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22-09-2005, 13:47
Hi, I'm debating on buying the proper Epic:A rulebook instead of printing off the current rulebook pdf file. I have a question though. Has the rulebook changed any from what is online to the one that is in print? I know that it's possible that they may have changed some wording and other grammatical errors, but has the rules changed any?


22-09-2005, 14:00
I dont believe so, there is supposed to be a yearly review of the rules where changes may be made, but it hasnt happened yet and honestly I dont know if it is going to happen what with all the cut backs and downsizing of Fanatic and the Specialist Games crew, last I checked there were maybe 4 things being discussed for changes, the most contentious was the pop up rules for skimmers. As to erratta and corrections, there are some mistakes in the book and the corrections should be up on the Specialist Games site but I dont beleive they have bothered to actually put those corrections into the online version, AKA the Living Rule Book like they originally were going to. So there really isnt much difference between the free printable version and the actual physical copy of the rules other than the boughten version looks alot nicer.

23-09-2005, 01:00
I've been thinking about buying it too... just nicer to use than the pdf's. I think Grimshawl's right, the online pdf's are the same as the rulebook.

23-09-2005, 11:06
I think that the original idea was to update the PDF versions as corrections and clarifications came up. However, with the shake up of SG, I dont think that this has happened and therefore the PDF versions are the same as the ones sent to the printers and in the hard copy.

23-09-2005, 14:45
The rulebook is beautiful. Well worth the money and a lot easier to read than the pdf. I'm glad I got it.

24-09-2005, 18:19
I got the rulebook and it is nice to have to reference rules. If you are strapped for cash though, printing off the pdf and making your own rule book might not be a bad option, to instead buy minis.

29-01-2006, 23:06
I bought the rule book and i don't even play epic.

30-01-2006, 07:44
The book is awsome. So beautyful and good paper with nice colours. I can recommend it to everyone. Much better then pdf. I just wish now that GW will start to reprint Epic:Swordwind as I missed to buy it and now canīt find it :(

30-01-2006, 08:03
I recommend getting the rulebook as sometimes you can't beat having actual physical pages to flick through sometimes!

There have been some minor corrections, these are available as an errata PDF from the specialist-games website.

30-01-2006, 08:47
Buy it.

I printed up the WHOLE rulebook at work (I work at a Digital Printers) and I found sifting through lotsa sheets of paper very confusing! So I went and bought it.

Go on - buy it. Youknow you wanna!

Plus its a really nice book.

30-01-2006, 09:48
I printed the whole thing in college, and stuck it in a folder. Only thing missing is colour. I'm happy enough with my version of the book. Even did some shuffling of it, so that the army lists are beside the unit descriptions earlier in the book. (that really confused me before I changed it)

30-01-2006, 16:56
The rules review is ment to be happeneing within the next couple of months, so the book will change but can easily be updated with abit of cut and paste, which ive done with the necro book