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18-12-2007, 21:12
Hey, I started collecting wood elves sort of recently and I'm wondering what I should get next. So far i have 24 glade guard/scouts, 16 dryads, 16 glade riders, a highborn on a horse, and 3 waywatchers. should I get more dryads? what is a good unit size for them? do I need any more glade guard? I don't have a particular theme in mind though I don't really like the tree kin or tree man models so I don't think I'll be getting those. I figure I don't need any more waywatcher models as I can just round out the unit with scout models or use them as scouts themselves. Thanks in advance for any help you might have.

03-01-2008, 14:03
It really depends on the type of list you want to run. Some wardancers might not be a bad place to start. It would be nice to have a combat unit. How about a spellsinger? You dont seem to have any magic offence or defence.

If you post what kind of list you are going for then you might get a little more responses.

03-01-2008, 14:53
I think dryads are best kept in units of 8. You don't get ranks and you have pretty big bases so there is no reason to take a lot of them.

You need a few more waywatchers. I like mine in units of 5 but I know some people like them bigger.

You should play a few games first with what you have and then go from there. If you like running around and shooting then go that way, if you like the trees go that way, if you like a mix then keep it up.

Another thing you can do is look at some of the lists online here and proxy a few to try it out and see if they are to your liking.

03-01-2008, 15:31
Some Beastmen to foul the glades...

Mr. Smuckles
03-01-2008, 16:03
- More dryads always
- Wardancers are a great hammer unit
- Roll your own treeman mini - Seriously, there are some great alternatives and he is one of the better units in the WE army

03-01-2008, 19:03
I hate to join the frenzied mob in saying you should get more Dryads, but....well, it's hard not to if I'm being honest. A Wood Elf army can perform just as well without them, of course, but in my experience they're great, and I'd suggest them. However, looking at what you've already got, you might have enough of them as it is. I have a small 1000 point WE force, and use only 16 of them(with a Branchwraith). I think that's enough, for me anyway.

What you get after that depends heavily on the style of army you wish to employ. Now for me, if I ever get around to expanding my WE, I'll be going for a close combat oriented army. As it stands now, it's a rather balanced force, with a slight lean towards getting into combat quickly and forcefully.

So, for combat superiority I suggest Dryads, Treekin, Wardancers, and Wild Riders, for the most part. Backed up with the already formidable ranged capabilities of the WE, this makes for a rather effective force I've found.

Also, Warhawk Riders are another excellent option. And of course, there's the Treeman. I've yet to take one, or even consider taking one, but the temptation is there. They're very, very good, to put it gently.

03-01-2008, 19:39
Actually, if you're interested I have a thread in the army lists section that deals with just this subject. I'm playing around with the idea of expanding my small WE force as well, so you might want to check that out sometime, if only just to see where a fellow player in a similar situation is at.

03-01-2008, 19:59
well I just played a game against orcs a few days ago so I'll post my list:

Noble with alter kindred, hail of doom arrow, great weapon
Noble with wild rider kindred

10 GGaurd
10 GGaurd
8 GRiders
8 Dryads
8 Dryads
8 WRiders
3 Tree Kin
10 Wardancers

I slaughtered his army by the way. The alter kindred noble was the man of the match; the spellweaver didn't do much. the wild rider noble also didnt perform as well as i'd hoped. The wardancers got charged by black orcs and subsequently broke and fled. The tree kin did very well. I'm wondering if I should get eternal guard but my army did well without them.

03-01-2008, 20:06
If you don't like the treeman models, you could just convert an "ent" model from The Lord Of The Rings GW game, and put him on his original base. My friend did it, and it looks awsome!! Really, it's worth the effort. It only took him 3 hours to convert

03-01-2008, 22:16
I'm with Kongen, the LoTR Ent models look very nice, and I think they'd make excellent Treemen, or better yet, Treeman Ancients. I'm not sure on just how well the size of it translates, though, knowing that LoTR models are typically a bit smaller than Warhammer ones.

Either way, you can't really go wrong with adding a Treeman to your army, no matter what it looks like. They're beasts.