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27-11-2007, 21:03
Do any such things exist? I saw someone make one once, but I can't find any rules for it. Help?

27-11-2007, 21:09
not that i'm aware of. but i don't read the novels, so there may be something mentioned in there.

its a pretty cool idea though, and one i'd like to see Forge World have a stab at. but then i'd like to see them have a stab at Aly Morrison as well.

27-11-2007, 21:16
Well the one I saw quite nicely done, had a hammerhead as the main body and stuff. Looked pretty sweet. The reason I'm asking is me and my friend can scratch build one for our games, I don't want to make him use a giant ass Gundam or something.

Sephtar II
27-11-2007, 21:39
Its not in any of the fluff but the tau do experiment and innovate with thier technology a lot so they might have a stab at it. Be fun to see FW do something along these lines.

27-11-2007, 21:41

Scroll down to the third post, this guy's taken it upon himself to construct a couple of 'titans'. The 'Titan Killer' is my fav of the two, the regular one just looks too lanky in my opnion

27-11-2007, 21:46
That one just went on eBay for 88Euro. :(

While there are no *official* Tau *Titans*, being the inovators that they are, I'd be surprised if *no-one* in any of their Castes hadn't thought that The Greater Good wouldn't be served by scaling up a Battlesuit or two... ;)

Much like the XV-22 is *experimental*, I can see there being heavier classes in the coming years...

27-11-2007, 21:50
Yes! That's the one! Thanks a bunch.

27-11-2007, 22:25
There are no Super Heavy Tau Battle Suits known in official fluff. Current philosophy is that if Titans can be easily shot by Tiger Sharks, they are not worth it.

But as said, Tau technology and tactics evolve. As do GW rules.
As Titans are only usable in Apocalypse games, it is easy to just use Eldar Revenant or Warhound datasheets for them, just rename the weapons and keep roughly the size.

In addition to the fantastic Tau Titans in the above mentioned thread, I am planning to use the following Gundam Titans ("That's for calling me Mecha/Transformer fanboy!" ;))
1.) 30cm/12" Perfect Grade Gundam Mk-II Titans, in correct 1/60 scale with fitting cockpit, lots of detail (and delivered in my Sa'cea painting scheme), using Eldar Revenant Titan rules. (will try to make an alternative head resembling FW heads)
2.) YMS-16M Xamel Heavy Artillery Battle Suit (18cm?), hovering above ground, using Eldar Scorpion or Cobra rules.

Will make a project log on Warseer, when I get and paint them.

27-11-2007, 22:31
Those look pretty cool, got a website with prices?

27-11-2007, 22:42
Well, many Gundam pieces are one time releases and hard to find (therefore I will reveal the full list of my plans only when I got all, still searching for one ;)).
Generally you find some on ebay.
Some can be researched and bought here:
http://www.hlj.com/top/Gun or here:
http://www.ehobbyland.com/Gundam/Gundam.html (kits)
http://www.ehobbyland.com/Gundam-MSinA/FIG-0079-Figure.html (assembled miniatures)

Those big Gundams are not cheap, and postage from Japan or Hong Kong adds considerably.
Expect 120-135 + 40$ for the Gundam Mk 2 (available at ehobbyland) and, if you find it at all, 30-40 $ for Xamel.

27-11-2007, 22:56
Also, is it just me, or does that Tau Titan seem a bit overpowered? I'm looking at the rules for the Eldar Revenant it is just outclassing it firepower. 4 Weapons to 2. =/

27-11-2007, 23:10
The Tau Titan conversion from the thread uses the Warhound datasheet.

27-11-2007, 23:14
Really? Then I don't want to face either, my Revenant will get pwned.

27-11-2007, 23:24
Hey Bregaland, you convert your regular battlesuits too?
Here's copy/pastin' from old threads of "alternate battlesuit" business:

the Front Mission Trading Arts figures are the perfect size
Depending on which one, they come with shields, various weapons, backpack ECM equipment, etc.


They stand about two to three times the height of a 40k infantry figure, height is variable. You can pop their arms, legs, hands off to switch them around. Slots on forearms, two on each shoulder, and everyone can take a backpack.
that link has more info on their posability, what they come with, etc.

Steel Battalion (Tekki) also has figures, they are about 4x the height of 40k infantry

follow that link for a larger image.

the Macross gashapon are also pretty nice.

size comparison shot. The Steel Battalion figure is slightly shorter than the wraithlord counting its fins, but more top heavy in design. There's some gundam figures the size of 40k infantry. The large grey one on the right is from the Gundam Ultimate Operation series.

Most of these you can find in online anime stores, or maybe at a specialty shop. Ebay is also a good place to look.

Most come in randomized boxes though, and are called 'gashapon', and are released in limited edition, so some may be out of production. Searching that name+whatever series you want should bring results. "Trading Figures" or "trading Arts" or just "figures" should also be good. Ones on ebay are sold individually. The Front Mission ones you can expect to find for 8-10$. Rather pricey compared to original price, but compared to GW its a nice deal. Plastic tends to be softer, and things like guns may be a little bent but can be fixed easily. The Steel Battalion figures are some of the highest quality I've gotten.

Also, I figure Tau to be probably more Macross/Robotech lookin' than Gundam, so maybe Macross/Robotech model kits would be a good choice for conversions. But Gundam is much much easier to find.

Commander Fastblade
28-11-2007, 00:06
great idea since the style is the same

28-11-2007, 00:22
Nice find!
I am just starting to search. Might add some to my force of FW suits, which I am very fond of.
Have found this Gundam suit, resembling Tau Drones or turrets. But its size of 11cm does not fit any "count as" rules (edit: or perhaps as Wraith Lord?).
Found this pic (2) of your range, looks very much like Farsight!
And this one (3) might be used as a broadside!
Only problem with "Front mission": In theory, battle suit main bodies should be big enough to contain a Fire Warrior.

Anyway, here another alternative from Urban War Metropolis, used as an alternative Commander (pic 4)

28-11-2007, 11:30
I have just opened my project log on "Gundam Apocalypse Tau", if someone is interested:

28-11-2007, 20:31
In theory, battle suit main bodies should be big enough to contain a Fire Warrior.

The laziest way I can think out of this is make something boxy stick out of the back, or the front. Removing the head and expanding it in that direction could work.

28-11-2007, 21:04
Hey Bregaland, you convert your regular battlesuits too?
Here's copy/pastin' from old threads of "alternate battlesuit" business:

Also, I figure Tau to be probably more Macross/Robotech lookin' than Gundam, so maybe Macross/Robotech model kits would be a good choice for conversions. But Gundam is much much easier to find.

In that last pic, is that an EVA form Neon Genesis Evangelion in the back? It'd make a fairly nice Eldar Titan.

28-11-2007, 21:31
Actually, that is why I first searched through Japanese kits:

28-11-2007, 21:33
Yeah that's Eva 1 - I really don't think that design fits in with the look of eldar though, so I'll have to disagree with you.

But if you're still interested, Weta Workshop has been charged with concept designs for a live-action movie of Neon Genesis and the artwork is here;

Lordy knows how this will turn out...

28-11-2007, 21:45
Hmm interesting. And yeah, they don't fit exactly, but the hieght is about right I think and I could make do with it. It has the right slender-ness to it. Maybe if I smooth at some amour plates and such it'd look better.

28-11-2007, 23:08
Be aware that there are many different sizes and version of the EVAs. Only one or two very expensive ones are Eldar Revenant sized (30cm, 12"), but you get some pretty good plastic kits with 25cm/10" as listed in the above mentioned Eldar Titan thread. Personally, I prefer the chrome EVA-04.

29-11-2007, 23:25
ok, if you have a... a whole big heap of money to spend...

the Dendobrium Orchis


it is 1/144 scale

that means the 1/144 Gundam you already have, see that picture? Same size as the gundam standing there.


and... since it flies (used in space, say it hovers on land), it can fit the Tau fluff of "yeah we don't use giant WALKERS..."

It's weapons are pretty much...
a super duper super duper duper super long plasma megablast cannon

"use a ping pong table as blast template" missile packs

two grabby claws with beam sabers (since Tau don't do CC, say they're lighter energy weapons?)

and the Gundam has two free arms to hold... twin bazookas or whatever.

ah yeah, that giant round canister is it's I-Field, which in gundam absorbs/dissapates energy weapons
in 40k say it's a titan-sized shield generator

alternate colors here

I have no idea where you could get it, and I'm sure it's over 100$

But there is a smaller, similar design one at http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN945813 for 70$