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big squig
24-11-2007, 01:53
and I need suggestions for what to include. So far I have this:
-Generate a skirmish mission.
-Players choose who will be attacker and who will be defender.
-Set up terrain.
-Each player makes a 250 point army.
-There are no restrictions and no force organization charts.

-There is no squad coherency.
-Vehicles may split fire.
-If a model loses its last wound, roll a die.

1-2 stunned The model may not move, shoot, or make attacks in close combat on its next turn.
3-4 injured An injured model may not move more than 3” in the move phase, always counts as moving for the purposes of shooting, and cannot assault for the remainder of the game. If an injured model is injured again, it counts as dead.
5-6 dead The model is removed from play.
(Attacks with a strength that double the target’s toughness automatically count as dead)

- Ignore normal morale rules. Models do not flee from combat or shooting.
-Instead, if at the beginning of a player’s turn 25% of their force is dead and/or injured, that player must make a moral test off their model with the highest LD. If failed, the game ends.

Deployment method - roll a die:
1 Defensive Line
2 Strongpoint
3 Assault
4 Ambush
5 Breakout
6 Table Quarters

Objective – roll a die:
1 Hold at All Costs
2 Rescue
3 Skirmish
4 Blitz
5 Bunker Assault
6 Sabotage

Universal Stratagems
-Deep strike

Attacker Stratagems
-Night Fight

Defender Stratagems
-Booby traps

I need more stratagems. Any suggestions?

24-11-2007, 04:03
Lately I have gotten a real kick out of Warhammer Skirmish. You should look at the the rules for Warbands on the website. Although open for abuse, the rules make for some fantastic "RougeTraderEsque" games. Lots of fun for collage students who cant afford a real army, as sometimes only 10-20 models are needed.

Squad Sizes reduced to 3 models minimum.
Squad Upgrades can only be included if the unit makes its "Minimum Unit Size"
No Chactors over 75 points in games less than 200 points.
Maximum Warband game size is 500 points.
Limit on armor points.
May take only 2 non troop choices.
Must make 2 troop selections.

From Experience -> can be played in next to no time. With less models you can focus on modeling. Orks are a ton of fun. Easly themed games. Small Board Sizes. Tanks and Rhinos rock your world at this level. Buggies are again a cool way to travel.

Cry of the Wind
24-11-2007, 04:20
I strongly suggest you check out Necromunda. The rules are free for download on the specialist games website. This is a game where even if you only take the core rules, you can do exactly what you're looking for with 40k. It is not as detailed as Inquisitor but is compared to 40k and is designed for basically squad on squad action.

24-11-2007, 10:21
Besides the proven Necromunda rules there are the Kill Team rules, that both fill the skirmish niche. Do you really think that we need a third rule set for the same? Until the rumoured new skirmish rules come in one or two years?

24-11-2007, 11:32
yea just extend the neco rules with new ones.