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23-12-2007, 10:41
Hi To everyone,

I'm looking for a good ship battle game (either fantasy or hystorical)

A friend of mine introduced the "pirates of the cursed seas..." but i'm not terribly keen on the plasticard ship.

Do you recon stat Man o War (i know how difficult is find ships,ecc.) will be a good idea o do you know a better one?

thanks pat

24-12-2007, 10:12
Yes, Man'o'war is a fun game and easy to pick up the rules of, even if you cant get hold of them easily. The game plays well and if your nto to worried about boring htings like the physics of reloading a cannon bigger than most ships, its a blast.

MOW is very difficult to get hold of cheaply. You do need the templates as well as the rules to play it. A couple of websites used to have everything up on PDF but they were closed by GW or have otherwise disappered over the years. eBay and its chums remain the best bet.

The problem with buying MOW miniatures is the mast and sails. Plastic masts are difficult to find and can be very costly. This is the main reason sealed MOW boxes sell for so much, is the collectors looking for a mast sprue. Again an eBayer was casting and selling metal masts but I think he has also been shut down. My advice, go for the game, but build your own ships out of plasticard or polystyrene. The scale is very small and you can whip something decent up, especially if you want to play something other than Dwarves or Empire (the two that seem to have the most minis about). Later releases like Chaos Dwarves and The Chaos fleets are hard to find because they had a short run. Brettonian Bucaneers had thier mould ...dropped...so are in short supply equally the empire mortar barges (Ironfists?) are very very very rare! The horde fleets like orcs or skaven require a very large number of models and so can be expensive in that way.

Factionwise, Empire, Brettonia, High Elves, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Chaos (especially Nurgle) are all competetive.
Skaven and Orks are a joke! There were undead released in the citadel journal but you had to convert them yourself.

Have fun

24-12-2007, 16:57
;)Thanks for your reply,
I think I'll definitely go for MOW. Home made masts or scratch built ships won't be a big problem..( i've been converting miniatures for the last 12 years)

I think I'll go definitely for dwarfes and perhaps tzeentch (my WHFB favourites armys)

Thanks again

24-12-2007, 18:02
Dwarves rock, since they have steampunk iron ships. Monitors, Ironclads, The mighty dreadnaught and the excellent Nautilus submarines! They are a good beginners fleet becauseyou dont have to worry about the wind direction and theres normally plenty on eBay due t otheir popularity (and they dont need masts!)
Chaos tends to have two ships per power and you have to include the undivided Death Galley squadron in the fleet. Tzeentch has the mighty Great Winged Terror as well as the Bane Tower and Lord of Change
If your going Chaos make sure you get the plague fleet expansion as it has the chaos rules and templates and you'll need them! Man'o'War is all about the card bits.