View Full Version : Imperium Galactica

16-09-2005, 21:28
I was wondering if anyone played this game and what you guys thought about it. Apparently there is a new edition out, haven't seen it personally but looks great.

20-09-2005, 11:36
Got high marks on a boardgame forum a buddy of mine frequents. Third edition has streamlined rules and pretty slick looking.


20-09-2005, 23:05
Imperium Galactica, or do you mean "Twilight Imperium"? The Latter is simply awsome.

21-09-2005, 02:36
Oh woops! Sorry about that. You're right, I was thinking about Twighlight Imperium!
Isn't Imperium Galactica a computer game...? O_o


27-09-2005, 14:44
ARGH my bad! I meant twighlight Imperium!

03-11-2005, 23:09
awesome game.

05-11-2005, 18:19
The more people playing the better.

07-11-2005, 17:24
Could someone explain what this game is like? I just looked it up and it looks very interesting. Is it like Settlers of Catan or Puerto Rico?

15-11-2005, 02:07
I've never played Settlers of Catan or Puerto Rico so i can't compare. However this is directly ripped off the TI3 website

"TI3 is an epic empire-building game of intersteller conflict, trade, and struggle for power."

It kinda sums it up, You build up your empire from the ashes of the last war, the through trade, politics and war. Its a good game of wheeling and dealing, back stabbing and making alliances.

errr I'm not really good at describing this game. Quite often I often simply it and say its like risk in space, with event cards, trading, politics and different types of units.... anyway I hope that helps.

18-11-2005, 13:30
Not like Settlers or Puerto Rico. As I understand it -it would be closer to Axis and Allies than the former two. One interesting element is that people can vote new rules into play. The current edition has streamlined the rules.