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28-11-2007, 03:33
ok so here s how you can determine your stats. Are you ready? have paper and pencil handy? we re going to go over all the stats, and you can play along at home!!!

Are you an olympic track and field winner? M4
Are you a lazy gamer? M4
Are you missing a leg? M4
Weapon Skill
Are you some dude with no real training WS2
Do you have a black belt or have you gone
through boot camp? WS3
Are you an elitely trained Badass WS4
Are you an elected official in your area WS5
Ballistic Skill
see above
Are you reliant on alchemical potions to live
or are you a lizard? S2
Are you of average build? S3
Do you have even odds fighting a horse? S3
Are you an elite fighter who has to wear his
own weight in armor every day? S4
Are you an elected official in your area S4
Are you skinny? T3 (you may never have higher, even if elected)
Do you have a pot belly? T4
Do you weigh more than 265pounds? T4
Are you an elected official? T4
Simple formula, your wounds equal the number of limbs you would have to lose before you stop fighting.
see weapon skill
Are you the bravest meanest fightiest guy all your friends know personally? then you have 2 attacks
Are you an elected official? Then you get 3
otherwise enter 1
Are you malnurished and/or unloved? Ld5
Are you a soccer hooligan? Ld6
Have you gone through Bootcamp? Ld7
Where you in a unit of special forces, or
commandoes? Ld8
Are you an elected official? LD9

Other notes on how your hobbies play into it.
Are you church going? You get Hatred, or a Ward save (i guess this part is based on denomination? ;) )
Are you naked and on drugs? You get Frenzy.
Do you have lots of body art and piercings? You cause fear (like an ogre)
Do you see things that other people don't? You can see the winds of magic and are a level one wizard (or just psychotic)

i hope you all enjoyed this test

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
28-11-2007, 03:49
Man, I have to get myself elected so I can be a better human being.

Great list, very funny.

I think I'm this:

Matt, the Fairly Competent

M 4
WS 3 (I'm probably a 3.5 because I was a Martial Arts instructor, but whatever.)
BS 4 (I was awarded Company High Shooter, so...yeah, hooray for guns!)
S 3
T 3
W 1
I 3
A 2 (Luckily for me I was a Marine, and therefor tougher than all my friends.)
L 8 (Once again, a Marine is trained to eat babies for breakfast and etc etc...)

4+ Ward save (A rocket landed 20 feet away from me in Iraq and did not explode.)

I wonder how many points I cost, I'd like to make up a model and field myself as a Dog of War. I wish I had some special powers, though.

28-11-2007, 04:02
M4 - I'm a pretty out of shape Joe Nerd.

WS2 - At one point in my life I actually had a pretty significant level of training in kendo and European swordsmanship both... but that was many many years ago; and I badly injured my wrist; so I've pretty much lost that.

BS2 - I used to train with my bow just about every day; was a great deal of fun. But again... wrist injury sorta put the kibosh on that.

S3 - I'm fairly strong, but a lot of that's just due to size, 280lbs will make anyone fairly strong; even if a large chunk of that is fat.

T4 - 280lbs, as said before. Hey, size actually worked in my favor for once...

W1 - I'm rather attached to my limbs.


Ld6 - I'm not a coward by any stretch, but I'm disorganized and easily confused. And unless you give me a weapon I'm unarmed and unarmored! Not exactly planning to stick around in such circumstances!

Special Rules:

Trench Coat of Awesomeness (4+ Ward, Confusion)- My one saving grace as a character, my trenchcoat has seen me through many many many disasters; including having to walk home in a seriously nasty blizzard, (barely felt the cold through it though!), a car wreck that should have killed me (only a little glass in my hands though); oh, and I've yet to break a major bone despite all sorts of stupid misadventures. Nothing bigger than a Toe.

Confusion - Whilst wearing the Trench Coat of Awesomeness, squirrel's opponents must roll 1d6, and gain one of the following effects until the end of the turn:

1-3 - Enemies in base-to-base with mistformsquirrel HATE him and call him names. They're stupid jerks anyhow.

4-6 - Enemies in base-to-base with mistformsquirrel mistake him for someone important, and thus FEAR him, and call him names. They're stupid jerks anyhow.

I cost 75pts; because I eat far more than my share of the army's food. <. .>b Just storing up for winter and all that...

28-11-2007, 04:03
@ Uriel
I d give you WS4 by the chart above.
and i think the ward save you ve got is like the Brettonian one, the mortar is most certainly S5 or higher (lucky you roll well)

(i was a groundpounder myself)

28-11-2007, 04:05
I want Squirrel's trenchcoat (it makes up most of his points)

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
28-11-2007, 04:14
I didn't want to give myself WS 4 because I feared the cries of "Uber Nerding". I figured I'm pretty badassed with an M16A2, and fairly competant with my hands/feet/legs/chin/forehead/teeth/etc. Gotta love that Ward save, and Semper Fidelis to you. Now, I know there is some sort of qualifying list that gives point values based on abilities, if only someone could help me out so I can field myself in my Orcs and Goblins army. I figure they keep me around because some shaman tells them I'm important to Gork or Mork or something, or maybe I have a magical cloak that makes me look orcy. Or something.

28-11-2007, 04:30
I've thought of this before.

M=4 because I'm a human and have run in races, but never won.
WS=4 because of years of sword training, mostly fencing.
BS=3 because I've practiced with my rifle, but I'm not militarily trained.
S=3 because, while I lift weights, I'm not world class.
T=3 because I'm only a little overweight and, again, not militarily trained.
W=2 because I'm a character.
I=3 because I'm untested in battle.
LD=8 because I've got years of experience leading groups and I'm on three different commissions for my city.
AS=6+ because I have a shield in the basement. I made it myself!
My weapon of choice is a sword, and I'm carrying a rifle.

28-11-2007, 04:31
I didn't want to give myself WS 4 because I feared the cries of "Uber Nerding". I figured I'm pretty badassed with an M16A2, and fairly competant with my hands/feet/legs/chin/forehead/teeth/etc. Gotta love that Ward save, and Semper Fidelis to you. Now, I know there is some sort of qualifying list that gives point values based on abilities, if only someone could help me out so I can field myself in my Orcs and Goblins army. I figure they keep me around because some shaman tells them I'm important to Gork or Mork or something, or maybe I have a magical cloak that makes me look orcy. Or something.

Paint yourself green and shout WAAAGH! a lot; you'll be fine <^.~>

28-11-2007, 04:59
Great post, I love these things

M 4 hey, I'm human
WS 3 been taught some of that MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program)
BS 4 getting all 10 in the black from 500 yards with iron sights
S 3 I'm a big guy but haven't worked out in a while
T 4 About 235lbs, never broken a bone + Marine Corps helps with that mental Toughness
W 1
I 3
A 2 Military training + I pound my heavy bag quite often
Ld 7 Been through boot camp but its been a while

As for special abilities...I'm still working that part out. I would like to think that I would get a ward save, but thats not for me to decide.

Semper Fi

28-11-2007, 05:48
Me too these are lots of fun, so here goes me...

M4 - Average Guy, Played soccer for a long long time
WS3 - I have taken Karate and sparred with weapons amongst my friends
BS1 - I have never shot a gun...
S3 - I stay in shape
T3 - Slim build so nuff said there
W1 - I like my arms and legs and don't really imagine my self going on w/o them
I3 - Again Karate and Soccer
A2 - Wataaa!!!
LD - 6.5 (if there was such a thing)

Sneakiness: Due to some unknown force, he is able to sneak around virtually unheard by those around him. If there is another unit in combat larger than he is, the enemy may not target him, and he strikes first always.

Lets just say I have an uncanny ability and scaring the ever living crap out of my coworks by sneaking up on them...it has served me well my entire life

28-11-2007, 06:16

M 4
WS 2
BS 2
S 3
T 4
W 2
I 2
A 1
Ld 7

O crap! i look like an Ork! WAAAAGH!

Everybody has M4 jajajajaja it doesnt matter if you are atletic or not XD

28-11-2007, 06:28
M 4 I'm a big guy but I move fairly well
WS 3 I grew up in South Auckland NZ, for those that don't know about the place, hire Once Were Warriors and i've also done alot of kick boxing
BS 0 Legally blind in one eye nuff said
S 4 I can bench press about 200kg ( 440 ponds ) does that qualify as S4?
T 4 I weigh about 130kg ( 286 ponds )
W 1 I like my limbs where they are
I 8 Hit them then ask them later what they want
A 2 I lose it in a fight
Ld 6

Stubborn: Just ask my wife
Causes Fear: Most people I meet are intimidated until they get to know me.


Heavy Armour
Dragon mount ( I drive trucks )

28-11-2007, 06:37
Petey: Almost makes you wanna bring a bag of loaded dice to a bar fight.

Oh this is fun, maybe GW should release something like this (mixed with avians unit generator) with modifiers for race in a WD or something, so we really can field ourselves..
M-4 I'm human and kinda swift on my feet.
WS-3 I've played with swords and done boxing and tie kwan do, etc,
BS-3 I suck at darts, but I've set the high score for point blank many a time and can almost play with a gun in each hand. probably 2.5 would describe me better.
S-3 I do weights and can manage 50 push ups, so 3 feels about right.
T- 4 Been told I got a pretty decent pain tolerance, once broke my right arm and didn't notice until a teacher asked me why my arm was swollen. plus a few piercing that have made grown men cry.
W- 2 If it came to me losing limbs, then I'd probably push myself just that little bit harder.
I- 3 Same as weapon skill, I got good reflex's but I also have a fringe, which really does lead to poor co-ordination. 2.5 makes better sense.
A- N/A Perhaps not bravest, but definitely the dirtiest
L-7 I'm what you'd call a "hardcore-hooligan: I guess, but I've never ran from a fight.

Pervert- Any "female" type models lose one attack against, as they attempt to stop themselves from being felt up, A 5+ on a D6 will result in them regaining the attack and gaining hatred against me... unfortunately I must pass a leadership test to actually engage them in each round and am at -1 to hit them.

Special attacks- due to my varied training and far too much backyard wrestling I roll a D6 at the start of each turn and pick the corresponding attack:
1- Head but -strength 3 auto hit.
2-3 Low knee - same as head but, but they must pass a toughness test or lose a point of toughness during the next round.
4 punchy/ elbow - A normal attack at base strength.
5 "I've fallen on my ass" speaks for itself, no attacks made this round.
6 knuckle dusters - I've been naughty, inflicts a strength 5 hit, but reduce my Initiative by 1(just once) due to me forgetting to wrap the grip.

Hrogoff the Destructor
28-11-2007, 07:30
M5 I am an extremely fast runner (well, I'm not Olympic Runner or anything, but I never meet a person that could outrun me until my later years of high school).
WS3 Done martial arts for over ten years. I'm skilled enough with weapons I might be WS4, with just hands I'm probably WS3.
BS2 I suck with guns and bows. I've used them, but never could shoot straight.
S2 I'm weak.

Scout and skirmish.

28-11-2007, 08:56
M 4
WS 3
BS 4
S 3
T 3
W 3 (look, you stupid Bastard. You've got no arms left. Yes I have.*Look*! It's just a flesh wound.) I have had some horrible injuries and not even noticed
I 3
A 1
Ld 7

28-11-2007, 09:06

I guess I'm fairly average. But I don't think I'm a coward, so Ld8. I'm not used to fighting with swords, bit when you give me a bow or gun, I tend to hit stuff, so that's cool.

Equipment & other stuff (why does everyone forget this?)
Boar Chariot (for my weekend job I'm a driver :p)
Heavy Armour
Additional choppa! (green&mean!)

Also, special rules of course!
Great weather aura - any magic including spells & items based on bad weather (lighting, rain, wind etc.) is totally useless against me, nor does it have any effect in a circle of 12" around me.
Frenzy - I'm crazy as hell :d

Maybe I'm overdoing it... but hey, I'm trying to be a hero here!

28-11-2007, 09:38

Movement: 4

Weapon Skill: 2

Ballistic Skill: 4

Strength: 3

Toughness: 3

Wounds: 1

Initiative: 3

Attacks: 1

Lvl 1 wizard.

I'm crap.

28-11-2007, 09:59

M-4 (I can run, but not win races)
WS-4 (Can use a sword pretty well, kendo FTW)
BS-2 (Can shoot a bow, but not well)
S-2 (Slim build)
T-2 (Slim build)
W-1 (I'll keep going, but not far)
I-4 (Gotta keep it fast!)
A-2 (Keep stabbing!)
LD-6 (First in, last out)
AS--(Who needs armour saves?)

lvl 1 wizard

I'll wield a sword, or one of those long bladed spears.

Special Rules.
The special alien shirt - It's what makes me me. Confers a 6+ ward save, because of sheer holey win-ness.
9/b/ - Hates 9A.

Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.

28-11-2007, 10:08
@ Alathir .... your not crap your a scroll caddy


But im a level four wizard with the book of hoeth

So its all good :D

28-11-2007, 10:13
mv 4, ws 2, bs 2, st2, t2, w1, i2, a- variable. ld 10

i think a skink priest would give a run for my money...
im not a soldier, dont own a sword and sure as anything dont own a gun.

I think my tom baker mini represents me best, nothing but the ability to kill daleks.

Atrum Angelus
28-11-2007, 10:39
M 4
WS 3
BS 4
S 3
T 3
W 2
I 3
A 1
Ld 8

Stubborn (Well... I am)
Asrai Archery (I took archery all through High School and am quite good)
Forest Walker (Lots of Survival training in Cadets... yeah!)
Ward 4+ (Way too many close calls in my life... but I'm still here. :P)
Lvl 1 Wizard (don't ask)

I guess with stats like this, I'm a Spellsinger.

28-11-2007, 11:16
M 4
WS 3 (I'm a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, and an instructor)
BS 3 (Used to be an ace with a bow or a rifle, but haven't tried in years...)
S 3
T 4 (Bit of a belly on me! :rolleyes:)
W 1 (I like my limbs where they are thanks)
I 3 (See WS)
A 1 (since 90% of my non-gamer friends are Black Belts too - and they are the ones I'd want to be with in a battle! - I don't think I count as the "meanest fightiest guy all your friends know personally")
Ld 7

Special Rules:
Time Lord: With the aid of his magical blue wooden box Kurgan can go back in time to the start of the last turn and play through it again as if it never happened. You know - fix those tactical mistakes, re-roll those bad dice, etc.
Administrator: Kurgan can Admin the heck out of you, mo-fo! All your papers and documents get filed away perfectly. All enemy Dispell Scrolls are lost for the game.

28-11-2007, 11:17
oohhh... fun

Firstly there is my pre-game stats, secondly is what you actually get on the table :)

Silence down the pub. After about 10 pints and in my own mind ;)

M - 10 Because I am the fastest person in the world, no one can beat me in a race.

WS - 10 Because I can thrash anyone or thing in close combat on this planet, I have mastered every martial art, and even made up a couple of my own.

BS - 10 I can shoot the eye out of a fly at 1000 yards, with both eyes closed and useing my feet to hold the rifle.... so there! ;)

S - 10 I AM MIGHTY just ask anyone.

T - 10 If I ran into a train... The train would bend first, thats just how hard I am... This is all true BTW, every word.

W - 5 I include the head as a limb, as I would continue to shuffle and attempt to bite the foe to death even after I had lost all my limbs (which lets face it would be impossible for them to do)

I - 10 Fast as lightning.. pppfffff ... lightnings got NOTHING on my skillz

LD - 10 NOTHING scares me, I could spit in a dragons eye and laugh in a Bloodthirsters face. (Just don't bring those uber snotlings near me ok!)

Special rules.

1 man army. If you take this special character, you may take nothing else to the game, cos lets face facts here people, you would never need to take anything else.

Terror. Cos only the foolish would take to the field against me.

Pass all LD based test. Why? Cos I say I can and I'm the daddy.

Rule of cool. I am sooooo cool that to kill me would bring about the end of the world, the earth would open, the skys would fall and pretty much everything would die. If this character is killed then all enemy models are immediately destroyed and you gain there victory points.

Balanced. I am perfectly balanced, thus making these rules cannon, and you don't have to ask your opponents permission to use me.

Lvl 5 Wizard. Teclis learned everything from me.

Ward save 2 +. Like I need a save, but this is here for completness sake.


Sword of mighty foe slaying which nothing can stand against. Always hits and wounds on a 2 +, does double wounds and allows no saves at all, not even ward.... NOTHING!

Armour of complete invulnerability. Automatically saves on a 1+, no modifiers apply, and negates enemy rank bonus.

Points. oohh, at least 2000

Ok, now that you have taken the character, and paid the 2000 pts please open the envelope and see below for extra special rules.

Silence.... The morning after.

M - 10 This must be made in a straight line away from the enemy, friends, and nasty looking terrain features.

WS - 1 Mainly because a stat has to be given.. The phrase is could not bust a grape skin in a food fight.

BS - 0 Could not hit the broard side of the barn from less than a foot away when hung over

S - 1 AAAHHH wheres that snotling, I think I broke a nail....

T - 1 Even typing is bruising my finger tips... Whats that loud noise... ooohhh.. my head hurts.

W - 1 Well, actually I don't intend to hang around when people are chopping bits of me off.

I - 10 Blind fear is a wonderful life enhancing thing.

A - 0 I don't intend to get close enough to have to hit anything.

LD - 2 Seriously, if i was in the Warhammer world there would be no way I would hang around when half-men/goats, men in uge spiky armour, or things with arms thicker than my waist and green skin where trying to kill me. Also, I'd pity my underware if I came face to face with any monster!

Special rules.

Auto lose. Just for trying to be too cheesy you auto lose.

Negate. All special rules in the previous character build are null and void, however its now too late to rewrite your army.


None, everything is too much hassle when hungover.

28-11-2007, 11:29
Silence, Dude! I nearly pissed myself reading that. Great post.

28-11-2007, 11:35
I write most my lists hungover... infact one took me 3 hours and my friend found me asleep at 4 pm on the chair i thought i'd write in when he came over to battle...

General Gaz
28-11-2007, 11:47
M4 Im human and never run cause I smoke and can't be arsed
W3 Never been to boot camp (is this like the caddets? sp) but grew up in a rough part
Birmingham so have been in a few scraps
B1 Never fired a gun or even a bb gun for that matter
ST3 Used to be a stone maison for seven years
T4 got botteld once and still managed to walk away (crawl at least)
W2 got stabbed twice first time i didn't notice till I got home (it was the top of my arm
and I was very drunk) seconed time was my forarm by some lads who wanted to
rob me but I managed to get the knife of them and they ran. So two wounds seems
I3 same as WS
A1 Never been to bootcamp still not sure what it is
LD8 To damn lazy to run

I would say Frenzy as well as I lose the plot some times when ive had a few Jds misses wont let me drink it often tho (and im a naked drugie lol)

28-11-2007, 11:54
Movement 4
im a human

Weapon Skill 3
i am fairly compitant at hitting somone with a large stick

Ballistic Skill 3
i used to do very well in laser games, and with the bow and have a good eye for hitting targets

Strength 3
im not stong but and i am of adverage build

Toughness 3
as above

Wounds 1
i like to keep my limbs in one piece

Initiative 3
not particually fast

Attacks 1
im not exacly a skilled fighter

Leadership 5
im not a leader in any way possible


some kind of glaive polearm i would say it acts like a halberd. sword on stick
and of course a sword
bow and arrows


light armour so i can use said glaive properly without armour getting in the way and a sheild becuse they are always usefull

speical rules

skirmisher, in fact im so stupid im not allowed to join any other units
2+ ward save and regeneration im a figment of everybodys imagination thus i am actually extreamly resiliant to attacks and even after you supposidly defeat me i will just disapaer and reapear behind you and tap on your shoulder and say hi
level 1 wizard but can only take the lore of shadows

28-11-2007, 11:58
Never been to boot camp (is this like the caddets? sp)
Never been to bootcamp still not sure what it is
Boot camp is basic military training.

General Gaz
28-11-2007, 12:02
Cheers WarbossKurgan it could have been a crash course in boot making for all I knew

28-11-2007, 12:44
movement: 4 (well I am human)

weapon skill:3 - re-enactment for the win

balistic skill: 2 I dabble in paintball, laser shooting games and marksman fairground style games a bit

Strength: 3, I would say 3 but I run around in full plate with a flambard and back up side arm, and acording to most rpg's Iv'e played this means at least
a 4.

Toughness 3
as above acording to this 4 if we factor in all the heavy stuff I regularly fight in but I think a 3 would be more sensible

Wounds 2
4 words 'badly fitted full plate' hurts like a bitch but hey move that arm even if its torn, or your done

Initiative 3
not particually fast

Attacks 2
fought a few times am used to the swing of my weapon

Leadership 7
Ive fought and led people.

fullplate armour, flambard and arming sword
great axe(dane axe), scram, hand axe and a lot of yelling and frothing

special rules:

skirmish- in real life Ive always been sent into combat in dispersed formation with the other nutters wielding oversized (5'5" plus) sized weapons so as to take full advantage of reach and swing

cause fear- several of my renactment group say I can be quite off putting when I'm acting as a bearsark (thats beserker to you)

chamelon skink and waywatcher special rule (forgot name)- once one a game of last man standing in paintball, only realising I had won when I headed back to the base 3/4 of an hour after the 20min game had finished, such a good job had I done in hiding under leaves and sniping, everyone had forgoten about me!

stubborn- when your the last man still holding a sheild wall after your mates have broken formation and buggered off with you screaming at them to hold the line after a bunch of 30 somthing huge germans have run through your line in a boar snout formation. then you can tell me about not running.

Sephtar II
28-11-2007, 12:56
WS3 a bit of sword work
BS4 can consistently hit a circe the size of a side plate at 1000 yards
S4 running around carrying a gun all day
W2 depends on the limbs though

Special rules

Cold blooded


Scaley skin 6+ save (keep forgetting to buy moisturiser)


Overall Lizard Sniper.

P.S. actualy I am on the comitee for my local gaming group, dose this make me an elected official?

Sephtar II
28-11-2007, 13:01
Dang forgot initiative, 3 by the way.

28-11-2007, 13:54
M3 - I'm uber lazy, I'd demand a 2d6 for fleeing though, I'm also a coward
WS2 - Tried Karate, too lazy to get above orange :p
BS1 - I throw like a girl and have no firearm training
S2 - Build of a corpse
T3 - Again, build of a corpse
W1 - Would depend on -what- limbs, but I'd like them where they are.
I3 - Meh
Ad3-1 - Random flailing depending on desperation
Ld4 - Cowardice wins

Special Rules
Fear: Ever seen the ring / grudge?
Symbiotic Shirt: I'll never be seen without one of 3 shirts, they contain the Creative of too loudness and A packet of Fishermans friends, confering no bonuses whatsoever.
Ducks: I own 13 runner ducks, granting me the bound spell 'The Ducks Feast' causing 13d6 wounds to any mashpotato based enemy within sight.

Edit: 12 of said ducks http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l133/Gekiganger_III/102_1337.jpg

28-11-2007, 14:18
I am a lazy gamer at the moment. Most likely Low WS, BS, T and S.

However, next year i am entering Compulsory National Service for 2 years... T.T So i expect my S,T,WD and BS to improve tremendously. In addition, higher Ld due to torture training and higher Initiative.

28-11-2007, 22:08
Oh geez I am a peasant champion I guess.

M - 4, I hate foot races but I am human so I guess just walking gives me a M of 4

WS - 2, Never achieved black belt but did a bit of akido and Karate.

BS - 3, I play local paintball competitively and I am a killer with a paintball gun.

S - 3, played my fair share of defensive end and tackle with success.

T - 4, residual gut from football that never goes away no matter how much I work out.

W - 1, I like my arms and legs.

I - 4, Quicker than most and know how to hit where it hurts.

A - 1, no weapon means I only ge tone base attack with the knife I carry in my pocket.

LD - 6, I can be persuasive.

Pocket knife of maiming. - Gifts me with the fatal wound special rule as I can attempt to gouge out eyes and peirce through unprotected bits.

Light armor, I imagine plate is uncomfortable and I cant mix drinks if I am carrying a shiled.

Special rules:
Always turns down a challenge. If someone has a bigger sword than me and want to challenge...I like my arms.

Bartender. - Allows me to roll a d6 at the begining of combat:
1: Yummy, everyone in my unit gains plus one leadership for the rest of the turn.
2: Icky, everyone losses one leadership as thier confidence in my skills as the leader are shaken for the rest of the turn.
3: Refuse to pay tab, the entire unit becomes stubborn as they all point fingers at who ordered what.
4: Too much, The enemy unit in CC count as having an additional rank bonus as everyone in my unit is seeing double.
5: Last Call, Everyone receives an additional attack for the remainder of the turn.
6: Fire Marshal, Everyone must immediately flee combat but gains a flee dice of 3D6 instead of 2D6.

Freak Ona Leash
29-11-2007, 01:13
Freak, the Somewhat Incompetent

M4. Freak isn omral there.

WS 3 - Freak isn't all that but he did karate and fencing for a good half decade or there abouts.

BS 2 - Unfortunately, Freak has 20/85 vision. He also tends to get horribly angry and want to pistol whip you rather than shoot you. Just because it is cooler and all that jazz.

S 2 1/2 - Freak isn't very strong. He weighs about 150-160 pounds and is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He is a skinny **** bastard, oh yes he is.

T 4 - Freak has the advantage of having a high pain threshold and being incredibly, undeniably stubborn. Freak is also somewhat clinically insane. In case you didn't notice.

W 3 - Ct off Freak's arm, he beats you with the severed appendage. Cut both off, Freak bites at you until blood loss kills him. both arsm and a leg, Freak dies of hideous amounts of shock and blood loss while spitting profanities.

I 4 - Because Freak is teh sneaky bastage.

A 1 - Freak relies on his clear insanity to dissuade you from attacking

LD 9 - Retreating is for the sane.

Special Rules:

Unbreakable - Freak is, in laymen's terms, off his rocker. Backing down is for the sane, Freak just keeps on truckin'.

Psychotic - Freak is a psychotic. A raving, blood-drinking, mouth-foaming, rip-your-eyes-out-with-his-big-toe psychotic. Therefore, just about everyone finds him rather disturbing. He cannot join units and causes Terror to the enemy. And his Terror never abates. The unending slew of insults, ravings and unearthly noises he makes while also slathering the blood and entrails of the fallen around himself makes every time an enemy unit comes into contact with him, they must take a terror test.

Don't Touch...: If the model with the rule "Freak's Girlfriend" is attacked through any means, even if she does not suffer a wound or is even forced to make an armor save, Freak goes even more insane (yes, it is possible). He gains the Frenzy and Eternal Hatred rules, though he would normally be immune to psychology and his Strength, Attacks and Weapon Skill go up by 4.

29-11-2007, 02:00
This is awesome; I'd be worth like . . . half a point!

M4 (human)
WS2 (Made it to blue belt then quit)
BS2 (I still remember hitting my gym teacher with an arrow)
S3 (kissing biceps as we speak)
T3 (nothing witty to say here...)
W1 (Can you choose 0 if it's more realistic?)
I2 (Me and speed have never been friends)
A1 (And I have no qualms about my only attack being a sharp kick between the legs)
L6 (Yeah, I'd rather just avoid the fight altogether)

Special Abilities: Fear (quake before my nipple rings!)

This was fun...

29-11-2007, 04:35
All right, I'll play:

M4 - average human
WS3 - so-so in hand to hand, but plenty of training/experience with a sword
WS 2 - crap with a bow, decent shot with a crossbow
S3 - average, again
T4 - T4... the choice of the rotund individual. Rarely get sick either, though
W2 - I'm a character, darn it
I4 - faster than my build would suggest, and a very quick thinker
A2 - I'm one of those people who can actually dual-wield pretty well IRL
L9 - natural-born leader...now if only I enjoyed leading people :D

Equipment: Two hand weapons, Light Armour (soon to be heavy armour, once I get myself a decent set of chain mail at the ren fair next week).

Special abilities:

Stubborn - Just ask anyone who knows me...

Master Manipulator - Der_Lex is a L2 Sorcerer with the Lore of Tzeentch. Being the cunning, conniving b*stard that he is, one of his two spells is always Green Fire. The other is rolled as normal.

Cunning of Tzeentch - Any army led by Der_Lex gets +1 on its dice when rolling to see which player gets to choose table sides, and when rolling to determine who gets the first turn.

Favoured of the Dice Gods - Der_Lex is guaranteed one astoundingly lucky roll per battle.

Tamer of Hellcannons - If Der_Lex is in an army with a Hellcannon, it will only rampage when the unit that is closest to it belongs to the opponent. Other than that, the Hellcannon will not misfire.

29-11-2007, 05:42
i can fly & breath fire

29-11-2007, 09:42
M 4
WS 2
BS 1
S 3
T 3
W 1
I 4
A 1
Ld 2

Special rules:

Coward: Never benefit from insane courage.
Aquatic: I am a Lifeguard and a Swimming Instructor
Lead from the Back: I'm a wuss...
Strength in Numbers: Meatshields around me = a safer me

29-11-2007, 12:51
M 4 Im not very fast
WS 2 Fighting is not my thing. I prefer solving problems without violence.
BS 2,5-3 I know how to shoot with bows. And can do that not very good but I can hit.
S 3 (almost 2)
T 3 (almost 2)
W 1 No way I can take a serius hit and keep fighting.
I 3 normal
A 1 Im not a furius guy.
LD 5 im not very brave or very military dissicplined.

Weapons: Basball bat: count as hand weapon.

vampires are cool!
29-11-2007, 13:11
For the win, matey.

Chris the Extraordinarily Unexceptional


Weapon Skill

Ballistic Skill
What skill? BS2

S3 - due to a rather unfortunate accident i killed a horse :(

T4 - being fat worked out for once!

If i lost a limb i'd have to call it quits so only one for me:cries:




Equipment; great axe, heavy armour, and Big 'Eads 'Ead Kicking Boots!
Special rules; Stubborn
Love of Cats; If at any time Chris the Extraordinarily Unexceptional sees a cat or small fluffy animal (Bat, rat, Puppy, but draws the line at things like Rat Ogres) within 12" he will automatically use all available movement to move into base contact with it. He will then remain stationary for the entire battle unless he himself is attacked (he will be subject to the rules for Hatred and Frenzy, but will never pursue) or forced to flee. As soon as he leaves the 12" zone around the cat he looses sight of it and may act normally.

29-11-2007, 15:40
M: 4
WS: 2
BS: 2
S: 3
T: 3
I: 2
A: 1
Ld: 3

Special Rules:
(everybody thinks i'm a skeleton...)

Human shield
(due to some strange charismatic trait, Everybody protects me in a fight)
If a wound is dealt to Tili, the wound is automaticly rebounded to the nearest friendly model within 6" of Tili.

Tili counts as a Level 2 wizard. He may choose spells from the Lore of Necromancy

Tzeentch Loyalist
29-11-2007, 16:50
WEEEE!!! this is fun
M: 4 (yay human!)
ws: 3 (basic training.... air force)
bs: 3 (I can hit the target... just not while wearing a gas mask)
s: 3 (i'm average)
T: 4 (i have a belly)
w: 1 (i like my arms)
i: 3 (see above)
a: 1 (i am air force after all)
ld: 7

laser pointer, m-16a2, glow-belt

Special Rules
Intelligence Analyst: Can re-roll the die for determining first turn because i already know what you're going to do...
Death by powerpoint: enemies within 24' and los must pass an inititive test or be put to sleep by the 50+ slide briefing on radar theory
apathy: loyalist must pass a leadership test at the begining of the game in order to care about what the general has to say. if he fails, he daydreams for the rest of the battle ignoring any order that is issued and his inititive drops to 0.
glow belt: the reflective energy provided by the glow belt grants loyalist a 4+ ward save during the hours of darkness.

29-11-2007, 18:50
Samuel David Larson III

M 4
WS 2 - i can't fight with a blade for beans
BS 3 - i play airsoft?
S - 2 - i'm weak as hell and don't work out.
T - 2 - i can't even take a punch without yelling "ouch!"
W - 1 - it'd be less, but a "0" = dead.
A - 3 - i can swing fast!
I - 4 - i can be fast when i want to be
LD - 7 - if i don't like something, i'll bolt.

Equipment: Sable the Metallic Steed of Mercury, Suzanne the Axe of Metal, and light armour.

Mercury Sable:
M: 10
S: 5
A: 2
WS: 1

Sable gives Samuel a 2+ armour save. roll at the beginning of each turn, on a 1 she breaks down. she can move normally afterwards.

Suzanne, the Axe of Metal:
such is the greatness of his skill with a guitar, Samuel can play 1 song per turn chosen from the list below, and may choose a new song each turn:
1. Smoke on the Water - the unit is at a -1 to be hit, as the smoke fills the air around the unit

2. Fight Fire with Fire - unit gains magic resistance 2, and on any double the spell is rebounded back at the caster casting the spell.

3. Call of Kthulu - the unit causes fear

4. Stairway to Heaven - the unit is stubborn

90 points
5 for Samuel David Larson
50 for Sable
and 45 for Suzanne

29-11-2007, 19:17
M 4 (I'm normal)
WS 2 (normal)
BS 3 (just give me my compound bow...)
S 4 (go for the eyes!)
T4 (chocolate is yummy)
W 3 (if I'm being attacked I'm not going to stop if I lose a limb...)
I 2 (nromal)
A 1 (normal)
Ld 6 (hmmm)
Theoretical christian (6+ ward save)

I'd like to say that some of the definitions are a bit off, such as where Ld comes in, but this is fun all the same : )

29-11-2007, 19:56
M 4/9
WS 2
BS 3
S 3
T 3
I 3
A 1
W 1
LD 5

Equipment: Chariot

Between my stats and love of driving... and likelihood of both running from a fight and not listening to orders... I'd say I look like some sort of gobbo on a chariot. No need for weapons, just let me run people over.

29-11-2007, 22:18
M: 4 I can sprint faster than most people I know, but not with a crapload of stuff with me, such as armor
WS: 3 I have quite some experience, but I'm no veteran/expert
BS4: I'm a good shot. With a gun, I suck with bows, except crossbows, since they work sorta like guns
A2 (I can follow up)
scout- Havock is quite proficient at hiding that carcass of his.
common sense- Havock is not going to fight that dragon in hand to hand, or that chaos lord, or that huge ass orc warboss, or the vampire, or those charging old one knights. Actually, screw them all.
taunt- Once per game at the start of the opposing player's turn, Havock may taunt a single enemy unit within LoS of him, this unit will immediatly charge him if they can, or if they can't, they must reform to face him. Regardless of wether or not they were able to charge, that unit (and any character in it, if applicable) now hates Havock. Units immune to psychology are not affected. Characters always are, because even vampires and such have had mothers in a distant past to insult.

Count Sinister
29-11-2007, 23:09
This is hilarious. Ok, let's see:

Professor Sinister, teacher of men (and women)

M: 4 (I think that's fair. I am human, but hope in the future to become cybernetic!)
WS: 2 (did fencing and kung fu, but who are we kidding here? Am I good enough to take on a 7 foot tall 300 pound greenskinned lunatic? No.)
BS: 2 (I can throw things into the trash from up to...about six or eight feet away, and I can do it when my class are watching me, so if the enemy's a trash can - I'm looking at you, Nurgle - then they're in trouble)
S: 3 (but then again, so are orcs, and if I were a GW model, I'd be about half the size, although on the plus side, my head and all my appendages would be HUGE)
T: 3 (dwarves are T 4. I am not a dwarf. I'm not made of granite, and do not have the religious fervour of a zealot, but I'm not a skink either, so I think 3 is fair)
I: 5 (I am clumsy, and unlucky - no ward save for me, at least not one that comes from good fortune - but I have been in a lot stupid accidents, and I have been a professor for ten years, so I have developed a preternatural sense for danger, and have the reflexes of a ninja being drip-fed red bull and am a quick thinker. Also, if I were charged by ANYTHING in the WH world, I would attack first, and ask questions later, so I think 5 is probably fair)
A: 1 (it's all or nothing for me)
W: 1 (I'm from the twenty-first century. We have hospitals, and I visit them frequently. I have only one wound on my profile because after losing it, I would run away - to the nearest emergency room)
Ld: 8 (I'm going to go out on a limb here. Empire priests have Ld 7 or 8 or so, don't they? Well, I'm far more charismatic than any priest I've ever met, so I think at least an 8, except that I would not lead from the front, of course)
Armour: Light armour (a leather jacket and a laptop case which doubles as a shield)

Leather jacket (light armour), laptop (shield), nice head of hair, pen (it's mightier than the sword, after all)

Special Rules:
Armour of Excuses: Can always find some excuse not to fight. The armour of excuses allows me to refuse a combat with no negative effect. It also grants me a 5+ armour save against anachronistic or illogical attacks
Professor: Can claim that everything that happened in the previous turn did not, in fact, happen, and if anybody objects, they receieve a failing grade. Replay the turn.
Nice head of hair: All elf models must make a Ld test in order to be able to attack me, so impressed are they by my nice head of hair.

Dwarf Runelord 45
19-12-2007, 03:28
The Skinny White Skaven Slave Guy

M 4 (im a cross country runner and have won a couple of races)
WS 2 (im a dude with no real training)
BS 4 (i've the high score on Jarassic park)
S 3 (i've an average build)
T 3
W 1 (lossing a limb would kindia kill me :p what a shock!)
A 1
I 10 Im a genuis
Ld 2 (flee from the ants flee!!! )

I think a skaven slave represents me best ahhhhhhh warpstone.....