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30-12-2007, 16:23
figured i might as well start a log of my work instead of random posts in the MP forum. i paint alot, prolly 2-3 hours a day, more on off days and weekends. at the moment i am working on a warlock titan for my eldar


im waiting on the d-cannon to come in the mail. still working on rules for him, but ill prolly go with the BoLS rules with some minor tweakage.

im also working on orks at the moment to bring my old army up to speed with the new codex. at the moment im working on deffkptas, a battlewagon and some kommandos. i already have a few thousand points painted and ready to go, but i feel like adding to it.

other things you will see in this log is my tyranids and deathguard. i have four armies. eldar, orks, deathguard and tyranids, each one is at 3000 points at least.

my nids and deathguard are on the backburner right now, as i need to finish off this titan, and a seer council for a big apoc game comming up in the end of january. after i finish those ill be hitting up orks:

warboss on bike
SAG mek
Old Zogwort
Boss Snikrot
15 lootas/oddboyz

once i bang out a compete FOC of orks, ill be going back to deathguard to create a plaguetower. around this time, Gamesday should be rolling around, i plan on picking up a hierophant for my nids, a vampire raider for my eldar and another dred for my deathguard. its gonna be a fallen drednaught to go with my elite chosen "fallen" armed with inferno cannon and siege drill (no flaming, its my choice)

so check in often, ill be posting regularly, or as often as i can, prolly 2-3 times a week. right now its the titan.

Mr Feral
30-12-2007, 16:32
Nice Titan, the pose crushing the predator and the freehand is very nice. I look forward to the Plague Tower.

30-12-2007, 17:15
im debating if i should add color to the ends of the holofield fins, any suggestions? leave it black or color it up?

Your Evil Twin
30-12-2007, 17:19
Its my old titan! (I traded it for his Reaver!)

Its looking great, much better than sitting on my shelf in pieces! Particularly like the gold, iv never like metallics on Eldar but on a model this big it really works. Where did you get the head or is it a conversion?

Also looking forward to the plague tower!
Your Evil Twin

30-12-2007, 18:20
Where did you get the head or is it a conversion?

a small company called merlyn made some phantom titan alternate heads and guns. while they are out of business, these alternates pop up on ebay once and a while, when i got the phantom, i decided i wanted to run it as a warlock, so i went hunting for the head, and also for the psylance that is a trademark warlock titan weapon.

btown and ebay turned up very little, but i picked up the head and the lance from another eldar player for "realative" cheapness. i also picked up a d-cannon, also made by merlyn, that should be here wednesday.

funny though, this same seller i got these pieces from has ANOTHER phantom for sale i might pick up. he also has the harlequin head and powerfist for the phantom, so i might make a harlequin titan, with fist, harlie head and heatlance if i can find the cash soon.

total props to "your evil twin" for the good trading, i look forward to see what he does with the reaver i traded him.

31-12-2007, 02:00
did some work tonight. i had snikrot done for a while, but i finished modelling his kommandos, as well as using 2 of the new burna boyz. having a choice between 2 flame templates or 6 PW attacks is nice a flexible for when i come up behind some enemy lines.

used alot of plastic trees in the conversions, i was gonna use larger bases, but opted against draining my base stock for this unit. painting will match the color of the trees, to make them even more camofluage-like, with the signature red masks and yellow eyes the only thing im gonna pick out. extra details on the burna boyz and snikrot of course.

in the background i have my 2 first dethkoptas. one is made from a bike, with a rotor and blade for the air lift. big bomm is forgeworld.

the other is a looted pirhana i picked up last night. tossed the fishheads and stuk the trukk driver in, used a havoc launcher for the rokkits, again the big bomms are forgeworld. making 3 more, 1 more bike, prolly a looted eldar jetbike (or vyper, then prolly a landspeeder or something.



31-12-2007, 13:29
Can you give us a side veiw of the copters? keep it up!

Your Evil Twin
31-12-2007, 15:50
oooh a looter pirhana, may have to nick that for DA Flyboys! (my flying ork army)

Also are those the new ork bits i can see, if so how did you get them I though they wernt out till the 12th?

Keep it up!
Your Evil Twin

31-12-2007, 16:53
the spearhead has been available for a week or so, i had to jump on it, orks are my numba wun army!

pics of stuff when batteries charge.

31-12-2007, 17:41
This stuff looks really cool, the Titan has a very nice paint job and the deafkoptas are pretty ill conversions. Good job

31-12-2007, 17:45
for "relative" cheapness

The titan is looking really solid Studder, the lightning bits on the head are great. Psywand is good stuff too, gems FTW.

And there's a harlie titan too?? I vote on NO veil of tears for that beast :cries:

The flying bike is pretty nifty, as is the looted fishface-mobile.

- Salvage

31-12-2007, 18:03
side views on koptas:


today i finished off ghazzie, and im about halfway through Old Zogwort. my woman is comming home early, and we are gearing up for a bangin new years event (dominos and movie) so i think zogwort will be finished tomorrow. then im gonna dive neck deep into the SAG MEK and the Mad Hatta boss on bike. after that its seer council time, then back to the kommandos when that is done.

01-01-2008, 19:05
so i got some work done last nght. got a SAG mek done, but he didnt want to photograph well, so he is sitting this one out.

first up is ghazkull thraka. in the beginning i had the model to use to make another custom warobss, but i decided to paint him up as he is and use his rules in APOC games. the model is always nice to aint, and its like my 4th time painting him. twice with the new model, twice when he had makira.
next is old Zogwort, my first attmpt at real OSL, and i think it came out ok. not the greatest, but it rearely is the first time. lots of color with this one, all the sankes and stuff, i really wanted lots of color to show off his savage nature.
last is my warbike boss, Dekka Deffskul, The Herald of Wazdakka. and his attack squig "bonez). his story is he roams the random waaaaghs to find a waaaagh worthy of his boss, wazdakka. his attack squig shares the same "skullz" facepaint as his master. ill be using this model in larger APOC games, prolly as a tankhunter.

Your Evil Twin
01-01-2008, 20:04
Nice work!

The OSL on zogwort looks great as does the flyers!

Not sure about the biker as hes seems to be wheeling over backward but it might just be the shot!

Your Evil Twin

01-01-2008, 20:28
Nice job on zogwart, really like all the colors. I really like the Deffskull one, especcially the tophat!

02-01-2008, 14:54
Zog's a good 'un! The OSL is pretty intense, but it works, and the rest of the lad is solid, very colorful stuff.

Nice work on the wheely boss, the Best Bossing Hat is money. My favorite bit is the skull paint on the squig though :D

- Salvage

02-01-2008, 22:15
got the d-cannon for the warlock today, and hit it up with some paint. now the warlock is fully assembled and ready for war. touch ups tonight then im double sealing it, another big project down. up next, more orks!


03-01-2008, 12:23

- Salvage

03-01-2008, 22:21
small update for today. bee working on snikrot and his kommandos today. basic conversions with the plastic trees and such. overall i like them alot. basic paint, kept it all brown and green to camo well with the trees, lil BG metal on the weapons, not much.


04-01-2008, 12:31
Commandos look nice, dig that red facepaint. That a klan? I remember seeing it from some coverage on the GeeDub site ...

Also, your other pics are still red X's for me :(

- Salvage

04-01-2008, 15:20
dunno why they are red x's, i see them fine, anyone elsehaving problems with the pics?

the red paint is the unit of kommandos that hang around snikrot, they daub their faces with the warm blood of their victims.

04-01-2008, 15:23
Red X's for me too :(


04-01-2008, 16:46
Looks like maybe you organized your photobucket maybe? Things are looking pretty neat in there, and moving pics into folders will mess up the links you originally posted before the clean-up ...


Alright, pics are (more or less) back! The completed titan looks very very nice, great work. Can't wait to have it obliterate my side of the board in APOC II: THE TITANING --- actually, I think I can last now that I think of it :cries:

- Salvage

14-01-2008, 19:49
whooooo, an update. been really busy as of late but i got some rather unconventional stuff or started. first up is my cannoness for my WH army i told myself i was gong to start 6 months ago but eldar stepped in instead, well eldar are done with and i dont want to start WH yet, but i want to apint the cannoness. im actually taking my time on the WH stuff, as i think the army looks great when you spend time on it. we have a sister's player in our group, and his stuff looks pretty good, so im gonna take the same route, just a different color scheme of course.


up next is the seer council for my eldar in APOC, pretty run of the mll. eldrad, 3 farseers, and 9 warlocks, most with augemnt so i can blast off mind wars and dooms at over 36 inches.


the next is a WIP shot of my zombie eversors and the INQ i need to field them. the INQ is not a lord so i dont need any henchmen, but since the INQ is sitting in a giant toilet, i couldnt resist giving him the toilet papaer servitor.


last, but not least is the cargo for my skullhammer:


14-01-2008, 23:39
quick update on the cannoness. i figured the blessed weapon could be more then a sword, and the sword has been done to death, so i went with an axe. kept the blade in sink with the color scheme, still loads of work til she is done. need to final the armor, redo a few spots, detail the wings, then look the whole thing over. then another few days on the base.



15-01-2008, 01:43
I love the Inquisitor s(h)itting on his Throne :D

15-01-2008, 13:15
The toilet paper servitor makes me so happy, it's ridiculous :D

The cannoness looks aces, digging the color scheme and nice wings she's got going on.

Looking forward to seeing the skullhamma and it's 3x angry carnifex :evilgrin:

- Salvage

21-01-2008, 19:28
so long since an update. ive been on a short hiatus from painting, i havent touched a model in over 2 days! so anyways.

Gribble looks over his red hot shootas, in the distance he sees forms moving in the mist, and he can smell burnt corpses everywhere, the wagon is still moving, the shot must have bounced off of the hull.

"eh, boss, der are more of dem commin"

"Kan it ya lousy git, stay on dem shootas 'til dey get closa!"

all sort of noises were coming from the Runtmasta's lab. he could hear the force cage generators reeling under the pressure of the big ones. he remembers the fight they had to give them just to get them under control, kill a slew of grotz and orks, and kans, and a dred, but we got them he thought to himself. other things were in small cages, ugly, chaos things, smelly things. Ol' Wartsnagga had a fing for the wired things.

(pop pop pop, round bouncing off hull, a grot falls off the wagon, screaming as he hits the ground)

"boss, der is oomies in the viewa, i can see da tanks, i can see da tanks."

Runtmasta Wartsnagga pops his head out of a portal in his lab and spots the target, a row of artillery pieces sitting on a hilltop, with a load of imperial guardsmen in the midst, their lasgins bouncing off the armored plates of the Boss's wagon. a few large slug weapons take chunks out of wooden floorboards and such, but the wagon keeps moving.

suddenly the wagon picks up speed, gribble grabs onto his triggerguard, aiming in to make a good kill. he knew what was comming next, he knew the boss had plans for these humans.

"er, boss, dey is everywhere, more den i kan count, what do we do?"

"bah, shoot dem ya runt, i gotta hit the....."


with a crash of electical failure, the force cages fail, and an inhuman rorar fills the lab below, Boss Wartsnagga rushes through his porthole, clutching a small release valve in his hands.

"Fraggin meks, damned soddin meks and their soddin scrap"

"what we doin now boss?" gribble wimpered as the wagon began to shake. the imperial guardsmen were already near the wagon, laying bombs on the treads, lasfire bouncing everywhwere.

Boss Wartsnagga looks into the air, almost oblivious to the carnage around him, he gives a fierce laugh and clenches the release valve, a small red light flickers, and the blast hatches blast open from his lab.

the next thing gribble saw was the humans running, all of them, as the scythe beasts burst from the force cages, shrugging all incomming fire, the beasts made their way towards the tanks, where all the meat was.

"Fire up da enguns you useless runt, we gotta go katch dem again when da killin is done"

so my skullhammer is on its way, looking to have it doen for our big game on this saturday. banged out the carnifex cargo in record speed, 3 carnifexes in an hour.


this skullhammer is the personal wagon of Runtamaster Wartsnagga. its more of a mobile lab that he uses to catch and "tame" dangerous wildlife and xenos, only to shokk them into action against his enemies. the wagon is crewed bu gretchin and snotlings, all the guns are grot manned. it was a beast to make this piece, and im sure it will be more of a beast to paint, but i think it looks really good, very orky. it will double as my battle wagon in normal 40k games.

and just becuase i felt like it, i built up an expensive addition to my lixardmen army:



22-01-2008, 12:05
So that's 2 warhammer buildings mashed together up there? Looks good! Also dig the gun nests and bolt-on catapult, and the good and proppa hamma cannon :evilgrin:

Bright blue carni trio busting outta the thing is an awesome thing too :D

- Salvage