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Easy E
10-01-2008, 09:48
I'm sure everyone has heard the big new by now so...


Go ahead and close me if everyone and their uncle knows this all ready. I
didn't see it.

Edit: removed the Direct Links and now link to Specialist Games-Game Variant page instead.

10-01-2008, 11:48
yah in the other topic- if you can rename the thread, give it a more relevant title

Easy E
10-01-2008, 13:27
Editted the title

10-01-2008, 21:32
Are there any rumors about Digganob being released too?

Cirrus the Blue
11-01-2008, 03:47
I certainly hope there are! Even though I've got a copy of it, myself, it's pretty scarce for the rest of people I know who want one and I'm not really prepared to lend it out to over a dozen people to be honest... heh

- Cirrus

12-01-2008, 18:34
I wonder if they will put some of the WD articles up... If they use the flimsy 'we have no copies', i can send them some lovely scans of said articles.

Also, I intend to post up some rules for kans at some point... modified from the dred rules in white dwarf...

Cirrus the Blue
13-01-2008, 06:53
Just make sure those don't go past armor 10! I'd probably do armor 9 'cause Strength 3 can still punch through on a 6 and if it's much higher than that would be reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally bonkers... Also vehicles are only ever at armor 8 besides the engines which are 10, so yeah. Great idea though and I can't wait to see rules for 'em! :D Decent choice for Gorker gangs, too.

- Cirrus

13-01-2008, 07:27
Maybe make it an armour suit for grots so they can still be listed gang members and get advances? Check out the cybork body rules (av9 instead of a T value, penetrating hits blow it up on 4+, 1-3 shrugs off the blow), and use the grots stats otherwise, with the DCCW as S6 D3 damage +1A, can wield one big gun or a twin linked gun? I'd put that at about 15 pts + grot + gun? Would be cool to have walker gubbins made up for it.

EDIT: That's actually getting close to the special character "da krusher" from Digganob

Cirrus the Blue
13-01-2008, 08:00
ooo.. Putting a grot in something that 'ard and 'urty would be a very baaad idea for obvious reasons. haha Hilarious, but very very bad. :p Any grot with a head on his shoulders would simply mow down their enslaving gang with it and afterward stomp off to the end of da Skid with the rest of the Grot Rebellion. This would also give the Grot Rebellion valuable insight into the Mekboyz' technological understandings of engnies and such and that could end up even worse for Orkish society if the Grots were to gain an upper hand! Although there used to be a figure of a Grot driving a Dreadnought back in 2nd edition.. I'm thinking this is probably either a grot that's been VERY well treated, which is practically unheard of, or this is before the point in time when Grotz figured out that given the means to do so, they can put up a pretty good fight against their slavers and take advantage of those means in order to make their escape. I'm sure the Meks could design an electric shock collar of sorts though in such a case to keep them in check, although the buyer would more than certainly receive a rather severe raised eyebrow at the mere idea of putting a grot in a mechanized suit of armor.

- Cirrus

(also Grots can still gain advances. ;) )

13-01-2008, 08:27
Ok- I had a go (Oh and BTW grots are Kan pilots in the 40K book, I'd imagine that they would be trusted Spanners assistants! EDIT: actually it has a bit of fluff about em on Page 53 of new ork codex, pretty funny and describes just what you said, when the grot gets his new shiny body first thing they will usually do is wreak havok on those who mis-treated them before they calm down :) although givien the surgical implant procedure, I'd imagine the grot would be hard wired to follow orders.)

Killa Kan (15 teef)

A Killa Kan is bought as an armoured suit for a grot (Ork mobs only). The grot will leave any equipment it previously wielded in the Mob's stash. The fitting of the suit is somewhat Serjikal, and the grot may not be removed from the suit after it is purchased (if the grot dies as a result of his injuries in the post battle sequence, the suit and its weapons are lost as with any other gear). The Kan counts as a cybork body, replacing the grot's T and W values with AV9 and special wound rules as described on point 6 of page 84, 'Da Uvver Book'. The Killa Kan suit comes with a Power Klaw (listed below) and may purchase one Twin Linked gun, or a Big Gun from the following list: Skorcha, Eavy Shoota, Rokkit Launcher, Harpoon Gun.

Power Klaw:
Close Combat Str:6 Dam:3 Sv Mod:-3
Krump: Killa Kan's may not make boarding actions, however if a Kan charges into combat with an enemy vehicle, make an Initiative test: if failed, the Kan takes a S4 hit on a 4+ and is bounced back D3" as if it has failed a boarding action. If the Kan makes a sucessful initiative test, it has managed to latch onto some part of the vehicle with its Klaw and attempts to do its worst. Inflict D3 S6 hits against random locations on the vehicle.

The following upgrades may be purchased from Mektown for a Killa Kan:

Extra Armour Plates (4 teef each)
A Killer Kan may purchase up to 3 armour plates. Extra armour plates are welded into place giving the Kan a saving throw against penetrating hits. When a Kan takes damage, make an extra armour saving throw before testing to see if the hit takes the Kan out of action. With one armour plate, the Kan ignores the damage on 6, 2 armour plates ignore damage on 5+, 3 armour plates ignore damage on a 4+. If the armour plates fail to deflect the shot, test to see if the Kan explodes as normal.

Wrecker Ball (7 teef)
An optimistic Spanner has seen it fit to attach a large, unwieldy steel ball on a crane arm to the already unwieldy Killer Kan. When attempting to Krump a vehicle in close combat, the Wrecker Ball inflicts one extra hit on the vehicle, which penetrates automatically! The Wrecker Ball hits the vehicle and inflicts one penetrating hit even if the Kan fails it's Initiative test to Krump the vehicle.

A Killa Kan is also subject to the following special rules:

Squig Fuel Injectors:
A Kan may optionally make a test to use its Squig Fuel Injectors... at the start of the player's turn roll 1D6, on a roll of 1-5, the test is passed this turn and the Kan may add +2 to it's regular profile values for Movement and Initiative. On a roll of 6, the grot has juiced it a bit too much and the Kan flails wildly out of control. Move D6" in a random direction, the Kan may not move any further this turn but may fire as normal.
A Kan may test on any turn it wishes to use the injectors, but the roll may only be made at the start of the players turn and the effects will only last for the duration of that turn until the next roll is made.

Stompy: A Killer Kan adds +1 Attacks to the grot's profile. A Killer Kan may not be transported, and starts on the board as a vehicle would. A Killa Kan is not subject to pinning. A Kan may carry a scrap counter without movement penalty.

Klunky: A Killer Kan is not a subtle device, It can be heard stomping and whirring wildly a mile away and the Boys can easily run circles around it.
Killer Kan's do not receive any bonuses for charging into combat, and enemies firing at a Kan from overwatch do not suffer the normal -1 to hit for a charging target or an appearing/disappearing target.
A Killer Kan may not Hide. A Killer Kan counts as a Large Target.

A Kan will still use the Cunnin' Skills table as per a regular grot, with the following change on the roll of a 5 on the table (replacing "Play Dead'')
Lucky: The pilot is particularly lucky. The Kan may re-roll its first failed penetrating hit roll. The second result stands.

Collecting Teef:
The Kan's Power Klaw is also an excellent tool for severing scrap from the desert floor. A Killer Kan can be put to work digging D6 teef worth of scrap after a game.

13-01-2008, 08:43
I wants me a Kan! *Stompstomphissclankwhirr* Awesome.

Also wanted to point out the mistake in the fuel injector section: "roll 1D6, on a roll of 1-6". Guessing that should be 1-5?

Cirrus the Blue
13-01-2008, 09:02
hahaha Nice job! Also, I had no idea that they brought back Grot pilots in the new codex! Mostly only had a chance to flip through the open copy at the shop. One of these days I seriously need to pick that book up... :p It was very impressive from what I saw of it though. :)

- Cirrus

13-01-2008, 09:33
Prob fixed!

Yeah I like the idea of crazy armoured grots (the made them Bs 3 in the new ork codex too, so they are more useful as a shooty unit).

Now, needs ideas for Kan wargear. some variation of a wrekker ball would be good, extra armour plates giving you rerolls for penetrating hits or making it survive on 3+ maybe..

13-01-2008, 09:39
Just leave those gubbins as they are in the Gorkamorka roolz. Armour Plates give a save based on the number you have and the Wrecking Ball is smitey. Just have it as an upgrade for the combat arm.

13-01-2008, 10:10
Updated with some gubbinz

13-01-2008, 22:35
Only just saw this now! YES! This could be what's needed to actually get me to do some painting - GorkaMorka was what first got me into the hobby.

15-01-2008, 17:23
Awww.. crap...

ANOTHER cool specialist game thats going to hook me <;_;> Where am I going to get the money for all this? <T_T>

15-01-2008, 17:27
Just pick up all the old Ork models that players will be dumping in anticipation of the new stuff.

15-01-2008, 21:04
though you really do need the weedy gorkamorka sized boyz if you want to fit any reasonable number of them into the old trukks

*Proud owner of two copies of gorkamorka and about a dozen trukks*
I'm ready to rock!

15-01-2008, 22:12
Yep. Bought the new trukk and a box of boyz. I can fit about 4 in the back. Bit of a pain, but house rules solve that anyway.

Cirrus the Blue
15-01-2008, 23:58
I'm considering cutting up some plasticard to use as basing for mine to save on space that way.

- Cirrus

16-01-2008, 00:51
Well, I'm just going to cram everybody on somehow. I can fit 2 crew, 4 orks and 2 grots in the trukk easily and another 2-4 orks/grots with some careful balancing and use of running boards (extra bits at the side models could feasibly stand on). Should be ok until I can gather enough teef to buy another transport.

Cirrus the Blue
16-01-2008, 01:06
Now that's true Orky spirit!! :D hahaha

- Cirrus

16-01-2008, 14:42
Bah, I figured I can squeeze 3 models on my buggy if I don't put the gun on right away. And if I add some plasticard running boards I can get a couple more on.

16-01-2008, 18:18
Oh, for basing tips, I suggest pennies. they measure up the same as a 20mm, rather than 25mm. makes the difference, and they are weighty enough to stop falling over.

16-01-2008, 22:30
Please change the links at the start of this thread. Click below to see why:


I don't want to see Gorkamorka going away...

16-01-2008, 23:21
The argument for changing is interesting: People do not see the terms and conditions....has anybody ever read these? It's just like the EULA everybody clicks away as fast as possible *g*.

Cirrus the Blue
17-01-2008, 03:20
Regardless of whether or not people do read the T&Cs, I feel it's best not to **** any of them off considering they've got all the power over those books.. It's just as easy to link to the specific page where you can download the PDFs as I saw in a different thread here a week ago. That might be the best thing to do in this case.

- Cirrus

Also, many cudos and a big thanks for the heads up to Sabbad!!

17-01-2008, 13:11
Thanks for the penny tip nurgle_boy, hadn't thought of that.

Easy E
18-01-2008, 10:26
Links changed.