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15-12-2007, 15:10
Welcome all to this my general and all encompasing log of warhammer related activity! i've been collecting warhammer for 11 years and have gone though a fare number of 40k and fantasy armies. At the moment i am collecting the following;

A large nuln/ wissenland themed empire army
A generic beast of chaos horde
A von carstein vampire counts army
a large vostroyan/ standard cadian imperial guard mixed force

This is all just dandy but a fair few model need a lick of paint. Thus i have made a 'radical' decision. i am not going to buy any more model untill i paint what i already have for each army, and the grand aim for 2009 is to get all my spare models painted by Christmas day 2009 (so just over a year). I'm planning to do my guard as my 'iron halo' comitment (more of that in january) and my VC after the new book comes out in march.

that thats enough gassing for one post so with the traditional pic of the working space here goes nothing!

my desk

my paint station

15-12-2007, 15:19
right my first item to paint is a trio of bronzinos galloper guns. The cannons themselves are done, and the horses and limbers are undercoated. should have them done by monday (well hope springs eternal)




15-12-2007, 16:54
I love those galloper cannons. I'm painting one up myself at the moment. They even look great if you just use them as small caliber cannons and completely forget about the horses and special rules. Are they for your empire or do you also have some DOW?

16-12-2007, 11:32
yes, rather than the massive calibre of the great cannons. do have any tactical ideas for them other than running down the flank and enfalding units? i thinking of taking 2 in a 3000pt game against some dwarves next week. there mainly for my empire army (the imperial horse artillery). i do love dogs of war, and was thinking of collecting them, but empire have more options + cheaper.

an update on the painting i've done the limbers for the galloper guns and i started on the horses but got bored...... so i painted Kazrack the one eye and an empire wizard instead. i'll stick some shots of my progress this evening

16-12-2007, 16:42
right here's some pics of what ive worked on this weekend. none of the galloper guns as the horses are still unfinished and pictures of plain limbers probably dosn't apeal. so here's my Khazrak and two empire wizards (one WIP)


side shot
metal wizard
sorry about the relativly poor quality of photos. its not my camera and it dosn't like shooting in artificual light, also i have to be stone still to prevent blur...... any tips on how to stop this?

16-12-2007, 16:43
right and due to picture limit heres my WIP other wizard all on his own :cries:


WIP light wizard (he has already picked up a nick name as the 'ultramarine'...... stupid blue and white combo)


16-12-2007, 16:45
Damn, how do you manage to have such a clear painting area? lol

Loving Khazrak (so far as I can tell), didn't know you did Empire though :p

Cant wait for more,

Edit: @^ lol, its Gargamel :D

16-12-2007, 17:26
oh i did a special tidy up for your benefit, normaly its the usual 'organised chaos' look.

yea i know my photos are rubish but i can't cheek them till there on photo bucket and i can't be bothered to change them then. i'll bring khazark down with the rest of the beasts on thursday to the club for you to have a proper look. i real annoyed, he WAS my last thing to paint for my beasts but a mate gave me a late birthday present of another herd box+spares.....another 25 to do.... is there no end?
i've done empire for ages now, since the begining of 6th edition, but because there in one of the big cases i can't easily bring them down to the shop.
oi! back off or he'll he'll....... i dont know throw smurfs at you

16-12-2007, 20:14
When you're taking photos try looking for the white balance setting on your camera, there should be a light bulb symbol you can turn on that filters out the yellow light caused by light bulbs. And if you want to make sure you don't get motion blur set the camera on a tripod, book or any flat surface and use the timer to take the picture, stops you from having to hold it and introducing movement.

Prince Sairion
17-12-2007, 16:18
Yep, painting area far too tidy (paint pots on top of eachother was the main giveaway!)

As for the models they seem good mate, if you can get any group photos of finished stuff that would be nice.

I'll keep an eye (my right one) on this. Look forward to seeing more.

17-12-2007, 21:05
oh it gets worse, my paints are organised into shades of colour, light to dark (eg blood red, red gore etc)
i'll do some group shots of my beasts on thursday when i use them at my local club, and empire on sunday when i have a massive 3k game against an unknown dwarf player

17-12-2007, 23:13
looking good Sainthale ... If I could make a suggestion it would be to try using thinner shades for the lighter colours like the white and the red. if you dilute the paint slightly with water, apply then leave to dry, then repeat two or three times you'll find you get a far smoother finish then if you use one coat straight from the pot. Takes a little more time but the results are worth it (though for red you can also try the foundation red paint)

look forward to seeing more

24-12-2007, 20:00
right 'real life' in this the most festive of seasons has seen be neglecting the hobby a bit, but fear (not) as i shall do a proper update of my progress on boxing day, as sainthale prepares for iron halo! so that just leaves me to say Merry Chirstmas to one and all, peace and good will to all men (but death and destruction to all elves and eldar) everywhere!

04-01-2008, 15:30
right heres the first post of 2008 now that 'real life' has finaly stopped getting in the way.

at the end of last month i finished;



my empire light wizard

04-01-2008, 15:31



my galloper guns and bronzino.... not very happy how the white horses came out anybody got a better way of doing them?

04-01-2008, 15:32


and a couple of ogres (the rest will be pretty much the same).

04-01-2008, 15:35
right sorry for the horendous amount of multi posting but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

My next project(s) are;

A) for Iron Halo i'm finishing off my guard army which is 2 leman russ, 1 banblade and about 70 cadians by march ( when new VC come out w00t!)

B) for a 'tale of 40k games' style project i'm doing with the club in east grinstead i'm starting a deamon hunters army so i've got my first batch of 8 to do by the end of the mounth

Death Korp
05-01-2008, 09:52
Looking very interesting :)

I'm looking towards seeing some Guardsmen though, i like the Guard :)

Anyway, when does the Iron Halo begin?


05-01-2008, 10:21
i'll get some pics of my guard as they fight in an apocolypse game tomorrow. yes its lots and lots of guardsmen as i go for the standard 'meat shield' and armour combo.

Iron Halo has already begun for us down at Brighton GW, and i've already got my first spike but i think it varies over the country (and i haven't a clue about over the Pond). Cheeck your local GW