View Full Version : New League, New Team?

07-12-2007, 15:55
There is going to be a new Blood bowl league forming at my local club, and I'm trying to decide what team to run.

In the past I have run mostly Undead teams. But I've come into some models, so I'm not 'sold' on what team to use.

What team would be best between:

A Halfling team with 2 treemen?
An undead team?
A Pro elf team?

I think the halfling team would be a change of pace, but I would worry about getting frustrated and not being competative. I'm usually pretty good with the undead team, but I also think a pro-elf team would be good competition for others, and a new challenge as well.

So what team should I run?

the anti santa
07-12-2007, 18:37
1st off is it LRB4 or 5? I know most leagues go with 5, but some people prefer 4.

Well halflings are awful, if you face Norse, Dwarf or Chaos dwarf early on you'll be in serious trouble. They are a lot of fun however so if you don't mind losing lots then they are worth taking, and even if you score or kill anyone then you can claim a moral victory at least. They are much worse in LRB5 though.

Pro Elves are a really good team on offence, they are almost impossible to stop scoring, with all the Nerves of Steel about, dump off can be a great skill and blodging blitzers are a pain too. They do die quite easily though so if your league is bash heavy then you may fall behind other teams, but journeymen and inducements really help elfs. They do suck a bit on defence but if the ball does pop loose they can easily snatch it and score.

Undead are a good solid team, my personal favourite, you can start with a great line up and with regen they can take some serious punishment. They are one of the few teams that you can "complete" quite easily (have nothing to spend money on) so you can even buy inducements such as an igor with real money. They can go toe to toe with most teams on the bashing front and are faster than most other bashers, in emergencies the wights and ghouls can play the passing game too. Make sure you skill up the zombies and skellies, try and score with them if you can as the other players tend to hog SPP's.

I'd suggest Pro Elfs, they can do cool stuff and are quite rare so it's nice to have a bit of variety, just be prepared to be a bit of a punching bag as they are almost as fragile as the flings.