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14-11-2007, 16:32
Rules used

Neals changedocs (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/wiki/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=4)
- Landers cannot contest conditions on turn they land
AMTL 2.0
Dark Eldar 1.4.1 (http://www.tacticalwargames.net/cgi-bin/forum/ikonboard.cgi?act=ST;f=75;t=10816)

Dark Eldar Raiders

Kabal Syndicate
+ Warriors
+ 2 Barges
+ Archon
+ Ravager
Kabal Flotilla

+ Sybarite
Heavy Barge
- Vessel of Pain
Heavy Barge
- Vessel of Pain


Titan Legion Heavy Patrol Group

Warlord Titan
- 2 Quake Cannons, 2 Gatling Blasters
+ Legate
- 2 Melta Cannons, Vulcano Cannon
+ Carapace Multilasers
Warhound Pack
- Light Vulcan Mega-Bolter, Plasma Blastgun
- Light Vulcan Mega-Bolter, Plasma Blastgun
Flak Battery
Flak Battery
Recon Cohort
Paladin Household
+ 3 Extra Paladins

No pictures yet as I forgot to take army pics :(.

14-11-2007, 16:33

Dark Eldar put the blitz objective to west behind a ruin, while AMTL set it in east at the end of a road. Second objective on Dark Eldar end was south of a ruin near centre and third south and a bit west near road. Second objective on AMTL end was north and some west in an open ground, while third was in a building in west.

AMTL garrisoned the Sentinels within a forest between blitz and second objective. They were on overwatch.

Dark Eldar deployed Vessel of Pain 1 in west near blitz behind a ruin. Centre had Kabal Syndicate also behind a ruin. Then came a building with Tormentor and Vessel of Pain 2. Lastly holding eastern end was Kabal Flotilla.

AMTL set the Paladin Household to the western side. Near them was Flak Battery 2 behind a building. The centre was dominated by Reaver. Then near blitz partly on road was Warlord and near it behind a forest was Flak 1. Holding eastern flank was Warhound Pack.

14-11-2007, 16:34
Turn 1

Initiative: AMTL

Dark Eldar are forced to act first. Pondering for a while it is decided that the Kabal Flotilla is in too vulnerable with regards to Warhounds. So they march quickly towards west taking cover behind some ruins. AMTL responds by ordering the Paladin Household to double and target the skimmers. They hesitate to go forth first, but with Legate ordering they cannot refuse. 1 Ravager is lost to the battle cannon fire. This draws the lone Vessel of Pain 1 to advance forwards behind a forest and open fire at the Paladins. It manages to knock down 1 Paladin as the knight shields protect them.

Pressing on to attack the Kabal Flotilla the Flak 2 advance a bit east to fire on them. 1 more Ravager ripped apart and the Kabal breaks moving towards west near Vessel of Pain 1. Seeing that the Knights just got out of AA umbrella one set of Ravens is called to make a ground attack. Coming from west they move just in range of the Paladins and open fire. However the Knights armour prevents any damage.

In east the Sentinels opt to continue their OW.

Frustrated at the Hydras the Dark Eldar commander orders himself the Vessel of Pain 2 to move out and double behind the same ruin where the Kabal Flotilla got shot. The Vessel commander wasn't very happy about this, but was rather going to face the Imperials than "private session" with commander afterwards. However the targetting of the vehicle isn't proper as all shots miss and Hydras remain unbroken. This prompts the Reaver to move out as well. The warmachine doubles to the forest in the centre and opens up with the Melta Cannons. Even the shadowfields aren't enough to protect the craft as it is melted to slags by the awesome power of the Titan.

Another group of Ravens is next. They move in from northeast and target the Paladin Household. This time the Knights armour isn't enough and one Paladin falls down breaking the formation. They quickly move behind a building out of sight of Dark Eldar.

In east the Flak Battery 1 is scanning skies for approaching planes intently. Too intently as they miss their orders to move out. They hold and remove BMs. On Dark Eldar side the Tormentor gets into action and moves to a building near Reaver. It fires couple of shots at the Flak Battery 2, but also misses them. Dark Eldar commander mutters about the ability of his army to miss with their most powerful weapons ... all the time! Warhounds respond to this and double towards centre to get one of them to fire at the Tormentor. However only 1 shadowfield is stripped.

Next action takes awhile to ponder. Eventually the Barges double and move next to ruins in east. They pop up to fire at the nearby Warhounds and manage to drop one shield from the lead titan. In back the Warlord starts looking for a target and goes on an overwatch. Then it's the last activation by Slavebringer. It goes for ground attack and lands behind a building (from Warlords point of view) near Warhounds. Taloses lumber out and two units go into close combat while two stay back to make sure that the Warlord cannot draw a LOS to them. The battle is produces a lot of sound but no damage as both sides saves all hits. However the BM gives advantage to Dark Eldar and Warhound retreat in centre of Imperial deployment zone. Talos respond by consolidating within the Slavebringer.

End Phase

Ravens leave from the side of the board and receive a BM for that. Slavebringer is unable to disengage due to Taloses.

Rallying is equally bad on both sides this turn. Kabal Flotilla fails for Dark Eldar and Paladin Household for AMTL.

14-11-2007, 16:35
Turn 2

Initiative: Dark Eldar

With a powerful 'Yeah!' the Dark Eldar steal initiative and Ravens are first to act. There is some hesitation but that is cleared up by the Archon. They come in low and target the Reaver from just outside of Flak Battery 2s range. However trees protect the Imperial warmachine and it only gets a single BM. But that is enough as the Tormentor retains assaulting the titan. It runs around the forest to stay out of reach of Warlord and clashes on to the Reaver. Both sides take 2 damage but the Tormentor suffers critical hit and loses it's jump packs. It however wins the resolution due to BM. Reaver withdraws back to Imperial deployment zone, while Tormentor moves to hide on west side of the building behind which Paladins are.

Eldar respond with Flak Battery 2. After Legates orders they advance towards west and clear the building behind which Tormentor went. Then they open up with 6 shots at 6+ and manage to hit 3 times dropping all shadowfields! Muttering under his breath the Vessel of Pain is ordered to double near the Flak 2 and exterminate them. While the lances miss again the Desolator doesn't. 1 Hydra is destroyed and the rest break going to hide behind a building in centre. But Tormentors torments aren't over yet as the Warhounds double towards west and target the titan. Without shields it's easy picking and one more damage is done, breaking the titan. It moves west and forwards so that if it rallies, it's within striking range of the Warhounds.


Next it's second group of Ravens who go after the Flak 2 in centre. But they fail to hit anything and only a single Hydra is wrecked by BMs. In east the Sentinels are next. They have intention to move out from forest but seem to have gotten stuck to the trees. Instead they hold and remove BMs.

Dark Eldar choose to play waiting game and put the Slavebringer on overwatch. This prompts Flak Battery 1 to move out on advance and target the Slavebringer. The 6s are needed again and sure enough the sleek craft loses it's shield and suffers a point of damage. Then it's the Barges who agonise over their action. Eventually it's all or nothing plan and they double out of the ruins. First move puts one of the Barges within sight of the Warlord, which responds by firing. Unfortunately it manages to miss almost completely and only knock down a single shield from the Barge. Continuing the move the Barges go near Flak Battery 2 while keeping a building between them and Warlord. Then they open fire and Flak Battery 1 loses a single Hydra. They break and move westwards away from Dark Eldar.

End Phase

All aircraft leave the field undamaged. Only the Slavebringer has BMs from the ground fire it endured.

Rallying goes bad for AMTL for Flak Battery 1, Reaver, Warhounds and Paladin all fails to rally. Dark Eldar rally everything.

14-11-2007, 16:36
Turn 3

Scourges Teleport behind Warlord titan

Initiative: AMTL

With only three activations, the AMTL decides to make an alpha strike. First the Warlord engages the Scourges behind it and charges directly away from Kabal Syndicate. The Scourges are wiped out by Warlord but not without two lucky hits, which both cause a critical. Then in west the Warhounds advance moving backwards a bit and blast the Tormentor titan into small bits.

Then it's the Dark Eldar who seize the change to eliminate last two activations of AMTL. Kabal Syndicate frustrated that the main target escaped them turn to assault the Sentinels within forest. One Sentinel manages to knock a shadowfield down from one of the Barges, but none of the Imperials survive the Dark Eldar counter volley. Dark Eldar spread out a bit to contest the blitz with Warlord. Then retaining one pair of the Ravens are ordered to wipe out the last Hydra. The two aircrafts move sleekfully towards the Hydra and it fires as the Ravens scoring two hits, which neither is saved and so ends that ground attack.

Seizing it's chance the Hydra doubles towards the Dark Eldar and reaches just over the centreline, preventing one objective. Seeing the victory slip from grasp, second pair of Ravens are sent after the Hydra. Again it fires before the Dark Eldar get within range but this time no hits are done. However it distracts the pilots enough that they miss as well.

Then the Slavebringer is called it, but it fails to make an appearance as it collected too much fire last turn. Lastly the Kabal Flotilla tries to double, but it fails and breaks.

End Phase

First the critical for the Warlord is thrown. No explosion, but one additional damage is done.

Then the Ravens make their exit without any problems.

With rallying the Dark Eldar Kabal Flotilla fails. From AMTL Paladins and Warhounds fails.

14-11-2007, 16:37
Turn 4

Initiative: AMTL

This time it's Reavers turn and it doubles to fire at the Vessel of Pain behind the building. It manages to hit 3 times with the TK weapons and melt the vehicle without much problems. Retaining the Warlord sustains at the Kabal near it. However Reaver seems to be taking all the luck as one loses all shadowfields and takes 2 damage while the other loses only a single shadowfield.

Then it's Dark Eldar. First the Kabal Syndicate moves close to Warlord and opens fire. It manages to clip the Flak 1 with one template in addition to hitting Warlord. 2 voidshields are removed and Flak 2 broken. Then retaining the Slavebringer comes in carrying the Taloses. It lands near the Warlord and out come the Dark Eldar into close combat. Warlord manages to destroy one Talon, while Legate destroys Slavebringer. In return with help of Kabal Syndicate all voidshields are stripped and 3 damage is done to the Warlord leaving only 2 DC left.


The Warlord loses the combat and is forced to withdraw, which it does towards the objective north. Taloses consolidate to take the objective none the less as they move through woods.

Next it's the remaining Hydra of Flak 2 to double towards blitz objective. To prevent any funny stuff the last pair of Ravens are sent after it, with hope that this time they might actually manage to do something. The Hydra fires as the aircraft come in and one of them is shredded by the autocannon fire. However the second avoids all fire and places couple of accurate shots through the Hydra and it's destroyed.

The last activation by Adeptus Mechanicus is ordering the Warhounds to march to east. They arrive at the blitz to contest it and thus prevent Dark Eldar from getting a chance to win the game with objectives.

End Phase

The last Raven exits the table without problems.

For the Imperials the Flak Battery 1 fails to rally. For Dark Eldar the Kabal Flotilla fails.

This means that the conditions are 0 - 0 as Paladins rally. So off we go to count the VPs. The Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legion rules the day with 1900 VPs, while Dark Eldar is left to second with 800 VPs.

14-11-2007, 18:30
Excellent report Hena. Seems the DE were taking a battering in the early stages and struggled to recover. Would you say it was all down to bad luck?

Nice minis by the way, I especially like the DE reavers. Get some paint on those knights!

14-11-2007, 19:02
The DE list is very, very hard to play. Most units are very fragile and almost everything has short ranged weapons. That creates combination that is hard to start with as one tends to be forced to go within range of the other first.

DE minis are my friends (and the AMTL is actually mine) :). If you want to see more pics of the entire set of minis his made (all non-infantry is scratch built). See the link below.

And I do intend to paint them knights, but I have another project at the moment (Lost and the Damned).