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Ed the Squig
03-12-2007, 06:47
During the past few months I have been building my starting orc warband for mordheim. I have one opponent so far and he plays witch hunters. We haven't gotten a lot of battles in so we're still pretty poor and poorly equipped. Here is the list so far:

Orc Boss

Orc Big 'Un
2H Weapon

Orc Big ‘Un

Orc Shaman

Orc Boyz x3

Orc Boyz x6

So, as you can see, the whole band is toting pretty crude weaponry and no armor and modeled as such. My question is as an orc warband gains wealth and power, what kind of gear (weapons, armor etc.) should I upgrade to from what I currently have? I have found that I really enjoy modeling individual models each with a lot of character and I really wanna get started on modeling some wealthier orcs, so I need to know what to arm them with and all that jazz.


03-12-2007, 13:05
Looks like a solid start,

For the future, its got to be all about the invunerable troll,Unlike other big expensive and vunerable monsters he never dies so get one ASAP. His vomit attack is also very handy.
Equipment wise, Helemts are essential for a close combat gang. Armour is weak and expensive so only get it when you have loads of cash to burn. Dwarf Axes can be fun if expensive and ive you an excuse to taunt any small bearded opponents. Get the boyz an extra weapon, that dagger is free but not so handy in the second hand, another club or an axe will be handy. Some people complain orcs shouldnt have Xbows, but they provide the much needed firepower, grab a missile weapon for your heroes ASAP especially the shamen if he doenst get a useful spell.
Looks like your a solid orc list so no need to worry about goblins and squigs if yo udont wnat them (they are not that good). Hired swords are excellent ot round the warband off, I dont remember which ones work for orcs, but the Ogre is certainly a good start (tag teaming with the troll later for seriosu big guy power).

Have Fun

Ed the Squig
03-12-2007, 22:22
Thanks for the reply!

With what you've told me, it sounds like I am on the right track. I rolled Returning a Favour for my last battle's exploration, so I am gonna get an ogre bodyguard free for a battle. I plan to continue paying upkeep so he'll stick around. The troll sounds good and I already have one of those dead 'ard new troll models. It seems to me that orcs can have the best armor in the game with their Well 'Ard skill. I dream of my boss clad in Gromril Armor with a shield and the well 'ard skill. That makes him dead 'ard with a 2+ save. Of course, that'll cost 155 gold crowns ;) Anyway, any more tips would be appreciated!


Count Sinister
04-12-2007, 03:55
Missile weapon for the shaman is great advice - other than that, just as Big Rob says: beef up on the second weapon with your heroes, get them some helmets, and think about a lucky charm or two (although this doesn't have to be modelled onto the mini, of course).

04-12-2007, 12:42
yes lucky charms ftw :p

but seriously they are very handy get them for all your heroes asap.
ranged weapons on heroes also works great. (like in every warband)

well in short all of what has been said already but more so. :angel:

04-12-2007, 13:10
Lucky charms are great, even after the rules were changed making them less effective. They are essential kit on all heroes. Poison is good, drugs are good as well, Crimson Shade is very handy for boosting initative and speed. Hired swords wise stick with the ogre till your rich. Pit fighters are not much to look at and the warlock is next to useless without the right spells.

The Well Ard skill is all well and good with gromril armour as you said, but the cost is prohibitive. I cant remember if orcs are allowed heavy armour as its not on thier list. Unless you find some armour on a lucky exploration, consider Resilient, Step Aside and Dodge for protection.

On the offensive look no further than 'edbasha, stunning on a 1-4 and OOA on a 5-6 is excellent and will swiftly see the opponent taken out, especialy if you tag team them.The usual skill combos like strike to injure and web of steel are good as well. Like all magic in the game dont expect much from the shamens spells.