View Full Version : Serpents Advance

24-11-2007, 15:07
..following a complete thrashing of the of Spirit Seekers, the Serpents have secured top spot in the lower division and advanced to the Renewed Balance league.

It's been a long time since the Serpents have been in the spotlight, but after back to back wins coming from a dominating performance the league commissioner has promoted the Serpents. Sotek faithful will now watch there team compete against the more veteran teams of the league.

How will Sotek's finest fair in the new division? Before being regulated, they tied the league champions and secured a victory against the Ogres, leading many to expect another quick pass to the WoBBL's top division. However recent injuries and contract disputes have stunted the Serpents from being a real powerhouse. Recently Quauhtli and Patli have been released from the team due to injuries. More importantly however is the veteran Eleuia who is reportatly asking for more money following the promotion of the team. Coach and GM th0r is said to be looking elsewhere to fill the position due to the lack of funds to secure such a high end player.