View Full Version : How do Inquisitorial Retinues work?

swanky whoopee
18-12-2007, 22:10
I've been browsing the Inquisitorial Task Force army list, and I don't understand how the retinue of an inquisitor works.

With the purchase of an inquisitor, you are able to take 0-4 henchmen and 0-4 support staff. Do these numbers refer to units of henchmen/support staff? I would assume so, because they have individual statistics in the list. However, if that is so, is the inquisitor suppose to be a single model on a base, or is it meant to include arbitrary models like guardsmen or servitors as well? I suppose it is just confusing because the inquisitors statistics don't have any small arms for assistants, and I'm assuming that it is not suppose to be the sole model on the base.

Lord Inquisitor
20-12-2007, 18:24
Each of these - Inquisitor, Support Staff and Warrior Henchmen - is a unit. So ~5 models on a stand. The Inquisitor is accompanied by his most trusted warband, probably the best-equipped and armoured too.

Hmm, perhaps I should put some small arms on the Inquisitor then? I was avoiding that because (a) it unnecessarily complicated the datafax and (b) you aren't going to find two inquisitors with the same weapons.

I think the confusion would be most easily solved by actually putting in pictures of the units into the datafaxes. Believe me, this is in the pipeline! I just need to finish off my army and get some decent photos taken...

Personally, I use the Imperial Guard and Space Marine character packs in conjunction to model my retinues. A Marine Captain in Terminator armour makes an imposing Inquisitor, vox operators and sanctioned psykers make good support staff, commissars and ogryns makes good warrior henchmen.