View Full Version : Firebase Issue #5 SG section feedback.

Chaos and Evil
16-12-2007, 18:48
If you've any comments, suggestions or insults for Firebase's SG team, please leave your feedback here.

16-12-2007, 21:10
Just one... Where is it? There are several threads stating that issue five is out, and a link to the Firebase page... but only issues up to four are visible to me. :(

Chaos and Evil
16-12-2007, 21:35
Go here:


Apparently you need to be logged in to see the downloads.

16-12-2007, 22:11
You are right. Why do we need to be logged in to download issue five, but not the first four? It seems to hide the magazine from outsiders, which cant be a good idea.

17-12-2007, 03:29
I think issue 15 is the best Firebase so far (under 10mb!). Although it misses the Warp Rift add I mailed Ash. Guess the change of team missed that one.

Chaos and Evil
17-12-2007, 17:15

Mail me the Warp Rift add next time.

I'd love to have an article or two from the Warp Rift team too.