View Full Version : Feathers , bits + weapons to enhance Kroot

22-11-2007, 12:42
are there any fantasy or 40k sprues out there that have feathers on?
or any weapons or baggage extras that might go well in a kroot mercs force?

hope someone can help

22-11-2007, 14:23
The high elf archers and silver helms both have good feathers to make headdresses out of. I used some to make some green stuff molds and now all my shapers have fancy headdresses.

I believe theres an example on CMON but my internet is very slow right now so I cant check.

22-11-2007, 15:31
ohh ill have a look

22-11-2007, 15:58
aha, found it here (http://www.coolminiornot.com/116824)

22-11-2007, 16:08
If you really want to go all out, I would go to a Sewing store and custom make some out of some material. Its a little work, but the Kroot deserve it!


22-11-2007, 16:08
The new Empire plastic boxes should include quite a lot of feathers (attached to helmets/hats), no?

22-11-2007, 16:25
Pistoliers. I have Feathers coming up to my ears. And if you're playing 40K, there are a ton of vaguely antique looking guns in there that could count-as just about anything - 6 barreled handguns which look to me like maybe they're grenade launchers...