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30-11-2007, 23:26
Crazy Idea

Adapting Epic Rules for 40k models

I made up my own rule system for 40k (see the sig) but really it's a lot like the Epic rules.

Replace formations with squads, tanks use titan rules - just thinking...

01-12-2007, 00:17
There's been a rather lot of comparison between Epic and 40k in threads over in 40k General the past few days.

Several of people have mentioned either planning to play 40k using Epic rules, or having done so.

To my mind, there's basically two big sticking points that you need to resolve to make 40k using Epic rules work:

1) Are you going to treat individual 40k models as Epic units, and stat out all their weapons adapted for 40k terms (ie, a Bolter being AP5+ with a 40cm or the like), or treat a squad like an Epic Formation, using CC/FF values to replace all the basic trooper weapons. The former gives you the nice 40k individual feel, with sergeants having powerfists, Warlocks with Witchblades, special weapon troopers, etc. The later is a lot less work to balance.

2) How to handle vehicles. Most 40k players don't have the number of vehicles to field the sort of formations you get in Epic. I certainly can't imagine fielding 6 Falcons or 4 Landraiders. So you either have to make vehicles harder to kill (so that fielding one is not a huge disadvantage) without making them too potent (so that nothing in the game can kill them). I've seen the proposition they should have DC like War Engines, but that means that you have a very all-or-nothing approach to them. If they have multiple DC, then things like Lascannons, which should be able to one-shot smaller vehicles like Predators, Falcons, etc, can't. There's also something to be said for the 40k approach of having things like shaken/stunned/weapon destroyed type results. Adding those in to the Epic rules would up the complexity a bit, and possibly force a rebalance of the AT and MW rules.

Still, I like the idea an awful lot. Epic brings a lot of very very nice things to the table for tactical wargaming. Lots of maneuver, a streamlined turn sequence, a nice default mission structure, and the ability to play quickly once you know the rules.


Chaos and Evil
01-12-2007, 08:34
1 - I did the former.

2 - I made them multi-dc war engines, with each DC taken off needing a roll on a 'minor damage table' which will deactivate guns etc, and when you reach your last dc you roll on the 'critical damage table' which will normally destroy the vehicle.

02-12-2007, 09:19
I think you'd have to keep nearly everything equivalent. 5 marines = one base.

It would help if cover was kept large, so tanks would still be able to hide, (in epic there is more chance they can hide).

The other issue of course is scale, how do you convert ranges, how do you set up...

02-12-2007, 15:25
A simple solution, that increases the level of detail without changing the mechanics of the game by too much, would be to split everything in two: Hence, a Marine tactical squad (formerly 2 stands of 5, each with a "missile launcher", plus one Rhino) becomes 4 stands of 2-3 models, with 2 missile launchers between them distributed as per Autocannon in IG squads, and one Rhino which now has DC2 (with a critical hit being simply, "destroyed").

This way you get twice as many Epic units without massively changing the way the game works.

03-12-2007, 01:27
I've done the reverse: adapting Epic models for 40K rules.

Just using epic ranges for 2nd ed. rules we ran "pocket 40K" games at work for a year+. Not to hard to monkey with rules/scale if your opponents are agreeable.

Chaos and Evil
03-12-2007, 08:50
I've done the reverse: adapting Epic models for 40K rules.

Just using epic ranges for 2nd ed. rules we ran "pocket 40K" games at work for a year+. Not to hard to monkey with rules/scale if your opponents are agreeable.

I did something very similar...


You can see the flame template down there being fired by the Inferno Cannon Dreadnought.

03-12-2007, 17:54
Soooo Cute!!:chrome:

03-12-2007, 22:06
The more I think about this, the more I like it.

I want to play 40k using the basic Epic rules. Blast markers, activation tests, objective based scoring, the whole basics of the Epic game, but set at 40k scale (1:1 scale for units, 28mm models, platoons up to no more than company sized forces).

So, for all you people who have done this, what did you do to make the basic epic rules work?

I've got a few scattered notes on ideas, but before I spend a lot of time fleshing them out, what did the people who have already done it do? AP6+ for bolters and other small arms? DC for various Vehicles?


05-12-2007, 15:12
People who refer to Epic as 'cute' deserve to be struck with a real flame template. :)

Chaos and Evil
05-12-2007, 15:29
PM me with your email address and I'll hit you up with my space marine stats/Epidex.