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31-12-2007, 14:00
This time the extra 'f' was intentional!

Hi again all, I decided that I should resserect my Project log due to all my Christmasy Warhammer goodies. The log will mostly be about my as yet unamed Guard army that comes in five 2000ish pts slices.

1 The scout and recon company -uses the Tanith doctrines in he back of the Guard book and using Catachan models

2 The chimera mounted rapid reaction force -Haven't decided on what doctrines to use and I will use Kasrkin and classic stormtrooper models

3 Black Hawk Down inspired airborne special forces- Uses the D-99 list from
IA4 I will probably use converted cadians, would love to use Elysians but I would never be able to afford them. They may or may not have valkyries all depend on wheter or not my conversion works out. :(

4 A tank company- uses the IA1 tank company list

5 And finally the defense and artillary conpany- uses the Defense units from IA4(e.g Sabers) and static firepower units from IA1(e.g Earthshaker platforms)

Ill have list for each part done hopefully by the weekend.

Pics of models will be up later tonight in the mean time I'll link to my photbucket enjoy.http://s71.photobucket.com/albums/i156/penguin663/?start=0

31-12-2007, 15:13
ooooh! You return! good luck wit da log off doom. You said you would make a comback, and nice models on your photobucket dude! Hope to see lots of painting!

31-12-2007, 19:13
Update time!

I only managed to work on Korhil as I was busy tryng to get video on to my Ipod( Why don't they ever make software conversion easy) and I fell asleep.

Korhil still very much PIP but I have finished the Lion cloak and the larger of his other cloaks.


01-01-2008, 16:21
Nice looking cloak. Can't wait to see him finished.

01-01-2008, 16:49
Looks good so far. You decided to start High Elves then? Or is this just a random project?

01-01-2008, 17:25
It's more a random purchase but the High Elves are tempting but so are the new Vampires. Curse you GW:p

Edit: What colour do you thing that I should do the cloth on Korhil I was thinking of doing a dark blue but I'm not 100% certain that is the colour that I want to do, so any suggestions are welcome.

02-01-2008, 17:29
Didn't get a lot painted today as I went to see "I am Legend". It crackalaking!:D

Photo time


Kommando's I bought these as I saw some of them in GW and they were really awesomely(sp?) painted especially the Nob;)

WD subscription model painted Imperial Fists because they are cool and I wanted something different from the usual Smurfs that are used at my Local.

Eversor with blue Syn skin

Warlock. Used this model to try out painting blue-white cloth

The valkyrie conversion. Im not 100% about this any comments welcome.

And finally this months ToP submission a Brass Scorpion of Nurgle

02-01-2008, 17:37
I like the blue Eversor. Makes a nice change from the boring black.

Not sure what's going on with that Valkyrie/Devilfish thing. Still looks far too Tau for an Imperial vehicle. Change the cockpit to something from a Hind or Apache gunship and rivet the armour I think. Break up the smooth curves with some more blocky looking parts somewhere.

Glad you liked the Kommando Nob. I'll paint my own one for Gorkamorka far better! :evilgrin:

02-01-2008, 17:50
I see what you mean. I might pick up an Apache tommorow at wonderland and see how I go from there. Also has Gorkamorka rules been published on the GW Website as there's been a few of people talking about it? And if so can someone point me in the direction.

02-01-2008, 18:23
Return of The log off Doom!

darn it, i thought it had finally flushed..... :angel:

anyhoo, nice stuff so far, watching with interest :D

02-01-2008, 20:21
I see what you mean. I might pick up an Apache tommorow at wonderland and see how I go from there. Also has Gorkamorka rules been published on the GW Website as there's been a few of people talking about it? And if so can someone point me in the direction.

Gorkamorka will be going up on the Specialist Games site to coincide with the release of the new Ork Codex and models. A little longer to wait unfortunately.

02-01-2008, 22:12
Woot an excuse to get me some Orkies (runs around room shouting "Waaagh" very very loudly).

02-01-2008, 22:20
I have been convincing Steve (GW Manager) to do a Specialist Games night every so often to enable Gorkamorka to be played instore. It should tie in with the Ork release well and give people like ourselves a reason to buy the new orks despite not planning a whole army. Great idea huh?

03-01-2008, 07:53
WOOT! always wanted to play GorkaMorka, and if you convince steve, i can learn how! Have you tried poking him with biscuits?

03-01-2008, 13:25
That would be a waste of biscuits. They'd get all fluffy... Bribery with mini doughnuts from Greggs works though.

03-01-2008, 17:28
When to Wonderland today with Shadowphrakt. Trust it to snow the one and only day that I can go to Wonderland till Febuary.

Oh well got me some good gubbins

Sandbags made by Tamiya, samuraimade by a Russian company(fatedesign wanted the banner for his Tau) and bandages to make sandbags.

Tank supplies set II and barricadesmade by Tamiya

Four different Tamiya weathering master paint thingys

15 sheets of A4 foam card tyo finish off my Defense laser/ missile silo and bunkers.

03-01-2008, 17:30
For anyone thats intrested I finished my Night Haunter/ Zho Sahaal model

Went from this

To this

03-01-2008, 20:58
Yeah, that was fun. You clipped all your sand bags off the sprue yet? be warned, some of the tamiya tank accessory things are a real ba5tard to get off the sprue. Good luck with the bandage thing!

03-01-2008, 23:31
Yeah, that was fun. You clipped all your sand bags off the sprue yet? be warned, some of the tamiya tank accessory things are a real ba5tard to get off the sprue. Good luck with the bandage thing!

Yeah I clipped them off just after you left and the Tamiya kit is very very very annoying to get stuff off. Would it kill them to attach the handles and the pouring thingy on the jerry cans? Oh have you tried the weathering paints they are crackalaking! Useed the soot on on my Brass Scorpion they look ace.

04-01-2008, 03:29
Damn, is that mostly from the new plastics? I'm still faffing about with almost entirely 2nd ed metals (Not being a plastic lover myself) but can see myself switching over when things like that beast can be made. Almost exactly how I imagined my raptor and terminator champions to look. Love the model.

As to Gorkamorka, did they ever update the original rules? (I can never keep track of what specialist games is at these days, I still play Blood Bowl with cards! ;)) Have the books about somewhere, even a few scrap counters rolling about in my dice bag, rather enjoyed it myself years back.

04-01-2008, 11:54
Oh have you tried the weathering paints they are crackalaking! Useed the soot on on my Brass Scorpion they look ace.

I tried them on my Thunb nail. look awesome! Though i applied them with the spnge (is that right) and brushed the excess off with the brush.

05-01-2008, 00:16
Sorry for the lack of a proper update today been busy with a wee side projest may post more deatails tommorow.

Does anyone know how to use the Tamiya Weathering Master paints cause I can only get the soot to appear visible and sometimes the mud. Also do thes dry like normal paints or will I have to seal them on with varnish etc.

07-01-2008, 19:03
Wll the wee side project went horribly wrong due to my inability to sew. Anyway done a bit of painting over the weekend and managed to finish a Hellcanon that I got for winning Best Chaos Lord at GW Edinburgh.Pics were taken with the camera flash on to see what the diffence was.




EDIT Just noticed I havn't painted the Chaos star on it's eye or the fleshy parts on the largest of the three wheels :( Just when I thought I had finally finished a model.

Palatine Katinka
07-01-2008, 23:00
You got a Hellcannon? I don't remember that... Was I there?... Am I losing my mind?...
Looks good but the flash whitens upper parts.

...it seems nobody noticed the bandage...

08-01-2008, 14:39
I think you were there. It was at the seige of the Emperor's Palace.

Yeah nobody noticed them except you oh well at least I don't have to explain them

Took better pics of the Hellcannon today.



Also took pics to show you all what Im using at the Orky 500 on Saturday at GW Edinburgh be there or else and they said free advertising didn't exist.

It's a Beast of a trakk.

08-01-2008, 16:24
I shall be there, lobing fireworks at dat trukk. hur hur hur, we is da tricksiest!

08-01-2008, 16:34
You aint gonna lob any fireworks at this Beast My true trakk with its team of Kommando's and psyker snotling driver!


08-01-2008, 16:43
Soz, meant trakk. And yeah, my, like 6 or more boys will bash da brains outa ure hidey orks.
Will catferret be there i wonder?

Palatine Katinka
09-01-2008, 00:51
The hellcannon looks so sad! What could we do to cheer him up? ...more souls...

Yay! Orky 500! Even got the old transfer on the front... that brings back memories of image searchs for 'fire'.

What's Belakor doing in the back of that trukk? Is that a giant rocket launcher on the back as well?

09-01-2008, 01:09
I haz Orky trakk ov dooom! I winz da kup wiv ma awesum racin' skillz!

Greezed Loitnin' has been brought out of the garage and is preparing for Saturdays big race! :evilgrin:

09-01-2008, 06:11
What's Belakor doing in the back of that trukk? Is that a giant rocket launcher on the back as well?

Hes lookin for cookies.....
@catferret, our trakks should av a showdown. considering that was what happened last time.That was funny. you died though...

09-01-2008, 14:22
My trakk may have died but at least I can say that nobody else damaged it. All the damage was self inflicted. Like a proppa Orky driva.

09-01-2008, 17:57
Lol I remember the last one when that one kid had the trakk that could only move like 1" a turn and Catferret killed him by crashing into him on his first turn. Good times good times.

@ Palatine Katinka: Do you not remember what you said about the stuff I bought on Sunday. With the trakk being pulled by lions and crewed by Belakor and yes that is a giant Rokkit Launcha. I love Orky Conversions.

Palatine Katinka
09-01-2008, 19:08
...I barely remember this morning...

Next time you need foamboard check Miller Graphics. They have big sheets for mounting arty project work on that might work out cheaper than buying lots of small sheets.

09-01-2008, 19:13
And I thought I had bad memory:pThanks for the info I'll check it out on Saturday.

Update on the Trakk.
Its about 25-30% complete I would post pics but the camera won't show any of the deatails need to put on more colours as its only Chaos black and Mechrite red.

11-01-2008, 18:58
Dojne a fair bit of painting since the last update, highlighted the Kommandos, painted the trukk and painted my Belakor's skin.

Just got one thing that bothers me. My flipping HE book is falling apart.The Special and Rare pages are falling out. He can't play with core and characters dam it:p I can't find the receit so I done't know if I will be able to return it.:cries:



Just left it lying on the floor next to my bed for a few days and then when I pick it up the pages fall out.

11-01-2008, 19:03
Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum Duuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-01-2008, 19:23
You only need a receipt if you want a refund. If you want it swapped for a new copy then just bring the book along. At least, that's the usual approach. Books may be different.

11-01-2008, 20:21
You only need a receipt if you want a refund. If you want it swapped for a new copy then just bring the book along. At least, that's the usual approach. Books may be different.

i didnt think you even needed a reciept. my special/rare choices fell out, so i took it back and they swopped it for one straight off the shelf without asking any questions. i like the hellcannon. have you done any more on korhil?

11-01-2008, 21:45
have you done any more on korhil?

Oh I completly forgot to post update pics of Korhil , Cheers for reminding me. I'll get some up tommorow for all you folks.

Palatine Katinka
12-01-2008, 01:04
Just bring the book back in and it should all be cool. The same thing happened to someone's old High Elf book that they'd got before the new one came out and they got given the new one to make up for it. Don't know why they bought the old one that close to the new one coming out... (It wasn't a scam, they had the reciept with the date of purchase on it!)

13-01-2008, 19:43
Last night I realised there is only 8 weeks or so left till conflict and I haven't even decided on which models to enter. THis year I'm determind to win one of the under 16 categories (LOTR,40K or Fantasy). So this is where you guy come in. I need you guys to help me pick a model to enter. Here are the choices, Most are unpainted as I dont htink I will be able to paint a dozen or so competition models

Korhil( Im leaning towards him as he is almost finished)
Direct only-Goblin Champion( Just bare metal but I can paint greenskins well)
Lion chariot( white undercoat)
Belakor(skin almost finished just need a couple of washs of Chestnut Ink)

Brother Captain Stern(Black undercoat but I'm not very good at painting metal)
13th Company Rune Priest( Fortress grey basecoat I can paint this quickly leaving me more time for the other models)
Ork Kommado(skin almost finished but everything else is undercoat but I can paint this quickly and well)
Inquisitor (bare metal)

Need a LoTR model any suggestions welcome.

And finally a picture of my Inquistor

His shield

13-01-2008, 19:52
Why not enter Korhil and your Inquisitor? Just enter a couple of categories. In fact, do something for LotR too. Vrasku is kinda cool. Paint him. Or maybe Ugluk? He's got a severed head! Should totally count as an extra weapon...

13-01-2008, 20:21
Is there a macro function on your camera? (Little flower Icon, or super macro with a flower S) It would remove the blur when taking close up shots, or you could get a cheap tripod for about a tenner if shaking is causing it. On that note I'm not sure what you should enter, would need to see pictures of them as I'm not a model buff outside the chaos 40k range as to what would catch the eye.

Is Conflict an Edinburgh thing? Painting comp/tournamant? 8 weeks sounds like just the right timescale to force me to get up off my **** and cracking on with my marines. (However I would have to learn more than the 2nd Ed rules before then ;))

Palatine Katinka
13-01-2008, 20:36
Conflict is a series of regional tournaments, started with three I think, Scotland, North (England) and South (England).
Originally followed the Grand Tournament format but later changed to Doubles format.
These prove so popular that GW expanded out to six tournaments, two more in somewhere England and one in Dublin.
These didn't prove so popular and it has now been cut back again (I think, not certain) to three.
This year the Scotland Conflict will be in Braehead (previously in Glasgow and even previouslier in Edinburgh) but their will be a coach organised to take people to and from the event, departing from outside the Edinburgh store rediculously early in the morning.

In addition to the main tournament there is painting competitions, participation gaming, forthcoming releases, author appearances, Forgworld and Black Library stalls, and forthcoming releases. Kinda like a mini-Gamesday/Doubles Tournament hybrid.

13-01-2008, 20:37
Conflict is usually through in Glasgow these days although GW Edinburgh run a bus through for 10.

End of March is the planned date for the event.

EDIT: Gah! Stealth Milla!

13-01-2008, 20:40
Heh. Cheers, chances of me painting 1500 points and learning the rules before that are slim to none though. Sorry for semi-derailing the thread, just saw and thought I'd ask. ;)

Palatine Katinka
13-01-2008, 20:45
It's a doubles tournament now though. No longer do you need 1500, I think it's 500 maybe 750. Also, you don't need to learn the rules, partner with a strategic mastermind and you just have to stand around with fingers crossed for 'best painted'! ;)

14-01-2008, 06:11
For LOTR, you try painting an evil model. nobody ever paints an evil model. Like Catferret suggested, vrasku or Ugluk, cos they rock! and Vrasku fits perfectly onto the piese of resin with the skulls sandwiched between the stone from the Hero Basing Kit. If anyone still has one of those. If you dont want to do those, why not do the Haradrim chieftan you have? tis a good model with lots of cloth for shading etc.

15-01-2008, 15:11
I've decided on what models to do for Conflict.

40k- I'm gonna do my Inquisito but if I do mess it up I will submit my Ogryn(see below) or the Ork Kommando
Fantasy- Korhil, an obvious choice
LOTR- Haradrim Chieftan only LOTR model I own that isn't converted with parts from the other games.

Also what do you guy think I should get at the Forgeworld stand:

Valkyrie,IA apocalypse and 50 of other stuff?
2 Vultures,IA apocalypse and 30 worth of stuff?


Korhil-So close to being finished



and the final pic is in this link

15-01-2008, 15:50
hmmm........no offence like but i think Korhil needs a little more work. three cheers for the bezerker though. Have also decided on my conflict models. Need to get the elfy dude though. Nice skin on the ogryn!

15-01-2008, 23:36
Yeah, looks good so far but will need a lil more work. Needs a few details to make it stand out. Eyes, lips, etc. Fancy base can help a bit. If you can pull off a good gemstone look then that'll help too. There are ways to cheat with it. I'll try and pop in Saturday and show you a few tricks if you're around.

Palatine Katinka
15-01-2008, 23:39
Unless you don't have the money yet you wont have to wait until Conflict to get IA Apoc. It'll be in stock in Edinburgh GW later this week, 5 copies coming in I think.

16-01-2008, 06:12
thank you for his insider information Katinka......hmmm....how to get money? Got it, we'll rob a train!

16-01-2008, 16:01
Woot now if I can get someone to put one aside for me *hint hint nudge nudge*:p

Also in celebration of the 50th post we are having ribs *E-ribs(food kind) to who ever gets the refrence*

16-01-2008, 17:30
You might have to bribe Katinka..... i can think of a few bribes ;)

You realise i'm talking about beer right?

Maybe someone could put aside two......

24-01-2008, 15:03
Update with pics

Well I gott he IA Apocalypse book. I'm a bit dissapointed with it, Im not gonna go into them all as there are threads about this but I will say this

Daemon Lords especially the Nurgle one who will be on this thread around April
Dread claw drop pod

The combat 40k Heli equivelents Valkyries and Vulture can't take any upgrades like flares yet the non combat Arvus lighter can

Anyway rant over to pictures

Commisarial Baneblade with every rivet painted
Liscense plate

These might be the last picture update for a while as I don't feel like painting right now I don't know why. Be it because I get home from school and have to wade through a mound of Maths homework(Indices:cries:) or because I fethed up my Inquisitor( stupid not shiney shiney varnish).

24-01-2008, 15:39
a mound of Maths homework(Indices:cries:)

you have Indices? i wish i had it that easy at the moment. i am currently doing a GCSE coursework called "Beyond Pythagoras", where i have to explore the Pythagorean Triples.
on topic: nice baneblade

24-01-2008, 15:44
Sorry I didn't explain it all. I hate indice's they are pointless are far as I can see and I have over 200 of them to do for mondayalso the fun doesn't stop there, I need to get a work experience letter typed onto Headed school paper which my Guidance Teacher won't give me and I have 2 English essays to redraft for Tuesday. "Beyond Pythagoras" oh how I hate pythagorian triples I can never remember them.

Also on a completely unrelated note anybody know how to paint US army desert camoflague preferably pre Iraq 2.

24-01-2008, 15:58
meh, 200 indicies i could deal with, then perhaps one of the english essays. but then again i cant do too much about maths coursework in for tomorrow, french typing of GCSE scripts for tomorrow, and geography coursework for friday. oh, and history coursework for thursday.

enjoy your indices ;) (hint: try to do 40 at a time if you have 200, then take a break and do something else inbetween. the theory work for 2n hours relax for n hours comes to mind)

24-01-2008, 19:26
Rewriting list

01-02-2008, 22:19
No picture today just a question.

Does anyone know a good way to paint Plaguebearers, I tried messing about with colours but it failed miserably. Ive got a couple of model I can test any possiblities on.

Many thanks

02-02-2008, 11:00
Graveyard Earth then Kommando Khaki highlights. Wash with thinned purple, red, brown and green. Keep the mix thin (25 paint/75 water) and build up the colours gradually. Keep the washes in the recesses and on scabby areas only. Don't cover the whole thing.

02-02-2008, 11:45
You could start from a white undercoat, which would be easier. Have realised that I should undercoat all my models white. Is much easier to paint. Oh well. Will just be leaving for GW. See you in about half an hour dude.

08-02-2008, 13:42
Picture update!

Though that I should post somee proper pics of models will i'm waiting on Devil May Cry 4 to download to my PS3's hard-drive. All the models are still PIP

Posssed marine- A gift for a friend

I paint stripped the Imperial Fist marine and repainted him in the colours of the greatest Legion- the Death Guard

08-02-2008, 13:45
PIP Ork Kommado


Alith Anr made form the new plastic HE Prince and some Lion chariot and Ork parts

and finally a near complete Plaguebearer painted in the way Catferret suggested( the purple and yellow are no where nea rthat bright must be a camera mess up)

08-02-2008, 14:07
There's something about that possessed guy that just looks awesome.

20-02-2008, 17:18
Return of Updates!

Been to busy trying to finish off my English folio for School, so didn't get much done painting done in the holiday. But did manage to get a Phoenix lord nearly finished.


There might not be much updates on this thread as I will be concentrating on my Joint project with Shadowphrakt. Found here Shadowphrakt and Penguin663 go Black Hawk Down! - WarSeer (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=126978&highlight=Black+Hawk+down)

01-04-2008, 16:26
Return of the the Log off Doom III:Return with a vengeance.

I have returned from the void of lazyness and I brought pics!

Conflict entry for 40k under 16's: Ork Kommando, still needs a couple of bits fixed and to get based to help bring him up to standard.

Finally I managed to finish a model for my Black Hawk Down guard only 159 more to go.
(Give me an hour and I'll have better pics)

Finally does any one know where I can get fineliner black pens to put lines between armour plates on Marines, it's for a new(ish) project that will be a variantion on one of my other armies(I used Alliteration, I spend far to much time revising English)

01-04-2008, 21:08
Oh! Shiny! I mean actual shiny dude, we use too much ink! And I have no more brown ink! Feth!

Still, that's very good painting dude. Still to see your feugan. It's realyl ahrd to gauge how good your painting is though, because I rarely see any of your minatures which you've painted recently, as your standard has improved greatly!

Battle of the painters then is it for conflict? Your Ork vs. my guant. Who shall prevail?

01-04-2008, 21:20
Ork as he has the big meatie claw of Doom and Gaunt has a spindly wee sword thingy. Alos my camera broke today so I won't be posting for a while:cries:

02-04-2008, 16:37
Hooray for Duracell battery now i can post again.

First up is pictures of my 5 Chaos Warband for "Path to Glory"

Beastmen with flails

3 Chaos warriors with shields

The troll who is going to be converted with loads of skeletons on his base and one in his missing hand

Finally my Chaos champion and his right hand man who I call "Shaq"

02-04-2008, 16:38
Heres the picture of the Imperial Guardsmen for my Black Hawk Down army.

02-04-2008, 19:12
Guardsmen is looking pretty good dude.

02-04-2008, 20:56
like your kommando, his goggles are great.


02-04-2008, 21:44
Thanks for the compliments guys:)

I just realised what I've got myself into for the painting pledge for GW Edinburgh. I need to finish my Vampire spearhead and warband by the 26th also I need to finish the Kommando and Korhil by next Sunday:(

08-04-2008, 16:19
Sorry for lack of updates recently but School keeps getting in the way - stupid CDT project that fething hates me- Any way I finished my Conflict entries and started to work on my painting pledge. Only thing worth taking a photo of is Konrad so here he is

I'm actually really happy with the way the armour is turning out but there is still a long way to go before he's finished. Also does anyone who is a regular at GW Edinburgh have any Ogre bulls banners spare and is willing to trade ( Catferret I'm looking at you as you are the only person I know that has ogres) :D

08-04-2008, 16:44
What banner you mean? Big cloth one? Big animal skull? Crazy maw full of skulls?

08-04-2008, 17:02
The big cloth one. The same one that Andy used on his Wight Lord on foot.

08-04-2008, 21:39
Oh. I used all them I'm afraid.

Keep an eye on this (http://www.bitzbox.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=22_69_92&products_id=737) and wait for them to come back in stock.

08-04-2008, 21:50
Cool stuff, theres a good chance that I'll be moving to Edinborough this summer :D


08-04-2008, 21:53
Cool stuff, theres a good chance that I'll be moving to Edinborough this summer :D


You have my deepest sympathies. ;)

08-04-2008, 22:00
Cool stuff, theres a good chance that I'll be moving to Edinborough this summer :D


And our strangle hold over the General Logs continues to grow:D

Also thanks for the link Catferret:)

08-04-2008, 22:02
I have one of those banners by chance.........

maybe we will be meeting up on Saturday? GW? I thought so...

08-04-2008, 22:06
I really like von whatsisnames red armour - nice!

Perhaps a black wash might enhance it further. Looks great as is though!


15-04-2008, 18:32
I really like von whatsisnames red armour - nice!

Perhaps a black wash might enhance it further. Looks great as is though!


I'll give that a try rev when I can hold a paint brush again ( Spraind(SP?) my thumb try to hit someone who insulted my parentage but thats not for here)

Not much of an update this one. Been busy building my swag from Conflict
Templar upgrade sprue
Two Tac Marine box's
Soul Grinder - which is made of awesome!
Blood Letters
Warp Spiders- Who are gonna have a Rev Exarch

And got a Dwarf lord, Teutogen Guard command, LOTR, Hammerers Command and Dwarf Kings(which I'm willing to trade for anything)

Conflict was awesome. Met Jes Goodwin and Jervis Johnson (who looks like Mr Bean:P), both very nice guys. Saw the new washs in action which do live up to their hype.
Finally I have two requests. First does anyone in the Edinburgh area have any beakie marine heads that they are willing to trade. If so Pm me and we'll talk details. Also for black lining is it better to use a Fine liner pen or the GW black Ink.

15-04-2008, 21:01
Impressive haul there man.

16-04-2008, 16:50
Yeah, and a soulgrinder for only 25. *glares* Damn you and your luck!

16-04-2008, 18:04
Yeah, and a soulgrinder for only 25. *glares* Damn you and your luck!

25? how does that work? i thought they were 35.
the least i could find one for would be 28

16-04-2008, 18:19
Well the box never had a price on it. When I took it to the guy I handed him the 35 and he said "Is this my tip" and handed me back a tenner and then gave me the Soulgrinder:D I like to think of it as karma as the are manger served me took my money and then walked off without giving me my stuff. Had to hunt him down, normally I would go mental but he got his foot run over the day before so I let him off the hook.

Also met a rather cheeky member of staff, normally for events I write up a list of stuff to buy so I'm not wasting gaming time at the stalls. I start to look at the boxs on the table to find the stuff I'm looking for, he comes up to me and ask "can I help you?"
" Yeah do you have any of the stuff on my list?" so I hand him it and he say in a very patronising voice
" Thats an awful ot of stuff on there. You probably won't have enough money to get it all. So pick what you really need and get that" I just stare at him and walk to the other side of the table get my stuff and get the are manager to serve me instead who wouldn't be such a prick. God I hate when people think I don't know anything about this hobby because of my age. I've been involved with it for nearly 10 years!:mad:

16-04-2008, 18:28
lucky sod :rolleyes:

27-04-2008, 19:25
Sorry for the lack of updates folks, been busy revising for my exams that start on Thursday:cries: Anyway have'nt made much of my stuff that I got at conflict just 6 marines, a terminator and the soul grinder. Went to the GW party yesterday. Won a load of LOTR boxs and a bitz box full of metal models unfortunatle most of the models were Suladins from LOTR, there's easily a dozen of him...

Enough talk on to pictures

First of my Pre-Heresy Terminator. Quite pleased with him. I know the shoulder pads look weird but this was the first time I've used plasticard oon a model, so please don't be to harsh with comments.

Also mixed up a pot of my Death Guards basecoat. I think it'll look alright once I've highlighted it. Happy to hear what you think of it.

Constructive C&C welcome.

27-04-2008, 20:13
.Went to the GW party yesterday. Won a load of LOTR boxs and a bitz box full of metal models unfortunatle most of the models were Suladins from LOTR, there's easily a dozen of him...

That happened to me once. Won a bag o' stuff and there was like 7 Baron Odo's for the old Bretonnians and 2 horses :(

I like the Terminators Shoulder pads. The marine is that just white or is there another colour mixed in? Hard to tell from the pic

27-04-2008, 20:35
It's a mix between rotting flesh and skull white about a 1:4 ratio, I see what you mean about it being hard to tell. Diffeent background is needed me thinks. Also just noticed that his bolter strap has no bolter:p

02-05-2008, 11:07
I've been busy trying to get my soulgrinder finished for a mega battle at GW Edinburgh tommorow but I will probably fail as black lining wth a paint brush is hard. Here's the PIP of it so far.
I'm quite pleased with the way the skin turned out.

An oiler grot that that I painted a couple of week s ago but seeing as how my log has hardly any finished models I thought that I better add a couple. I'm really proud of this wee guy:D

02-05-2008, 11:09
And finally Fuegan which one a paint a model in a week competion at GW Edinburgh.

I should get loads painted this month I've got 20 odd day's of School :D
Comments welcome.

02-05-2008, 21:03
OM NOM NOM! I is gonna scream spittle in your face then eat ya cos you is silly and small and I am half robot! Fuegan looks good dude. First time I've seen him. By the way, do you have any idea what time the game starts? I need to study in the morning, and I know that it satrts after twelve, I just dunno. Need to know hether I need to get up early or not.

03-05-2008, 14:23
Soul Grinder looking tasty as id Fuegan. What's he standing on?

03-05-2008, 16:27
Cheers Konrad. Fuegan is standing on a rhino side hatch that I sculpted fire onto just to mkae it look cool. I'm gonna do a similar thing to the rest of my Phoenix lords , giving them themed bases.

03-05-2008, 18:46
Cool. Sounds good. Haha. Your soulgrinder got smushed today. Though it did take out 3 terminators. pffft. Damn Kids.

08-05-2008, 15:50
Just got back from Math exam. Good God did it go horibly wrong for the first of the two credit papers. Oh well at least I have a good Prelim mark to fall back on. PIP update
http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i156/penguin663/100_0489.jpg First Death Guard marine almost finished. Tried giving him a black ink wash which went horribly wrong and am now trying to fix it.

I've finally bought a Privateer Press model, I think these are the Reeves of Orobus. I'm gonna get some more PP models but won't get an army or whatever they are called in PP games until I can go to the ELG as that's the only place I know where I can get a game.

08-05-2008, 19:03
Looks cool. The Marine looks really nice now, though for some reason the tabbard looks as if its a negative. Weird. Nice painting though. Will enjoy crushing them with my Fists.

08-05-2008, 19:34
Looks cool. The Marine looks really nice now, though for some reason the tabbard looks as if its a negative. Weird. Nice painting though. Will enjoy crushing them with my Fists.

That may be because the tabard is only primed white and some run off of the black ink on it.

12-05-2008, 17:30
Only a quick update tonight folks.

I'm struggling to decide which is the better whit(ish) armour out of these two models for my Heresy Era Death Guard. So if you post your views I will be very thankfull.




12-05-2008, 19:02
Looks good. I think the whiter scheme looks better, though it will be more of a challenge to paint. I know Death Guard have an ofo white scheme, but the first guy looks too off white.

15-05-2008, 22:47
I agree with Shadow.
Unless the White is extra dirtied (ie, battle/warzone dirt and damage) it's a little too off-white.

Looking good though, I would say get more done, but I've not exactly got much done meself :rolleyes: