View Full Version : Rabid Monkey's Painting ADD log... What do I feel like painting now?

Rabid Monkey
03-01-2008, 19:04
I've been watching these logs for quite a while and I'm finally starting one of my own.

I cant focus on one thing for too long so I've titled this my ADD log. About a month ago I started painting some Orks thinking I'd get ramped up for the new codex but just last week I got hit with a HUGE distraction. My friend sold me his Death Korp army... woo hoo!! I'd been bugging him all year to sell them to me when he decided he didnt want them anymore (he buys and sells lots of models so I figured it was only a matter of time)

Anyway, you came here for pictures so heres what I have so far...

Big Mek with custom force field


a Mega Armor Nob

I also painted up a killa kan but I forgot to take pictures.

Rabid Monkey
03-01-2008, 19:06
Heres the Death Korp distraction...

Heavy Mortar crew (finished except for weathering and base)

another Heavy Mortar crew (WiP)

The two crewmen were pained with different shading colors. I'm leaning towards the first one since the second looks real dirty. Ironically, real dirty is what I'm going for with these guys, but the weathering will come later :)

The mortar is half finished, I'll try to finish it and post it this weekend. The base will come a bit later (I have a grand plan that might take a while)

Comments / critiques are most welcome, dont be shy to rip them apart.