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04-12-2007, 21:43
my friend has been looking into starting warhammer fantasy, and based on what he is looking for in an army, I hav suggested dwarfs. He wants strong and reliable infantry that wont break unless under severe duress. ive seen dwarfs played a lot, and only once as an cc infantry heavy list. he does not want to do the whole sit on a hill with more guns than enemies thing. he wants a combaty army supported by some shooting. im no expert on dwarfs, but would this b viable. hes pretty set on dwarfs after looking at them for a bit, but i really dont want him to get into the game and then just lose every battle so would this army type (cc heavy with some shooting behind) work. also, he doesnt exactly lik "fancy" stuff. what i mean by that is the complications of things such as magic and complicated rules. in time obviously after exposure he will understand it and b more drawn to it. I figured dwarfs require little in the way of "fancy" things. i thought they could be pretty reliant on their blocks, and worry less about having to hav supreme coordination and all. im definitely not saying dwarfs are easy or anything of the like. i just think they would fit what he wants and not b an army he would lose all of his first games with. i started with HE before new book, and i had it pretty hard going into a strong gaming group filled with good tacticians, bretonnians and woodies and whatnot. anyway i went pretty much even or a little positive (lik 4-2 or something), but since our actual GW moved, i havent played with anyone at the new place im going to go to. all in all, i dont want him to get really discouraged in the first game. would this b likely to happen with dwarfs in that army style? any feedback greatly appreciated.

04-12-2007, 23:17
Dwarves would be fine.

Start playing at home with him in 500 point blocks. Once he understand 500 up it to 1000 and so on until hes comfortable with a 2000 point army and is not losing the majority of the time.

05-12-2007, 00:19
yea he lives across the street lol. i think ill leave magic out (i play HE) until he gets more guys. in the games we hav played he has used a combination of DE and brets (my battalion box of brets and my bros DE) and his infantry hav not come close to matching mine. MaA and DE spears vs. HE spears and SM's and whatnot. i think the next time we play we can proxy dwarfs with these. i know pts. for basic units, and to get the feel of dwarfs we only need basic units in small games.

Just Tony
05-12-2007, 01:25
Dwarfs have a REALLY solid batallion set. And adding that to the stuff from BfSP starter set will get him not only the rules, but a pretty good start on a 1,000 point army. Just make sure to have him use the BfSP Thunderer command as warrior command, and all the units from the two boxed sets should stack up to quite a nice set up.

05-12-2007, 01:32
Dwarves are good and some units like Miners allow you to get to grips with the enemy and mess up their battle lines (with a little luck.) There are certain army designs of Dwarves that can cross the table pretty quickly and weather any incoming enemy fire pretty well.

Chaos Mortals would be another one, but I find the Dwarves more fun and versatile. It seems like when I play against Chaos, it's their characters that beat me. While the Dwarves can have great characters too, their troops are usually what seem to do the damage.

05-12-2007, 08:11
I think he might like Bretonnians, they're no nonsense straight into battle types and he would stand a good chance of winning.

I'm doing some features on the new High Elf Army on my blog and I think they could be the new hard to beat army. They do not have a lot to counter tougher beasties though, unless they employ a Dragon Mage or Eltharion.

05-12-2007, 09:14
It would be best to proxy Dwarfs and play a few games that way. He may like how steadfast they are, but he might hate their lack of maneuverability too. Best to check it out before spending a few hundred dollars on an army.

05-12-2007, 19:37
yea thats what i was thinking shabbadoo. he was lookin at brets tho but he doesnt like the lack of strong infantry.

05-12-2007, 19:42
For what it's worth, Brets were my first army and the one that really appealed to me in theory, but on the whole they're pretty boring.

They're good for getting battles over quickly though. You either win quickly with some good charges, or lose quickly with some bad ones.

Dwarves are more fun and, while they're not as manueverable, they make up for it pretty well. Gyros can help marchblock enemies, Miners can disrupt their back battle line, you can shoot up tough targets and even your missile troops are pretty decent in melee. I think they're a good choice.

The only caveat is they're tough enough that a little luck let's you get away with bad tactical play at times and if you rely on that luck, it'll bite you.

05-12-2007, 22:33
Llew u voiced my opinion on the little bit of forgivingness (is that a word) because it would let him make a tactical mistake and still hav hope for what that mistake would usually take away. he is certainly a good enough tactician to realize his mistakes quickly, and definitely if the enemy takes advantage of it. in other words, hes smart enough not to put faith in this, just to learn from and be able to survive a mistake. also, we are thinking of splitting BfSP cus he could use the dwarfs and we both need the rulebook (i know 7th edition rules, but still only actually hav the 6th edition book). it would help him start with only a little investment. hed get warriors thunderers miners and other dwarfs and id get the gobbos (mayb use em as fodder for my HE) and wed share the rulebook. i know all of the rules anyway, and he lives across the street so its very feasible. any huge reasons why not to do so would be greatly appreciated, and also what other units should he get? i was going to say warriors definitely cus theres only lik 12 in BfSP so 28 warriors isnt bad. 12 thunderers is fine for a unit right? so mayb just an elite unit lik hammerers or ironbreakers for now and use a warrior as a character (convert a little and all). what elite would b recommended taking into account what he wants for an army. i was thinking hammerers cus stubborn and option for GW or HW&S so versatile infantry and hard to budge. any comments appreciated

05-12-2007, 22:53
Proxy first or find out if he can borrow someones army to try it out.

You don't want to start an army, then learn the rules and find out you don't like the team you picked anymore...

06-12-2007, 01:35
yea, what would be an a 1000 pt cc infantry dwarf army? i was thinkin lik 2 blocks of 20 warriors, 1 block of 20 hammerers or ironbreakers or sumthin. a hero for lik 150 pts. that has a 1+ save and a 5+ ward or something. what are typical dwarf characters like for 150 pts in 1000 pts. also, would there be miners or something lik that.

08-12-2007, 00:49
hey can dwarfs use DoW? my friend was thinking about using some cav, just cus he likes cav, and the maneuverability and all. is this legal or is it just not worth it and thats why noone does it?

Sergeant Uriel Ventris
08-12-2007, 01:10
hey can dwarfs use DoW? my friend was thinking about using some cav, just cus he likes cav, and the maneuverability and all. is this legal or is it just not worth it and thats why noone does it?

EVERYONE can use Dogs of War, except Bretonnians. That being said, there are restrictions on which armies can use which troops, for example Dwarfs cannot use Ruglud's Armored Orcs. The PDF files with the rules for Dogs of War and Regiments of Renown can be found on the Games Workshop website here... http://uk.games-workshop.com/dogsofwar/lists/

On a realted note, why is it that the UK website has so many files and PDF's and the US site does not? *sigh* Curse you, Britain. I still want to visit sometime. Even if my money will be cut in half as soon as I land.

I'm not sure why people doesn't use DoW cavalry in Dwarf armies. Probably becasue it's not very fluffy. The refused flank deployment and use of Gyrocopters to harry your opponent's flank is the best way to go. Dwarfs are very fun, I'm sure your friend will have a great time with them.