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Cirrus the Blue
27-12-2007, 08:14
So, I'm busy working on my campaign and I'm still working my way through the rules nice and carefully so as not to miss anything for the rules changes I'm working on, but I have in the meantime come up with some new stuff, as well including a couple of new scenarios - one specific for Morkers and am working on another specific to Gorkers as well and will put that one up soon as I've got it smoothed out. Let me know what you guys think about this one, eh? :D I used 'Da Rumble' as a template mostly and just added a bunch of special stuff on top, so it should work rather well I'd think. :)

New Scenario

1. Da 'Mektown Speed Freaks' Club Racing (Available only to Morkers)

It's a widely known and established truth that Morkers simply need the speed, so it's only natural that a number of likeminded Orks have managed to develop a secret and exclusive underground racing society filled with a plethora racing clubs designed to feed their insatiable thirsts for maniacal, break-neck stunt driving - and da Mektown Speed Freaks is one such racing club.

This scenario is only available to be chosen by Morker mobs, however, the choosing mob may still challenge Gorker mobs to take part in this scenario should they choose to do so. Gorkers simply don't have the proper racin' and drivin' connections to seek out these particular speed freak clubs on their own.

- Each mob decides on a particular area inside Mektown (or outside as the case may be) in which to hold the race. The three different types of race available are as follows. To see which venue is chosen, roll a D3. If minimal terrain is available, the venue is automatically set at Bottlenekk Pass.

1. Mektown Streets
- This venue takes place in the inner city roadways and denizens of Mektown, thus terrain should be dense and mainly consisting of buildings, bars, and workshops, and placed in a street and district style of placement.
- Any vehicles which have been immobilized are counted as out of action.

Special Roolz
- This venue uses Da Busy Streets rule: Roll a D6 each time the leading vehicle approaches an established intersection within 6 inches. On the roll of a 6 a random buggy has unexpectedly begun to drive through the intersection at a speed of 6 inches per turn (gas engines) and must be avoided to prevent a collision!!
- This is an ordered race, thus each of the vehicles must follow a series of checkpoints which are placed in an organized and relatively flowing fashion through the crowded streets of Mektown in order to reach the finnish line.
- The race lasts until one vehicle makes it past the finnish line first.

2. Bottlenekk Pass
- This venue takes place in the open desert, thus terrain should be sparse with bits of random junk, rocks, forts, and various other obstructions along the way.
- Any vehicles which have been immobilized are counted as out of action.

Special Roolz
- This venue uses modified Da Rollin' Road rules: The road scrolls a total of 12 inches per turn instead of the original 6.
- The race lasts a total of 10 full turns before the bottleneck appears and ends when one vehicle passes through the gap first.
- The bottleneck is big enough for one vehicle only!!

3. Mektown Serkitt
- This venue takes place in a closed racing circuit, thus the only obstructions are the edges of the track and the other participating mobs' vehicles (or warriors as the case may be).
- Any vehicles which have been immobilized are counted as out of action.

Special Roolz
- This venue uses the Spiky Wallz rule: If any vehicle comes within 1 inch of the edge of the track, it counts as having sustained a Sideswipe result from the many blades and scrap metal lining the walls.
- Each participant drives the circut and must complete 3 full laps and cross the finnish line first to win the race.
- For modelling the track, the circuit should be at least 3 by 4 feet in size with an approximately 16-20 inch wide track and can be in either an oval or figure 8.

- Any number of mobs may take part in this scenario.
- Each mob is allowed to bring a single buggy, trukk, trakk, or bike, with it's driver. In addition, with the exception of bikes, the vehicle may either have a fixed weapon and it's gunner, or two warriors. No other vehicles or warriors may be taken.
- Each player should roll a D6. Starting with the highest scoring player, each player places their vehicle at the starting line no closer than 2 inches from an opposing mob's vehicle.

Startin' - The Revvin' an' Shoutin' Roll
- Each player rolls a D6, and adds the number of Orks (or every 2 Diggas) in their mob on the table (Grots are too squeaky!) to see who makes the loudest noise. The player with the highest score gets the first turn, the second highest goes next, and so on (re-roll any ties).

Hand-toHand Combat
- As there are usually more than two mobs fighting in Mektown Club Racing, the following rule is used to determine who fights in which hand-to-hand combat phase. Rather than all models in close combat fighting in every hand-to-hand phase, only warriors from that mob, fight in the hand-to-hand phase. Hand-to-hand combats that only involve warriors from other mobs are not resolved until the hand-to-hand phase of those players' turns.

Entry Feez an' Da Big Prize
- Mobs each spend the required amount of teef as an entry fee to buy their way into the race. The entry fee is D6 teef. The total amount of teef is gathered up and put into a pot to hold until after the race. The winning mob adds the total amount of teef won from the pot into their hoard.

- Nobody can bottle out from the race - there's far too much respect at stake for second thoughts. A mob has won and the scenario ends once it has crossed the finnish line with it's vehicle still in tact or all other mobs are out of action (unable to finnish the race). A vehicle may be out of control without a driver when it crosses the finnish line and still win, however, it must have at least 1 warrior from the owning mob clinging on to some part of the vehicle and this warrior may have even gone Down during the battle.

- Mobs collect income as normal.

- Survives +D6
- Wounding Hit +5
- Penetrating Hit +5
- Bein' Da Loudest +1
- Winning +10 for the Nob (if he participates) and +5 for the Driver.