer, which I found somewhere... All this fun motivated me enough to even revamp some old models (the Chariot), so I am happy with this new approach hahah!

So last Friday I bought something else!!

I am working on a wizard for Warhammer Quest, but this one is based on a character by a good friend of mine. Here's the rundown.

Years ago, me and my group of friends decided we wanted to start up a comic,and we called it Vindaria. The basis was that everyone invented a character to be placed into this comic, and I would try to wrap everyone's ideas into a cool story, and draw the whole thing as well.

Now I am not the greatest of artists, plus none of us are very motivated (hehehhh), so it never got that far. We tried turning it into a videogame as well, and I even tried to write some stuff as in a novel form, but oh well... At least it left me with a cool name for my 40K army!

Anyhoo, I'm digressing. The stories and characters never really left my mind, nor my friend's mind, so it's still somewhere! Now his character was called Yufer, and he wanted him to be a young wizard in the academy of Air Magic. Around that time I also met 2 Canadian girls online who were very good artists. After forging a friendship with them, they drew our characters for us. Yufer quickly became one of my firm favourites and I guess they liked him a lot too, as a lot of art was drawn for him.

Now I really liked that Wizard set, so I bought it and decided to build a wizard for my friend, if he ever wanted to try out Warhammer Quest, so the idea for building Yufer was born.

First I will show you the art that was drawn by my good friend Kerry. I haven't spoken to her in years now, as her life went into different directions. I still see her best friend quite often, as she migrated to Holland. I'm sure Kerry wouldn't mind that I am posting this picture here, though.


And this is a very blurry picture of the Wizard I am building based on this art. It also has some elements in it from earlier concept art, which isn't on her (never to be updated again) webpage.


I will show more as progress is being made. I will loosely recreate the staff from plasticard.


And this is the other wizard that I am building for the heck of it!

And since I still have one picture left to post in this here reply, I will show one other piece of artwork by Kerry Rowzivitch, that was intended to be in the Vindaria Project. This is actually a character by Kerry herself, which I loved so much I wanted to include her into the project as well, and Kerry agreed. I eventually want to turn this here chick into a model as well!

The ghost was called Dan in my honour!


Art by Kerry Rowzivitch.

18-08-2008, 18:02
Well, seeing as I am in a nostalgic fashion, here is some more fun art from the old Project Vindaria.

This was done by my other friend, Flora Rowzivitch, who drew MY character for the project!! Ark is his name, and he's uhmm... Possessed by a Daemon, that made him go nuts every once in a while, so he might eventually be turned into the Barbarian character, seeing as his Rage skill kind of fits the profile!


Cool ain't he?

My version of Ark:



Cute ain't he?

Note, these pictures are ancient!! This was during a time when I actually drew something every once in a while... Years ago....

First pic by Flora Rowzivitch. The rest by me.

18-08-2008, 18:06
And since I am posting up artwork, I might as well add these couple of pictures!!

First up, my attempt at recreating Kerry's Yufer art:


And next up, my only ever attempt at starting the "comic" Vindaria:


I never got further than this! Flora actually drew a whole page, but I guess that got lost...

And this next character, that I drew and is completely my own design (Kind of proud of this), could easily be turned into a Warhammer Quest character as well!


Again, this picture is very very old... I haven't drawn in ages and probably will never pick it up again, as it is too time consuming for me right now.

Well, I wasted enough of my time... I was planning on doing some more work on my Yufer wizard today, but I haven't done a SINGLE thing... Bummer. No time for anything tomorrow either I think... So...

Expect updates somewhere next week!

19-08-2008, 20:43
Well... I finally got that picture my friend Isuran took of our characters together...

It doesn't show my character Sabeth from a perfect angle, but that's ok, the colours look nicer than on my pics!!

So anyways, without further ado, here are Sabeth and Isuran, Warhammer Quest Characters! :D


PS: Isuran (The wizard) is not painted by me but by Isuran of course!

26-08-2008, 16:14
Time for a small update on Yufer:



I added a magic book made of plasticard and greenstuff, and I also gave him the trademark hat! I am going to add a gem later on, but it had to dry first.

I actually bought the plasticard strips for his magic staff, but in the end I opted for a modified version of one of the staffs from the wizard set. Yes, all I did was take out the "planets", but it works for the feeling I want to give to this character.

Some of you may have noticed I used two different arm sets. One has the decoration on it (seen on the fire wizard on the box), while the other has that long flowing piece of cloth....

That means the model is far from symetrical in clothing. Now I don't mind the flowing cloth thingy that much, but I am rather bummed about the fact that I only have decoration on one side... Greenstuffing is probably not an option...

I could consider cutting the decorated part of the other cloak, and cut this part of the cloak and greenstuff that on pretty much the way the arms had to be greenstuffed on anyways, but I am afraid that I am going to kill the model...

You might wonder why I opted for these two different arms then... Well, I wanted this model to have details such as the magic book and the water bag (which actually was supposed to be a potion bottle, but hey, this works too), and these arms worked best with it.

I am also stuck with another problem. The swords in the wizard set are probably the biggest flipping swords in the entire Warhammer game!!! Archaon would probably be jealous of these flimsy mages wielding the biggest bastard swords ever... They look fabulous, just not on a wizard... So I am going to need a smaller sword for good ol' Yufer to swing around with...

Any suggestions for nicer swords?

Oh and one last thing. Yufer is of course a character from a manga style story, but I wish to tie it into the Warhammer world nevertheless. Seeing as Yufer is an Air Mage, the closest thing would be the Grey Order, but I found a picture of a Celestial Wizard from the game Warhammer : Age of Reckoning, and by golly it has quite an amount of similarities.


The fourth is a Celestial Wizard. Compare that to the concept art pictures found in my previous post. Even that front cloak thing looks alike!!

Let me know what you guys think of my wizard model! Should I go for Celestial? It doesn't really fit with what the character Yufer is, but it's close!

27-08-2008, 22:03
I went Bob Ross on my miniature today!

"Let's be brave now!"

I decided to cut away that long sleeve thing, since it wasn't symmetrical....

I also added a gem to his hat. Looks rather spiffy.

Here's the before pic:

And here's what he looks like now:

It was a rather scary prospect, as his robe is pretty much merged with the staff... I think I did a pretty good job though.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures.

29-08-2008, 00:22
Looks ok yeah. You've got some fantastic art, you and friends and really talented. My fav is Kerry's Yufer. The gold is excellant. If you can recreate that on your mini, it'd look amazing. It's already got a lot of character.

31-08-2008, 14:43
Hey everyone,

Last Friday I began painting our good friend Yufer.

I never really liked blue as a colour for Warhammer models, and I still don't! For some reason, blue looks fake when I paint it. If I place this model next to my other work, such as the Skaven lord or my Wood Elf Spellsinger, it just looks like a really crummy plastic model. Of course, work is far from finished, but it's going to be a tough battle for me!

So, for your enjoyment, here is a picture of what it looks like at the moment, shot with a horrible webcam!


I would reaaaaally appreciate some criticism, but I understand it's hard with the quality of my photography. I probably won't get much work done coming week (as I have a commission), so I will see if I can take a good picture next Friday.

However, if you can give me some good tips already, that would be very much appreciated!


31-08-2008, 16:02


If you scroll down the page, there's a guide for NMM gold and the blue used on this mini. To me, it looks alot like the picture.

31-08-2008, 18:34
Thanks pal! That indeed helps! Of course it'll take a couple of eras before I get this good, but the tips he gives will definitly help!

Thank you!

31-08-2008, 19:18
No probs mate, and thanks for the comments on my log :)

01-09-2008, 19:20
No pictures this time, just a little update of what I have going right now!

- Ordered something from Direct Order last weekend! Soon I will have the:
* Sartosan Vampire
* Sartosan Pirate
* Those adoooorable Epic Valkyries
* Skaven Shields I needed for my Warhammer Quest Skaven (pictures soon)

- Got an Assault on Black Reach box, commissioned to paint for the store I used to work at.
- Painting two AoBR minis that came with the White Dwarf, for a competition. Orange Terminator soon to be shown! O_o

So yeah, as if I needed any more projects...

Also, soon me and some buds might probably open our own Tale of Painters log, but I won't tell you just yet what we have in store! It's a secret! :O

I do use the exclamation mark too often in my sentences... And those three dots pop up way too often as well. It annoys me.

Oh, and for those who were still wondering how I did the rust on my Death Guard Land Raider, I decided to put up a small tutorial.

You can find the tutorial here : http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160686

11-09-2008, 17:52
Well, how things can change in a week or so, huh? I never entered the competition, I didn't finish my model in time.

I am now in the process of assembling the Black Reach set. I hate the assembly phase, but the models are still a ton of fun. Only problem is, I promised to get the whole set painted in about three weeks, and I am already halfway week 2, and pretty much the whole Space Marine force still needs to be assembled. The Orks are all assembled, but I will have to go through all of them to check for moldlines.

I don't have anything to show once again, but once I get some models done, I will be sure to have some pictures taken!

Also, me and my buds are almost ready to start our log of awesomeness, of which I will tell nothing. Trust me though, it will hardly be original!!

30-09-2008, 15:39
I can hardly contain my enthusiasm, and therefore I will annoy you with yet another batch of pictures of questionable quality!!

Seriously though, today in a flurry of Nurgly inspiration I decided to smack a bunch of Spawn bitz on my Land Raider.

You see, I intend to take this little tank to the National Painting Competition here in the Netherlands. I probably won't win, but what the heck, at least I will push myself that bit harder to actually finish something that is more than just tabletop quality.

So, without further ado, here are my insane stuffs that I put on my Raider just now!

Tentacle out of the back.

Tentacle out of the top.

Tentacle out of the mouth...

I never really liked the face the way it was... Now it's just plain disgusting! Which is good!!

A fly trying to crawl out of the tank!
I wasn't really sure what to do with that thing on the side, but this seems like a suitably horrible solution.

Now, I am not just showing you this pictures for fun, I also need you guys' help!!

You see, I was looking at the new Forgeworld Nurgle Dreadnought, and noticed that pretty much the entire armour plating on that thing is all bashed up, cracked open en full of spiky craziness popping out of it.

I kind of feel this here tank is a bit too clean, especially in comparison. Chopping up the whole thing now, after I took quite a bit of time painting it, may seem like a bad idea. However, if the end result is even WORSE, that will only be a good thing!!

What should I do? Chop it up to make the plating all dented and stuffs, or just leave it as is?

You guys decide. Help me out will ya?

13-10-2008, 19:03
The disaster at work!!

Alright guys! Well, noone replied to my plea for help, but that's alright. I decided to go ahead and chop away, and I am glad I did. In fact, I wish I had gone even further and destroy the entire tank, but I was too far ahead with painting to do that, so I kept it to a good amount of chopping.

Anyways, I finally managed to take some quality pics with a friend's camera, so here goes!!

Rusty McNurgle

It WILL keep an eye out!

Fingerlicking good... Or something...

13-10-2008, 19:05
Stinkin Pork - Crawlin

Topview (Can't come up with a lame comment here)

A bit farther away

My apologies if some pics seem a bit double... I couldn't be bothered sorting them out...

13-10-2008, 19:07

The back!!!


So anyways, I am bringing this tank to the National Painting Competition here in Holland. Do you guys think I stand a good chance?

14-10-2008, 03:00
Hey dude.

Your tank is looking pretty good. And it's nice to get some good pictures too. ;)

As usual your rust looks wicked. It makes the tank look like it's picked up some sort of nasty disease too, which is awesome for nurgle stuff.

I didn't want to give you advice on chopping your tank up at all. Telling someone to take a knife to their $80 model is something that I hesitate to do.

I reckon you should definitely enter it into the competition. Your tentacles might need a bit of work as most of them seem like a flat colour. If it's going to be put in a competition though, you might as well try your very best. Maybe try some blending on them.

Personally though, I have a huge amount of trouble trying to make tubular bits look highlighted so I usually just skip it. :angel:

Keep up the good work.

14-10-2008, 14:33
Ooooh worry not! It's still work in progress. I hadn't started on the tentacles at the time. They have a nice fleshy hue going to the tips, and I gloss varnished them.

Actually, the lighting is just about right for my webcam, so here's a rather colourful picture of what the finished tentacle on top looks like.



03-11-2008, 19:31

Seeing as I am going to participate in a Doubles Tournament, I have to finish up my Command Squad, and it's about time I did!!!

I am even painting a cool standard bearer. Now the rules state that the army has to be WYSIWYG, which probably means I have to pay for the Standard Bearer... Hmpf... I could get another Sharpshooters Doctrine on one of my squads for it, but at least my army will be very thematic!! The standard bearer is however going to be absolutely ******* useless, so it's kind of a waste. On the other hand, it's starting to look kick a s s, or at least I think so.

This is the banner I created for my Vindar 136th army in Dawn of War

This is a close up. I rather enjoy Photoshopping.

And this is a Work in Progress of what it is going to be on the tabletop, together with my Junior Officer with a cool, blue glowing sword! :D

You like?

08-11-2008, 14:47
I like.

The banner is nice. What does the tree represent?

I can't really see the junior officer, but if he's anything like your other painted stuff he's probably pretty good. Any chance of a closeup of him?
And how's your land raider coming along? The tentacles look pretty festy. Nice work on them.

Jan Polder
08-11-2008, 21:22
Hey Daniel,

How do you do that in Dawn of War?



09-11-2008, 14:39
Great stuff awesome land raider keep it up!

10-11-2008, 14:27
Hey everyone!

The tree represents the hope that the planet will once again regain it's beauty. Destroyed by an invasion of Nurgle, the planet has been turned into a wasteland. The tree stands for the tenacity of its inhabitants and the fact that life will get back on its feet.
The Land Raider is done. It didn't win anything, but the competition was fierce! The Officer isn't anything spectacular, it's kind of a rush job.

Max, I did not know you played DoW. Why haven't we battled yet? I still fight Niels on a regular basis! Perhaps sometime! Getting banners and shoulder pads in DoW is real easy. If you have Photoshop or another program that can make PNG files. You'll have to find the exact measurements, but that's what they are. PNG files. Just put them in the DoW/Banners and DoW/Shoulderpads directories, or something like that, and it's done!

And Nagash, thanks!!

28-12-2008, 21:01
I bloody hate our cat! Unless it was some kind of child monstrosity... But I am pretty sure it was the cat that utterly destroyed my Chimera tank and busted up my Leman Russ Demolisher...

What's he doing up there anyways?


07-01-2009, 08:37
I recently acquired the set Adeptus Titanicus, with the add-on Space Marine. These are basically the first versions of what is now called Epic:Armageddon.

Since I was already very interested in this game, a clubmember offered me his practically intact sets for very cheap.

Now, I wanted to start an Imperial Guard army, but these Space Marine models were just too cute to pass up. There was a ton of models in the box, so I gave a friend some of it to paint for himself.

The models are all Heresy-era. I like the new ones much better (especially the Land Raider model), but I figured I'd convert everything to Chaos, seeing as that would really fit the theme. After all, they probably have more Heresy-era tanks than they do new types... If anything, I can always decide to build a loyal Space Marine chapter with new models, should the urge arise.

Anyhoo, my rant is of course not without a small picture. Now, this is some early work in progress, painted under poor light, photographed under poor light, but I wanted to show you guys SOMETHING.

Added is some scenery I am building for our upcoming 40K tournament. I am in love with the jungle trees. Most people hate them, but I find them much more fitting with the models than the "real" trees, and I painted them in a different colour, which also makes them more appealing to me... They also seem to fit the Epic scale quite nicely! :D

Anyhoo, on to the picture. I am painting my Epic army to be a Death Guard army. Fun thing is, I haven't seen many of those yet, so awesomeness!! My friend is going to paint them as Emperor's Children, so fun stuffs!!


A long story for a small picture, don't you think?

17-01-2009, 13:25
Hey everyone,

Here I am again, and I've got some more pictures!!
Last Friday we held a small 40K tournament at our club, and below I will show some pictures of what that event looked like. Not all of what you will see is my work, but most of the Cities of Death table and almost all of the Mars style gametable is mine. There's also some pictures of my army in there somewhere.

Note: All these photos were taken by one of our clubmembers, who was also one of the organisers of the tournament, Paul. So no credits to me for the pcitures!


The five tables. The City and Mars style (Vindar III) tables are mostly my work, Ezekiel Celes (also a member here) did most of the work on both the green tables, while 6Niels, the Tau player of the tournament, worked his behind off to get the snow table finished in time.

The first battles started. I am the guy in the hideous brown sweater! I started on the City table.

Tension is rising as commanders try to seize the objectives.

The Tau ship sees the enemy approaching, and is ready to launch rockets at them, for sure!

17-01-2009, 13:26
Tau by 9Niels

Versus Black Templar, by Rinke

I didn't get to play on this table, but it sure looks pretty!

17-01-2009, 13:31
A Blood Raven army by Machiel has landed on a snow planet, where Orks were reported.

However, it was Space Marine versus Space Marine this battle.

I seriously wasn't posing here! Don't I look retarded though? Hehehh...

Orks proved two points to my army this match. First, Green is indeed best (Dennis clobbered me and went on to win the tournament), and second, Red ones only go fasta when it's Orks riding them.

It's amazing how a table made up of different segments suddenly becomes a truly horrifying battlefield. I still remember the frustration of my opponent cleverly hiding his objective marker where I had no possible chance of retrieving it. In this game this table was truly a cityscape for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed playing on this table, and I can't wait till I and of course others build for for it.

However, the other tables also gave me great gaming pleasure, so I am sure to build some more non-City scenery as well.

More pictures will follow soon!

18-01-2009, 16:55
My own gameboard saw some heavy Space Marine versus Necrons action!

Some people were so enthusiastic they just had to call other people.

This table made me feel like my men were trying to save Private Ryan or something haha!

Kroots are wusses, tehehh.

18-01-2009, 17:00
This table, though not official tournament size, looks TOTALLY awesome, thanks to Ezekiel Celes.

Matthijs even saw enough time to finish this newly released model in time for the tournament! Good stuff!

NOW do you see why I paint my army red brown?

Taking advantage of the jungle plants.

18-01-2009, 17:07

My men did well this battle against the Blood Ravens. I netted a close win by eradicating the Scout squad my adversary deployed close by and then bring all my arms to bear on his leader with retinue. While his commander survived, his retinue died in the hail of fire. His Dreadnought had destroyed my Hellhound, and he managed to make my commander run to the table edge, together with his retinue, but fortunately he survived and didn't run fast enough, so it was a close call, and it could have resulted in a 3-2 against, but I was lucky this time.

Scouts tried to pick on me, but Machiel is still pretty new to the game, and had seriously misjudged the range from which he tried to fire.

My commander, surveying the field post-battle, didn't die during this tournament. He ran away though, but was luckily an inch short of running of, meaning my opponent did not score two points, which would have otherwise given him the game. He also won me best painted miniature award!

20-01-2009, 16:03
In the spirit of never doing what I should be doing, I decided to totally revamp my Warriors of Chaos army.

The paintjob is horrendously ugly (though the new one won't be much better I'm afraid), and the bases were even worse, so I am in the process of rebasing all of them.

It helps there is a Fantasy tournament upcoming, which I will participate, and I happen to HATE unpainted armies, so there you have it. It will probably even get done... Though I should be working on my Wood Elves... But I lack the inspiration to work on them.

Now, I have a question for the audience.

How will I base my Nurgly Chaos Warriors?

They used to be standard brown with grassy patches... Should I go for all dark brown bases? Or perhaps even desert style?

I am playing around with the ideas of creating some oases for a desert table we are working on. It would be ace to theme them around it, wouldn't it?

Perhaps Kislevstyle icy bases?

But no, you guys help me out! Please?

I am probably going to use some Micro Art Studios bases to add some flavour...

20-01-2009, 20:37
Desert sounds interesting for Nurglies - but how about swamp or mud? A more fitting and "slimy" enviroment for your Rotters, maybe?

26-01-2009, 19:22
Well, I wanted to go for something more original... And I thought a desert setting would be original for Nurgle Warriors... Now though, I am not so sure if they have any reason to be in the desert....

Any other ideas?

26-01-2009, 20:43
Great pics of your tournament tables. Your IG's camo does work well with th\at terrain.

27-01-2009, 08:44
Hi Daniel36, your blog looks great. Question: were you playing MOHAA yesterday? There was a guy named Daniel36 in an online game I was playing?

27-01-2009, 10:05
No I was not.

But next time you see him, execute him in the name of the Emperor for stealing my awesome and original name, that I use for every forum I am a member of! *grumble*


No one for cool ideas on basing my Nurgle Warriors?

29-01-2009, 01:59
Nice blog and great work on all your mini's. I really like the red brown on your guard and you terrain looks good to!

02-02-2009, 18:52
Thanks Bigbauske!

Anyhoo, seeing as I am supposed to be working on my Chaos army for the upcoming tournament, or at least on my Children of Chaos entry, the Death Guard, here is something completely different!!

Yes, a very blurry picture of the first of my Warhammer Quest Encounters, a Skaven Warrior, modelled from a Plague Monk. It's not done yet, I am not very pleased with how it's turned out so far. It's pretty bland, so I'm thinking of painting the upper cape a different colou.r

See, I don't like the regular Warrior models (Is it true they're getting revamped soon?), but I LOVE the Plague Monk models. So this is my Clan Pestilens Skaven Warrior.

For those with sharp eyes, I greenstuffed the heads to the body so that the cape is one whole. I did that to all the models... I usually don't pay enough attention to details such as those, but for these models I couldn't resist.

No more thoughts on my Chaos Warrior bases, people?

04-02-2009, 20:03
Alright, so hopefully some of you guys will take the time to read my little rant and help me out a little.

The problem is, I took all my Chaos Warriors from their hideous basing, and I am rebasing them right now... But...

At first I was thinking of spraying them all black and start over... But as I look at them, the only real problem I have with them is that I didn't really put much detail into the details on the model. The basis of the models, the armour, is actually not tht bad... Perhaps some rust effect (which I am not bad at) will do that good as well, but in the basis the models aren't painted up all that bad.

But to give you an idea what they looked like when they were still jotted on their hideously horrible bases:



And just for kicks, my ugly Nurgle Lord:


So what do you guys think? Should I indeed leave them as is, tidying up the models to a slightly better standard? Adding some Devlan Mud to the mix to define the whole model a bit more, add some rust effect, and clean up those darn mold lines (Oh how foolish I was).

Let me know guys!! Please!!

And I am still waiting for someone to give me an awesome idea for basing them. I still kinda like the desert theme idea, as it'll set off the green SO nicely... But then again, I want them to fit on most boards at least a little bit... Hmmm... HELP ME OUT PLEASE!!

Mr Feral
04-02-2009, 20:11
To be honest, I reckon all your Warriors of Chaos need are, as you mentioned a Devlan Mud washing and rebasing.

They're not that bad. :)

05-02-2009, 12:00
Great log so far, nice variety of stuff. I'm a big fan of the guard atm, lots of nice conversions :D

05-02-2009, 19:03
Thanks for noticing!! I chose a lot of subtle conversion works, such as a vox caster Guardsman holding his hand to his ear, and a Guardsman holding a knife in his hand... It doesn't show much, but there is a lot of (small) variety in the posing. So again, thanks for noticing!

26-02-2009, 11:26
Already posted this in our Children of Chaos thread, but I like bumping my own thread because I want people to comment on my crap!! :( Hehehhh...

Some Plaguebearers I painted quite a couple of years ago, decided to rip them off of their bases and redo them for 40K. Bad quality picture, bad quality paintwork... I am in the process of redoing them, but as always, it's only one of a million sideprojects, so don't expect an update on them any time soon, haha.


05-03-2009, 09:26
One of our clubmembers, she hasn't been a member for that long yet, was inspired by some of the things she saw in the glass cabinet, so she took pictures. She took some pictures of my work as well, so I will gratefully use her links to show you some of my older stuff...


This here Fenbeast "conversion" (it's just painted differently, really) is used by me to represent a Possessed model in my Mordheim Warband.

The story behind it is, he was an alchemist that decided to jam pieces of Wyrdstone in his body... And this is the result. Fun huh?

She also took some pictures of my Death Guard Land Raider, but for that I would like to redirect you to our Children of Chaos thread (check my sig). No use in doubleposting.

07-03-2009, 16:38
Last night, I decided to just paint another Imperial Guard miniature.

Of all my projects, the only models I still enjoy painting without a fuss are my Imperial Guards... I guess other models have details on them that scare me... My Guardsmen are wonderfully predictable... The colour combination doesn't seem to get old for me as well! So good going.

Anyhoo, picture time.


Officer of the C-Platoon's Command Squad


And our resident photographer has such a professional camera... Perhaps a little... t professional? It shows a lot, little mistakes included, haha.

But no, jokes aside, these have got to be the best pictures of one of my Guardsmen yet, and I am happy!

31-03-2009, 09:55
My plog is rather quiet!! Perhaps some of my scenery will fire you guys up!!

Anyhoo, not my models, but all the scenery you see here is built by moi. Thanks go to Yvonne for the pictures.

Showing you that my Cities of Death tiles are perfectly usable on my Vindar planet countryside! Whoohaaa!

Head for that crater!! Why? I don't know!!

The hills are alive.... With the sound of Bolterrrrs....

Now again, this is only to show you my scenery. The soldier models all belong to other people.

31-03-2009, 12:52
Hey Daniel.

I like the colour of the leaves on those trees.

Have you thought of adding water effects to that crater? Every time I see one of those with a puddle in it makes me want to buy them.

02-04-2009, 12:00
Actually, I have several more sets of jungle trees and craters lying around, and I was thinking of converting a couple to represent oases. So basically, paint the crater yellowish, add water, add jungle trees, and voila.

So your idea was already floating in my head. For these, I won't add water, because the theme is that of a dead, arid red planet. But thanks for the suggestions!

04-04-2009, 18:14
Failing to impress everyone here with just my scenery, here are some pics of a battle I fought last Friday against a friend of mine.

His Tau had deployed a rather scary gunline.

But the brave soldiers of the Vindar 136th pushed forward nevertheless.

The Sentinels also ran forward. So far they have never failed to impress me. They just don't want to die!

Cheeky, I know, but a fun place to deploy them.

04-04-2009, 18:18
My Leman Russ Battle Tank made an impressive first shot... And was then blown to smithereens.

My commander has not fought a single battle without surviving. He keeps bailing out and running towards the edge of the table, surviving the battle each time to fight another day. It's hillarious.

Proving that my camoscheme really does work, my adversary completely forgot about this squad, that hadn't fired in the first few rounds, only to destroy one of his Battlesuits with a single shot as soon as they caught sight of the enemy.

My opponent was a classic Tau wuss, deploying as far away as possible and shooting my army to a pulp. Can't blame him though, it works.

04-04-2009, 18:21
This battle was a lot of fun. It ended in a draw, but it could've gone either way. I found some tactics that worked really well against his Tau in the last turn... I will definitly capitulate on that in a next game. Close combat Sentinels for the win, that's for sure!

This factory was very important! VERY important!


This could've been hillarious, but it ended in my last surviving Sentinel choosing to go after a group of Tau Fire Warriors in the end.

04-04-2009, 18:23
One last picture for everyone. My Hellhound did a lot of good work as well. Too bad tanks attract a lot of firepower...

EDIT: AWESOME!! This was reply #136, making last reply POST #136!!
Double celebration!

Come on
Dance with me
Move your body
In ecstacy
Whoom whoom whoom whoom whoom whoom whoom whoom

06-04-2009, 20:19
Excellent Guardsmen, very nice terrain and some good shots of a battle in progress! Make sure you do this more often!

As for the singing... I'm not sure what to think of you now, bro, have you been getting enough sleep? ;)

P.S. ARGHHH now I wanna work out what song that is!!!

06-04-2009, 21:15
Thanks Jihad_Ragsta!
I don't know the name of the song, but I know it's from the '90s... The age of awesome!

Anyhoo, I got another cool pic of my Guardsmen, this time protecting a very cool small facility which I actually built for Necromunda... Which I am sure we will start playing at SOME point...


09-04-2009, 19:16
One of the most surprising elements in this battle was my group of Sentinels. So far, in every match I've played, they've been attracting a lot of firepower, but always survive for quite a few turns. In this last battle, they even got a big group of Fire Warriors in a complete lockdown, since they weren't able to hit back.

That has led me to finally spraypaint those Flamer Sentinels I had assembled.
Now, if I am not mistaken, the Close Combat Saw on them is not legal... It is only usable for Catachans, right? If someone can give me the definitive answer, that would be great.

I am looking forward to deepfry some Tau next time!

09-04-2009, 19:38
Current codex there are no saws on the sentinels, but I don't know about next months codex ;)

I always like Sentinels, go paint!

11-04-2009, 15:55
Your stuff looks awesome. The terrain, your Guardsmen, Sentinels, etc. I gotta say though, I can definitely see why you painted those Guardsmen like that. Very tricky.

11-04-2009, 16:20
Saws on sentinels, rough terrain upgrade....

Nice work, good colour scheme for IG to boot.

11-04-2009, 17:32
i'm not sure but i think there's a doctrine for using the combat saw, you army's looking great nice camo!!! keep it up

12-04-2009, 17:21
Thanks everyone!!

Yeah, I asked a fellow IG player from our club and he said it's a doctrine.
Seeing as I am going to swap the Lascannon Sentinels for Flamer Sentinels the next time I am going to beat those Tau pansies up, I am pretty sure I can afford it points-wise...

Has anyone here seen the new Sentinels in action by the way? I am kind of nitpicky, and I want to know if the Steel Legion tops closely resemble the old metal ones, as I already have quite a couple of those. I want my Sentinels to look the same, so you don't see which are metal and which are plastic (though the huge gaps between the plastic and metal is a dead give-away... I should do something about that...)

Oh and Fideru:

I gotta say though, I can definitely see why you painted those Guardsmen like that. Very tricky.

What exactly did you mean?

13-04-2009, 00:37
What exactly did you mean?

How the red Guardsmen blended in with those red trees. Definitely tricks a person that isn't looking very close.

13-04-2009, 15:09
Haha, awesome! Yeah, it definitly worked, not only this time. Last time I hid a Sentinel in the bushes... Works wonders! :P

14-04-2009, 18:11
Lo and behold, I have yet again managed to steer away from any ongoing project to do something totally different.

This time it's a partner for my Warhammer Quest Dwarf Warrior, a Sigmarite Priest.

I love the model and I wanted something different to paint, and it fits nicely in the whole Warhammer Quest thing (there is a character sheet for it), so I figured, let's give it a go.

Then I saw a really cool one someone did on the internet with the glowy hammer, as in the Mark of Chaos intro.

Seeing as I am not very good yet at glowy things, I figured this would be as good an exercise as any. I don't think I will go into reflecting the glowiness on the armour, because I would just mess it up, but at least the hammer itself is turning out alright. I am far from done, but it's starting to look okay. It really is an exercise in patience if anything.


I kind of feel the fur on the cape should be totally overdone though... I think it would look better if it goes up a bit more, like with the Chaos Warriors. What do you guys think?

16-04-2009, 11:33
Yeah I reckon that would look cool. Doing that will make him a bit more imposing. I reckon if you made it more like Daemonhunter Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz it would look cooler.

The fur is quite high behind his head, and doesn't just hang from his shoulders like the chaos warriors. It makes him look a lot bulkier.

I haven't seen the chaos warriors in person though, just online pictures of them, so I could be wrong.

16-04-2009, 11:56
This is a nice looking army, unusual but it works.

Also good to hear about your Sentinels I am just waiting for the new plastic ones before adding some to my new army. i'm pretty sure the new plastics will blend with the old metal ones. Hopefully mine are as good on the table as yours.

16-04-2009, 13:00
Thanks guys!

Yeah, Daemonhunter Inquisitor Lord Torquemada Coteaz was exactly who I had in mind when I was typing that out. On the other hand, won't it just look like I tried to copy him? Perhaps the not so menacing look fits better with his not so menacing job... He is not going to lead an army, he is going to head into dungeons with a couple of goons and beat the crap out of Skaven, Undead, Orcs and all that jazz! Warhammer Quest for the win!

20-04-2009, 20:19
Hello everyone,

No pics today, but I love bumping my thread and I do have some news!

One of our clubmembers enthusiastically started making plans for a Necromunda campaign, so expect some Necromundan stuff soon, especially scenery.

And last Saturday our club held a Fantasy tournament. I was going to join with my Chaos Warriors, but I didn't have the time to paint them all up, so I didn't participate. What I did do was check it out with a friend of mine who is also into Warhammer, but not a member of our club.

The Friday night before, he and I had been assembling his Zombiemodels, and I swear, I have never had tht much fun assembling stuff. I think I turned blue for a sec for lack of oxygen is how much we had to laugh.

Basically, I told him that he could easily add another rank with some smalltime conversions of hands sticking out of the ground... You know, your basic Zombie B-film shot. So we added two before becoming a little more creative to add a whole rank.

The Zombie set, while I don't really like the models (they should've been redone), the set is excellent value for money. There are enough bits to add ranks. The half a corpse hanging from a rope, when you cut off the rope, is half a zombie. There's enough arms to have half a zombie crawling out of the ground.

We made some seriously hillarious Zombie models that way. I wish I could tell you, but pictures will be better, so I will hold off until my buddy sends me some pics.

Anyhoo, these two seemingly unrelated events in fact both have an effect that will soon be felt in my log. Because of these two things, my interest in Warhammer Fantasy had been rekindled. Since his brother is also a Warhammer Fantasy player dying to get back into the game, I suddenly felt an enormous urge to get back to my Wood Elf army.

Searching through my Warhammer closet, I found a lot of stuff I didn't even remember getting, and so I am going to make a little list of the stuff I have. All the "finished" models are in fact not yet completely finished, as the basing is absolutely horrible and needs to be redone, but for the sake of easy reading, I will just call them finished.

Lord - Finished
Spellsinger - Finished
3 Treekin - Finished
8 Ghostwood Dryads - Finished
8 Redwood Dryads - Finished
Waywatchers - Finished

8 Glade Riders
16 Glade Guards
16 Glade Guards
A couple more Glade Guards (Talk about treasures found!)
Army Standard Bearer
Lord on Dragon
And some more Lords and Spellsingers (I just love those models)

Anyhoo, I probably could've finished either my whole army or my thesis had I not been typing this complete nonsense for all to read... But oh well... I enjoy ranting and bumping my thread, ever desperate for comments!

So comment! ;)

EDIT: And wow, I had exactly 11,000 views when I checked to see for new messages.
Though how many are my own views... I cannot say with full certainty.

The One Eyed King
21-04-2009, 16:17
I have to say i do like your gaurdsmen a nice combo of red and brown ;)
i to have the problem of doing stuff not needed for my army's, good to see i'm not alone :p
keep up the good work

The One Eyed King

26-04-2009, 21:41
I've been busily working on my Wood Elves, but no pics of those yet.

What I do have is a cool group shot of my Dwarf, my girlfriend's Elf and my almost finished Sigmar Priest.

Aren't they cute?

And my girlfriend started on another project! And she doesn't want to admit it, but she is starting to really like it.

This time a very special miniature, from the game Anima Tactics. Anyone heard of it? Excellent miniatures, though some are a bit out of scale...

She's starting to become a better painter by the day! This here is still a work in progress, obviously.


29-04-2009, 21:12
I've always loved the look of that Dwarf Scuplt, and your paint job has definitely done it justice.

30-04-2009, 10:05
Thank you very much! It was one of those miniatures I loved putting so much time in! I am not one to paint high detail often, but for some miniatures I love making exceptions. Especially when it is for Warhammer Quest, tehehh..

And my girlfriend is starting to like this more and more (yay me).

She even dreamed she WAS this girl and had to fight lots of monsters! Why don't I ever dream that stuff?

Tomb Raider-esque, don't you think?




We have more pics, but these'll do!

30-04-2009, 10:56
Well done to your missus, Daniel36. She's done a pretty good job.

I'm in the process of trying to get my girlfriend to paint something, so I bought a box of grots. I figured she may want to have a stab at one or two, and then I could give the rest to my brother to use. :)

You might want to get her to have a go at a warmachine miniature someday. Some of the warcasters are really good looking models.

Your Sigmar priest is looking good too. Are you still going to give him the fur robes?

30-04-2009, 11:56
No, I'm thinking of leaving him as is... At least that way he will be off the to-do list, which is big enough right now. I'm not going to bother with the hammer either.. It's not as good as I want it to be, but it'll suffice.

I'm no big fan of Warmachine. I like the models, but we don't have many different miniatures lying around in our local store and I have enough projects going on... My girlfriend seems to like Elves a lot, and ladyminiatures... So perhaps I am going to convince her to go for High Elves or Brettonians or something >_<

The One Eyed King
06-05-2009, 13:57
How did you do the hammer of that priest of Sigmar??
in the last pic it looks different.... or it's just me
looks good anyway
good luck with your girlfriend :p

The One Eyed King

06-05-2009, 15:46
Yeah I probably put a little more work in it after that previous pic.

It's done by using a lot of oranges, reds, yellows and whites, and then trying to go from white to yellow/orange back to white from the inside to the edges...

I used a picture from this miniature painted by someone really talented, off of the internet as reference. Type in Sigmar Priest on Google, you'll find it.

Anyhoo, I am yet again being distracted. I did some work on my Elves, mostly assembly and a little bit of basecoating, but now my attention has yet again been drawn to Necromunda, since some of our clubmembers have banded together and are finally going to make our "Sector 075" Campaign get started...

I can't very well be left behind now can I?

So probably expect some Necro scenery reaheal soon!

11-05-2009, 19:13
Whoooohoooo, you guys aren't going to believe the scenery we started building last Friday for our upcoming Necromunda Campaign, no sirreeee!!

Do I have pics? NO!

Muwhahaha.... But fret not, I will have pics in about two weeks, when work will continue on our Necrotable!

What I do have, is a very small apetizer of the gang I am working on. I posted some fuzzy pics a long time ago on some of the more finished models, but I acquired another batch of old Orlock models (they are NOT rare around these parts... Hehh...), and I couldn't resist converting some just to have some variety.

So I present you: A wonderfully fuzzy pic of a converted Juve, with Chainsaw! WORD!


BUUUURN YOU [add other gang] SCUM

This guy will probably be one of my Leader models, as normal gangers aren't allowed flamers. That brings the count of Leader models to a grand total of 3. Two are original Leader models, and this converted dude... I will probably convert one of the leader models as well.

And while I am at it, I need you guys' help. I need a name for my Orlock gang. Their colour scheme is green pants and bandana, white cloackthingy... They hail from Sector 072 and have migrated to Sector 075....

Cookie for anyone who guesses why we call our campaign Sector 075...

21-06-2009, 10:50
Well, I guess no cookies will be handed out then...

Anyhoo, I was shocked to find out it has been well over a year since I last painted up something for my Wood Elf army, so I set out to do something about that.

Since my Wardancers did so enormously well in my last battle against a horde of Undead, and I love the models, especially the Wardancer Noble, I went for it.

Now, when I first started on my Wood Elves, I felt the green colours weren't very original and opted for an Autumn look, which, incidentally, everyone and their Dryad did, so that wasn't original either, so I had to come up with something else.

I took my inspiration right out of nature. Take a look and see how many colours nature has. A tree isn't just green and brown, it's much more, and then there's the million colours of flowers. Anyhoo, I decided to paint up every unit in a different colour, which some people said would be unwise, since it would look incoherent, but IT DOESN'T! And the Eldar do it too and you don't hear many complain there.

So here is my Wardancer leader, which will form a unit I will call Shadow Dancers of Loec. Their colours are the colours of the night, of shadows, and of wild flowers.



Now, this is an early work in progress, and I REALLY need some help.

Namely, I don't like how the purple clothing and the skin have the same tone. I need that to be further apart.

Also not a big fan of the highlights. Who can help me with highlighting Liche Purple?
Criticism and tips would be greatly appreciated.

27-06-2009, 10:30
Hello, anyone who reads this...

I don't get any response... I would still like to hear feedback on any of my previous posts, so don't hesitate! :)

Anyhoo, in the true spirit of never really sticking to one project, I have begun work on something else (yet again...)

This time, I have decided to get back to Warhammer Quest (again), but with something completely new!


Here, you see a picture of the first of a set of modular cavern passageways. The walls are going to be made out of polystirene. These passageways are twice as wide as the original Quest tiles (which, for the most part, are 2 squares wide), so hopefully this will prove to add some really cool new ways to play Warhammer Quest. There's more room for maneuvering, and hopefully that will make for some tense fighting with swarm enemies!

More pics as I continue work on it!

Like I said, any feedback on this, or on my previous posts, is very much appreciated!

27-06-2009, 11:29
Hey man,
Nice looking WH Quest stuff! I love WHQ! I've got a complete box to paint up. I'll be watching with interest!

Oh, I like your Anima tactics mini too. They do some great FF-esque models and I myself have been tempted to get some. But must finish other projects first!

As to your wardancer, did you highlight the purple by mixing white?
As an alternative you could use bleached bone, give a different tone.
Or instead you could use reds or pinks for highlights to give a bit more vibrancy, maybe try tentacle pink!
I always think of Wardancers as the fantasy equivalent of Harlequins so like it when they're bright!

Hope advice helps, keep posting on your progress!


28-06-2009, 03:14
I like your wood elf, I don't think the purple and the skin tone are too close at all.

29-06-2009, 03:08
I'm not very good with colour theory, so I'm never really keen to offer advice about it. The skin and cloth tones on your wardancer seem fine to me.

Perhaps adding yellow to liche purple would produce a nice highlight? Don't test this on the mini itself though, as I have no idea whether this would look ok.

Looking forward to the terrain you're making.

29-06-2009, 22:48
Thanks guys!

@BoyMilla: The Anima figurine was actually painted by my fiancee, but thanks for liking it, I'll make sure she knows about it.

Anyhoo, fun stuff happened today. Not fun enough to take pictures of, but I managed to draw out an additional 8 sections for my now aptly named 'Caverns of Death'. You can't really create a supplement like that and not give it the cheesiest name you can think of, right?

Anyhoo, we now have:
2 straight sections
2 corners
2 T-sections
2 dead end caves
1 cross section

I made sure they all look very bendy. The first section, the one I took the picture of, is actually the straightest of them all. This way it really looks like a cavernous tunnel.

I am hoping we can playtest these sections this Friday. I am pretty sure it's going to be fun, but you never know. The whole set-up is so wholly different from the original Quest tiles, that it might not work... Not wanting to spend much work on something we won't use, I want to make sure it's going to be fun.

Hopefully I can take some pics so you guys will have a broad idea of what it will be, if we decide to continue with it. Here's to hoping my friend Bas also did some work on his original tiles. It's been almost a year since he last showed us some progress... Meaning is has also been a year since we first, AND LAST, played Warhammer Quest... Time flies, it's sick!

06-07-2009, 15:00
Cool stuff all around (man, this Land Raider is going to give me nightmares :))!
Definitely looking forward to more pictures of the Warhammer Quest tiles. Oh, and also looking forward to hearing how the larger corridors work for you guys. Our games always seem to end up with all four characters bunched up in one corner to protect the wizard...

06-07-2009, 18:12
Oh, I can tell you, it was insane fun!!

Mind you, you ought to have experienced adventurers for it... Or leave out the stronger enemies... Basically, the game kind of stays the same in terms of fun factor and the way it plays, only you have more breathing space, which makes it look cooler, and adds a bit of excitement... With the T-sections, you never know where a next bunch of creeps comes showing up...

Here are some pics of what I have been working on:

Top-down view of some of the tiles. It's really bendy but still connects to everything.

Wall pieces included. Not yet sure on how I am going to work on this.

Even this straight section is already a little more spatious, but it gets even better in the larger cavern areas.

Oh crud, dead end...


What colour am I going to do my cavern? Grey or brown?

I am kind of leaning towards brown, but maybe someone can help me with what is the most realistic...

06-07-2009, 18:16
Skaven boys, for Warhammer Quest.

And they don't know which direction to go...

Basically, I don't like the regular Skaven models but totally dig the robed Plague Monks. These are therefore the warriors of Clan Pestilens. Not quite Plague Monks, but still too hideous to show themselves. Hihi...

06-07-2009, 18:18
And of course, I wouldn't be me if I was focussed enough to stick to one thing.

House Orlock Gang:

The Big Boss



One happy bleeding family

06-07-2009, 19:07
I really like this plog. some really good stuff in here! your warhammer quest stuff looks awesome. i really like the Cave system you are working on. Theres a million ways to paint a cave, google "cave" and "tomb" . i hope you will get alot of inspiration from the pics and maybe give you an idea of how to paint them realistically.

07-07-2009, 02:52
Jeez you've been busy.

I love the necromunda models, they look great. Did you use resin bases for them?

I dunno about realistic but I think a dusty grey cavern would look good. I'm looking forward to seeing this project finished.

07-07-2009, 05:29

Lookin good! The WHQ tiles look like a lot of fun. Great idea and well executed.
Look forward to seein it painted!

Nice Orlocks too.


07-07-2009, 12:47
Yeah the bases are from Micro Art Studio. Love that company!!

Anyhoo, I decided to pick up a model I had lying around for a long time which wouldn't take too long to paint. It'll be another Quest character. Work in progress! The now Tin Bitz details will become gold.




My apologies for the bad quality. My camera simply refused to use flash.

I will award a Golden Cookie to the first person who finds out which character I used as inspiration for painting him this way!

09-07-2009, 21:28
Ahhhh.... I have finally reached that post-graduation state of being able to paint when I feel like it, and feeling like it when I paint.

Does that make sense? Before, I had so much on my mind, what with graduating and at the same time having to learn how to be a good teacher, and planning everything right... That, even when I had the time, I just wasn't in the right mindset. Now I am, and it shows, because I am on FIRE!!

Another Skaven joins the fray to make life miserable for the Questing Adventurers...





Looking at it, this here model wasn't the best choice to give a white-ish robe, what with half his face being a skull... He would've been better off having a green robe, but ahh well, whatever. I like how he turned out and I start to feel like I have a real knack for painting Skaven. Not bad considering they will be re-released in the near future... Perhaps I have found my true second Warhammer Fantasy army.

Anyhoo, the Golden Cookie is still here, waiting to be claimed. :D

10-07-2009, 11:44
I know what you mean. As soon as I finished for the semester I painted over 300 points of tyranids in a week.

Your skaven looks pretty good but I do have to agree with you about the robe not contrasting well enough with the skull.

It's nice to see all these constant updates too. Keep up the good work man. :)

11-07-2009, 08:12
Thanks, aenimosity.

Most people agreed, the robe should've been a different colour. So I repainted him, before getting back to work on my Caverns of Death.

Hmmm, I have the feeling I am not alone...

Hey there kids!!

Head on attack.

I thought this would be a cute detail. I am going to place a skull or candle here, just for kicks.

Hope y'all like it.

11-07-2009, 09:12
Heh. I like the mousehole. :)

The skaven looks better with the green robe too.

How long till you start painting the terrain?

11-07-2009, 10:31
If I really feel like it, I might start on it today, but I have to pick it up from the store first, where I left it. So I am guessing it's probably going to be either next Friday, or somewhere afterwards, if I decide to continue on building the remaining segments first.

I om probably just going to coninue on painting Skaven today. Easier to do and just as important.

I was going to buy a Rat Ogre box last night, but our store didn't have them in stock. I was contemplating the idea of buying Skeletons or Grave Guards, but I really want to stick to my projects this time, so I didn't. I did buy the new Empire book and some Barbarian heads from Micro Art for my Plague Zombies, to add some variety to their rotting faces.

But boy, I need to be more careful with that MDF stuff. I was happily drilling away again, in my not so very well ventilated room, wearing no protective masks or whatever... Not a wise decision.

13-07-2009, 13:48
Ahhh, the joys of summer holidays... Another model painted up and ready to go.

The picture isn't of the highest quality, the missus has the camera. Anyhoo, here comes:


Yeah, I am going for different clothing colours. I'm not doing every Skaven in a different colour though, I have like four different colours, this one will be the only one in Red, the others will be in the more regular brown and green colours, and one other will be white... Or maybe two... I haven't decided yet.

What I have decided that I am just not one to paint up armies. I will finish my Wood Elves, no doubt, and I love that army, since even there I am not sticking to one colour, but other than that army and my Imperial Guard, I will probably just paint whatever I feel like. Now, I don't like painting models without a goal, so Warhammer Quest gave me the perfect excuse to paint miniatures from different armies, which is why I am going at such a fast rate.

Expect some updates on my Wood Elves in about a month or so. First I am getting married and moving house... So there as well, these couple of Skaven are perfect for me. Not as daunting as an entire army, fun, and with a certain goal.

13-07-2009, 16:24
Unbelievable!! My webcam just died on me!!!

Well, I finished another Skaven, but I can't show it to you, as my webcam is dead... Gerrrr....

Anyhoo, this guy has a white cape, and some cool small details that I wanted to show, but it'll have to wait.

Oh and uhhh:

I really like this plog. some really good stuff in here! your warhammer quest stuff looks awesome. i really like the Cave system you are working on. Theres a million ways to paint a cave, google "cave" and "tomb" . i hope you will get alot of inspiration from the pics and maybe give you an idea of how to paint them realistically.

Sorry for the late reply. I just checked a ton of pics online, and it gave me a MUCH better insight on how caverns ought to look. Thanks for the advice.

27-07-2009, 18:32
Friends of mine threw me a Bachelor Party last weekend, and my my was it hillarious.

They could not have done a better job, seriously. I can only give you a few teaser shots, as the total amount of photos taken is well beyond a thousand, and those cannot be sent through MSN real quickly.

Anyhoo, I will give you a quick lowdown of what happened, and then show you some pictures... I should know better, but they are pretty awesome.

So they took me to Alkmaar, the city where I used to live, and most of my friends still live. They had rented a... well... I guess we should call it a Beer Bike... They called it the Traveling Tavern, and this Traveling Tavern was accompanied by Final Fantasy 6 music.


Let me tell you, it took me about 5 minutes to recollect myself from laughing so much at what they made of it.

So when I was done laughing, they gave me my first Quest, which was to find one of the Travelers, who had fled the scene, to recover some lost Artifacts. These turned out to be Elf clothes, and wearing these, the Traveling Tavern rode smack dab through the center of Alkmaar, where I had to challenge random people for a game of rock paper scissors, to name one Side Quest. Hillarious how some people react when challenged by an Elf.

Of course it didn't help that we ran into one of my pupils. Oh well...

Once we got out of the city, which I found out had very Fantasy-esque streetnames and architecture, we went into the countryside:


Where the Traveling Tavern was attacked by a group of Blobs:


Killing Blow:


After their defeat, a Brigand challenged me after I had stolen some of his stuff as part of a Quest. Acting like a Paladin, I stole his goods:


The Challenge:


27-07-2009, 19:28
I killed him, and his brother:


Onwards, to the next adventure:


A Hellhound attacked us, but luckily I had acquired a stronger weapon:


After that, I headed into a dungeon for some magic items, which some people call "booze"


A well deserved rest:


And even a little bit of soccer:


27-07-2009, 19:29
The Final Boss was the Daemon Sausage, something of a running gag in my group of friends:


Killing Blow:


Death to the Daemon Sausage:


To finally emerge victorious and claim the final treasure:


Once we got to the end, the lake Geestmerambacht, or as the Treasure Map called it, Lake Drunkalot, there was an actual treasure chest, which I got to keep. In it, my friends had made a T-shirt and a poster of my and my fiancee. She told me later that she was afraid the picture she had to send my friend would be used to turn her into the Final Boss, but it turned out my friends were actually quite romantic, and turned her into the Final Treasure, the Princess so to speak.

I even threw up all over the place, so I even got that Side Quest down!

And doesn't this remind you of the intro screen of Legend of Zelda II?


27-07-2009, 22:05

That was hilarious.


28-07-2009, 05:17

01-08-2009, 14:07
You know, that would be a cool objective marker for Mordheim or something... One traveling through the city... Having to defend it. Awesome idea!!

03-09-2009, 11:38
Nice project, love your landraider and imperial guard

Groetjes uit Maastricht:D

07-09-2009, 18:52
Thanks pal. I am not so fond of my Land Raider anymore, but it was a very expirimental project. My Guard I love, and I will soon deploy them again in a tournament held by our club.

23-09-2009, 18:53
We held another tournament at our club last Saturday. Just another couple of pics showing my army being awesome on the battlefield, as well as showing off the scenery and tables our clubmembers have collectively built. Hehehhh...

My army looks awesome on green fields as well, and my sweater was the perfect camo for it!!

One of those tables that just grows on you...

Some new Work in Progress scenery that I haven't yet shown. All of this gaming board is built or painted by me...

This table is mostly EzekielCeles' work. Unfortunately I didn't get to play on it, but it looks totally wicked.

Kudos to Paul, who took the photos.

I ended on the 7th place out of 10. Not good, not bad either. I thought it was pretty good. I really enjoyed myself. The funniest thing was when my (red) Guardsmen had to fight someone's (red) Blood Ravens on... the Snowfield. No cover saves there, haha!

No, actually the funniest thing was, out of the 3 times I remembered to use "Orders", I threw a double 6 THREE TIMES!!
Suffice to say, the planet Vindar III has switched Telecom Providers.

Another highlight was when my 30 man strong Guard squad was charged by Thunderhammer wielding Terminators, who didn't hit a single thing. My three sergeants, who were bravely fighting on the forefront, smashed one Terminator each. That's THREE Terminators. How's that for awesome? Of course everyone died two turns later. Commander Brewer has made sure those three sergeants get a medal post mortem!

Oh, and my Commander Brewer still has not 'died' a single time... So he has an impressive track record of surviving each of the 7 battles he has fought so far, surviving by fleeing out of four of those battles... The Inquisition is keeping its gaze on him, for sure!

And since I graduated last year, my parents gave a me a little something, which was a VALKYRIE! WHOOT!!

24-09-2009, 20:16
And now I have the pictures to show you the absolute insanity of two red armies squaring it off on the snowfields.





I do dearly love my tanks!

This here daring move by my adversary cost me victory. He managed to gun down the unit that was holding my objective, turning it into a draw.

24-09-2009, 20:18
Proof of the pudding...

Still trying to clear a path, heheh...

Commander Brewer, still alive and kicking!

09-10-2009, 15:22
We have a Fantasy tournament coming up at our club, and I have Autumn Break coming up before that, so I wish to combine those two things to push myself to finally get some more work done on my Wood Elves.

Now, it has come to my attention I actually spend way more time taking pictures of what little I accomplish, and talking about it here, than I am actually WORKING on my stuff... But whatever... It keeps me off the streets.

So, instead of actually painting my models, I decided to do something equally important and oft neglected by many players (to my dismay), I made some movement trays.

While my normal movement trays are actually pretty interesting to show as well, especially since they are very easy to make... I guess that would be better off for a tutorial.

No, I will show you my Skirmisher movement tray! My apologies for the blurriness of my pictures.

As you can see, I glued some L shaped plasticard on a flat plasticard surface, and filled it with modelling sand to give it a nice smooth finish. The models fit snug in the recesses, which I left without sand.

Top view

Group shot

And these will make for nice "Casualty" bases... Once painted they will look fine as part of the scenery, and you can continue using your movement tray after you've taken some casualties.

I am also going to make one for my Dryads. I will start with just one, as I will only use one group of them for the tournament.

If I feel up to it, I will do a quick tutorial on my regular movement trays sometime soon.

11-10-2009, 16:26
The IG Look good, the Land Raider however is awesome. I will be stealing some ideas from that for my BFG Nurgle fleet for sure! Your GS work is excellent. Look forward to seeing more work on those Epic dudes.

By the way - the beerbike is amazing. I want one!

12-10-2009, 16:22
Yeah, I need more of those Epic dudes painted. Thanks for the comment. I don't really like my Land Raider all that much anymore. I guess it too me too much time. And uhmm... Most of it is Spawn bits, mind you, not all that much Green Stuff.

Thanks though! Glad you like it! :D

And the Beerbike... Not my design either. I am glad everyone likes it. If you want to try it out, there's a couple of places you can rent one in Holland. You'd have to cross over and come here to try them out.

It's one of those perks we Dutch people get for being such a bicycly nation... We can use beerbikes. :D

12-10-2009, 19:08
Good stuff - beer bike! - good Skirmisher base. Your log has it all. ;)

Besides, how would "The Flying Marienburger" be in Dutch?

12-10-2009, 21:38
De Vliegende Marienburger... It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? It could very well be the name of a Marienburger Tavern, hahah.

12-11-2009, 11:49
I have been hard at work on painting my Wood Elves, in preperation for last tournament.

It was a blast. The first battle was a draw, the second a loss, but the third, against one of the contenders for first place (Ezekiel_Celes here) was quite a surprise. Especially for him.

He had one hard as nails horsemen unit with pretty much everything in it. So far, none were killed during the tournament. He charged one of my Glade Guard units, and they shot his unit to pieces. First as part of my shooting phase, then as a stand and shoot reaction. It was pretty awesome. They got butchered in subsequent turns to yield me a pretty impressive amount of points, so I won that battle.

Not many pics of my army were taken, but here's one.



And an impression of the game tables and the tournament.

Thanks to Paul for the pics.

15-11-2009, 08:35
Lost track of this thread when everything got moved, great to see it still alive and supported, good job Daniel36.

15-11-2009, 11:06
Thanks pal! It's still alive, indeed... Though I really need to do more. I have the time...

Buuuuut now for something completely different. I wouldn't be me if I actually spent any time on current projects instead of starting new ones...

And it also turns out I am more productive when it comes to painting other people's stuff than my own stuff...

So I have here a Beastmen regiment that I finished rather quickly, which is of course the total opposite of my Wood Elves, which I SHOULD be working on, and they're not mine, they're a friend's. Oh well...





I took a bit of a gamble on the banner... Let me know if you like it or not. I'm not sure I like it myself...

16-11-2009, 01:42
I don't mind the banner myself. If anything I think it should be a little bit dirtier.

I reckon the beastmen look good. It could be the camera but to me it doesn't look like the eyes stand out enough.

And why aren't you painting your own stuff? I like the wood elves. Surely you have some more lying around just waiting to be painting. ;)

Looking forward to more.

16-11-2009, 17:17
love the beastmen the banner looks good though i didn't think beastmen cared enough to clean it other than that good job looking forward to seeing more


16-11-2009, 17:52
Tehehhh, my friend to whom these models belong thought the exact same thing. Piont taken... Some washes will do it good enough justice, methinks.

17-11-2009, 10:18
Great stuff. The paint scheme is unique for the guard and the raider conversions are very neat. The city fight table however is amazing.
Our little gaming group has just started with some terrain building for City Fight. Subscribed !

17-11-2009, 15:27
I think the banner looks great, the Centigors too.
And it seems that Bachelor Party was totally awesome. ^^

The boyz
17-11-2009, 17:22
Good job on those Centigors Daniel36, I like them. The freehand on the banner looks very nice.

18-11-2009, 06:39
Nice Centigors, what can we expect next?

18-11-2009, 14:01
@Durek: Thanks pal! Be sure to steal all the ideas you like about our City of Death to use in your own.

@Gargobot: Yes it was... Yes it was... Though I cannot remember much of the last couple of hours, mind you... :P

@The boyz: Thanks, I wasn't really sure about the banner, but so far everyone likes it, or at least the freehand. It does need some dirtying up, but that's not a problem.

@folnjir: What can we expect next? Hmmm... That really depends. Right now, I am contemplating the following things, in no particular order:

- Finally finish my Orlock Necromunda gang
- Build a spore / mushroom forest for Necromunda
- Finally finish that darn cave system for Warhammer Quest
- Do some more work on my Wood Elves
- Start work on my friend's Minotaurs
- Epic Death Guard
- Regular Death Guard
- Order and paint up stuff from www.tabletop-world.com for a Fantasy table

Too many projects, always adding more.

20-11-2009, 10:42
I'd love to see more work on your Wood Elves and Death Guard. They've been my favourite so far.

21-11-2009, 14:41
Sure thing! I have actually been working on Wood Elf stuff that I haven't yet shown.

However, I have to admit that my Death Guard army has taken a pretty big break. I am not sure when I will continue on those.

Though I should start painting this guy, don't you think?

So these are my ASSEMBLED Glade Guard. They are three units of ten men, with a musician for each unit.

The front row has three pretty much finished models.



Not sure I like the green. It's a basecoat of Orkhide with Snot Green highlights.

I had also been experimenting a bit with Catachan Green highlighted... I decided on this scheme for this unit (I will paint each unit completely different), but I am not sure if it was the right decision. What do you guys think?

21-11-2009, 14:46
So yeah, my house has pretty bad lighting, so that is why I have to use the flash, which is pretty... flashy...

This model is actually pretty exciting. It doesn't show well on the picture, but on the base is a skeleton of a horse, slowly being reclaimed by the land. I thought of that while reading through the Wood Elf book again. In it, it tells about how the trees use their branches to pull the dead into the earth. Pretty cool idea.

Speaking of the dead, this will be one of three Spirit Hosts. My friend Jeroen and I made this together. It's for his army. I am not going to paint them, but I like the look of the base. We're going to do a bit of marshland on it, methinks.

So I finished the bases on the Centigors, and dirtied up the banner just a tiny bit. If you look closely, you can see what I have been working on today, in the background. Hehehehhh...
So uhmm... I need to thank Spikedog for the bases. He did his bases this way on his new Skaven, and they look awesome. He did a better job than I, but that's okay...
Check his Skaven here:

And my Treekin are now four strong. I haven't yet finished painting the last one, and I found out a lot is wrong with the first three, so I will need to get back to that too... But I like how the bases are turning out. Birch seeds look really nice, though I will use them only sparingly. Again, the black chips idea is stolen directly from Spikedog.

21-11-2009, 19:00
Can't quite make out the skeleton horse on the base but I love the idea!

The green on your glade guard looks good to me.

I'd vote for finishing your orlocks next, it's only a few models and it feels good to get things done and dusted!

Keep it up mate!


22-11-2009, 03:36
awesome stuff.

your bachelor's rpg party is a smash!

welcome to the husband's club xD

23-11-2009, 01:03
Everything is looking really good. I can't wait to see how the Nurgle daemon turns out. Did you make the base yourself?

I don't mind the green that you've used for the WE, however it's a tough call on whether to make all the units a different colour. On the one hand it's visually interesting but it also may detract from the unity of the army.

I've decided to redo my Eldar sometime in the future just because there's no unifying markings/colours between the different aspect warriors. It's an annoying decision to come to when I'm halfway through the army.

23-11-2009, 09:23
@Boymilla: You know, I kind of let myself be lead by whatever my friends are working on. Right now, my best friend is slavering away on his Vampire Counts, and we have been battling several times in the past weeks, so my Wood Elves will get most of my attention, possibly including some more woods for the battle table.

One other friend is like me, he always has ten things going on at the same time, and those are incidentally in the same categories as mine, but we can never get ourselves to be working on one thing. So Wood Elves it is for now.

Those Orlocks are kind of easy to finish though. I really should get cracking on them soon.

@Putty: Tehehhh, thanks! So far I am enjoying this little club! Contrary to popular belief, I have more time instead of less to work on my miniatures now that I am a husband.

@Aenimosity: You see, a lot of people say that it takes away the unity in the army, but does it really?

I mean, take a look outside (wherever you are). Trees are never just one colour green. Especially if you take a look at any forest, you will find such an enormous diversity in colour, yet it's still one forest.

My Wood Elves will be aspects of nature for each unit. These Glade Guards are going to represent the trees as they blossom in Spring and Summer. My Wardancers unit is an aspect of night/twilight and some purple flower, I guess. Each Dryad unit will represent a different sort of tree (some real, some fantasy), which I basically steal from the GW website. (The white ones are Ghostwood, the red ones are Redwood).

You already bring the next example. Eldar have different colours for each unit. Try painting them all the same... It's just not really Eldar that way.

And of course they need something to unify them, and don't worry, my Wood Elves will all be somewhat unified.

Ooh ooh, new example! How 'bout them Power Rangers? (He did NOT just throw in the Power Rangers? Yes he did! YES HE DID!)

I also remember playing Dark Omen, on the Playstation and PC. The units in that game were all differently coloured, but it looked fine. It even made it easier to distinguish them, yet it was one army.

But we will see how it turns out. So far I like how my Treekin and Dryads all look distinctly different, plus it keeps me motivated, not having to paint the same colour over and over again.

Oh, and that Daemon Prince base, it's from Micro Art Studios. So no, I did not sculpt it myself.

24-11-2009, 09:43
Nice looking bases you have there. What a good idea those contrasting stones are and I notice you use birch seed as well on your bases, I find the two together really bring out the bases. Keep up the good work :)

But seriously, good looking models you have in here. I really like your Centigors, I want an excuse to get some for my Beast army but can't justify the money at the moment. I am hoping for plastic versions with the new book.

24-11-2009, 09:56
Tehehhh... Well, the birch seed idea was NOT stolen from you, as it turns out. I already had that stuff a long time... That idea was stolen from a friend.

But yes, I am very thankful to have stumbled onto your log, because my bases look so much better now.

And I think the Centigors will indeed be plastic soon! So just a little bit more waiting, and then you'll be ready! :D

Thanks again!

The boyz
24-11-2009, 13:21
I quite like the green on the Glade guard, looks good to me. As for painting each unit a different colour, I say go for it. After all, if they are all being based in the same way, that will help to unify them and tie them altogether.

The Treekin and Treeman are looking rather impressive. I particularly, like the idea behind the base for the Treeman.

27-11-2009, 08:40
Yeah, I'm starting to like the green more and more. I guess it'll work...

Thanks for the comment. The idea behind the Treeman base excites me more than the Treeman itself! I am glad I found a cool way to add some spice to its base, because I believe that good basing is half the miniature. I'm not a great baser (nor an exceptional painter), so whenever I come up with a cool idea, I get pretty excited. Most of my good ideas are usually for friends' stuff as well, hahaha... So I am glad this time it's for my own stuff.

So, not that I am anywhere near finished with my first group of Glade Guards, I would like to know everyone's opinion on the following colour choices for my next two groups of Glade Guards:

The first one is going to be Autumn style, similar to Anardakil's Wood Elves

So kind of like this GW example:

And the second one is going to be Waystone Defender Night Watch style, like this:


Will mix in fine with the first one, don't you think?

I really need to get some stuff done. I already have new ideas floating through my brain, it's not even funny!!!

30-11-2009, 11:41
I was just going to edit this last reply, but the thing I came up with now is such a revelation, that it needed its own reply.

You see, I had another idea for my Wood Elves.

Instead of giving each of my core units a different colour, I came up with the following idea:


Yeah, just that. Units of which the clothing are painted in many different heus of brown, ranging from Scorched Brown to Bleached Bone, with everything in between. Green will be the off colour for which I apply detailing.

I haven't painted up a model this way yet, but I want to, to see how it turns out. I guess my (red) Lord already looks a bit like what I am envisioning:

- where the red should be replaced with brown.

I really need everyone to help me make a decision. Am I going for different colours for each core unit, or am I going for this monochrome way of painting things.

I'm not sure if (should I go for the browns) my Wardancers are going to be repainted in brown though, I kind of like them purple. Since they are "Special" I don't really need to do paint them the same, in my mind. My Treekin and Treeman won't be brown, so why should they? At least SOME colour in the army wouldn't be bad.

Seeing as I have way more experience (and enjoyment) in painting brown that in painting green... I guess I should go for it.

I will update you when I have a test mini out, but what do you guys think?
Colours or Brown?

30-11-2009, 13:20
brown me thinks

with a hint of green

30-11-2009, 22:30
Yeah I don't think it's a bad idea.

I would like to see a test mini though or would it be accurate to say that it would end up similar to the first GW example mini that you showed us? I do like that one.

01-12-2009, 09:52
Yes, it will be somewhat similar to that autumn style test mini, only the yellow will be less yellow and more Snakebite Leather and the red will be Scorched Brown with Bestial Brown highlights.

Since I don't have a lot of time right now, I am considering using the magic of photo editing to test out my colour scheme. I will update this here reply to add in the picture, probably later today.

The only problem is, the green Glade Guards I have been painting up are kind of starting to grow on me... (Good thing they're not Dryads, that would be strange...)

Oh well, check back later today for my photo-edit.

EDIT: Checked back yet? Yeah, no photo-edit. It's not working out as I would've wanted. I guess I will just have to make some time to actually paint up a model... I hate the Wood Elves, they're outfits are much to detailed... I can't do detail.

23-12-2009, 14:10
So yeah, I have once again been bitten by the Epic bug... Here's a small selection of what I have been doing today and yesterday.

Least interesting:
I had these lying around for a while, to start my Guard army, and now they are basecoated.

But now my Death Guard stuff!!


Cute Icons on their front, no?

And now for some work in progress!!


You all probably know the Nurgle Daemon Prince model? Well, as it turns out, one of the old Dreadnoughts is PERFECT for it!!! I have to do it in steps though, no rushing this time. So I did the beginning of his shoulderpad, his belly, his face and those funny horn things on top. Next up will be detailing on the pad,, the legs and the loin cloth...


23-12-2009, 14:11
And here's what the Daemon Prince looks like now!




24-12-2009, 16:21
The Epic daemon prince looks great, very nice job on him.

Eager to see him painted up now.

24-12-2009, 18:00
That makes two of us, hehehehehhh... He's not finished yet though. I had to stop, because I just KNOW I will mess things up if I try to add more when nothing has dried up properly yet. I am hoping to do some more work on him after Christmas.

24-12-2009, 18:58
It took two glances at the post/image to realise the conversion was Epic scale - I didn't notice the integral base at first! Impressive, especially the sword. Is the sword Plasticard or Miliput, or something else for that? Curious minds would like to know, because it can't be more than what, about 5-10mm or so?

Looking through the early stuff, and I know it has been a while since you posted it, but I really liked the Nurgle additions to the Land Raider.

25-12-2009, 19:31
Heheh, thanks!

The sword was very fiddly, especially since my only tool was a big pair of scissors... But yes, it is Plasticard. And indeed quite small. Hopefully in a couple of days time I will have time to finish him. I am quite pleased with the small amount of progress I have made these past few days with my Epic army, seeing as I started it pretty much a year ago... :S

I'm probably going to split my forces into Death Guard and Iron Warriors. I like Iron Warriors too! My friend will do Emperor's Children, and mayhaps another army as well.

I'm still in a pickle on how many and which Titans I am going to Chaotify. I'd like some for my Imperial Forces as well.

I am really not a big fan of my Land Raider anymore, but thanks!

29-12-2009, 18:16
You managed the sword just using scissors?!? Crikey.

It looks (from what I can see) well carved and the proportions look great for Epic scale. Did you carve it right first time or were multiple attempts made?

How many Tiatns do you have to divide up?

30-12-2009, 19:36
Oh my goodness, the cut up is a total mess, if that didn't show on the pictures yet.

So you know a bit about Epic I presume?
This is what (I think) I have:
Warlord titan : 6
Reaver titan : 2 :
Warhound titan : 4

So, I want to give at least one Titan to both my friend's Emperor's Children and my Death Guard, and perhaps one for my Iron Warriors... And like I said, I want to keep some for the Imperium as well, as I want to start up an IG army as well.

Which would make the most sense to give to them? And do Iron Warriors employ Titans as well?

30-12-2009, 21:30
I am afraid I will have to defer to more learned and knowledgable fans of Epic - I last played in 2nd edition.

That said, in the BL novel Storm of Iron(?) the Iron warriors have Titans, i am pretty sure (one was called the Dies Irie I think). I was simply going to suggest doing two groups, and so dividing them in half.

Chaos and Evil
01-01-2010, 11:55
Iron Warriors are known to employ Titans, either Undivided or Khorne.

Lovely Daemon Prince!

01-01-2010, 15:49
Coolness... Well, I won't be touching those Titans any time soon just yet. First I will have to decide whether or not I will go for both Death Guard and Iron Warriors and then I will have to decide exactly which Titans to use where.

And now for something completely different.

In a couple of weeks we are going to have a Necromunda Night at my place, and I cannot play Necromunda without some good ol' Plague Zombies.

The problem however with the Warhammer Zombies is, they look ridiculous, and employ weapons, which Plague Zombies clearly do not.

So I had to do some converting. Yes, I know Plague Zombies are available for Necromunda, but I can't easily order them, and I do have a bunch of Zombie models.

Anyhoo, as they look ridiculous, I had to add some Empire Militia bits to the mix, for some variety, and even used a set of Barbarian heads from Micro Art Studios. So here comes:




Hope you guys like them.... And more importantly, I hope my Necromunda buddies will like them.

As you can see I did some pretty extensive converting, starting with taking out all the weapons, and mixing the Militia with the Zombies... A little too many guys are only extening out their left arm as there weren't many right ones extending... Oh well...

EDIT: I thought I had read an article on Plague Zombies in Necromunda, from the old Specialist website. Does anyone know where I could find it, or otherwise does anyone have any fun and simple house rules for Plague Zombies?

02-01-2010, 13:48
I don't know about the article, but I built (and have not yet painted) about 90+ Plague Zombies a few years ago. What I ended up doing was kitbashing between the WH Zombies (3 boxes), Catachans (x1 box), Empire Militia (x 1). What I found was that I could modernise the look of the zombies with bits and pieces from the Catachan sprues as well as some Cadian spares that I had. Just adding some pouches and battered equipment could help give a slightly more futuristic feel.

02-01-2010, 15:42
Well, I tried to stay in between "modern" and "fantasy" so I could use them for both.

I see most Plague Zombies being hapless poor beggar victims anyways, which could have the same look as poor villagers from the Empire.

How did you use the Plague Zombies in your game? (btw. 90?!?! Wow!!)

02-01-2010, 17:27
It was from the old Codex: Eye of Terror list. And they were rubbish in games, but that was part of the fun!

I did so many simply because I enjoyed the kitbashing element of building them as uniquely as possible.

02-01-2010, 20:37
All I can say is... Any pictures?

I just watched Resident Evil : Degeneration (the CGI film) with my wife!! The first movie we ever saw together, even before we started dating, was the first Resident Evil film (with Jovovich)... She didn't like it then, but she grew accustomed to it, I guess. Anyhoo, the film definitely fueled my enthusiasm for... ZOMBIES!!! But I don't think I will be making any more. 24 is just about enough for me.

EDIT: Ooh, and I had a question for the community.

I was thinking of paniting my zombie skin a a greyish darkblue. What do you guys think?

07-01-2010, 12:00
For me I always think greenish-greys, but that may too much zombie indoctrination from various media.

Sorry no pics of the horde, but I could try unpacking them one day to do so - but it would seem pointless as they are only undercoated (I will get around to painting them 'eventually'...).

08-01-2010, 15:48
Myeah, I am probably going to go down that road too... Oh well...

Anyhoo, yesterday I did some more work on my Epic Daemon Prince... Here are the pics:


So that Daemon Prince has this weird fly-thing on his arm, that I tried to model as well... It looks pretty nifty, though from this close-up, it looks a little amateuristic... Here's to hoping painting it will make it look better.


And here is my Daemon Prince on my first scratchbuilt piece of scenery... I used plasticard and some Platformer Biotoxin Plant bits. Looks good, no?

08-01-2010, 18:21
Nice simple use of the Platformer stuff there. :)

What would add to the bridge is to give the flat 'road' surface some texture. A couple of ideas spring to mind:

1. cut some card or thin plasticard (thinner than the stuff used) to represent metal panels to give a futuristic look; but then you may want to detail with rivets which could be time-consuming.
2. texture as though asphalt etc (fine sand maybe).
3. use something like car body mesh on the plasticard to give a futuristic decking type look.

08-01-2010, 20:52
Thanks, and worry not, I was going to texture it... I just felt like making something real quick.

But now, for something completely random:
(Seriously, why I have never been tested for ADD is beyond me)


So, this needs explaining. Me and a friend are going to attend the Frenzy Doubles Tournament this month, and I am playing my Imperial Guard, and he will be using a Nurgle Chaos army...

Now, I am much more about the storyline than I am about winning or losing, so I was not going to have my very very loyal Vindar 136th be suddenly turning to Nurgle... That just ain't gonna happen!

But I painted big fat V's on each shoulder pad...

Luckily, I found out Vraks was pretty much taken over by Chaos, now sporting a good bit of Renegade Militia, including ones going for the whole Nurgle thing.

And whaddaya know?!? Vraks starts with a V too!!

Now, I am not going to paint rot all over my minis, so I guess they are newly weds to Nurgle, but the HQ shouldn't, and therefore isn't... This way, my HQ ties in well with the Nurgle Marines, making it a more coherent force to look at. Not that we'll win the prettiest army prize, but there's no harm in trying to go for it.

So quickly gathered some old and really badly painted miniatures that I kept for all these years, and now my Commander is some Priest of Nurgle, who's glorious words have taken over this army, his Bodyguard is a... Barbarian... And the Regimental Standard will be carried by a ("V"intage) Plaguebearer. I also have an Master of Ordnance conversion I started on a while back that looks like he could just as well be Nurgly, which I couldn't find this quickly, but he'll be joining the ranks once I do, and I will finally give him some arms, hahaha...

That was a lot of text for one measly picture, wasn't it?

21-01-2010, 13:55
So I've been painting for the past 2 or so hours (it feels longer though), and my homebrewn Master of Ordnance is getting pretty painted up. I actually finished modelling this guy just this week, after I hadn't done anything in the past year probably.

This guy started out as a copy of a model someone here on Warseer had made, though I can't remember who it was, and now I finally had a reason to finish him, as I needed a Master of Ordnance.

So I had to take a little break, so I decided to take a picture of my progress. You can also see the army banner for my "Vraksian 136th", which I deliberately kept very simple.

Cookie if you guess what his "wrist-top" is made of! :D


21-01-2010, 14:40
Wrist top - demo charge? Tau Cyclic Ion Blaster end piece?

I like the construction of the Master of Ordnance, nicely built.

How is the bridge coming on, any update?

21-01-2010, 14:46
Nope, sorry pal! That's not the right answer. Small hint, the top part, basically the keyboard and screen, is built out of a one-piece bit.

And the bridge hasn't been blown up yet, hahaha. No, Epic is unfortunately on the backburner. This week is a 40K tournament for which I still need to paint some stuff, and next week I will be hosting a Necromunda night, so Zombies and perhaps some scenery needs to be finished as well.

After that, an order from Tabletop World will probably take up my attention, as well as my Wood Elves to accompany that scenery.

22-01-2010, 01:43
Hey cool looking bridge, the Master of Ordnance is nothing to sneeze at, too.
Keep it up!

22-01-2010, 12:00
Nice looking standard bearer. I look forward to see it tommorow.


27-01-2010, 21:26
So, did we meet each other? I met quite a bundle of people, so I wouldn't know. Did you have fun though?

I did, and here are some pics of my "Vraksian" 136th together with a Nurgle Marine army called the Corpse Knights. (Did you really think the Vindar 136th succumbed? Never!)

A very shoddy picture of my recently finished Nurgle HQ. I should take a better pic, but I am lazy

Most of our combined forces

Getting ready to rumble

Guarding the rear for the Corpse Knights

27-01-2010, 21:29
Big battle

So far so good

The Renegade Militia are desperately trying to keep a pack of Nurgle Daemons from a rivalling Daemon Lord away from the Corpse Knights

- We met a lot of Nurgle infested armies that day. Our first battle was an all out Nurgle Rot Fest, our third battle also had some Plaguebearers in the Daemon army. It was nuts.

Desperately trying to keep the Nurgle icon from falling into the other Daemon Lord's hands

27-01-2010, 21:30


I totally wasn't posing here... NO SERIOUSLY *cough*

Protecting a desecrated statue