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23-11-2007, 18:40
So what would you lets me use as stormtroopers with hellguns because i was thinking of using the shock troops (20 in a box for 18) because i dont like the kaskin poses would I have to convert the guardsmen or would you let me use them as they come?

23-11-2007, 18:42
Storm Troopers are Storm Troopers, just try to get rid of all the Inquisition insignias.

23-11-2007, 18:55

Ok I think you asked if I had a problem with out-of the box Cadians as Stormtroopers.

Let me tell you I have been playing Ordo Malleus since '03, before that I had Grey Knights since Dark Millenium. In the 3rd Edition army, it's very challenging even for veteran players to field an entire army of Grey Knights due to the restrictions their cost puts on the amount of scoring units you'll have in your list. Believe me, the problem with the GK isn't that they are outnumbered and get killed, it's that they are outnumbered and get outmaneuvered by armies with more units in the list.

You almost have to add Stormtroopers to the list to make it viable, and I mean lots of Storm Troopers. For beginners and those who are unwilling to spend money on the official models, this can be daunting in an insurmountable way.

I considered your question when I started my army, and here's my conclusion. While personally I use Kasrkin (I want to find the older carapaced ST models for new squads) and that is limiting in the poses, that's how I want it in my army.

I personally would have no problem with converted and painted Cadians representing Stormtroopers, and the conversions would only have to be minor. Perhaps backpacks, faceplates and proper Inquisitorial regalia? I use an urban camo scheme on my Stormtroopers, but their wargear is noticably different to regular Guardsmen, being Kasrkin models.

I think they need to say to your opponent when he glances at them "Hey, we're the Stormtroopers, we have Hellguns and Carapace armor. That guy has a flamer / plasma / melta. That guy is a veteran sergeant and has a power weapon / plasma pistol, we have grenades, etc...

Perfect Organism
23-11-2007, 19:01
I'd want them to be converted, but I'd accept fairly minor conversions so long as there weren't any standard guardsmen in the army to confuse things. A bit of wire and a power pack for the hellgun and a touch more armour (just a visor or some kneepads would be enough) would make them OK with me. The most important thing is that it is clear what they are supposed to be.

23-11-2007, 19:02
Am showing my age a bit here but I generally use 2 squads of 'troopers in my DH army and I use models from my very first army....


Moving 6" a turn....

How funny is that!!!

As long they are different and easily indentifiable then I would applaud your initiative

23-11-2007, 19:05
Id say they would have to be converted at least a little bit, if only to avoid confusing your opponent, since normal Guardsmen can be used in an Inquisition army.

Filthy O'Bedlam
25-11-2007, 01:47
They work perfectly with a little conversion work. Add a little extra armour and lots of kit. I have two squads of 10 converted Cadians in my WH army.

Cheers, Filthy

Cry of the Wind
25-11-2007, 04:35
It shouldn't be too hard to add a bit of greenstuff to make knee pads and elbow pads, that would be enough to be carapace armour. For the hellguns, see how many vox sets you can get off of other cadian players, most should have a few spare, and cut of the antennas to represent power packs. Add a little guitar string and you have discount storm troopers. Of course they'll cost less the more you make since you'll have a lot of greenstuff and guitar string from a single pack of each.

So yeah basically I'd want you to convert them a little bit, only fair since otherwise I might start using normal marines to represent Grey Knights...