View Full Version : First game tonight

28-11-2007, 14:21
Well tonight is my first game I'm using Middenheim against Dwarves. I'm really looking forward to it but to avoid a really bad experience has anyone got any general tips on how to play?

28-11-2007, 16:06
Don't let the Dwarfs shoot you :p

If you outnumber him, try to get him separated, and mob him as much as possible. You've got the advantage of speed, use it! Don't take on his hardest fighters (e.g. Noble) unless you have to, and stay clear of any slayers! Get the Beardlings on their own and scare them off?

28-11-2007, 16:14
ooooh, good plan but just some questions....what's a slayer, beardling and noble like?

28-11-2007, 16:40
Get your opponent to point out which is which in his warband. :D

28-11-2007, 18:38
Good luck. Just run circles around him and go for the weakest in the pack. use the terrain to your advantage; don't let him get any shots off.

Etienne de Beaugard
30-11-2007, 01:59
Use hiding to your best advantage. Double team his units. If you have an objective other than eliminate the opponent, play to the object rather than against his warband.