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11-12-2007, 21:34
Starting to look into Mordheim and got a few questions. I like the WH and Undead models the most, but also a little attracted to start CoC.
Wich warband would you recommend for a newb? Read that WH aren't the greatest but is it possible to win with, and how? Where do you get more warhound models and how do you expand your CoC warband without using the same models twice?

Anyone got any good lists for these 3 warbands to start with?

Thanks in advance :)

Etienne de Beaugard
12-12-2007, 01:31
Just about any 'official' warband is acceptable to start with. Go with the band that gives you the best 'tingly' feeling.

Witch Hunters - Witch Hunters do quite well in the early stages of the campaigns. They have good initial model choice, and with warhounds, some cheap starting combat muscle. Where Witch Hunters begin to weaken is mid-campaign. With a small maximum model count, the Witch Hunters get stuck with a hired sword payroll or with being seriously outnumbered every game. They can and do still win, in the hands of a skilled player, but they are one of the weaker warbands in mature campaigns.

Models - There is not need to ever have a repeat model in any Mordheim warband. You have the entire WHFB range to chose from, and as long as your not playing in a GW shop you can use miniatures from any company you want. Besides, with heavy conversion, to models can have the same base mini but very different end appearances.

12-12-2007, 07:46

Mordhiem is fantastic and as said above is the converters dream like Necromunda. You'll probably never have more than 20 models so each can be converted from anything. Witch Hunter warhounds can be brought seperatly from GW, Other miniature companies or from some of GWs older ranges if you can get them (eBay?). I've sen chaos hounds used (de-chaosfied of course).

Which warband to use, well which one looks and feels the best. Witch hunters are the same as most of the bands to start with, later on you'll find that the limit crimps your style a bit and hired swords become neccesary, but the flagellants make up for this. Stay away from zealots though, they are absoloute rubbish and only there to bulk up the numbers....although with 5 heroes, 5 flagellants and two puppies, theres no room for them.

Undead is a trickier warband as you rely on the vampire and one wrong move spells curtains. The necromancer and Dregs are rather poor and thus only there to make money for you, keep them safe and rely on the Vamp, Ghouls and Dire Wolves for power. Zombies are ok, but so very slow and remember only the Ghouls gain XP.

The CoC is tricky to use but can be very powerful, remember strongmen are the big hitters here, nurglings rock and beware of paying ot much for the Tainted ones. Some people regard the Nurgles Rot skill as too powerful, it is, but who cares its your warbands signature skill.

Overall I'd say witch hunters will probably give you the easiest time, but why not play a few games with proxys and try them all out?

Finally, remember you need loads and loads of terrain for Mordhiem (otherwise my marienburg marksmen will destroy you with mass crossbow fire!)

Have Fun

12-12-2007, 09:41
Thanks for the information :) Seems like I'll go for the witch hunters to begin with then. So.. 5 heroes, 5 flagellants and 2 hounds then. Anyone got any tips on how to equip these ok for the first Mordheim fight? A starting list would be cool :) Thanks

12-12-2007, 10:34
Head over to specialist games for all the rules and warbands for free!

You probably wont be able to get the full 12 guys I mentioned in a starting warband, they are all costly, but you should be able to squeeze in 5 heroes, a coupel of flagellants and a coupel of puppies. Equipment wise, Crossbows for range power on a couple of hunters (and your captain who has BS 4) swords and pistols for the CC guys. The priest cant go too wrong with two hammers and a helmet depending on what prayer you get.

Flagellants is a matter of choice, they get three options, one of which is the pathetic morning star so ignore that and pick between flails and Great Weapons. I prefere flails because they dont strike last and in Mordhiem combat is usually decided quickly.

Tactics, well try forming two teams, CC and ranged. Use the ranged guys to cover the attack and deny open areas. Deploying up high means a betetr line of sight. The CC team of Priest, Flaggies and puppies can advance and gang up on the enemy to knock out the foe. Use cover to hide from enemy missile wepaopsn and try to keep people covered so if they get charged you can counter charge. Try not to split up too much if you can avoid it because alone peopel can pick you off easily.

Finally when considering hired swords the Tilean Marksman is your friend.

Have Fun

12-12-2007, 10:40
Thanks for great tactics :) Ill start shopping then. Will also put up a list when I figure out one. Thanks again, sound slike alot of fun!