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07-01-2008, 12:24
Hi all,
Well before the new year started me and a friend were chatting about the non gaming aspects of the hobby and how we can never seem to keep focused on any one thing.
We decided that to help us to appreciate the other aspects of the Hobie more that we would try to do something new in the hope that it would inspire us to actually finish a project or two.

My friend decided that this year he was going to try airbrushing to actually give a realistic look to his mech/airborne guard army.

Me never being one to shy away from a challenge decided that I was going to start sculpting..... It can't be that hard can it?

I have used Green Stuff before to add bits, fill gaps give people hair the usual stuff but to actually sculpt stuff from scratch was something a little more daunting. So after searching the Internet for some nice articles and some supplies I decided it was time to crack on and to help keep track of my progress I though a log would come in handy.

I will update the log with pics and stuff as regularly as possible but due to the fact that I have a job and other things to sap at my time (cooking my tea, eating my tea, not actually washing up. That sort of thing) The progress could be slow at times. I will endeavor to have at least one new photo a week of either some new practice work I have done or the progress on the actual models I am sculpting.

The Ideas I have that I would like to sculpt are.
A re-sculpt of the Warhammer Quest noble to be my empire general on foot (after his Griffin has been shot from under him)
A sculpt of Loken from the Horus Heresy Books

These are my long term goals in the mean time I am going for head sculpts and different things to get my confidence up and to improve my skills.

Cheers for reading, and for your support/constructive criticism

07-01-2008, 12:48
So for my first attempt I decided to try sculpting some heads and after setting up some dollys to sculpt them around I jumped in the deep end.
Don't have any photos of my first attempt as it sad obvious as soon as I wen on to the details that the proportions were all wrong and that it was going to finish up to large even for a Space Marine head so I mushed it up and started again.

My second attempt went better and I have some pics for you all.
The back of the head and the fact that he is bald is due to the fact that I didn't want to do the hair until the head is mounted on a model so that it sits properly but other than that and a few areas that need smoothing over once the neck is done he is as good as done.





So all comments welcome.

07-01-2008, 21:44
Well I am the friend he was referring to and while Kris is off to a flyer in the New Year I am still saving for an airbrush. Keep up the good work mate, hope you get at least one of them done by the end of the year;)

Lost Egg
07-01-2008, 21:51
Thats pretty damn impressive for a first go me thinks! Well done and keep it up:D


08-01-2008, 12:44
Looking good, will follow this one.


08-01-2008, 22:44
Thats really good for an early attempt- heads/faces are really hard to do- well one mate keep it up.

11-01-2008, 18:23
Hi all,
Have found the body for the head and after a little bit of preparation the swap was ready. Once I had the head in place I started on the neck. which as it turns out was a lot harder than I expected but I think it looks OK now.
Once I had that done I did the hair and bulking out the cloak so that it all fits together properly.
I have a lance in mind for the right arm and once that is done I will undercoat him and get him painted and we will see how he looks with a lick of paint.




Cheers for looking.

11-01-2008, 20:24
cant wait to see the head all painted up

11-01-2008, 23:31
I can't see the pics...

11-01-2008, 23:45
Neither can I:(


12-01-2008, 11:53
Fixed the pic's.
My bad I moved them in to my sculpting folder and forgot to update the link.:rolleyes:

I have done the right arm and undercoated him. I am planning on starting to paint him today, so I will post more pic's tonight.


12-01-2008, 17:33
Base coats down, still a lot of painting to do but you get the idea.





12-01-2008, 19:52
Looking good mate but as we discussed the roughness of the green stuff that you'll need to look into. I'm sure someone has a wonder soloution, so how's the sculpting an entire Empire General coming?

On a side note Kris' high flying General is at Altitude 7 for those intersted:p

12-01-2008, 20:00
On a side note Kris' high flying General is at Altitude 7 for those intersted:p

i didnt know pegasi could fly that high

12-01-2008, 20:52
They can't, he is going on a Griffon.:p

I have started off on my next sculp.
He is going to be based on the picture of an Empire Genaral on page 34 of the Empire Book.

The Dolly.

Stage One


13-01-2008, 01:25

It's great to see someone taking up sculpting. It's not the most immediately gratifying thing to get stuck into, but when you're able to make your own miniatures it really pays off.

One of the most important parts of making a convincing mniature is anatomy. Building a strong anatomy undoubtedly forms the best foundation for a great miniature. Although this is your first miniature, I find it's best to start with good practice, so it becomes habit. I'd try to get hold of as many anatomy references as you're comfortable with, study them, get an appreciation of how the skeleton works, where the mass is added with the deep muscles and finally the overall shape of the body granted by the superficial muscles and fascia.

Although most of this is likely going to be covered up, it means you're going to have your proportions pretty much sorted throughout and stuff that sits on top of this muscled form looks right.

Your GS looks a little rougher than is optimal, too. What are you using to help you keep it smooth as you work it? I use saliva, but some people are concerned about the toxicity of GS and prefer something else, such as water. Petroleum jelly, chap sticks and skin oils are also popular. What you use isn't nearly as important as going over each shape multiple times, defining it, smoothing it and perfecting it as the GS cures. As you work GS more, you'll come to appreciate when the best time to go back and do your finishing is. That is, when to return and do your final smoothing, pressing of sharp edges and whatnot.

In all, welcome to the world of sculpting and once again, nice to see someone new taking up the putty and tools.

24-01-2008, 20:39
Sorry guys,
I managed to get a little sculpting done this week but the going is a lot slower on full models apparently. Who knew?
I have really been struggling to get the torso right but it is coming along, I will post some more wip pics once I get back from work.
I am going to keep going on this guy even though I don't think I am going to get it how I want it. Once it is done I am going to go back to basics I thing and try working slower with more emphasis on the form and composition before I worry about sculpting a usable model.


Easy E
27-01-2008, 18:02
Here are some links that might be helpful:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1listSculpti...1385&finish=sub (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/1listSculpting/join?yguid=301761385&finish=sub)

http://www.satyrsculptingstudio.com/pages/...ing-article.htm (http://www.satyrsculptingstudio.com/pages/sculpting-article.htm)




The only tip I have is take your time. I don't and it shows.

24-07-2008, 15:09
Hi all,
After some small success with my first sculpting attempts, I hit a bit of a wall.
I was finding it hard to step from sculpting small bit to whole models and stuff.
Anyway, I though I would get back on the horse and go back to the small stuff. As I have been wanting to do a Kroot army I thought I would do one for 5th ed.
I was planning on lots of conversions but thought hey why no sculpt as much stuff as I can to get my eye back in.

So here is my first attempt at a Shaper. Still a WIP but you get the idea of where it's going.





25-07-2008, 03:17
nice, he's very well posed. I really like the GS face mask, and the looted chainsword.

keep going! I always find its easier to sculpt if I have models lying around to paint while I wait for the clay to set. alternatively, you can have multiple sculpting projects going on at once. just jump around from model to model, let your mind relax a bit.

30-08-2008, 00:03
I like Scribor's tutorials (http://www.sciborminiatures.com/en_,sculpting.php) for getting started.

When smoothing Green Stuff I let it 'cure' for 10 minutes then use water and the 'flat' end of the sculpting tool. Some people sharpen the bladed end.

Both eBob (http://www.ebobminiatures.com/products/tools.htm) and Heresy (http://www.heresyminiatures.com/tools.htm) offer a range od tools, including rubber 'clay shapers'; quite handy by all accounts.

Good work mate.

12-11-2008, 22:47
Hi all,
as a bit of a change of pace (In that I am actual doing something) I am going to be updating the log with the Chaos army I am working on for Fantasy.

I started this army in (about) Feb but with the splitting of the books put it on hold as I was not keen on putting the work in if it was all going to be out dated with in a few months.
My plan was to come up with an army that would give me chance to convert every model to some degree and that had a play style that was completely different to anything I had done before.
I wont bore you all with the army list (unless you ask) but it is a fast compact army with lots of center piece models.
Any way, on to the pics.


This is my Daemon Prince but he is going to get a slight re-work and then be repainted.

And this is my WIP Shagoth
As it is such a nice model any way I only wanted to do some small stuff on him to make sure he was individual.

C&C welcome


18-10-2009, 14:18
Hi Guys,
Am closing this thread and moving everything in to my new bumber thread here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=225841).