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01-12-2007, 14:49
Please read this post before replying!

Greetings, fellow painters, and welcome to the fifth Tale of 40K Painters monthly update extravaganza!

For those of you who don’t know what the Tale of Painters is, look here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/general-project-logs/91272-the-tale-of-40k-painters-working-thread.html). For those of you who are participating, this is the official thread in which you should post the work you have done in the last month. Over the next seven days, participants in the Tale should post the work they have done over the last month. Please also use this thread to comment on the work of the participants or make any general comments about the project.

For your official monthly post, please try to follow the following guidelines.

You should include a description of each unit you have painted, including the number and type of models, and any upgrades or equipment they carry, followed by the total points cost of the unit. Please, DO NOT post the points costs of individual upgrades or models, as GW don’t like it and so neither, by extension, do the moderators. If you have painted more than one unit, give the total points cost of your monthly painting endeavours.

Next, please post photos of each unit you have painted, and of the army as a whole. Photos should be cropped or resized to around 1000 by 1000 pixels to avoid scrollbars and ensure the thread doesn’t take too long to load.

The rest of your post is up to you. You can say anything you like here, about what you enjoyed or found hard, what you were especially pleased with, etc., etc., and any additional photos you wish to show (although try to avoid mulitple posting if it's not necessary). Also, include a link to your painting log here if you have one, so that anyone viewing the thread can give you some feedback if they want to.

Feel free to use this post (http://warseer.com/forums/1790884-post2.html) as a template for your update.

If you have to play a joker, please post saying so, and include a suitably amusing image. If you do not post within the next seven days, then you will automatically count as having jokered November.

Thanks for reading all that. I look forward to seeing your work!

Sam (McMullet)

As of the current time, the enlisted painters are as follows:

Spikedog : Armoured company … 583 points painted; 1 joker(s)
AnkhAngel : Ankh Angels (homebrewed Marines) … 425 points painted; 2 joker(s)
El diablo : Black Legion … 615 points painted; 1 joker(s)
Frgt/10 : Alpha Legion … 580 points painted; 1 joker(s)
greyclaw : Renegade Guard … 830 points painted; 0 joker(s)
Harry : Space Marines (Desert Lions) … 446 points painted; 2 joker(s)
Heldane : Space Marines (Raptors) … 874 points painted; 0 joker(s)
Ikafrai : Crimson Fists … 478 points painted; 2 joker(s)
Iziuth : Eldar … 370 points painted; 2 joker(s)
Jim Reaper : IG … 616 points painted; 1 joker(s)
lord_blackfang : White Scars … 406 points painted; 2 joker(s)
Lostanddamned : Armoured company … 691 points painted; 1 joker(s)
Marksekay : Imperial Fists … 810 points painted; 0 joker(s)
McMullet : Tyranids … 608 points painted; 1 joker(s)
Meticulous : Space Wolves 13th Company … 586 points painted; 1 joker(s)
Norsehawk : IG … 809 points painted; 0 joker(s)
Norsehawk : Marines … 476 points painted; 1 joker(s)
penguin663 : Death Guard … 385 points painted; 2 joker(s)
PMTN : Necrons … 485 points painted; 2 joker(s)
Shadowphrakt : Armoured Company … 375 points painted; 2 joker(s)
Silvereye : Eldar … 800 points painted; 0 joker(s)
SuavelyDunn : Eldar … 757 points painted; 1 joker(s)
Thoth62 : Space Marines … 611 points painted; 1 joker(s)

That makes 22 painters and 23 armies, distributed as follows:

Chaos/Renegade Marines: 3 Craftworld Eldar: 3 Imperial Guard: 6 Necrons: 1 Space Marines: 9 Tyranids: 1
Note: As with last month, please continue to use the current working thread until the submission deadline (7th of December), when this thread will transmogrify into the new working thread.

PS. This was a copy/paste from last month, so if any of the dates look off then please shout at and abuse me until I edit it. :angel:

01-12-2007, 21:02
Looks like im starting then.

El Diablo's Black Legion



PAINTED THIS MONTH: Dreadnought with autocannon and heavy flamer (115), sorcerer with doombolt (110).

Abaddon and chums on the pull.

Straight out of the bag Forge World Black Legion dreadnought.
The sorcerer is a chopped up Ahriman with parts from the new lord sprue (head, staff), the chaos marine sprue (backpack and left hand), the chaos biker sprue (top knot used for flame in left hand) and the assault terminator sprue (for the right hand).

Lots of pain. Serveral coats of black for a decent undercoat followed by a tin bitz/ boltgun metal drubrush for the basic metals. Washed with Vajello smoke and highlighted with chainmail. Golds are built up from a mix of tin bitz, brown ink and shining gold, with shining gold and mithril silver for highlights.

Generic earth/grass combo, sand washed with brown ink, drybrushed bubonic brown and bleached bone with patches of static grass. Scorched brown rim.

Absolutly nothing now the sorcerer is finished. I could do with working on my photography skills though.

The dread was a pain to do (bloody resin!) but I like how it came out.
The sorcerer not being finished on time.



So far i've got 2 troops, 1 heavy support, 1 elite and 1 HQ done so im going for a fast attack choice next. A few raptors should do the job nicely.

01-12-2007, 21:36
LostAndDamned's Armoured Company.

TOTAL PAINTING FOR OCTOBER: Its a bit less than half done, call it 250?

TOTAL ARMY POINTS: That would be about 941..

Rawr Tanks and Cadians!

Straight out of the box, built on release day... Added in an extra crewman for variation

Catachan Green x lots, Then Chaos Black on Metallic parts (all those bleeding rivets), then any lenses have been done in Enchanted Blue, and the White bits, codex grey. Flesh has a bestial brown basecoat


The Metallics, Inking, Highlight Lenses, Do Flesh, Highlight (not that much more really), tidying up.

Thinking I was unable to take part.
Realising I Could
Rivets times a billion.





02-12-2007, 23:48
@ El-Diablo - brilliant! I really like your chaos force. Sorry to be cheeky, but is there a chance of a piccy of the army so far?

@ Lostanddamned - like the baneblade. Don't fancy your task on 1,000 rivets though!:D

Will be posting mine later in the week ;)

03-12-2007, 01:23
I will be posting mine as well in a few days, Doing some finishing touches on my marines, and seeing if I can get a few extra painted, so far, I have 2 bikes and a rhino completely/within a hair of being finished. A character which I am considering calling a company champion (sans iron halo modeled) I also have an old school mark 2 or 3 armored marine that I am working on for a veteran or some other position where he would stand out a bit. He needs basing and a backpack and he's golden.

Main problem is that I didn't do any particular squad, just grabbed and painted what was at arms reach when I had spare time. I also did a genestealer test model, found a new way to prime figures when its too humid out to spray, and assembled a bunch of stuff as well.

03-12-2007, 21:08
I think I'm going to do a rivet count when I paint this monstrosity.

04-12-2007, 04:18
Thoth62's Brotherhood of Iron

TOTAL PAINTING FOR OCTOBER: 1 Sergeant + 9 Space Marines; Plasma gun, preferred enemy, Eldar.
170 points.

TOTAL ARMY POINTS: 781 points.

A space marine chapter specializing in anti-eldar action.

Nothing really to speak of. A deathwatch helmet and shoulder pad on the sergeant.

I'm really beginning to hate painting grey. Codex Grey basecoat with fortress highlights. Bleached bone shoulder pads and helmets, red trim. Bolters are black with grey highlights, eagles and skulls are dwarf bronze with a chestnut ink wash, and burnished gold over top.

Same as before. Plasticard flagstones with a mix of sand painted earthy browns, and flock. In addition, there are a few of the pieces from the new urban basing kit. If I had more patience, I could have sanded them more than I already did, to make them blend in a little better, but as it is, they stick out a little bit. I still think they add a nice touch though.

A couple touch ups. I haven't decided yet whether to do the sergeants chainsword in the same manner as the assault marines or not, but I think it will be a good idea. If you look at the pictures, you'll probably notice a bit of paint slop, particularily on the backpack exhaust vents. It's red from the shoulder pads. I'll clean that up later this week.

Finishing the squad today was a definite high, as was some of the freehand. I'd like to think that I'm getting a little better at it.

Lows would probably include the sheer amount of grey to paint, and plasticard to cut. I don't have problems doing it, but if I don't get a break from that soon, I'm not sure what I'll do.






For December, I plan on completing an anti-tank devastator squad.

04-12-2007, 20:18
[/QUOTE]A space marine chapter specializing in anti-eldar action.[/QUOTE]

Steady now...;)

Like the marines - good job!

04-12-2007, 21:27
I've edited my original post with a picture of the sorcerer, next month i'll add the full army pic the next time the army comes out of the case.

floyd pinkerton
04-12-2007, 21:32
nice sorceror, El'Diablo

I'm guessing the main body is a necromancer or similar (an undead Hq or whatever, square-based nonsense...):D

04-12-2007, 21:35
nice sorceror, El'Diablo

I'm guessing the main body is a necromancer or similar (an undead Hq or whatever, square-based nonsense...):D

Cheers, the body comes from ahriman - the only thing done to it was swapping the left shoulder pad for a metal black legion one.

04-12-2007, 21:35
El-Diablo, that sorcerer is looking sharp. I like what you decided to do with the pistol hand as well, even though I can't get a clear view of it. I have one gripe though. I'm not sure about the angle of the sorcerors head. It doesn't really seem 'right' to me.

04-12-2007, 21:48
Nice sorcerer El-Diablo, that left arm is brilliant.

I think my one of my uni tutors must have heard me when I said that I could easily get the vindicator AND the land speeder done by the 7th, because on monday he decided that one of my assignments needed to be in by thursday.
So I'm not going to have enough time to finish them both now. :mad:

I'll post pics of the vindicator on Thursday.
All I've got left to do is highlighting and black lining, but I'll leave that until I get home on thursday afternoon. That way I can spend more time making my assignment be in on time. :angel:

05-12-2007, 07:04
@ El-Diablo, I absolutely LOVE that sorceror, excellent conversion and painting.

05-12-2007, 11:40
I would be posting this month, its all done but i have been bugged by lack of internet and lots of other issues of late so im jokering this month! sorry!

05-12-2007, 18:57
ARMY - Ulthwe Eldar


5 x Wraithguard - 175 points

Total this month - 175 points


10 Dire Avengers (including Exarch with power weapon & shuriken pistol & defend skill)


2 x Vyper Jetbikes (Starcannon & Scatter Laser)

1 x Farseer (Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones, Mind War, Guide)

1 x Warlock (Spirit Seer Upgrade, Enhance)

6 x Pathfinders

5 x Wraithguard


BACKGROUND/THEME: Originally played Ulthwe Eldar for many years and bought the new codex and models earlier this year. Saw the "Carnage Tale of X Gamers" on Warseer and the eldar of Rob Peck. Loved the idea & scheme and this gave me the inspiration to start my army in July.

Not very adventurous in the conversion front so most of my figures are "out of the box".

Looked at the wraithguard and thought that they would be a basic scheme, like that of the guardians of Ulthwe. Chose a basic black/bone/red scheme to make it simple. I like the outcome.

My friend has designed and produced in plaster a series of bases which match the gaming table we play on. Drybrushed grey, black edges with the addition of static grass plus leaf scatter.

Nothing for these figures.

Low: Finishing them on schedule, varnishing them and leaving them an hour to dry. Going back and seeing that the varnish has decided to leave a dusty white finish over the whole figure. Had to then repaint the black and find myself running out of time - again! When life is against you - quit 'cos it really is!
High: Being on schedule until above...

Fire Dragons and Wave Serpent - this will claw back some of the points slippage over the last two months.;)

Have fun!


05-12-2007, 19:13


PAINTED THIS MONTH: A Plague(Brass) Scorpion. There is gonna be a base for it so I thought I could do that for next month to make the full 400 points for the Scorpion.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The whole thing is made from two Defilers and a load of GS and pain.

PAINTING: Painted just like the rest of my army in the brown beige colour"accidental" colour

Not made the base yet.

Brown ink wash on some of the model and most of the metalics, the base, add barbed wire to the legs and bloodify the whole thing


Finally getting a supr heavy after 9 years of playing!

Trying to cut the body without a vice oh the pain of it all!




Some of you may have seen these pics before, I couldn't take any new ones as my camera decided to kill itself I should be getting a new one before Saturday so new pics of the Scorpion and army shots will be up by then.

06-12-2007, 10:19
Well done to everyone who's posted their stuff so far! Once again I'm pushing the limits of my own deadlines...

El-Diablo: Outstanding as ever. The Sorcerer is especially good, a couple of little conversions and you've made the rather daft looking Ahriman model look excellent.
Lostanddamned: Good work on those rivets! I'm sure painting each individual one is pretty boring but it is worth it. You just have to fight the pain barrier.
Thoth62: The colour scheme looks particularly nice now you have an entire army of these guys. The freehand is coming along very nicely was well.
SuavelyDunn: Nice wraithguard! The black/bone colours really suit the models.
penguin663: Cracking scorpion! What are you going to do for the base?

Anyway, on to my own stuff...

McMullet's Green-Custard Nids: November 2007

10 Genestealers with Scuttlers and Flesh Hooks: 200 points
1 Zoanthrope with Synapse Creature and Warp Blast psychic powers: 65 points.



The nids are infesting an arid desert world, and currently fighting in a ruinous Imperial city. The army theme is no guns, and speed: The only ranged attacks are psychic powers, and almost everything in the army is faster than normal infantry.

Minor conversions in both units: The Zoanthrope had the stupid tentacle thing cut off its tail, and said tail reposed to trail along the ground a bit. A few of the Genestealers have converted flesh hooks on their tongues so I don't have to exclusively use the one flesh hooked head that comes in the box.

Same as last month: Start with Halford's White Car Primer (which, I must say, is excellent, smoother than GW white and doesnt chip as easily).
Exoskeleton: Snakebite Leather, Vomit Brown, Smokey Ink, Bubonic Brown.
Carapace: Black, salamander green (old colour!), snot green, bilious green
Claws: Blended from black up to bleached bone, white highlights.
(mostly I use the Vallejo equivalents of these paints, not the actual GW ones)

Sand. Rocks. Chopped up bases to make stairs. Bits of plasticard beams and tubes. I remembered to paint them right this time! Watered down black, bestial brown, bubonic brown, khaki.

A few white highlights on the Genestealer claws.

Spikedog mentioned to me that painting the Zoanthrope's brain was fun. I agree. Getting the Zoanthrope's pose sorted was good too.

I'm a bit disappointed I didn't have time to do a few Hormies this month as well though, as I'm really trying to get back on schedule so I'll have 1500 points done for a tournament in February.







Whole army so far:


Next month: Flying Warriors, Hormies, Rippers. Stay tuned folks!

06-12-2007, 20:56
Lostanddamned: Good work on those rivets! I'm sure painting each individual one is pretty boring but it is worth it. You just have to fight the pain barrier.

612 on one side. it's beyond funny. but actually quite amusing to paint, pretty quick y'see.

Jim Reaper
06-12-2007, 21:44
Wave after Wave of Jim Reaper's Men: November 2007

Unit 1: Sentinel, multi-laser. 45 points.

Unit 2: Infantry squad, autocannon, grenade launcher. 83 points.

Unit 3: Conscript squad, no upgrades. 40 points.

Unit 4: Stormtrooper, meltagun. 20 points.



Infantry-only Guard. What's that? Well it's funny you should ask, yes, in fact I am an idiot.

If you look very closely, you'll see that the sergeant of this month's infantry squad has his chainsword rotated by around 60 degrees. I am a converting genius!

Same as ever. Scab red armour, bestial brown fatigues, dwarf flesh flesh (plus shading and highlighting obviously).

Hasn't been done yet, as I have run out of Black Ink.

The aforementioned basing.


The lows would be just gritting my teeth and getting through this month. This is the most I've had to paint for a month so far.

On the plus side, that's "A" Platoon complete! Now, onto "B" Platoon, who are equal in size, but equipped with missile launchers, which I find more annoying to paint than autocannon. Wait, that's bad!






The infantry squad:


The whole army (no pictures of the conscripts, you'll have to rely on your imagination - they look like the infantry squad, but with Vs on their shoulders. That's them there, on the right.) :


Next Month: A Commissar, 10 conscripts, two stormtroopers and a mortar team. Oh, and another sentinel of course.

07-12-2007, 09:10
gonna have to joker this month, end of uni exams screwed with my time this month. December and January wont be much better cause im going to vietnam after xmas and wont be back till late jan...

07-12-2007, 10:50
After fighting with my internet connection all morning, it's finally working properly again, and so now I can finally post.

My points this month are a bit low, but next months post should remedy that.

AnkhAngel's Homebrew SM chapter: Ankh Angels



PAINTED THIS MONTH: Vindicator with Dozer blade and Smoke launchers (133).

Coming eventually.

Straight out of the Linebreaker Squad box, this is the first of three.
I didn't convert anything on this model. All I did was use the launchers from the chaos vehicle sprue instead of the default smoke launchers, I just like them better.

Quite fun really. Sprayed black, then a slightly lightened coat of Astronomican Grey Foundation, then 2 (or 3 in some places) coats of pure white.
Metal parts were boltgun metal then black inked. For the vents however I used an odd technique to try and make them look slightly rusty. I put a few drops of black in into them, then filled them nearly to the brim with very brown paintbrush water. Then filled by brush with a bit of brazen brass and swirled it around in the above pool. Then soaked up the water with a tissue.
I really like how the two main vents turned out.
The winged skull on the dozer blade was bestial brown ontop of the white, then a coat of bleached bone with a tiny bad of black in.

Find the missing track piece and paint and attatch it.

Tank painting. It was fun, I haven't painted a tank in ages.
Deciding on a colour scheme for this tank (and future tanks).

Dropping a one of the smallest pieces of tank track during making the model, and having it vanish into the warp.
Fighting with my internet to let me be able to post intime.
My uni tutor stealing my painting time with sudden advancement of deadlines.


Front-left view

Right side view


Group shot

For the current month I will probably be doing some or all of the following (depending on free time betwen now and the new year): another 5 Assualt marines to top the current squad up to 10 men; 2 land speeder tornadoes; a chaplain; 5 scout snipers.

07-12-2007, 11:07
Jim Reaper: Well done on getting that lot done. Your army is starting to look rather... big. 70 models or so thus far, is it? Beats me by about 20...
Frgt/10: Thanks for posting, joker noted down.
AnkhAngel: Excellent work, the black/white scheme looks great. Nice job on the rusty fans! The only thing I'd change is to paint the crenellated bit at the bottom of the dozer blade in black or metallics rather than white - I think it's a more natural colour for something that will inevitably get dirty.

I also have a message from Spikedog telling me he's been forced to play his second joker.

That leaves 11 of you to post for this month.

07-12-2007, 12:46
Hey all.

Stuff is looking great from all. Once again I'm behind with my painting.

I'll have my pictures up by monday.

Would have tried to do them last night but there was an issue involving a pint that kept refilling itself :)


07-12-2007, 13:56
Well, this is it. Strike 3...

If it's not one thing, it's another. I've spent most of the last five days (and can probably look forward to another five) in bed or on the loo thanks to a stomach flu. Needless to say, my tanks still look exactly the same as they did in the last pic I posted.

So here's my suitably grotesque dropping-out joker.

End total? 406 pts painted in 5 months :(

07-12-2007, 14:16
They were at least 3-coloured in the last picture I saw... You might want to go back and tidy them up later but there's no reason not to call this month "done".

Jim Reaper
07-12-2007, 16:03
A quick question for SuavelyDunn and/or Silvereye and/or Iziuth - I plan to model my next Sentinel squishing a corpse underneath its iron heel. This will be an eldar corpse as a) I have some spare eldar bits from a conversion a while back and b) they just rub me up the wrong way :p. Would it greatly offend you guys if I pick one of your colour schemes for a bit of To40KP internal consistency?

07-12-2007, 19:04
Again im leaving it to the last minute, I do hate doing the basses.

Unit 1: Anti Tank Squad. 3 Las cannons. 110 Points

Unit 2: 11 Worker Rabble. 1 Flamer. 50 Points

Unit 3: Enforcer. Power Weapon, Bolt pistol. 46 Points

Total for the month 206 Points
Total so far 1043

Its been a busy month since I have been trying to get the army set for a tournament on Sunday so in addition to all the infantry I have done up a couple of tanks to bulk up to 1500 points but I wont be including them in this unless I get stuck for the month.
The worker rabble are the same as the previous 20 bits of plastic rod and green stuff gass masks, totally out of las pistols now though.
the lascanon anti tank squads are pretty much as standard but with the gargoyle head from the chaos vehicle sprue.
The enforcer is a standard FW bits.
Not too sure what the plan for next month is going to be, but I fancy doing something a little bit different.


LasCannon Anti Tank Squad

Worker Rabble


The army in all its glory

07-12-2007, 23:17
I'm behind on posting my pictures, but I have gotten some models done for this month. weather permitting, I will take out what I have painted and snap some shots of them tomorrow morning.

This month for my marines I got a medic, rhino, a normal marine in old mark armor, what could almost be called a company champion, 2 ravenwing bikes, in progress still are another bike, an attack bike, a landspeeder, and a rhino that needs just a smidge more love before it is done as well.

IG, I continued on my baneblade.

08-12-2007, 01:03
Long Fangs (2 lascannon, 2 plasma cannon) 248
Storm Claws (6, MotW, thunder hammer, wolf pelt, runic charm) 174
Grey Slayers (8, power weapon, bolter, wolf pelt) 182
Wolf Lord (MotW, frost weapon, plasma pistol, wolf pelt, runic charm) 128
Long Fangs (2 lascannon, 2 plasma cannon) 248

PAINTED THIS MONTH: 13th. Co. Long Fangs, Squad Eiwhaz

BACKGROUND/THEME: Two forces, both oriented to cityfighting conditions.

BUILD/CONVERSION/PAINTING: Nothing too complicated. Tried out the plastic Devastator box, added the requisite scavenged Chaos armor, and off to the paints. One of the heads is a trimmed-down Berzerker head, to see how it'd work as an Iron Warrior head. I liked the look of it, so all 19 of my remaining Berzerker heads are getting the same treatment for my eventual Iron Warrior force. Pack leader has the Empire lord pirate head, and his scavenged armor is from one of the Emperor's Children, hence the acquila.

I tried out a few new methods this go-round. The final gray highlight is drybrushed, which looks okay for Long Fangs that'll never be seen close-up, but not for front-line troops. For the IW scheme, it's brown with heavily drybrushed chainmail. I think the slight hint of brown in the recesses looks nice without too much hassle. The boot weathering is just a couple layers of drybrushed brown. Looks good from a distance, but I'm not doing it on the whole army. Maybe the Devils, to play up their jungle feel.

Also tried out the pulsing plasma method. I think it looks swanky.

STILL TO DO: Get some tape and tape out the danger lines on the yellow, so they don't end up as crappy as the ones on the lascannon trooper.

HIGHS: Getting them done early. Early! IW metal painting. Getting a jump on December's work so I could take some time on Chaos. Getting a jump on December's work so two weeks without any major modeling done due to projects/papers/finals didn't freak me out.

LOWS: The painting could be more precise. I'll try and work on that. I rushed a little on this lot.

Long Fangs in cover:

Full Army:

Next Month's, w/o the currently done bases (10 Grey Slayers):

08-12-2007, 09:11
A quick question for SuavelyDunn and/or Silvereye and/or Iziuth - I plan to model my next Sentinel squishing a corpse underneath its iron heel. This will be an eldar corpse as a) I have some spare eldar bits from a conversion a while back and b) they just rub me up the wrong way :p. Would it greatly offend you guys if I pick one of your colour schemes for a bit of To40KP internal consistency?

Hi Jim,

I have no problem at all with this - go for it!


08-12-2007, 12:24
Hi guys,

I'll post my pic tommorow as I have to go to a birthday today and don't have time to take it today.

@Jim Reaper, no problem but expect the same to happen to any corpses I might be modelling on my bases ;-)

08-12-2007, 12:43
Ok, first of all, sorry about the not so good pictures.

Space marines side:

Army so far:

Kind of scattered as to what got painted this month, some of it isn't 100% finished either.
Ravenwing attack squad, 1 melta,(1 bike 80%) add attack bike (80% done)
180 points
Ravenwing Support squadron, 1 land speeder w/ multi melta/typhoon (70% done)
75 pts

Company master w/ plasma pistol (not an official one but he looks like a good one until I actually build and paint a proper one)
115 points

2 more members of the command squad, apothecary and just a guy in old mark armor
62 points

2 rhinos (1 95% done)
100 points.

Depending on how you want to credit it out, fully finished models =307 points

532 if you do it by the full amount. Lets call it 307, I am still behind from last month, but I will have a good start on this month when I finish up the half done stuff.

Still to do. Some of them need basing still. on the bikes I need to do the bedroll things, skin on attack bike and speeder. need to find my bag of backpacks so I can put them on a few models that are missing them.

Highlights, after studying for an hour before a psych test at school, I couldn't sleep so I went and fully painted an apothecary in about 45 minutes from primer, with some neat freehand on the helmet.

08-12-2007, 12:47
Easier month on me than my marine side for the Imperial Guard.

Baneblade now is at 400/500 points worth of painted.


Army so far:

Still to do, finish up on the gouache to shade the tank, seal it. Next month I really need to start working on more troops because I have a ton of tanks but not many troops. Maybe I should just go for an armored company list... Either way its aimed for Apocalypse.

Jim Reaper
08-12-2007, 15:38
I have no problem at all with this - go for it!

@Jim Reaper, no problem but expect the same to happen to any corpses I might be modelling on my bases ;-)

Great, cheers guys! Of course you should feel free to scatter as many dead Guardsmen in my scheme as you like throughout your army :evilgrin:

Now I have to choose which scheme to use - it'll probably wind up on a coin flip...

09-12-2007, 15:26
Iziuth's Eldar Hosts (of not so many models;))

TOTAL PAINTING FOR November: 195 points





Maugen Ra in his Bone colored armor. Basically layering up from Scorched brown to Bleached bone. Added some purple to tie him in with my craft world.

Soon to be urban.

His base, and maybe some gem stones.

High was getting him done.

Low: lots, having only 30 minutes of dry weather this month to base coat anything.

My hopes for this month are to get some painting done and maybe even catch up with the points. Still got some reapers coated to go with Maug, and some Dire avengers still waiting for some paint.

PICS No solo shot as the camera wouldn't focus on him, I'll try again tommorow with natural light.


09-12-2007, 19:07
I know I said I would post updated pics but its been cold and wet all weekend so hopefully if the weather better I might some done tommorow.

@ McMullet
I was thinking of doing the base as a sort of rocky outcrop with jagged sharps of obsidian sticking out of the ground and a little bit of flock on top of sand but I'm open to any suggestions:)

10-12-2007, 18:58
greyhawk, awesome work on the worker rabble and enforcer, may have to steal that idea when i get cracking on my cult again.

10-12-2007, 19:01
Hey all.

Stuff is looking great from all. Once again I'm behind with my painting.

I'll have my pictures up by monday.

Would have tried to do them last night but there was an issue involving a pint that kept refilling itself :)


Well I've failed to get pictures and the rhino's done.

I have 4 rhino's complete except a few transfers and the rear top doors.

I'll joker this month and then post 400 points next month.

In fact I only have to paint a few guns and transfers for next months stuff now anyway, so it'll all be done well before time. I hope!

Apologies all.


13-12-2007, 18:01
Finally managed to get some pics taken. Enjoy :)

Plague Scorpion



13-12-2007, 18:03
Sorry for double post but had to post some more picture

PIP of next months work




13-12-2007, 20:05
Sorcerer looks good so far, is there gonna be anything in his empty hand?

13-12-2007, 22:00
He is going to have a staff but it must have broke off so im gonna have to go hunting through the crap on my desk:cries:

14-12-2007, 01:42
Well, today was my last final for this semester... Free time! woot!

I've been busy in the spare moments since Tuesday...


16-12-2007, 06:31
@Norsehawk - That's a lot of termies! What are your plans for them?

17-12-2007, 16:22
More to the point, how are you going to do the other 60 without becoming a frothing lunatic...?

Well folks, I'm back. Er, hello. Did you miss me? What? you didn't notice I was gone? Fine then. :mad:

I have noted down the last few submissions. Seems like we've settled into a nice rhythm now guys, as the last two months have seen 2671 and 2762 points of models painted. Pretty steady! This month we had 6 jokers, 2 more than last time but still manageable I think.

Total painting so far is now well over 16000 points.

Most of us have played 1 Joker so far; A special mention should be made of greyclaw and Norsehawk who both still have a pristine, jokerless army. ;)

Chaos/Renegade Marines: 3
Craftworld Eldar: 3
Imperial/Renegade Guard: 5
Space Marines: 6
Tyranids: 1

Hopefully that will have distracted you all from the fact that I have done absolutely nothing so far this month save for cleaning up a few Warrior bits.

17-12-2007, 17:40
By this month, you mean December, right?

Well, I'm in the same boat... for my Space Marine army at least. Yesterday, I was going to spend the afternoon painting my devastators for this months submission. Except I needed some paint. So I non-chalantly drove down to the GW to get the paint I needed, and ended up with a chaos vindicator as well... Guess what I did yesterday afternoon...

Yup. I assembled the vindicator (which is a pretty sweet kit by the way...)

The first two weeks, I have also been busy painting... my chaos. I've got a Daemon Prince that I've just about finished, and will probably finish by Thursday, and then hopefully, I'll use the next week that I have off to do the devastators.


17-12-2007, 19:36
Hi folks,

Sorry for falling off the world, but things have been kind of special for me since the end of November and December, and most of it not in any good way.

A New Job, Jury Service, a Funeral and Christmas have all scuppered any available time or desire to paint over the last month or so. The guardians are still just blue though they now sport a fine coating of dust.

I will not be able to get anything finished this month either as I'm about to disappear off the face of the world again*, but I'm planning on hammering out around 600 Points in January (2 Falcons, and finishing those Guardians with weapons platform and the Wraithlord). So consider this a pre- and post- emptive jokering.

Anyhow, Wishing you all a merry looted pagan festival of your choice and a good riddance to 2007.

* Well, it's actually just darkest Yorkshire. However I will be 200 or so miles away from my paints, and probably too drunk to be able to paint straight anyway.

17-12-2007, 20:29
I'm almost done with this months.

Just got guns to paint and place on model and then I'm done. Still have the rhino hatches from last month to do though.

And I've also based the assualt squad from 2 months back!!

Hopefully, I should be done by christmas.....New year at the latest.....then I can spend the holidays stripping, cleaning, basing and converting my metal gaurd army :D



18-12-2007, 11:55
Urg, I've barely done anything on this month's task. I mean, they're primed, and the metals have been drybrushed, but the basecoating is nowhere near done, and I'll still have to do the highlights. I'm getting quicker at it, but still.

Oh well. I can do a HQ for January (technically I'll need do for a legal army), so that'll be nice and quick.

19-12-2007, 18:01
Goint to be a tight finish for me this month, the next day off i've got to get stuff sprayed up is bloody xmas day. Joy.

That being said, im not going to do the raptors now, I fell prey to the dreaded 'new plastic syndrome' and im going to do a Vindicator instead. Shouldn't take more than a couple of days once its sprayed up and should take me to just under 1000 points (being a few points over in a previous month.)

I've not really done much to it except for the arrows on the dozer blade and a few parts from the chaos vehicle sprue.


24-12-2007, 14:16
Gosh, we'd been knocked off of the front page for our inactivity. :eek:

Anyway, what with last minute uni projects, christmas shopping, overtime at work,
present wrapping, a broken desk lamp, and wet/frosty weather,
I've barely had time to put any models together, let alone paint them :(

So, I've decided to do a chaplain this month to go with the land speeder, instead of the other stuff that I had planned to do.

He comes in at 190pts. So with the speeder that'll be 270pts.

24-12-2007, 21:37
Being sick sucks, especially when your painting area is in the chilly basement. Not exactly a good place for the diseased. I'm getting a start again, but I have a hunch that the goodies coming tomorrow will distract me from finishing my painting in time.

Luckily though, my next plan is for a Rune Priest/remnants, which may, along side this 'month's' work, bring January to a nice 400 points. so we'll see.

26-12-2007, 18:07
Well, I am chipping away at whats left of this month for me, finishing up the weapons of the terminators that I'm doing for this month's marines. Also doing final details and weathering of the baneblade. I'm not going to bother starting another mini for this month for the IG. Going to let it sit at 114 or however many points are left on the baneblade plus the options it has.

It has to be said tho... I am now in love with the Tamiya weathering master products, they make some parts easy as pie to weather.

There are wip shots in my normal painting log if you feel you need a peek :)

27-12-2007, 22:51
meep meep


I am unsure if I am going to sit with the baneblade only for this month, or start something extra, the fine details really snuck up on me and took longer than I expected.

28-12-2007, 02:04
I REALLY like the Baneblade. the metal on the cannon stood out to me right away!!!! good work!

30-12-2007, 11:43
I feel beset on all sides by problems that are preventing me from painting.

I finally get some time to paint, when I'm taken down for the count by a stomach bug/ ultimate-cold, which has left me with a continuous headache that means I cant look at bright light for very long.

I first got it a few days ago, and it is getting better now.
The Chaplain is assembled and the speeder in undercoated and astronomicon greyed. Hopefully I'll be able to do some painting on them during the day tomorrow, and then on new years day (I dont think I'll be drinking anything so I wont have to worry about not wanting to get up in the morning).

30-12-2007, 12:38
Hey people, Im from the tale of fantasy painters and just wanted to stop by and say great work everyone! There is some amazing work going on here and very inspiring. Keep it up guys!

31-12-2007, 09:44
OK well this is my official resignation from the tale.

It has been a fun ride and while I fully intend to finish my army I can do no work this month (and next month isn't looking too good either). As I have already used my 2 jokers I have nothing left to fall back on.

I will still be watching the tale and commenting where I can, keep up the good work people and I hope that those of you still in can all do better than me.

31-12-2007, 14:24
damn, another one bites the dust

01-01-2008, 11:37
OK well this is my official resignation from the tale.

A shame to hear it, I've been finding it extremely hard to get myself motivated recently.

All I need to do is paint 4 rhino top doors (well drybrush really), 3 plasma guns and 9 M40 pattern bolters.

I've been meaning to do this since the beginning of december and they're still not even cleaned up or undercoated.....still, 7 days left right :rolleyes:

I think part of the reason for this slacking of on my part is that I can see that the end is near from a task I set myself last year as my resolution.

I vowed to paint a half company of marines, and one of my fantasy armies to 2000 points.

Once I complete the bits I listed earlier, I have just under 2000 points of marines painted and thats including a half company. I alos managed to paint a 1000 point Dark Elf watchtower patrol, a 1000 point bretonnian army (in 6 weeks, and whilst participating int the tale) and almost 1000 points of necrons (no big feat really, only 3 weeks work).

So for this year? I'll be finishing the necrons to 1500, both the WFB armies to 2000 and I'll start work on my Raptors first company, using the deathwing rules. Oh and there's that 1500 point metal catachan force I spent all of december cleaning and building.

One thing I will say though, is I'd never have got my marine army this far without signing up to the tale though!

Well, thats my rambling for now over with.


03-01-2008, 16:41
So when is the new thread for December updates going up?

Get on the ball McMullet! ;)

04-01-2008, 11:32
"Hello McMullet it appears that you have not posted on our forums in several weeks, why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums?"

Sorry all, I have been at my parents' place for the festive period where there are precisely No Internets (well, OK, they have dialup but that doesn't count) and that's why there was no update thread this month... until now: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2230191#post2230191

I'm sorry to have you drop out Spike old bean. It was your project log that started all these shenanigans after all! Best of luck with the new job and I hope we'll be seeing some more tanks at some point. ;)

Due to being away on business for a week in December and away at my parents' for 2 weeks over Christmas I haven't really got much to show for this month so far. I took some bits away with me, intending to assemble some flying Warriors while I was there, and I have succeeded in cleaning some of the bits up and partially assembling 1 (one) Warrior. I am on a tight schedule here, not just for the ToP but also for the X Legion tournament in February, so I have decided that for the next two months I will be simply assembling and 3-colouring my nids. The scenic bases and highlighting will have to be done later. Hopefully I'll throw together a Fex and a few Hormies over the next few days to make up 200 points and then I'll have to pull out about 400 and something for the rest of the month to hit my 1500 point target by the 1st of February...

I think I should also say a brief word about Warlords. Basically I think I'll have officially call it dead. :( Maybe we aimed a bit too high, maybe it was a lack of time and effort on my part, but we never really got it off the ground and it's really too late now to use 6 month old articles. My thanks to those of you who wrote something for the never-published issue #1, and my sincere apologies for wasting your time (should I chance to meet you in the real world I'll buy you all a pint).

It would be nice to use the material you wrote in some way, perhaps just posted in the working thread or updated and put into a compilation when the tale is over. Answers on a postcard please...