View Full Version : Mighty Blow

Colonel Dixon
12-11-2007, 15:19
Does anyone ever choose to use the +1 towards the injury roll rather than the armor roll? Since you have to pick one or the other it seems to me you should always use it to break armor.

Does anyone have an argument for chancing it and trying for the +1 to injury instead? It just seems like a waste of a skill if you don't break the armor...

12-11-2007, 15:31
You may add the +1 after you have rolled, so if you break armour you "save" the skill for the injury-roll, if you are just 1 away from breaking armour you use it then and roll unmodified for injury.

Colonel Dixon
12-11-2007, 17:54
Ah, I see. I reread the rule and it doesn't say anything about declaring one or the other so yeah, I guess that is the way to do it... Seems like a waste of a thread now...

Thanks Sherlocko